Friday, April 15, 2011

More Podcasts!

Here are some more podcasts I did recently!

Oddcast #2!

And the premiere episode of Podcast Sentai where I discuss Power Rangers Samurai and some thoughts on upcoming Power Rangers series that I haven't watched yet!

Download the MP3 HERE! and check out their website HERE!


Kuhan said...

Man, that Podcast Sentai show is awesome! You should totally keep being on that show as much as possible because it is so awesome and everyone should listen! Oh crud, I'm logged into the wrong account... how do I modify this!?

CMWaters said...

Damnit, that Podcast Sentai REALLY is making me want to see the Dino Thunder review now. No rush but...yeah.

Also, one of the co-hosts (I can't remember who) saying that idea where they have 70 Sentai teams with 70 Giant Robots making a planet sized one made me think of a possible Power Rangers/Transformers crossover where the Rangers have to fight Unicron.

I am curious though...even though you might cover this when you get to Overdrive in History of Power Rangers, what was your opinion on them making a more "Disney Era" style morphing for Adam in that ep?

Colin said...

I'm listening to the Podcast Sentai right now, and I have to respectfully disagree with you on something.

Yes, Samurai and Teen Titans didn't start with an origin, but the key difference here is that with Teen Titans, it didn't matter.

With Teen Titans, they did a great job by not telling us anything, and instead showing us. We saw the characters personalities in full display, we saw how their dynamic worked and how what their roles are in the group. In addtion, they set up the main villain of that season really well. It suddenly didn't matter how they go together.

With Samurai it's different. The characters are void of any personality, thanks in no smart part to the acting, which I'm sorry, even by Power Rangers standards is bad. We're thrown right into the middle of the action, but we don't have any semblance of who these characters are. We're told some stuff about them, but it's not on full display. It just comes off as muddled and awkward. There's no clear communication, unlike Titans.

Yes, not starting with an origin can work, but it needs strong characters to make it work, and Samurai just doesn't have that.

Mewzard said...

I believe I mentioned in the cast that Teen Titans had the advantage of being somewhat more well known/established when compared to the Samurai Rangers.

That said, your argument is more on the dynamic of the group and how the characters were portrayed. They did have the advantage in experienced VAs.

Power Rangers: Samurai has the more inexperienced actors, but like most first time actors, they can grow into their roles. Many Power Rangers series have that newbie actor use, yet still come together in the series. Give it time, and we might just be rewarded.

Colin said...

Even if the Teen Titans weren't well known, and at the time to people who didn't read comics Robin was the only familiar character, the show did a great job at introducing them and showing us who they were. Samurai just didn't do that. And I'm not faulting them completely, they're clearly not being given proper direction.

Yes the Samurai actors are inexperienced, and maybe they will get better, but right now it doesn't seem like they're growing much, and usually by this point in a series we should see some indication of growth in the actors. We're almost 10 episodes in and I don't think they've figured out their characters.

But my original argument wasn't about them growing into the roles, it's about our first impressions of them, which weren't good.

The HeartScene Reviews said...

Yes! More podcasts please? haha :D

Step433 said...

I was trying to listen to the interesting opinions and information in the Sentai podcast...

But could someone PLEASE tell these people to stop talking incredibly fast, saying "and and and and and and and" and "but but but but but but but but but" and constantly SCREAMING and speed-talking so damned loud through the whole thing?

That is INCREDIBLY obnoxious.

Someone PLEASE needs to tell these kids to settle down, get off the sugar, and dial it down a little bit.

Honestly, I like their opinions, but they need to slow down, and learn how to talk without SCREAMING EVERY SINGLE WORD and stuttering for 12 seconds at a time?

For the future Lewis, could you maybe politely bring this up to them and ask them to slow it down and be a little quieter and stop shouting? It'd be much easier to listen to.

Anonymous said...

Totally awesome Lewis! Thumbs up!

I really hope that they make Gokaiger into a PR series or I'm fairly positive that there will be much rioting in the streets on that decision. I actually do think you should check out Gokaiger, if only for the first episode. I'm kinda like you in that I was never really interested in the Sentai versions of something that I grew up with, but I have watched the main anniversary movies (which are...meh, but nothing terrible). I know I know. Shut up, I don't know how busy you are, you aren't my mom, blah blah blah. :)

Just kidding. ^ ___ ^

I also have to agree with you on the whole Decker scene from that one Samurai episode. I was like "Uh...did PR just actually TELL US what stances they're using? The hell....when did they actually make this show smart?!" Given that I just recently in the past year took up Tae Kwon Do, it makes it more fun to look at something and see if you could actually do it, or see someone do it in real life. I think I like RMJ as a villain more than as a Power Ranger. Or how much more cooler it would've been if he had the Decker personality tacked onto the WF Red Ranger. It might not make much sense, but given my meh feeling on that series, it would've helped.

But you really should join these guys again! It was really interesting to listen to all the back and forth ideas that you all talked about. :)

-platinumSKIES (or plat. Whatever yo.)

P.S. Just cause I'm not trying to be mean, but sadly they supposedly have the Sixth ranger all picked out's some random guy (he was in Glee but I can't remember him...and no Glee bashing please everyone! It's just as cheesy good!). I'm so onboard the 'Decker or Spike should be the Sixth Ranger' boat though. It would be more interesting.

Kuhan said...

Step433 I understand your concerns and I agree that we are stupid and talk over each other and stutter. Fortunately, the way we were able to record the later episodes (which unfortunately did not feature Lewis) allowed me to cut out much of the stuttering and interrupting. We hope you keep listening to the show (which, by the way has moved to and enjoying it!