Monday, April 11, 2011

Lady Gaga #1

Let's play a love game instead of reading this. ...Please?

As a bonus, Liz disagreed with me on this comic and had an alternate take on it. Since I like to encourage you all to think for yourselves and not just take my word as gospel, check out her vlog and see what you think!


Cubey said...

This is the most accurate biography of Chris-chan I have seen in comic form! Wait, Lady Gaga? No idea who you're talking about.

So THAT is why Linkara kept the spaceship around. Terrorising your friends was never so much fun!

deuxhero said...

Oh... wow...

As always, you do a LOT better with REALLY bad an inane stuff.

It bugs me though how your reaction to the "artistic soul" comment focuses on "artistic" with no mention of this man having a "soul".

Mountain King said...

My god, New Kids, Kiss and Backstreet were just the warm up act. This is the real deal. You have officially damaged my soul with the concept alone!

I spent a lot of this review cringing at the "fan" we are supposed to relate to. I actually think I need a shower after the ten minute mark. By eleven I'm thinking of washing my eyes out with bleach. Make the visions stop. You use the word 'creepy' about ten times after that. I would include 'disturbing', 'neurotic', 'vile', 'wrong on every level known to God and man' and finally 'crimes against nature'.

Make the nightmares stop.

Alight on to the inevitable evaluation of Gaga. She's a shock artist, relying on her shock visuals and so called risque lyrics. Trust me there are better singers, artists and performers. She might be good when she dials back the image, but that's so rare now I doubt she'll ever become a "serious" artist. Opposed to the warped pop culture icon she tries to represent.

You might call me a musical snob too. I'd probably agree, but I do like to give new acts a chance. Gaga just feels like all flash, no substance. I might suggest raiding Liz's collection, if she has a copy of a Catch the Rainbow live, by Ritchie Blackmore (Rainbow)… Failing that Maiden's 22 Acacia Avenue will do. When you figure out what they are about you'll see just how bland Gaga's lyrics are.

A good review, if providing nightmare fuel for the next couple of weeks.


Gaeth said...

...dear lord, that was just terrifying.

It does, however, have just enough wtf-factor that I can totally believe that Gaga said okay to this.

Trevor Frost said...

Yeah that was interesting, to be fair though the second dream that he was having, the one where he was murdering Lady Gaga. I believe it was a recreation of a scene in a Lady Gaga video. Paparazzi I think

I personally like Lady Gaga, but I can't imagine why I would want to pick up this book and thanks to you I never have to.

Gray Morality said...

That was one of the funniest reviews I've seen. The reaction to the weird head swap was great. Also, the "I have a spaceship!" response is exactly what I would have done if I had one.

I'm looking forward to next week's review

Information Geek said...

Wait a minute, you like Nickelback?


Me too! Music buddies! :D

But seriously, a few nice review as always and dear God was that weird and creepy. By the way, was the review you read on the comic from ComicAlliance? If so, did you catch that the writer of the comic actually made a comment on it?

Lewis Lovhaug said...

"I might suggest raiding Liz's collection, if she has a copy of a Catch the Rainbow live, by Ritchie Blackmore (Rainbow)… Failing that Maiden's 22 Acacia Avenue will do. When you figure out what they are about you'll see just how bland Gaga's lyrics are."

Unfortunately for you, Liz ALSO likes Lady Gaga. XD

mouse said...

I only recently became aware of bluewater comics when i walked into orbital comics in central london and saw a copy of the kate and william wedding comic sitting on the shelf. The idea of biography comics for celebrities seems like a go nowhere idea but if the company can make money it proves there are fans you can sell ANYTHING too.
Though i have to say the idea of lady gaga gaining superpowers is growing on me, if done right it could reach the point where its so cheesy and insane it becomes entertaining.

and behalf of all GLBTQ people of the world: thanks for apologising lol

Trevor said...

Just disturbing, this "protagonist". What exactly was going through the writer's head when he came up with this so-called story? He must have thought that by making (whatever his name was) into a complete weirdo, that's what a Lady Gaga fan is the generalization of. This character is so insane, so out of his gourd that I cannot believe anyone could relate to him. I agree with you, Linkara, if it had turned out to be a LBGT character coming out, that would have been fine, but this guy is so crazy/snobbish/serial killer in training, I'm surprised he didn't turn into a pedophile by the issue's finale.

This may be the worst comic for ATOP THE FOURTH WALL 2011. If
THE ENTITY doesn't destroy our reality, reliving this comic in a later issue may do so.

Jannet_Jazz said...

"I apologize to the GLBT community for this comic."

Sweetie, speaking as a member of said community, you have nothing to apologize for.

This comic? That publishing company? Indeed,the entire bloated, pandering, hyper merchandising, auto tuning, inane music spewing colossus that is the Lady Gaga product? They are the ones who have to answer for this crap.

PS: I like Nickleback too.

Redfield4ever said...

Holy shit! I actually HAVE this comic!

Anonymous said...

When will your starship name be revealed?

Tom Web said...

I think you summed it up best when you said "AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA". Also, I'm glad I wasn't the only one who thought of Ed Gein when I saw him dressed up as Lady Gaga.

Andrew said...

Why do I get the feeling that the camera's autofocus at the end of the more recent episodes have something to do with the plot?

sazabi887 said...

As a huge fan of both Bowie and Queen, this guy give us a bad name. We are not complete snobs on the verge of turning into serial killers, and I resent the implications from this so-called "protagonist". Okay. Rant over. Great review as always.

BIGMercenary said...

THANK YOU for the PSA about/against Granito. I've been following the story for weeks and every time the stupid guy opens his mouth (read: posts something badly written posing as someone else) he digs a deeper hole for himself. If any reviewer can bring some attention to his pathetic exploits I'm glad its you.

Anonymous said...

I know someone's gonna reference this at some point, so I might as well do so sooner rather than later:

*Can't beat my*
*Can't beat my*
*No they can't beat my Brooklyn Rage!*
*(I don't wanna read this comic)*

Ozaline said...

The sad thing is Bluewater is a gay owned company too, though from comments he's posed on Gay League the publisher is kind of an ass, who can't take criticism well.

And yeah as a GLBT individual I found this comic to be very painful, but I would have found it painful regardless.

Count me among the Gaga and Nickleback fans who also love Queen et all.

Anonymous said...

That man should be shot for drawing LADY GAGA like that

Des Shinta said...

It's always good to be surprised. Though what to be surprised by may not be. Not a fan of the Gaga, but I can't deny that her stuff is written in a catchy manner.
It's funny how you can find so many ways to overreact to something. That was up there with the Schwarzenegger head on the Baby from Junior.

Random Cameo is random.

Author-Man said...

I've never understood the hate people heap on Nickelback. I mean, they certainly aren't good. But they sure as hell aren't bad, either. They're middle of the road generic rock music. There is nothing in their music to hate unless you hate rock music already. Yeah, they're bland, but bland != bad.

On an unrelated note, oh my good lord what is this I don't even.

Little Teapot said...

What, no "Hello and welcome"? I spent the whole video waiting for the review to begin because you didn't say it. >_>

Seriously though, I expected a certain level of weirdness from the woman who wore a bra made from assault rifles, but this . . . this was just creepy.

Good review :) And the title card made me giggle even harder than last week's.

jpbsimpson said...

Dear God, this comic is simply atrocious, i literally think Buffalo Bill is sanier than this guy.

Two more things: u should consider using this clip in future reviews:

and also, i need to know, do you listen to the Dropkick Murphys?

Moral Wiz said...

Wow. That's... impressively bad. The main character in perticular. I haven't seen a worse 'sympathetic character' since a certain Mr. Davis left Dr. Who.

I never knew, is Gaga british? To a Brit, Gaga is an alternate term for insane. Not saying anything against the lady herself, but that'd explain a lot about this comic. :p

Also, I'm wondering who wrote this. It's... just so oddly structured, from an author's PoV. At a guess, it's as though Lady Gaga either wrote this herself as something specific she wanted to say with her comic, or gave an outline to an existing writer. A lot of the more random stuff seems like some kind of personal message about music, and an 'ideal, creative, passionate fan' (which makes me think about Paparazzi... though that might just be me)

Also, personal confessions on less popular music! :) Linkin Park, Fall Out Boy, Pillar, Skillet.... :) I've got a few of my own.

Jarkes said...

Four things:
One, who's Ed Gien?
Two, what's GLBT?
Three, who's Granito?
Four... was that Spoony at the end? I've never watched any of his videos...

Anonymous said...

This.... wow....

Great review and I laughed at your reactions but.... at the same time I am creeped out by the comic D8

Holy crap.

DavidB1000 said...

You said it best. "What is this, I don't even."

Personally, instead of screaming, I would have posted one of those "WTF boom!" clips all over the Internet.

But I don't blame you for screaming either.

Okay, I totally would rather read more about child-touching Crazy Steve than this.

Heck, I'd rather read an autobiography by Ed Gein!

Awesome that you referenced him.
The amount of people that know about him are getting fewer and fewer.

Also, that whole comic gave me vibes of Rebecca Shaffer, who was killed by an insane fan.

Her death gave us the Anti-Stalking laws.

Travis said...

Shirt the guys wearing at the front looks like a nerd fighter shirt, specifically the pizza stache shirt.

Jeffery said...

That comic was just...bizarre. I mean REALLY bizarre. Who in their right mind would write a guy like that as the main protagonist???

Oh, and for anyone that may make fun of Linkara for admitting this, there is nothing wrong with liking Lady Gaga. At all.

Btw, you totally shoulda ended it with Brooklyn Rage. lol

Anonymous said...

It's like someone tried to rip off Warren Ellis' Super Idol comic by mixing it up with some of the plot from Priscilla: Queen of the Desert and then randomly went through the script and replaced ever adjective and adverb with "lady gaga".

seriously look back at that dream sequence, which probably started off like this:

"He's having a sexy dream where he makes out with a hot woman, suddenly she falls off a balcony and then he finds he can't stop her because his body has become frozen in place and he can't move so he begins to fall too. Then he wakes up."

But which became, after being put through the Gaga-isation process, this:

"he's having a Lady Gaga dream where he makes out with a Lady Gaga woman, suddenly she falls off a balcony and then he finds he can't stop her because his body has become Lady Gaga in place and he can't move so he begins to fall too. Then he wakes up."

It's the only logical explanation.

SchweitzerMan said...

Thanks, after seeing that page with the guy's head on Lady Gaga's body I'm going to have nightmares for the rest of the month. Get ready to pay my therapy bills.

I kept expecting him to say, "It rubs the lotion on it's skin or else it gets the hose again" to his wife

Shadow Walker said...

Holy freaking.....What the....WHAT DO I SAY TO THIS?! I mean, I've seen some odd fans man odd as hell. Hell my friends are Lady Gaga fans and their not as nearly insane as this.

I have to agree that if the dream sequences and his outburst in McDoonald's actually built to him being a cross dressing Bi Sexual or hell even an in the closet gay man with the need to cross dress the story would've been better, still offensive to anyone who lives that is GLBTQ

Your reaction to the dream sequence was perfect, I don't care if it was a recreation of one of her music videos, the head on her body; dear god....i won't sleep for weeks

Lewis Lovhaug said...

"One, who's Ed Gien?
Two, what's GLBT?
Three, who's Granito?
Four... was that Spoony at the end? I've never watched any of his videos..."

1. Serial killer. Look him up.
2. Gay/Lesbian/Bisexual/Transgender/Queer
3. Rob Granito is an asshole who for several years now has been tracing people's artwork and then selling it as his own at conventions.
4. Yes, that was Spoony.

UnsealedCross said...

Oh good god and I thought last weeks was bad (and it was), but this is a new level on the creepy meeter. What made them think this was a good idea to have creepy stalker like fan as the star of the comic and to have him have fantasies about killing her and swapping his head with her's and having delusions about singing with Lady Gaga. Over all good review, but please don't review another one like this. This was just weird, sick, and a whole new level of creepy all rolled up into one issue and the artwork was average to just plain bad.

David 2 said...

The ending is probably the best...


Dj.D said...

Comics like this give me faith that my own work will be successful.

These kinds of comics make me want to know what kinds of comics the writers and artists read. I feel like only comic writers and artists who have read highly praised comics and understand them should be the only ones allowed to work in the comic business.

Anonymous said...

I think this comic is supposed to be a metaphor for how the persona of Lady Gaga is supposed to be a figure that inspires a broad range of people to break out of their stereotypes and be unique.

Which then boggles my mind how that fan embraces his uniqueness by pretending to be exactly like Lady Gaga. Good LORD this comic was twelve different kinds of messed up.

As a musician myself, I really admire her talent, she's a tremendously gifted songwriter and winger, but I HATE the persona she has to craft in order to get her work noticed by the public. I wish she could focus more on the music itself rather than rely on the shock value that comes with her ridiculous lyrics and crazy music videos. Of course, knowing the state of the music industry presently, she probably never would've gotten noticed in the first place if that's what she did.

Thinking about it now, I think that fact is what pisses me off the most. You see this monstrosity of glitter and latex and blatant sex appeal? YOU CREATED HER! ALL OF YOU!

..Oh God I feel like Mechakara now. D8

teh crazydude said...

wow, i haven't seen you get so angered at a comic at the top of the show since bimbos in time...

The Guy in the Red Hat said...

Probably the SCARIEST character in comic book HISTORY! SERIOUSLY!

I've been less terrified of "Dark Rulers of the Universe" than THIS GUY.

Also loved the Spoony bit at the end... One mistake he won't make again.

SIDE NOTE: Funny thing I found out today, when you google "Fooled You" in Google Images, Mechakara is on the first page. It reminded me of the new episode today.

Anonymous said...

*throws high five* YES, good to finally see another Nickelback fan on TGWTG.

Anyway, aside from that, great review, creepy comic, and excellent use of spaceship.

Anonymous said...

Poster: "Blah blah blah is why All-Star Batman and Robin is better then the Titans!"

Linkara: "I have a space ship!!!" BOOM!!! "I win!" :)

How most problems should now be solved on AtFW!


Anonymous said...

So....he envisions Gwen Stacy on a woman and he fantasizes of throwing women off of high places.

Are we sure this comic isn't a remnant of the clone saga?

little mouse said...

wow it was really great to see liz's view also posted up showing this comic viewed through a diffident lenz.
whilst this comic is very poorly told and drawn, it does ring true that its about a man being inspired by gaga to be true to himself.

cudos liz for talking so freely about LGBTQ and even polyamous issues so freely :)

p.s. this isn't to say I didn't like linkara's take on this, as always i found it thoughly hilarious and entertaining.

Falcovsleon20 said...

"Our hero, ladies and gentlemen. An Elitist snob."

So he's essentially a music industry equivalent of Angry Joe? Sorry, couldn't resist.

You're right though. What the holy hell was that crap? The real question is, will Ultimatum be able to top that in terms of horrible?

Anonymous said...

Hilarious review Lewis. My mom and I where laughing the whole time. Though I do agree with Liz, as far as what was really going on with the main character. Shame the comic wasn't good enough to get that message across (assuming that is what they were trying to do).

Your review was fun to watch and seeing you put the spaceship to use was great. Good to see someone else likes Nickelback.

Ray Kelley said...

Bravo. Way better than I really expected upon seeing the title. I was expecting a typical dumb bio comic. Instead, we find this insanity, ripe for the mocking.

And also, kudos on sticking up for Rick Springfield. Underrated performer.

Caitlin R said...

I watched your review earlier, and didn't notice Liz's rebuttal until a little while ago.
I really liked both videos. Linkara, you were really funny as always. When I first watched the video, the guy in it creeped me out.
After watching Liz's video, I did think about it, and I see why Liz is looking at things the way she does. I mean, her statements that the guy in this comic is closeted make sense.
I don't really know which one I agree with. Both videos were great in their own ways. Liz's made me rethink my original reaction to the comic.
I am a huge Lady Gaga fan, so I am so happy you chose this comic, and the thing is, this comic does fit Laga Gaga well.
Confession: I have always had a slight crush on you Linkara. After that vlog, I'm crushing on IronLiz too. It kind of makes me feel weird about crushing on a couple, but oh well. Totally not my fault. You too are such funny and smart people. I can't help, but crush on you two.

Anonymous said...

I am sorry to say, I can't stand Lady Gaga . . . it's the voice. However, considering the biggest cross section of my music collection is from someone called "Falcom Sound Team JDK" . . .

(Unless you want to add Peter Gabriel and Genesis into the same section.)

It doesn't mean I think she's garbage or a bad singer. It's just not my thing. Neither is KISS, or Metallica, or Black Sabbath, or Buddy Holly. Okay, maybe some of each of those, but you get the idea :)

As for the comic? This really was an odd choice for how to handle something about Lady Gaga . . . by, well, showing someone turn into a super-obsessed fan apparently over very little time at all.

Anonymous said...

Great review as always and I can't wait for the next storyline to really hit its stride.

I also agree with Liz on the "meh" that is Nickleback and every other band created between 2005-2011 that sounds the same. Except Muse, those guys are fierce.

TimeTravelerJessica said...

Hey I like Nickelback too! (Well, most of the time anyway. Can't stand "Something In Your Mouth" and people played "Rockstar" to death at the place I used to work.) What can I say? Chad Kroeger's raspy voice doesn't bother me nearly as much as the whiny voice of a lot of other male singers out there.

Anyways, I lol'd at so many of your confused expressions, and I"m pretty sure I made some pretty funny ones of my own. The panel where his head was on Lady Gaga's body was just ... wrong. Wrong in so many ways. It might have been funny if it was just random or even evoked pathos if he was a transvestite or transsexual, but since it came write after a panel where he throws her off a balcony it came across more like Buffalo Bill from Silence of the Lambs. Brrr ....

The double standard bugged me too. You've gotta love male characters who blatantly lust after other women but expect their wives to only have eyes for them.

"You live in a tiny, tiny universe" should become the new default response to women who gush about the great men in their lives who are actually tools.

Random Internet Critic said...

Oh my non-existent diety, that was very distrubing.
It reminds me of that terrible film, All About Steve, where Sandra Bullock plays this woman with obvious mental problems and stalks Bradley Cooper's character, but everyone treats it like cute and quirky romantic gestures (It came out after Twilight) and everybody chastises Bradley Cooper for not liking her actions.

It's okay to have diverse musical tastes. I do, but sometimes my friends will make fun of the fact that in my musical collection where you will find the works of Beethoven, Mozart, The Beatles, Led Zepplin, Meat Loaf, Iron Maiden, Michael Jackson, Jimi Hendrix, Bob Dylan, Bob Marley, Ozzy Osbourne, etc you'll also find albums by The Sugarhill Gang, KC and the Sunshine Band and Electric Six (Who are all frigging awesome by the way).

And it's fine that you like Nickelback, not a personal favourite though. As long as you don't like Blink 182 or Sum 41 (who I'm pretty sure are the same band), you're still awesome.

FugueforFrog said...

Yeah, nerds on green couches are all jerks...let that weirdo live in his little world with his Lady Gaga and let the real nerds shine on like crazy diamonds.

Admittedly I've stopped paying attention to modern music for the most part for a long while now and just know the hype of those like Bieber or Lady Gaga but preferably I rather just find my own thing instead of being a snob or a jerk. Problem is...I really have no incentive of listening to anything outside oldies, classic rock, a bit of alternative/modern rock and college radio.

And yeah, as a stupid straight guy that is comfortable with who he is (and who utterly fails at getting the girl), I too can admit...that this guy and the idiot from "Batman: Fortunate Son" are good bedfellows. No wonder Batman hates music so much.

Batzarro said...

Look, I am not gonna pretend I have high music standards but to me, Lady Gaga is kind of a slightly above average Pop singstress who does really weird things. I like some of her songs but I never understood this....THING people see in her.

That thing is very much in this comic. But really, I don't see why it's contrasting with 80's rock bands. It's like "Remember all the good rock in the 80's? Well you might enjoy Lady Gaga". That...doesn't seem to make some sense. A more appropriate comparison would be Madonna in the 80s.

I'm still in th emiddle of Iron Liz's vid, so I can't comment on it. I want to, though.

Tara McClees said...

A Lady Gaga comic?!?

*watches reviews* XD I like your reactions as always, and thanks for including Liz's take on it. Definitely food for thought right there.

Anonymous said...

My apologizes if someone pointed this out already, and apologizes if you already realized or this really isn't important...

But I noticed you forgot to credit Spoony in the credits. Not trying to make a big deal out of it, but just pointing it out.

The Fedora'd Samurai said...

Come now, Lewis. you your soul can be saved once you convert to the glorious ways of metal. To quote Stratovarius' titular track from their latest album Elysium. "Just take my hand, I'll guide you through the storm".

TimeTravelerJessica said...

I posted my first comment before I saw Liz' rebuttal.

I still think the main character is a creepy, creepy guy, not because of the cross-dressing but because of the sort of violent stalker tinge to it. The fact that said man's head on her body panel was so disturbing for me wasn't because it was a man's head on a woman's body, it was because it was directly proceeded by him apparently throwing the woman off a balcony. Probably a reference to "Paparazzi" but still.

That said, Liz, you made some really excellent points and actually managed to salvage this thing a bit for me. It's really cool to hear from you too.

Anonymous said...

I'm posting anonymously for reasons of personal privacy at this point. I find myself agreeing with Liz a lot on the idea of a crossdresser who through inspiration of somebody defying society feeling free to come out. I would however ask her to drop the Q out of her GLBTAQ. If she wants something shorter than GLBTA just use Alliance alright? The Q, even though you meant well, is insulting. Unconventional, different, alternative, fine. But queer? That has a lot of baggage.

However, if he is closeted, his dream makes a little less sense as his face is the same. Symbolically sure it works somewhat, but most Ts like myself do put a lot of detail into an idealized form, the shape of the nose, the cheeks, the hair, etc. When Linkara reviewed it I also felt the dream was just trying to be trippy and weird. It wasn't until the schoolgirl scene that I got a crosser or tranny vibe, as he might be full out transsexual.

Also, Liz, the words you were looking for to describe America and McDonalds as 'American' would possibly be mainstream, conventional, cultural norms, cultural standards, familiar, or mundane. Mundane in this case meaning 'something so normal or omnipresent as to be considered standard or unexceptional.' Don't worry about it, I'm really skilled with vocabulary so yeah, a lot of people sound weird to me when they don't have a word to use.

This is _______ reminding you that the GLBTA is always open to people who are straight, we won't hold it against you.

Peter said...

Okay I have two coments

First to Liz:

I'm sorry but I have a huge problem with any "music sucks now argument" you were better than many in that you did acknowledge independent groups but the core argument is just dumb. first, good music is always hard to find, as much as we like to think it a lot of the music that stands the test of time wasn't popular when it first came out and people who were looking for innovative and original music have always had to do a bit of digging. The other thing is that music trends change over time, it isn't anyones fault that the type of music you love the most isn't as well supported, thats just the way it works, I love bands like King Crimson, Pink Floyd, and Genesis, trust me I understand. But, I guarantee that you can find music you like out their and who cares if it's not playing on the radio, with youtube and itunes music radio is practically obsolete. And finally music is incredibly subjective, I dislike most metal, I have a friend who loves metal, but that specifically includes the band stone sour as well as bands like sabbath, maiden, and metalica.

And quickly on to my other point. I think you guys are both a little right. As linkara was reviewing it also got a feeling that he might have been closeted, but he was also completely unlikeable and felt a bit creepy. Now, I'm not saying he was creepy because he was a cross dresser I'm saying the comic depicted a closeted cross-dresser who was also a little bit creepy. I have directly supported GLBT stuff but the panel of his head on lady gaga's body in the context of the previous one where he is show pushing her off a balcony makes it feel like, cross dresser or not, he might develop into a creepy and potentially dangerous stalker. Think about it, he is obsessed with her, he wants to be her, he can't stop thinking about her, and in his dreams he has a personal connection to her, and he is living vicariously through emulation of her. Those seem like the motivations of a stalker, if he actually meets her and she decides to not let him be part of House of Gaga I can see him getting crushed and it leading to some bad results.

John Pannozzi said...

So, Linkara, when you review the Godyssey, will you mention the upcoming Avengelyne series, which looks pretty neat, actually (and BTW, isn't written or drawn by Liefeld)?

Anonymous said...

Just a bit stunned that you didn't end with either "Jesse's Girl" or "Baby's Coming Back."

Anonymous said...

Hearing you talk about music makes my head hurts.
Stick to comics Linkara

Lewis Lovhaug said...

Understandable, Anonymous, but I use the "Q" part because that's how many in the community and movement have described it, primarily because there are people who describe themselves as Genderqueer, but your thoughts on it are appreciated and I'll consider it for the future. ^^

Anonymous said...

I must admit, I was rather saddened by your choice of music to end the video on.
I was expecting one of LittleKuriboh's Lady Gaga parody songs.

Georgia said...

I could tell it was about being closeted gay, not a serial killer, as you did the review, but a comic this terrible doesn't deserve so many excuses. Main character is disturbing, sleazy and a jerk, like a bad parody. Loved the show as always.

RocMegamanX said...

@Lewis Lovhaug

You mentioned Rob Granito in this review. I heard that he was recently BANNED from some conventions.

He got chewed out in public by a couple of guys who ALSO worked in comics(I forget their names).

Consolecleric said...

Thanks for reinforcing the reason as to why I don't listen to music. I don't need to worry about people who kill themselves over plastic surgery. I don't need to worry about people overdosing on drugs. I don't need to justify anything.

I'm like Batman on this subject; people who listen to rock-and-roll are freaks that will bring about the end of the world! Music is a form of anarchy that must be stopped!

Batzarro said...

Back from watching Liz's vid. I have lots to say.

1rst of all, either Liz is over-analyzing or this comic has a poor handling of metaphors. You can't say, "Oh, this guy's love of INCREDIBLY POPULAR MASS MUSIC is a metaphor for gaiety, and sure enough, he ends up gay." That don't even make sense. It can't both be a metaphor AND what really happens.

And the idea of "oh, the guys can't see me hearing this Top 40 music" don't make sense in the real world, especially when he's the one who's wanking off to Ziggy Stardust. No outside forces offer him pressure to be like that. It's all HIS standards. If it really is a metaphor for homosexuality, I think that means he really IS choosing to be like that.

And yes, Lady Gaga is indeed the one who is speaking in the head swap panel. How would it make sense of him to assert his bisexuality by claiming to like women? What bothers me about it is that this is all just like Lady Gaga(though the creator left a comment on Comics alliance saying HE didn't want a standard biography. So I guess this is all his fault): throw weirdness in there until people pay attention and start making their own theories on what men in high heels doing exorcises mean. I call this the "Marilyn Manson method of attention whoring".

In summation I think Lewis tried very hard to sidestep any offense to gay people with his "deranged killer" angle and I think it's worth something. If the metaphor is mixed wrongly(because it was supposed to be a simple cash grab. No wrong no right) I feel it's the book's wrongdoing. Aaaand I went too long , didn't I?

kajowwojak said...


seriously. I could hardly stop laughing at this entire thing, and the best part was the Technical difficulties part.

But a question... Did you just put Spoony in a space ship and blast him off into space?

You just gave the host of Dr. Insano a large, High tech, extremely Scientific vessel.

Don't you think that there's gonna be some Scientific retaliation?

André (Death Scythe) said...

WOW, I lol'd hard. Good work Linkara.

That review just remind me a rage Nostalgia Critic did about the Bat Credicard.

And I want question about something off topic. Did you ever red that comic that came after the reality show "Who Wants To Be a Super Hero" who had Stan Lee as host? I always wanted to see that, beyond that, probably 99% of that comic is an epic shit. But living in Brazil makes it is very difficult to get one.

PS: Sorry my really bad english, I'm trying to improve it.

And one more time, good work, I'm a huge fan.

ZombieZach said...

Well that was a nice dose of What The Friggidy Frak?

As for music tastes,Corey Taylor said it best..."Dig what You dig,Don't let any fools madness ever get to you."

Courtney said...

Wow what a comic, and props to Linkara for standing up for what he likes. I too like Nickelback but am not to sure about the other artists. I follow songs more than artists. I only really learn the artists name if there are multiple songs I like by them. Also I like Trapt and Stand Up by them is my favorite song.

Lewis Lovhaug said...

"And I want question about something off topic. Did you ever red that comic that came after the reality show "Who Wants To Be a Super Hero" who had Stan Lee as host? I always wanted to see that, beyond that, probably 99% of that comic is an epic shit. But living in Brazil makes it is very difficult to get one."

Check my Top 15 Comics I'll Never Review. ^^

Anonymous said...

I wouldn't really call myself a fan of hers, I only really like 4 songs she's done, some mentioned by Lewis in his review. The people who made this comic definitely should have hired a different artist to do this one. Also, they should have stuck with one colourist, since it looked like they used at least 2, for some consistency.

Both reviews were informative in their own way. I can see points made by both of you, the main character is most likely a closeted individual. The problem is in how he goes about it, both being in the closet and coming out of it.

In the closet: He's over compensating by proclaiming to only like certain older, and therefore 'automatically,' good bands and performers. Denying that the Gaga CD he bought was for himself instead of his 'niece,' as would be common for someone in denial about themselves, like he seems to be. He dresses as what one might be inclined to call a 'slob' when not on the job, as might be expected of a 'normal' person. Dresses as would be expected of a 'normal' person when on the job: suit, tie. His job is a typical 9-5 type job, again, expected of a 'normal' person. He also has a wife, also, expected of a 'normal' person. No indication of kids, but that could change if this got any further than the first issue.

Coming out: He seems to be a cross dresser, as a minimum. Not an issue, just stating what it appears he's going for. Singing songs by the person he seems to be identifying with, okay people do stuff like that all the time. Singing LOUDER when told to stop... You could argue that he either just doesn't like his co-workers or maybe his job in general. If it had been me, I would have resorted to humming if asked to stop. It's usually quieter and I can still do as I please. Fantasies based on her videos... Not that problematic again since its common enough. The scene he inserted himself into in his dream probably would be considered at the very least 'odd,' on the other hand. Becoming instantly 'attached' to her after seeing just a few seconds of one of her vids... Well, there is such a thing as 'love at first sight.' The problem, I think, is in how he goes about it. Making an ass out of himself by doing things that annoy people. The fantasies/hallucinations being portrayed as they were doesn't help very much. Wanting to become like her, by emulating what she does, admirable. Wanting to take her place, not so much. As I said, though, how they depicted his fantasy life and obsession with her does not help us at all in sympathizing with the guy. Her deciding to look him up, opens up possibilities for him, but the clincher would be in how he handles actually being in the same room with her. If he's just a harmless, but rather obsessed, fan. Fine, the worst that would happen is dressing as she does and probably being a bit tongue tied around her. If he's not so harmless, Gaga would need to watch him very closely, in case he goes off.

As I said earier, good review as usual from Lewis. Unexpected, but still good, review from Liz. Keep up the good work, both of you. I look forward to whatever you 2 put out next, be it together or seperately.

Fiery Little One

Matthew Szlapka said...

You're both correct. I think Lewis did indeed not like the comic on its own merits, but also that Liz had good reasons to support it as well from a different mindset.

This is a perfect example of reader interpretation based on experience and personal understanding. This is also a perfect example of a disagreement that can lead to conversation and learning; both views are factual and give good reasons, but also disagree fairly.

Linkara is a character, and he overemphasizes his nerd-rage and hatred for the comic for the fans. Lewis likely did dislike the comic. I applaud Lewis and Liz sat down and talked about this. You learn a lot when you debate and analyze something with someone else. Not only is it an awesome social bonding, but it also teaches two people different things and opens our minds.

Myself and my best friend do this constantly. If you disagree, you debate fairly and learn something when both sides are seeing their viewpoints and bring knowledge to the fore. And when you agree, you discuss why you agree and learn something when you extrapolate your ideas as one. It opens our minds and gives one more knowledge. It's great.

Good reviews. Both of you.

Anonymous said...

the only good gaga is a metal gaga!

BooTheRat said...

I agree with the "this comic is creepy" point of view because I've know and met alot of different people in my life and the main character doesn't fit any of the good kind! I've known gay people and fantical fans of singers or of bands but I've never seen any of them 5 seconds away from hump thier products in the middle of a store or constantly listening to just thier music and singing it aloud in public at all times! I'll admit this about my choices in music I like some bands but I like alot of songs with little to no openion of the artist that made them. I like some Lady Gaga songs because they are catchy but I don't preticularly like her as a person as she's just a negative or opiset of Marlyne Manson in that all the stuff they do is for the attention not for some all powerful higher cause! I also like Knickleback too but it's for the same reason I like the catch to the songs not a thing about the actual band!
And I believe the referince to Ed Gien was more to his making a woman suit because he too wanted to be a woman thing not to his in general making creepy crap from corpses thing!
This comic in general I wouldn't read or even give it a look in a store but I hate bio comics of anybody as nothing in most of these peoples lives are worth the ink wasted to print the comic also I hate politics weaseling thier way into everything! There isn't no such thing as a comedy or parody piece that has no mention of Bush, Barak, War, Oil, Gay Marrage, Abortion, The Enviroment, Peace, Obesity, ect... And it is annoying!
Ok I think I've had my rant now so I'm going to go and hope to find something funny that doesn't turn around and PO me with a mention of the REAL WORLD!!!

SailorCardKnight said...

I gotta say, I agree with both of you guys on this one:

It could very well be a comic about an obsessive fan/could be killer. It could be a comic about a guy who is a closeted bisexual and/or crossdresser. (Hell, maybe both.)

What the writer should have done is made their intentions of where they wanted to go with this then it should have been executed ALOT better. Especially if its the later.

Either way, I will give still give them props for attempting something differe from the usual boring bio or lame celeb. turned superhero comic. But that still doesn't fully excuse it from being a very confusing, poorly drawn mess.

...Also, Linkara's screaming had me in tears. XD

EinWolf said...

I liked the review and I cracked up and laughed hard in the scream scene. Something I haven't done to one of your reviews in a while. It was just so well put together.

But I have to disagree with Liz. I had a whole essay typed up why. But no one wants to read that and this format doesn't really lend it's self to why. I will say, I look at the world in extremely neutral terms. So I tend to reject both sides of any argument. Rather the way I see this, is an awkward advertisement. That's why he buys a CD and then bothers to check out the singer to see if he might like her.

Gotta remind people. Hey, buy CDs! Meat Dresses don't come cheap! I now if I had that mentality my front lawn would be covered in thrown out Bad Religion CDs.

Basically. The guy is a tool. Supposed to be identifiable to the theoretical person that would be in a comic shop, and also a fan of Lady Gaga. So he's overweight, has identity issues feeling the world has shorted him and is unduly stifling causing him to eventually snap and basically disturb the peace.

Being Gay, Bi, Lesbian, or Transgendered does not mean you burst into a McDonalds and do a sexy dance in a wig. That speaks of other problems entirely. Or you're doing it specifically to put on Youtube. He wasn't. He was just doing it, which seems more desperate for attention than anything.

Arnold said...

I likeLinkara's review, but I love Liz's review....and yeah, it still seems like a pretty underwhelming comic.

That being said, because most of the mainstream has not been exposed to ideas such as gender performativity or that there are ideological state apparatuses that drive ideas like heteronormativity onto the mainstream, a publisher like this might have been the wrong method to tell this story. The publisher is used to printing things that are mainly mainstreamed and mindless, annd people take those books for its face value. This book, or its subject takes a bit more finesse to tell, as again, the mainstream public who would be picking this up probably never read any Judith Bulter to begin with. It would have fit better with another publisher, or at least one that are not mainly about biographies.

I supppose that is a little too much to ask for, and we can hope that Lady Gaga fans have sensibilities that lend themselves embraching ideas such as the freedom of gender prformativity.

MBTOC said...

Heh. I was WONDERING how long it would take Linkara to pull the "I have a spaceship card". (Personally, I thought it would have been during the KISS review when Todd was being an asshole...but this was still awesome.)

Liz mentioned in JewWario's chat months ago that you were working on a Lady Gaga comic that had NOTHING TO DO with Lady Gaga. Damn, she wasn't kidding....

Personally, I thought it looked like the protagonist was being POSSESSED by Lady Gaga.

Michael Heide said...

1.: That is probably the weirdest title card since... uhm... that is probably the weirdest title card yet.

2.: Turning Lady Gaga into a super-heroine would be redundant. We already have Dazzler.

3. Liz has a few good points (even if 30 minutes was a bit too long). But with the crappy quality of the comic book, it's hard to say if those were the intentions of the comic book creators. But regardless of their intentions, the comic is one of the worst biographies I've ever seen.

Juso said...

I know this is outta the blue, but I think we need a fight between 90's kid and 80's Dan

Masamune said...

i agree with Matthew Szlapka

Anonymous said...

I was about to say what Spoony said, but then again I probably should think twice before I mess with someone who has a spaceship.

BTW the comic was extremely bad that I honestly screamed out loud. At some point i think i had to close my eyes, but then again you review a lot of bad comics that I don't know how do you manage to survive.

At least you were aware of the Justin Bieber comic. Did you see it because I tweeted it to you or did you really know it existed and I was ignorant of your tweets. Will you review the Justin Bieber comic? Last Question. What do you think of Justin Bieber? I know your not Todd, but then again you liked Nickelback. I want to see what you think of Bieber

Lewis Lovhaug said...

"At least you were aware of the Justin Bieber comic. Did you see it because I tweeted it to you or did you really know it existed and I was ignorant of your tweets. Will you review the Justin Bieber comic? Last Question. What do you think of Justin Bieber? I know your not Todd, but then again you liked Nickelback. I want to see what you think of Bieber"

-Don't remember, don't care either since:
-I'm not going to review it.
-I've only listened to the song or two Todd reviewed of it, but he sounds screechy and atonal.

Lucy McGough said...

Why is everything in this comic YELLOW? Is Lady Gaga secretly a member of the Sinestro Corps?

James said...

Wow... this was just weird. I found Liz's response interesting, and enjoyed seeing the differing viewpoints you two offered. But still, this was really, REALLY weird.

Oh, OT, I know you're not much of a video game person, Lewis, but have you checked out the "Portal 2" comic yet? If not, you can find it here:

Anonymous said...

You didn't blast Spoony hard enough
That could have been the most cathartic moment in years!

Seriously, what's wrong with that guy!
Is he trying to be an unlikeable, stuck-up douchebag, or is he always like that?

Also, what's peoples problem with Nickleback and Limp Biscuit?
There's nothing wrong with their music, so what are these people complaining about?

Anonymous said...

"Who in their right mind would write a guy like that as the main protagonist???"

for example me?
I even have a whole group of main characters like this

alto in my case they are more of a case of villain protagonists, and played for laughs (the "dead baby comedy" kind)

Strange_Matters said...

To be honest, both sets of comments are perfectly valid; the artwork and writing of this book completely destroys any message about transgender issues or acceptance, or indeed any story or message in general. In short, pure kindling ;)

Anonymous said...

@Random Internet Critic

What the hell do you have against Blink-182?
They are awesome!

I do however agree with you on not liking it when stalking is portrayed as "cute" or "romantic"
It is not
While I can sympathise with some stalker characters, I was always disgusted when these characters were portrayed as the "one true love" for their targets
(I think most shippers understand what I mean)

Erik said...

Watching Linkara's review was hilarious!
But watching Liz's review made me really take a step back in view things in another light, as a bisexual my self I really liked Liz's review and I took a steep back when I tough about what I saw in the linkara version.
I definitely will be looking forward to more Liz stuff and I will look at all the Liz reviews I can find on the site (usually it takes me time to get in to reviewer that I haven't been watching before, and I wont really expect some sexual liberation ideas from every one I see, I just got allot of respect for her now).
And what does that letter combination she mentions mean? I cant remember what it was... (I'll be looking for a similar organization in my country and join if I don't get chicken out like I do sometimes...)

Any way, like both of your reviews likes Liz more tough it was the kind of thing I wanted to see to day! :)

Lots of love

PWBOT said...

Anonymous said...
So....he envisions Gwen Stacy on a woman and he fantasizes of throwing women off of high places.

Are we sure this comic isn't a remnant of the clone saga?

April 11, 2011 6:23 PM

Wow, Norman Osborn really let himself go. Think about how crazy awesome this comic would be if it was about Norman Osborn pretending to be a Lady Gaga fan and then getting invited to the House of Gaga to kidnap her. Spider-man could go recuse her and fanboy over the pop music industry. It would be called Spider-man: Fortunate Son.

Seriously now, nice reviews from both of you. You both stated your stances and even gave points to support them. The whole throwing Lady Gaga off the building thing though, makes it a little more creepy and in favor of Lewis' point.

Hawkeye In the Sky said...

Hey, just want to comment on a couple of things about Iron Liz' (that's how you mark a possessive known with a z at the end, right?) rebuttal. As a polyamorous individual, I'm pretty open to the idea of open sexuality. However, I don't think that this comic, for however much it portray's closeted crossdressers, I don't think it was intentional. Blue Waters isn't exactly known for it's quality comics. I doubt that they cared enough to send a positive message to what is probably a fringe group of readers. If anything, it is more making fun of closeted crossdressers, showing them in a more extreme situation than they may be in (I had a friend who was closeted gay for many years, and his coming out was quiet and subdued).

bringo said...

I noticed during that hostile McDonald's singing take-over where golf-ball-chin guy, "thinks" he is singing with Lady Gaga. He spontaneously grew an extra finger in one panel and in the next he looses it. Anyone else see that?

Anonymous said...

Awesome review! Also, I just want to say that you (and Liz) are awesome for being so open-minded (and knowing what gender-queer is).

Anonymous said...

completely disagree with Fe Liz. this isn't a matter of "hetero-normative" blindness or you "not getting it". this comic was crap from beginning to end. if it really was supposed to be some empowering message about being different and that cross dressing was okay, than they really fucked up the message because the whole thing comes off as creepy and trying to justify it just comes off as fanwank. the symbolism is warped, the metaphors are contradictory, and no amount of claiming "she's just challenging norms!" can give this thing a stitch of credibility. besides, gaga is a shit musician relying on gimmicks as opposed to actual talent.

give me Manowar or Lost Horizon any day.

Anonymous said...

You'll have to excuse me... the only real exposure I've had to Lady GaGa was The Superficial... and if what I read is remotely true, and they had pics to prove it, meat dress, anyone... you are certifiably NUTS.

I think your first two lines summed up the book perfectly..."What the hell is this?!?!? Seriously, what the hell is this?!??!" You made Bear proud, I'm sure.


Joe Green said...

I actually read Bluewater's Stephenie Meyer bio-comic* a while back, and that one was incredibly bland and pointless, so I went in expecting their Lady Gaga comic to be along the same lines.

Instead...WOW. I'm actually perversely happy about how insane this one turned out to be.

*More precisely, I read the first half of that comic, the only part that actually chronicles' SMeyer's apparently boring and uneventful life. The rest of it is just some filler about the history of Forks, Washington. Seriously.

Ramnesis said...

I think this really is a matter of context. Scott Adams once had the pointy haired boss survive a plane crash because a bunch of nuns provided padding. Nuns don't get a lot of exercise at the monastery, see...

It's a crass joke but ultimately benign. Unless it has the misfortune of being run the week after Mother Theresa died. Then it becomes terrible and heartless.

I think that on the image with the main character's head on Lady Gaga's body is creepy, but not overly so, and coupled with some of the others it strongly suggests that there is some aspect of him trying to get out.

But when that image is placed immediately after an image of him murdering her, well... "It puts the lotion on its skin, else it gets the hose again."

fallen_one2006 said...

Freakin' hilarious. XD Personally, I've never thought much of Lady Gaga. I like a few of her songs, but she seems more of a visual artist like Lil' Kim and Gwen Stafani and the like. It's not that uncommon, and I'm not impressed. Sorry Gaga fans. :P
I liked Lewis's review, but I'm very impressed with Liz's counter-review. She was thorough when it came to pointing out the unconventional elements of the comic and how devoted fans of Lady Gaga (especially the GLBTAQ community) might understand it a little better. I still agree with Lewis on the sheer suckitude of this comic, but Liz's perspective was very enlightening. :D Maybe she should make this her new thing?

Just to get off topic, I was wondering what was going on with "Revolution of the Mask". I finally bought the first two issues a few weeks ago and loved them, but I haven't heard much about the series lately. Is it on a standstill?

Chris K. said...

Ok this is mostly for Liz's vid, cause Linkara, what to say, as epically hilariously awesome as ever.

I see your point on what the comic was supposed to get across, but as you admit, that message was garbled and trashed by the comics horrendous art and writing. But the one thing you kept going on about that I disagree with is your being upset over Linkara's treating the guy like a serial killer because of the dream sequence, if it was only him dreaming about his head on Gaga's body, sure you may have had a point, but when that image comes immediately after him dreaming about throwing her over a railing after making out with her...yeah kinda hard to make the argument that it's JUST because your looking at it from a hetero-normal perspective that your creeped out and think the guy is a killer.

(And yes it was probably just referencing one of her videos, but if you never saw the video how would you know it wasn't something the guy was coming up with on his own, again blame the poor poor writing job for not making it clear)

Lewis Lovhaug said...

"Just to get off topic, I was wondering what was going on with "Revolution of the Mask". I finally bought the first two issues a few weeks ago and loved them, but I haven't heard much about the series lately. Is it on a standstill?"

Sort of. XD New artist, Sou-zou, is working on, but unfortunately she's busy with a few other art projects, so while she IS working on it (and I have the pages to prove that), she can't work on the book as much as she would like to, but rest assured, Issue 3 will come out. ^_^

Asger said...

Weirdest cameo EVAR!

Jarkes said...

Random question: Do you like the Kirby games?

Locus Ceruleus Media said...

Surely it was worth mentioning that unlike the Backstreet Boys and Kiss comics you reviewed, this wasn't authorized by the portrayed artist?

RADIX said...

After watching both videos, I have to say: if they'd just redrawn that one panel of him watching that vid on YouTube so that it wasn't so creepy, all the dream sequences and such would've come across much better.

I didn't see anything heteronormative in Linkara's review, thanks to that one panel. The dream sequences would still be weird, but at least there'd be no prior creepiness to completely alter their implications. (If that makes any sense)

technotreegrass said...

I support Liz's review but they could have made it a little more clear that he was a closeted bisexual and he's still a jerk and doesn't let you relate to him. The wife taking out the trash herself, nobody bothering to change the batteries in the remote, and the wife openly supporting his stunt in the McDonalds really bothers me, like she's an idiot blindly supporting him, and Lady Gaga wanting to hire him because of that McD's stunt? Are you serious?

Kat said...

Aw, hasn't Spoony been having a rough enough time without you siccing your spaceship on him?

Good points from both you and Liz. And . . . well . . . you're not the only one who likes Nickelback *ducks projectiles*

Sijo said...

First: once again, I'm baffled by the problems I keep having watching your show. Last week I had SO many problems I almost gave up; this week? Not a glitch. ???

Second, I congratulate you and Liz for having each other; you're obviously people who respect each others' opinions even when you have big disagreements. Best wishes to you both.

As for the comic? I'm halfway between your opinions. Yes, I think it was meant as a coming-out-of-the-closet story like Liz says. On the other hand, it was a TERRIBLE comic, especially because people would buy it expecting more Lady Gaga stuff and get that instead. Also, why didn't they just come out and expressly say the character was gay or bi? Were they afraid it would affect sales? Like that would be unexpected in a Gaga comic!

(Btw, I find Gaga very pretentious- she's obviously talented, but I think she fears that without the odd gimmicks she wouldn't sell. Hopefully she'll grow out of it, like Madonna did. Hey, just my opinion. ;) )

Say, Linkara, have you reviewed JLA: Heaven's Ladder? If you haven't you should. Boy, was that a pretentious, absurd story! Would love to see you tearing it apart.

Jeremy said...

I agree with you completely Liz, I think you're right in that the author was trying to express that frustration and all, but I think Lewis was right in that it was handled poorly. The message is there and it's an important message but it's you have to work to see it, and thats just a sign of a poorly crafted work.

Anonymous said...

Thank you for posting Liz's rebuttal here. I find myself agreeing with her. I think that the message was kind of garbled in the comic, but I definitely see it from the queerer perspective.

Anonymous said...

"besides, gaga is a shit musician relying on gimmicks as opposed to actual talent."

I have to disagree with you heavily
While I don't consider myself a fan of hers, she does have some honest talent of her own
At the same time however she is smart enough to realise that in today's music market talent means nothing, and so allot of effort has to be put into presentation if anyone wants to notice her
The Nostalgia Chick made an interesting little video on this subject.

"give me Manowar or Lost Horizon any day."

Way to be a hypocrite

Anonymous said...

"At the same time however she is smart enough to realise that in today's music market talent means nothing, and so allot of effort has to be put into presentation if anyone wants to notice her "

bitch please.

if she put half as much time and effort into making her music be anything but banal shit as she did towards the whole spectacle, she'd be a great musician. but no. its all flash and no substance.

"Way to be a hypocrite"

once again, bitch please.

Manowar and Lost Horizons have genuinely awesome music which combine with great stage presence and spectacle. see, unlike gaga, they dont sacrifice music for bullshit stunts and crap. that's why i brought them up: as an example of how a great visual performance can be fantastic only when the music on which it is all based on, is great.

way to miss my point entirely.

Gyre said...

@Gaeth: It's likely that she has no idea this even exists. She might have signed a paper somewhere, but probably someone (who had little knowledge of comics but a lot on publicity) set it up along with backpacks, pens and toys.

I notice that the comic has apparently forgotten there were a large number of bands that absolutely sucked back in the 60s, 70s and 80s. Also apparently the television is one of those rare ones that does not have a button to switch channels with.

But is the character wishing he had been born Ms. Germanotta (aka Gaga)? It's one thing if the comic is somehow advocating transgender rights but the way he fantasizes about her and acts in increasingly unnerving fashion suggests that it's just to sound even crazier.

Anonymous said...

Ok I'm a homosexual. I did view both opinions with an open mind. 1st I'm a person in the closet also, 2nd I don't like to cross dress or want to switch gender. But I still views things with an open mind. What I don't like is that this comic makes it look like if Transexuals, Crossdressers, Homosexuals and Bisexuals are the same thing. However we are not, and that just shows the ignorance of that comic. Transexuals are people who want to change their sex, Crossdressers are people wear the other sex clothes, Homosexuals are those who like the same sex and Bisexuals are people who like both sexes. You would think they would know this much, in this day and age. I don't like this comic and think it is very offensive to the GLBT Community and it certainly offended me.

I'm also a Ga Ga fan, having the balcony dream be based on Paparazzi still dose not justify that he's dreaming about killing Lady Gaga. It seems as though he wants to steal her spotlight. But then again it could be that he wishes that he can be brave as her. But all in all I hate this comic. Sorry Liz.

Anonymous said...

You've probably heard the bad news already sir, and I apologize if I am repeating or this isn't the right place, but your imitation of Superboy-Prime reminded me: he's going to be fighting the Teen Titans again come July, condolences.

Anonymous said...

I have to admit that book was weird. But not all the Bluewater bio comics are horrible. I know Don Smith Jr. who wrote both the Ronald Regan Bio Comic as well as the Rush Limbaugh Bio Comic for Bluewater. Both books are really well done.

Most of the Bio Comics they put out are done in a style where the writer inserts themselves into the comic as a guide and narrator.

Again I admit this book took that to a weird place in this case but usually their pretty well done.

Gray said...

I think Liz is cutting it too much slack because it vaguely reminds her of people in the LGBT community she knows. This is not a positive portrayal, it borders on being downright offensive. It is not typical for LGBT individuals to loudly sing in the work place uncontrollably or burst into public restaurants and start lip syncing and dancing on tables. CRAZY PEOPLE do things like that. And what of the fact that he's a condescending asshole? That can't tolerate his wife having her own fantasies? That the comic is advertised as being about Gaga herself?

In essence, I think Liz's video is actually more offensive than any of Linkara's jokes (which he was doing to entertain, not to argue any larger point about LGBT individuals.) She assumes just because the character appears to be dealing with LGBT issues that should justify the character the offensive portrayal of the character.

It seems like an overzealous attempt on Liz's part to seem pro-LGBT, no matter what the cost. There's plenty of well written and accurate portrayals of LGBT individuals, I don't see the need to defend this garbage, which seems to be of the antiquated mindset that homosexuality is a form of psychosis.

Anonymous said...

I'm still waiting for Lady Gaga and the Goo Goo Dolls to join up to form the super group
"Gaga GooGoo"

Anonymous said...

I'm something of a classic rock snob myself. I don't really care much for any of Gaga's music, however, I will admit that, unlike the vast majority of pop artists today, she actually has some musical talent.

Anyway, that comic was just WTF to the power of over 9000. I don't see the appeal of any of this publisher's comics. Biographies in comic form. This sort of random weirdness? I can't say I hate the comics. It just feels to me like there's no good reason for them to exist.

Umiyuri said...

The reflection in his glasses is the wrong way around.

Seriously, this is the only thing I'm sane enough to comment on after this comic.

Anonymous said...

When you did the guy's voice you sounded like Rocko from Undergrads. I'm not sure if you're familiar with that cartoon but it's pretty funny and so was this review.

Ebon said...

Thanks for the Blondie at the end. I'm not a fan of Gaga's music but on grounds of basic humanity, she deserved better than this pile of trash.

Andy Romero said...

Oh man. This made me laugh. Especially your freak-out. I mean, why does this comic have almost little to no Lady Gaga other than the fan's fantasies and the ending!

Keep it up Linkara!

ace24 said...

Funny review Linkara, disagree with you Liz, weird is weird regardless of the excuse

kara said...

i came here to say pretty much the same thing as an earlier anon. based on the wording of the statement where it came up, this comic seems to think that "bisexual" literally means "both sexes", and that seriously pisses me off.

SynjoDeonecros said...

No offense, Liz, but I have to disagree with you; it's clear from Linkara's review that he also saw the potential for a "closeted gay/transvestite/crossdresser finds the courage to come out through Lady Gaga's work", but the issue I have with this is that, aside fro that one panel of him saying he might be bisexual (and saying that while he's got the body of Gaga and saying "he" likes females...yeah), there's really no indication that this guy is closeted, at all; we don't see him secretly trying on his wife's bras and panties after finding Lady Gaga, looking up gay porn, or anything else that could hint that he's closeted.

This seems more like a stalker fantasy fic, than anything, the kind where the world is structured so that he gets his fantasy fulfilled, regardless of how stupid or creepy it is. Honestly, let's look at the evidence; he gets so engrossed in the singer after watching one single music video of her, starts watching and dreaming about her all the time, and not only does his wife encourage his obsession without admonishing him, she actually records his public display of fanboygasm for posterity. His coworkers only get on his case about it when his singing starts disrupting their work, and they calm down after he gushes about how awesome Gaga is, spreading his madness onto the others. He isn't punished at all for the stunt he pulls at the fast food restaurant, and to top it all off, when Gaga sees the clip of it, she immediately wants him in her clique, the ultimate goal for any stalkerish fanboy short of becoming the object of their obsession, which the dream sequence could easily be interpreted as.

As Linkara said, if there were other hints given in the comic that the guy was closeted and was using Lady Gaga as an outlet for his real orientation, that would've made for a better comic and validated your opinion, but as such, there's only that one single panel giving us any hint of it, and that's not nearly enough, in my opinion.

Anonymous said...

Okay, reading the comic as about closetedness at least has it mean something instead of being monumentally pointless, but I think I have to vote with Lewis overall... it's still creepy.

And while Liz is right that today's rock and pop have become extremely unoriginal and this is why Gaga stands out as a personality -- or I should say, as a persona... this exceptionalism doesn't apply to her songs. Musically, she is just as formulaic as everyone else is. In fact, I don't think it's too unfair to say that her whole career is based on ripping off Madonna.

Monstermaster13 said...

I personally don't get why Lady Gaga is so popular to begin with. Most people say because she's unique but to me she just seems to copy off others, I detect a little bit of Cher or Madonna influence.

my mother is now obsessed with her music - she even has the newest CD by her.

She even now sings a few of the words to Bad Romance, just like the main character in that comic does.

On a related note, there's a comic about Michael Jackson coming out made by Bluewater comics soon - from what i've heard, it looks to be pretty good.

Here's the link in case you're interested:

Nathan Forester said...

I'll have to say that is the most utterly insane and messed up comic.

And is it me, or does the dream sequence seem a bit like the one in Nightmare On Elm Street 3 where Freddy takes on the form of a nurse?

JLH said...

I can't help but think that had Dr Linksano not been captured a few weeks ago, this episode would've featured him switching Linkara and Iron Liz's heads.

MooCow said...

SPOILERS: Lady Gaga rips everything she does off of popstars from the 80's!

Don't believe me? Look up on Madonna, same thing. Even her music takes A LOT of its inspiration from 80s pop yet still sounds like every other pop singer both now and in the 90s.

MooCow said...

Okay after watching both... Linkara.. you are to single minded man. You see that the main character has to be the protagonist. What about Falling Down? or Rampage? Where the main character is infact the ANTAGONIST.

Iron Liz, you are snobbish level of open minded. This has nothing to do with GLPT bs... It is a comic that seems it wanted to be about a man who goes insane and obsessive, and should have gone after Gaga, but instead they switched it to her accepting him.

Also, Lady Gaga is every level of pertentious. Along with using her fame to abuse fans at a baseball game, then continuing her insulting of the fans from Jerry Seinfelds personal box, before being asked to leave, she also admits she KNEW she was better then everyone else, and when she wrote her first song, "I like, knew I was going places".

The only reason the GL stuff comes up, is because the fanatics of those groups tend to support her A LOT thinking she supports them (She doesn't really) And yes there are fanatics in EVERY group, Republican, Liberal, Gay Rights, Femen(azi)s, PETA, ALF.. and so many more...

enigmus20 said...

I agree with Cubey: this seems more like something related to Chris-chan, than anything else.

Shi-han said...

I think Liz had a had a closer interpretation to what the author was trying to get across in the comic. However, it's just that the comic is made so vague and strange that the message is hard to find and can be misconstrued easily. That one scene DOES make him look like a serial killer to me. It looks like he is SO in love with lady Gaga that he wants to kill her and become her. While at other times, I can see the message of accepting who you really are, for example the ending message from the wife, and it seems really sweet. I can see that he identifies with Lady Gaga by becoming her but it doesn't necessarily mean that he is a cross dresser,even though he turns out to be one. In the end it is a comic that tried to get across a message but didn't do it clearly enough so that people could understand it and I would probably say stay away from it unless you want to get yourself confused or make fun of the weird art work lol.

Anonymous said...

So, I wrote a rather large rebuttal toward Iron Liz creative, and baseless interpretation of the story, but it being at 11621 characters, and would need to be broken up into 3 posts, and that would transform the response from long winded to lifeless youtube debater, I've decided against it.

So, my question is why Iron Liz is completely ignoring that Lady Gaga was pushed over the railing in the dream sequence? If it wasn't for that scene, then him becoming Lady Gaga, there would have been a lot less psychotic and mental break down feel for the entire thing.

And the other question I have is why Iron Liz is inventing the context for the Sweating Face panel. Iron Liz stance on it, would be more valid, if that panel happen before he bough the media, but it can't be nervousness after he buys it. The dangerous act of buying the taboo media is over, that should be a sense of relief, and excitement at consuming the media he just bought. No where before this sequence are we shown why the main character would even consider that buying Lady Gaga is taboo. No one is negative about him and liking Lady Gaga. The music store clerk, found it curious for the main character to buy the album, but he didnt find it distasteful. He (music clerk) thought it odd because it goes against his (main character) usual purchasing habits. And we can infere that, as the brief set up for the character is that he prefer older music. His co-works didnt care that it was Lady Gaga music, they just cared he was disrupting the working environment. His wife, adores that her husband is a huge lady gaga fan. There is no set up for the main character liking lady gaga is taboo.

Enoc Elias Escalona Delgado said...

HAHAHA very funny Linkara, your sanity is apparently slownly dying

KV said...

I couldn't resist posting this here.

There is something disgusting about this comic, and especially in the art work. A comic about a guy with cross dressing fantasies might have been an interesting concept for a Lady Gaga comic, but having the main character be a fat disgusting slob who even insults Lady Gaga's music as he's buying her album unfaithful representation. Why is the guy throwing Gaga from a ledge in his dreams? Is this comic saying that people who wish to be like Lady Gaga and are male are automatically serial killers? I've seen Iron Liz's rebuttal to this review a while ago. The character in the comic is being portrayed as a fat disgusting serial killer, in my opinion. It's not a story one can empathize with, if you catch my drift. He is not worthy to enter the Hause of Gaga.

Anonymous said...

yea for those who asked here and in other places liz has finally admitted she was in fact a transexual and now has fully transitioned to a woman