Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Suburban Knights Part 3 (Plus Podcasts!)

As Team 1 settles down to rest, Team 2 must do battle with the Cloaks!

Also, I've been on quite a few podcasts lately, so here they are!

First up, I had the honor of once again being on Made of Fail, but this time with DC Comics writer Sterling Gates! We got to talk about the DC relaunch and other issues relating to the comic world, including the Green Lantern movie!

You can listen to the podcast HERE!

Next, Those ComicBook Guys interviewed me!

Hopefully coming soon will also be a one-off podcast that I did talking about the DC relaunch in other areas, but I've been sidetracked so I haven't uploaded it yet, but it will indeed happen soon. Enjoy, everybody! ‎


Angel Asylum said...

wtf is with your character and musicals? i mean thats PAW's show isnt it? why the hell would they give that to you

Lewis Lovhaug said...

"wtf is with your character and musicals? i mean thats PAW's show isnt it? why the hell would they give that to you"

Well, since I'm playing King Arthur from the musical Camelot, I'm always trying to sing.

Plus Camelot is my favorite movie.

Silens said...

I'm going to post this here, because I'm fairly certain that any point I make will be drowned out if I post it on TGWTG, and I know you are being very reasonable and are at least are willing to hear criticism of the production, Lewis.

The first half of this video was quite enjoyable and very watchable. Lewis and Lindsey really stood out here and the scene executed far better than most of them have in this production.

Now for the problems... look, I have no problems with the premise of LARPing and making fun of the insanity of having such an 'epic' battle on a playground - but the scene dragged on far too long with sight gags and overblown references. The scenes with Joe on the swing, Todd fighting anything and everything because of 'blindness' (although his dialogue is well-delivered), and Brad trying to 'save' Marzgurl were not only unfunny, but they came off as embarrassing for everyone involved. The fight on the playground 'could' have worked - if it had been cut to about a third of its length and had some decent fight choreography (yes, I know it's amateur, but you can only rely on that excuse for so long).

Furthermore, I think one of the problems showing in this production is a real split in tone. The writing is measurably sharper and more original when the narrative is framed as a black comedy/drama (one of the reason's Noah's little spiel at the end of Part 2 or Lewis' bit in this part worked well).

But when you throw in awkward physical comedy on a playground set... the writing unfortunately takes a nose-dive. I'm fine with Todd quipping that he doesn't want to be here or Brad attempting the bridge scene with the two Cloaks - 'those' worked because they didn't break the verisimilitude of the setting or the context of the fight.

But well, let me put it this way: when Noah's expectations about LARPing are subverted by the Cloaks attacking, it works and increases immersion. When both 'heroes' AND 'villains' are scared off by a mom with her daughter, it doesn't add immersion. It makes the whole scene of assorted people from twenties to late-thirties come off as juvenile and more than a little sad. It does more damage to your premise and immersion than any amount of the Critic's jokes about goat porn.

Peace1986 said...

A chainletter?
This will not end well.

I was allready suspecting that Todd might have trouble seeing with two masks on. So was that any trouble during production, that he really couldn't see?

Can't wait for tommorow


BooRat said...

Even better than the last 2! Only thing is the Ball hangin' joke went on alittle too long, but the Goat Fucker jokes made up for that!
If ya'll could've destroy public property ya'll could've done a scene from Rodin Hood: Men in Tights(ya'll should know the scene) with Todd and his blid fighting!
Masaroti should ryme(Sorry my spelling is very bad! but the car brand)

Is tha tring going to come into play in the plot?

Angel Asylum said...

well to each there own i guess, i still say it doesnt make sense... i mean you coulda said excaliber, i mean that was another awesome king Arthur movie, oh well.
so my guess is Iron Liz, the last angry geek and someone else, not sure who. saw someone guessing on part one.

libraryguy said...

Poor Linkara. They just won't let you sing!

Also, I deeply dig how ballsy Doug was. Truly, his testicular fortitude is an inspiration to us all. He shows us all what it takes to have big brass ones.

When it comes time to murder Critic in his sleep, I vote that Mickey gets to have the first crack at him.

Lizard-Man said...

I'm enjoying the show so far, mostly I really enjoy PAW's Jeremy Irons as Profion. I hope there's more of him... and I hope he uses other potential lines from the movie.

Your character is funny too, always trying to break out into song. Hilarious.

Anywho, because it's the annversary time period, I gotta ask... when does the next warrior review come out? Have been asking that a lot lately, if so sorry.

Lewis Lovhaug said...

See, actually what I find kind of amusing about your post, Silens, is that most of the criticism that I've been seeing for this part centers around people believing that Team 1's antics were ultimately pointless (they're not - like Kickassia, eventually people should view the whole thing in movie form) whereas the fight advanced the plot and was more exciting, even if it was fake-fighting.

Not to say either side is correct, but I just find that amusing. XD Either way, thanks for the comments and for being civil!

BooRat said...

Ok now for the interview!
It was fun to har, but I could tell the guy doing the interview were really nervus and probaly like me will recall a 100 questions that they'd wanted to ask after ya'll closed out ya'll's chat!
Danny Chase? Sound famuliar, but I already got too much data in my head to figure it out here! to WIKImobel!

I'm curious of your openions of up coming films as in ones not made yet but are in production aprently! Like Deadpool, Dark Knight Returns(a litteral pannel for pannel adaptation of the Frank Miller comic), and ones like the Amazing Spider-Man the reboot of the franchise!?

Michael Heide said...

The Green Lantern movie isn't out yet here in Germany and won't be for another month. I'm still trying to avoid spoilers as good as I can. So which minutes of the Made of Fail podcast should I skip?

Kevin Holsinger said...

(I apologize beforehand if this somehow posts twice)

Linkara, about Moon Knight...

I've only read two books of his so far ("The Bottom" & "God and Country"). And while I, for one, enjoyed them, I think you MIGHT want to stay away from MK if only because he comes across like BINO from "All Star Batman".

See, Moon Knight's a mentally disturbed, night-themed, sadist with crescent-shaped throwing-weapons and a cave/lair.

Actually, that's why I didn't despise ASBAR all that much, because I kept mentally replacing him with Moon Knight. I still agree with all your other criticisms of the comic (or rather your CRITICISMS of the COMIC...your criticisms of the comic...criticisms...comic). But once you look at ASBAR as a Moon Knight comic rather than a Batman comic, it works a little better.

Happystickman said...

I feel for you Linkara. The world needs more musicals.

Anonymous said...

Why do I get the feeling that the quest isn't really two paths to the same goal, but two parts of the same quest. Ala Find The key to the dungeon, and then go through the dungeon. or in this case

1: Finds the gem
2: finds the guantlent

The Id said...

Serious mood whiplash between the first episode and part 3.

We went from someone being MURDERED IN THEIR CAR to play fighting and bestiality jokes.

PWBOT said...

Still loving Suburban Knights, I feel that the right mixture of lampshade hanging and immersion is what will make this movie really humorous and one to remember. A lot of other posts seem to be about what is the right amount of the two, whether it should be heavy immersion and little lampshade hanging or heavy lampshade hanging and occasional immersion. I prefer the 50/50 approach (or around that percentage, give or take) myself.

Anyway, looks like you can't get a break on the musicals Linkara. I bet more people would want to listen to you sing if you had million dollar pipes. Oh well, those pipes are too good for human beings!

Anonymous said...

I'm not sure if you have seen this, but I came across a site that has random quotes and you must guess if it was spoken by either Charlie Sheen or Ultimate Warrior.

I am enjoying every part of Suburban Knights. I can't wait to see how it ends. I just wish somebody would have done Ash from Evil Dead.

The Ribos Operation said...

it looks like mars girl is about to bust out laughing in every scene she's in. did she have the giggles that day or what?

Anonymous said...

Do you just habitually throw on a British accent? You do in a couple of panel videos?

Volvagia said...

Kevin Holsinger: The problem with ASBAR is it ISN'T BATMAN. It's so not Batman he doesn't even use "BINO" anymore. The approved replacement term is Crazy Steve. As an example, from the Spawn/Batman review, "But, because this is Crazy Steve, he throws a batarang in Spawn's face." And, if you have to replace the character that's there with another character to "not hate the story", you DO hate the story. I don't actually think Lewis would have a problem with a good Moon Knight story. If his origin really is as a homeless psychotic, I'd love to see Moon Knight #1 in Secret Origins Month Vol. 2. (that's probably when he has his loosest standards for quality.)

Nathan Forester said...

Lewis, I thought your character was very nice as always and he had a great voice too.

I'm enjoying this so-far.

Ming said...

Fight scene between Spoony/Gandalf's team and the Cloaks is hilarious and awesome -- especially since it's on a playground and it gets interrupted by an angry mom with daughter. The resolution to that fight is so funny.

Where did you get these other extras for the bit parts? From the local neighborhood?

Kevin Holsinger said...


Actually, I've made a hobby out of slowly rewriting every story in my library to make them more in sync with my tastes. Books, movies, episodes of TV shows...if I like them enough that I intend to go through them repeatedly, I rewrite them bit by bit. It's an odd hobby, but I like it.

So, me mentally replacing Batman with Moon Knight in ASBAR works just fine for my tastes. However, I'll concede that, for the average reader, if you have to make Miller's Batman into someone OTHER THAN Batman for the story to work, that's a a strike against Mr. Miller's work.

Queen Anthai said...

@Michael Heide -

You can skip 25:45 to 57:32 if you must avoid spoilers. Let us know how you like it!