Monday, May 12, 2014

Superman: For the Animals #1

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For truth! For justice! For the kitties!


rick007 said...

I guess Will was too busy to do a SNOWFLAME PSA.

Shifter's Haven said...

It is nice enough to see good comic on the show. Closer to the end I was a little puzzled how it could suck, but conclusion placed everything right.

What was the joke about Tommy's name? I may be not so familiar with american slang that much. Though I try, because why not?

Anyway, you mentioned Dex Starr origin. Strange thing, but I am always almost start crying reading his origin. Don't know why, but it is heartbreaking. Though I suspect it is just specially crafted to work that way. Anyway, from all the Red Lanterns Dex looks most interesting from my perspective. Man, may be I just a cat person.

As for Millar. I read only his Red Son and find it (for me) the best depiction of the character, especially in first issue (or volume, I don't know). And here I saw too, that he definitely likes Superman and what he represent. Well, Red Son and STAS make me appreciate character that I was skeptic before.
I saw only movie version of Kick-Ass. I liked it, but I suspect that was achievement movie crew than source. May be I am wrong, because never read and never had intention to read the comic.

Anonymous said...

"Dear Superman, Our Child has been missing for almost five years now and... I personally blame you for telling him to wait outside the house of pissed off drug-dealers. They immediate abducted the child and I haven't seen him since. I just wrote to tell you that our lives are now ruined because of you.

Sincerely, A scared mother from Philadelphia"

I'm surprised you didn't go there, Linkara.

Lewis Lovhaug said...

"I'm surprised you didn't go there, Linkara."

Didn't feel like going quite that dark. XD

The ClockWerk Critic said...

Mark Millar is one of those creators that you may have a hard time saying he's a good comic writer or not. Kinda depends on the person, really.

For me, I agree that his Superman stuff is some of his best work, particularly Superman: Red Son. His other stuff tends to range from mixed to just bad. You brought up Nemesis and Kick-Ass, but he also did work for Marvel's Civil War and Ultimate Marvel series. Less said on those, the better.

Unknown said...
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Anonymous said...

HOLY SHIT! They shot Scooby-Doo. NOOOOOOOO.

Unknown said...

Superman the Man of Steel he speaks for the animals. You know out of all the PSA comics we've seen on this show this one isn't half bad. It's better then the Tandy Computer Wiz Kids at least like that's hard also the narration near the end about doing the right thing is the exactly the reason why I love Superman kind of shocking that this is coming from Mark "11 year olds saying the C-word" Millar.

Mohsen Lakhoua said...

I'm not gonna be a critic, but the Nostalgia Critic/Linkara imitation gag, while I've waited to see one for a while, leaves a lot to be the desired. Of course it doesn't detract from much of the review, but I wanted to give my two cents ^_^.

Crimson said...

No! Don't throw Fireheart off a bridge! He's running out of lives as it is! Wait, is Ballser a reincarnation of Tigerstar?!

No one's gonna get this reference are they? Ah well, I do.

Anonymous said...

Ah, Good to see PSA Hll again! And having seen your Riffs, I’m able to recognise most the PSA’s that pop up in the title card!

Is Superman the DC Equivilent to Santa Claus? Well, I guess this is the same continuity with Bearded Idiot, as he did look like a Muscle Bound Santa there.
Maybe Santa is reading the letters in Lois’s Apartment? Isn’t her relationship with Superman public knowledge or that she’s usually able to get him for an Interview?

Ballser is just messed up, Animals are sentient beings and I am sure that they have Souls too; Although Ballser isn’t all there in the head, so he probably had some mad reasoning or something.

This comic is actually pretty good in my opinion; I agree with you, this definitely does look like how Superman should work. It actually plays in well with the mythos of Superman too; Superman is sent to Earth with the reasoning that the citizens of Earth can be great, but need the light to show the way; something that Superman did for this boy.

Although, considering it’s a story about Superman & Animals, it would have been a nice nod if we saw Krypto or one of the Super Animals in a minor cameo, like Superman stroking Krypto’s head as he read a letter or something.

Ah, Cybermats now have a more Matt Smith Look to them, does this mean Linkara will be fighting off the real teeth in one or something?

Amusing Cameo from Doug too.

Nice Review, Linkara.
Looking forward to seeing more from you. ;3

Anonymous said...

Seriously, why was there no Little Shop of Horrors reference? The whole time Ballser was talking, the first part of Steve Martin's "Dentist" was playing in my head. Although that probably could be because I'm a total nut for Little Shop.

Anonymous said...

I'm not sure this comic is effective as a PSA. Its moral is: don't hurt animals for fun.
That's a pretty obvious moral that most kids don't really need to learn. It doesn't teach kids to actively help animals or to how take care of them, or how to minimize environmental damage that could hurt them, it just tells kids to not be assholes.
Some PSAs telling kids not to be assholes are justified because they are rampant problems in society, like drugs and sexism. Is there really an epidemic of kids throwing cats off bridges and shooting dogs that they need to be told it's wrong?

Anonymous said...

What's this? A GOOD PSA in PSA Hell? Bit of an oxymoron, isn't it?

Also, has Linkara ever made an AI or robot that didn't get hacked at some point? Pollo's new body got taken over by Vyce (admittedly, Pollo wasn't in it at the time), Nimue almost went insane, and now something's up with the Cybermats. Linkara really needs to invest in better firewalls.

Unknown said...

I remember that you recommended Grant Morrison's "Animal Man" run a while back, which focuses heavily on the issue of animal rights. Do you have any thoughts on how Morrison handled the subject during his run?

Anonymous said...

I disagree that Mark Millar hasn't gone insane. Has Frank Miller written a story in which the bad guy kills an entire neighborhood full of kids, then gangrapes the hero's ex-girlfriend after klling her family? Because Mark has: Kick-Ass 2 (thank god that wasn't in the movie, not that i would ever watch it). Mark has some serious problems using rape as a device in his stories, he's even tried to justify it in interviews.

Unknown said...

Huh?, I never thought I would see a good well written superman comic with him being in character and all.It looks surprisingly well written for a PSA .As for the storyline : It looks like the tech magic screwdriver didn't get infected, which makes me think that magic might help in the battle against the Worm King and speaking of him, the cybermat got taken over. It's a good think Linksano gave you a new communicator. Also, the Worm King did his job a creeping me out

Rabbi Joe said...

Just sayin', that joke should have been "Truth, justice and the Ambien way." It has been known to cause sleepheroing in Kryptonians. Consult your crystal.

Unknown said...

Wow that was a better comic than I expected, So would we ever have Millar vs Miller?

As for mixing magic with science(or technology to be exact)I suggest using the Final Fantasy and Tales(ex.Tales of the Abyss) series and other similar rpgs for research.

Anonymous said...

Wh͜y̴ th̡an͝k͡ y̸óu f҉o͜ŗ t̕he ̧new s͜o͏l̀di̕e͘rs, dea̴r ҉fr͠ie͟n̸d͘.̛..
̕Do͏ņ't͡ w҉o͘r̵r͏y͏,͘ I ̢shall̀ ͢p̵u͘t ţhem to ͟g̷o͏o͠d ͟u͘se̸.

Adam said...

I have to agree with you, Linkara. Mark Millar is one of those writers that tends to do well when not left to his own devices. He kind of like Ballser in the PSA comic; someone you need to keep a close eye on at all times, otherwise he's pulling shit that would require a call to the police.

Makes me wonder if Ballser happens to be a semi-autobiography on his childhood. Just thinking out loud.

I like some of Millar's work like 1985, which had a great story but the artwork was rather lacking. Unfortunately, his personal creations like Wanted or Kick-Ass disgusts me to no end. At least the movie adaptations are much better since they remove the worst aspects of those books.

Still, this one of the more better PSA comics you've reviewed and rather enjoyable. Awesome job.


Might wanna keep a close eye on your Cybermats. Also, better hold onto the new weapons you got from Linksano.

MasterSeijin said...

My apologies for being unable to put this in friendlier terms.

I am not a hippie. I do not cry over livestock who are slaughtered for food. I do not stand on 34th street and hold up a sign of caged chickens waiting to be processed for KFC with the word "terrorism" splashed over it. I do not compare training orcas and dolphins to perform fun tricks to slavery, thereby offending and insulting people and races who have actually been put through slavery. I enjoy eating fish, beef, poultry, and especially pork. I enjoy taking a boat out to sea and catching fish on a line, and while I do not yet have a deer hunting license, I do hope to procure one someday and indulge in my hunting instincts.

That being said, I love animals. Absolutely adore them. Weather on TV, at the zoo, or even my backyard. Many animal species have a majesty and quiet dignity to them that I have always admired. And who doesn't love a kitty cat, puppy dog, or any other domesticated critter?

So it stands to reason that wen I encounter people like Ballzer, I am suddenly filled with an unreasonable, deranged, savage lust for blood.

Being evolutionarily superior to other creatures on this planet does not grant us free range to take delight, or even sustenance in their unmitigated agony.

If this book were about any other super hero, I would want to see Ballzer vaporized. Hell! Whn they ran back to the little cunt's hideout, Tommy should have taken out a switchblade and gutted him stem to stern.

jessiestaf said...

Superman answering mail and helping people actually is a thing. In Action Comics 810, the New Years issue, it revolves around Superman traveling the globe to visit every time zone at midnight, all while answering mail he got.

Highlights include helping a doctor get to a pregnant woman in Greenland, saving an attempted suicide in Australia, playing with some orphans in Japan, stopping a white Supremacist bomber in Hong Kong, and even making time to have new Years with Lois and his parents.

Its a great issue. It really encapsulates Superman to me.

Anonymous said...

if that were me in Superman's place, I would have thrown that psychotic little maniac into space

Monry said...

"o! Don't throw Fireheart off a bridge! He's running out of lives as it is! Wait, is Ballser a reincarnation of Tigerstar?!

No one's gonna get this reference are they? Ah well, I do."

Crimson, I do. Warriors book series. I should reread them. I've lost track and I had no idea that they had such a big audience.

Anonymous said...

TGWTG's website's ads work fine, but for some reason your website's ads are loading for your videos. Just wanted to make you aware of that.

Anonymous said...

Honestly baffled at the idea that anyone would actually be worried about molecules or interpret that as being uncaring about animals.

Seriously, here's the basic Wikipedia description (which is good enough for this):

"A molecule is an electrically neutral group of two or more atoms held together by chemical bonds. Molecules are distinguished from ions by their lack of electrical charge. However, in quantum physics, organic chemistry, and biochemistry, the term molecule is often used less strictly, also being applied to polyatomic ions."

People, a molecule is not something that can actually be considered a creature, let alone something to mourn. If they were stomping on fish every time they took a step, I'd see some reason to complain. But a molecule is in no way comparable to a fish. Or even a tick, something we regularly try to get rid of when we find them around us.

Anonymous said...

Great review, the comic was definitely not what I expected for an animals PSA. Not so much a PSA Hell as a PSA...occurrence. I actually missed the Miller Time beginning. And I've got to agree with rick007, we needed a Snowflame PSA but I'm guessing Will's become addicted to mini-pool. I get why it didn't happen, it'd clash with the tone of the rest of the episode, but still I miss that cocaine worshipping wild man.

So that's why Doug was dressed as you.

Oh thoughts I had about the Bill and Ted episode:

1.) Hey, Death took a Holiday!

2.) If Marvel would release a Torchwood comic, then Bill and Ted would be in continuity with that and Death leaving would cause Miracle Day to make more sense! And then Bill and Ted could find the Doctor and they could team up to find Death! Why has this not been made! And Mr. T could cameo along with somebody from Team Four Star!

As far as the story's going: From a few weeks ago, you said you've had a couple failed morphers. Are you going through chronological order? Did you try making a Turbo Morpher first? I know its not your favorite season but maybe you can't become a Megaforce ranger until you've shifted into Turbo. Oh and Linksano really made an amateurish mistake building an incredibly powerful device before installing all the safety protocols. The minute he said that I knew you were in trouble.

The scene as a whole was good but the sound was bad. The parts all worked and made sense for them to be there, the hum of the ship and Linksano's music because that's how he works, but combined I had trouble hearing, especially when the music picked up. Next time, could you either cut the music, pick something that's purely background, or turn the background sound down?


Ruesch said...

*Dr. Linksano explains the new functions of the communicator.*

Me: "Yes, very interesting, but does it tell time?"

Anonymous said...

ah, pedophilia jokes
the best kind of jokes

and it's really nice to see a well written PSA once in a while

in fact, I didn't think something like that could even exist

Anonymous said...

You know Linky, there is technically a Lifesaving merit badge.

FS said...

I wonder if the fact that the black kid (or afro-american, whatever his sociocultural inclinations are) was the one who said the line about people not having souls was added social commentary.

Also, can we throw into hell alongside with "boys will be boys" all this stupid phrases/words people use to shut down discussion, such as "feminazi" and "check your privilege"?

BurningResurrection said...

you know, Kittens does sound to me like a better cause than "The American Way"
(I guess It's because I'm from the ost-block, but to me "the American way" always sounded like "obey, you pathetic worms, or we'll nuke you from the face of the Earth")

I do actually like Millar's solo works as well
Let's face it, the world is a shithole, and his works capture this truth perfectly

In fact, this lil PSA is like a micro-cosmos of what I like about his work

he openly shows how shitty people are, but also shows that it is possible to make at least a tiny bit of a difference

speaking of which, I think someone already mentioned it, but I think I know what became out of Ballser eventually

Doresh said...

No mention that Superman's suffering from Liefeld's Disease on the cover :3 ?

Man, am I dissapointed this comic features none of the various super pets (most importantly Ace, Krypto and of course the rage kitty). What a bummer <_<

Oh well, a decent PSA is rare enough.

I personally don't have much against Kick-Ass. Especially the second volume nicely depicts how this whole super hero deal could dramatically escalate in real life once super villains arrive on the scene (while the super heroes alone were perfectly happy to act as costumed street workers who occasionally beat up gangsters).

Or maybe I'm just interpreting too much into it. Dunno. Maybe all will be revealed in the next volume.

Anonymous said...

"Also, can we throw into hell alongside with 'boys will be boys' all this stupid phrases/words people use to shut down discussion, such as 'feminazi' and 'check your privilege'?"

Yes please!

MJTR said...

The worst thing about Mark Millar is he released part one of the excellent American Jesus and never gave us parts two and three!

JFinley91 said...

Boy Scouts used the "boys will be boys" excuse on me when I was having problems with the other members. I eventually quit, and I am much happier for it. So I have to agree that calling Superman a "Boy Scout" is stupid, because they were jerks to me.

MasterSeijin said...

"ah, pedophilia jokes
the best kind of jokes"

No. You're wrong. They are beneath the bottom of the barrel and unacceptable.

Anonymous said...

Still not letting me see the ads at the start or middle

Earl Rogers said...

I can't help but ask all of those praising Superman: Red Son- How do you feel about Millar's admission in later years that as with his Authority run, portions of it were ghost-written by other writers?

Not trying to start a debate. Just curious, as I see it constantly praised as his best work, but no one ever mentions he had help.

Lizard-Man said...

Screw that Ballser, guy. Such a tool and thanks for throwing that shitty Boys will be Boys phrase under the bus. It got so many assholes in my school off the hook for bullying me. "Oh he gathered up a bunch of people to throw Basketballs at you? Well, that's just how it goes, you know?"

Hated high school. Full of psychos and delinquents like Ballser.

Felix Brunschede said...

"Also, can we throw into hell alongside with "boys will be boys" all this stupid phrases/words people use to shut down discussion, such as "feminazi" and "check your privilege"?"

Then we need to throw "friend zone" in there, too.

Trekker4747 said...

Ballser was clearly on his way to a life sentence in Blackgate. Serious, that's that kids sociopathic behavior that breeds serial killers. Makes sense since the kid had Liefeld Hair.

This does seem like a good Superman story, the kind that can really work even without Superman being too major a role in it. Superman doesn't always need to punch or be New-Age Angsty to be cool and powerful.

But would it have been that bad for Superman to have stuck around a bit longer in order to give the kudos in person?

Anonymous said...

Nostalgia Critic’s just jealous because he’s bad at writing himself as the “lovable jerk” and can’t help but seem like an asshole in his vids. Seriously, having watched both of you, he just comes off as way meaner. (It probably doesn’t help that he’s a lot more sexist in the way he talks about female characters.)

Unknown said...

I'm more than happy to rain on your parade here in telling you I'm pretty sure it's prounced Mill-ah, not Mill-urr (He's Scottish). So yeah this shouldn't be part of "Miller time".

But yes Mark Millar. I think of him as my favourite of a group I call "The four Catholic boys" Mark Millar, Garth Ennis, Alan Moore and Warren Eilis. So named because they remind me of teen ex-Catholics acting as rebelliously as possible. in this case by throw as much "Mature" subject matter they can into their work to show how they've outgrown their wholesome upbringing.
Ennis I might be able to like if he wasn't so anti-religious. He's cleary the most talented of the bunch. Moore has an award shelf instead of a heart and once you look past all the gibberish about Thatcherism and quantum physics he's just another shock artist. Ellis I can barely stand but Like Millar He can write good stuff when leashed (He wrote a very good episode of Justice League Unlimited)
Millar however, even at his vilest can still write characters who make me smile. Nemesis was a gore-fest but it's hero was very sympathetic and I feel the book ended with a positive message. Plus his books tend to have great action scenes.
So yeah Millar is the best of his ilk. But I still wouldn't mind seeing you review more of his stuff :)
I can't speak for Elis but it's funny 3 of my Catholic boy for all the gory and grime are big Superman fans. Life's got a sense of humour like that.

I actually really liked the joke about Tommy's lover. I guess it's better to be safe than sorry but I personally didn't need the booing to justify it :) Boo-urns I say!

As for animals. I eat meat. If given the choice between saving one animal and one human 9 times out 10 I'd save the human. But I think it's our duty to treat all animals with as much kindness and humanity as possible. It's our God given duty. And if that's too religious for some people then remember this. Our superior intellect give us power. And what do the comic s say about power and responsibility?

I don't normally enjoy PSA hell as it feels like your mocking people for having good intentions. But I enjoyed this one. Good show.

Logan Hein said...

@Anonymous and MasterSeijin
I didn't see the 12 years old joke as a peadophilia joke at all. I took it as a 12 year olds are having sex with other 12 year olds joke.

Arcapello said...

I agree - this was a nice representation of Superman!

If you didn't know and would like some even deeper context for the shock factor and adult themes you were talking about Ballser's compulsion to kill animals is likely a reference to the childhood habits of world's well documented serial killers including Jeffrey Dahmer.

Also it's worthy of note that the writer included the box of collars from all the animals that Ballser had killed which also has a relationship with a lot of serial killers who keep trophies; these can have sexual implications here as well; to have the desire to keep the collars and to have so many by his age could also actually point to psychopathic neurobiology meaning he's basically wired to kill and possibly rape.

My point is, did Mark Millr just foreshadow a serial killer in a Superman PSA for kids? Why!?

Great review, Lewis - thank you.

KKDW said...

Guess I'm gonna have to rethink my opinion of Mark Millar.

I'll admit all I've read of Millar's work is Kick-Ass and Kick-Ass 2 and while there are bits of those I like I went of the series for pretty much the same reasons you bring up (the main catalyst was issue 5 of Kick-Ass 2 where the villains murder a bunch of kids for the lols and then the main villain rapes the main characters kinda-but-not-really ex-girlfriend, though thankfully off panel. And the main villain changing his name to The Motherf***er certainly didn't help!) and I'd effectively blacklisted Millar from future reading, with the possible exception of Superman Red Son.

And yet, the guy who named a villain the Motherf***er is someone who really gets Superman. While going through this review I was thinking, this is actually a pretty decent story (though I think there are minor traces of Millar's overdoing of the 'dark mature stuff' with just how far Ballser is going with his actions).

Anonymous said...

Hm yeah it does seem like a good psa, the message isn't heavy handed, and it fits the character.

Hm yeah it these kinds of story that shows Superman at his best, inspiring humanity to be better. Heck I like the scene of him reading mail of people asking him for help, it shows physically the weight he feels he has to bear.

Anonymous said...

Just hope this comic is better than something like "Your Mommy Kills Animals" (is it a good thing I haven't read the latter yet?)

Anonymous said...

Actually never mind the "Your Mommy Kills Animals" comment. I read it and it turns out it's just a pamphlet and not an actual comic. Though this review says it best:

"This is a comic for children" :D

Unknown said...

I think you missed a golden opertunity to make serious fun of Balzer with the "not like it is illegal" line.

If we grant that destroying animals isn't any worse than destroying inanimate objects he still commited:

Destruction of Property
Reckless Endangerment (for firing the rifle in the general direction of people)
Illegal use of a firearm (probably at least 2 or 3 things in this category I don't know laws about this very well and am sure it varies between states)
And if you want to be really harsh
Attempted Murder (also because you can't tell where he was trying to aim since he could be a really bad shot or the sights were misaligned).

Anonymous said...

An ARG comment that doesn't add any bullcrap based purely on speculation (BTW I did some of the comments during the Ghost in the Machine arc)!?

But on the review itself, it's always great to see a new PSA Hell and I the plot is building up decently so far (weaponed Cybermats are probably not gonna be good).

Also that bumber you did with Doug (even though I saw some of the BTS in the Disney Afternoon BTS) XD

Anonymous said...

"I'm not sure this comic is effective as a PSA. Its moral is: don't hurt animals for fun.

That's a pretty obvious moral that most kids don't really need to learn. It doesn't teach kids to actively help animals or to how take care of them, or how to minimize environmental damage that could hurt them, it just tells kids to not be assholes.

Some PSAs telling kids not to be assholes are justified because they are rampant problems in society, like drugs and sexism. Is there really an epidemic of kids throwing cats off bridges and shooting dogs that they need to be told it's wrong?"

I don't think the comic is supposed to teach kids "don't hurt animals for fun"; it's pretty clear that the main character knows from the start that what Ballser was doing was wrong. I think it's more of a PSA for standing up to out-of-control assholes and taking initiative in stopping a bad siutation; a big part of the story is that the animals can't really defend themselves or retaliate against Ballser, so someone else has to take the steps to stop him. Animal cruelty may be the focus of this PSA, but I think the moral is more about how to stop such acts, not just saying that they're bad. (Though sadly, kids that torture animals for fun do come about more than we'd like.)

RICHB said...

I think this was the first PSA you reviewed that I liked. I could even see buying. Why did you decide to review it? By the way you may not know but there was a time in comics when the established that the post office hoards all mail to Superman, and on Christmas Eve he goes through the mail and answers some of them.

Unknown said...

I thought you did bad comics not good ones, you need to stop spotlighting stuff and just review bad comics, you know like you did in the old days.

47ness said...

"Inhale paint fumes and protect alley cats"? Everyone knows you need to score some CHINA CAT for that. ;)

Anon: "It probably doesn’t help that he’s a lot more sexist in the way he talks about female characters."

This is becoming a pet peeve of mine with some reviewers in general: when they conflate piss-poor writing (usually by a man) with the female character who said those lines, often resulting in casual misogyny like "that doesn't make any sense you dumb b*tch!" (SFDebris, looking at you, man)

All for the sake of the lulz, right? :|

Rzerox21xx said...

I think the orange cat that almost got killed and was in the shelter and was adopted by the main kid in the end. I think that might suppose to be Streaky the supercat. everyone here should know Streaky.

FugueforFrog said...

Seriously, we need a pic of Superman eating an atomic bomb.

Good PSA this time and really it does paint the jerky kid as a jerk and the nice kid as merely inspired by Superman without having him fully intervene. And always nice to see more PSA Hell.

And...keep an eye on the Cybermats. Just in case.

13th Doctor said...

Holy shit, that 12-year-old joke. WOW. I got to be honest; those kinds of jokes make me uncomfortable and I tend to go thermonuclear regarding anybody who finds it funny. Maybe it's because I work with kids at a school or maybe I am just a PC dick. I am not saying you are wrong for making it but it just doesn't seem to jive with your idealist, feminist worldview.

Maybe I would be less reactionary if you clarified who the kid's "lover" was.

Anonymous said...

Wow, this comic brings back some bad memories.

First, I had a cat that was shot in the leg, requiring the leg to be amputated.

Second, I actually knew someone like "Ballser" when I was in middle school. He sat next to me in one class and would tell stories about how he would torture cats. (Looking back I wish I would have done something about it.)

A few years after college I saw a news report on TV about him committing a double murder suicide.


I was almost hoping this comic would end Man of Steel style.

diemwing said...

One of the few Superman comics I've read actually does explain how he gets those letters. The Postal Service holds them for him, and he goes to a post office to pick them up.

Joshua Ford said...

*sigh* I know Millar is capable of writing some really good stuff...but I will NEVER forget the atrocity that was Civil War. That mini-series and its tie-ins make up what I can undoubtedly say is my most HATED comic story arc of all time, and I really hope that you end up ripping it to pieces in a humorous fashion soon.

Regarding your storyline segments...I happily stay after the credits and enjoy them, but if I may be so bold, the presence of magic just kinda weirds me out a bit. Your storylines always tended to be based in science fiction minus the "magic gun", so when your fictional persona was revealed to possess raised one of my eyebrows, kinda in the same way magic weirds me out when it shows up in Batman comics, or the more sci-fi oriented comics and/or TV shows. Regardless, it's obvious you're having a ton of fun making/acting in them, and they're still fun to watch so keep at it! :)

Anonymous said...

The Comic: Ah, nice to see a good comic on here even if it's been happening a bit more often than expected.

Your Arc: Oh boy...

Side note, I'm with Linksano. It looks like a sonic screwdriver, it does basically the same job as a screwdriver. I won't be referring to it as anything else. (As I type this I have 8, with parts for 2 more, sitting next to me.)

Fiery Little One

Shanethefilmmaker said...

Seeing those dog collars gave me Criminal Minds flash backs. For those that don't know what I am talking about, there was an episode where an evil quadriplegic doctor and his not so bright brother decided to abduct various transients as part of his mad experiment. All that was left of them were pairs upon pairs of shoes they kept in the box as trophies. Makes me wonder but also not wanna know what the hell is wrong with Ballser? I seen some screwed up things in comics but as a dog and cat enthusiast myself this was the one that disturbed me because it could happen in real life.

As for the story bit. Linksano sounds a lot like Desmond Llewelyn's Q during that briefing. I would disagree with you in terms of the sonic screwdriver and wand similarities, but I saw that thing turn Lauren Cooper into a Rose Tyler action figure, so I'm willing to believe anything.

Great review as always. Though if there was one thing to nitpick about this comic is that Supes never expressed anything in regards to the animal cruelty. Not that it matters, but he did own a lot of normal and super pets in the past. That kinda shoulda made him take it personally.

Nathan said...

So PSA Hell and s "Millar" Time? It's the AT4W Daily Double!

PopCultureOtaku said...

Actually in 90s there was a couple of christmas issues were Superman read letters and helped people out. Even I think when he was dead supergirl and other heroes filled in the year he was gone.
Oh Mark Millar I forget wrote good stuff. That is what Civil War will do for you. God that book was awful. I mean at least when Bendis and Johns are reeled in they can still do good stuff on minor stuff. I haven't seen much interesting from millar lately. Problem is no one from Marvel or DC seem to want to reel them in but reel in all the wrong creators.
Oh god doug and linkara with commercial break moments. LOL.
While watching the review I remembered that I found a copy of this issue a few months ago. I got to agree that this was a good comic and how much Superman has influence on people in dcu. To bad these days we get the garbage of new 52.
Also on mark millar not going totally insane? I think he went insane the moment he wrote the part in civil war were he killed new warriors.

Brandon said...


well, now I have an urge to escalate it

Unknown said...

I was really not expecting that from the comic. This was a damn good story. That kid has serious issues but hey, at least he's getting help.

This was certainly a better message than the ones in Superman 701 (one of the few eps I don't rewatch).

Though I was mildly distracted by not being familiar with Lois looking like that.

Yeah, I had wanted to try and get into Kickass then heard what happened in the 2nd movie and how it was far, far more disgusting in the comics and so gladly skipped it.

But yeah I was totally thinking it would be Superman lecturing on how to take car of your pets.


springfieldzombie said...

Just out of curiousity, anyone figure out his mysterious message form ravage 2099?

Unknown said...

This actually turned out to be a rather good comic. Maybe it should be put into PSA Purgatory instead of Hell.

I do agree with that one kid's rebuttals towards Ballser's comments about animals not having souls and thus being okay to torture. Regardless of how many super cool abilities that they have, humans are animals too. His logic applied to himself and others around him. But when all things are considered, Ballser was definitely a pleasure killer in the making. He targeted weakness (which is physical here) and got a rush in seeing something else in pain. Even if you excuse the sadistic killing of animals (and I would have to wonder why if you do), Ballser would have eventually escalated to "bigger" weaker targets that don't relate to him (women, children, the disabled, etc).

Okay, I'm positive that I am making no sense so let me talk about something else. This was a great review and I loved the adbreak in which Linkara and the Nostalgia Critic were making fun of each other (although, I don't think that the coat fits Mr. Walker). I also couldn't help but smile at Dr. Linksano's appearance.

Although, I do have one question that has been bugging me for some time: what is Dr. Linksano's first name (assuming that Linksano is his real last name and not an alias)?

I'm not asking you to answer that, it was just something that came to my mind.

Lewis Lovhaug said...

"Although, I do have one question that has been bugging me for some time: what is Dr. Linksano's first name (assuming that Linksano is his real last name and not an alias)?"

His real name is Oscar Schlumper. ^_^

MasterSeijin said...


Wreckless Media Radio should kill themselves and you should be in prison.

Anonymous said...

Millar time eh?
You've been reluctant to review Civil War in the past, for reasons I forget. How about instead of a normal review you do a top 15 things that are wrong with Civil War like you did with Identity Crisis? That way you can just discuss the event's prolems as well as its tie-ins in a concise format.

Felix Brunschede said...

"How about instead of a normal review you do a top 15 things that are wrong with Civil War like you did with Identity Crisis?"

I'd rather see a full review by him. Regardless of the political charge behind that book, it needs a full review to just realize how flawed it really is. And there's plenty of joke material in the fact that the bill never has been clarified.

Anonymous said...

"Wreckless Media Radio should kill themselves and you should be in prison."

Freedom of speech
the only reason YOU aren't dead or in prison yet

Lewis Lovhaug said...

Okay, kids, let's calm the hell down and go back to talking about the review.

Cletus said...

seeing how people in the comment section are burying phrases

can we also bury the phrase "rape culture" ?

Lewis Lovhaug said...

"seeing how people in the comment section are burying phrases

can we also bury the phrase "rape culture" ?"

Only if it means actually burying rape culture itself.

CJ said...


no, you should be in prison

a bunch of filthy jokes isn't reason enough to threaten someone with death

Lewis Lovhaug said...

"no, you should be in prison

a bunch of filthy jokes isn't reason enough to threaten someone with death"

Aaand what did I just say about being civil?

Discussion is ended. I'm not letting through any more posts with this argument. You want to continue it? Do it somewhere else.

Anonymous said...

"Only if it means actually burying rape culture itself."

wouldn't it have to exist first?

Lewis Lovhaug said...

"wouldn't it have to exist first?"

Hey, guess what else I'm not really in the mood for letting through today on this post?

People who want to start fights on MY blog, the one that's quite openly feminist.

Consider those blocked from posting, too.

Not in the mood today for this crap. At all.

Anonymous said...

Back to the review then...
Shouldn't Superman be able to read all those letters quickly thanks to his superspeed? At least, the silver age Superman could. I don't know if modern Superman's brain can go as fast as his body.

Anonymous said...

Mark Millar truly is one of those writers that you either love or hate. Ultimates 1&2, Marvel Knights Spider-Man, Old Man Logan(one of my all-time favorite comics), Fantastic Four: World's Greatest, Kick-Ass (I personally feel that the good outweighs the bad and if you would remove the unnecessary rape-scene, the sequel would be enjoyable guilty pleasure) and Suprerior are all great comics. Even Civil War had some genuinely good moments and most of the bad stuff were editorial mandate.

But then you have stuff like Nemesis (story that could have been great Deadpool - type joyride, if you didn't made the main character needlessly unlikeable and have him do some truly unforgivable things) and Wanted. Then again, unlike Frank Miller, he seems to at least be aware that he's writing some truly grazy sh*t and mostly keeps it on his own creations.

Unknown said...

I actually liked Nemesis. Sure, it was horrible how Batman-Joker got away with forcing a very depressed gay teen and his sister to rape each other, but it was overall a very optimistic comic, with the main protagonist being legitimately sympathetic and his family finding happiness in the end.

Millar is a psycho, but he is a psycho that revels in the good life has to offer, unlike Frank Miller or Alan Moore that revel in nihilistic stupidity.

GoldenKing said...

People writing letters to Superman? This is one more step in Superman's conspiracy to take over Santa's business! Honestly Lewis, you need to compile a top 15 list of the most conclusive signs that show that Superman has replaced Santa Claus. That would be great.

floationmedia said...

At the mention of Will a thought occurs to me. Since ATFW takes place in the same universe as the Channel Awesome movies and the Plot Hole changed how that universe works, there is potential for a plot point later featuring the characters from your show that are from another dimension having some sort of advantage or disadvantage due to not being affected by the Plot Hole event.

Allan Olley said...

Fun review. There is an outside chance that Ballser's bringing up stuff like farmers killing animals for food is to call into question these larger assumptions about how we treat animals. I don't think it is likely because all of Ballser's rantings seem more like paper thin rationalizations that he is throwing out to giving for his actions.

Superman getting letters reminds me of Shazam Power of Hope, where Billy Batson reads letters sent to Captain Marvel care of the radio station Batson works for (which reminds me of Spiderman getting letters in that episode of the 90s animated series). And this reminds me of the resolution of the original Miracle on 34th street (10 000 letters all addressed to Santa Claus!) and a Simpsons episode that made a joke about it. Presumably the postal services of the Marvel and DC universe must have a field day with all the mail sent to various super heroes.

MasterSeijin said...

"Not in the mood today for this crap. At all."

....S-Sorry, Lewis...

Tracey said...

I know this is unrelated, but did you get the Free Comic Book Day issue of the Power Rangers Comic?

Got my hands on it recently, and it's actually pretty good, yet silly enough to be featured on you'r show

Breno Ranyere said...

i don't know why, but this review put me in a really good mood!

damkylan said...

"But can you help me move a couch?" made me laugh far more than it probably should have. Also loved the return of "But, Superman, it happened *over there*!" :P Very good review.

For some reason, the "eyes" of the smaller cybermats creep me out more than the big one, probably because it seems like they're more in the background so it looks more like they're lurking. The King of Worms continuously making his presence known is very well done too. I really like how he had quite a bit of buildup in storylines past like the Entity did so his true arrival is that much more frightening.

Lewis Lovhaug said...

"....S-Sorry, Lewis..."

No need to apologize. ^_^ Bad moods and whatnot.

Unknown said...

As someone who actually likes edgy comic book fair like Transmet and Preacher, Mark Millar's Wanted left me feeling violated. Because atleast in Trans and Preach the characters had redeeming qualities. Just sheesh.

MasterSeijin said...

"Frank Miller or Alan Moore that revel in nihilistic stupidity."

How exactly is Alan Moore nihilistic? I thought he was an anarchist? Are you sure you're using hat word right?

Teal City Inc said...

"...At it wasn't because of a deal with Satan."

Maybe there wasn't one with Lois and Clark's marriage, but I'm willing to be there was a deal with the devil involved with the creation of the New 52.

Night4345 said...

After Superman died the Justice League found all the letters people send Superman asking for help. They went and did all the things that Superman would have done in his honor

Lewis Lovhaug said...


What part of "don't post your fanfics on my blog" sounded to you like "continue to post your fanfics on my blog?"

GokuMartin said...

...fanfics, huh?

You still cling on that notion?

You are smaller than you think, LINKARA. You are not "the master of your story". You are part of a universe. You are part of a multiverse.

There is more to your universe that you know, more than meets your limited eye. There are other cities besides yours. There are other wizard besides yours.

There are other magical beings in your world other than you.

You are the Champion. It's your duty to protrect this Earth. That means all of it, not just the streets you call home. And you can't protect those who you deny.

Margaret knows that. She knows the slippery slope you are falling into. That's why she took your powers away. To teach you a lesson you seemingly haven't learned.

The Bearded Wizard also knew about this. He warned you. Be humble. Be noble. Don't shun the ones who rely on you for protection. You fancy yourself god of your world. You are ignoring his warnings.

Mark my words: if you continue this path, you will lose your powers again. And when Lord Vyce or the King of Worms attack you, Linkara...those you have shunned will shun you in return.

I'm not talking to Lewis Lovahug I'm talking to Linkara. "Linkara the character". Linkara the Champion. The protector of all magical beings, of all youkai. And I want HIM to talk back to me, to face the consequences of his actions.

Lewis Lovhaug said...

"...fanfics, huh?

You still cling on that notion?"


Anonymous said...

Reading between the lines of GokuMartin's post, I think he's trying to argue that his version of the At4w-verse (or whatever he calls it) is every bit as valid as yours, Lewis. Of course, there's also the possibility he's just lost his ability to tell the difference between reality and fantasy.

GokuMartin said...

Yes, that's what I'm trying to argue.

I know the difference between reality and fantasy, which is why I was talking to "Linkara the character" and not to Lewis Lovhaug.

Ming said...

This comic is actually one of Mark Millar's better stories. It depicts Superman's positive influence on kids very well, especially considering it's a PSA comic.

Ballser is seriously one messed up kid. In fact, the only people I can think of who are far far worse are the a-holes who made Vase de Noces.

You should do some more episodes on Millar's comics (like Nemesis or maybe a "things that are wrong" episodes on Marvel's Civil War).

New communicator from Dr. Linksano, possibility of technomagic, and new Cybermats. I just hope they'll be enough against the King of Worms and his growing clockwork army.

Gojiramon said...

Honestly impressed that someone could write a good PSA, and have it be a good story for the character it borrowing too. A much better "MillAr Time" than usually (in the non-ironic way anyways).

Hot-D said...

Wait, Millar is behind Red Son? The horrible fanfiction with Luthor as a Mary Sue who could have been terrific if he adressed communism instead to make it a battle of overgrown babies trying to take over the world?

And of course, I also remembered right now he's the douchebag behind Ultimates and the whole "hurr Frenchmen surrenders lol".

Well, too bad there won't be any more Millar Time, since I also happen to dislike Kickass, where the random bored useless teen who became an inspiration instead of being labeled "Delusional idiot with death tendancies" and the 11 years old girl are tackling a whole mafia gang with needless violence and inspiration from a dad who sold comic books to fund his sociopathic daughter...