Wednesday, November 7, 2012

State of the Wall: 11/7/12

I've decided to stop labeling the general update posts "Odds and Ends" mostly because I've run out of cute new names for them.

I also know that I usually save this for the end of an AT4W schedule period, but since some of this concerns December, I figure I might as well get this out of the way now as opposed to later.

Check under the cut to see what's coming up!

Upcoming Episodes
As per usual, here's the list of upcoming episodes, including the rest of Secret Origins Month and the schedule for December and January. As always, the schedule is subject to change for any number of reasons.

11/12 – Tales of Suspense #39
11/19 – The Brave and the Bold #54
11/26 – The Incredible Hulk #1
12/3 – Superman’s Christmas Adventure
12/10 – Archie’s Christmas Stocking
12/17 – Teen Titans #13: A Swingin’ Christmas Carol
12/24 – Batman: Noel (Yes, I know it's supposed to be good. I haven't read it yet, so if it doesn't have any joke fodder, I'll replace it with something else, but I have an episode that'll be coming on Christmas, for crying out loud and we're going to have some holiday cheer)
12/31 – The Next 15 Screw-Ups of Atop the Fourth Wall
1/7 – Kamandi at Earth’s End #3
1/14 – Raver #1
1/21 – Transformers #31
1/28 – Happy Days #2

History of Power Rangers
As per usual, no the series is not over with. Storyline stuff over the summer is what prevented me from working on it during that time and storyline stuff is what's going to be keeping me from working on it over the next 2-3 months. I have not advanced any farther in Mystic Force than I have before, mostly because of Longbox of the Damned and because November needs to be an off-period for me to relax after so much storyline stuff.

2013 will have shorter storylines than the previous few years to give me a chance to breathe before I have to worry about more, so after the Gunslinger arc concludes in February, I'll be able to throw myself back into History of Power Rangers, possibly in the hopes of FINISHING the dang thing (at least up until the series that we're up to at that point), but I promise nothing.

Commercial Bumpers
You may have noticed in the Flash Comics #1 video that there wasn't a standard commercial bumper that we've been having over the last few months, just the title card. Mostly this was done for time reasons since I had to get ready for Youmacon and I had run out of bumpers that I prerecorded. Like so many other series that require original content for such a long period of time, it's hard to think of something original EVERY time on the show, but I don't want to come across as lazy by just reusing an old bumper.

So here's my question to the fans: IS that okay? Would you prefer I always have something original there or can I reuse the old bumpers that we've been using? Or would you just prefer the title card method? Another idea that was recently put forth by a fan was asking for fan-donated commercial bumpers, which I'm not against, but I'm not entirely certain what to ask for in that regard, other than something no longer than 20 seconds that basically says "We'll be Right Back" and "We're Back Now." But yes, I want to hear people's thoughts on this.

Longbox of the Damned
October was an interesting time, especially with the premiere of Longbox of the Damned. I am VERY happy to report that Longbox was a critical and financial success for me, meaning I want to do it again next year! It was, admittedly, a bit stressful as I was trying to find my footing with it AND I had to deal with storyline stuff at the same time, meaning that I was writing and filming new episodes of Longbox DURING October, which I want to avoid next year, but that shouldn't be TOO difficult with the ideas I have in mind.

In addition, because it was a financial success, that means I want to try doing it outside of the Halloween season as a test, preferably around June or so so it can still stand at Halloween as its own thing. And because, I admit, this extra one is, well, extra, there's also the matter of what topic to explore. For the moment, I'm inclined to go with "Rise of the Marvel Zombies," since the Marvel Zombies episode has proven to be the most popular episode of Longbox of the Damned in terms of the view counts and because I'd like the regular season of Longbox to explore a wide variety of comics.

The idea of "Rise of the Marvel Zombies" would be to spotlight EVERY comic the Marvel Zombies have appeared in, from all of the mini-series to even stuff like Exiles, which had a brief storyline that featured a zombie Wolverine head, perhaps even to Deadpool stuff with Headpool. I feel that way we'd get a bit of variety even when talking about a specific topic like Marvel Zombies. What are everyone's thoughts on this idea?

Harvey Finevoice Album
I also mentioned in the recent Q&A from Youmacon that I'm interested in making a Harvey Finevoice album, particularly a Christmas album as the holiday season approaches. The problem with this is that I don't want it to be an A Capella album, meaning I need background music to go along with these tunes.

Many people have suggested getting our old pal Skitch to help with that, but the thing is that Skitch has his own life (and job) outside of providing music to several TGWTG producers and I've already got him on commission for something coming up and I don't think he'd be able to put that together in time. The good news is that any album I put together would probably include "If You Should Want the Moon," since that song comes from the black and white B-movie "The Beatniks," and that film already fell into the public domain and I can see no attempt to hold the copyright it and the music made for it.

Several people have suggested sending me karaoke tracks from their own CDs and the like to work with it. That would be great... except there's a teensy bit of a problem - I'm pretty sure it's illegal for me to record my own singing TO those karaoke tracks and then reselling them, since the karaoke tracks aren't meant for resale purposes, even when used in this manner. That might not be the case for all of it, but I would almost guarantee that it's the case for most of them.

The good news is that most classic Christmas music is public domain anyway, it's just I would need to find public domain instrumental accompaniment for it. This is where I'm once again asking for advice from people - be it the talented musicians out there who would like to talk to me about recording something with them and splitting profits or just that they know a source of public domain music that I could use (theoretically would have this stuff, but they seem to have revised how their site works so it's not JUST public domain material anymore there). But yeah, that's something I'd like to hear from you guys about.

Speaking of the public domain and stuff I'd like to sell to you guys, I've mentioned before that I'd like to put together a DVD of episodes for sale. The problem with the show is the same problem you have with ANY of the Channel Awesome shows being put on DVD - movies, TV shows, and yes, comic books are copyrighted material and while we can usually be pretty confident about our work being protected under Fair Use for videos on the internet, less so when we're actually directly selling a product that FEATURES parts of that copyrighted material.

Fortunately, like movies and TV shows, there are plenty of comic books that have entered the public domain. Neutro is one of them, for example. What I'd like to hear is ideas from people about DVD content aside from a few DVD-exclusive episodes - you know, special features and the like. I'd also like to hear if there are some older comics that you'd love to see me do reviews on and if anyone would be interested in a remake of the Neutro episode done with modern pacing and new jokes and the like. I figure not, but I thought I'd throw that out there, anyway. Once again, I open the floor for suggestions.

Upcoming Conventions
And finally, having gotten back from Youmacon, that was the last convention for 2012 (as far as I can recall). 2013, however, sees me as attending quite a few conventions, one of the other reasons I'll probably be scaling back my storyline stuff for the year. Here's the current list:

-MAGFest: January 3rd - 6th in National Harbor, Maryland. As per usual, the annual Music and Gaming Festival will see me and a crap-ton of other TGWTG producers attending! I hear that this year Brad Jones will be coming, though don't quote me on that. Doug will probably not be making an appearance, but that's not surprising considering he has his own sizeable convention load next year.

-GatoCon: February 16th - 17th in Kingsville, Texas. I'll be coming to Texas for the first time and I'll be joined by MarzGurl and Obscurus Lupa!

-MythiCon: August 23rd - 25th in Orlando, Florida. Also a first for me is a Florida convention! As far as I know, I'm the only contributer going, but that might change as time goes on.

I can probably presume I'll be going to Youmacon again come next November, but I don't want to assume anything right out of the gate. I'd certainly love to come back again if they want me, though!

Conventions I'm working on: I'm looking into going to ACEN in 2013 and possibly MomoCon in March, but nothing solid is on the table right now. I would LOVE to come to ConnectiCon, since Doug and Team Four Star tend to do those and they have nothing but praise, but usually I don't go to conventions unless I'm invited.

Now, finally I have a question for you guys. As you know, I did AniMinneapolis and MetaCon this year, both being Minnesota conventions and therefore easy for me to get to. However, I probably have to skip MetaCon this year because it's just two days after I get home from MythiCon and I won't be in any state to do conventions again. However, they've also extended invitations to me for AniMinneapolis 2013 (June 28-30) and Anime Midwest (July 5-7 in Chicago). We have a similar problem here in that both conventions are pretty much back to back with each other. The problem stems from trying to get additional videos out during this time period AND writing another live show, which I always want to do at conventions. Theoretically I COULD do it, but it's extra stressful. What I want to know is do people have a preference for one over the other or would you prefer for me to do both and I'll just figure out something to do for that period?

Once again, the floor is open for people's thoughts. Thanks once again and I look forward to hearing what you all have to say!


James said...

If possible, I'd like to see you do a Let's Play as one of your characters (preferably 90s Kid or Moarte)

KMA said...

I'd say just keep using the title cards for the ad bumpers. It worked perfectly well in Flash #1.

The problem with fan-submitted bumpers is that I just don't think they'd come reliably. I think you'd get a ton at first but then fewer and fewer until it's virtually nothing.

And the problem with reusing the bumper you already have, with your various cosplay costumes and all, is that there just aren't that many of them in the grand scheme of things. It'd get really repetitive to keep using them for the foreseeable future of the show.

And a modern remake of the Neutro comic sounds AMAZING. It'd be really interesting to see something like that.

Anton said...

What does Brave and the Bold #54 so special? The origin of Mister Twister? If it's the origin of Justice League you're looking for, it's in #28.

Kschenke said...

Reusing bumpers is totally fine. Just mix them up a lot and try to throw in new ones regularly so we don't have to see the same ones over and over and over.

Sage Saria said...

"If possible, I'd like to see you do a Let's Play as one of your characters (preferably 90s Kid or Moarte)"

My God man, you're mad! Think of Lewis's poor throat!

Tetsu Deinonychus said...

I'd be okay with you reusing bumpers.

Kreachure said...

I think the title card gets the job done for commercial break. As you said yourself, you ran out of costumes. :) And if you ended up having to do a bumper for every. single. episode, then I don't know if you could keep them fresh and funny for ever. The donated bumpers sound like a good idea too, though.

Speaking of, it sounds like you have a lot going on, and a lot planned. It's great that LOTD did great and all, but I hope you're not stretching yourself too thin just because you're making money or getting more views or anything else really. It sounds like you'll be able to rest the rest of the year, so that's great. We wouldn't want your projects to suffer because you have too much on your plate; or even worse, if it starts affecting your health.

Obviously, you know better than anyone else what you're capable of doing or not. But hearing some advice every once in a while is good too. :)

Anyway, good luck with whatever you'll set your sights on!

The Composer said...

While I think the idea of fan-commercial bumpers is phenomenal, and would love to contribute to it as such... but I agree with the above commentors about the potential problems with it. I would suggest going for a hybrid sort of... re-use the old bumpers when you need to, and only use fan-bumpers if you get one submitted you really like for some reason.

Anonymous said...

Glad you've got some Christmas stuff coming. Hope you don't mind if I watch your 12/24 show after Christmas. Glad it will be festive. I hope your screw up video includes your botched joke about the GL headquarters in New Guardians #1. Was hoping you would do that looking forward to it. Thanks for being something to count on every week. And a Happy Days comic???? It just...sounds terrible.

Artman--yup2U said...

When Longbox was announced, I realized "OK, HOPR isn't coming until at least January now." Then the Sinister I vlog didnt mention it at all. Struck me as odd, thought "must be outta sight outta mind". Glad it's addressed now, that my estimation was oddly correct, and hey, it'll be just in time for Megaforce to premiere!

My limited interest in comic books prior to AT4W leaves me always excited for future eps no matter what it's about. I'm totally friggin addicted to the theme song. Helped me get through being powerless from Sandy. Haven't mastered the full version though (PS I'm just gonna assume the new opening sequence won't get a full version)

I'm so glad Longbox is doing so well, I really enjoyed it. But Harvey Finevoice getting an album? Hey if Seth MacFarlane can (in the same genre I assume), Harvey, I'll get a kick out of you.

As for the DVD, tht's just awesome. I hope your other viewers are understanding about what can and cant be included

Congratulations Lewis on your success!

Kreachure said...

Oh and I hope I'm not stating the obvious, but I think doing a DVD of only your story arcs condensed in a single movie (like you did with that one video) seems like the best choice for DVD. Apart from that, doing public domain comic book reviews for the DVD would be the way to go.

DarkSeraphim said...

Personally, I'm fine with title cards as bumpers. Reusuing would be fine too, though I would agree after a while some of them would get quite stale. I have no advice for the copyright issues for your desires to create a CD and DVD...pretty much because I know Jack All about those subjects. But I do say good luck to you, sir :)

Viga said...

For the ad bumpers create maybe 6 to 10 more and then cycle through them throughout the year. Maybe have the other characters do some.

I would love doing and seeing fanbumpers, but like someone already said, you would get a lot and then after a while none. Maybe a mixture of both would be good.

For special DVD features how about a making of video on how you do this every week. Or, maybe a video like your origins Q&A.

On the harder side but definitely worth buying a DVD for is a 10-20 minutes short story with your characters. Like your storylines, but short, self contained and not too continuity dependent if at all. Maybe just the comedy surrounding this strange mix of characters that share this place. If that doesn't sound too cool, then I have 3 words. Live. Action. Fanfic. Not sure how well that did for Oancitizen and Nostalgia Chick, but you could ask. I find them hilarious.

I'm glad you are thinking of making a DVD. I was hoping you would someday.

teh crazydude said...

"What does Brave and the Bold #54 so special? The origin of Mister Twister? If it's the origin of Justice League you're looking for, it's in #28."

according to wikipedia[at least the last time i checked wikipedia when the secret origins slate was revealed], it's the notable for the teen titans i do believe.

Wack'd said...

I LOVE the fan-donated bumper idea. Love it love it love it.

ReddiShadow said...

One thing to keep in mind if you do end up making a DVD is to make sure there's zero copyrighted material anywhere in it; no copyrighted music, sound effects, reference jokes involving cutaways, nothing. It would be nice for once for a CA DVD not to half-ass the whole original-only thing (e.g. NES sound effects in Suburban Knights and To Boldly Flee, the neutron pack charging sound from Ghostbusters in Kickassia, Cat's guitar riff from Gunmen of the Apocalypse in Suburban Knights and so on), either go cold turkey and make it completely clean, or just go and use as much copyrighted stuff as you want. In the end, no matter how little copyrighted material you use and how subtly you use it, it's all the same from a legal standpoint.

Which begs the question: do you still have either raw footage or edit files for any of your storyline videos? If so, you could re-dub the segments with copyrighted music and sound effects and release kind of an anthology edit of each of the storylines. It would be time-consuming to do, transitions from one video's storyline segment to another would be difficult to do without it becoming awkward, and the prospect could possibly be rather expensive, depending on what you replace the audio with, but I'm just throwing ideas out there.

hoopdoopbluhbluh said...

Glad to hear History of Power Rangers is coming back.

for the bumpers, the title card is fine, but maybe have a little transitional music or something? it's a little jarring to have those moments of complete silence in the middle of the show...

LBotD was great, and I look forward to more Marvel zombies review. :)

Lewis Lovhaug said...

"Oh and I hope I'm not stating the obvious, but I think doing a DVD of only your story arcs condensed in a single movie (like you did with that one video) seems like the best choice for DVD. Apart from that, doing public domain comic book reviews for the DVD would be the way to go."

The problem with doing the storylines exclusively is pretty much the same problem as doing the reviews - I use lots of copyrighted music in those bits and I have no easy way to replace it because of pretty much the other problem with it: I don't have a lot of the original raw files for those episodes, so a DVD transfer would be at a considerably lower quality.

Jester8183 said...

Glad that Longbox of the Damned did well. Moarte is a fun character.

Have you considered running the Longbox of the Dead episodes during other cultural's Halloween-esque celebrations? Like Cinco de Mayo or... uh... okay I only know the one, but other culture probably have them too. Possibly.

Hm. I don't think there is anything wrong with using the title card, re-using the old bumpers then making new bumpers when every you've got time and inspiration. I guess the trick will be figuring out how often to use them so they don't wear out their welcome.

Just a thought, when you use you the title card you can have the title song's "Linkaraaa!" play followed by you saying "We'll be right back." or something.

tim0122 said...

Like someone else said, reusing old bumpers is fine. Just throw in new ones from time to time and it should be all good. If you decide to use the title card bumper like you did with Flash #1 then that's fine, too, but I prefer the other bumpers.

Speaking of bumpers. I believe you got inspired to do them by MST3K. You could always do one like there's, with an AT4W sign of some sort signally the commercial break. I understand, though, if you want to do more your own thing with the bumpers and don't want to copy MST3K's stuff too much.

I'm all for the LBOTD stuff in other months of the year. Just don't overwork yourself with it.

I've never actually gone to a convention you've gone to before, but I would prefer the Chicago convention in July since I live Illinois. I'm bias, though, and other fans in other states deserve to meet up with you, too. Also, I have no idea if I will be able to go to it since I may be in California around that time. (Well, I was at Chicago Comic Con the year you and Spoony went to while you were filming Alone in the Dark. I even saw you guys walking the floor a few times, and I was accidently in the Kristanna Loken video interview you guys did. If I had known who you guys were at the time I would've said hi. Feel a bit bummed I missed the oppurtunity.)

That Kid With The Scarf said...

I'd like to see fan made bumpers. I'd do one as the Fourth Doctor.

I want to see the Entity storyline on DVD. No Entity reviews, just the Entity storyline.

Mika said...

Oh, I don't mind you reusing the bumpers. I was actualy waiting when they cicle of reuse would start. That's pretty common honestly, if there even IS a bumper in shows, but just a title card is fine to.
Having fan made ones...I think with the quality and mood shift it may be a little jarring. I can see how it is cute and nice, but I usualy don't like them in other shows.
Yay Moarte! I'm not that big on zombies, but eh, I get how most people are. At least the marvell ones are funny in a twisted way.
Also I second the let's play idea. Or maybe some commantaries about how your characters and stories came to be? Ideas, development, etc.

Also, I haven't seen ads for any of your vids, or ANY TGWTG videos for a year or so now. I use firefox and don't have adblock, and still get youtube ads. I don't want to cheat you guys out of money, so anyone have any ideas? Maybe it's just because I'm from Hungary?

Lewis Lovhaug said...

"Maybe it's just because I'm from Hungary?"

I'm pretty sure that's the reason. I've been told before by Blip that in lots of areas of Asia and Europe they contract out to other advertisement providers who either get less money or just none at all.

Cole said...

Maybe do some bumpers with your supporting characters? Like one with 90's Kid, Pollo, Harvey, NSD, Boffo, Linksano, or get Will to do one with SNOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOWFLAAAAAMMMMMME!!!!

That Dude From Jersey said...

12/31 – The Next 15 Screw-Ups of Atop the Fourth Wall

Does this mean that Douchy is make a return cameo to AT4W?

That Kid With The Scarf said...

Just had an alternative idea for bumpers - just make a couple of eye catches featuring Linkara and other characters. I still want fan bumpers though.

MichaelJGleason said...

I think that you could do the commercial bumpers like Brad Jones does the 80's Dan bumpers, have a person that you can find on DeviantArt, I'm sure many fans, like me, would be willing to make a few pictures, and you could record some sort of we'll be right back, in different voices. Like a bumper with 90's kid could be "We'll be right back dude!" and "DUUUDE! We're back! and Linksano could be "We'll be back soon, WITH MORE SCIENCE!" and "We've returned, with SCIENCE!" Just a few ideas, and I can't wait to see more from you.

mrskippy said...

RE: bumpers...I have an idea. You could have a cartoon or CG AT4W logo show up going into the break, and then coming out of it have the wall crumble, revealing either the continuing review or a card with "We're back" or somesuch.

Grendle1853 said...

I'd be cool with a mix for the bumbers: some new, some reused, some title cards, and some fan summitted. Thats just me, but I think it would be cool and that way you don't over work yourself trying to come up with something new every time, and it gives a little bit of variety and surprise into your videos.

The Popcorn Jockey said...

the fan ad bumpers sound pretty awesome. i think it would make a fan's day to see themselves in one of your videos (i know it would for me)

but if that doesn't pan out well than i would stick with the title cards, maybe have a bit of music to play over it when it goes to and comes back from the break.

MVBattista said...

How about fan submissions for AT4W commercial bumpers? As for the two live shows, you could just plan them out as soon as possible. Otherwise, since you were talking about autographing, pictures, and the live show balance, you could find a way to have one aspect at either show.

revolverocelot2501 said...

I was just imagining in the Flash comics #1 review if you did something shows like Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood did with their bumpers and have a character say "Atop the Fourth Wall" with each one.

ShadowWing Tronix said...

I know if you went the fan-bumper route I'd try to send some stuff in. On the other hand, using the title card with maybe one of the regular characters giving the "we'll be right back/we're back" message might be a way to go. Or animated versions of the characters.

I think I came across some public domain Christmas instrumentals. I know they're out there.

Personally, I would love to see you come to ConnectiCon. I tried getting MarzGurl to come this year because Jim Cummings was there, but that wasn't possible for reasons she recently made known. I've been three of the last four years and it's a blast to visit. I put in an invite request for you a couple years ago.

If you do go, I can hand-deliver the Liefeld's Galactica, although I hope to have that set of reviews done before the end of the month. Only one more miniseries to go, thank the Lords of Kobol.

Interested in seeing your opinion of Transformers #31. If you ask me, it gets way more hate than it deserves.

Lluosogrwydd said...

Commercial Bumpers: I loved when there was a new bumper each time, but I also wondered the entire time when you were gonna run out of costumes. xD Really, I don't think it matters terribly if you don't have something original each time - you put in so much work on the show, nobody can call you lazy for a little thing like that. I'm not sure how you would rotate the old bumpers, or exactly how many of them you could probably sprinkle some title cards in there if you needed to. Just the title cards might actually be less repetitive, but I did love seeing the cosplays. (Plus, there's nothing like random Krueger appearances to keep us on our toes!)

Longbox: Yes. Yes yes yes yes. I don't know enough about Marvel Zombies to really comment on that choice of subject - though it does sound appropriate - but I just really enjoyed Longbox. Instead of Christmas in July, it can be Halloween in June! Samhain in Summer! Moarte can try to get a tan! \o/

DVD: Hell, I'd watch some modern remakes of older episodes. Maybe you could toss in some behind-the-scenes storyline stuff too, I dunno. More stuff with the other characters is always fun.

Harvey Album: ...please excuse me, I need to fetch my fainting couch.

Gonzo said...

Teen Titans #13 is one of the few original TT comics I own. For some reason, the main thing I remember about it is the billboard advertising the sixties Batman show randomly stuck on top of some trees on the first page. It's gonna be hard waiting for November now!

Nick Michalak said...

I just looked up "The Brave and the Bold #54." It's the unofficial debut of the Teen Titans.

Commercial bumpers. I have no preference. It's cool when you have a little gag in there, but as long as there's a smooth transition, I have no problem. Too many producers have the mid-rolls just abruptly cut into the show, and that's just bad. Fan suggestions would be cool, too, if they are just ideas for you to implement. I'd say use the gags sparkingly, and maybe save the gags for special occasions.

More Longbox would be GREAT, but yes, pacing yourself out with it is very important. Now, that you've been through it, I'm sure you'll schedule things out more comfortably next year. Nothing ever goes perfectly to plan, but giving yourself proper rest periods is monumentally important. Don't burn yourself out.

The Finevoice album and the DVD are great ideas, but I have no real suggestions to offer. The re-done Nuetro episode would be cool as a DVD exclusive. Brad Jones did a "Best of" DVD that he only sells at conventions due to the legalities of things. So, it has to be more under the radar, but I'm sure you want something more widely available. I can certainly point you to where to get them manufactured or distirbuted, but nothing more comes to mind than that.

Since I live in the suburbs of Chicago, I'd really love to have you come here. I have zero interest in Anime, but if you're doing a live show and other activities there, I would certainly consider going for your appearance (price permitting). Also consider C2E2 or Wizard World Chicago Comic Con as an alternative. Brad's been to both as have I.

Miff said...

You may be able to find some stuff on Wikimedia Commons, Wikipedia's free-content image and audiovisual database:

Not everything on there is public domain (there's a lot of Creative Commons and GFDL content) but it may serve for something.

Anonymous said...

I'd prefer that you make DVDs that just contain storyline stuff edited to fit in the time of a movie. Hopefully with better special effects and non copyrighted music. I don't care if it's old stuff or an entirely new storyline just for the DVD. I'm always waiting for storyline stuff and that is my favorite parts of your reviews.

Also, it terms of the commercial breaks, I'm okay with you coming on camera saying simple stuff. Just as long as it's a new character everytime. I want more Sniper Blu, Murate, and Boffo.

Anonymous said...

I may not have made it clear but well when trying to keep a low profile about things that is just proof of my doing it right. I'm attempting to avoid clamoring for the next History of Power rangers too much. I'd still love to see more but until someone else brings it up I'm trying not to.

On Bumpers like I said before its alright to re-use them. There are even a couple I half expected to see re-used already. Like the one with you in the Hunter outfit from D-20 Live. Or Pollo's bumper. I'm even half tempted to try to rebuild your co-host from your MST3K video and send it to you just to see what you would do with it. If you have an inspiration for a new bumper tape it and put it in a folder with the rest and make a check list where you keep track of how often you've used them. That way even re-using them you can avoid falling into using the same one over and over.

Fan Bumpers. . While I know many of your fans can do some great things. I'm iffy. Maybe if it were like a contest thing say how it was when you were trying to get help coming up with the theme song? But otherwise it invites a big hassle.

Love the Long box idea. The Series doesn't have to go a whole month either. Don't want to crowd October. You've suggested June but with all those conventions because people are on Summer vacation... Is that the best season for it? I still think April or May being on the far side of the calendar, while soon, it also might have more time for getting it together and out.

On to the Album idea. Thanks to Disney this Karaoke DC from 1988 might still be too new. I have a few Hymnals. So long as you have people available who can play instruments well some of those could also be useful. They were printed in 1966 and 1956 more likely to be Public Domain. I am planning to digitize them anyway because their bindings are starting to wear out. Sadly the Litigious can always find a way to claim you are infringing with any and everything online.

Another Request. Lt. ( Ensign ) Monroe or Linkara singing Operatic Favorites. I still want to hear the rest of the songs you had hoped to sing in To Boldly Flee and other places.

On the DVD I'm still not sure. I mean the whole reason I buy DVD's of series is to have a copy of what I was watching online that I don't have to be at my computer to watch. Having effectively none of the pre-released content I'm just having trouble getting myself enthusiastic about it.

I mentioned the conventions up with Long Box because I read through before starting to write these comments. That is allot of demand. The only way I could see it working out is if you start before January and begin banking episodes so that you can stay ahead of your schedule. Including with live event scripts. Sadly I still have never been able to get to any of these conventions. Heck the last time I did the pricing for going to Texas for a weekend (When it was even cheaper still) before Hotel it was already going to be more than $2,000 just to pay for the travel to BE THERE for three days. Including Rent Food utilities and online that is still more than an entire month of my expenses.

The Conventions are entirely up to you. Love seeing the videos from your Live events Just don't know how much you can do and well stay sane.

Looking Forward to the rest of this year and what comes up in the next.

Viga asked for origins. I think you have mentioned that is going to be pushed off until Next year's November...

So if you were to redo the Story Line you would have to basically ADR the entire audio from start to finish and get someone else to score it with original compatible music tracks? Major ouch on that one.

Definitely agree on the Snow Flame bumper idea. But how often you could use it without breaking the mood is uncertain. Even your NIMUE DECA/HAL analog could do a couple bumpers.

Liefeld. . Galactica. . I hope I can forget I ever saw that.

Mitchell said...

For your commercial breaks I rather you do try and make a joke about it, and I don't mind if they repeat personally. DVDs would be great maybe have part of the DVDs just with the story lines edited in such away to can watch all the story line parts in a story in one go. Not sure how you would do that but food for thought. And Neutro public domain that has to go on the DVD. I myself might by a Harvey x-mas CD I do like that era of music, but see if you can talk to other musical critics and make a big tgwtg x-mas cd or something.
After glances through some comments I saw someone talk about Let's Play done as different characters and that be a hoot too. I know LittleKuriboh does something like that as Marik but Moarte doing Lets Play of Silent Hill would be to die for! Ahahahahahahahaha! However likely his voice is hard to. Anyway that's my thoughts keep up the great work and take it easy this month. Oh wait SNOWFLAME SHOULD DO A LETS PLAY!

rutana said...

Lot's of stuff comming up *-*

For the commercial bumpers, I must say that I enjoyed your little, original bumpers. It was - original. I'm not a fan of reusing old ones. Pretty much since you always make clear, that every video you do is in continuation with the storyline. So it would look off for me to see the same over and over, since there are some where actually stuff happens.

Since it's a lot of work to do one for every show though, here are my ideas:
- Make a neat little animation, maybe with your new logo sliding into the screen (and sliding out later), maybe accompanied by a text and a little jingle (could be from the theme song for that matter)
- Use the title-card in a neat way, again maybe accompanied by a little jingle
- Make ONE advertisment announcing each month with one of your characters. If you stay neutral and only say "we'll be right back" - "we're back", it doesn't hurt to have it repeated 4-5 times over one month - and can be raising interest on the next month's bumper.

Regarding the Long Box...
I haven't yet commented on that, so I'll use this to do so.
I LOVED IT. I loved evey bit of it.
I'm not a comic book reader, never knew where to start, but got more and more interested in good comics thanks to your show. With my love for creepyness, the longbox gave me 31 awesome reccommendations to check out, and I loved it. Fortunally, I also got my first smartphone over the month, so I decided to download comic apps and purchase comics virtually - using ones from the longbox that seemed very interesting for me.
Now I'm actively reading Animal Man and Swamp Thing from the new DC 52, both series are completly my taste, I enjoyed 30 Days of Night (allready liked the movie) and I started on Walking Dead, having other reccommendations just waiting to be read on the phone as well.
THANK YOU so much for this opportunity. I can't wait to see the next longbox - wether it's creepy halloween stuff or not.
I can imagine longboxes outside of moerte's range, too, for that matter. I'm looking forward to Marvel Zombies and the next halloween longbox, don't worry, but I could also imagine other themes - maybe with other characters? Either way I'm looking forward to it!

I'm also looking forward to the next History of Power Rangers. But not impatiently. I know this takes an awefull lot of time, and I can't understand why people rush you about it... It's done when it's done.

I can't help you with either CD or DVD, I can just promise I'll buy both soon they come out. I'm really looking forward to both, and I was pretty excited hearing about the CD!
For DVD Extra's... maybe some "behind the story" footage? Some unedited recordings for example. Or the storylines packed together - meaning everything besides the actual comic reviews accomplishing them. This could be great for reseeing the storyline without skipping lots and lots of reviews to the end. I know that it can be a bit out of place for some parts, where the review played a major role (like the pokemon review), but every fan knows where to check on the reviews to get the missing bits - which can give you more video-clicks as well.
I would really really love storyline-bits on the DVD!

Anonymous said...

While it would be nice to have some newer bumpers, for gods sake, reuse the old ones! They're comedy gold and it'd be great for them to get a new lease on life. I really thought that was one of the most clever things anyone could do with the blip commercials.

Beth said...

Fan bumpers could be cool. I don't mind just title cards either. Everything's cool.

Wish you could come to a CA con, like Anime LA.

Elijah said...

I wouldn't mind the fan-submitted bumpers. As far as reusing your old ones are concerned, it should be fine. No one is going to split hairs over it. It would be a small detail to fret over.

Sara Rude said...

I like the idea of using the title cards as bumpers. It would give us a little extra time to admire them, and also give the artist a bit more publicity. (Which we always need. :3)

That said, I'd be delighted to see a cosplay bumper or two thrown in at random.

Steve said...

Well, if you're looking for bump suggestions, I have those in droves. Londo Mollari and Blue Beetle bumps, anyone? XD

As for more Longbox, I am entirely for that, but I would make the suggestion to have any extra sessions of that during a time of scariness outside of Halloween. For example, in Japan they have their ghost-themed stuff in the summer, so that'd be a good time for a manga-centric session.

Ah, more Kamandi. I seriously hope that this idiotic What If series was worth all the effort they put into it.

The ID said...

Ignore this comment if this is rude, but when if in the foreseeable future will you be taking a look at the work of Greg Land?

Jeff Jacobson said...

If the bumpers are too time consuming, you can just fade to (and from) black. I don't really care if you have bumpers or not. (I don't dislike the bumpers, but I won't miss them either.)

Quicksilver said...

Addressing subjects relevant to my interests in the order they were addressed for ease of reading.

Commercial Bumpers:
I do not mind repeated bumpers or the title card, so whichever works for you works for me just fine. However, I do like the bumpers a little bit more. My suggestion would be to establish a library of bumpers to use for a given period and then add in new ones as you are inspired/have the time. Other people have already suggested some areas to consider (like adding characters from the show), but having seasonal ones could help too (one for all of winter holiday season, etc.)

Longbox of the Damned:
Glad to hear of its success! I enjoyed hearing about the comics immensely and am tempted to try and dig some of them up.

I think the problem you may run into with "Marvel Zombies" is that it will catch certain fans more than others. I, for instance, have little to no interest in the series at all but would still probably watch it because I'm just curious about stuff in general. Others not interested might not. One of the beauties of LOTD was that it had a general theme of "horror" and then mixed it up - some for kids, some anthologies, some manga, some from big publishers, some from lesser known publishers, some well known series/characters, some not etc. to appeal to a wide variety of interests within the overall theme. Just something to consider.

I'm not sure what I would suggest in place of Marvel Zombies, however, since most of my ideas might instead be more fitting of future October LOTD. Focusing on urban legend stories, for example, or specific supernatural entities across numerous comics.

Any public domain comic would work for me. Something else to consider putting on DVD (or on the site in general, perhaps) is more historical stuff with the comics. I've learned quite a bit about creators, history, etc. just from watching the show, but resources and the like are always appreciated. I dunno. Maybe other people would find that boring.

SotF said...

One thing that could work with Fan Bumpers is to build up a stock of them. Ones either for leaving or returning and combining that with others.

If they're generic, stockpile them and use as needed, even randomly mixing them in. Specific ones might need to fit into either a certain comic or ones with certain characters.

areoborg said...

I don't mind reusing bumpers. But I also like the idea of fan bumpers as well. Even if you get something like, 45 usable fan ones and use the one's you've made, that gives us a year's worth of unique bumpers before they start repeating themselves. Assuming you don't make more announcements for bumpers in the meantime that should be long enough for all but the most anal retentive fans to not complain about seeing the same bumpers again.

DaftRaider said...

I prefer the title card bumpers personally. The cosplay ones were... okay, but they seemed a bit TOO random sometimes, and just ended up annoying me. Like a non-sequitur in an average episode of Family Guy... :P Okay, maybe not that bad.

As for LotD, I'd be interested in seeing a month dedicated to a whole storyline. Personally, I'd like to hear your (or indeed, Moarte's) thoughts on 'BLACKEST NIGHT', since, like you, I bought ALL tie in issues. I love the story, but there's plenty to poke fun of too.

JoeCat said...

Regarding Conventions: I know it probably isn't on your radar for stopping points, but if you ever find yourself in Philly, I'll be more than happy to buy you a drink mate.

Regarding Bumpers: I'm fine with reused bumpers. Plenty of kids shows (American and Japanese) tended to cycle a handful of bumpers during their run. Just look at Stick Stickly or the oft parodied Dragonball bumpers. We can't all be Alfred Hitchcock, making a new dry-yet-witty bumper for every episode.

Though for bumper inspiration, if there was ever a plotline you wanted to do for AT4W but dropped for whatever reason, the bumpers could serve as a vessel for them. Just do quick minute-or-less outro and intro segments until the plotline is complete. Something akin to Cartoon Network's old "Scooby Doo Project".

TECH097 said...

I am all for having bumpers and having them REPEAT if necessary, they really added something to the show, like, it felt like times were changing and we were moving forward...melodramatic maybe, BUT THAT'S HOW I FEEL!

Though to be honest I think SNOWFLAME deserves at least one, if Will is in costume during filming and can spare a few minutes. Just a suggestion, I mean, he's just so goshdarn lovable!

Also I would totally get a AT4W DVD if it was PG-rated, mostly cuz my parents aren't fond of strong language aside from the milder stuff (Hell, Damn, Ass) while in only a few episodes there's like 1 F-Bomb or if you count the Warrior episodes, WHOO that's a lotta swearing. XD

Anonymous said...

Concerning, I'm in the minority, but it just seems like the fan made bumpers could get really annoying really fast. Both for you and for us. I don't mind the current ones repeating, hell, it's what I'm used to. I would suggest making 4-6 more bumpers (probably from your supporting cast) and just putting all of them into rotation, and then using the title card method every couple of weeks. Again, I think I'm in the minority. (If you were to produce a few more bumpers, I would like to request Snowflame. You know, if he's availible.)

As for the DVD and the CD, I'm afraid I can't really help you, but I can say that I will buy them when/if they get released. I'm all for re-reviewing stuff, so a redo of Neutro would be great!

History of Power Rangers is awesome, and I'm looking forward to your opinion on Mystic Force, but I'm totally not rushing you or anything. As always, take your time.

FINALLY, you go to a convention near me. Oh, sure, it's a state over, but I'm not picky. See you at Gato-Con! :D

Anonymous said...

I'm fine with the title cards for the ad bumpers, or you can re-use the ones you've done, or I like the suggestion of using people like 90s Kid or Linksano for the bumpers.

I really, really hope you find some music for the Harvey Finevoice Christmas album. I'll buy that in a heartbeat.

I'm really glad Longbox of the Damned will be back, and I think your idea is a good one. This will be awesome! ^^

Jesse said...

The Bumpers: I'm in the camp that favors a mixture of the ideas you suggested. I like the bumpers, and now that you've got a few of them made, and presumably saved someplace, I'd be fine with seeing some or all of them reused. There are going to be times when just title cards would be more appropriate, or doing a custom bumper for special occasions. And I'm sure finding viewers to do fan-made bumpers will be easy as well. Not sure how helpful all that was, but I do hope it was somewhat helpful.

The Cons: I really have no preferences there. Much as I'd love to go to one where I could meet not only you, but other TGWTG/CA contributors as well, I just don't have the finances to swing that right now, and may not in the foreseeable future. The good news is that things seem to be changing for the better, so that may change before I know it, so I may see you at one after all.

HOPR: I'm pretty much working on the standing assumption that the series is still going until I hear otherwise from. It's interesting, but a lot of work, I'm sure, and you've got other priorities to take care of.

LOTD: I didn't catch all of it, but I did see a lot, and I'm glad it worked out well enough for you to do it next year. I'm really looking forward to seeing it come back next year.

megaL3 said...

I'm fine with the title cards. The DVD sounds tricky, but maybe with just the right comics and the right music, you could do it. A harvey finevoice album sounds amazing!

Rem said...

I don't really mind you re-using bumpers or choosing to display the title cards as ad bumpers, although I would love to see you make a few with some of your regulars like 90s Kid or Ninja-Style Dancer.

Regarding the DVD content, I hope you're able to include some scenes involving your characters. If it's impossible to show the events of the story arcs, perhaps you could show some brief snippets from their lives when they aren't busy fighting an enemy? I'd really enjoy seeing more interaction among them, or learning more about the little details you've created for them but haven't had time to tell us about during the reviews. I doubt complete commentaries are possible if you aren't able to show the footage, but hearing your thought processes on how you came up with different storylines, characters, and plot developments would also be very enjoyable.

I'm glad you're planning to visit Florida and hope to see you at MythiCon!^^

Dragons Dusk said...

I think a mix of the bumps would be fine, as would reusing them. I especially liked the Team Fortress one as well as the 7th Doctor.

Fan art as an alternate/addition if you take fan submissions would be neat, sort of like the stills at the start and end of commercial breaks in anime, the ones that first come to mind are Sailor Moon and Slayers Next where it was different characters mostly in different poses or costumes without complicated backgrounds.

I think a downside to having a contest for the fan submissions is there's the expectation of a winner and I think it'd be easier to just if you do ask for things have the understanding be to those submitting that you may decide not to use it for your own reasons without making it a thing.

And that was a crummy sentence, my apologies. I think it'd be nice to have the fan submissions to use when you needed/wanted without making a big deal about them.

Though the title card works too, since you get some rather groovy title cards. Have a brief sound/music riff when they fade in and out (even if it's the same things) would be neat.

It's strange, I missed the little The Thing Muppet from last month being in them.

I would love if for the out of season LOTD to be a coverage of Marvel Zombies. The series looked really interesting but realistically I'm quite a bit aways from being able to get my hands on it.

Think I also saw someone mention something like that only with Blackest Night, soemthing else I'd really enjoy seeing as I am a huge Green Lantern fan. (admittedly more from the various cartoon series but still).

Not sure about the DVD stuff. Are costumes considered copyright? The story arc pieces from Wrath of Kahn were awesome (yes, I cried when Pollo stopped floating, both times I watched) but I know having the music for that would probably not be allowed and like I said I've no idea about costumes.

I hadn't thought of that for the Christmas CD, though I probably should have, whoops. Odd things that are copyrighted, the Happy Birthday song, it's why at restaurants when the waiters are annoying and sing to you, they can't sing Happy Birthday. Though I'd hope at least some Christmas songs would be available to use.

It's too bad you can't get a high school band to record their holiday concert and use that for the songs.

Excited for December, those look fun. Seriously though, Kamandi right after New Years, nice way to just dive into the deep end right away for the start of the Year.

Frosty said...

As for bumpers:
I don't think it would have to be just this or just that. Title cards work, reusing old bumpers does as well, and perhaps fan made ones could too. And it would add variety.

As for fan made stuff I wonder if you'd ever be interested in using fan art for such - I mean still drawings created for the episode or just a generic bumper picture - as replacing the title cards occasionally.

Just one thing about the title cards-
"Just a thought, when you use you the title card you can have the title song's "Linkaraaa!" play followed by you saying "We'll be right back." or something."
I agree with Jester8183 on this one. This could incorporate the cards more into the episode.

As for Neutro
Well I'm not a fan of remaking already released material in general, though admittedly I would be curious what else would you have in mind for it. :) If you do remake it, I'd certainly prefer to see both the old and the new versions on the DVD.

And yay for the Harvey album!

"If possible, I'd like to see you do a Let's Play as one of your characters (preferably 90s Kid or Moarte)"

"My God man, you're mad! Think of Lewis's poor throat!"
Yeah... I'd also like to see this though. *mad grin* Though it would probably make more sense with 90's kid.

Rob Green said...

I say if you have to break away from an every week a show because your going to cons that are back to back I wouldn't blame ya as you got to make it out there to see your fans, and if the option is there duel them. Also you got to do Animinneapolis as you got to hit a hometown con.

For your ad bumpers I say mix it up. you got an idea that could make a good bumper you should do it. If you use the title card bumper I think a little music should be used that leads you out, and then leads you back in to the show if it ain't too much.

Well can't wait for our next origin as the secret origins month are my favorite episodes followed by the Mr. T comics.

Nevix said...

I like the variety of Bumpers for commercials.

I'm fine with the bumper just being a title card or if you keep doing the random acts of cosplay bumpers.

Truthfully, I just like having bumpers for the commercials.

Rhodoferax said...

Upcoming episodes

"Buster Witwicky and the Car Wash of Doom", eh? Honestly, I don't see what's so bad about that. Sure, it's daft, but no more so than any other 80s Transformers story.


To me, bumpers are the strawberry on the icing on the cake - something nice, but small that doesn't really hurt the whole if taken away. Just do whatever you feel comfortable with (though if you take fan submissions, I already have a couple of ideas).


For bonus content, maybe a sketch about what your characters get up to in their downtime. For example, you might have something like this:

90S KID: Duuude, where the heck is my copy of Supreme #1?

HARVEY: The ghoul took it down to the basement. He said Rob Liefeld's anatomy is the scariest thing he's ever seen.

Just a suggestion.

Timmer said...

About ad bumpers :

First of, I'd liken them to the couch gag from The Simpsons. You already have a bunch, so you can re-use them and throw in a new one every now and then.

But, there's really no reason to pick just one option. I feel the best thing would be to use all suggestions. That way, you'd build up such a wide variety of bumpers repeats would be rare, and even welcomed. People might say "hey ! I remember that one!"

So slowly start doing it all. Use the occasional title card. Use old ones. Make new ones, cosplay and with your different characters. See if Will has time to do a few Snowflame ones. Ask Liz if she'd like to do one. Hell, since you get fellow producers to do cameos fairly often, ask them if they'd do a few while they're filming those. And throw in fan submitted ones.

The only problem I see with the fan submitted ones would be a drop in video quality in the middle of your episode. If you go the way of fan-submitten bumpers, I'll eagerly send one in myself for consideration, but it wouldn't look nearly as professional as the rest of the show. If you and (especially) the fans don't have a problem with that, go for it !

Anonymous said...

Perhaps Future Linkara could admonish his former self for his screw-ups in the past.

Maybe this could be another byproduct of Doctor Insano's Hypertime experiements. I wonder if there is a "Future Doctor Insano" or a "Future Doctor Linksano"?

DerKork said...

Ad bumpers... I see a potential for the fan-created bumpers (even though I have to admit, I'd go beyond "We'll be back after these sponsor's messages" - "we're back" with mine), but these may not always be possible to mix and match.

Nevertheless, I'm in favour of them, especially looking at the huge amount of feedback the Pollo redesign contest had. Just stockpile them and use which ones feel appropriate for the episode - which unfortunately means a metric ton of work on your end.

darkdigidestined said...

of course you can reuse bumpers all i ask is that you occasionally make a new one

Robyn said...

Harvey Finevoice album? SHUT UP AND TAKE MY MONEY!

Jillian Hermes said...

I vote the Chicago con (Anime Midwest)! ^-^

Yes, I will buy the Harvey CD! (goes and pouts about "Dominick the Donkey" still being copyrighted.)

I'm also casting my vote for reusing bumpers and character centered bumpers that show their lives out side of fighting interdimensional threats. I said so like three times on Blip.

I think the best thing to do for the DVD is an original story line movie for all of your characters! ^-^ But who am I kidding? I'd buy any DVD you put out.

Yes I want a 90's Kid lets play!

ThomasMink said...

Honestly, I see no reason to not reuse the bumpers you've created already. However, tossing in a new one every now and then would still keep things at least a bit fresher in that regard. Not all that many were created overall as it is..

..and an updated Neutro episode would be friggin' badass! Not that I think the episode really needs all that much updating. It's still a classic and memorable episode. ...however, I would hope that Dr. Insano would appear in that updated version and not get replaced with Dr. Linksano. ;D

Anonymous said...

For DVD, it would be great to see a the making of AT4W episode, especially if it was a storyline one.

What would also be interesting would be seeing an episode of AT4W, but with different takes used.

Maybe a tour of the massive comics wall? Or a tour of the reviewing room, WHAT LIES BEYOND THE CAMERA?!?!

Also, the title cards work great, i always think the title cards are enjoyable and well done anyway.

Sydney Sutter said...

"Superman's Christmas Adventure"

... Yeah... This is gonna suck...

Blackcat325 said...

Lots of exciting stuff to look forward to! Glad to hear you're pacing out the storyline a bit more next year. I love the storylines, but it needs to be manageable.

My choice for the commercial bumpers would be... all of the above. I don't think its lazy at all to reuse the ones you've already done. As others have said, you could add new ones when you have the time/inspiration, maybe some by your other regular characters, and build up a pool of them. Use the title cards from time to time to spread them out a bit, and maybe even throw in some that only work for a particular review (like the broken camera one) if something comes to mind. You could even put it some fan-made ones, if you get some good ones, as well. There's no real reason to stick to one style, and it'd be kind of fun to have no idea what's coming in an episode.

Nothing particular to say about LotD except, congratulations on your success, glad the hard work paid off. Hope whatever you do with it next year works out just a well – without so much stress in producing it.

Really hoping you can work something out for the CD, I would love to hear that! As for the DVD... I actually would like to see an older episode remade. Could be interesting just to compare the two. Also, commentaries or other behind-the-scenes type stuff. And I really like the idea of a mini-storyline, maybe an episode-length story, although I can understand if that's too difficult or time-consuming to do.

Although I'll probably never get to a convention you're at, I'm excited to see that you'll be doing so many next year because I love the live show videos. Having said that, the two close together sound like a bit much, especially as you're planning to LotD in June as well... and I know that you intend to film the episodes before June, but if something goes wrong and that doesn't work out, then the end of that month could turn into a real mess with two live shows on top of LotD and regular AT4W. Could you do the same live show for both and not release the video until after the second one? Just an idea to spread things out a bit, although there's still the matter of the time taken actually at the convention that is time out of your usual schedule.

Btw, its not just Europe and Asia with no ads – none here in New Zealand either. Annoys the hell out of me that I can't support these shows, which is another reason why I like the idea of being able to buy a CD or DVD (which reminds me... please make any DVD you produce zone-free!).

Gastón Trombotti said...

Pretty exited about the next episodes(secret origins month is one of my favorite especial of the show)
About the bummpers I say you just use the title cards, you have earned a rest after all that you have done this year and they aren't a big loss.
Good luck and rest easy for now

Kth-77 said...

I wouldn't mind if you recycled Bumps, especially like the Pollo bump, the ones with AT4W characters, but I'm also fascinated to see what bumps the fans would come up with.

I wonder if animated bumps would be excepted...

Rhodoferax said...

Oh, another idea for the DVD: A behind-the-scenes documentary type thing where you show the making of an episode. That would probably work best with a prop- or character-heavy episode.

KKDW said...

Really enjoyed Longbox so I'm glad there's gonna be more.

Also, I'm a member of a forum that involves captioning screenshots from movies and TV shows and we also do comics there. A few years back we did that Teen Titans Christmas issue so I'm looking forward to seeing that (we also did that one Batman comic that kept using the word 'boner' that you said you wouldn't review). When you post the review I might give you a link to a site where the captions are archived, I'll save it till then since I'm sure you don't want to swipe some of our jokes for it. Mind you there's one or two jokes in there that I'm not too proud of now.

Also, while browsing the Comic Book Database today I found a Digimon comics series. Looking at it though it's just an adaptation of episodes of the first season so it'll probably be reasonably decent so not really worth an episode, or it might be like some of the Star Trek movie comics you've done!

Cameron said...

Is Holy Terror still on your to-do list?

John C. Kirk said...

Regarding ad breaks, I've noticed that they seem to be slightly out of synch: when the adverts finish, I get another half second of whatever came before (video/bumper/title card). Based on my own video editing, I know that it's quite difficult to stop on exactly the right frame, so I recommend using title cards without fading in/out. Just stick the same picture up for 5-10 seconds, then it won't matter if the advert is a bit early/late. That was standard practice with the TV programs I used to watch in the UK, although it's less common now (possibly to stop recorders from skipping ads); I don't know whether the same thing happened in the US.

Leor said...

Transformers #31 is quite timely, given the gas shortages and associated long lines the Northeast US is facing after Hurricane Sandy. Unfortunately this gas shortage is based on a disruption of refineries and a halt in shipping for the week of the hurricane, not on carwashes of doom.

Sophie said...

Thanks for the updates!

I enjoyed attending Youmacon this year and I plan to go back so I certainly hope you're able to make it! Honestly, if I know a reviewer is going to a con (or several) in a row, I don't expect much in the way of content.

That said, if you do back to backs, it might be nice to see some commentary videos. Maybe on some of your Longbox sketches? I'd love to hear how the whole thing came together or why certain comics were chosen.(killdozer and Uzumaki for example). While I would love to see new content, I also enjoy hearing the behind the scenes.

One of my favorite commentaries on DVD is from the Princess Bride. Gary Marshall talks about all these little things that were going on when filming, and it was just... entertaining. Very informal, like he was telling his grandkids about his day. I like that.

As always, I look forward to HoPR (at your leisure)

Or, maybe you could do some At4W shorts? Like reviewing comic-strips? Ones made for the papers.

Maybe as some DVD extra content you could do a live action commercial for your comic, or maybe an At4W Fanart contest and publish some of the winning works in it?

As for Christmas stuff, actually, there is a lot of talent here on the net. And actually, my dad is a musician. He doesn't do it professionally or anything, but he does play guitar and keyboard and he's done his own original work and made compositions. He's made his own karaoke backings to hymnals he plays in a nursing home ministry he's involved with for example. I might actually be able to get him to do something for you in that case. We don't have a lot of resources but he's worked with midi as well. Just a few thoughts!

Laserkid said...

Yay for more HOPR in the future, and no worries man I have immensley enjoyed longbox of the damned AND the Gunslinger arc so I'm entertained, not that that matters much but eh.

To bumpers - I do preffer video bumpers to title cards, but there is nothing wrong with title cards either - not to mention totally understandable in a pinch.

I am totally okay with reusing bumpers as loing as they don't bunch up the same ones next to eachother, you can see the same material over and over and not necessarily notice if the loop is long enough, if that makes sense.

Of course, ideally, you'd add in new ones here and there to keep the rotations fresh.

I am totally interested in the idea of fan made ones - first to see my fellow fans be awesome, but second, I must admit the idea of making you something is exciting toi me. Bar none, you're my favorite channel awesome guy.

Course for you that'd be all kinds of fun with trying to find a way to recieve them without getting bombarded, and you'd probably have to screen them for sanity, if not quality and if it gets popuar that could be a real drain on you that you don't need, and we, as your fans don't need you having.

All in all, a mixed bag - maybe you could have a fan appreciation month or something, where you allow them for a one month period or so, that could easily limit the stress factor fan submitted bumpers could easily put on you.

Glad you're relaxing after october - you earned it and I look forward to your future reviews. :)

vlademir1 said...

For the bumpers I'd say the title card is fine, but if you want to do fan submissions, run a contest each year and run the top 10 bumpers from it for the year then have another contest the next year. Having enough that the repetition isn't annoying is the real key, but also having enough material to work with is also important.

Cat C said...

Random thought on Christmas and singing. Is the AT4W cast going to sing 'Patric Swayze Christmas' for one of the end credits this year?

Cenobite829 said...

First off I think you could reuse bumpers but you would have to make like twenty of them. That is five months worth of bumpers roughly so by the time you start to recycle them it won't feel repedtiave. If you do you should have ones with Snowflame, Moarte, and The spirit of the gun. Just and idea.

I loved Long Box and would love to see you do something like James Rolf did and have a month devoted to one theme, like what you were talking about with the Marvel Zombies. How about an EC Comics month? Show them comics from back in the 1950's that led to the Comic's Code.

As for your DVD do you think you could do a DVD collection of the storylines? Not the actual reviews but the orginal material you made. You could have things like the MechaKara Arc, the Vice Arc, and the Entity Arc. I personally would buy them.

Keep up the good work Linkara and I'll keep watching.

John Teece said...

Being a fan of the marvel zombies series, extra Longbox sounds great

DVD, there are tons of public domain comics from the golden age availiable - is pretty good, to check them out.

some obvious characters to check are Stardust - basically a tyrant superman with bizare punishments for crimanals.
there's a Marvelo the magician story in Big shot comics 9 where he says there are no such thing as ghosts... this guy uses GENUINE MAGIC AND SPELLS yet ghosts are ridiculous

you Could alsos edit the storylines and put them on the dvd as well, with character bits from finevoice and snowflame (unless him being a DC character affects it)

Anonymous said...

If you hate Chester A. bum's show, does that mean you also hate Lester B. Bum's show?

Ha. Ha.

Jillian Hermes said...

I vote the Chicago con (Anime Midwest)! ^-^

Yes, I will buy the Harvey CD! (goes and pouts about "Dominick the Donkey" still being copyrighted.)

I'm also casting my vote for reusing bumpers and character centered bumpers that show their lives out side of fighting interdimensional threats. I said so like three times on Blip.

I think the best thing to do for the DVD is an original story line movie for all of your characters! ^-^ But who am I kidding? I'd buy any DVD you put out.

Yes I want a 90's Kid lets play!

Keith Brown said...

An AT4W DVD would be spectacular! If you can, I would really want the Ultimate Warrior trilogy to be in it. You could also add some storyline episodes, but with the reviews edited out. Also, I think the old Neutro episode is good as it is, though it would still be interesting to see a remake of the ending with the new Neutro costume. I don't know if Spoony would be up for it, though, since he is not a TGWTG contributor anymore.

Anonymous said...

I'm more than cool with you re-using you'r older bumpers, with the occasional worthy fan-bumper thrown in

and yeah, the summer Longbox can be a themed one, but I'd definitely prefer if the one on Halloween will take a look at a wider variety of comics
The last time I read you'r comments on the matter (I do not have Twitter, and don't intend to - those things take away one's soul), you said you don't read Justice League Dark and Dial H, but I'd definitely recommend those for the Longbox, ESPECIALLY their first arcs!
And on a related note, you can consider yourself proud! A friend of mine got inspired by your series to start a Halloween tradition of his own. Each week of October (starting next year) he intends to upload two horror comics onto his account. He debuted his host this year (had people vote between several concepts), and already had people submit their scripts to him this October (wrote two my self), so he can work on them throughout the year (he already did a few comics before, mostly just smut tho - but well drawn smut I must add!)

Reading about all the stuff you did in the past months, I must say DAMN!, you have some determination!
I respect that!

But there's still one question left unanswered, are there going to be more Blood Eagle sessions, or is it just going to stay a one-shot thing?

Breno Ranyere said...

What do you mean a finacial sucsess? Don't we all watch the videos for free??

Also are you gonna do... anything... for Marvel.Now!? I know you hate Marvel and love Dc, but you should give a chance to other books... you always talk about how DC is doing a better job than Marvel, but you never really talk about anything good from marvel... you love iron man and captain america... but have you ever read matt fraction or edward burcker's runs? I wish you would be a little more fair with Marvel... i know...they allowed OMD to exist... but there's so much good inside Marvel... please... give a chance to Marvel.Now!

Lewis Lovhaug said...

"Also are you gonna do... anything... for Marvel.Now!? I know you hate Marvel and love Dc, but you should give a chance to other books... you always talk about how DC is doing a better job than Marvel, but you never really talk about anything good from marvel... you love iron man and captain america... but have you ever read matt fraction or edward burcker's runs? I wish you would be a little more fair with Marvel... i know...they allowed OMD to exist... but there's so much good inside Marvel... please... give a chance to Marvel.Now!"

When have I ever said I hate Marvel? And when have I said DC was doing better than Marvel? In fact, I've been pretty critical of DC over the last year with the reboot.

Nick Gaston said...

I know it's a bit early, but might you consider doing the next part of Batman: Jazz for International Jazz Day on April 30th (which is apparently a thing)?

I have to admit that I'm morbidly curious to find out what happens next, but I'm utterly terrified to read it on my own.

DuelMark said...

You ran out of names? Why not let us come up with names for it? It'll save time coming up with them.

As for HOPR, all I ask is when you do see at least half of the episodes left in Mystic Force, let us know. I have a funny joke idea you can use.

And yes, I like the commercial bumpers from the most recent review more, if only to save you time with putting on costumes. Maybe it's because I'm not fond of commercials during reviews.

Breno Ranyere said...

"When have I ever said I hate Marvel?" Sorry, i just assumed that because of your crishtmas list were your only recomendation for current good books(at that time) was deadpool... also during that's all i'm saying(i'm sorry i keep bringing taht up) you only talked about deadpool and avengers academy(very briefely).
I'm didn't mean to be mean... really sorry...

Anonymous said...

As Marvel Now goes, so far the only title worth reading is the new Deadpool (big surprise)

However we still have till February 2013 to pass judgement on the whole thing
So far, the Marvel Now titles released last month did help Marvel to re-claim the lead (people like #1 issues? what a twist!), which is probably why they stretched-out the titles over several months (making sure the novelty does not wear thin too soon)

Overall however it's a good thing for comics as a whole, seeing how comic sales in general rose by 19.5% since last year, and DC is still making more money than they did before the re-boot (I think we can say that now), and even beat their post-relaunch sales from last year
Diamond reports best sales since 1997

In other words, DC traded their history for a much healthier comic industry as a whole

Anonymous said...

1) The upcoming episodes sound awesome, especially Batman Noel - can't wait!

2) I love HOPR and it's great to hear a tentative return date :)

3) Commercial Bumpers. Personally, I really liked the Pollo bumpers best and its a chance to see a little more of the little blue guy. Also since he's Linkara's manager (or something >.>) it makes sense for him to do them in universe. Showing off the costumes you get is fun, but they would get a little repetitive: i'd suggest having Pollo be the standard, then occasionally throwing in one of the other characters/costumes, and then adding new ones as you get more costumes
As a back up, just showing the title card with a small musical sting from the theme song also works just fine.
The idea of fan submitted commercials is interesting, but like some other people I'm hesitant about a combination of video/audio quality and reliability. I'm not opposed to them and they would spice up the line up occasionally, just be selective ;)

4) Longbox of the Damned was awesome and I'm glad it'll be back before next year. I like the idea of special episodes, like a few at Obon or the Month of Marvel Zombies idea. Very excited about Halloween in June ;)

I've loved the idea of a Harvey album since the idea first cropped up in the fancommunity a few years ago, and the idea that it'll be a Christmas album is even better! Hopefully finding copyright free/public domain versions of the music won't be too difficult. If this works out, you can count me as a definite "pre-order" ;)

6) I'd definitely be interested in a DVD, and the Neutro remake is certainly a fan favorite. I say go for it! :D

7) I'm going to try really hard to make it to Magfest this year - this thing about me never having a chance to meet such awesome people in person thing just can't continue ;)

So basically I'm crazy excited, Lewis. It sounds like you've got a lot on your plate but it all sounds awesome! Keep up the good work :D

Lewis Lovhaug said...

""When have I ever said I hate Marvel?" Sorry, i just assumed that because of your crishtmas list were your only recomendation for current good books(at that time) was deadpool... also during that's all i'm saying(i'm sorry i keep bringing taht up) you only talked about deadpool and avengers academy(very briefely).
I'm didn't mean to be mean... really sorry..."

No need to feel bad or anything - it's true that I pretty much almost entirely read DC, but it's not out of hatred for Marvel or a belief that DC can do no wrong - it's that I have more history with DC and frankly most of the Marvel books I've read just don't interest me.

PopCultureOtaku said...

I am glad that october went well for you. :) I am glad more longbox of the damn. I said this before I would buy dvds and cds man. Looking forward to seeing you at magfest. Return of christmas! Yes! I will be wondering why first three till they come out.

Louisiana Jones said...

I apologize in an advance if other fans have suggested these ideas.

For the ad bumper, you could ask the fans to create some similar to how Achievement Hunter has their fans do intros.

For material to the DVD, you could use the story lines as the main focus. You could also some shorts or even have a Snowflame gag reel.

Konsolero said...

Thanks for the history of Power Rangers update i´m really looking forward to a new episode ^^. I´m happy for you that LOTD was a success i honestly haven´t seen all the episodes of it because one episode a day even though only a few minutes was too much for me. A cd with christmas carolls or other public domain songs would be funny.

I would also like to see your characters doing some reviews. You did this way back in the Mechakara arc? (or was it Vice already?) and i liked it especially the 90´s Kid episode. So maybe you can work it in next year.

Anonymous said...

Upcoming Episodes

Teen Titans #13: A Swingin' Christmas Carol....I'm not sure if I should be afraid or look forward to this sounds like it could go either way.

History of Power Rangers:

I believe that one of the first videos I saw of yours was either one of your History of Power Rangers or one of the Power Rangers comic reviews when you fought Mechakara, so I always enjoy when you cover a generation of Power Rangers. Also congrats on being part of the Power Force, not sure what exactly that entails, but I saw your name listed there on the official Power Rangers website. And I only know that because I met a girl named Nylock today and trying to figure out where I heard that before led me to the site.

Commercial Bumpers:

After watching your Yomacon Q&A...maybe you should let Will come up with a few Snowflame bumpers to throw in now and then, not a whole month but like one out of four or five. Or instead of making new characters, how about using 90's Kid...catch him reading a Care Bears comic for example, or the Ninja Style Dancer or Boffo...we haven't seen either of them in a loooong time. Actually, come to think of it we haven't seen Lieutenant Monroe in over a year...possibly more. You don't have to come up with much with them, it'd just be nice to see them again. Or even Moarte just shows up randomly in a bumper, "This is what I do in the off season."

Longbox of the Damned:

Moarte and the Longbox were definitely a success, as long as you don't let it prevent you from working on AT4W, you should definitely keep it up. May I suggest making theme weeks for say classic monsters...such as vampire stories, or stories focused on mummies.

Harvey Finevoice Album:

You sir have a great singing voice! I say go for it with the CD.


If you released a DVD, I would buy it. Actually, I think it would be great if you could make it a self-contained a DBZ movie. Hey, could even make the plot about how all of your non public domain stuff has gone missing. I think that an updated version of Neutro would be great to see.


Thanks for the link to your first episode commentary, I would have said something sooner, but I've been sick.

Phantom Roxas said...

Having a review on Christmas sounds like fun. "Teen Titans #13: A Swingin’ Christmas Carol" sounds hilarious, so that's the one I'm looking forward to, as does The Next 15 Screw-Ups of Atop the Fourth Wall. Didn't know that AT4W and Radio Dead Air would be on a New Year's Eve this year, but it sounds like fun.

Ah, Kamandi's Earth End. I love when a series is recurring on here.

I'm still behind on watching History of Power Rangers, so I'm in no rush to see the Mystic Force episode released. So February is going to be another Youngblood review?

As for the commercial bumpers, I'm okay with you reusing costumes, as long as you find something different to say. However, my top preference would be for them to be dropped completely.

I would love to see another month dedicated to Longbox of the Damned, and sticking to a different theme is the best option, since a Halloween-based show just doesn't work outside of October. However, if you do it during October as well, you run the risk of overworking yourself.

I'd love a Harvey Finevoice album.

I would be fine with a Neutro review remake. If it's not too much trouble, do you have a list of comics that you've reviewed that are public domain, and then we can pick which reviews we want remade? I imagine people wouldn't want just remakes, so yeah, feel free to include brand new public domain reviews. As for additional features, maybe something like a "making of" where you talk about how you make your reviews, plus sketches featuring your various characters, namely 90's Kid, Harvey, and Linksano.

The only convention I go to is Fanime, so if you don't mind coming to California during Memorial Day weekend, it would be great to see you there. If you can't, then that's fine. JewWario went this year and last year, and this year LittleKuriboh and Bennett the Sage did.

Lord Seth said...

I'd personally much rather have History of Power Rangers than story lines. :(

Any idea when you might tackle the next Marville?

Sean Mac said...

In regards to conventions, first let me say it was an absolute delight to get to see you at Youmacon sir. I was sitting across you and Doug on the People Mover on Friday night and it was so nice of you guys to record a video message for my brother. He really enjoyed it. If you are at Acen, that would be amazing because my brother will actually be there and would love to meet you as well. I think Anime Midwest is the con to choose. I went to it last year and it is a very relaxed con. Speaking as an attendee, it was really cool to be walking around the hotel and BAM! There's LittleKuriboh and he's just hanging out. Or there's Nabeshin just talking to random congoers. I think that makes going to that type of con all the more entertaining. I hope that you'll choose AM to go to. Thank you for your consideration.

Fusionater said...

Ok, with the album, I think the best bet would be talking to Vincent E.L. abut producing something, he may or not be able to make Christmas music, but it could be worth asking considering his success with music for your show in the past.

As for the DVD, I admit, I'm not overly knowledgeable as to how you would go about this, but would it be possible to cut a deal with the companies that made the comics to let them be featured on the dvd? Also, other content could be the storyline stuff, possibly remastered or with behind the scenes, that would be fantastic(though, you may want to include only the first or second arc, that way, you have some for a 2nd dvd). Also, perhaps the soundtrack(main theme, extended theme, anthem, etc.)

As for the Bumpers, do something original whenever you come up with something, and use simpler stuff otherwise.

Shanethefilmmaker said...

I was thinking for special features you oughta do a parody of menus on DVD, like put a bunch of fake trailers in the beginning, make fun of video guides to using a DVD, but instead refusing to help or give them wrong instructions. Kinda like the tutorial on to boldly flee but without the Benzaie Rap. Also your Titans review gave me a funny thought. You should have a section of the DVD that is the Drinking game version of AT4W.

Anonymous said...

If Noah were up for it is there any chance of a Link-sano Vs Insano bit say something that makes Insano give up on harassing you and focus on Spoony?

Maybe even some What If skits for how each of the Characters met Linkara the first time.

Being Origins Month its kidna hard to not think it might be fun to make up some origins and back story for the rest of the performances.

Fusionater said...

Also, I'm sure you've answered this already somewhere, so I'm sorry to ask, but is revenue down even more for blip? Because I seem to recall you mentioning that you would only use bumpers on videos 40 minutes+

Lewis Lovhaug said...

"Also, I'm sure you've answered this already somewhere, so I'm sorry to ask, but is revenue down even more for blip? Because I seem to recall you mentioning that you would only use bumpers on videos 40 minutes+"

Yeah, it was getting to the point where I was worried about being able to pay taxes, so I asked people on twitter and the popular consensus was they didn't mind midrolls on new episodes if it meant I could continue to produce the show.

I'm making up for the presence by not caring about episode length, meaning there haven't been many episodes in the last year that have been less than 20 minutes long.

Laserkid said...

Yeah I have no problem with mid show bumpers, honestly. You guys got to make money doing this somehow and its not like we pay you directly, so I'm okay with whatever works.

I just wish the commercials were more relevant to me, but thats on blip, not you (and I;m not sure there's a way to legitimatly do that anwyay).

Sven said...

I'm joining the suggestions of you taking a look at Justice League Dark and Dial H for next year's Halloween Longbox of the Damned, but I'll also add I Vampire to the list, two words - Vampire Apocalypse (it's like a zombie apocalypse, only that they are smarter and borderline unkillable)
They also have a crossover with the Justice League Dark, guest starring Batman, which is the climax of I Vampire's first arc, as well as the second arc of Justice League Dark

Another DC title I'd suggest is "Lot" , which just began publishing last month

Razorvine said...

I think that reusing midroll bumpers is perfectly valid, there are regular television shows that use bumpers that are simple images that aren't changed in anyway over entire seasons.

However I won't say no to you doing some more, and I totally would love to see some fan made bumpers, especially since I would definitely make one or more and send it to you.

Earthstar said...

I honestly have no problem with you reusing bumpers or just use title cards. It's normal to do that since it is hard to come up with an original idea every single time.

Another idea you could do is just have a different piece of art work from the title card for the bumper. They did it for the anime Slayers (season 2 and on) if you're curious. Sometimes it would just be a random piece of artwork like the main character Lina being lifted on the shoulders of her partner Gourry, or in later seasons have it related to the plot like a drawing of one of the main characters in a fight.

Heck, they would sometimes just do something crack and random like a main male villain dressed in a Sailor Moon style school uniform. The series is legally up on youtube if you wanted to see an example. Just type in Slayers Next and it should pop up. (Plus, it just a good series in general.)

Cory of PRIVATE Corp said...

Oh, you're heading to Orlando next year? Cool! I am hoping to find a place to stay (and work) in Orlando sometime early next year, and maybe once I get settled in I'll probably head there and meet you.

Volvagia said...

I don't know if this would EVER appear on the show, but would Action Comics #835 (Livewire's transition from animated show to comics) be a candidate? She had a fairly nuanced, oddly tragic backstory in the show (lightning that flowed through Superman turns jubilant death seeking shock jock Leslie Willis into a lightning wielding freak), into an uninteresting, one note "she got these powers because she's angry" explanation.

Micro4 said...

In all truth Linkara how about just running a contest and pick the best commercial break bumpers. Or just have open submissions. God Knows what your fanbase would come up with. I already have a few ideas :) For the sake of consistency lay down some ground rules and well there you go. It worked well for the other contests!

Michael Sellers said...

-Upcoming Episodes-

This is a great list and I'm looking forward to them as always.

-History of Power Rangers-

I kinda expected that was the reason why there was no videos for it. And I really do not mind, I'm still patiently waiting like I was for SPD. I can't wait for your input on the season though, Mystic Force was kinda mixed for me.

-Commercial Bumpers-

While I have not yet watched the Flash video(I will after this post), I do like the idea of fan submitted content. I think it would be ok with fan submitted content, it would potentually give you alot of useful non-repetitive stuff to work with. Though I dont mind if you DO use your previous bumpers for future videos, I'm not picky!

-Longbox of the Damned-

I'm really glad that LOTD was a big hit! While I have yet to catch up on most of the episode, I would still like to see you attempt another one next year. AND MARVEL ZOMBIES?!? YES YES YES YES YES YES!

-Harvey Finevoice Album-

I cant really help you music wise, but the idea of a album from Harvey would be awesome.


Eh, kinda iffy on this one. Wouldn't regular episodes on your site be more profitable than a single DVD that would only net you revenue per person instead of viewing? Maybe I'm wrong on that, but I'm still iffy on it.

-Upcoming Conventions-

HOLY CRAP YOUR COMING HERE TO FLORIDA!!!!!! I live in Jacksonville which is north of Orlando, If I can get a car and some money by next year I'll definatily come and see you!! I cant help much on choosing between the conventions because I dont have the financials to even travel outside my own house.

Josh Post said...

For now the current logo featured in Flash #1 worked fine, but the fan bumpers isn't a bad idea, in fact I can see it working quite well.

This may have been mentioned before, but the storyline segments placed in videos before and after, could be compiled into a DVD for varying story lines. This could work as they don't tend to have clips from other copyrighted works in them. If things worked out for that, you could then add for Bonus features, commentary tracks about each of the story lines and what you thought of them. For the reviews part, it could work if the comics and scenes featured went into open domain, I know I'd like to see a DVD pop up in the future if it works out.

Harvey Finevoice CD:
I'd say its a great idea, since a lot of people tend to enjoy your singing; and I could see it working if fans pitched in for different instrument tracks or open domain versions of the songs.

Madcap86 said...

I would like to second the idea of compiling storyline stuff on the DVDs (either as a bonus feature or on its own). Sometimes I want to rewatch or catch up on storyline stuff (especially before a finale) but can't necessarily sit through all of the reviews. So that would definitely be a nudge for me to buy a DVD.

While I really like the unique bumpers, it's not the sort of thing I'm going to lose sleep over. I think the idea of featuring fan art is a great one--there are some really talented fan artists out there, and it would be a nice feature for them.

I'm really excited to see some of what's coming up for AT4W!

Ditko Gamer said...

OK. Good open source golden age comics?

Police Comics #1 for Plastic man, Firebrand, ect.

National Comics for the bizarre Uncle Sam superhero.

Air Fighters Comics No. 2 for the original Air Boy story and Air Fighters Comics Vol. 2 No. 2 for Airboy when he meets Valkyrie!

Anonymous said...

Why another Kommandi comic? I know the sooner it's out of the way the better but we've already had one this year and I doubt it;s bad enough for the trafditional worst at Christmas spot, (ala SFdebris).

Why not review the .U.S.1. issue 3 instead? Unless he's purposely doing them every three years, (08-11) or has a specific theme for December.

Anonymous said...

Commercial bumpers: I don't think there's actually any need for them to be honest given how short the adverts are, (skipped or not) plus that kind of thing is just out of place in web review shows, (I hate it when enjoyable ametue productions like this suddenly try and look professional it ruins the overall experience).

If there is to be a lets play please let it be Harvey Finevoice as it would be interesting to listen a classic 20's ganagster type playing a .G.T.A. game or .L.A. Noir.

Lewis Lovhaug said...

"Why another Kommandi comic? I know the sooner it's out of the way the better but we've already had one this year and I doubt it;s bad enough for the trafditional worst at Christmas spot, (ala SFdebris)."

...Check that list again. Kamandi would be the first episode of 2013, not the Christmas spot.

Anonymous said...

Take all the time you need with Mystic Force, Linkara, because it's enjoyably bad. For Operation Overdrive though... the sooner you get THAT done the better. I've only watched like half of it so far and it's as bad as people say it is, if not worse. In others words, have a drink nearby for that nonsense.

Anonymous said...

For February, I would like to request a Beavis and Butthead comic.

James Picard said...

Maybe this is just me, but I honestly think if the HOPR segments came out as quickly as you make it sound, they'd lose the effect of being special. I don't mind waiting, and honestly, seeing all the stuff you have planned, I'm surprised you're even saying you'll get through all the seasons, regardless of their length. Now, don't take this the wrong way, I'm not trying to say you're incapable or anything, I just saw this and went "Wow, he'll be busy." If you think you can do this, and, more importantly, want to do this, I'm not saying you shouldn't. I'm just saying that this looks like a lot, and a least some of us will not begrudge you if it does pile up.

SynjoDeonecros said...

If I may make a suggestion on a segment you could do, I really liked the extra bit you did with the James Bond Jr. comic where you looked at the cartoon episode it was inspired from, and pointed out some of the changed made between them. Maybe as an occasional thing, even though it's not your bag, would it be possible to see you do a "compare and contrast" between comic issues or story arcs and how they're portrayed in other media? I don't think I have to tell you that a lot of your viewers know of such famous stories like the Phoenix/Dark Phoenix Saga, the Black Suit, or Harley Quinn's origins through their respective cartoons, and it would be interesting for you to review these episodes and point out the differences between the adaptation and the original source to get people interested in the original source.

Xel Unknown said...

I really liked that idea of seeing more LP's form you dude. Be it an in-character Let's Play from one of your many characters or just another silly thing like how Elite Force was.

Also the idea of compare and contrasting different adaptations between Comic Books and something else, or something that got turned into comics seems like a neat idea on this comments page too. Might be a little segment you could add into the main show when it pops up or maybe get it's own vids sorta like A Quick Look At or stuff...

Anonymous said...

I was fortunate to catch a rerun of the first Power Rangers Mystics Force episode as a little girl, and unlike the other shows I LOVED it (to be fair I liked the wedding episode of Samurai) . Mostly because, hey girls like fantasy. However I don't remember that much (but luckily it's on Netflix and I might revisit them) mostly because I was eight or nine when I watched those episodes. Sorry if this post was random, I just really like sharing my opinion and personal experience

Anonymous said...

We need Brute Force #4 to complete the epic saga.

Marc_Sketch said...

...pretty full plate you've got there, Linkara.

first, I think the title cards would probably be the better choice, but I also like the Pollo bumper. I always get a chuckle.

second, History of Power Rangers is fantastic and well worth the wait, though I'd be lying if I said the wait has been easy... (another one, go figure)

third, Longbox of the Damned... oh, my God. that was just a fantastic mini-series and I would absolutely live a second "season". the atmosphere could use a little more Silent Hill fog, just a thought.

finally, I'd like to extend a personal thank you for being awesome. watching Atop the Fourth Wall is the de facto highlight of my week, because I've always loved comics, and someday want to be a recognized artist in the field. you are easily the most creative "teacher" I've ever had, and I can't thank you enough for all the pointers, direct or otherwise.

...speaking of, is Lightbringer still on hiatus? I saw that the White Death story got finished two months ago, and was just curious. don't overwork yourself, dude.

JerryScott said...

Perhaps you could make a "Making of an Atop The Fourth Wall review" video.

Missa J said...

This is gonna be a bit biased (and very late, I know) but I would be very happy if you wound up going to AniMinneapolis. (mainly because I'm going this year :3)