Monday, June 27, 2011

Eminem/The Punisher #1

Will the real Slim Shady please stand up... and throw this comic away?

NOTE: Just to put the kibosh on more comments on the subject, I have been informed of the meaning behind "Bluehairs" and "Coney dogs." I have never heard either term used before now.


Mountain King said...

I'm going to need a second from the title alone.

Oy, why? Just why? What the unholy frack were they thinking? Archie meets the Punisher has a funny slant to it, and you've said that before. It doesn't take itself too seriously. This? This is about as amusing an idea as having my wisdom teeth pulled out through my nose.

I despise Rap music. And find the Punisher far too one dimensional. That he somehow survived the 90's craze of giving everyone more "gunz" than they could physically carry I'll never know. Combining the two does not appeal to me in the slightest, but I can see 90's Kid liking it, so I give it that. I admit I'm probably prejudging this thing. So time to click on the link with as open a mind as I can muster…

… I was pre-judging. That doesn't mean it doesn't suck.

What was the point of this thing? To get people that like Rap music reading comics? As pointed out at the very beginning they're two cultures that don't really mix all that often. I'm not saying there isn't some connection, but you're not going to entice that many new readers putting one of the best selling Rap artists of the last decade with a outdated, second string, Marvel anti-hero.

Last time someone mixed Rap and Marvel we got Blade the TV series, we all know how that turned out! (the lead actor, that made Robert Beltran's performance look nuanced, was apparently a Rap singer)

You mentioned the badly drawn plastic bubble of a hat the Rap star was wearing, for a little while it looked like he stole it from the Red Hood. Now that would have been interesting, rather than this stupid, rather predicable and cliché riddled trash we were left with. There are so many plot holes in this mess it looks like swiss cheese. Why not just shoot skittles, or whatever, in the head with that sniper rifle in the middle of the concert and end this mess? Or bomb his car? A real assassin would have done the job right and saved us the trouble of this comic.

The only thing I found believable in this mess is the motivation. Believe it or not there was (and still is) a fundamentalist Christian movement that has attempted to blame Rap and Rock for everything from Columbine to what happened in New York almost ten years back. I'm not kidding, they tried to ban both styles of music because it had a "negative effect on todays youth". I might not like Rap Music, but I accept that other people do. It's thrown away as a joke here, but there are "people" (read:- 'fools and morons') that might just do something like that. These are the same people that did "Rock:- It's your choice"

I would call this a waste of toilet paper, but at least they made one good choice when making this digital. While you can't get quite the same satisfaction dragging a folder into the recycle bin and hitting delete all it is about what this thing deserves.


Napoloeon Winston said...

"Blue hairs" mean old folks. Great review Links!

Jillian Jensen said...

A coney dog is pretty much a hot dog with chili meat and onions on top. The name comes from it's origin - Coney Island, of course. Nowadays, you can find them at your local A&W fast food shop. I had one once - it was quite tasty. :)

Brian Henegar said...

Hey Linkara, to explain what a Coney Dog is, it's a specialty of the "Sonic" fast-food chain that is a foot-long hot dog covered with Chili and topped with shredded cheese, or as I call it "instant heart disease."

Also, I am SO using "Idiostuperiffic" in my daily conversation from now on...funny as per usual.


Alex Stritar said...

I don't want to take this review as reading into something that's not there, but I defently am curious, so I feel as though I must ask.

Linkara, are you a brony?

The Id said...

I don't know why, but I assumed you'd be taking the week off and in it's place would be the Suburban Knights crossover. I mean you could get away with it, and in a podcast a while back you did state you've never taken a week off for better or for worse.

Anonymous said...

A coney dog is a hot dog from coney Island.
Make your own connections.

Film is a Theory said...

Have you honestly never heard the term "blue hair" or were you just feigning ignorance for comic effect? (Which, honestly, was worth it if only for the anime convention gag in the credits)
I mean, I know "blue hair" isn't as popular as "Q-Tip," "Cotton Head," or "Snow Bird," but I didn't think it was obscure.
(In case you're sincere, the idea is that their hair is so grey that it kind of looks blue.)

Xepscern said...

Just... wow. The simple premise makes me want to barf.

Anonymous said...

Wow, I thought at least one of the titular duo would act normally, but seems I got my homes up.

Great review and stinger! And I'm looking forward to the rest of Suburban Knights. (you looked awesome in the King Arthur getup)

Anonymous said...

there worst there a insane clown posse comic out there please review it and give a good thrashing

StHubi said...

That was really entertaining :)

But be aware, that bullet proof wests are not really "bullet proof"! You get inner injuries quite easily because of the bullet's impact on a single point and it is quite sure to knock out somebody who got shot close up like the Punisher or Eminem in the comic.

Anonymous said...

>>MLP Theme


ramses said...

Bluehairs is a reference to the old-fashioned custom of people bleaching their hair when it got grey, resulting in a slightly blue tint. They did this because at the time, white hair hot in and grey hair was not.

Anonymous said...

A conny dog is chile dog. The name comes from conny island.

Lewis Lovhaug said...

"Linkara, are you a brony?"

Nope, but Liz watches the show so of course I've seen plenty of it. XD

Anonymous said...

A conny dog is a chile dog. the name comes form conny island.

Lewis Lovhaug said...

"Have you honestly never heard the term "blue hair" or were you just feigning ignorance for comic effect? (Which, honestly, was worth it if only for the anime convention gag in the credits)
I mean, I know "blue hair" isn't as popular as "Q-Tip," "Cotton Head," or "Snow Bird," but I didn't think it was obscure.
(In case you're sincere, the idea is that their hair is so grey that it kind of looks blue.)"

Yeah, I've never heard blue hair or ANY of those other terms in relation to the elderly. XD

Zachary said...

I believe a coney dog is a Coney Island Hotdog.

Kathryn said...

Why My Little Pony? Sure the show (the newest version) is total awesomeness, but I just do not get that joke.

Also, when you were asking where parents got the number of a hitman, you forgot something. These are CHRISTIAN parents who hired a hitman / FORMER RAPPER to kill a rapper. Speaking as a christain myself, I have to ask the writer / editor "what the heck?!"

Scott said...

I wonder just how many of these mash ups that nobody asked for or wanted actually exist in the comic book world.

Also... Do you happen to watch Friendship is Magic? If so, that's awesome!

Anonymous said...

this is a coney dog just pointing that out

Jesse said...

Only good thing I got out of this was seeing the Punisher get beaten up and a the little bits of music that played.

Anonymous said...

Is Barracuda Brain damaged or something? Cause his face in every panel just has that look to it.

Of course, then that would just make too much sense.

Anonymous said...

Yeah, it's been said, but a traditional Coney is a hot dog with chilli, onions and mustard. I love them.

And Lafayette is a restaurant in Detroit specializing in Coneys.

Anonymous said...

The title card just made me think.


You don't know what a coney is? You never went to Sonic and got a footlong chili dog and wondered why they called it a coney?

videomaster21XX said...

Glad to see I wasn't the only one wondering if the inclusion of the My Little Pony theme meant you liked the show.

I say Liz has good taste in cartoons.

Do be warned though, while you may not be a FiMfan yet. The show has it's way of infecting you with it's charm...

LJ said...

I know you said no more 'blue hair', but: the reason they're called blue hairs is because of a once-popular hair treatment called a 'blue rinse'.

Maybe it's still popular! I don't know. But I remember it referenced heavily in the 60s and 70s, and in kidsfic in the 1980s

Reverend H.B. Snood said...

In defense of Barracuda's biting the chain, he's a recurring Punisher villain who has usually been depicted as having superhuman strength and stamina with no explanation given. I just assume he's a mutant and it was never explicitly stated.

Paul S. said...

The "Parents Music Council" seems to be a jab at the "Parents Music Resource Center" which in the 1980s were responsible for those "Parental Advisory Explicit Lyrics" stickers on certain albums. Considering the group was founded by the wife of a Sentator and future vice president, Tipper Gore, and Susan Baker the wife of a former Treasury Secretary James Baker. So I could see how such a group would have the pull to hire an assassin.

WHY they would want to do such a thing is another matter. As Barracuda himself pointed out, killing Eminem would only increase demand for his albums. So yeah... it's a stupid plot.

Anonymous said...

I can't even get past the art on this comic. Bad story aside, the poorly done photoshop work on Eminem's face pulls you right out of the story. It doesn't even pretend to match the surrounding artwork. It just feels thrown in.

Dude, I am so sorry you had to experience that. :(

EspanolBot said...

Hahaha, it's funny because in Barracuda's first appearence he fed a hiphop star to some sharks... or something.

He's generally a lot smarter in the comics, or was at any rate.

samson said...

quick side note, you don't want to fuck with shady ect. (min 10 ish) is from one of his songs (entitled 'kill you'), and the fisherman bit at 17:44 is from 'stan' (another song), which suggests this is for eminem fanboys, which tbh doesn't make much scense.
shit comic, great review

SlyDante said...

Interesting note: Eminem was actually the creative consultant on this comic. Also notable: Eminem is known to have a bit of an ego. Goshers, might the two be connected? =P

Not only is the "Parents Music Council" twist bullcrap for the reasons you mentioned, but also because this comic was released in 2009 to apparently promote his then-new album "Relapse" (which even Em admits was his worst album ever, & may be the "dark period" the Rap Critic alluded to). Except by 2009, Eminem...Really wasn't controversial anymore. In his earlier days (1999-2003, mainly), he gained an incredible amount of controversy due to his lyrics, but now? Meh.

So basically, this whole mess feels like Eminem trying to build himself up as more of a badass then he actually is/was, & failing spectacularly. Just an additional two cents there.

Anyhow, spectacular review as always, Linkara! Great job ripping into this mess! ^_^

Drakenul said...

Also, in relation to the Coney Dogs thing, in and around Detroit, what the rest of America would call diners are called Coney Islands, and thus they all serve Coneys. Most are also run by old Greek families and serve gyros.

ShadowWing Tronix said...

Eminem and the Punisher. Two things I hate all together in one package of fail. I don't know about "Slim Shady" himself, but that's certainly the persona he portrays in his songs and (why God why) movies. Or one movie, I really don't care.

Jannet_Jazz said...

Archie, Eminem, is there anyone Frank Castle won't team up with?

Besides, if you wanted him to team up with a rapper, why not team him up with actual hardcore street legends like NWA?

Drakenul said...

Also, further notes from a Detroiter, the "lake" is probably the Detroit River, which partially freezes over in winter, and flows from Lake St. Clair and Lake Erie, separating Michigan and Canada. Also, makes the only point where Canada is south of the US.

FugueforFrog said...

The Punisher singing the immortal words of Paul Williams as interpreted by Karen that...was epic.

This was just one of the most WTF comics in a long time on this show. Somehow I imagine it wasn't a PTA that hired that idiot Baracuda but else could he get rid of those annoying musicians he keeps hating on. Furthermore I just keep having weird thoughts of "The Wreck of The Edmund Fitzgerald" when they were stuck in the cold waters of one of the Michigan lakes, but that was on Superior...and Detroit is not technically on a Great Lake but on a river linking Erie and Huron.

Oh and someone get "My Little Pony" ready for Eminen's funeral!

Drunken Lemur said...

I think it's a safe bet to say you'll be doing Frank Miller's Holy Terror when it comes out, won't you?

Falcovsleon20 said...

I'm pretty sure that dead hippo is graffiti mural. Y'know, one of those more talented graffiti artists that don't do this thing for vandalism but rather artistic expression.

Then again, I do not know much about that kind of thing since I live in a suburb and not a big city like that.

Benjamin J said...

"Idiostuperific..." Ladies and Gentlemen, we have an AT4W internet meme for 2011!

I also detected a trace of Matt Smith in the delivery on that one. If so, nicely done.

This comic is sad because I'm a fan of all of the things in this comic separately (The Punisher, Barracuda, and Eminem), but put them all together, and good god, was this ever pointless. I'm gonna have to go read Long Cold Dark (a really GOOD Punisher/Barracuda story) again to wash the bad taste away.

By the way, Coney Dogs are frikking delicious. I highly recommend them to anyone.

Alain M. Diaz said...

So... yeah. Okay, wow. You know, when it comes to Eminem, I expect anything involving him to be a stroke of his ego and done to make him look "bad-ass" (a term I use loosely), but this... Wow. This was insanely bad.

And the whole thing with a Religious Parents group hiring a MERCENARY to kill a rapper? Ignoring the obvious moral and legal issues that come from this, what ever happened to talking to your kids about it? Wouldn't that have been easier than this? Doesn't murder seem just a TAD over the top?

Seriously, imagine Mercenary got caught alive and the people responsible for hiring him were exposed and arrested. Could you imagine the conversation they'd have with their kids at the Police Station?

Kid: "Okay Mom... Dad... let me get this straight... You felt that Eminem, a rapper who SINGS about violence, was going to be a bad influence on me, right?"
Mom & Dad: "We, just didn't want you to go down the wrong path honey."
Kid: "O-Okay... So you felt the only logical course of action in dealing with this man's music and my enjoyment of it, was to hire a mercenary to perform a MASSIVE act of violence, by killing said rapper, which also resulted in the death of several other men who did nothing but work for that rapper... Does anyone else feel that there's been a rather noticeable misstep in logic here?"
Mom & Dad: "Do as we say, not as we do dear."

Anonymous said...

Great review. Ranks up there with Batman against Punk, a Pop group becoming superheroes and a Rock group...uh...doing something with reincarnation and a Great Old One.

I can only wonder what music genre/superhero crossover we see next. (Though unless it involves Johnny Cash, I dread seeing what they'd do to Country).

Robert said...

The Parents Music Council is a spoof of the Parents Television Counsel a right wing activist group that used to be lead by the insane pundent L. Brent Bozell III, they are known for there violent rhetoric against what they see as indecent and spamming the FCC and advertisers with complaints. Hiring a hitman definitely seems to be type of thing they would do. By the way if you want a good laugh go to there website and read some of there material it is unintentionally hilarious

Werezilla said...

I think the blue hair thing is a reference to Marge Simson, i.e. soccer mom who doesn't believe rap music should be something their children should listen to. Seems kind of overkill for parents to hire an assassin to kill Emenem, and even if they were stupid enough to try that they clearly picked the wrong guy considering Baracuda sticks out in a crowd like a sore thumb.

TheDVDGrouch said...

As a long time Punisher fan I have to agree with "EspanolBot" I think Barbuda is probably the most out of character one in the entire comic.

Heck in the comics Barracuda is essential the anti-Punisher. I was expecting a morale discussion from a Punisher and its nice to know Linkara didn't disappoint.

Kuiska said...

Also, I think Barracuda was singing "Hush Little Baby" as a reference to Eminem's "Mockingbird" which used lyrics from that song.

Lotus Prince said...

Waaaaait a second. The Punisher, the guy who regularly kills criminals, is getting ready to kill Eminem for...killing a criminal? Wow, Punisher.

Emolotow said...

Awwww, please Linkara don't do a Dr Cox Parody! Idiostuperiffic sounds just not right to me.

Idiostuperiffic moments happened in various of your rewiews. But you do not need to make a new meme out of it.

Stay true to ur own stuff, you've invented so many great ways of beeing angry, I think you don't need to copy imaginary badasses who have awarded a doctor degree.

No hard feelings, just wanted to point this out. Great as always!

Shada said...

Great review Linkara, I think I read this when it came out (is that still the term when it's an online comic?).

If I remember right, Eminem is a huge comic fan, and wanted to do a comic. Marvel wanted the publicity and asked him who he wanted to be teamed up with. He wanted to do a team up with the Punisher - and horrible, horrible history was made.

Eminem had a lot of control over the story (such a shock!). Which I guess is why he does everything and tries to seem all badass (sorta... I still think he looks like a punk in this comic).

Yeah, too bad you can't throw it against the wall...deleting it is not nearly as satisfying.

Shada said...

Is it just me, or is the #1 in the top corner of the cover terrifying, like they might have done a series of these stupid stories?

Jetfire said...

Does anyone else think this should have been made as Eminem vs Crazy Steve and written by Frank Miller?

Seriously, the second the Punisher turned up I was reminded of the Spawn crossover. That and "the ****ing Punisher!" mentally translated as "the goddamn Batman."

BooRat said...

Good Review! I actually read this comic for free on youtube some one took it and made a slideshow video set to Eminem's music and put it on youtube! It is a pretty bad comic!
Well I don't know if you were joking or you really didn't know these but I'll exsplain the stuff you messed up on:
1st a Coney Dog the best of my knolege is a Chili Dog! the name comes from Coney Island where I believe they origionated from.
2nd the reason Baracuda was sing Mocking Bird is because it's actually part of one of Eminem's songs of the same name but more rapper like!
3rd a Baracuda is alot like Jaws from James Bonde with the metal teeth and inpossibly stong jaw bone! that's where he get's his name sake from a Baracuda is a large carniverious fish like a shark but it's fresh water!
and 4th a Blue Hair is an old slang term for an elderly person some one old enough to have greying but not white hair! It might be more of a Southern thing as it's a common term here in Texas!
Well, hopefully I'm not the 100th person to say this because I don't mean to nitpick. Hope this was helpful!! :D

Anonymous said...

Yeah this is abysmal. As far as I know, Eminem wears glasses and does NOT affect a black accent when off stage (and does nothing to hide this, he is typically himself rather than the "Slim Shady" character in interviews and such.) So why he's 50 Cent-lite here is confusing.

And while Frank Castle isn't the picture of sanity, he's not Rorschach! He seems to understand the grey area in morality (he sided against the Superhero Registration Act with Cap.)

Anonymous said...

Nice channeling of Dr. Cox at the 19 minute mark, BTW.

sirnippip said...

Just wanted to point out that the Great Lakes are enormous and would be very difficult for someone to find the bodies.

Great review as always.

Queen Anthai said...

So, forget to link to any good podcasts lately? :P

Razorvine said...

Well that was interesting ...

I wonder how much input Eminem had into this whole comic. I mean it kinda jibes with the persona that he plays up. But it does kind of make him look really stupid too.

Knightsky said...

Why was the writer writing the Punisher as Rorschach?

"Serious crime," indeed.

BIGMercenary said...

Why is it Eminem is painted baby-smooth while the other characters are gritty? I understand they could have photos to draw from but it looks like they actually photoshopped his head into the scene. Maybe that was Eminem's doing but it just looks laziness on part of the artist(s).

Anonymous said...

"The they started it defence"

...That would be self-defence.

Gyre said...

Wait. Didn't 'Barracuda' shoot Mathers (Eminem)? Several times, at point blank range? How is he still alive!? That would take military grade body armor (which Eminem has no reason to have).
On another note I love how they make the black villain look like his features are slightly distorted and inhuman. So in this world concerned parents hire hitmen, hitmen are incompetent idiots who couldn't overthrow Las Vegas, rap artists not known for actually being connected to violent crime are familiar with guns and chainsaws and African-Americans aren't entirely human. Great.

So, to summarize: The Punisher ran around shooting people who weren't criminals and accomplishing effectively nothing while Eminem knocked the Punisher out and killed a trained mercenary. Also the problem could have been completely avoided just by leaving a note and/or calling the police.

Panther said...


Actually the PTC has been a bipartisan group almost since it's inception, catering to both right and left wing lunatics (Democrats C. Delores Tucker, Joseph Lieberman, Ed Markey just to name a few have been ardent supporters).

Scott Tibbs said...

Parents Music Council.

Like the Parents Television Council? Or Tipper Gore?

This us what we call a "straw man" argument.

Headshot Bunny said...

a couple things bothered me about this comic.
-Why was ever step of Barracuda's plan idiotic? He should have just killed them then put them in the boat. I'm surpised he didn't take the time to turn his back and have a 5 min evil laugh while they escape.
-Why was the Punisher such an idiot? He didn't have to gun down Eminem's bodyguards to get to Barracuda, and even if he was just there to stop Barracuda from assassinating Eminem why would he get rid of the guards they could have been a good backup or help protect Eminem.
-Why did the Punisher get upset when Eminem 'killed' Barracuda? What exactly was the Punisher going to do to Barracuda? Bring him to the police? Punisher's big thing is killing criminals. What is his issue?
Last but not least
-Random Ice Fisherman with a chainsaw is one of the greatest Macguffins I have ever seen. For one thing why did Barracuda think it was a good idea to dump the bodies right next to this fisherman, for another thing what ever happened to the guy? "oh here you go Eminem, borrow my chainsaw" "Say what were you planning to do with it?" "OH MY GOD HE CHOPPED THAT GUY IN TO WITH MY CHAINSAW!"
seriously, whatever happened to that guy?

ScaryReviews said...

Funny thing, I always thought of the Carpenters' "We've Only Just Begun" as the theme song from the psychological horror film 1408 with John Cusack and Samuel L. Jackson. I'm sure any fan of that movie might've felt a chill up their spine whenever they hear the song on the radio.

BTW, big shout out to fellow Mainer Stephen King, the true "King" of written horror!

Ming said...

Eminem and the Punisher? I mean, I know there was an Archie meets Punisher comic, but this? This is bad, Batman Fortunate Son level of bad.

What was Eminem thinking? Was he trying to make himself look cool? I can't believe they actually thought of this team-up.

I think a part of me is glad that this was only released in digital format. If they ever released a print version of it, with both parts, I'd just throw this into the nearest fire.

Great review, BTW. I can't believe you actually got the Rap Critic as guest star. It reminds me of Todd in the Shadows' appearance in the KISS comics review a while back.

joeymartin64 said...

When Eminem was doing his little "I'm a celebrity!!!" thing, he claimed he didn't "deseve" what was happening to him. Proofreading is for squares, I guess.

Anonymous said...

I kinda have to comment on the "dump the body in a lake" thing.

Honestly, if you dumped a body in Lake Michigan, you'd probably never find it. I'm assuming that if they were in Michigan they'd be using Lake Michigan for the dumping. It seems logical. That's a pretty enormous body of water.

Boats go missing in the Great Lakes all the time, and they pretty much never get dredged up. Big, big, big lakes.

Tetsu Deinonychus said...

You know, call me crazy but I think I might actually want to read this comic!

Not because it might be good, I realize this comic is horrible, but that's why I want to read it. This is my idea of "so bad it's good". Seriously, I was laughing at the comic itself alot more than the jokes you made about it (and, don't get me wrong, your jokes were good).

My only disappointment was that the comic doesn't end with an all out shootout with the Punisher and Eminem against the entire "Parents Music Council", which of course would all have guns. That would have been hilarious!

Anyway, great episode as always, Linkara. And, now I'm off to watch part 2 of Suburban Knights

Anonymous said...

"Somehow I imagine it wasn't a PTA that hired that idiot Baracuda but else could he get rid of those annoying musicians he keeps hating on. "

That is an awesome theory. Wouldn't put it past him.

Anonymous said...

You know... for some reason I expected the Rap Critic to do an imitation of Doug when he did the nerd thing, but deadpan also works as well. Great review!

Anonymous said...

"Instead I have to settle for rolling my eyes, groaning and then walking away irritated."

...that's what she said ?

Anonymous said...

Em I the only one who thought this comic was actually stupid awesome?

As in, so stupid it warps around and becomes actually awesome?

MoonTiger said...

Yo yo yo Linkara, here be some corney dog for ya bro.
Yeah, sorry, couldn't resist the style with this review :)

Anonymous said...

at 19 minutes, you sound very much like Dr. Cox from Scrubs

Anonymous said...

for those who don't get the joke about the My Little Pony theme

Google "Eminem's a Brony"

Robert said...


Actually the PTC is a right wing conservative organization; all the democrats you mentioned are what are known as social conservatives that hold right wing views on this subject. Just because a person is a democrat douse not mean that they are liberal on every thing we are a big tent political party with several differing views, just because somebody disagrees with the left on some things douse not make them any less liberal. The republicans used to also be like this and will be again if they want to survive. The political spectrum is a tricky thing and shunning people that disagree with you on a few topics is more hurtful then helpful, it is the reason why the democrats no the republicans have control of the senate.

SchweitzerMan said...


Plot holes you could fly the Enterprise-D through and....just frickin, wow.

Bruno said...

being an eminem fan, i could actual found some hidden jokes, like lines from his songs (like the fishermans line were right out of stan) and eminem made a variation on mockingbird, which is why it was being sang

TimeTravelerJessica said...

Wow this comic is abysmal. That's the only word for it. Abysmal.

Domo said...

Linkara, feel I should point out that Michigan borders 4 of the great lakes. While I don't think you've ever seen any of them I've lived in Western NY which is nearby and seen all of the them. Throwing a body into one of them would easily be a good way to make it disappear the same way throwing a body into the ocean would.

Panther said...


I'm afraid that's incorrect. C. Delores Tucker is a social liberal (for example). The group has also received support from very liberal groups and individuals (both inside and outside) the US (the Canadian NDP for example).

The bitter reality is that both Democrats and Republicans (both from the very socially liberal and the very conservative) have both equally contributed to the PTC (the current US administration continuing the sad trend as assuredly as the last).

As you can see, The PTC is a bipartisan monstrosity. Allow me to direct you to "Free Speech for Me--But Not for Thee: How the American Left and Right Relentlessly Censor Each Other" by Nat Hentoff, as it demonstrates the situation clearly.

Furthermore, your statement about "shunning" political dissidents within the parties and polticial complexities are just as true on one side as it is on the other.

Recognizing that both sides are equally part of the problem (and it's solution, given the contributions of Cons and Libs AGAINST such draconic measures) is key here.

enigmus20 said...

Why the Punisher? Couldn't they have put Mathers with Spiderman?

enigmus20 said...

Just saying...Archie/Punisher was better than this.

Alex Stritar said...

Hey, Lewis, I just noticed something. So far, all the aniversery vids happen on the same week you release a review of a Marvel comic.

1st year: Captian Planet an the Planetiers, published by Marvel.

2nd year: Lunitik, a Marvel rip-off of Lobo.

3rd year: Eminem/The Punisher, a digital comic only aviable through Marvel (along with the fact The Punisher is a Marvel character)

It's probably a coinsidance, but it's a very weird one. xD

Corey W. Williams said...

You know, I've actually never watched any of the Rap Critic's videos before, but seeing him in this review makes me want to. He seems really cool. Gonna have to check that out.

Really funny review dude.

Lewis Lovhaug said...

"It's probably a coinsidance, but it's a very weird one. xD"

You want more coincidence?

While I was away filming Kickassia, my review of Athena (a comic about a scantily-clad woman with screwed-up mythology) was released. While I was away filming Suburban Knights, I released my review of The Godyssey (a comic about scantily-clad women with screwed-up mythology).

Robert said...


I do not think you understand what a liberal and conservative view on this subject is. A liberal view on the subject would be allowing free speech regardless if you agree with them or not, it is the reason a group like the ACLU would defend somebody like Rush Limbaugh who has dedicated his carrier to destroying them. A conservative view is what the PTC advocates ware a person saying that something is “fucking brilliant" at an award show should be find for millions of dollars

Instead you are trying to show horn it into our current political parties and say that because some democrats support it, it is not conservative. While it douse have support from members of both parties and in that way it is bipartisan, they have a clearly conservative agenda on the matter.

As for C. Delores Tucker, while she was a civil rights leader in the 60’s later in life she became an outspoken critic and censorship advocate especially for rap music.

Finally despite what Republicans try and claim Democrats are much more willing to work with and compromise with people that disagree with us even republicans. Just look at the last 3 years while Obama and the congressional leadership has made connection after connection to the republicans to get their support and ended up with plans that Newt Gingrich proposed yet because democrats now support them they are suddenly extremely left wing according to the republicans. Granted this douse make us look week and disorganized and create another group of problems. While there are hardliners out there they are not prominent in the party. There are a number of democrats that have conservative views on things which is how so many of them can support groups with conservative agenda like this.

Floria Tosca said...

This whole thing would make more sense with Dethklok instead of Eminem.

Panther said...


That's simply not the case.

Both sides would equally claim and have equal precedence for both defending (and crushing) Free Speech. The current administration's treatment of political dissenters like Julian Assange punches, a hole in your statement about "liberals being more likely to defend Free Speech" (a statement which would make many Libertarians, Log Cabin Republicans, and other Cons laugh loudly)and I could go on for days with examples just like his.

The idea that one side is more attuned to freedom of speech than the other is ideological fiction, nothing more. The book I suggested previously demonstrates this fact clearly.

Ultimately, your defense is nothing more than a textbook "No True Scotsman": "They weren't REAL Liberals. A 'Real Liberal' would never do that."

Ms. Tucker was a true Liberal in every sense of the term (just read her voting record). The fact that many devoted Liberals were/are censorship advocates to the present day is further proof of my statement.

Finally, that last statement is false right on it's face. The dems achieved supremacy by CRUSHING any dissenters and making sure that everyone in the party, despite personal conscience votes the same (the same way the last three administrations have functioned). It's recent overtures have been to placate the increasingly vocal independents who have threatened to rally. The democrat political stratagem has nothing whatsoever to do with "freedom of speech" or "working together", but rather the fear of triggering the same kind of internal revolt from the last administration which doomed the the republicans.

Its sad that the only time the two sides can ever genuinely agree with each other is with something as negative as the PTC.

But hey, I'm an Anarchist. I accepted that both sides are full of fools a long time ago...

Seriously. read "Free Speech for Me — But Not for Thee: How the American Left and Right Relentlessly Censor Each Other". It will help clarify matters.

Yogurt said...

Why not the Watcher? The Watcher did a crossover with Spiderman, isn't Uatu due for another crossover?

No, no...follow me on this one:
Eminem is being targeted by 'Cuda, and is about to be killed when he is rescued by the universe's greatest rapper!

..who turns out to be Uatu the Watcher. Eminem hangs out with the big bald dude and learns that the hit was REALLY put out by none other than The Beyonder.

It seems that The Beyonder hates modern rappers (being a fan of 80's rap himself) and has decided to snuff them all out, starting with Mathers!

The whole thing culminates in an epic rap battle between The Watcher, Eminem against the Beyonder!

Wow. That was...dumb. Yet, it still sounds better on paper than this comic.

Robert said...


First off you are still using the logical fallacy that if a Democrat did it or supported it, it can not be conservative. Libertarians have a liberal view on the subject and I am not aware of any Log Cabin position on censorship. As for Julian Assange that opens up a completely different can of worms as he was not a political disanoint like you claimed, but a foreigner that published classified U.S. documents for no other reason then he could.

Like I said you keep trying to apply the current political parties to the views to places on the ideological spectrum. This is especially bad for modern day America because we are very far to the right ideologically most other countries conservative parties are to the left of the democrats.

You seem to be the one using the No True Scotsman fallacy yourself in claiming that no democrat can have conservative views and still be liberal. In reality it is pretty hard to survive politically in this country if you don’t

Also Secretary Tucker never held any legislative position and since the Pennsylvania cabinet douse not operate the same why as Florida, she douse not have any record voting on these issues.

Finally ware did you get your information on how the Democratic Party operated from. While Steny Hoyer might wish it to act that way it douse not. The party has always been a loss knit collection of individuals that is plagued with infighting. We were reminded over the last 2 years what Will Rogers said about us being unorganized is as true now as it was then. We were not trying to placate anybody but come to a mutually beneficial agreement. There was never an internal revalt against bush. There was an external one which caused them the majority but most republicans stayed loyal to him. We do have a ton of problems but they are different then the ones the republicans have

By the way I did read that book several years ago and if I recall it did give the reasons why some people on the left have a conservative view on the subject, it was a good read, but that douse not mean the view is liberal. Anarchist are as big a morons as members of both parties, however they are all morons in different ways.

SirLordJ said...

I can't believe this was only made a few years ago. It looks like something that would have been made back at his peak of popularity in the early 00's. Just adds an extra layer of "what were they thinking?"

Panther said...


Once again, you are incorrect.

You continually repeat your mantra that no "Real Liberal" would ever do such a thing, when it is obvious that they have. Even to the point of making excuses for censorship policies and the silencing of dissenters simply to preserve an ideological narrative.

Furthermore, you keep insisting that I am discounting people form the political spectrum when in fact, I have done no such thing. Are there conservative Democrats who support the PTC (of course, just as there are Conservative Republicans who oppose it)? Of course. However, as my examples demonstrate, there are also just as many (if not more) Social Liberals among the Democrats who support the PTC. It seems that the only one committing the NTS is you.

Also, Mrs. Tucker does have a voting record. As a matter of fact, it is on record with the NAACP (a practice common to any watchdog group with political clout). So there too, you are wrong.

Finally, you are, once again, incorrect about your party's history and current situation. "Close knit"? "Mutually Beneficial Ageement"? Fiction. The party's continual infighting has only been suppressed by iron hand of it's Party Whip and a system of ideological purification that was partially the brain child of former chief of staff, Rham Emanuel. There is no mutual benefit. Only what benefits the party, personal feelings and choices be damned. Furthermore, there was indeed a massive internal revolt against Bush, hence the growth of the Independents and the Libertarians. Such a revolt seemed to be on the verge of repeating itself within the current Administration. Until the above measures were taken to make sure that opposition was crushed. So much for freedom of dissent.

PS: If you had actually read Hentoff's book (or ANY of his books for that matter), you would know that your statement is demonstrably incorrect. He rightly and clearly pointed out when, why, and how social liberals (just assuredly as these conservatives you so despise) supported censorship measures and openly supported groups like the PTC. So your "recall" is flawed and as I have demonstrated your narrative is little more than the product of ideological blindness.

I suggest you actually do make an effort to read it.

Panther said...


Also, as my previous statements demonstrate, this support for the PTC and it's policies also comes from Liberal and Conservative individuals from OUTSIDE the US. So your attempt to claim it is purely a "US Conservative Measure" which cannot be applied to the greater global spectrum...fails there as well.

Anonymous said...

Who wrote this thing in the first place?


Someone has to be blamed for this atrocious writing!

Katherine said...

I’m not a fan of Eminem (I dislike rap music in general). For this comic, I will say that it’s good that he actually plays a big role in the story and isn’t on the cover just to lure his fans into buying the comic (like what happened in the Lady Gaga comic). But his role is *so* big that I’m wondering why the Punisher was even in the story. He didn’t do anything, other than scare Eminem and kill his bodyguards. Eminem was the one who saved the day and all the Punisher did was make the situation worse. It’s usually the opposite when it comes to crossovers. Did the writers just think that without the Punisher, only Eminem fans would be interested in this?

And yes, why on earth would an organization devoted to denouncing everything that they see as corrupt and immoral for the sake of the children hire an *assassin?* Way to shoot yourselves and your alleged message in the foot, guys.

Anonymous said...

I just want to say, I like M & Ms.

Also, did it look to anyone else like Greg Land 'drew' this?

Anonymous said...

I totally agree with Headshot Bunny. The biggest thing that bothered me about this is how out of character the Punisher is. Yeah, he's a little nuts but he has a moral code and has turned to vigilantism to stop murders like the one that took his wife and son. In addition he is smart enough and skilled enough to take on Daredevil, Spider-Man, Wolverine, and the Hulk all at the same time and win. So why did he go after Barracuda by engaging in a firefight with 2 innocent body guards who are just doing their jobs and a rapper that he's allegedly trying to rescue? Wouldn't it make more sense to plan a head and ambush Barracuda before he gets in range to kill Eminem rather than killing killing to innocent guards and almost killing a hip hop star? Why threaten to kill and then maroon the man who saved your life from a meta human goon who you were probably going to kill anyway? I've seen Castle do some questionable things before but this is stupid and out of character.

I didn't feel that Eminem himself was acting particularly immoral in this comic and I'm honestly a little surprised that your coming down hard on him in the conclusion of the review. If anything it's the Punisher that is acting immoral for gunning down Eminem's body guards without provocation. Yeah, they drew their guns on him first, but that's kindof what armed guards are supposed to do when a 7 foot tall maniac in a trenchcoat who is possibly armed is bearing down on you and the guy your protecting and is ignoring your orders to stop. Castle is a former soldier should know that already and the fact that he tries to brush the murder of the guards off saying that they were probably criminals and probably deserved it is a flimsy justification for murder and not in keeping with his character at all. Eminem on the other hand is acting entirely in self defense. He may have an attitude but that's his character and I feel that being a little rude to a person who is trying to kill you is hardly a damnable offense. I understand completely if you do not like him or his persona, but I do think you were a little unfair to Slim Shady when Frank Castle is clearly the bigger dick in this story.

This comic is definitely bad, but honestly it seems kindof fun. My qualms with Castle's behavior aside, there's a lot of mindless action which I would expect from one of his books which was kindof enjoyable. I completely buy that Eminem had a hand in writing this. This feels like a music video of his. The references to his work are nice, the idea that the angry parents that don't like him are responsible for the hit is indeed ridiculous but amusing knowing his history and the controversy that was around him when he first showed up, and it's nice that he's a fan of Marvel and wanted to work with them in the first place. Also, this clearly not a meeting of Punisher and the real Eminem but the Slim Shady character that he portrays on the stage. As always Lewis you bring us wonderful silly comics and excellent reviews. Great job as always.

FYI, however, although a bullet proof vest will stop a bullet and save your life if you are wearing, the impact of the bullet still hurts and will definitely knock out a grown man, especially if they have Eminem's skinny frame.

Mike said...

I know this is an old one, but I loved this.

I also wanted to comment on the sideways gun thing. I have never fired a gun, but I have read random articles about the way guns work in terms of ergonomics and the like. You are absolutely right about the design of a gun and using the sight.

There is a bigger reason, why holding a gun sideways is a bad idea. This is best demonstrated if you actually hold out your hand and do this.

If you pretend you are holding a handgun and "fire." Watch your arm, and make you sure you pretend their is recoil. You will notice that your wrist moves vertically. However, your elbow and shoulder can rotate the exact same way. You have 3 points of movement to account for the kick of the gun.

Now put your hand so the "handgun" is sideways. Now try and fire and account for the recoil. The movement is not inline with the way the arm moves. The wrist barely moves while in this position and even pretending, it can get painful after a little while. The elbow and shoulder can't help the wrist and if anything the most it can do is "collapse" the arm into your chest.

There is a reason that police, military, security and anyone else trained for using guns do it they way the do. Guns are not a brand new invention, humans have really mastered the proper way to fire them over the years :p

Anonymous said...

the host is idiostuperiffic. seriously did anybody notice how damn crooked his nose was lmao. and for all you hip hop haters. blow me. i dont think any of you understand how hard it is to write a verse of eminem's content or atleast try to match it.
for instance "engraving my name in the game it is b. im aiming to mame it and take it and flea. i came in deranged with the reign of a beast," just a teaser btw if you want to hear more go to

Anonymous said...

cause eminem's the greatest lyrical rapper ever and he use to read comics dick head it's a fuckin comic chill out

Lewis Lovhaug said...

"cause eminem's the greatest lyrical rapper ever and he use to read comics dick head it's a fuckin comic chill out"

Your comment and advice are duly noted.

And ignored.

Anonymous said...

i agree It's not good but understand that he is a big comic book fan, its not a big deal

Anonymous said...

Coneys are of Michigan origin, they have nothing to do with coney island new York, except for the fact that plain hot dogs originated there.