Thursday, June 30, 2011

Suburban Knights Part 5

As Team 2 attempts to rescue their hypnotized comrade, Team 1 comes across a new enemy and an old ally! ‎


Anonymous said...

Well Mat the evil one didn't last long.

Malachite proves to be an ass, Who turns down popcorn and harry and the hendersons?


BagelJew0707 said...


Tobbii said...

Good episode, but talk about putting all the exposition in one place.

Campbell said...

Was Suede supposed to be dressed like someone specific, like everyone else?

Anonymous said...

Best way to reintroduce us all faithful watchers of Channel Awesome to That Dude In The Suede: include him in the 3rd anniversary special. Ingenious!

Anonymous said...

I think he's supposed to be the Black Knight from Monty Python...anyway, love the Army of Darkness reference plus is it me or does anyone else get the feeling Ma-Ti is the key to finding the gauntlet with the "true of heart"?

Danny Matthews said...

OK, First of all, I want to say that I have been enjoying virtually all of Suburban Knights so far. It's been amusing, a bit dramatic and while there are a few missteps but it has been incredibly good fun so far.

That said there has been something that was quite off about the special and like 3/4 of the people watching this I too am finding the group being led by Spoony to be more entertaining. After watching all the parts again a few hours ago I think I've figured out what has been bothering me. And this part, which focused on the Nostalgia Critic’s group more and had a more serious tone, has solidified that thought.

I'll try and be as constructive as I can and try not to troll but it may be difficult when my issues and criticisms are directed mainly to one person in particular. But if my comments are considered offensive feel free to comment or even request this post to be removed.

My issue with Suburban Knights has been that The Nostalgia Chick is just sapping the energy from the NC's group, actually the entire special in general I think. Throughout this whole thing about 95% of the time she has looked so bored and uninterested. There may or may not be a good reason for it but regardless it's affecting the ability for me to enjoy this as much. As is often the case with many things, if you can't hide the fact that you don't care about what you are making then the audience won't.

I'm not sure if she was written to be completely blasé (which has backfired immensely) or if Lindsey just doesn't care (I'd be sorry if it was true) but she is just draining enthusiasm and entertainment value from this.

That's why Spoony's group has been much more enjoyable to watch so far. You can just tell that they are ALL having an absolute blast, including the cloaks, the mom and the girl who kind of looked like a relative of Paw. Even Orlando seems like he is really getting into this and as a result he is interesting to watch. Honestly I kept thinking that the Nostalgia Critic’s branch was really lagging in the humour and action part but that’s not true. It definitely hasn’t been as funny or eventful as the other team but it’s actually not that far off, Linkara has been great, the Critic not as much but he has had his moments, 8 Bit Mickey and Handsome Tom have a bit more of the spotlight this time and Obscurus Lupa has shined (which I wasn’t expecting) but the Nostalgia Chick has been so flat and dull it has prevented the good parts from the team around her from registering properly first time around.

Alex Stritar said...


I didn't see that coming, but I'm glad he's back! Sweet!!

Now, we shall all be assended to AMV Heaven! :D

Anonymous said...

*ahem* SUEDE!!!!!!!!!!! <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3

BooRat said...

I liked thi one it got alot of story out, but the B-Team didn't hardly get any screne time this time!
Ah, Internet the world's magic porn box!
I know now where Malakyte's look comes from he looks a lot like those herm-angels from the Profacy! One of my fave Christopher Walkens movie series!
I like that dude's mask! where'd ya'll get that?

Nathan Forester said...

I am heavily enjoying this saga and I can not wait until the next part.

libraryguy said...




There's a lot more to say, like how the Big Bad is really Malachite, how heartwarming the debrainwashing was, and how damned amusing Rob was, but...


Turkish Proverb said...

Well. That was a nice surprise. Even with people theorizing it, I didn't see that coming. Suede appearing. And the defeat in mortal combat gag was hilarious.

Gotta admit, I had my worries about the premise, but this has been enjoyable from scene 1.

Peace1986 said...

Ok, first of, I started watching after Suede left, so that reveal isn't such a big deal to me.
Up to this point team A has indeed have a more story telling adventure, which some people concider less entertaining. Sure, team B got the scenes of action where each individual member got to have screen time to show of their individual awesomeness, but they didn't really add to the overall storytelling.

Funny how as long as the Critic just dressed up as Link, obstacles were hard to overcome, but the moment he got into semi character, or became the critical aspect of Link, the obstacles turn out far easier.

But I'm sure that now all the lines are getting together, and the final battle will be one where everyone unites against Malachite, and Team A members get their time to shine.

And hopefully, good King Arthur will inspire his forces with a song of battle that everyone will join in as they form their battle line.


Anonymous said...

malachite had the heart in his left hand so why was the blood on his right hand?

Ming said...

Cloak Film Brain is sure annoying to the other Cloaks. This never happened to N Bison during Kickassia.

The Dude with the Suede's appearance is indeed an incredible surprise. I hope we get to see more of the Suede in the future.

This is a game-changing episode for both teams.