Monday, June 6, 2011

The Teaser

This summer, the Quest Begins. ‎


Samuel said...

Looks sweet, Linkara! I bet you managed to include a bunch of King Arthur references in this.

Three times said...

Awesome, can't wait to see it :)

PickPikmin said...

J-Dub as that guy from Labyrinth. It still gives me the chills. Although it seems like there aren't as many people this year, I know it'll kick ass.

Hannah said...


Anonymous said...


Jared said...

OMG I already love it, this will be the Year of the Awesomeness

Des Shinta said...

Albeit the trailer not being as awesome as Kickassia's, I do hope the feature at least matches it's awesomeness.
Oh, and you probably got to make a load of Camelot references.

Jarkes said...

"J-Dub as that guy from Labyrinth. It still gives me the chills. Although it seems like there aren't as many people this year, I know it'll kick ass."

Don't forget the REALLY awesome part... Nostalgia Critic as LINK!

I'm surprised Film Brain wasn't in there, though.

Anonymous said...

@PickPikmin: Actually, it's the same amount as Kickassia if you don't count Bargo and Rob. LordKat, Rollo T, and Lee are gone, but are replaced by Lupa, Luke, and Todd.

That said, lesse here...

Critic = Link
Lupa = Snow White
Mickey = Robin Hood
Bennett = Lion (Wizard of Oz)
Joe = Inigo Montoya
Snob = Indiana Jones
Film Brain = Harry Potter
Spoony = Gandalf
Jew Wario = David Bowie

That's all I could recognize at least...

Carlos Hugo said...

OMG, All those costumes, that gonna be priceless.

Anonymous said...

"I'm surprised Film Brain wasn't in there, though."

What are you talking about? He's Harry Potter!

SynjoDeonecros said...

From front to back:

Critic: Link
Benzai: Conan
Chick: Eowynn (however you spell it)
Lupa: Snow White
Mickey: Either Peter Pan or Robin Hood (aiming (heh) for Robin Hood)
Phelous: Golem/possibly Rock Biter
Bennett: Either an Ewok or more likely the Cowardly Lion
Tom: Frodo, possibly? Either him or a very red haired Legolas
Linkara: Black Knight from Monty Python and the Holy Grail
Joe: Iningo Montoya
Snob: Indiana Jones
Paw: Dunno, but he looks most like the Valeyard
Marzgurl: That Indian princess from Peter Pan, maybe?
Brain: Harry Potter/Ronald Weeasly
Luke: Draco Malfoy/Tom Riddle
Spoony: Gandalf the Grey
Todd: Wesley as the Dread Pirate Roberts
Wario: Jareth from Labyrinth

And that's the way they became the LARPer Bunch *sings Brady Bunch theme*

I predict the fourth Anniversary will have you guys raiding a furcon. I would just LOVE to see any one of you guys try to outyell 2 the Ranting Gryphon.

Drunken Lemur said...

Oh God, Jew Wario! Also Doug needs to put on a freaking pair of pants. Glad to see Luke is there, finally. And I'd pretty sure Mickey is supposed to be Peter Pan. And Marz Gurl is Princess Mononoke.

UnsealedCross said...

This looks awesome and I can't wait to see the next anniversary movie. Also I just want to say Doug looks awesome as Link, you pull off the knight look extremely well, Marz Gurls San Cosplay as San is one of the best I've seen, Jewario as the Wizard from Labyrinth is both creepy and epic,and of course Spoony as the wizard Gandalf is just awesome and I hope he uses his Machine gun to fight off what ever evil you all will face.

Anonymous said...

One would think that you would end of as Link rather than the Critic, Linkara.

Spider-Man theme FTW XD

Anonymous said...

Maybe Paw is Cardinal Richelieu from Three Musketeers? His outfit looks a little teensy bit like Curry's from the Disney film.

Anonymous said...

Marzgurl is playing the girl from Princess Mononoke or Mononoke Hime for the Nihongo savvy. It makes sense since anime is her forte.

I'm looking forward to this year's craziness!

Xepscern said...

Your lack of Nella disturbs me....

Seriously, this looks pretty badass. And the fact that Lindsay released her Les Mis vid that featured most of you guys just a little before the anniversary is awesome.

Also... let's start with the guessing on who James Rolfe will play. Will he be the villain? A cameo? An unexpected ally? Will he even be in it? Place your bets!

Tetsu Deinonychus said...

MarzGurl looks so awesome as San from Princess Mononoke!

Anyway, It's weird how one of the reasons I tend to avoid Marvel/DC comics is because they're constantly having big crossover events, and it comes off as gimicky and annoying (it also causes my local comic store to give even more shelf-space to those titles and less to the indie stuff I like).

And yet, you internet reviewers do the same thing every summer and it comes off as fun and epic and gets me excited to watch it!

Here's to another TGWTG crossovers! Funny and awesome and they don't screw up years of continuity.

Anonymous said...

This clinches it. I'm gonna get on TGWTG so I can experience something as awesome, geekish, and, I assume, hilarious this will turn out to be.

Anonymous said...

I'm a little disappointed with Spoony yeah he's awesome as Gandalf but I thought he be in a certain armor after all. HE'S THE GODDAMN AVATAR! I kid this looks funny

Mike said...

Oh, man. I was wondering how exactly Team TGWTG would top Kickassia, and this has the potential, certainly.

Perhaps I'm being too much of a Doctor Who nerd, but I'm quietly hoping for a little shout-out quote from the Fourth Doctor episode Underworld: "The Quest is the Quest!"

Anime Grindhouse said...

Who's that fruity guy at the end?

MetFanMac said...

I sense a song or two from "Camelot" in the offing ^_^

Started laughing when I saw the critic in that tunic and never stopped. Last year's trailer was epic, but this is hysterical!

Anonymous said...

actually i think Todd is Zorro but he could be dread pirate roberts not sure

Michael said...

Oh my God! This is the best teaser I've seen in my life!

The word Nerdgasm doesn't come close. I can't wait to see it now.

I wonder if this is in the same continuity as Kickassia. "Sure my last plan didn't go so well but listen to this..."

Luke: Draco Malfoy/Tom Riddle

But isn't that a Gryffindor tie?

Camelot references.

Oddly my first reaction (to seeing "The Quest Begins") was to think of this:


The Mad Scientist said...

Damn awesome! I love this! Can't wait for it to be posted!

The Mad Scientist said...

BTW, the Chick is Arwen, not Eowyn, and Luke is Ron Weasley to Film Brain's Harry Potter.

The Grumpy Celt said...

I think Sage is Chewbaca... or possibly Pedio Bear.

Jarkes said...

"What are you talking about? He's Harry Potter!"

Oh... whoops. It went through them pretty quickly, so I guess I must've missed him or something.

NGT said...

This is sort of a letdown from Kickassia, but then, in Kickassia you all looked like something fairly unique, like a bunch of angry guerrilla cosplayers and your normal personas had teamed up. Here it just looks like LARP, and, well, that's a concept I'm familiar with.

It's also not quite as funny as invading a small country as a premise, on the surface. Here's hoping for a better trailer?

hunter said...

marz girl is my new favortet because of her costume although you look kick ass to linkara

Anonymous said...

And things just got ALLOT nerdier

Darkness said...

okay, i am currently squeeing, this looks like its gonna be awesome!

Linkara, your the black knight, right? also loving the nostalgia critic as link.

how long do we have to wait for the first part? :C

Ming said...

This may be the most epic thing to ever hit the net. More epic and more awesome than Kickassia, the Dark Nella Saga, and the Brawl COMBINED. The only thing I can think of that could possibly out-match this level of awesome is Apollo Z. Hack: A Reviewaverse Saga (no longer part of and unlikely to be finished as a result of . . . certain recent events).

Anyway, I see a lot of epic fantasy film, video game, anime, even Indiana Jones tributes showing up throughout this piece.

Monstermaster13 said...

Very nice, looks exciting - great choice in costumes too.

Love your black knight costume, and Jd's Jareth costume.

Something tells me this is going to be truly epic.