Monday, June 28, 2010

Chain Gang War #1


Can Iron Liz withstand the Chain Gang War?!


Unknown said...

Great review Lewis (Yes I've already watched it via the link that showed up on your twitter)
I just have to agree with Harvey on this one: Iron Liz did pretty well out there.
And the ninjastyle dancer was pure genius.
You know that I spent the last hour or so clicking the refresh button waitig for this? The only other thing that got me this excited was the Doctor Who finale.

Good week to be a geek ;)
And after re-viewing the last two vids (while waiting) I now want to hear Harvey sing "Messin' with the kid" when he finally confronts the bad guys.

Lotus Prince said...

I got a kick out of this review. Liz did a good job, and the style was remarkably similar to Linkara's. Yeah, I know it's most likely Linkara's script, but the video itself still flowed in the same way, which is interesting to me. Well done!

Also wow, who would've thought that Linkara was a comic book conspiracy theorist? Reminds me of The Question in the JLU TV show.

"Ah, just as I thought. Thirty two flavors!"

Rorshak (1313) said...

Liz did a great job with this review. Good way to get her integrated with the cast of characters on AT4W.

Mountain King said...

Why did you use Song for Ten, did Linkara regenerate into a woman? It could explain a few things...

Ahh, as a Judge Dredd 2000AD fan boy (I won't say they've never done anything wrong, but it is perhaps the most progressive comic publisher in modern comics) I have to say John Wagner works best when left to his own devices. With the frankly oppressive power of incompetent editors in the American industry he wouldn't work well. Case in point

However, that he was willing to put his name on this pile of aimless drivel is inexcusable. It might have had potential, but there wasn't that much going on or of any interest. Very little character, less development and no real interest in the plot made this comic one to miss. (yes for my sins I have read bits of it)

There was ample opportunity here to investigate the driving force behind organised crime. Supporting and protecting their family rather than the hollow, two dimensional, cyphers we have here. In other words this could have easily become a comic book version of The Sopranos (if they were besieged by psychos with guns). Changing it from a random vigilante comic to a post modern morality tale where the heroes are seen as villains and vice versa.

Anyway, we're here for the review as much as the comic. It was very heavily scripted and I don't think enough of Iron Liz's character came through. Then again maybe it did and the reason Linkara chose her as his successor was that her sense of humour and attitude was so much like his. I don't know enough about her to know one way or the other.

Still in balance good fun and well done.

AKA Mountain King

Unknown said...

this may just b as a contrast to your normal style, but while iron liz did great it felt like she needed to emote more, other than the cutaway's she seemed a little too lifeless.

Ductos said...

I nearly choked from laughter, when Liz started to impersonate Linkara's female voice impression as a female...
Wait, what? ^^
Very good one indeed. And yeah, why does this ninja never shut up? ^^

Really excited about your next reviews. I hope we'll finally get back to All-Star Batman & Robin in the next Miller Time.

The Mad Scientist said...

Great review by Liz! I love the Ninja Style Dancer cameo! Yes, I was proven wrong in my statement that NSD couldn't do a review. Well played, Lewis. Well played.

I'm really looking forward to the conclusion of the story next week. It should be awesome!

Oh, and I have to say, it's probably going to be awhile before I can hear the theme song and not hear in my head, "Welcome to Atop the Fourth Wall, where 90'S KID ROCKS!" That was just too funny lol.

Fandango said...

I agree with Finevoice. Whot a blabbermouth.

ShadowWing Tronix said...

Iron Liz did a nice job her first comics run. Also, Pretenders song, and confirming some of my own OMD conspiracy theories, although I'd say more "Fall of Green Arrow" than "Cry For (in)Justice".

Opinionated Mike said...

I have to disagree with Harvey Finevoice I tried to give Iron Liz a chance but her voice grated. It was a decent review, but I don't think I will see it again.

Steve said...

Six words: Ninja Style Dancer vs Kubg Tai Ted. XD

Good job by both the script and Liz, although I was admittedly wondering how much input Liz had on the script for this ep.

Lord Seth said...

I have to say I was a bit underwhelmed. My big problem is if you had swapped out Iron Liz for Linkara in this review, it would've felt completely normal. In other words, outside of someone else saying the lines, nothing seemed different. Harvey Finevoice and 90's Kid (especially 90's Kid) were their own entities with distinct personalities when they did their reviews. Not so much here.

I did love Harvey Finevoice complaining about about the ninja talking too much. In fact, I felt the ninja was greatly underused. I get that he was probably there because Lewis wanted to be in the video, but he really should've done more.

Unknown said...

the punisher called he wants his gimmick back.

Lew Smith said...

Awesome review Lewis/Liz. I especially liked the Doctor Who nod at the beginning there. :)

Jer Alford said...

At least that ninja wears black, unlike certain other loudmouthed blonde ninjas that were bright orange!!!!
(Sorry. I go off in a tangent when bitching about Naruto.)

Playah said...

I hate to disagree with most of you, but Liz's performance was far from perfect. As in VERY FAR. She just didnt feel natural at all, the voice was stiff and felt forced, but I'll blame it on the lack of experiance more then anything. Still, the review itself was okay- probably the worst AT4W episode yet, but thats only becouse regular episodes are just that good.
Dont get discouraged Liz, keep on living and trying.

Quester_X said...

You did a great job hosting, Iron Liz. It's nice to finally get to know you a bit. Haven't spent much time on your own site yet, but that will change.

You both work well together. Even after the end of this story, I hope we get to see more collaboration between Linkara and yourself in the future.

Anonymous said...

Ohh, that was brilliant. Excellent use of 'Song for Ten' during Iron Liz's suit up, very appropriate! You even used the version from the actual show, instead of the CD version, which I feel is sort of inferior to the TV one.
Liz did a great job with this review, I hope she does another, or at least more cameos...Good jokes, good pacing, good everything!! Can't wait to see how the plot thickens next week!!

And yeah, I do have to agree with Harvey...Ninja Style Dancer really is sort of a blabbermouth.

日本文化のマニアック said...

Has Liz done anything else? I have to say I've never seen her before, but then again I only watch about four people on TGWTG, that site has grown huge.

Anonymous said...

Really awesome review. ^^ Iron Liz was great here! The whole intro cracked me up, I've got to say. :)

And as a testament to how much I love these reviews, I was about to go watch Doctor Who right when I found out this was posted. I mean, your videos are now higher priority than Doctor Who to a compulsive Whovian like me. That's not even fair.

FugueforFrog said...

Nice ep (Liz did great and Ninja-Style Dancer should have been around to keep 90s Kid in line), but one slight adjustment: that was "The Muppet Movie" with the first Animal clip, not the Muppet Show...sorry, Muppet otaku, so I know these things.

Wazaraku said...

Hi! first goes first. I didnt wildly love the review... the first time i saw it, but not for being bad or anything. It was cos i keep expecting something wild to happen considering the events of the Linkara's missing arc so the review fly wild throught me eyes. Now i saw it again 2 hours later... it was great and Lizkara (come on people lets make it an official name now >D ) was really true to what Linkara does. I heard some people complaining she didnt bring anything new to the table like Harvey or 90's Kid... BUT THATS THE POINT, she has been choosen to be Linkara's SUCCESOR which mean continue in a similar style, obviously it doesnt mean she cant bring anything new but i guess the iron maiden for a first show play it safe and stick the the snarky and angry ways of our beloved comicbook nerd (althought more that angry i would say psycotic... please dont stab me O___o)

Now for next week the conclusion... and no schedule yet... and Linkara returns... and something smells fishy to me... and im ellipsing like the ultimate warrior so im gonna stop now

in short: A good review as always Lewis and a great interpretation of Linkara Liz, see you later :D

Anonymous said...

Is it bad that I got most of the obscure comic references? Anyways, good review! I was slightly disappointed that there wasn't any dancing, but you can't always get what you want.

And man, you outrival me when it comes to crazy conspiracy theories!

James said...

If you don't mind my asking, what's next on the chopping block?

Scott Tibbs said...

Welcome to the House of Correction. Make yourselves comfortable. You're going to be here for a long time.

But first I want to play a game. If you don't find the key to that reverse bear trap device on your head in two minutes, it will rip your jaw clean off. The timer starts now...

Lord Seth said...

Now that I've thought about it, I think a better way to do this would've had for both Linkara and Iron Liz to do the review together (like how you did the Warrior reviews with Spoony). Like I said before, this just felt like a regular one with someone else saying the exact same lines. But if you two had done it together you could've successfully played off each other and it could've been pretty cool, rather than just feeling like an imitation.

rdfox said...

In all fairness to the creative team, I'll say that A) that silencer on the cover is about the right size for one used on a rifle, though there's no excuse for using it on a *handgun*, and B) turning off the lights *does* make tactical sense, since it keeps you from being silhouetted in the windows for the attackers to shoot.

Point A, of course, made me laugh that they showed a rifle silencer on a handgun on the cover... then showed an M16 with a *handgun* silencer when they came crashing through the windows!

Jaebird said...

While I had this playing in the background, I kept looking up at the computer screen every now and then because Iron Liz kept sounding like Linkara during the funny-voices bit when she read the dialogue. I don't know, it was just...odd.

Funny review, too. The ballerina bit had me in stitches.

ScourgeXLVII said...

Linkara's Comic theories seem eerily similar to DCAU Question... Almost too similar... *eyes narrow*

techgirl3 said...

I knew Ninja style dancer could do a review...kinda.
Good job Liz, I hope you had fun with this.

PoorGamer said...

I think you did a great job, Iron Liz. Rock on.

Mandela808 said...

"Was this for real or some kind of hell?
The number of the beast"

...Was that really an appropriate shirt to be wearing for a review? Ws it the only one available?

Monchhichi said...

I'd been looking forward to this for a while now and frankly I'm not disappointed. Yes, Liz's performance in spots was a tad stiff but overall, I thought she did a good job. Next time (and I do hope there is a next time), I hope Liz gets to add a little more of her own spin to the show.

Anonymous said...

Good Job Liz for like your fourth show... just little more exp and you'll level up your host skill... make a +3 to bloodthristy outbursts!!

Kavinsky said...

Sorry I just dont really care for iron liz as your replacement linkara and theres one thing that really bothers me about the review

why is there no quip at the dick tracy clone at 8:18?

I mean come on no, no shit dick tracy jokes or anything like that?

Anonymous said...

next week: the bum from the watchmen review.

good review though.

Jannet_Jazz said...

Huh. Not bad. Not bad at all. You are young yet, Miz Liz, and you may need a little more experience under your belt. But hey, so did Link when he first started this gig and look at him now.

But for a first try at the comic reviewing wheel, you did pretty good. Keep it up, sweets!


What's wrong with the shirt?

It's from an Iron Maiden song, and she's Iron Liz. It's part of her gimmick.

In fact, I happen to own a shirt just like it.

Anonymous said...

For starters..Did we really need two sets of opening credits?

And there had to be at least one "I AM A MAN!" joke in there somewhere. Made ironic by Iron Liz saying it.

Anonymous said...

You know, anything after the 90's Kid had to be a step up. However, having Iron Liz come in was a whole flight of stairs up! I will put more specific praise over in The Foundry, but suffice it to say, well done, Iron Liz. When Linkara gets back, I will not worry should he need to take a break. I also wouldn't mind seeing a tag-team episode.

To the comic at hand. I never heard of it. Ether that, or I am successfully suppressing the memories. I'm going to go with the former though. I have the feeling that, aside from the shiny cover, DC didn't waste a lot of ad money promoting this four-color flop. This comic seems to have a split personality. It wants to be hard-hitting, gritty, edgy....yet it can't be TOO violent, don't you know. You smell that? Yep, that's the pungent aroma of fail coming from each page.

So, they should be able to track down Linkara next week? Oh, dear. I just had a thought...

What if they accidentally port in Lord Vyce instead?

Then again, having a villain as a guest host isn't always a bad thing...

Anonymous said...

I'm personally pleased with Liz's review. Yes, the 'acting' was a bit stiff, but it's her first time and Linkara himself improved greatly over the course of his show to the multipersonaed gentleman we know today. So I'd be happy to see more of her getting better and getting a bit more loose in front of the camera (okay, I didn't mean that to sound so dirty....). Jokes were also pretty good, I'm not sure how much of either person was involved in the script but it made me laugh. Ninja Style Dancer was also excellently placed.

And better than 90s Kid. So much better.

Anonymous said...

Seriously Lewis, your lady rules. She comes across as sweet, geniune, and pretty damn funny. Thank goodness for retail bring you two together.

dividebyxero said...

That was good. Iron Liz made a strong 1st review. The Iron Maiden shirt serves well to put the "iron" in Iron Liz. Iron Maiden do kick ass!
Iron Liz dose good impressions for the characters.

Oufer Godsake said...

Very nice work Liz and Linkara! I laughed at the fact that Lewis was with you the whole time: as a ninja and Harvey Finevoice. It was like you were saying "Oh no Linkara is gone!!! lol just kidding he's right here!"

It reminded me of this short Dark Knight cartoon from Newgrounds.

D. William Pfifer said...

Great job, Liz! And Lewis. I see you there, lol. I burst out laughing when Ninja-Style Dancer appeared.

I can't lie, Liz: I kind of want your voice. It's too cool.

Uh. I can't really give a more detailed or less nonsensical comic. Need sleep. Waited two hours past when I should have gone to bed because the video took forever to load with my current connection. Worth it. :D

Celey said...

Not a bad review. I mean, Liz does still seem pretty new to this, but I've seen her Pen 'n Paper corner episodes (I'd comment, but that would mean making an account. Too much work.) It's clear that she is trying to get better, and I think she's coming along nicely. Interestingly enough, she does voices (male and female) a lot better than Linkara does. I think maybe, as an idea, she should try incorporating that voice-work into her own review. Or maybe she could try coming up with her own characters.

The big thing she really needs to work on, though, is energy. She does seem to be rather tired. Judging from her blog, she has very good reason to be tired. I understand how exhausting life stresses can be, sometimes. Still, she should try saving some energy for herself, so that she can do what she wants to do.

Also, she does seem kind of quiet, which may be adding to the "lack of energy" thing. Perhaps she should try being a little louder? I understand she's self-conscious about her voice, which may be what's making her suppressing her voice. Her voice really isn't that bad, though... and speaking as someone who sings on a regular basis, I sense some potential in that voice. :)... Having some more confidence in herself will probably help with the energy problem and the 'kind of quiet' problem.

Overall, this review was still enjoyable. I loved Ninja Style Dancer's signs, Liz's voice-overs, the whole thing about Linkara being a conspiracy theorist (I agree with the poster who told them it reminded me of Question, which just raises Linkara up higher on the awesome list.), and Harvey Finevoice saying that the ninja talked too much. *lol* :)... Good job, you two!

Anonymous said...

After this review I start to wandering: how people join TGWTG at the first time.
Spoony already had his site, NChick won the competition and Iron Liz is Linkara's friend (I think).
How is the whole system works, anyway?

libraryguy said...

I think that Liz did quite well. There was some stiffness, but she's only been at this for a short time. It's to be expected. Her impressions of Lewis' voices were uncanny, and her overall delivery was solid. I hope that she shows up more often.

My one real problem with the episode was the fake out opening credit sequence. Having the regular opening credits and the Iron Liz sequence was a bit much. That's my only complaint, though. The episode went very well, even if a certain ninja just wouldn't shut up!

Oh, and you do realize that someone somewhere is going to draw Ninja Style Ballet Dancer, right? XD

Lewis Lovhaug said...

"Oh, and you do realize that someone somewhere is going to draw Ninja Style Ballet Dancer, right? XD"

Realize it? I expect it!

1313 said...

Hey there!

I tried to send you an E-mail about a certain Beetle on a certain tv series... I guess you already know.

Anyway, great review! Been a fan for quite a while. Actually I made a little Linkara-thon recently.

I watched ALL AT4W episodes in two days. Keep up the great work.

Oh oh oh! Will you keep with the History of Power Rangers until the actual series?

Ok. See you around :)

Tsumetai said...

To be honest: I liked it. I think she did a good job. However, I think it would have been more appropriate to use someone like MarzGurl (the feasibility of that not withstanding), solely because I had no idea who this chick was.

Yogurt said...

You've got a cool voice there, Liz. Reminds me of the husky tone of Eartha Kitt (in a way). I just wished you spoke up a bit at times.

By the way, you really do look fetching in Linkara's coat and hat (that, and you can do his hat twirl trick).

I look forward to your continued work.

NGT said...

I almost expected Iron Liz to get her own opening sequence when she showed up.

I got the obscure comic references! Only because Linkara explained them and I've watched all his stuff, but I got them!

How the hell do you use a chainsaw on a guy's head and only get the ear. And it's still recognizeable as his ear! Is this some kind of superprecision microchainsaw? I've had the displeasure of seeing chainsaw-related injuries before and they're nothing like that clean or precise.

While brief, a worthy debut for Iron Liz. Also, your taste in music can be a bit weird, but thumbs up for this one. :P

Oracle said...

They said it couldn't be done, but we got our ninja. Ha! I'm telling people that I'm silent as the ballerina from now on. XD

A lovely job by the good lady. I wonder if next week will reveal more about her character. I hope, I hope, I hope.

And Harvey's all "pshh. Needs more crooning."

Unknown said...

Third week in a row ... sigh :(
All I am asking for is a normal review is that too much to ask for? Linkara didn't get me hooked by doing all these sad sad little cry for attention characters, he got me hooked by doing good honest comic reviews.

Rafat said...

This was a pretty mediocre episode.

but i frankly i see the major fault with it. it felt like it was just Liz reading your script. that just seems kinda weird cuz she doesnt have the same presentation style as you.

She has a unique voice and presentation style that ive seen from her two reviews. You should have tried copying that style more than just inserting her where you would go. kinda like how you altered your two previous eps to follow Finevoice and Kids mannerisms.

so if you can make her more a separate person than just a script reader than i'd gladly see more eps of her.

Also, alot of ppl are saying this is your 100th ep. but it should be 87 - 89. right? speaking of which, does your Watchmen review count as a review? and does your Youngbloods #2 and MMPR #1 count as one review or two separate ones?

Tree of Truth said...

Lewis, I've been a fan for a while now but after this review I am a bit concerned.

First, as is clear, your guest's delivery of her lines was lacking. Humor is about timing and inflection, something you have down pat but she does not. You also know what you are 'feeling' when you write a line, so you know how to deliver the lines you wrote. It is off putting to watch someone deliver a line that you know was written to be delivered differently. The solution to this is either to always deliver your own lines, always work only with others who can deliver their lines well or become a better director.

Second, I hope when you say that you don't want to do the same thing, over and over, lest the audience be bored, you aren't really talking about yourself. If this bit has grown stale and you feel the direction of the show limits your writing creativity then, supposing you can support yourself otherwise, it may be time to move onto something you are more passionate about. Don't get me wrong, I love the comics-sucks bit even though I've never read comics, but you're an artist and should be perusing what you love.

Sorry to be so personal with you over the internet. I know you don't know me from Atom, but I, my wife and my kids all watch you on at-least a weekly basis. You, Doug and Noah all seem less like internet-personalities making some scratch being funny (like, say, plinket) and more like friends that come by to have fun conversations.

Coop said...

Hey, I actually got most of the obscure comic references.
For the record I don't think Lian Harper is really dead.

Some guy said...


That's not really an excuse to go with someone else. I thought Linkara and Spoony were characters made up by Nostalgia Critic because I only watched his videos for a year.

I know who Liz is 'cus I follow the TGWTG section of Spoony's forums, she's a established reviewer already, in my case I would've had your reaction if Marzgurl had done this because outside of Kickassia I have no idea who she is except "A TGWTG reviewer i've never watched"

Just saying that the popular choice isn't the best one. If that was the case then Munrooooooooooooooooooe would've done this week and EVERY TGWTG reviewer would do next week's.

Rob said...

Watching this has just given me one thought.

Iron Liz... beating up 90s Kid!
The grungy "dudeeeeee" xtreem! is so unmetal and I just want a reason for their be a fight scene set to some Iron Maiden.

I can be dream of course.

Anonymous said...

I didnt like it either. . . maybe the problem was that she sounded like she was reading the script. . . so the jokes didn't work. . .

I hope that she takes this as experience and do it better the next time.

Also i didnt like her voice. . . but thats me

Anonymous said...

One word Liz Energy! You can say the funniest lines in the world but if you no energy it is not funny. Your pen and paper whatevers were good because they were made to inform rather than entertain. When informing someone of something energy matters very little but when trying to make someone laugh you need to have feeling behind it.
The 90 Kid's review is one of my favorite at4ws of all time because it was both different and full of energy.
This Chain Gang review wasn't bad but it also was not very fun. I had a hard time watching it to end. I really hate to say this type of stuff about at4w but this is the only review that I won't be rewatching

Adam C. said...

Iron Liz was pretty awesome. Might have done a little too good of a job at Linkara-ing, though: She's not quite as good at being Linkara as, well, Linkara, but it's clear she's pretty good at this kind of thing. Just needs to find her own voice.

Unknown said...

Awesome review! Liz did an awesome hope to see her in more review:)

WyldCard4 said...

Since Lewis said that you were taking comments, I thought I would give my own opinion here in two parts. The first part is general opinions and commentary, the second part will be jotting down thoughts as I rewatch the review.

The first real comment is that I was expecting this to a degree. After her cameo in the Spoony crossover I expected the woman (who I didn't know was IronLiz) to appear again. When it was mentioned that Linkara had planned a successor I suspected that it might be her. This is either good or bad, depending on if you wanted this foreshadowed and hinted at or if you wanted to surprise people.

My second major comment is that I had trouble getting into Iron Liz's voice. This is hopefully an experience issue that will work out better in time. Iron Liz is new at this. I notice that a lot of the more popular video reviewers seem to have very distinctive voices or styles of speech. Linkara's own voice is extremely distinctive and self parodied. The Nostalgia Critic has his own style of rather extreme reactions. In general I think there needs to be some distinction in how Iron Liz talks in order to keep more long term interest. I'm curious about what background she has as far as acting or drama goes.

(Note, this was written later) Going to The Foundry blog, it seems that this has more to do with a lack of preparation and it being Lewis's script, though the blog also mentions that she is camera shy out of character. That actually explains a lot about the review.

Despite those criticisms I had no problem with Iron Liz as a reviewer. She seemed to be different from Linkara's review style, and she was less experienced, but she definitely has potential and I don't get the outright hatred for her.

Iron Liz also struck me as likable from this review. This made the video easy to watch (especially compared to extremely cynical and annoying reviewers elsewhere) but her personality didn't seem to quite fit with her lines.

From a strictly narrative standpoint she did seem like an odd choice for a replacement Linkara. We might learn more later in the arc, but I'm curious as to why the character of Linkara selected her as his successor. She didn't seem to have any prior association with Linkara, and her review site is for RPGs and a general blog on her life. Her blog is entertaining, but it also strikes me as a different style from the Linkara reviews. She performed well in the review, but why she was selected by the character is a question that interests me. I assume that from an out of character perspective Lewis knows her and either thinks she is a strong ally or wants to help start her career as a reviewer (or both). But how Linkara knew that she could take up his own mantel for is a story I'd like to see explained.

WyldCard4 said...

The opening credits for Iron Liz are peculiar. The glasses scene is amusing. The thing that really struck me was the lipstick. I'm not quite sure why, but it seemed like an odd addition. It seemed to reinforce her femininity. I would have cut that scene, as it makes her a bit of a distaff counterpart instead of just being a successor. It isn't a big thing, but as you two want criticism I will provide it.

The back to back credits are interesting, and goes to reinforce that this is a fictional development, not Linkara really choosing a successor.

The cutting your belly open thing didn't seem funny. Hard to explain, but it felt more like a joke than a character being intimidating. I felt that the line worked better over at the Foundry as plain text. When I could ascribe my own sounds to it the line was worrying, especially in a rant against haters (which I really hope I don't count as). In this one it felt like she had it planned as a joke, and it didn't seem intimidating as much as a friend making a joke.

Iron Liz seems to have a very different screen presence from other video reviewers of Channel Awesome. She generally doesn't seem to be intimidating. It also probably isn't gender related as Marzgirl and the Nostalgia Chick have different styles that can be frightening. This does not work well with the script as written. Once again, her blog seems to work better with the character than the review does. I've read several posts on the blog, though I have not watched her reviews there yet.

The art of the cover and credits is well ridiculed. It is just flat out stupid. Throughout the review I also sympathize with the villain wanting to kill the reporter much more than I should. As a character the woman is incredibly annoying and seems to lack real journalistic ethics. She seems much more like an annoying blogger or something than she was probably intended to be.

Iron Liz taking off the jacket was a Bad Move. She's supposed to be stepping into the role of Linkara, and Linkara is a warrior against bad comics. The pretty hat and the jacket are part of his uniform. It is funny, but it makes Iron Liz look weak.

The following scene made me redact a paragraph on finding the comic not particularly bad. I was reminded of how nasty it was on the rewatch. There was no obvious moral code for 'our heroes' and their preserving the leaders in cells while they had no problem with killing the foot soldiers struck me as disgusting. The more I rewatch the worse the comic seems to get.

My favorite scene in the review is the conspiracy theory part. Linkara believing this was good self deprecation, and also a good callback to early episodes of the show and comics fandom in general.

I actually found the name "The Warden" to be badass. I think it did have a good ring to it.

Iron Liz referencing Spooning with Spoony is really curious. Spoony's commentary mentions just how weird the show is from a meta perspective. And is that the same universe as the one Linkara inhabits as far as reviews go? It makes me wonder what Iron Liz's backstory is again, as she knows enough about Channel Awesome to make that reference.

the way she just casually dismissed the comic instead of condemning it reinforced a the feeling of weakness that I mentioned when she took of Linkara's jacket. It was a poor ending to the review.

This review did not suck. The comic was bad, the humor was good, and the arc was advanced. I think what was really needed was more practice with the lines for her inflections, and Iron Liz needed to be depicted a more strong and powerful. She just didn't seem to have the same strength as the man she was replacing.

Unless I mentioned the blog or mentioned Lewis I am very much talking about the characters when I mention Linkara or Iron Liz. Nothing stated here was meant as an attack on either of the actors themselves.

I hope this helps. It was a good start, especially for such a new reviewer.

Dreammirror said...

I thought this was a great first review Liz! Your impersonal of Linkaras voice at one part was priceless. Everyones first time at TGWTG is a little rough at first but I thought you did a good job-it gets easier. Looking forward to seeing more Liz Reviews.

Anonymous said...

But the Sentry WAS always a part of the Marvel universe!
Can't you see?!

Sonic2nd said...

My problem with the video has nothing to do with the host. I thought Iron Liz did a good job of guest hosting and that her imitations of Linkara's various voices were spot on.
I just found the Chain Gang comic in the review to be a rather boring subject. Bad but dull comics don't make for very interesting reviews.

Anonymous said...

Liz, I already like you more than that Linkara guy
He was good, but he could become really ridiculous with his "no killing" policy

Seriously, while it does make sense with some characters that either can afford it or live by a strict philosophy, in most cases this limitation renders a vigilante ineffective!
Glad you can see it!

Xandos said...

Howdy, this is my first comment on your site though I've been a fan of TGWTG for a long time. Liz, great job by the way.

This really has nothing to do with the current review, but I figured I'd put it here and it'd get seen (and I'll take advice from others too):

Linkara, what is your advice on how to make a comic hero who battles some problem plaguing society (say gang wars, for example) without turning it into a PSA? I've been formulating different strategies in my mind, some have the hero involved in said gang violence while other scenarios have him outside of it.

Basically, how do you get the general public to think about an important message, through comics, without them turning into PSAs?

Many thanks,

Unknown said...

As I continue down re-watch lane, huh, doesn't sound as interesting as 'memory lane' anyway, I'm reminded one of the reasons I started watching AT4W, the writing, both for the reviews and the plot lines. I really feel Liz's taking over at this point while Linkara was missing was plausible and it was fun to finally get to see her more than the little cameos before (i.e Warrior #2+#3).

For the review portion thought it fit very well, Liz is a good reviewer and her sense of timing is pretty groovy.

I did like the addition of Ninja Style Dancer being there to ensure success. And that ties into the "story" portions of the show. There was a valid reason both for Liz to be hosting the review and it was acknowledged that there had been some problems without it at all making it feel like Liz wasn't competent to host.

Also, these eps really felt like Pollo was, if you'll pardon the term, fleshed out a bit more. He really feels like part of the command team.

All in all, a very satisfying watch, both when it first aired and now.

Anonymous said...

Kind of amusing that the reviewer calls Chain Gang War an imitation of the Punisher, since the Punisher imitates Mack Bolan, from Don Pendleton's prose novels, as Punisher Gerry Conway has admitted (he also credits the Shadow). (Their penchant for imprisoning criminals does mirror Punisher 2099.)

I would guess that they imprisoned mobsters for the purpose of later interrogation-no sense in spoiling a chance to find more information about the inner workings of illict activities.

Anonymous said...

I really like Iron Liz, in fact she reminds me of me. I don't get mistaken for a guy ,but my voice sounds pretty deep since I rarely talk in the morning. So I have this very deep morning voice. And I like how Liz uses it to her advantage.