Saturday, April 9, 2011

You're Such a Card Game: World's Greatest Villain

Remember back in the first Tandy Computer Whiz Kids when Dr. Linksano was playing a card game? No? Well, watch the card game, anyway!

Match One Part One

Match One Part Two

Match Two


Mountain King said...

"It's a freeze ray, not an Ice Ray. That's so Johnny Snow" is the Dr Horrible line you couldn't remember. Thanks for this one, the line by Linksaino did have me confused way back when.

Another thing I have to thank you for is the dice rolls you made early on in the game. A long time ago I was a Warhammer 40k player and I lost every game (I mean every game) because of abysmal dice rolls. In fact anytime I play a bord game needing dice it always comes out with the worst possible results. While it looks like they started to come out right later on the way they almost scuppered your game made me feel a little better.

I guess misery does indeed like company.


Kathryn said...

"Magic doesn't change the world. SCIENCE DOES! Science beats magic!"

Dr. Sivana, 52, week 1, day 6.

The second dual very much made me think of this line, with all the science going on in that game.

Seems like a fun game, but the rules confused me at first. I guess if I wanted to play it, I'd look into the rules and ruleings were first.

All in all, a very fun watch.

Entertainer13 said...

"Seems like a fun game, but the rules confused me at first. I guess if I wanted to play it, I'd look into the rules and ruleings were first."

A pdf of the games rules is available at this link, if you're interested.

Thanks for the vid, Linkara!

Entertainer13 said...

Also should note, if we at Century City Games should have learned anything from this, it's that a new rules sheet should be worked on.

You guys got the general gist, but some specifics weren't as intended. The majority of play test groups didn't have much of a problem, but you aren't the first. Version three of rules sheet is a go!

TheLoneGoldfish said...

It took me a few games in my early board gaming days myself, but "draw up to 5 cards" means:

Draw cards until the number of cards in your hand reaches 5.

That should solve the massive amount of sabotage/counter sabotage stockpiling as well.

path of enlightenment said...

great review hey louis and liz ever hear of the british card game top trumps?


Gray Morality said...

The line from Dr. Horrible is

"With my freeze ray I will STOP the world. It's not a death ray or an ice beam, that's all johnny snow"

I played Moist in my college's theater groups performance last semester

Anonymous said...

I'm a huge Dr. Who fan. As far as I know this game is out of print but if you could find it, I'd love to see you and Liz play the Dr. Who Collectable Card Game. That game was awesome!

Kriss1989 said...

I agree with the Lone Goldfish, it makes sense with the discard two if you draw to 5 each turn, such as with your starting hand with no minor schemes or basic gear.