Monday, March 18, 2013

State of the Wall: 3-18-2013

It's that time again! Nothing really huge to report in the update, but I do include few things I've been meaning to post for a few days now, plus of course the schedule of upcoming episodes, so take a look under the cut.

Schedule of Upcoming Episodes
3/25 – Titans Retrospective: Titans #26-50
4/1 – Target $20 Lamp Review
4/8 – Power Pachyderms #1
4/15 – Star Trek V: The Final Frontier
4/22 – Dragnet #4
4/29 – Wild Thing #1
May: 2099 Month
5/6 – 2099 Month: Spider-Man 2099 #1
5/13 – 2099 Month: Hulk 2099 #1
5/20 – 2099 Month: Doom 2099 #1
5/27 – 2099 Month: Ravage 2099 #1

Now some of you might think it's bad for me to have a theme month so soon after the last one. I will say you get five episodes before then of comics and lamps of varying quality, so you'll get to see plenty of other stuff before we talk about another little eccentricity of the 90s.

One Moment in Time Crossover Commentary

Commentary for the One Moment in Time crossover with the Last Angry Geek!

Podcast Talking about Power Rangers Costumes!
Impatient for History of Power Rangers? Well, the good news is that I recently did a podcast with Podcast Sentai Rangers where we discussed EVERY suit from Power Rangers and Super Sentai! You can go HERE to listen to it or download the MP3 HERE!

Lightbringer Update
So about two months later aaaand I haven't picked a new writer yet. Yeah, sorry, but it's been a priority for me to get ahead of the game on episodes since this summer is going to be PACKED (see conventions below). Needless to say I want to pick a new writer soon and a lot of people have submitted, so I'll be going through them at my earliest possible convenience.

History of Power Rangers Update
Part of also getting ahead of the game is working on History of Power Rangers again. As you may have noticed if you follow my twitter feed, I have once again resumed work on watching Mystic Force. I'm also regularly watching MegaForce on Saturdays to keep up with that so that when I eventually reach those episodes, it'll be a lot easier to write out the videos for those. Want my opinion on it? I like it, but that's pretty much it. You want a detailed look? Wait for the video. Still planning on trying to get the rest of the History finished this year.

Longbox of the Damned Update
I have started preliminary work on the Midsummer's Nightmare version of Longbox of the Damned which we'll be doing probably either June or July (yes, I know it's not "midsummer" in June - shut up) and I confirm that I will DEFINITELY have one this October, so look forward to that.

DVD Update
Not much to say on this front either, but of course I'm pleased to report that I have picked out the four comics that will be the four DVD-exclusive episodes. I will say that some involve superheroes and some involve other fun things that comics used to talk about in the 30s, 40s, and 50s. I have also figured out what the storyline for the videos will be. It will not be a confrontation with a villain, since the editing on THAT would be a pain in the ass, but I think people will be quite happy with what I have chosen to be the story on the DVD. I'd still love to hear ideas for DVD extras (assuming I can fit them when I'm trying to fit four episodes of indeterminate length on this thing).

Upcoming Convention Appearances
2013 is shaping up to have a looooot of conventions coming up, mostly in the summer.
-Animinneapolis once again in Bloomington, Minnesota on June 28th through 30th. Animinneapolis' Website
-Anime Midwest in Chicago, Illinois on July 5th through 7th. Doug Walker will also be there! Anime Midwest's Website
-ConBravo once again in Ontario on July 26th through 28th. Expect a more formal announcement video of my attendance in the near future. ConBravo's Website
-MythiCon in Orlando, Florida on August 23rd through 25th. My first time in Florida! MythiCon's Website
-MetaCon once again in Minneapolis, Minnesota on August 30th through September 1st. This one is tentative because it's RIGHT AFTER MythiCon, but I'm still planning on attending. MetaCon's Website

Now as you can imagine, this is A LOT of conventions in a relatively short amount of time. The hope I have is that I will be so caught up and ahead on Atop the Fourth Wall episodes that I can do live shows at each and every one of them. If I fail in that goal, I have a backup plan: live riffing on shorts. To be perfectly honest, riffing is actually a lot easier for me to write than the comic stuff (it helps that the public domain shorts offer so much to work with), so there will be a live performance of SOMETHING even if it isn't a comic.

For some of these, like the local conventions of Animinneapolis and MetaCon, I'll definitely have tables for selling stuff, which should hopefully include plushie cybermats, comics I've reviewed, and the DVD (which will hopefully be finished by then).

Revolution of the Mask Update
So, how many times have you heard me say Issue 3 is almost complete? ^_~ Well, same tune there, but the other good news is that issue 4 is halfway done! I'm probably NOT going to release them both at the same time, but the good news is that if you want to see progress being made on Issue 4, well BJC has been posting up snippets of his work on his deviantart page! You can check out pictures of him inking the pages and some of the pencils/inks in THIS GALLERY!

That's all I've got for now. You may now begin asking me questions about things.


Anonymous said...

Since you're posting a theme month that has to do with the 90s, does that mean we're finally getting 90s Kid's backstory, perhaps? :)

Shanethefilmmaker said...

You're actually gonna review A LAMP!? Are you trying to make Paw right?

Cferra said...

Interesting selection of comics to review down the road. I read Spider-Man 2099. It was okay and I'm looking forward to your take on it. The only other book I read from that imprint was X-Men 2099. THAT was...yeah. A mess now that I remember it.

Everything else sounds good. Good luck!

Erik Johnson Illustrator said...

A cheap lamp review? Excellent! The one on my bedside table just kicked the bucket and I could use a recommendation.

Power Rangers Costume Discussion? Sounds like my kind of thing. Downloading now. Thanks for the heads up.

I actually like the idea of theme months here and there, it makes the schedule easier to remember offhand. Plus that we're past the 200 episode mark, I think its easy enough to justify wanting to have a more focused discussion.

ShadowWing Tronix said...

Obvious extra: show you're process for putting together a typical AT4W episode along with how you come up with a storyline idea.

Anonymous said...

I'm a bit disappointed you didn't leave April Fools a surprise. Oh well.

Volvagia said...

4/1: $20 Lamp Review (I'm guessing this is the beginning before it becomes a humour comic of some kind)
4/8: Power Pachyderms #1 (Marvel's self published parody of the X-Men.)
4/15: Star Trek V (This has been a while coming.)
4/22: Dragnet #4 (These TV show comics reviews are always fun, even if it's a minor filler to make things easier on yourself.)
4/29: Wild Thing #1 (Is it MC2 or is it Nikki Reed, another "90s misconceptions about the internet" comic.)
2099 Month: Great idea.
5/6: Spider-Man 2099 (This will probably be very short. There has to be some reason this is the one people remember most fondly.)
5/13: Hulk 2099 (Cult dedicated to the Hulk. This'll have some great comedy fodder.)
5/20: Doom 2099 (Don't know if this'll be comedy fodder, but it'll at least be interesting.)
5/27: Ravage 2099 (At last, we end on the one who you would have definitely covered, even if you didn't decide this was a theme month. He's a superhero who ends up working out of a garbage truck. If they tried to make a TV movie of it, there's almost no way it wouldn't be deep fried, Lupa worthy GOLD!)

RICHB said...

Actually it seems kind of fair to do a Mavel month after doing such a DC heavy month. Already can't wait for your DVD. Why did you give the title for the April 1st episode doesn't that spoil the gag?

Anonymous said...

Looking forward to some of these upcoming episodes, I think I have some of the 2099 stuff, not sure if they're #1's, but they are from the Spiderman and Hulk runs. That version of the Hulk was positively freaky. (shiver)


Probably listen to that costume podcast when I have some time later. As for HOPR, as always, take your time.

Fiery Little One

Shada67 said...

Awesome how well you're planning this stuff all out. Looking forward to all your stuff.

Non-villain story ideas (just thought of)...

You could look through the video logs of Lord Vyce (get some use of the original costume, maybe backstory of Mechakara...)

speaking of... what if Mechakara was forced to destroy his Linkara in self-defense (his Linkara being evil, starting the robo-holocaust, etc).

=) so much fun to be had brainstorming the Linkara-verse!

Dragonofthesky said...

I know you read every comment, Linkara, so i though I would finally toss one in. Personally, I don't mind the theme months at all. I thought it was a rather clever way to cover a wide subject, such as the origins or your love for the Titans, and to be honest, I really enjoyed hearing about the history of heroes, the comics they appeared in, and your take on the subject overall. While I do enjoy the humor, I find myself easily engaged and entertained by your overview of events in general, with the Technis Imperative easily now ranking as one of my favorite episodes. So, thanks so much for the content, sir, and let the theme months roll on.

Anonymous said...

Let me just say that Doom 2099 is awesome, but the rest ranges from passable to bad.

Can't say I recognize the non-2099 stuff on your list.

Anonymous said...

Um, you called this "State of the Wall 3-18-2012", when it should say 2013 instead of 2012.

Just trying to help you out. ^^'

Anonymous said...

I really hope you're enjoying the enjoyable ridiculousness that is Mystic Force because once you're done with it and start watching Operation Overdrive... well... let's just say I don't blame you for taking another long break/hiatus from the franchise again after watching it partway through.

Keep at it though and take your time, ESPECIALLY with Operation Overdrive.

PopCultureOtaku said...

2099 should be good or scary. I had found memories of the line especially spidey 2099.

disturbedfantasy said...

wait your leaving out punisher 2099? that war the worst of the bunch

Kth-77 said...

For a DVD release audio commentary is a must, I often buy DVD more for the commentary than the normal content. Also something else i would love to see on the DVD; lots of fluff and lore. You know, the kind of crap which the only people who'd really care about it are the people who care about how a Romulan Warbird is powered by quantum singularitys, or that the Kuat Drive Yards are the main shipyards of the galactic Empire, someone like me, but I wont hold my breath on getting that.

Unknown said...

I'm a long time viewer and first time commenter, please forgive if anything is misspelled or drones on way past topic :)

I would like to say that you are by far one of my favorite reviewers even if I don't follow comic books that closely. Your HOPR series also got me interested in Power Rangers enough to sit down and watch every episode of the show from the beginning to the current season. Long live AT4W and all related series and characters. I hope that you remember in your schedule to have some time for yourself as I'm sure the process of researching, filming, and editing all the series that you work on take so much time and energy. Please keep up the great work, and know that everything you put on the site is appreciated.

Malons said...

YES! My birthday is May 2nd and I've always really enjoyed the idea of 2099 even if most of the comic's were actually pretty awful. Really excited for May now, thanks for the unintentional birthday gift Linkara!

rdfox said...

My guess is that 90s Kid's backstory is simple. He was leaving a comics shop with his fresh holofoil variant cover collector's edition polybagged 3-D pop-up book printed-in-human-blood hardcover copy of Ultimate Absolute Extreme Bloodgun: Sex, Violence, Impossible Spinal Contortions, Guns, and Blood #1 #2.814 (yes, "#1" was part of the title) on his way to a Green Day concert before jumping on a plane to go to an ECW show when the comic shop's awning was jostled and dumped a whole Minnesota winter's worth of snow onto him, burying him completely and leaving him frozen.

The comics shop owner, being a typical one who could see profit in anything, promptly had him kept bagged, boarded, and refrigerated, displaying him as a "one of one" collector's item for sale for $25,000. One night, after closing, the refrigeration unit failed, he thawed out, and he escaped, stumbling upon Linkara's apartment and deciding that it was someplace he could crash until he could get some money together to get his own place. Of course, being a 90s slacker, he never did get any money together, so...

JB said...

"You're actually gonna review A LAMP!? Are you trying to make Paw right?"
He already did in Future Shock #1.

Wild Thing : I hope it's the Marvel UK one, this imprint richly deserves its place on the show (Death's Head 2, Death Metal, Death Wreck, Death3, Die Cut, Killpower, Overkill, Digitek, Hell's/Dark Angel, etc.)

Shockwave said...

If the DVDs are done in time, will they be sold at conventions?

Also, as for HOPR, as much as I would like to see it updated, DON'T RUSH IT! I'd rather wait for quality than just expect quantity. I don't think it should suffer from overload. It's supposed to be enjoyable for you right? Why rush it?

Anyways, hope the comic I donated is part of a Longbox of the Damned.

KKDW said...

Well all this looks like it'll be interesting, and I looked up Power Pachyderms after the last schedule update listed it (mostly because I had no idea what a Pachyderm was), and... WHAT?!

Also, are you likely to do another Doctor Who comic review at some point? If you are would you consider any of the old TV Comic stories, I've seen a lot of those and they can get rather silly (in one the Cybermen are killed with flowers!).

This site has some info on them, as well as where some of the stories were reprinted as getting the reprints would be easier and the stories were originaly told in 1 or 2 pages installments per issue.

Frosty said...

Dude, you already have our souls, do you think we would complain about whatever you've got planned??? :)

jenbrait said...

Great to hear that things are going well. Also for a DVD extra I was thinking you could do a Harvey Finevoice music video.

NeoSilverThorn said...

You're reviewing a $20 lamp you got from Target. I take it that it was slightly more catastrophic than most normal cheap items purchased from Target?

Anywho, nice to see you doing a month on the 2099 comics. Of all the horribly, horribly stupid comics from the '90s, those are probably my favorites.

Anonymous said...

I can't wait to see you at Anime Midwest! I met you at Youmacon (you and Doug were very nice and recorded a message for my brother on Friday night) Anime Midwest is a lot of fun and I hope you very much enjoy it. I'll be dragging my friends to your panel as well as I didn't get a chance to see it at Youmacon!

Joseph said...

I am looking forward to the lamp review. I don't know what that says about me though.

Also, is it safe to assume that the star trek V review will feature Pollo's battle body.

I am also curious about what you have to say about mystic force. I heard a lot of people hate it, while I personally enjoyed it. There is also a fun surprise in the season, that I will not dare ruin.

Anonymous said...

"Impatient for History of Power Rangers" it's been nearly 11 months between videos yet you still complain about your fans being impatient

Lewis Lovhaug said...

""Impatient for History of Power Rangers" it's been nearly 11 months between videos yet you still complain about your fans being impatient"

That's because posts like yours suggest that I am obligated to create the videos within a certain time frame even though I have made it abundantly clear the last few years that there is no set schedule for it, it is not my top priority, and I resent the question, as if asking said question somehow gets it done faster.

So yes, I'm going to call people impatient.

Appelsiini said...

Oh but the "Midsummer's Eve" is celebrated during June! :D It's a major holiday here in Finland (a great excuse for people to get exclusively drunk) and the neighbor countries but apparently not that big deal elsewhere.

During the last weeks of June the days are longest and the sun doesn't set in the most northern parts of the world.

So June most definitely is midsummer. :>

(Yeah sorry, I really had to.)

John Pannozzi said...

I hope the DVD includes reviews of Captain Marvel, Daredevil/Silver Streak (published by Lev Gleason) and Plastic Man comics from the Golden Age.

There's also Steve Ditko's Konga and Gorgo comics from the early '60s.

Shanethefilmmaker said...

I don't see why people should be impatient when it comes to History of Power Rangers. Like you said before you do it for fun and the more they start demanding it it turns your fun into work. I mean here you are just sharing that fun with us and this is the thanks you get? Come on people give the guy a break. It's guys like them that are the reason Team Four Star purposely delays their episodes even when they are done.

PeppercatLoki said...

AT4W being the main reason I watch your work. I thank you for making it a priority and look forward to seeing each review as it comes out.

I've gotten a few friends into your show~ it's a common thing now for us to get together and watch, like, 5-6 episodes at a time! It's fun re-watching your early work and watching their reactions to it.

Peter D said...

Random request, but if you run into Mark Tjan at ConBravo (he's the chairman so decent odds) can you ask him about the 180 year old virgin? Pretty sure it'll put a smile on his face.

Anonymous said...

¿how can y download the mp3

Tyler said...

Finally that $20 lamp will get what's been coming to it (this will probably a storyline centered episode won't it).

By the way Gosei is really self obsessed.

Breno Ranyere said...

All that matters is if you are or not having fun!

You are... right...?

Anonymous said...

Finally, another Lamp review. I was starting to think you were taking this whole comic book side-project far too seriously.

Turkish Proverb said...

Your riffs would make good dvd extras. As, I think, since brad jones dvd gave me the idea with the Doug Walker commentary on "The Cinema Snob Movie", you might have "comedic commentaries" or riffs of one or two of the comic review you do done by some other guys on the internet. A review by Pollo might be fun.

Anonymous said...

Finally a lamp review! lol. Anyways, looking forward to the theme month!

Laughing Hyena said...

If anybody doesn't know about it yet.
Zpocalypse Board Game Kickstarter:
$95,000 goal to unlock a Linkara miniature (Can be bought at the $10 pledge once unlocked or the higher $125 one with board game included).
Angry Joe posted a video about it recently too.

Right now they are at $79,522.

I'm surprised Linkara hasn't been talking about it on the Wall post or blog. It could be that it was a secret for a while before they posted their updated stretch goals.

Kaze Koichi said...

Linkara, are you suppose to talk with LAG in OMIT commentary? You are the only one who can be heard.

AmuroNT1 said...

I've been meaning to ask something re:HOPR, but I might have already asked it before. If so, I apologize and promise I'm not trying to badger you or anything; I just have a really bad memory and will occasionally do things like that.

Anyhow, the question: At the start of the series you said you might also review other American Tokusatsu shows. My question(s), is that still on the table, and if so would you only be covering Saban's stuff like VR Troopers and Beetleborgs, or would things like Kamen Rider Dragon Knight be on the table too?

I understand if the answer is "no", considering HOPR is obviously pretty time-consuming on top of the rest of your work, and because you might not have nostalgia for the non-Rangers shows. Mostly I'm just curious because I'd love to hear you eviscerate Masked Rider. :P

Kaze Koichi: It's a dual-audio thing; Lewis is in one ear and LAG is in the other. You might want to check your audio balance or, perhaps, maybe you're like me and just wearing only one side of your headphones. :)

AmuroNT1 said...

Also, one more thing. In the PSPR podcast, you asked about the Dynaman costumes and if the team had a racecar theme, but the hosts didn't know. In actuality, Dynaman was originally conceived as a baseball-themed team before being changed to a more generic science theme. The costumes' designs contain some vestiges of this, since they're made to resemble Japanese baseball uniforms, and the helmets are even meant to look like ball caps, with bills over the visors and a logo front and center. Not to mention, several times throughout the theme song you can hear the distinctive "ping!" of an aluminum bat hitting a ball.

Kaze Koichi said...

"It's a dual-audio thing; Lewis is in one ear and LAG is in the other. You might want to check your audio balance or, perhaps, maybe you're like me and just wearing only one side of your headphones. :)"

Oh my, I have both my headphones and speaker broken on left chanel. What's the odds, huh? And if not for this video, I would never knew.

Anonymous said...

Hooray for 2099! Defintely have a soft spot for Miguel.

Jarkes said...

I thought you didn't care about the Sentai versions...

Which reminds me, have you ever seen any Kamen Rider series? If so, what did you think of it?

Micro4 said...

"Anonymous said...
I'm a bit disappointed you didn't leave April Fools a surprise. Oh well."

Seriously Linkara has for the most part done a gag review then a normal review for April 1. It seems the real review is the surprise and that is really cool!!!!

Oh and H.O.P is Awesome and considering the amount of things your doing now Linkara I am happy you even have time.
Oh and sad face still no appearances near me here in Western PA. Man it seems all the members of Channel Awesome Avoid PA (and Ohio) like the Plague.
Oh well...

Oh and can't wait for Star Trek V!

mikethecanadain said...

Hey linkara,

I had no freaking Idea how to contact you, and you said that you read every comment, so I apologize in advance that this is not the most relevant comment. I'm doing a webshow in which I interview popular interneters, and I was wondering if you wanted to come on as my guest? I know you're really busy, but if you can squeeze in the time, email me at

AmuroNT1 said...

Jarkes: It's not really not caring, so much as he doesn't have any nostalgia for the Sentai series, because he didn't watch them growing up the way he did Power Rangers. He certainly respects the source material (PR wouldn't exist without it, of course), and references it when it serves to explain a point (like Turbo being weird because Carranger was a parody season), but doesn't want HOPR just turning int a point-by-point comparison of Sentai to Rangers. Which is a point I totally agree with, because those kinds of comparisons can get really tiresome and tend to lead to needless debates about which version is better.

Cory of PRIVATE Corp said...

... Well thanks for spoiling your April's Fool episode! Kinda ruins the fun of what to expect on the day... I'm still going to see it anyway. :)

Anyway I am gonna talk to my folks about me getting some transportation to Mythicon. I am hoping to buy everything I need to stay the night, but I can't get over there because 1) I don't have a driver's license and 2) even if I do get one, I'm not exactly going to drive there since my parents don't trust me or my sister driving to a city like Orlando. But if I can get something arrange, hopefully you'll be meeting another loyal fan of your show in person!

By the way, I do have a design of that "Hey Rust-Bucket" quote for a potential T-shirt. I don't have it up yet, it'll probably go on my deviantART page and from there... I don't know what to do with it. Once I do get it, I'll provide a link to it and maybe you can tell me what I can do with it. And speaking of deviantART, I'm in the middle of uploading my old chapters of this crossover fan-fic I'm trying to complete and one of the chapters features the Teen Titans. Sure I'm using the animated version of them, but since this is March of the Titans and after watching some of your videos... I thought

Again, I'll be getting a link to that soon since my Internet is bugging out on me.

Anonymous said...

Hey, just wondering about something you often say. I enjoy "x media" but I've never played/watched/read it. Do you get caught down wiki rabbit holes? And do you always get around to actually consuming the media?

Anonymous said...

Since your reading this, and I know how much you dislike star wars with great passion [why? I mean you should at least respect SW, if it wasn;t for star wars you would hav eenver had gottan ST: TNG,DS9, VOY, ENT, Reboot,warth of Kahn,etc. Star Trek would of been just a stupid cult show. yeah I personally am NOT a fan of trek or wars, but I can respect them both of what they have given to the sci if and modern nerd culture and genre. So knowing your a fan for a whole month you can watch EVERY SINGLE SERIES OF TREAK: so for you, also I have an idea that i would like to talk to you about so here is my e-mail for you to contact me (I'm sorry for everyone being impatient with you HOPR, but yes you have EVERY Right to call us impatient, and excited for hearing you epic reviews, damn it monday can;t get here soon enough.]

Lewis Lovhaug said...

"Since your reading this, and I know how much you dislike star wars with great passion [why? I mean you should at least respect SW, if it wasn;t for star wars you would hav eenver had gottan ST: TNG,DS9, VOY, ENT, Reboot,warth of Kahn,etc. Star Trek would of been just a stupid cult show. yeah I personally am NOT a fan of trek or wars, but I can respect them both of what they have given to the sci if and modern nerd culture and genre."

Erm, you might want to rewatch the episode: I DON'T dislike Star Wars. I'm just not as big a fan of it as Trek.

Anonymous said...

"Since your reading this, and I know how much you dislike star wars with great passion [why? I mean you should at least respect SW, if it wasn;t for star wars you would hav eenver had gottan ST: TNG,DS9, VOY, ENT, Reboot,warth of Kahn,etc. Star Trek would of been just a stupid cult show. yeah I personally am NOT a fan of trek or wars, but I can respect them both of what they have given to the sci if and modern nerd culture and genre."

Erm, you might want to rewatch the episode: I DON'T dislike Star Wars. I'm just not as big a fan of it as Trek."

Rewatch it my bad, you just come off as more tired and annoyed with it. hence why I got that impression from you. Also is the LAMP from IKEA?

however I shall get this off of my chest,-RANT MODE ON- TASM = OMD, while Spidey doesn't make a deal with the devil, that would at least made the stupid reboot bearable. Instead we got a rip off of Batman begins, with elements of the 1977 film of the same name, and plot points form the first film ten years ago. -RANT MODE OFF-

enjoy your free star trek shows since I think you could use a breather with your favorite captains.

As excited as I am to see your HOPR take your time, 'm sorry a lot of us ask you for this. we can be annoying but its out of pure excitement, you got me back into Power rangers.

Unknown said...

Oh man Spiderman 2099 #1, that was my first comic, back before I could read. I remember next to nothing about it, this should be interesting.

FugueforFrog said...

Hoo boy, that lamp's going to be tough to review. I can't wait to see if it's good or not.

As for 2099...plenty of songs to go with it (I'd sneak in Toto) but should be fun going into this weird universe of Marvel's, considering this is a group that pretty much never will even have that as a future if they last that long with their typical 616 shenanegans.

Anonymous said...

Lamp's design is so lazy; they just took the "I" from the Pixar logo and added a lightbulb to it.

tyrg germanic said...

Ive been re-reading Swamp Thing(Moore's run,of course)and I hear your Floronic Man voice when I'm reading it.(Thats only ever happened with Bruce Timm produced shit) Your Floronic Man is so meanacing,overbearing and creepy in a rapey way.very in the walter Koenig comic how the monsters all had a Nimoy impression. cool stuff.

One criticism i think can easily be adressed ... SNOWFLAME HAS NO LABEL.not even new guardians. I cant believe its been so long without one. I get your busy,so just reminding you-get on that.

Rob Green said...

Thanks for the Update Linkara. Glad to here that you're going to make it to Animinneapolis again, and hope you make it to Metacon if you are not too over worked. I can't wait for 2099 month as it was a few of those comic that got me into reading them mostly the Punisher 2099 comic run, and Spiderman 2099. I also Laugh that you are taking a look at Spiderman 2099 on my birthday lol. Oh and with the April Fool's day lamp review I hope you use the modified theme song. Keep up the good work.

rocklobster said...

Here's a DVD Extra for you: Just for funsies, get Doug to do a Nostalgia Critic episode where he gives your show his usual treatment, then have Linkara come in at the last moment and give him a good beating.
For serious: I would also like a commentary track on some eps and a making of would be good too.

Nick Michalak said...

I'm not an Anime fan, but if you're doing a Live AT4W at Anime Midwest, I might indeed attend. Time and money will tell. Not many chances to see you in Chicago. I've already met Brad, so it'd be cool to meet you and Doug at the same place.

JasonH said...

All of these plans sound awesome! Don't overwork yourself though. ;)

Anonymous said...'re a native of Minnesota, and your first trip to Florida is going to take place in August?

*pats Linkara on the head* You poor, poor thing.

As a native, a few survival tips:

Wear sunscreen. If you don't, you will be broiled alive in moments.

Florida businesses do not know how to regulate their A/Cs. It is most likely that anywhere you go will be very cold indoors. Though maybe not for you..

Disney World is overrated. ;)

You *will* run into road construction. We have it year-round down here.

August is hurricane season!

If there is a body of water larger than a puddle that is not a swimming pool, there will be an alligator in it. Possibly more than one. If chased by a gator, run like hell in a zigzag direction or climb a tree.

Bring bug spray.

Enjoy tropical heat and humidity that makes your shirt stick to your skin!

Seriously, I wish I could come, but I can't afford to. :(

Unknown said...

Am VERY excited for mid-summer's nightmare. I do not give a crap if it's in June and not actually 'mid-summer'. Whenever you wish to/are able to is fine by me.

Though, I do hope your apartment has decent AC, can't imagine wearing Moarte's make-up for long stretches in July heat would be pleasant, or practical.

Anonymous said...

i know you are close to uploading the new hopr but I'm going to suggest something in about two weeks it will be 1 year since your the last hopr video so i say you wait to upload it and go for the year anniversary

Anonymous said...

I'm just curious of when we'll see the next story arch. Also, where did you get the robot hand used for Mechakara?