Monday, October 18, 2010

Silent Hill: Dead/Alive #5

Will Christabella regain control of Silent Hill? Will Ken learn the secrets of his past? Will Linkara survive with his sanity intact? Oh, who the hell cares - what about the dog?!

NOTE: I believe I have finally fixed the problem with skipping around the video!

ANOTHER NOTE: Because this episode is 36 minutes long, I have decided to provide it in two smaller chunks for those with slower connections.

Part 1:

Part 2:


Information Geek said...

I just watched the video on and I must say. Excellent work, especially with the opening story finally closing out. Prephas you should find a way to get work on your own Silent Hill game!

I never watched the show at all since like you I was to young, but even I got the Dallas reference. Hard to believe that's the ending. It's just so lazy and crappy, almost as if the writer wrote himself into a corner... actually that would make sense. Although, I wouldn't compare the ending of this comic to Monster A-Go Go. Having watched that movie uncut, this comic's ending makes far more sense as a dream (I've dreamed of something freaky crap before my life), but it's still a damn copout. The ending of Monster A-Go Go just makes no sense at all.

Just a quick question: Are prehaps a Coldplay fan? I ask this because when you were reading the book, most of those phrases are lyrics found in the Viva La Vida album. Just curious because I noticed this.

MechaManiac said...

When I saw this at FallCon, I just did not expect Linksano to show up as he did. What a twist! Bravo, Linkara, bravo!

Alex Stritar said...

Whoa! Linkara, you outdo yourself every time. Not only was this epic on many levels, but had much more of a Silent Hill feel than Scott Sciencen could ever hope to create. The only thing that was bothering me was the whole "I was your fauther" thing, and that's only because I knew you were too younge to have a 13 year old daughter, and even that I'm not entirely convinced wasn't intended.

As for the comic, that was litterally a random events plot (and I thought season 3 of Heroes was bad). When you did the Dallas thing, I thought that was just some kind of joke and you would the go "no, not really, but that probably would have been better" or something like that.

Great ending, huh? I think I know what'll be coming up soon. xD

Mountain King said...

ooh, So close but so far…
I saw about half of that coming long ago and the other half was predictable, if awesome. Iron liz as the "something" that Lord Vyce was coming for. Please, I'm a fan of Buffy too and we probably agree that more should have been done with Dawn but inspiration is a little too lose a word.
I was actually thinking it was time for you to explore the origin of the Magic Gun. Either you were a lot more subtle with your breadcrumbs that I thought, or we really do think on the the same lines. Scary.
Although it would have been funny if we found out Linkara actually got his gun on E-Bay and the little girl who poured her heart into it is drawn to whoever wields the mystical weapon. It would answer a few lingering questions.
Really well done, but after last year and the build up this time we were all expecting something epic in the end. The trick last year was things built up slowly, providing obstacles that were overcome while the plot took shape rather than the angst ridden mystery story that a lot of TV shows go for these days (for example Lost). while you delivered on the epic things were a little too well signposted this time around.

As for the comic I think I summed it all up in my previous comments:- No foreshadowing, rhyme or reason to the story whatsoever. Scott just made it up as he went along. Producing plot points out of his arse that would flatly contradict previous parts of the story let alone established cannon. The worst part was pulling Samael into the mix. Not only is it just name checking it goes against the whole lovecraftian setting of the comic by pulling in religious scripture.
Once again proving that all the writer had was a checklist of words connected to Silent Hill and ticked them off one at a time. If he did know something about the games and their universe he obviously ignored them in favour of his own limited ideas.

As you can tell both observations struggle against each other. Rather than one or the other (obvious to the point of predictable vs no freaking sense) the trick is to strike a balance between them. While the comic fails absolutely with this you don't.

Great review of a bad comic, with a good story of your own trying to get out

AKA Mountain King

PS Why did you keep using music quotes in "The big old Book" I can't place them all, but until I do it's going to bug me for days.

PPS Also, why do you have a nurse's uniform in Iron Liz's size or am I thinking too much about that… I also have a sneaking suspicion as to who played Pyramid Head. Oh dear, someone hand the mind bleach, or "whiskey" as it's more commonly known.

Anonymous said...

That was amazing! I loved the story of the creation of the Magic Gun, it was beautiful. Though there were also a few references to Silent Hill 3 you missed, namely the Beef Jerky.

And I think Bear might still be in Silent Hill, after all, he does look like the Dog that pulls all the levers in that room.

WPB said...

Well, that was sufficiently awesome. The ending was a bit mind-screwy but perfectly understandable, which I imagine is exactly what Lewis was going for.

Unfortunately, I have to deduct points for not using "I AM A MAN!" at the end of the badass boast. Another alternative would've been "WHO THE HELL DO YOU THINK I AM!?", though it's a little bit obscure.

Also, I really have to compliment the chroma-key effects at the end, they look really good. The background is a bit... cleaner than I expected (I envisioned it more like a Borg Cube), but still very good. We finally see Vyce in full, and the costume looks very good if a tad silly (he looks like a corrupted Ranger, but I'm thinking that won't be important)... but do I recall correctly that in one of the Power Rangers reviews, Lewis said something about modifying a motorcycle helmet for a villain?

Lewis Lovhaug said...

"Just a quick question: Are prehaps a Coldplay fan? I ask this because when you were reading the book, most of those phrases are lyrics found in the Viva La Vida album. Just curious because I noticed this."

Not a big fan, but I just love those lyrics and that song set the perfect tone as I was writing that sequence.

Ozaline said...

Sammael the Archangel? I bet he just barely skimmed some notes on the game, and then looked Sammael up on Wiki and even then it doesn't make sense.

I really need to play the games, maybe they'll make me forget these comics.

E. Wilson said...

I'd be willing to put up with a Dallas ending just to get Peter Parker and MJ back together. Don't care what continuity problems it creates.

Also, you totally should have gone with "Paging Dr. Whately!" I LOL'd just reading it.

Anonymous said...

Great review, man.

Somehow, I KNEW Vyce had a hand in this. Don't ask me how, but I knew it.

I must also deduct points for no "I AM A MAN". Come on, you set yourself up SO perfectly for that.

Keep up the good work.

Anonymous said...

I`m sure it`s just a coincidence that Iron Liz is wearing a Piece of Mind tee, right?

Barachiel said...

Okay, I'm trying *really* hard not to imagine what other uses the Pyramid Head and Nurse costumes could be put to.

Squick factor aside, excellent video. As cheesy as it was, you popped out a better Silent Hill story in 3 weeks than that comic franchise did in its entire run. Well done!

Nick G said...

Well seeing as you made your video in two parts i will comment on each separably.
First Silent Hill, my god i thought you were exaggerating a bit on how it jumped around so i went out and bought a used copy for $1.95. You're not kidding it has almost no consistency even within its own cover. I know that when there are several comics that are in cannon some details can get mixed up. I can forgive that but when you need to have the entire back story of a character radically altered to have your narrative make sense you fail as a storyteller. I have stories that i wrote when i was 11 that have better flow than this pile of ink and toner. I would feel less ripped of if someone had punched me in the stomach and stolen the $1.95 from me.
Well...rant over...I feel better.
Now to something that i enjoyed, your story. the little bits of story before each review gave a nice little lead in to this and the genuinely creepy performance was great. giving the magic gun such a dark history really adds alot of depth to the world you've created. we've gone from "it's magic i don't have to explain it" to FORGED FROM THE SOUL OF A TORTURED LITTLE GIRL! wow just wow. I consider this to be the bench mark for the rest of your narrative arcs. They will have a hard time topping it but i can't wait.the Ood song in there was a nice touch. That song always reminds me of the Doctors epic death which still brings tears to my eyes.

PS Nothing to do with the review just popped into my head. What do you think of the new design of the "Power Ranger" Daleks as i call them?

Anonymous said...

Damn good work on both the review and the subplot!
So why is Linksano working for Vyce now? And was that outfit what Liz was talking about last month when she mentioned something about getting the fanfic writers hot 'n' bothered?
P.S. Is Linkara a Time Lord or not?
P.P.S. I'm rather surprised you didn't use more of Vale Decem! ;)

Ozaline said...

(My first comment was just after the review this is on the battle bits).

So where did the background for Vice's ship come from is that original art? I really like it, this episode had a lot of great effects. I loved when the visions dissolved.

Really great vid.

Meg said...

Holy.... Wow! just wow. I was expecting something epic, but you far out did my expectations. the only little nitpicky thing I have an issue with was that you didn't do the I AM A MAN punch at the end of your little speech, and that's just a minor detail. I love how the Vyce arc is coming along. I detected a Pycho Ranger vibe coming from his helmet and costume, was that intentional, or just me?

Fandango said...

That was absolutely fantastic man, enjoyed every single minute of it.

When I saw that lady in the bed there I immediately went: No the frack they didn't!
And they did -_-

That has to be the most amazingly stupid comic book I have ever before seen in my life. Unbelievable how much they managed to screw this franchise up the ass more than the Super Mario Bros movie.

The ending half was sublime. Very nice acting, great costumes and super duper props ((I wish I still had that Saba :( )) and a story that had me intrigued immensely. Can't wait to see more of all that!

SynjoDeonecros said...

So...wait, Lord Vyce is Shadow Moon with Kamen Rider Kabuto's cast-off helmet? I'm confused.

Also a pretty chilling tale about how the magic gun was created. But how was Lord Vyce able to know about the origin of that gun? And how was he able to tap into the power of the Otherworld to twist your mind like that? Or maybe Silent Hill logic is just too far out of my depth to understand.

Lewis Lovhaug said...

"So where did the background for Vice's ship come from is that original art? I really like it, this episode had a lot of great effects. I loved when the visions dissolved."

Yep, check the end credits - MaroBot made them, along with Vyce's ship.

Yishai Reno said...

Sheer awesome. No really, sheer awesome. How you come up with this material is a mystery to me.

QuetzaDrake said...

Ah, kinda figured it was a Lord Vyce ploy all along. I think his reveal could've been a little more dramatic... maybe have him in silhouette, have him say something, his little green faceshield lighting up in the dark. But whatever, finally get to see him besides his glove. The man also must have a thing for that show about the alien lizards judging from his room design.

I was kinda scratching my head when you were going on about being the father of the girl, like "What? That doesn't make any sense at all, even for this." Then you came back from Bloom World and I realized what was going on, so that was cool. Honestly, though, I expected the girl to actually be Christabella trying to drive you insane and that we'd finally see her sweet, sweet death at your hands, but an explanation for the Magic Gun after all these episodes was a good alternative.

Good set of episodes overall. I think your acting got a little too OVERdramatic at the end and less real, but I guess I can't say any acting in anything Silent Hill-related has been all that 'realistic'.

John Csablanca said...

Woah man, that was cheessy.

I liked a lot the review as always but I kinda hated the exposition in the story part, too much talk about stuff we already knew. I liked the idea you had in mind for the ending of the episode, but the execution felt awkward with all the music jumps and the fact nobody else was talking. I though it would be a better idea to show the notebook instead of reading it out loud. But I really loved the narration at the beginning of the episodes.

Just friendly criticism from a long-time fan. And sorry for my english.

Lewis Lovhaug said...

"Ah, kinda figured it was a Lord Vyce ploy all along. I think his reveal could've been a little more dramatic... maybe have him in silhouette, have him say something, his little green faceshield lighting up in the dark. But whatever, finally get to see him besides his glove."

Limitations of technology, I'm afraid. XD A really dramatic reveal is sadly outside of my full possibilities with my software - for example my original plan was to have Linksano emerge from the shadows after a panning shot from Vyce.

"I was kinda scratching my head when you were going on about being the father of the girl, like "What? That doesn't make any sense at all, even for this." Then you came back from Bloom World and I realized what was going on, so that was cool. Honestly, though, I expected the girl to actually be Christabella trying to drive you insane and that we'd finally see her sweet, sweet death at your hands, but an explanation for the Magic Gun after all these episodes was a good alternative."

Really part of the point was to tell a Silent Hill-esque story better than the comic did. I'd never dignify these comics by acknowledging Christabella exists outside of them. XD

Anonymous said...

And at around the 22 minute mark, Silent Hill is officially done screwing around with Linkara, heh. More to come, but I did love that moment. ;)

Amethyst Asheryn said...

I've been eagerly awaiting this all week, and ended up awed by how much more awesome it was than I'd expected. That sounds sort of backhanded, I suppose, but it's not meant to be.

The story wrap-up was great. I especially enjoyed your choice of music (I always do, but I feel like it deserves a special mention here; it fits perfectly with the tone of the story). Also really liked the origin story for the magic gun, which, even if it's not a new concept as such was pulled off well ... And Linksano's return at the end was great, too. I'm really curious now about what could have made Linksano team up with Vyce, seeing as his main focus the last time we saw him seemed to be just keeping off Vyce's radar.

Kudos for the badass boast as well. At the time I'm posting it seems like I'm one of only a few who wasn't overly bummed about the lack of an I Am a Man Punch at the end. I was expecting it to be there, but the way you finished the speech was completely epic anyhow.

Thanks for making my Monday. :)

Anonymous said...

so forgive me since I'm new to the website but are iron liz and linkara dating? I realize this may have already have been covered but again I'm kinda new here so just trying to figure a few things out. Anyway thanks for yet another awesome review can't wait to see what happens next.

Anonymous said...

Okay, more comments (very spoilery).

First: congrats on telling a better Silent Hill-esque story than that freakin' comic. I was hooked from the first installment, and was amazed at how much better your short, concise storytelling was than a whole graphic novel worth of "horror."

Second, that's one hell (so to speak) origin for the magic gun! And I have to admit I was actually moved when the gun gently, lovingly, stopped Linkara from killing himself (to the lovely strains of some Dr. Who music, naturally ;>). Silly Mechakara--magic items often have minds of their own. Like robots, actually.

You realize, btw, that if you keep up with the Who references, at some point after you retire, there will be someone claiming to be the "second Linkara," right? One might say the moment has been prepared for...

I had no idea what was up with the sword Linkara summoned, but wikipedia, as always, came through--and really, I should have expected another Power Rangers item. Addict. ;)

Oh, and Iron Liz: thank you for wearing the nurse costume. Yowza.

Well done, dude! (not a 90's kid clone, just California-raised, honest). And I hope we see some more endings soon. ;) Groovy.

deuxhero said...

Vice's helm is a LITTLE too transparently a motorcycle helmet to take seriously. I laughed out loud at his appearence.

Unknown said...

It's great to see the origin of the magic gun. Now we just need to find out how you came to posses it.

By the way, in video games (right now I'm thinking of the sidequest for Frog from Chrono Trigger), when you find out the origin of a mythical weapon, it usually becomes more powerful. Does the same happen here (since you destroyed the "hatered" created by the girl, does this mean the weapon becomes more powerful now that it's gone?"

And finally, if I want to recommend your show to friends, I think it would be a lot easier if there were a list of reviews that had "story" elements, and reviews that were just plain reviews. That way they could get up to speed faster.

Keep up the good work!

areoborg said...

The OJ trial didn't leave me quaking in fear on celebrities. I am, however, still living in fear of citrus juice to this very day.

BoyandHorse said...


Anonymous said...

I think Linkara just out-awesomed freaking Kamina with that speech there. Because I don't think there are many people out there that can talk down a Silent Hill monster.

Anyways, some quick thoughts since my mind is still reeling from the amazing conclusion to form anything coherent otherwise:

1. Holy Mother of God, I think this series is in the running for worst comic reviewed on this site thus far. That was UTTER CRAP of the highest (lowest?) degree.

2. I was wondering when we'd see your captured Pyramid Head show up! Nice call back.

3. Very impressed with Lord Vyce's costume. I was worried that after all the build-up that actually seeing him revealed in full would ruin his intimidating reputation somewhat, but while obviously made on a budget, the outfit and helmet thing look pretty cool regardless.

4. Nearly had a seizure with all the flailing around in happiness during your epiphany moment there. Awesome, AWESOME speech, and easily made this one of the best specials you've done on the show that I've seen so far. Congratulations on making it through this ordeal with your sanity (more or less) intact.

Jesse said...

Wow, A lot of things went down here.

The music playing during the scene with the girl's hatred was nice, and seeing the poke-ball with Pyramid Head, and Saba was fun. What really stole the show was the team-up with Vyce (because poor literacy is kwel) and Dr. Linksano.

I want to see what happens next, so I'll be sticking around.

PS Where do you come up with your ideas for all of this extra stuff Linkara?

Walt Cucher said...

While I was interested in the origin of the gun, I knew pretty much everything else that would happen. I think your videos should be edited more as well. I don't mind having storylines in reviews of course, but why not post it as its own separate view. It makes the whole thing a lot better on repeated viewings.

ShadowWing Tronix said...

Not really into horror comics, especially one this "horror-ible". :P

However, I've been enjoying side story and I thought you all did a good job. I'm curious to see how long the Lord Vyce arc is going to go and where.

Brandon "Drakardus" McLean said...

Nice video Linkara. Digged the ending. Can't wait to see what happens. Good to know the backstory on the gun finally.

domenic said...

I've been meaning to ask either you or spoony which color goggles you have for the Dr Linksano, and Dr Insano? I can only find the red ones

James said...

This was definitely one of your best, Lewis. Excellent writing and plotting, and you and Liz really excelled in the end segment. Congratulations.

Wave Maker said...

That ending was awesome and had me intrigued right up until the credits rolled (*not ashamed to admit she was cheering "Yeah!" after every "I'm ___!" of the dramatic speech*). Great work on the whole set of reviews, Linkara. I believe you've outdone yourself again.

Also, Great Ending unlocked? Just done for the reference I'm sure, but curse you. For a split second I was totally excited for alternate endings.

Furikku said...

Nice to see you have the first game. Or at least the jewel box. It is wonderful.

Where'd all the art for the opening narrations come from?

Anonymous said...

Awesome review, awesome references. Was that the green/white ranger shield on Vyce? Given technological limitations you did an excellent job and I could only imagine what sort of things you'd come up with if you had the luxury of a larger budget. In any event, you most certainly succeeded in telling a story better then that sad excuse for a comic. On a completely unrelated note, what kind of recording equipment do you use?

Tyr Germanic said...

man that is a haunting loose end.

well never know how you got that thing out of the jacket

people will lose sleep over it.

Brandon Menchenton said...

This was fantastic man. Nice Job channeling The Doctor there in your "I am Who I am" speech. And nice splicing of the image of the little girl and her parents walking during the flashes of white.I noticed that at the first one but decided not to say anything....I dont know why.

And yeah though I myself am not a fan of Silent Hill, I know enough to shudder at this comic.

And amazing job with the Lord Vyce costume.But what did you use for the gloves?

Lewis Lovhaug said...

"I've been meaning to ask either you or spoony which color goggles you have for the Dr Linksano, and Dr Insano? I can only find the red ones"

The ones we use are the black ones.

Lewis Lovhaug said...

"Also, Great Ending unlocked? Just done for the reference I'm sure, but curse you. For a split second I was totally excited for alternate endings."

Last year's alternate endings weren't in the episode itself. =D

Shada67 said...

Oh, this one was completely awesome LInkara. I don't think you needed the 'I am a man' line in there, but shouldn't you have declared yourself liberator of Molassia?

Lewis Lovhaug said...

"Where'd all the art for the opening narrations come from?"

Read the end credits! =P

Furikku said...

"Read the end credits! =P "

...OK wow apparently my brain decided that it didn't need to register that at all. And I used to get good scores in reading comprehension!

(Alternately I was repressing the information due to a guilty conscience.)

And here I was, smugly thinking to myself, "Ha ha, I am so much better than all those people who did not read the end credits and asked where the arts come from!"

Neko-D said...

I normally don't comment on the reviews, but your Silent Hill-esque story was so great I had to say something. Very creative, excellent use of music from the games (man I got chills in all the right places from it!), and just the right balance of horror... and of course humor that we come to expect from you. Seriously, bravo, and tying it all into the Lord Vice story was great as well! You hinted that there was some sort of ploy to have Linkara turn against his gun, and even though I suspected that was what was happening, it was still very chilling. It's so amazing to see a fan of Silent Hill who (like myself) spent so long being a fan without having played a single game (though we've both played at least one now)... and yet understood what makes it so terrifying and can put them into practice in ways that these authors of these comics could never understand.

Good show man, always a pleasure to be in your fanbase. Also, yay for lines from 42, that song has some really nice lyrics in it.

Trevor said...

It frightened me to my soul, gave me nightmares for days, and sent shivers down my spine. But enough about "Dead/Alive", how awesome was Linkara's 2nd trip into Silent Hill! I loved the dark, forboding mood the music and lighting gave the scene. I honestly thought that this may be one of your best "Trilogy" videos. Plus, we got that great look at Lord Vyce in person!

Anonymous said...

Lord Vyse & SHINO (Silent Hill In Name Only) aren't enough to cause Linkara to crack.

Eleventy billion tweets asking for the next "History Of Power Rangers" just might though...

Screech The Mighty said...

Dude, that was all degrees of badass. I am serious. Kudos for being super awesome. That RULED.

What's weird is that the part where the girl rage thing had you convinced you were her father was actually really good. The acting was fantastic. Although your big speech afterwards was equally awesome. Also, Iron Liz looks really scary when she's wrapped up in bandages like that.

Linksano's gonna have wayyyyy too much fun with this, isn't he?

KingOfDoma said...

Wow, dude. Y'know what I like best about your two Silent Hill reviews? After you get through the rancid filth that is the comic proper, you put out a better story with better characters than what was in the comic itself. Thank you for this.

And the only thing I would have added to your (Doctor Who-style?) ending speech?

"I am Linkara... AND I AM A MAY-UN! *BLAM!*"

PockyMech said...

Thank god this series is over. Since u approve of it, I shall read Sinners Reward. I'm unsure of play'n any of the games due to having a limmited console, but I love Mary E. McGlyn's voice so I might give it a shot.

MY god, Lord Vyce is "Green With Evil"! But seriously, the original stroy u made 4 this episode was well written, and the acting was top nocthed. Kudos to u, Iron Liz, Marobot, and all who contributed on this wonderful episode. Look forward to the next episode in the Lord Vyce story arc.

phoenixsoul13 said...

This definitely passed my expectations. =D I did kinda suspect that Lord Vyce was behind it, but it was still cool. And the return of Linksano! Yay! XD

RBYDark said...

Excellent episode, Linkara - though, I have to say, I braced myself for the worst but I NEVER saw the suicide attempt coming. That was...dark. Not in a bad way, it worked really well and beat the comic by a long shot.

So the lil' girl is free, if I understood that right. Awww.... about time, I think, she got the help she deserved.

P.S. I loved the scene on Lord Vyce's ship, trust me, and was probably more gleeful than I should've been...but why is Linksano working for Lord Vyce now? Is it an attempt to save what's left of his home universe? ....ok, I'll stop being dark now.

Thelder said...

Hey Linkara, nice new episode!

The final part was one of yours funniest "story based" segments of your show. Summoning Pyramid Head on a pokeball was a really cool idea, renembering me about a short RPG adventure that I played with my friends that everyone had as "pokemons" classic creatures from diferent games and movies... one of the villains of the game used Silent Hill creatures, such as Pyramid Head, the Lizard from SH 1 and Insane Cancer from SH 3. Man, I should get back to this idea someday, it was really cool.

And where you got that Pyramid Head head? because it looks pretty cool. Was the same guy who made the Green Ranger's Dagger?

About the last part of the SH comic review, well... I disagree just with one thing that you said, about the people doesn't caring about the fact that Kenneth had the Silent Hill paints, since he was mentally ill anyway, and that the news media wasn't going to use this as a explanation for his serial killer behavior. The reason for my disagrement are events like Columbine, that everyone blamed Doom and Matrix for the fact that a bunch of stupid unloved kids took some guns and decided to go to hell and bring some equaly stupid bullies and a lot of innocent people with them. We had some similar cases here in Brazil too, the most famous being when a group of RPG players killed a teenager girl like a sacrifice. The police found, along with some satanism and other "about dark magic" books on their rooms, RPGs books and Saint Seya mangas (Saint Seya is probably the favourite manga/anime here)... quickly, not only the media, but also a lot of caring parents started to blame not the kids, their education, their mental history or anything that should matter, but the RPG games, and the comic books.

So yes, maybe I have to agree to that statement on the comic book. But it doesn't make this "thing" not suck. Maybe if the idea were used on a far better text...

Jaebird said...

I would give a standing ovation, but there are people asleep in my house. Still, awesome review, and equally awesome story resolution (the story that isn't the Dead/Alive nonsense).

Caitlin R said...

I totally got the Dallas reference, and I'm 19. I went through a phase where I watched a lot of soapnet.
I loved the review and I loved the ending.
Lord Vyce is friggin awesome. Very menacing. I can't wait to find out what happens.

The House of C.R.P said...

"No. Im' sorry, I have to ask you to stop this story right here. Never, in all my years of this profession have I heard a larger pile of pure tripe! Foul mouthed demon girls? Monsters making friends with dogs? Actors trying to spread some ridiculous notion of a town of horrors by simply murdering people? Nonsense after nonsense about this delusional fantasy-WAKE UP!!"

"I see what this is. This is no story of your inner turmoils, or who you are, or any kind of pent up trauma or imaginations. This is some half baked crock you tried to shove onto me to make yourself seem deep, cobbled together by some Hollywood trash. You have done absolutely nothing but waste my time and yours with this travesty of a story! There is no Christabella! There is no Whatley! There is no Lauren! This is just a pile of junk you made up to make yourself seem troubled, taken from real conditions of patients with real issues, patients that I could be helping right now!


"Ah! Mr Pendleton! Come! Come right in! I am sorry about that scene...Some person thought he had an issue with Silent Hill, but he just tried to play me for a fool with some halfbaked story he just loosely cribbed from some of my psychiatric reports....Probabbly didn't even know what Silent Hill is...."

Vervian Root said...

Is this comic over? It's over!

You have to be the best at acting out of everyone on the That Guy with the Glasses website. I really loved your plot this time. Brilliant review as always. You pointed out everything that was wrong about this and I can't think of a thing you missed. The "Pyramid Heads" really do look like door-stoppers. XD Whatever that marshmallow stuff being sucked out of Ken was looked like satin ribbon. Scary!

The author must have an allergy to good writing or effort. Sitting through five issues of cliche, predictable plot points and NOTHING BUT BAD DIALOG just to go back to the way things were before with Christabella being dead and head hancho of Silent Hill as well as changing the reality for the other characters ...WHY does it even matter? Why are we supposed to care? None of the characters developed. There was no consistancy between plot points that should be important. There was little to no memorable action and majority of the comic consisted of dialog that drowned out any action taking place (the nurses talking-- seriously WHUT?). If everyone was REALLY given nightmares by whatever-the-hell happened, why not show it? Why was that important when we were never show what effects it had on reality? WHY DID IT MATTER? Why should we even care about the characters when all they did was come off as pretentious, emotionless, and dull as Christabella? Her apathy, bland character, and "edginess" (and this whole comic) makes the poetry I wrote in high school look like Shakespeare or Oscar Wilde.

At first, I didn't think you were serious about the dog being the hero, but he really is the only likable character. Bear did what needed to be done selflessly and for survival of the group. He didn't just talk about it (I'm surprised the author didn't make him talk) like everyone else spent their time doing.

Speaking of Lovecraft, I wouldn't be surprised if the author got the painting idea from "Pickman's Model."

shikome kido mi said...

That was quite good. However, you forgot an even bigger pair of flaws in the 'plan'. One, the people involved have pretty much no ability to convince the actor to be a serial killer (I mean, really, they didn't even try to use holding his loved ones hostage to force him to go out to kill strangers- despite going through all the trouble of kidnapping).
Two, and even worse, WHAT DO THEY NEED TO CONVINCE HIM OF ANYTHING FOR? They've proven they can make evil copies of him that can go out and kill outside of Silent Hill. You don't need him for anything at that point. Just kill him and use the copies. Heck, do it with multiple actors and maybe you really could reach the world. But no, there's some stupid battle over his heart and mind for no good reason.

DerKork said...

Ah... It was as I suspected. Mechakara's plot was mentioned earlier, on the day he returned to the playground with his metal fingers made into a fist, ready to beat up what is our equivalent of his former master. Oops, that almost reads pretentious.

So, interesting way to bring the story arc of Silent Hill Dead/Alive to an end... And all you and Liz are left with is what I jokingly dub the "Ciencinomicon". (Because even unspeakable horrors like this need a name.) Well, and the pet pyramidhead.

About the Lord Vyce costume: impressive. I wonder how many Lord Vyce cosplayers (of either gender) will show up at future cons...

Anonymous said...

Hey Linkara!
Really great work you did there with this years halloween storyline! I think most of the awesome moments have already been praised by my fellow commenters, so I go with some thinks that seem not to be said already. First, people seem to be slightly irritated about you not mentioning your "I AM A MAN "-phrase. I was also waiting for in your heroic speech, but then I thought, mabe it is on purpose? Do you want to break out of some old habbits? I'd like that^^
Second, the most frightening thing you put in there was, in my opinion, that ninja style dancer was frikking TALKING! THAT is in my opinion the biggest mindfuck in this whole setting. Good job!

I hope future story-episodes will have this quality of storytelling and mood setting.

Long time fan,

PS: Reflections in a green screen room are mean^^

SpectralTime said...

This video was missing exactly one thing: for you to finish off the World of Cardboard Speech with an "I am a MAN!" punch. Aside from that, good video, and I'm sorry you had to subject yourself to this plotless mess.

SpectralTime said...

Oh, and the "I'm not a Silent Hill protagonist!" bit was freaking genius, and I'm sorry about complaining when I see that so many others have also.

Jessica said...

nice one Linkara very atmospheric

only one complaint is the design of Lord Vyce's helmet, a bit anti-climactic in my POV, it's pretty good itself but didn't fit what I was expecting, (I was expecting something like Sauron's helmet in LOTR)

hostofwords said...

I can't even talk about how awesome this was. It was awesome, jsyk. The buildup was great, the payoff was satisfying, the mocking of the comic was epic, the whole thing just rocked my socks.

Kudos! Or whatever candy bar appeals most.

Anonymous said...

Epic Win!

That was simply a great episode!! I cannot wait to see what happens next, and if any further "developments" will happen with the magic gun...

Just one question, though. Why is Linksano helping Vyce? Didn't he flee when he saw Vyce coming in the first place? My guess is that he jumped at the chance to do something that will give him a point up on Insano. It would be very interesting, though, if you got Insano to save you from Linksano during the inevitable battle!

(side question-is Insano afraid of Vyce, or is he just staying out of this?)

Be careful, Linkara, with an all out attack on the way and word of Mecha's 'improvements' I sense that things will soon get nasty. Better gather allies while you can!

D-D-D-Demon! said...

You know, I was surprised you used some of the music from Shattered Memories. I thought the game was a really different and exciting take on the silent Hill universe, but some fans apparently didn't agree. How many of the Silent Hills have you actually played?

As for anyone new who wants to get into the franchise, I'd definitely recommend getting the first one on the PSN, followed by the second game on the Xbox or PC, because of the added "Born from a Wish" scenario, and the extra graphical fidelity compared to the PS2 version. The third game is very good too, and the fourth is somewhat mediocre. Absolutely stay away from Homecoming, definitely one to avoid. Origins is okay, and I would definitely give Shattered Memories a try once you've played a majority of the franchise. It's refreshing to see an alternate take on something like Silent Hill, and the game changes depending on how you play. Very cool.

Anonymous said...

Am I the only one who thinks that "I AM A MAN" would have just felt out of place in this review? It's not a bad-ass boast: it's a joke. It's a line that Linkara uses for comedy, not for epic moments. It just doesn't fit in with the whole "hero rising from the ashes of defeat" motif that this moment seemed to be going for.

And don't forget: next week is an anniversary of the first video review AND part of the Clone Saga. I'm sure you'll have your "I AM A MAN" jollies soon. Just chillax! :)

The Mad Scientist said...

WOW! Talk about the epitome of lazy endings! Alternate realities? No-action fights? What in the hell was the author thinking? I wish you had burned this damn thing. It's an abomination!

FANTASTIC ending to the story arc of your insanity, though. I loved every second of it!

Only problem that I can foresee now is this: when Mechakara and Linksano come to fight you, will 90s Kid, Harvey Finevoice, and Ninja Style Dancer show up to help? If so, how are you going to film that??????? **paging all clones of Linkara, report for duty**

Hoping to see some great alternate endings like last year! Superb work as always, Lewis!

nebosuke said...

Couple of questions:
1) What happened to the comic's true hero, the dog? You don;t mention if he ended up in either alternate reality or is still in notSilent Hill.

2) How much experience points did Pyramid Head gain from fighting that nurse?

Anonymous said...

Seriously, Linkara, this episode was pure tear jerking nightmare fuel - and I loved every second of it! This has to be one of my favorite of your story related reviews, and that's saying a lot, because... well, quite frankly I have a hard time deciding which of your reviews are my favorites cause they're all awesome. Anyway... poor magic gun girl! She needs a hug! *doesn't know if it'll work but glomps the magic gun anyway*

Anyway, awesome work as usual, Linkara! (And do I sense dissension in Lord Vyce's ranks? Mechakara doesn't seem too thrilled by the prospect of having his plans not implemented! This could be problematic... For the bad guys anyway - in-fighting between the bad guys is typically a good thing for the heros! :) )

Anonymous said...

The Comic: It was all a dream? ... Oddly, I think that explains away most of the errors seen through out this thing. Still a cop out, though.

Your story arc: Wow. Just wow. I didn't see this coming. The Gun's less than pleasant past, but then I think it makes sense for this one. Vyce getting Linksano to work for him, even though Linksano previously didn't want anything to do with him. I pretty much said 'Oh crap' every now and then from the buzz sound indicating Vyce's minions were there in some capacity up to Linksano's reveal.

The Real of Vyce: Only thing that surprised me was the, for lack of a better term, bike helmet. Not sure why, though.

Unknown said...

At the risk of being a Douchy McNitpick, you pronounced "anathema" wrong.

I love your videos anyway, keep up the good work.

Anonymous said...

Got to admit; say what you will about the comic, Bear was awesome.

Every scene with him and the monsters of silent hill were great, at least compared to what else was going on in the comic.

You know; comments mention the gun is explained, not really I mean we always knew it was magic, the exact method how is detailed but how Linkara got it and even why he didn't know much about it apparently aren't gone into.

Anonymous said...

Thought I should say, to those disappointed there wasn't "I am a man" or whatnot in the speech, well, it wasn't really necessary and wouldn't have made sense. There were no gut-punches upcoming and no robots obviously involved, and the catchphrase isn't necessarily an integral part of the character. In my opinion, it would have detracted from the identity speech had he said something like that...

Anonymous said...

With all the references towards hollywood and choosing your identity.

I think what the writer was trying to go for was something along the lines with "we all wear mask", good and evil are just as much a mask we wear as anything else, referenced by christabella pretending to be a good little girl and the sister pretending to be evil in service of whately.

Instict serves an interesting role here, "no good or evil, just instinct" and then factor in how the dog, arguably the one most guided by instinct either out and out dominates the demons he comes across or out manuevers them.

Maybe some kind of "Don't worry, be happy" message?

Also seems to be some kind of living/dead symbology here, Christabella gets her power when she comes alive, the actor's biggest troubles come when he is emotionally dead in a lot of ways....not that he changes much from that.

Many monsters seem to be zombie types; when his father is threatening looking he is dead looking.

Honestly....I get the sensation that if the guy had tried actually writing a story with the occasional bad a$$ed moment instead of trying to come up w/BA'd moments and making a story to string them along, there was enough aspects to the story and ideas here its possible it might not have sucked.

But I might be giving the author too much credit.

Anonymous said...

Something tells me that you and Iron Liz are going to get a lot of use out of that nurse's costume.

(And I'm not talking about comic book reviews) nudge-nudge wink-wink

Xephon0930 said...

I was hoping you'd pull the line,"I am a man!!!!!" But all in all,it was an awesome review. I'm also wondering if you'd ever use your Zeonizer and how it would change your apparel.

StyxRiver said...

I have never commented on your site, but I will say this.

Someone needs to give you money. Lots and lots of money. Why? Because we NEED a film maker such as yourself. would make really good movies! You bring fresh to what is stale!

But, if that doesn't happen, you could just continue reviewing bad comics!

Not much of a consolation, is it...

Where was I? Oh yes, great work, Linkara. I look forward to more.

Unknown said...

Linkara, what do you think of the Silent hill movie?

Anonymous said...

I *loved* the scene with Ennio Morricone's Ecstasy of Gold. Reminded me of the intro to Metallica concerts...

PWBOT said...

My only complaint about this review. WHY AREN'T YOU PROFFESSIONAL, PEOPLE NEED TO HIRE YOU! Man Linkara, you really outdid yourself. This was a great video and probably rank up there as one of your best. The "I AM A MAN" yell was not needed in my opinion. Your speech already radiated pure manliness, saying that you were a man would be redundant.

The origin of the gun was squicky and since I am pretty sure that was what you were going for, good job! You convey horror much better than this horrible comic, although being worst than this comic would be quite impossible. Keep on being awesome.

SlugLady28 said...

Wow. Great story, Linkara. Yours, not the comic. I don't think i have to elaborate on that any more then you already did.

You have definitely proven to be a talented actor and writer! You could easily write your own Silent Hill comic while keeping it in continuity with the Silent Universe. Heck, you already have!

I love the origin story of your Magic gun. I kinda want to see it as it's own character now too. But you still haven't answered the question of "Where'd you purchase that?"

Nihilbane said...

Linkara! The Whatley invasion has begun! Tom Whatley is running for Alabama senate! The end has come, first Alabama and then the world! Repent! Repent for your sins! Before Pyramid head, or his much lamer second cousin doorstop head, appear and stab you with pointy things! It's too late for me, the sirens are sounding, save yourself!

Don't know if anyone's told you this yet, I'm on my phone at the moment, it's too slow to check through the comments, so I apologize in advance, I love your work, and congrats on 2 years of success. Keep it up.

Sighed with the pen of a faceless nurse,

Unknown said...

i just realized that at the end after u defeat the spirit or whatever it is u can hear the entity

Ming said...

This entire arc is incredibly dark and scary -- and definitely one of the best storylines on this show. I don't know what's scarier -- the opening narrations, the driven to suicide moment, or the hints to the Entity. This is what a Silent Hill-style story should be, not that crap that dares call itself Dying Inside and Dead/Alive.

Your bad-ass "I AM LINKARA" speech -- pure awesomeness.

DarkSeraphim said...

*shudders* Dark, creepy, and absolutely delightful. The vid itself, certainly not the comic. I actually read the first one of this series, thanks to a friend of mine who owns it. Huge disappointment. I LOVE the Silent Hill games, and I am an avid lover of the horror genre! How dare this insipid comic call itself horror! Or Silent Hill!

Horrible comic aside, another great vid! And boy was it creepy, in a good way of course ^_^ I look forward to catching up the rest of the way!

Unknown said...

I had completely forgotten that 'A piece of the world is missing' was written in the book already at this point. Very nicely done, though it makes my wonder about Darkside speaking during 90's Kid's video game.

I get the impression that this was the point Vyce truly realized what a threat Linkara was to his plans.

HannaH said...

hey Linkara, if the Magic Gun (Margret) is concious (i can't spell, sorry!) then why was Mechakara able to shoot you with her? (keep in mind that this was BEFORE she unlocked her full power)i

Lewis Lovhaug said...

"hey Linkara, if the Magic Gun (Margret) is concious (i can't spell, sorry!) then why was Mechakara able to shoot you with her? (keep in mind that this was BEFORE she unlocked her full power)"

As Mechakara explained, the Linkara "skin" he wore basically tricked the gun into thinking that it was him. As more of Margaret's personality rose to prominence, she was able to tell the difference.