Monday, June 27, 2011

Suburban Knights Part 2

The two groups face their first obstacles on their quest for Malachite's Hand! ‎


Anonymous said...

Wasn't Malachite a sailor moon villian?

Alex Stritar said...

Ok. I gotta say. Cuddos with the puppet thing. I knew they would fight it, and it would kick their butts, but I did not see coming that the puppetmaster would be in the fight. Bravo, I say, bravo.

BooRat said...

Great episode! I'm seeing alot of peeing yourself referinces and nut jokes!
Is Spooney wearing a Star Sapphire ring?
I still say Lupa should've been Red Sonya!Much more fitting fr the show and the red hair!
I like the overflowing garbage can in the background behind Film Brain dring his penis spill!
I own of those Bushigi balls and have never messed with it and that thing could be use to blugen some one it wieghs like 3lbs and that's enough for such a small thing that if thrown or placed in a sock could be used like a mace to beat someone to death with!

Mountain King said...

Ohhhhh so the cloaked... things that in no way are played by Liz (who should have worn something other than denim, the Last Angry Geek (Brian) and Bargo (possibly) are really the the Order of the Headless Monks.

Well why didn't you say so.

As for the Cat encounter... You guys really don't know how to fight do you? I thought someone would have improved after the brawl...


PS I think Spoony left a long brown stain behind him as he "bravely lead the team away from possible danger" did he suddenly remember he had to return a library book?

Random said...

I...there are no words to explain how much I want to view the next part.

Or, have Linkara finish singing those show tunes. You were jibbed good sir!

Monstermaster13 said...

Very nice, I enjoyed this one. Keep up the good work Link.

Ray Kelley said...

It just occured to me that maybe Lewis should have been the one to dress as Link, since that's sort of where he got the name for his character. Still, its always funniest when Doug comes out looking silly, so perhaps it's for the best.

libraryguy said...

Poor Linkara. Nobody appreciates your talents.

Peace1986 said...

The Gandalf Hat is going to be a running gag, huh...

What have we learned to day? Creatures of the Ancient World(tm) have no patience for a bunch of dorks dressing up and fighting for a real reward. And can't come up with original names.

Now Alex Stritar raised a completly faulty point. That was not a puppet on a man's arm. Cat was an ancient demon from the Ancient World(tm) and merely had a grown human man growing out of his back, fairly common among demons...

At first I thought that Spoony was going to pull out his wallet and try to bribe the cloaks(possibly with fake money).

Anonymous said...

I keep forgetting to ask this. How were the costumes and characters chosen?

Did Doug and Rob pick the choices for everyone when they were writing the script or did they pitch the idea first and let you choose which characters then write around that.

GL Josh said...

How dare 8-bit Mickey insult Jeff Dunham. He is one the funniest ventriaquists(sp?) ever! Along with Taylor Mason and Terry Fator.

Anonymous said...

Spoony deserved that one for bashing World of Darkness

and pretty much everything else

The Grumpy Celt said...

I gotta say, Lupa is really sexy when she is dishing the filthy trash talk while dressed as pure Disney.

It it just a pity they did not let you sing Lewis. And the determined, jaw-set look suits you.

Jillian Jensen said...

I pretty much screamed when I heard you singing the show tunes, Linkara. I'm possibly the biggest Broadway geek in the history of South Dakota. I'd give many a sum just to be able to sing "Phantom of the Opera" with you :)

Also - the story (so far) is okay... especially in the first part, all of you guys really seemed to believe the NC's story (you know, that a geek living in his parents' basement had created a map to find a magical hunk of metal, not to mention that said hunk of metal actually existed) pretty easily. I really was hoping for maybe the NC giving some sort of evidence (rather than a hand-drawn map) to prove himself - some sort of legitimate archaeological news article for research, perhaps.

Still, this is only Part II - maybe it'll clear itself up later on.

EspanolBot said...

Sweet, Into the Woods reference. ^^

Liking this so far. :) Possibly more than Kickassia.

MetFanMac said...

Aha! So you DID sing (or at least tried to)! TOTALLY called it :-D

Rick Griffin said...

You realize that the only way to top this next year would be everyone in Star Fleet

TimeTravelerJessica said...

For the record, Linkara, if I was on a quest with you I would totally help sing songs from Camelot. Just not that one - when we staged it at my high school for some reason my teacher had all the extras in a frozen position with the girls perched on the guy's knees for like that whole number plus a bunch of dialogue. I hurt just thinking about it.

Volvagia said...

Most likely a "write around." Someone hand-choosing likely wouldn't have had multiple instances of two characters from a single source of fantasy (and had consistent rules (no Snow White).

Pile of Fantasy:

Monty Python and the Holy Grail
Princess Bride
Princess Mononoke
Indiana Jones (Yeah, after living through a nuked fridge, I buy this as questing fantasy)
Mouse Guard
Breath of Fire (not that any of you could really pull that off)
Legend of Zelda

Random said...

Well, I hope you're happy Mr. Linkara. I have downloaded the original cast soundtrack of Camelot of Itunes. And I would take this moment to thoroughly blame your need to sing in this movie.

Anonymous said...

I caught it on the third replay, but Spoony is wearing a Star Sapphire ring. Uh, I wonder why he didn't wear an Indigo Tribe ring.

Anonymous said...

Sorry Linkara, Jewario has won in the character department, with Brad in close second and Todd in third.

Paw has to do a Woody Woodpecker laugh now!

Poor Linkara no one wants to sing.

I saw the Excuse me princess the moment Snow Lupa gave Link Walker lip.

also Poor Mat walked right into it.

I'm enjoying this alot more then Kickassia.

Ming said...

The unexpected fight scene with the puppeteer is both funny and awesome.

Meanwhile, things take an unexpected turn as Spoony/Gandalf's group actually find themselves facing a real-life RPG situation, complete with magical bolts and sinister villains. (Their reaction to the Shades' actual magic is priceless.)

So, who plays the puppeteer?