Friday, July 1, 2011

Suburban Knights Part 6 (Plus Crossover!)

The final battle approaches! Who is Malachite? Where is his hand? Will Joe ever get his line right?!

ALSO! Nash and I did a crossover! In the wake of the Green Lantern movie, we take a look at the failed 1997 Justice League of America TV pilot!

And man does it suck.


Anonymous said...

Hell yeah....AVGN and LordKat!!!

BooRat said...

Perfect! I'm pleased with what I've seen!
It'd been a bit more funny if the 2nd time she answered that door she answered it with mace(pepper spray not the medieval weapon).
2:20 ya'll made one mistake the light ball and Brad's eye line didn't line up he was looking about 3-5" above where it was in that effects scene!
I don't know who does that voice, but he sounds like or like he's doing an impression of Jason Mewes!
I don't know if that was all original art for that back story of the gauntlet, but that 1st image of that guy looked allot like an image of Dante Alighieri that I saw on History Channel!
That was actually a pretty well done looking sword fighting scene.
Linkara, you actually got a fairly evil looking stear in that standoff bit!
Oh a Harry and the Hendersons reference! I use to love watching that back when I was a kid.
Amazing, when my pants are down it has the same effect but I think for different reasons.
I betting either Mati or Spooney is the one with the power to beat the villain! Just saying!

Now to watch you're review of the Justice League movie no one hardly knows excist! :D

BooRat said...

Wow that was bad! Good review but the JLA movie was terrible! I'd heard of it and seen chopped up footage of it on youtube, but I never knew how much hey screwed it up!
I'd read about the Guy Gardener of this movie and he's basically a mix of all the different Green Lantern incarnations! He's got the hair and overall look of Hal, the mask and most of the costume of Kyle, and Guy's name and shirt/jacket thing?!
Wow Winchest from M*A*S*H was terrible as Martian Manhunter! The voice fit but he was too old and fat to play him convincingly!
The Flash looked alright for the part just his suit made him look like he wieghed around 400lbs. Why couldn't they use the other 90s Flash insted and just make it a tie into that and hell Luis and Clark was still big at the time wasn't? they should've had them in it to set up the universe insted of this Reality Show interview BS!
I do like all the jokes of just covering up your eyes a little in this universe and no body can reconize you!
Ok, I migh get this wrong and it might be different Fire and Ice(I think thre have been more then 3 of them), but aren't they lesbians in the comics? Ice is at least I've read that somewhere. Never really read anything in comic form that had to do with them outside the Death of Superman Trilogy.
You do gotta like how they decided to make a live action Justice League movie made completely of the Z-Team. Really I could name alot more likable and better well known characters to make up this team! out of all of them in this show Green Lantern, Flash, and Martain Manhunter are the most powerful and they seem to be exstremely toned down in this incarnation.
I'm glad I didn't order that bootleg I saw on ebay, now!

Thoom said...

That Justice League review with Nash was Hilarious! Great Job! Especially your creepy grin at the beginning.

Nathan Forester said...

This keeps getting better and better, and i'm loving it all.

Anonymous said...

Uh oh... it's all about to go to hell now!

Rob sure does love his LoTR's references!

on you and Nash
2. What...They honestly thought that was how you pitch a super hero sitcom? Even the Phantom Movie atleast had a decent action scenes!
3.You Mccoy fanboy! Punishing Nash for mocking his first episode.

Ray Kelley said...

This whole thing's awful, but it just kills me that this was seven years after the Flash tv show. And while not perfect, the costume and potrayal of the character was light years ahead of what we see here. It's one of those things where you wonder why they made it at all when they so obviously didn't care.

libraryguy said...

What's the best way to put this... ah, I know! Part 6 was as awesome as the JLA movie was horrible!

James' cameo wasn't unexpected, and I was pretty sure we'd see That Guy somewhere, but Jason was a welcome treat.

I'd ask how Part 7 could possibly top Part 6, but there is yet one person we haven't seen. Her awesomeness warps the universe around her. Her ability to smell fun knows no peer. Her bravery allows her to consume the dreaded Bacon Sundae. Mere mortals know her as BFF Nella.

Peace1986 said...

Okay, whenever you see Marzgurl charging into battle, you can see she's just having too much fun.

Also, Jaffers learned all there is to know about the internet in less then it took for the crew to get to the field?
Which provider does he have his connection with?


JaiCSC said...

OK. There were a fair few problems with this part.

I've got a decent sized list of them here.

*Sets fire to that list*

OK now I've dealt with that list here's all the stuff that I really enjoyed about this part. No particular order.

1: Great use of music in this one. Well used music can make the silliest things awesome.

2: Film Brain, NChick, Todd, NCritic line was great.

2: Expecto my fist. Possibly the second best line in the whole thing so far. (Nothing will top Joe's great line).

3: Lupa.

4: Getting 8 Bit Mickey to fly.

5: Second attempt to get 8 bit Mickey to fly. (If that is a blooper that was kept in that will make it 10 times funnier.)

6: Great cameos.

7: Linkara going for his magic gun.

8: Lupa again.

9: Phelous. And he's back to normal.

10: Jew Wario's method of distracting the enemy.

11: Good cliffhanger ending.

12: Great way to tell the origin of Malachite.

13: The ball of Light is a great fighter.

14: Scarface quote.

15: Lupa wielding a machine gun.

JaiCSC said...

Oh and the Nash video is great too.

Nash's videos are really funny but I don't think he's exposed enough on

Crossover with Linkara is probably one of the best ways to draw attention to him.

Anonymous said...

So, the entity will turn out to be the nerd? :P


samson said...

i've just realised what the whole ma ti plot point is. he IS heart personified, thus is true of heart, thus is going to be the person who ultimatly gets the gauntlet.
HA, you just got predicted ;)

Shadowbird Studios said...

Oh dear God, Linkara. That stare you gave Nash was TERRIFYING.

FugueforFrog said...

The infamous JLA TV movie...I think the less said the better. Trying to fuse Friends with a fusion of the classic heroes and a bit of JLI was obviously not the best way to handle...that. At least though the Atom is just a stupid nerd and not randomly "growing in people's heads"...which reminds me: didn't you say you wanted to do "Identity Crisis" eventually? (I could see a few stabs of him here in that review)

Des Shinta said...

Was that a clip of a Kamen Rider Monster used in the Starro the conqueror Segment?

Morgan said...

So a JLA movie without Superman, Batman, or Wonder Woman? That makes no sense.

Jetfire said...

I'm surprised you didn't comment upon the fact they couldn't even get Green Lantern's colours right in the JLA film.

When a film can't even get basic things like the costume right there's little hope for it.

The Physicist said...

Just a side note that it has been established that the Flash cannot retain information he reads at superspeed. Bart Allen (AKA Kid Flash 2 AKA Impulse 1) can, which shocked all of the other speedsters.

Anonymous said...

So a JLA movie without Superman, Batman, or Wonder Woman? That makes no sense.

It would if you were trying to push the lower list heroes. You be amazed at how drasctically a cast shift can happen based on popularity. Heck you see it Manga's all the time.

pras1234 said...

Great crossover with Nash. Who was tge one responsible for that miscasting? And Captain Cold is much more formidable than that joke of a villain.

SSJWolverine said...

@ BooRat

"Aren't [Fire and Ice] lesbians in the comics?"

I wish.

Grendle1853 said...

Unfortunately I can never unsee that JLA abomination.

Ming said...

Wow, nice cameos from Elisa from Team Nostalgia Chick, LordKat formerly of Until We Win and Blistered Thumbs (playing Crom from Conan), and the Angry Video Game Nerd as the Ancient voice.

This battle between Nostalgia Link's group and Jaffers' goons is without a doubt one of the most epic battles ever. Even better than the invasion of Kickassia, the battle between N Bison and Dr. Insano, and the fall of N Bison. Oh, and the reaction the Gauntlet is back where they started is a priceless moment of funny.

Regarding the JLA pilot, all I can say is this: WHAT THE HELL WERE THEY THINKING? This may very well be TV movie's counterpart to Batman and Robin. Hell, if I had to choose between Green Lantern (the recent one that will end up on Bad Movie Beatdown) and the JLA pilot with Kim Oja, I'd go for Green Lantern. I just hope DC and Warner Brothers can learn from this JLA pilot fiasco and actually pull off a really good Justice League movie.

M@ said...

Not to plug myself, but I will... If you're interested in the Rifftrax thing, Linkara, I did a solo-man riff of this several years back here:

I'd definitely be willing to grant a copy to you if you'd like to suffer through the film again.

Nathan Forester said...

I ike the crossover you two did for the JLA movie, although strangely enough I was kind of expecting there to be a reference to Megamind in there especially seeing as the city is New Metro City.

Anonymous said...

So, you saw the Last Airbender movie? What did you think?
More to the point - have you seen the actual cartoon?
I looked at all the TGWG reviews I could find, but none of them had seen the cartoon. I'd like to see the perspective of someone who has.
Show - great
movie - let us not speak of it again.
(When asked if I've seen Avatar, I ask if they mean good, bad, or evil?)

Also, I've seen that Justice League movie. I remember snatches of it; not the Breckin Meyer style stoner Flash, but bits...

I wish I'd had a hammer.