Monday, May 6, 2013

Spider-Man 2099 #1

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Shock yeah, Spider-Man from the future!


LucasChad said...

It's a good thing the creators were inspired by the more AWESOME version of The Fly for this comic. You can't go wrong watching Jeff Goldblum mutate into a giant fly-monster. It's THAT great!

I would've liked to hear your thoughts on the whole Mandarin controversy from Iron Man 3. I admit from a film fan's perspective, it was well-handled and didn't plunge into the whole magic vs. technology thing that would've bored us.

SMAXZO said...

The Spider-Man costume might be some sort of muscle suit to throw the enemy off or I could just be spitballing.

Mitchell Martinez said...

As soon as I heard that 2099 was the idea of Stan Lee and John Byrne, I got a big grin on my face :D. Also, this episode has one of the best title cards I’ve seen in a while.

I was hoping that when you commented on him falling, you would have either made a Toy Story joke “That was falling with style.” or referenced the song “Catch me, I’m falling” by Pretty Poison. Oh and I must say, the Cybermat commercial break is my favorite. It has a real loveable charm to it that I can’t quite put my finger on.

My god, the Young Blood’s Disease Plague has been unleashed on the future! AAAAAAHHH!!!

Finally, I LOVE the web cape. Seriously, WHY aren’t there more Marvel characters who wear capes?!

Information Geek said...

You're right, this doesn't seem too bad. Wouldn't mind checking it out if I ever found like a trade of this comic.

Also, your timing never ceases to amaze me. A week before you posted this video, Marvel announced the return of Spider-Man 2099. Not sure if it'll be a reboot or a continuation of the old story, but hey, that's still pretty cool.

ackbarfan5556 said...

And the EA sucks joke has now been used.

Unknown said...

2090's made me cry from laughter. Nice. Did not expect that. Also, Kleenex review, man. Kleenex. My middle school therapist actually had a bunch of the 2099 stuff, mainly Spider-man 2099. Kind of liked it, though that last page freaked me out a bit.

Unknown said...

I think series like 2099 is held with with such esteem is that several comics fans do what want to see a world were the characters they know are long gone/retired and new characters honor their legacy. Lets face it the main universe can feel a little bit static with characters fighting crime for several decades, but never aging.

Syne said...

Kleenex review Linkara, I laughed, I cried, I got popcorn up my nose and sneezed.

...Just please don't do that tongue thing ever again.

...Sewing Machine

D said...

Ah Spider-Man 2099 I remember that briefly lived cartoon you had in the 90's growing up.

Anonymous said...

We are living, living in the 90s
We still fight, fighting in the 90s
We are living, living in the 90s
We still fight, fighting in the 90s

(kudos to anyone who gets the reference)

Anonymous said...

I sure hope this turns out to be better than those darned Clone Saga... mishaps.

HS199432 said...

Nice start to 2099 month! This is a series I had always meant to check out, and now I'm even more excited for it!

A Simple Point of View said...

I admit, most of my knowledge of Spider-Man 2099 comes from a book written by Tom DeFalco a long time ago, which was an "essential guide". Though it did cover most of what you covered.

Miguel's popularity was also raised because of his appearances in Spider-Man Shattered Dimensions and Edge of Time, where he figured prominently.

Very good review, I wish you luck with next week. It sounds like it will be painful.

Lizard-Man said...

Welcome to the world of tomorrow!

2099 Kid was also kinda clever. A depiction of what the 90s thought the future would be like, definitely an interesting gag. I wanna see where you take that. I also liked the daft Punk song, fits with the cyberpunk theme.

This has kinda made me wanna play the 2099 levels of Shattered Dimensions again. Or Blood Dragon. Kinda both actually. I love cyberpunk stuff... also Steampunk... I like a lot of punk stuff actually.

Point is this is gonna be a fun month, can't wait to see what's in store.

Doresh said...

Man, super hero feet look weird Oo

"Many things have changed."

A bit sad to read this in a super hero comic. In the actual year 2099, Spider-Man will still be the same miserable Peter Parker, probably going through another wedding-removal retcon <_<

It's weird how future Spider-Man "flies" around. At least the original Spider-Man used webs to swing from buildings that were off-panel and may or may not actually exist!

This "proportional strength" thing comics and documentaries like to use is rather funny if you know that insects and arachnids can only perform these amazing feats BECAUSE they are so small. The square-cube law prohibits this super-effective anatomy on larger scales, which is why Earth isn't ruled by giant insects.

And how has Spider-Man become an obscure footnote in the future?

Man, this labor has crappy security regulations. Not only are there no safety railings, but there are apparently no sensors or cameras to tell them whether or not an experiment failed and created a dangerous mutant. Even better, the scientists themselves have to open the chamber to see if there's a dangerous mutant or not - instead of having the chamber open by itself, or having this done by one of the guards that were there just a few panels ago o_O

Unknown said...

Linkara, have you been keeping up with Dan Slott's Superior Spider-Man? It's a great read, shaking up a status quo in that segment of the 616 that had grown stagnant (we all know Peter is going to return, but it's fun seeing how Otto reacts to being Spidey in the meantime). Slott has outright promised that Miguel O'Hara is going to become a star of the title in the near future, and that should be reason enough for any of the haters of the title to keep reading on.

JB said...

"Seriously, WHY aren’t there more Marvel characters who wear capes?!"
Because Captain America wore one once and fell flat on his face.

No mention of Venom ? Rick Leonardi seems to be a co-creator of the Venom costume, which could explain the general look of Spiderman 2099.
I think his style is too fluid to look like JRJr. About his influence, Leonardi mentions Steranko.

"How does he shoot web"
I assumed he propelled himself from building to building in this scene (scale building + jump 50 feet), thanks to the futuristic architecture with occasional bounces on the flying cars of his pursuers.

Still calling it Youngblood disease when the character actually undergoes a transformation ? I thought this was only for bad or lazy art.

Just a comparison between the 2 heroes :
Spiderman 2099 punched his girlfriend by accident when he thought his life was ruined, and immediately apologised. When he thought his life was ruined, Peter Parker's Spiderman punched his pregnant wife by accident, sending her flying across a room, and immediately ran away to join the Jackal. 2099 wins.

Lewis Lovhaug said...

"Linkara, have you been keeping up with Dan Slott's Superior Spider-Man?"

No, I have not. And I won't be. Spider-Man is dead to me. He has been dead since One More Day and he shall remain that way.

Unknown said...

Another fine episode man. I'm still very neophyte when it comes to comics, but I've always been a fan of superheroes. The 2099 Spiderman overall was one of the more inventive ideas for a legacy hero concept. Both born from scientific accidents, or in this case sabotage, and thus gain the powers of a spider. Mind you they both come out of it with different powers, so while its the same concept its a different outcome which I think was a good way to do it.

Can't wait for the next episode. Looking forward to more of 2099 month.

red said...

i know your more into dc heroes but which heroes do u like into i know your opion on spider man and u not into x men

DMP said...

That pic of Gabe at the end looked like he was wearing Jubilee's outfit from X-Men TAS. I'm guessing he gets kidnapped a lot.

Lotus Prince said...

There were two things that I found particularly weird about this comic.

1. Lyla telling Miguel things that he HAS to already know.
a. You've been exerting yourself.
b. Today's temperature is... (after he walked inside - from outside).

2. Dana suggests that Miguel can get the drug from the black market. The perfectly LEGAL drug, meaning it must be available in any drug store...from the black market. Good idea.

Unknown said...

AWESOME i've always wanted you to review spiderman 2099,can't wait for more marvel 2099 reviews,i really wished there was a cartoon based on it instead of having to retool it into Spiderman Unlimited

BTW Linkara i've been wondering which Marvel character do you think deserves to have their own NEW movie? mine would be deadpool.... which has & probably always will be in devolpment hell ಥ⌣ಥ,
Also what do you think of Justice League Dark?

Kaze Koichi said...

I am sad about the lack of Corporate Commander cameo.

Staredcraft said...

"No, I have not. And I won't be. Spider-Man is dead to me. He has been dead since One More Day and he shall remain that way."

I think he was asking because Miguel is coming to the modern day (again! lol) soon in Superior so that's now the most recent use...also there was the video games too like Shattard Dimension

Staredcraft said...

LMAO I missed reading the full comment from the person sorry LOL

PopCultureOtaku said...

Here we go. I have to say I was one of the big fans of 2099 line. I didn't know about how line fell. I got to say I love Spider-Man 2099 appearance in Shattered Dimensions. Voiced by Spider-Man voice actor from 80s cartoons. That game has the greatest and funnies cammo in a video game ever. I'm not a fan of him showing up Surpior Dr. Octopus. I mean unless undoes this crap and OMD I don't care. There is better things that could be done with the character be wasted in horrible comic.
I never knew the idea originally by Stan Lee and John Bryne. The fact that Peter David was writer on this book makes me smile. PAD one of my favoriters. From Supergirl, Incredible, She-Hulk, X-Factor, Spider-Man 2099, Captain Marvel. Not always perfect take him over Bendis, Johns, Morrisons of the world.
The book still holds even though the artwork really doesn't.
1999 from Prince joke or reference?
By the way I always try to watch the new episode on blip first. Sometimes I will rewatch on blips Roku app which doesn't run ads. I only will on app first if i'm having computer problems or something else.

Anonymous said...

I really wish Marvel would put out more of Spidey 2099 in TPB (there seems to only be the first six or so issues in the first vol). I always find it amusing to read/watch stories set in 'the future year of 2,00x' and see what they thought we would have and what they got right.

I can only imagine the look on Miguel's face if he ever found out about Herman Schultz.

Anonymous said...

Linkara, have you read Spider-Man Noir or other Marvel Noir comics?
If you have, what do you think about them.

jenbrait said...

This was a really interesting comic. The "Help! Help! Let me out of this coffin!" line cracked me up. Also loved the 2099's Kid bit, wonder how the others are going to react to him.

Laughing Hyena said...

"This has kinda made me wanna play the 2099 levels of Shattered Dimensions again. Or Blood Dragon. Kinda both actually. I love cyberpunk stuff... also Steampunk... I like a lot of punk stuff actually."

What about Gothic-Punk then? *From a World of Darkness fan*

There's also many derivatives to Cyber-punk itself:

I'm partial to the Future Retro known as Atompunk or Raygun Gothic with it's bright colors and style (Teardrop shaped spaceships from the 30's to 50's). Or Space Westerns/Sci-fi Westerns.

It's interesting to note that Elfpunk and Mythpunk are considered a thing on there, but not "Weird West". Which is great too.

Rob Green, MN said...

What a great present for my birthday Linkara with the review of one of the comics that got me truly into reading them the other being the Punisher 2099. Can't wait to see ya at Animinneapolis this year, and hope your selling some of the comic that you've reviewed up to that point again. But till then take care, and I'll see ya there.

Anonymous said...

How come these alternate universe stories are always more interesting than the canon stuff?

Seriously, someone should make a comic based on genesischant's concepts.
Does not have to be official, a fan-made webcomic would be perfect.
DC and Marvel heroes re-imagined as if they originated in feudal Japan.

thorondragon said...

punishment.... least you got to read a not so bad comic first.

actually viruses do make rather perfect sense there. viruses are nothing but tiny bits of genetic material that try to break down cells genetic material into more viruses. however they can also mix into the the cell's material too, which is what vaccines do, infect the host cells with inactive viruses. technically a virus would be an itnersting theoretical possiblity for genetic manipultion, but only if you can code a virus to be beneficial rather than destructive.

cool thing is, there ARE beneficial viruses, just nothing that can give you super powers; damn it. oddly enough the most known fictional virus like that is the Pokerus from..... well your a pokemon fan you know. is a beneficial thing and it helps enhance pokemon. which is why i think pikachu is so strong, probably was a carrier of a pokerus at some point.

Shanethefilmmaker said...

Wow so essentially This Spider-man is Roy Harper with Spider-powers and no daughter.........well at least he didn't sell his fiance to the devil.

Sabre said...

I like Kaze Koichi's idea for a possible cameo, only if it fits and has a suitable joke though.

I was wondering what you and your commenters think makes a good super hero outfit?

I know you (linkara) are working on a humour show so get a free pass of sorts, and there are exceptions to this rule, but generally speaking when it comes to bad outfits, it's almost always criticised for stuff like "to many pointless pouches" or "going into combat in 6 inch heels". Generally attacking an outfit for being gaudy or impractical, but not applying that same criticism to, say, a man who goes into combat wearing spandex painted to look like the American flag.

Now, again, just to be clear, there are exceptions, Captain America being one, Batman, Green Lanturn, maybe Superman. And I do get certain outfits look stupid or just plain ugly (Wild Thing last episode for example) but why isn't Spiderman's outfit a pair of gloves (for finger prints) and a balaclava (to hide his identity). He's not exactly a symbol of justice or whatever, and this kind of outfit is both quicker to change too and easier to hide.

I'm not saying Spiderman's design is bad, just that it's impractical by your own rules.

Another example is sexism. Red Sonja, Cat woman, or any time Wonder Woman is drawn with cleavage, it seems people complain about sexism and how dumb and impractical the outfit is, but when someone dares to suggest that Power Girl should be covered up, internet rage happens. (although I don't follow comics so that might be a skewed perspective on my part)

So, practical doesn't seem to be enough, iconic look doesn't seem to be enough. I'm not expecting a formula for all super hero outfits, just wondering what you guys and gals consider good in a super hero outfit.

Off topic, just saw Powergirl's Nightwing armour. That looks bad arse imo.

Rhodoferax said...

Fun fact: 2099 is also the year that the first Judge Dredd stories take place, which are also in a horrible dystopian New York.

It actually might be sort of possible for a drug to bind to his DNA if, for example, it induces methylation of certain key deoxyribose-phosphate groups to alter the code, or if it stimulates or inhibits some transcription of inhibition factors. This doesn't explain how it would be addictive, since the effect would either be permanent (in which case he doesn't need anything and will stay in the same state without needing increased doses) or it will wear off eventually, leaving him in the state he was before it was administered.

The most plausibble avenue of effect is that, by methylation, stimulation, or inhibition, the drug alters the expression of certain neurotransmitter(s). This would definitely be addictive, since real drugs work on the same principle (but with completely different modes of action). The other pssibility is that the drug massively stimulates or inhibits the rate of release of certain hormones, which would cause the body to overcompensate by slashing or amping up its natural rate. If the body becomes desensitised, it would take administration of the drug just to function normally (which is why people who give up alcohol tend to get constipated, since alcohol is a laxative and the body is used to producing less of its own laxatives when teh alcohol is taking care of that aspect). However, this also fails because if the drug induces that drastic an effect with a single, small dose, it would kill him outright there and then.

So I guess what I'm trying to say is, it can be addictive, or Miguel can need it to live, but not both.

>2. Dana suggests that Miguel can get the drug from the black market. The perfectly LEGAL drug, meaning it must be available in any drug store...from the black market. Good idea.

Just because something's legal doesn't mean you can't get it on the black market. People might smuggle things in in order to avoid paying taxes, tariffs, excise duty, etc. That happens with cigarettes a lot, actually.

Anonymous said...

Linkara,Have you thought about doing a top 15 comic moments of the 90's

Anonymous said...

This review was so sewing machine, dude! I can't wait to see more in....THE FUTURE!!!!!!!!!!!!

Lewis Lovhaug said...

Power Girl's boob hole, while not popular in concept, tended to work for her character because of how she described the reasoning of it back in the day - basically to hell with what OTHER people think of her.

And I'm actually in the camp that LIKED her New 52 outfit, thought it actually looked like the most traditionally super-heroic outfit of all the new costumes introduced.

Red Sonja's outfit is criticized because it's a chainmail bikini. It offers no actual protection or armoring. Catwoman's is usually fine aside from artists refusing to let her front stay zipped up and likewise boobsocks are still stupid and not how spandex or any skintight attire works. Wonder Woman is usually just fine and there are multiple arguments to be made.

As for more elaborate, colorful outfits like Spider-Man, there's a reason why Batman Begins is my favorite Batman movie, and that's explanations for why someone would dress up like a bat, namely:
-Theatricality and deception are powerful agents.
-People need dramatic examples to shake them out of apathy. As a man, a person can be ignored or destroyed, but if you become a symbol? You become memorable, you become everlasting.

Anonymous said...

Here's something weird. I mostly use Blip on my iPhone (needed now more than ever since my computer is broken) and for awhile the ads did show up, and now they're no longer there. Also viewing on the regular website has an advantage since some episodes won't play on mobile devices, so there's a plus.

Brett Caton said...

This review was completely sewing machine!

Joshua Ford said...

Regarding the "swelled head" phrase. That is actually a figure of speech to say that someone is arrogant. And future slang thing always makes me facepalm, especially back in Batman Beyond when they said things like "Shway" instead of "cool".

Unknown said...

Great episode Linkara. Some of your best one-liners in a while.
"And that's why he ended up in the coffin" Priceless, shame on the writer for not thinking of it, good for you though.

You took a lot of shots at corporations this episode. Kind-of surprised as you've always made a point about being a firm capitalist but life is full of surprises. You and Liz both sound like you have something against EA. But maybe I'm just too lazy to do what everyone else on the planet is doing is doing.

Also does 90's kid have Youngblood's disease? It might explain why he has to ware sunglasses all the time.
(P.S 2090's kid and his crazy slang rocked! Sewing-Machine!!!!!!)

Anonymous said...

Great episode, Stan Lee and John Bryne? well that's something kick ass, hey Lewis did you here about this fan is trying to make a live action spider-man series? he also is doing a spider-man film retrospective, sounds like this guy and you are both one in the same: and

Lewis Lovhaug said...

"You took a lot of shots at corporations this episode. Kind-of surprised as you've always made a point about being a firm capitalist but life is full of surprises."

As a capitalist, I believe in keeping customers happy and the best way to do that is to not screw said customers over. I may think there's nothing wrong with making money, but I also think you can make money without hurting people in the process.

Anonymous said...

Linkara, I know you have already stated that you dont care about Spider-man anymore. However, your joke about Spidey-Ock made me want to know your full thoughts on the subject. Do you feel that the storyline was a disgrace to such a long running title as ASM and do you feel that SSM is one of the worst gimmicks Marvel has done with Peter? Thanks!

Nick Michalak said...

Yeah, I have a few 2099 issues, but I doubt I ever read them. I have some Spider-Man and X-Men 2099 if you're ever interested in revisiting the line in the future.

Adam Burchfield said...

Gotta say, I think u may have boned urself. I have only ever heard good things about Spidey 2099 ( who is awesome and I would love to find more TPB of it). Although I think the Doom 2099 concept was pretty loved, but I heard bad things about Punisher 2099, and heard that Xmen 2009 was pretty bad too. But hey, u can often prove me wrong. Looking forward to 2099. Also hoping u might do a noir month too, although thats because I love noir spidey too.

Cpt. Sqweky said...

UHF reference FTW.

Anonymous said...

"You took a lot of shots at corporations this episode. Kind-of surprised as you've always made a point about being a firm capitalist but life is full of surprises."

Capitalism does not equate to corporatism.

E. Wilson said...

"No, I have not. And I won't be. Spider-Man is dead to me. He has been dead since One More Day and he shall remain that way. "

I must admit, I don't understand this stance. Of all the terrible, horribly OOC writing that many heroes at the Big 2 have been subject to in the past several years, (several infamous moments of which have been focused on in your show), I don't see why that particular bit of terrible, horribly OOC writing killed this particular character for you. (And admittedly, a lot of other folks.)

I'll admit that I pretty much agree with the points raised in your OMD review, and that I'm horribly biased because Spidey is my favorite character of all time. But when he makes deals with Devils, or Superman hopes that crime will move "over there", or Green Lantern kills all his friends, or Batman creates HAL in spy-satellite form, or...*anything* from Civil War, I just have to ignore it, because the characters are stronger than any individual writer or editorial team.

I'm not trying to change your mind on the issue, because that would be counter-intuitive to reading comics for pleasure; just wanted to offer another fan's perspective on the matter.

As for Spidey 2099, I think one of the reasons for the character's enduring cult popularity, aside from the Spider-Man brand recognition, is that Peter David wrote most of his series. That man knows how to write a solid comic. (Though I'll admit I've only been able to read the trade of the first ten or so issues Marvel put out a couple years ago.)

Anonymous said...

I'm not sure if someone has told you this, but I actually have a lot of problems with ads on blip. The video will load the ad but not the show, or the video will play but will crash because of an ad. It doesn't happen with all ads, but when it happens it can be really bad. I never use ad blocks but that would be a reason why someone has to watch with an ad blocking device. On another not, could you make a group image T-shirt of all of the villians that appeared on AT4W? That would be awesome!

Leor said...

Kleenex review Lewis! It is shocking awesome to see 2099 get the respect it deserves! (Well, at least the good titles like Spider-Man 2099, Doom 2099, X-Men 2099 and Ghost Rider 2099. All of the others were just awful. Sorry about next week. :( )

Some comments: Miguel's employers, Alchemax, along with the other MegaCorporations have essentially replaced the American Government in all but name. Rapture is legal, but Alchemax owns the patent, so they're the only Corp allowed to sell it. That's how Stone planned to use it as a carrot/stick to keep Miggy working for him: behave and you'll get more Rapture; go your own way and you'll be dead from withdrawal or in jail if the Public Eye catch you buying from the Black Market. The reason something as addictive as Rapture is legal is because companies like Alchemax and Stark-Fujikawa write the laws. (Given the amount of time you invested lobbying against SOPA last year, I'm sure you don't need to be told how frightening a concept it would be if Corporations could cut out the middlemen of Lobbyists and write and pass legislation at their leisure.)

The "web-cape" is a special aerodynamic material. Let's just say Reed Richards invented it and Alchemax sells it. Miggy didn't discover his web "spinners" until his fight with the cyborg bounty hunter in issue #3; before that he was mostly jumping through windows.

You should have read Lyla's lines in Marilyn's voice, if possible. Just sayin'. :)

Dr. Miguel O'Hara is the opposite of Peter Parker in many ways. Whereas Peter was shy and introverted, only to become a witty, extrovert when he put the mask on, Miggy was a snarky wise-ass who would insult his colleagues to their faces; but when he put on his costume he would almost never quip or make jokes, since he could tell that he was in over his head. Part of the difference may be due to age difference; Peter became Spider-Man at 15, while Miguel was in his mid-20's; Peter lived at home with his aging Aunt, while Miguel lived in a swanky bachelor pad with his Marilyn Monroe-gram. Peter needed the self confidence of putting on a mask; Miggy just wanted to be left alone to live his life and not be bothered by the oppressive dystopian society he lived in.

To the people complaining about Linkara criticizing corporations, corporations like Alchemax and Stark-Fujikawa are meant as warnings for what happens when rampant greed and corruption let corporations remove any checks on their activities. They're a corruption of capitalism; Alchemax makes money by imposing monopolies, spying on other corporations, kidnapping employees from rival corporations and forcing them to work for them and assassination. Does that sound like a properly functioning capitalist society to you? If you're to the right of Mark Millar you should be saying no, no it does not.

Finally, despite Aaron Delgato's monkeying with the controls and Miggy getting Spider powers, the experiment was a success: while he now has extreme sensitivity to light, fangs, talons on his fingers and toes and organic web spinners, Miggy is no longer addicted to Rapture! Hooray!

Jesse said...

Too bad the artwork sucks cause this looks like a good story. Liked how his fiances didn't get mad and understood he was freaking out when he hit her and didn't get the wrong idea. I hate those parts.

This should be a fun month.

Jeff Jacobson said...

Is "Miguel's brother Gabe" Jubilee 2099?

Nero Angelo said...

I wonder, would there be a 00's guy? like someone who was born in the 90's but grew up in the 00's? there's already 80's dan & 90's kid X3

Unknown said...

"Rodtacular"? Sounds a little dirty...

FugueforFrog said...

Note to Miguel: never take inspiration from a movie where the first test turns a babboon inside out and makes it explode subsequently. But hey, at least Jeff goldbloom was sort of normal...for all we know if he ended up seeing "Earth Girls are Easy" then we'd all be screwed.

HIlarious stuff, particularly with the sudden appearance of (20)90s Kid and just the utter weirdness. Though I wonder if this is the first Peter David you've done on the show since I read he did this; he's generally a good writer and during his major run with the Hulk, so at least it had that going for it. Well that and Marvel in it's weird stage to allow development on an alt-uni such as this.

One more thing: cheeseburger.

ITSATRAP!! said...

Hey Linkara, I just got done listening to your interview with Nash and was wondering whether or not you would ever consider doing an at4w review of Final Crisis, or a top 15 problems list like you did with identity crisis.

Also, im looking forward to seeing just how bad punisher 2099 is, since just looking at the cover of the 1st issue screams bad 90s comic.

Mark_E said...

As the only person in your audience who got the Nixon joke, I wanted to let you know I appreciated it.

Well done.

Chelsey Magnuson said...

Yes, loved the bits of Derezzed! /soundtrack nerd

This actually does sound like an interesting series, I'll have to see if I can find it.

Not much else to add except that this was a great review, I really enjoyed it =)

John R. Ellis said...

Much as I enjoyed this, would you hate me if I said the one I'm really looking forward to is RAVAGE 2099? I purchased the earliest issues of the entire 2099 line back in the day (even the first appearance of the butt-ugly Hulk 2099 in 2099 UNLIMITED), but I have a special fondness for those first few Stan Lee-written issues of RAVAGE.

He's an executive who becomes a crime-fighting garbage man.

And that's BEFORE the inconsistent mutation powers madness kickes in!

So help me, it just perfectly delineates the guilty pleasures of a modern Stan Lee comic.

Alexander Gordon Jahans said...

Spiderman is probably my favourite superhero, considering I dislike comics as a medium. The character reads like the average nerd fantasy with paranoia and realistic obstacles thrown in. My one problem with the concept is how the conflict is created. The monster always has to have an origin, to grow from the mundane to the horrific. Setting Spiderman in the future though allows for a kind of urban fantasy approach. It'd be really interesting to see him go up against the equivalent of a horde of werewolves or whatever.

Incidentally I picked up the Green Lantern Omnibus volume 1 on free comic book day (paid 40 pounds). I liked the recent film and the concept seems to basically be timelords who do stuff so I think I might enjoy it.

The cybermat adbreak was fun, even if the ad didn't actually play for whatever reason. I'd be interested to here your thoughts on the latest series of Doctor Who.

Mr.O said...

I really like this costume, but I am a sucker for anything with a skull on it (mostly). I wonder if the art could have been upgraded by the colorist putting some more variation on the colors of things instead of just washing out objects in one color. I have v ague memories of a Venom showing up in these books that was really silly, or I am high on captain crunch chicken strips again.

JLH said...

Small nitpick, but it's not a Holofoil cover. Holofoil would be when it features a Hologram within the foil design, such as Warlock Chronicles #1 or Adventures of Superman #505. There's also Prismatic Foil, which is a bunch of colors at once, like with Ghost Rider 2099 #1 or Silver Surfer #75. And then there's "Holographix Foil", which is just a prism effect to the foil, like with Dr Strange #50 or Fantastic Four #375. But the one featured in the 2099 launch books was just plain old foil.

Argol228 said...

I must now create Spiderman, the Shadowrunner. Cyber arms with Grapple mods, Bio strength enhancement, Wired reflex. yeah, I think it is possible to do.

Tetsu Deinonychus said...

This does look pretty cool. I'll have to see if there's a TPB available.

BTW was anybody else reminded of Batman Beyond the whole time? It really seems like one might have been inspired by the other. Which one came first, again?

Anonymous said...

Funny you should joke about Spotto (Spider-Man + Otto), cause Miguel is going to show up in Superior Spider-Man...

Leor said...

@Tetsu Deinonychus: The 2099 line came out in early 1993 and was pretty much cancelled by 1996. Batman Beyond first aired in 1999.

@Gordon Jones: Spider-Man 2099 (and the rest of the 2099 line) is based on cyberpunk not urban fantasy. Most of Miggy's enemies don't have origin stories (with the exceptions all being tied to Miggy or the S-Man). Conflicts in the 2099 Universe are usually instigated by the MegaCorps or by Doom wanting something. And when Dr. Doom is the lesser of two evils you know you have a problem.

Alexander Gordon Jahans said...

@Leor Fair point.

When I refer to urban fantasy I'm referring less to the specific genre and more the general idea of a recognizable world not entirely unlike our own with fantastical elements and monsters lurking in the shadows. It's this definition of urban fantasy which applies to the Watch series of Discworld Books even if the Discworld books are pure fantasy.

At the end of the day though if you've read the comics and you know it doesn't fit my definition then I'll take your advice and not read it. Thanks for the clarification.

Deviant #23 said...

you know, was feelin like the interwebs had no love for me today, then i go to Mr Lovhaug's site, and he's got me covered.

Shine on you crazy diamond.

Bluecho said...

"Next week is punishment. A lot of punishment. For me."

Oh yes, Linkara. It's going to hurt. I've read Punisher 2099, even thought of reviewing it myself for my own show. It hurts.

It's going to keep on hurting.

Frosty said...

The rain joke I actually often make about weather forecast. The point is when they predict exactly equal chance for rain or dry weather it feels like they are just using fancier words for telling what anyone without the knowledge or equipment could tell. :)
"Yeah, it could rain... but it could also not rain..."

This review is totally sawingmachinous!!!

Ozaline said...

Glad you like the comic Linkara, I remember these from my early days in comic collecting. Along with the Reign of the Supermen, Doom 2099 was one of the first comics I was picking up off the shelves as it came out. I did also pick up X-men 2099 and Spider-man 2099 from time to time, and seeing this video I wish I had paid closer attention to Spider-man.

Oh well I'll pick up the back-issues as some point.

Gareth said...

Out of all of your cast of characters 90's Kid is my favourite, yeah he's an idiot and can be annoying to other people but I always get the sense that he is a nice guy.

Something I was wondering Linkara, is have you ever thought about giving him his own story arc? like the one you did for Harvey Finevoice. I know that he was originally brought in and is used for a very specific joke but I think it would be very interesting to see his character explored more.

webfox100 said...

The singing at 10:50 was funny but it's the safety railing joke at 13:20 that kills me. I can't look at sci-fi movies the same way again. Great job!

C-Puff said...

I think New Spidey has Liefeld's disease, or some kind of mutated version of it since his muscular body is drawn fine... until you get to his feet.

And I rather like Lyla's face :D

Otherwise this was actually rather interesting! The comic I mean, the reviews are always interesting. Future 90s kid cracks me up XDD but then 90s kid is awesome.

I don't get ads on your videos, but I'm afraid I'm too poor to afford your merchandise either :( Maybe one in THE FUTUUUUUUUUUUURE though.

FUN FACT, I watched your Airzone Solution review for the first time yesterday :D TIMING!

Anonymous said...

"No, I have not. And I won't be. Spider-Man is dead to me. He has been dead since One More Day and he shall remain that way."

Which begs the question, will you still burn him on the wall!

C-Puff said...

(forgot to say earlier)

2099! Spider-man "One More day" hits theaters! Police respond to rioting audiences!

Anonymous said...

Well he burned One More Day at literally the end of the year...and it.was.AWESOME!

Anonymous said...


Trekker4747 said...

Linkara, you disappoint me. How can you make a safety-railing joke and NOT show a clip from MST3K's "Space Mutiny?"

Leor said...

@Gordon Jones: Spider-Man 2099 is pretty much straightforward cyberpunk. His powers came from genetic alterations, most of his enemies are cyborgs or mutants, and the only "magic user" in the entire series is Strange 2099, whom Miggy meets when he heads to Mexico for Day of the Dead (and misses Doom 2099's invasion and conquest of America!). The "monsters" are metaphorical, namely greedy corporate weasels like Tyler Stone, psychopaths like Vulture 2099, and despots from alternate dimensions like Thanatos. (Not to be confused with despots from Titan like Thanos.)

That being said, I think you are doing yourself a disservice by not reading Spider-Man 2099. It is a very well written book, and the artwork improves after the first few issues. Miguel makes an interesting contrast to Peter Parker, and Miggy's supporting cast is just as rich and well developed as Peter's was. The first ten issues were collected in a Trade Paberback and I recommend giving it a look.

Anonymous said...

I like the title card this week, I kind of hope this will be a recurring thing this month.

What the heck is the music playing behind 2099 90's Kid? It makes me think of 80's Synthesizer music.

I'm not sure if this is supposed to take place in future New York City, but if it does I guess Mayor Bloomberg's soda ban got repealed. And with the lab's design, I'm guessing OSHA was repealed.

Please never do the tongue flick again, that was just creepy.

Jeff Goldblum! He's one of the most powerful cards in Duel Monsters!

This comic is just screaming for a near constant playing of "Don't you know anything about science?"

Good review, I may have to find this comic series and read it for myself.

My opinion on this adblocker thing...for some reason the number of ads I see per video seems arbitrary. Some times I'll see 3-4 ads and other times 0...within the same day. And that's not counting the number of times when the video has just abruptly ended forcing me to refresh the whole page to try and view it again. Seriously, sometimes it takes 3-4 attempts to watch a video.

Oh by the way, I don't know if you watch the show 'Elementary' or not but on last week's (5-2-13) episode the bad guy was going to use Africanized Honey Bees to kill somebody. And the first thing that popped in my head was, "Bees, my god."

DaveWire said...

Ah, Spidey 2099. I was really excited when you announced this comic. This is the the FIRST COMIC I ever owned. I'm actually not quite sure what turned me onto them. I remember being a fan of Spidey from the 90s cartoon, and I think my mom brought me to the local comic shop as a kid where I just found this at random. I'd buy various back issues, whatever covers caught my eye.

I still have all of my S-Man issues. Yeah, his fans call him S-Man in later issues. I even have the Tron issue where he goes into a computer. Ah, 90s computer speculation.

Sadly the store I bought them from burned down in a neighboring arson fire, but now I'd really love to collect these. According to Amazon, it looks like Marvel is rereleasing trades next month. Huzzah!

Tim P said...

While watching the episode today, I realized that the theme song is probably a really good place to slip in some minor changes over time, like for a storyline. Because, chances are, aside from the first few episodes after the theme song is reworked for a new season, or times when its completely changed for a fun theme episode, not many people probably *watch* the song. Sure, they'll listen to the music because it is Music of Awesome(TM), but I admit that I turn away and do something, or think about the introduction, while the theme song is playing. Some people might skip past it entirely...

One episode, one of those clips in the theme song changes slightly to something else, something more sinister. The next episode, a different clip is slightly off, slower or faster, or shifted slightly to reveal something behind it... Something evil is reformatting the theme song until the point when, many weeks later, it's significantly different but no one has noticed... Then one week the actual music of the theme song glitches out or has a slightly different verse and then suddenly "What the?!" but its too late! The terror of the month has taken hold...

Ah, it's probably noth---*

Anonymous said...

"We are living, living in the 90s
We still fight, fighting in the 90s
We are living, living in the 90s
We still fight, fighting in the 90s"

So, when does Spidey learn Hokuto Shinken? At this rate, he will need to journey to the land of Azura to stop Green Goblin 2099 from killing proto-Gwen Stacey and gaining dark chi powers.

(To anon, from anon. Challenge accepted!)

DaveWire said...

I almost forgot to mention, nice use of the Back to the Future hat for 2090s kid. Did you get it off Thinkgeek? I was wearing mine to karaoke the other night. I friggin love that hat.

Someone, somewhere said...

I expect to see Spider-Man 1602 now

Dehumanizer said...

"Though I wonder if this is the first Peter David you've done on the show since I read he did this"

It's the second, I think. David also did the Star Trek V adaptation, featured here recently.

JerRocks2day said...

Nice parody song usage of the classic 60s Spiderman Theme.

Say Lewis, have you seen this viral youtube video of Josh Keaton [voice actor of Spectacular Spiderman Spiderman/Peter Parker] reciting the most popular Spiderman memes on the internet? I think you'll love it, if you haven't. XD

BTW, I know this month is going to be 2099 comics, but can you take a request? Like, can you review an obscure Marvel comic called 'Officer Zero'? A friend of mine gave me a copy of his old comics, and I'm reading them over to tell him what I think- I figured it might be up your alley for another episode. :)

Anonymous said...

That looks like a pretty good comic to be honest, albeit short. Now I need to go play Edge of Time. It establishes the character, motivation, etc, and it makes sense so far. The main issue is that it doesn't finish the story. How does he make the leap from victim of Jeff Goldblum experiment to fighting crime?

If there's one thing that the better 2099 books have, it's about finding heroes to believe in again. Considering this was during the 90's, where anti-hero douches were becoming vogue, it's not a bad theme.

Anonymous said...

Minor note about that freefall thing of Spidey's at the beginning. Even with that weird web cape I'm pretty sure coming to an abrupt halt from that speed will break even his neck.

And how incompetent a doctor is this man if he doesn't know what the word "proportionate" means?

And they really think that the best test subject for increasing the agility and strength of a human is a convicted criminal? Not, say, a soldier or professional spy or someone working for them?

Gotta say, I'd like to see a vision of the future in a comic that isn't either a dystopian cyberpunk ruin filled with cliches that even Gibson would be sick of or a utopia where the writer's political opinions are all correct.

Anonymous said...

I'll disable adblocks when you pay for the copyrighted music you use.

JerryScott said...

I just realized something. If 2090s Kid and 1990s Kid changed places, then what's 1990s Kid doing while he's in the future? (Also, the Plot Hole causing a temporal-time-thingy further proves my theory of the Plot Hole being the Skygina from "The Langoliers"

boooratt said...

I've always wanted to go back and read the 2099 stuff especially the Spider-Man stuff but the problem is there aren't many trades of these stories outside the 1st few issues!

I've seen enough game footage of Spider-Man 2099 that I'd actually pay to see a movie or animated series based soully on him with very little mention of classic main stream Spider-Man out side his inspiration or as a historical figure!

I do hope there is more Daft Punk in these future 2099 review such a perfect fit!

I'm glad I'm back watching these again I missed you guys's stuff!

Arianne said...

Oh, it sounds like things are going to get a little time wimey.
I actually like future slang because it make sense to me that in the future slang terms would be different.
This comic book series does sound like a cool concept .

Ming said...

Not a bad comic. My only problem, besides the artwork, is that this is just part one of the origin story.

It's only fitting that 90s Kid will get a 2099 counterpart, complete with Daft Punk's music and use of future slang like Kleenex and Sewing Machine.

Unknown said...

I collected ALL of the 2099 titles when they came out and I was in my 20s.Here are some answers to your spidey 2099 questions.Miguel gains spinnerettes on his wrists as part of his transformation as well as retractable hooks in his fingertips for climbing.His costume is an adaptation of a mardi gras costume he wore and the webbing near his armpits is just there for show. He doesnt fly or anything. He does have spider sense and spider strength as well as increased speed and agility.I encourage all of you to see how Marvel handled the 2099 line. Some were good and others not so good.

Anonymous said...


Unknown said...

hey Lewis I'm working on a spider-man series for my YouTube account and I was wondering if when it's the first episode is done if you could give me some feed back and also I would love to know what the 5 best Spiderman stories other then kravens last hunt are in your opinion. thank, please respond a big fan, kurt Kuhn.

William Keating said...

This odd a couple of days ago I found in my nearest Waterstones (a chain of book shop) in the graphic novel section Volume 1 of Spider-Man 2099, Marvel seems to by reprinting this line as it said inside 'First printing 2013'.

Also the inside cover has an advert for the complete collection for Doom 2099.

It seem strange that only months after Linkara reviewed the first number 1s of 2099 Marvel has begun to realise the better titles of this line.

Felix Brunschede said...

Okay, British commercial for th German guy who watches an American's in-character review. Huh. The "small world"-joke never was as appropiate as now. Huh.

Hobo Girl said...

I know this probably seems somewhat random but thinking of futuristic superheros. What are your feelings of the show Batman Beyond and would you be ever willing to review it?

Hobo Girl said...

I personally think out of all the tgwtg team you have the funniest t-shirts in opinion being cash poor I haven't a chance to pick one up but I am setting some aside to get one day.