Saturday, July 2, 2011

Suburban Knights Part 7

Will the world of technology be destroyed? ‎


Shada said...

Awesome ending!! You even got a song finally.

Suburban Knights was truly fun to watch, and you guys were all great in it.

BoboTheTalkingClown said...

Nooooo! Now there's going to be a crappy sequel involving the genesis planet...

Anonymous said...

...Please tell me I'm not the only one who cried.


Kalhysha said...

Just Love it รงรง
Was it just me, or everybody screming "heart, heart, heart" seems like a bunch of dogs barking? xD

ps:You sing pretty well Linkara =o

Happystickman said...

You need to sing in every episode now. It is now a requirement.

Alex Stritar said...

RIP Ma-Ti from Captian Planet
Heart will always be remembered as an awesome power

Trevor said...


Plus, you got to quote Ash in the finale!

In the words of Chester A. Bum, "HOORAY!"

Anonymous said...

@Trevor what quote from Ash?

Anonymous said...

Ah Lewis, that was SO much fun. Congratulations on your hard work paying off. And I'm so glad you finally got a song to show off that voice of yours! Nicely done sir!

Any chance we might hope for commentary?

A Tribe Called Helloween said...

Suburban Knights wasn't as awful as Kickassia, but that's the same thing as the Transformers 3 > Transformers 2 comparison. Both "films" are really fucking terrible Although good ol Ed Glaser could outdirect Michael Bay any day of the week. Doug Walker just isn't good at making "feature films." At least not TGWTG fan oriented ones.

What made the Year One Team Brawl video work was it's simplicity. AVGN vs. NC fight round 69 organically morphs into a TGWTG royal rumble. It was cheap, mindless fun, and unless Doug was going to really reach out and give the Screw Attack guys a call, there really was no reason to keep going making "huge event" films.

Also Malachite (stolen from Sailor Moon) was probably the biggest waste of a bad guy. I would have gotten behind the "ridiculously overpowered villain" card being played here if his foil "pure of heart" wasn't seen coming from a mile away. Something you can guess like that isn't clever, it's boring a dull. Also actually choosing to film Malachite answering his phone and having the good guys call him out on it was a really bad idea. I understand that they were trying to do "even the purest of "magicians" use technology angle, but this had no buildup, it just comes out of nowhere! It's not even a twist, it's just really bad writing. They would have been better off just chopping that part out of the movie altogether

You guys want to have big yearly celebrations from now on? Film a TGWTG dinner of you guys shooting the shit or rent outa con like you did with Magfest. Just stop making films. You look more and more like the directors you criticize.

Also, I didn't like your "I want a song dammit" part at the end, Lewis. It wasn't funny or entertaining, and to be honest it looked like an ego moment.

Random said...

Good Sir, I enjoyed This movie, and only truly wish you got to sing a longer song. But we can not have everything.
Thank you for this fine entertainment.

Jesse said...

I KNEW Ma-Ti would come in handy later! I didn't know he'd DIE though!D:

A tear shed for he who was lost:'(

BooRat said...

PERFECT! My only other comment is I'd love to see ya'll's next year's anaversy movie be an Evil Dead/Army of Darkness parodey!

libraryguy said...

Holy. Fucking. Shit.

I'll be honest: as much as I love Kickassia, it fell apart at the end (the Santa Christ deus ex machina wasn't all that well used, IMO). Suburban Knights did not. Not only that, but it went in a direction I honestly was not expecting. Ma-Ti was going to be the lynchpin, but I didn't expect him to get killed.

I'd heard that Rob said that there would be a plotline that might be continued in the Year 4 special. I guess we know what it is now, and I hope that you guys follow through. SK is a take on fantasy, and I think that you could do even better with horror.

Oh, and nice song :)

That's about it. I want to thank you all for putting in that much time and effort on this film. You did an amazing job, all of you, and I hope that you feel very proud of yourselves. Take a bow, one and all. You deserve it.

Sofie Liv Pedersen said...

I would so love to tell all those who criticise to shut up.
The anniversary is an reward to those who spend all year working to make the site going and to us who view them, a chance to see the cross overs so these people together, of cause it's not perfect, Doug writers at least one Nostaligia critic episode a week plus film and edit, that leaves little time to anything else, and the sheer quantity of his work and the fact he still manage to keep it funny have earned him any reward or medal people would give him.. I would to tell people who criticize to shut up.. but that would make me a hypocrite, because I have one single issue I need to get out there.

There is nothing new about this issue, I've seen it from the beginning from even before the brawl.

When Doug write plots, there is seemingly only one thing he can write about.. fights, people fighting.
And the trouble is, if you have people fighting early on, you hit the wall and there is no way to go than just more fighting.
Of cause there should be conflict, and we all know humour most often arrives from conflict, but he should really try and think in alternative forms of fighting.
Lets face it, fighting can be fun, but constant fighting is dull, and we are so used to it by now that no one is surprised. You can make them do other stuff than firing machine guns, try something else, try a farce or something.
And well, fighting is the easy way out when looking for a quick solution, I don't blame any-one here, I am just pointing out.

And well, it is a site learning to followers to criticise.. But other than that, it was all very nice, and I liked the ending about the necromancer book and Bum receiving the invitation, that made me laugh.

Kyu said...

@A Tribe Called Helloween

You'e entitled to you're own opinion, just like I'm entilted not to care about it. I thought this was a really good movie. It has its flaws, just like any movie, but its still something I greatly enjoyed and would watch again. Ma-Ti been the actual one who could hurt Malachite(oh no, a villian with the same name as anothe character? it so must be a rippoff.) may have been predicted, but I didn't expect Ma-Ti to actually die, or for it to be played(mostly) straight.

And TGWTG crew can make as many movies as they want. For something with such a small budget, I still enjoy them as much as those multi-million dollar films. And they all had fun doing it, and isn't that the point.

And I personally thought the song was great, it finished up on Linkara's attempt to get a song going throught the fim quite nicely, was a nice send-off to Ma-Ti, and was entertaining. The "I didn't even get a story arc" was particularly clever. It DEFINATLY didn't come off as an ego moment.

Peace1986 said...

Ma-Ti, you will be missed, but you will alway live in our hearts.

Too all the people who can only go ahead and hate on this series: Who is forcing you to watch this?
Sure, the series has it's flaws, but it's an ensemble movie. People who watch know how many movies are out there that have trouble keeping one main character interesting. It's nearly impossible to get all 16 main characters their own story line and have them all share the spotlight equaly.
Add to those 16 characters the supporting characters who can add to the plot, a good villain who is both entertaining and honoustly scares your audience(good job on Orlando), and you are looking at a nearly impossible task.

The Team has done what they could with the resources they had, and they achieved what they set out to do: Have a fun time making something that they hope will entertain us. Whenever you got Marzgurl, Jewwario or Joe in screen, you could see that they were just having a blast doing this. While others gave a more restrained performance to stay in character like Brad and Todd.

That said, I think that with this anniversary the idea of the Nostalgia Critic browbeating the team into a zany adventure has been played out to the max.
Next time it might be an idea to have seperate groups of the team seemingly come up with similar plans, not knowing that others are also setting out on adventure with similar, but not exactly the same goals(just throwing something out there).

But for this anniversary the final verdict is: AWESOME

Kevin Holsinger said...

Well, now's as good a time as any to ask...

...what, in stories like these, is the difference between science and magic? I mean, both are based on the ideas that:

1. the universe has rules
2. exploitaton of said rules allows you to do things you otherwise couldn't.

However, Malacite's whole purpose in "Suburban Knights" assumes science and magic are totally different disciplines. And I doubt most comic readers would argue that, say, Iron Man and Doctor Strange are doing the exact, same thing.

So I'm just wondering what separates science from magic in such stories.

Other than that, since Linkara is both a Star Trek geek and a singer, I look forward to his rendition of "Rocket Man" (assuming he didn't already do it in a video I didn't see).

Good day to you all.

Catherine said...

Well done! That ending really felt like an appropriately epic payoff; it was extremely funny, but also, well, kind of moving. Which isn't something I'd ever thought I'd say about a scene where a group of people in fantasy costumes throw a guy in a Quaker Oats can into orbit, but there you go.

I was very glad to see that you finally got your song, as well. :)

Aaron "The Mad Whitaker" Bourque said...

"Malachite (stolen from Sailor Moon)"

... Malachite is an actual real word.

It's not "stolen" from anything.

Anonymous said...

An awesome deconstruction of the "what kind of lame power is heart anyway?" trope at the end

Vickram101 said...

I knew Mati would be the one to face and beat the final boss. Awesome ending. I hope you guys splice it into one 2hr movie and release it on DVD.

Amnesia said...


I haven't cried so much since the Ninja-Style Dancer died. *sniff*

The Id said...

How nice of you to serenade the critic... And give him another horrible idea.

Dierna said...

First off.. Poor Ma'Ti..... :(

secondly: Malachite is a mineral (and a type of butterfly and a celtic rock band...amongst other things) No doubt the evil wizard guy got his name from said mineral and in fact I believe the power stone he had WAS a piece of Malachite (either that or Turquoise...they look a bit the same)

And incidentally the Sailor Moon character of Malachite's name in Japan is Kunzite (another minteral). :P

Sofie Liv Pedersen said...

I got an idea..

What if a couple of different groups or just individuals in the TGWTG team is after the same thing but for different reasons, and thus they have to fight each-other and outsmart each other, trip over each other, have each others plans collide.

In that way, you have a way to make more people gain the spot light, there is a great possibility for farce and people bumping into each other by chance and spoil each others plans, people switching sides, we could have a romeo and juliet subplot going some-where where two best mates or two in love is on each their team but want to work together.

Don't set up a huge indestructible villain, let the TGWTG members be each others obstacles. And in the end some kind of looser could run off with the treasure while they are busy arguing who earned the most.

Oh better, the treasure is a some kind of "Tri-force" sort of thing, something that has three different pieces, so not only would people have to find the pieces, ones you got a piece the other people who wants it for themselves would be trying to take it.
It's a easy way to get a lot of people to do a lot of stuff and build a lot of farce.

James Faraci said...

@LouisLovhaug-Listen if you want to take this week's review off until you've properly mourned & grieved for Ma-Ti I understand.

Grendle1853 said...

A very epic final and a great hook for what I'm hoping to be a zombie themed movie next year!

Robert 'Staredcraft' Willing said...

I'm gonna go out on a limb and guess that the reason your new Warrior review got held back to avoid spoilers is because it has either (or both) (1) Suede in it (2) it's post the death of Ma-ti?

Anonymous said...

I'll admit...I got faked out by the ending. I saw Spoony's finger bling and thought that was the "Anti-Malachite" ring. That lead me to thinking that Spoony was going to give into the darkness and we'd get Dr. Insano and his SCIENCE to actually save the day.

R.I.P. least until Chester finds the Necronamicon (however its spelled) and revives you as a zombie...or a Black Latern. (Raised from the dead and he has a ring...makes sense to me.)

Wait...Iron Liz was in the movie and we didn't get to see her...what a rip.

Finally onto you didn't get a character arc this time...but you also didn't in the first so I guess odd number movies aren't kind to you. Oh well with your Silent Hill fighting experience I'm sure you'll be vital if the 4th movie does involve the occult. You're Star Trek attire and song really brought it all together for me. Next movie, we need more of the rest of your pantheon...such as Harvey Finevoice singing the closing credits...or Pollo, just being Pollo.

Thanks to everybody at TGWTG for their hardwork and I look forward to what you will do to top this one.

Dark Patrician

libraryguy said...

I'm an idiot. There's something I forgot to mention.

I really like the fact that Malachite didn't leave a body. One of you would have probably realized the possible implications, if you weren't all grief-stricken. I think that it was a very smart decision. Orlando kicked all kinds of ass with that character, so I'm glad there's a back door.

Anonymous said...

Poor Ma-Ti, still there was something bugging me that I didn't realise until I explained it to my dad a few minutes ago. Why didn't anyone have a Phoenix Down handy? Still at least this sets up the story-line for the next anniversary movie, so all is well. So yeah aside from that, great performance all round

Anonymous said...


No, Linkara! Don't give him ideas!

Wait ...2012? Oh my.

Cthulhu fhtagn!

The main thing that I think was missing was everyone telling Mal that, in fact, 21st century technology has improved their lives... because they're internet critics and whatnot. But that's just me.

Also Malachite (stolen from Sailor Moon)


Anonymous said...

Wonderful job, you guys. The only thing that I would have added to it is Dr. Insano as a defender of science.

Nathan Forester said...

Damn it, I wish I could see it but the player doesn't seem to be working.

Kathryn said...

Poor poor Ma-ti.

The Montage was shorter than I thought it was going to be, and the song was good fun. As for Last Angry Geek, kinda suprised you did not call out his name, since you both do comic book reviews.

Myself, I liked this story. And at the end of it all, that is all I can say. Agree with me or not, that is up to you.

Unknown said...

One thing that noone has seemed to mention is that Malachite is also the name of a metal that is formed from the fusion of copper and carbon; natural and synthetic. Another tidbit is the fact that Malachite is essentially a vengeful monster who has been forced to not only: abandon his passions, recant the most important friend he has ever had, recieve banishment and be shunned on a grand scale by the king and his generations, search down through the decades over all walks of the Earth for his rightful creation,witness the horrid acts of man and machine i.e. WW2 and The Spanish Inquisition all with the knowledge that his revolution of magic may have averted this grim future, witness the sequential dumbing-down of Americans and other countries' youth due to the ever present convenience of technology, but at the moment when he is about to right all of these wrongs who should stand in his way but living proponents of men and women whose lives have been built to fame because of their technological savvy. If I was him I would have nuked every one. So to all of those people who state that Malachite was a horrible villian, let me ask you this, could any of you create someone without thinking of a more generic motivation or forming a being that could be so quintessential to the very purity of the TGWTG's foundations? Orlando Beslisle, you are $$$$'Pure MONEY$$$ !! AMAZING JOB MAN! Look for Malachite cosplayers next year at Comic-Con. You'll know me. Congrats to everbody on a great Third Year Anniversary!

Ming said...

Dude, Suburban Knights is truly epic, perhaps even better than Kickassia. I have enjoyed the epic ending -- particularly Malachite's beat-down of the Channel Awesome team and the unexpected final battle between Ma-Ti and Malachite.

I really enjoyed Orlando's role as the menacing and seemingly unstoppable Chigurh-like villain, Malachite. I think Malachite has earned his place amongst the greatest Internet villains, right alongside Dr. Insano, Mechakara, Lord Vyce, Black Lantern Spoony, Dark Nella, and Cinera and the GEAR organization from the unfinished Apollo Z Hack saga.

I never dreamed that Ma-Ti would actually be a badass, let alone have a ring that could actually defeat Malachite. (I mean, there's the gag interview you did, but still . . . ) His death scene is one of the saddest moments ever. Of course, I can't help but wonder if next year's crossover event will involve the Necronomicon and the return of Ma-Ti.

So, incidentally, when will we see the Spoony/Linkara crossover?

Nathan Forester said...

I've finally gotten around to seeing this and i loved all of this, it was really sad at the end.

Poor Mati, his death was not in vain.

And you all did rather well, and i'm so glad you actually got to sing.

You have a nice voice and I loved this special, more than kickassia.

Well done to you all.

Anonymous said...

"Also Malachite (stolen from Sailor Moon) was probably the biggest waste of a bad guy. "

Oh. My. Friggin. God.

Why the hell do people think Naoko Takenouchi invented the word Malachite?! For the love of all things holy, that wasn't taken from Sailor Moon!

Look. It. UP!

Unknown said...

I know! Malachite is a scientific name for a version of metal! Its almost symbolic of the character!

SSJWolverine said...

I know.

Hell, Malachite isn't even the real name of the Sailor Moon villain. It's Kunzite. So there!

Anonymous said...

It's been a while since I've enjoyed anything to the level where I'm imagining myself in that world, fighting alongside the heroes with child-like glee. When was the last time? Early Harry Potter?

Before Suburban Knights, I mean. The show made me remember why I enjoy fantasy so much - something professional productions haven't been doing for a while.

And here I thought I'd just grown up.