Monday, July 29, 2013

Marville #5

I would rather watch Quest for Fire than read this. Namely because nobody TALKED in Quest for fire.


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Anonymous said...

*tries not to go insane over the delay you announced on Twitter*

Brett Caton said...

Nature is messy and does not care for human definitions.

We simplify it for science classes and say things like "different species can't breed", but 'species' is a human construct, and there's plenty of organisms that happily 'breed' with utterly different organisms. c.f.
Horizontal gene transfer

Things like tigers and lions have spread apart enough genetically to make fertile offspring difficult but not impossible, and there's lots of arguments about whether or not homo sapiens, which shared close ancestry with neanderthals, were too different to interbreed, were just different enough to make it less viable, or could interbreed just fine.

There's also speculation about whether or not sapiens and other homo types could have interbred in the Asian region of the world. I remember reading that the official Chinese gov't position was that they had a separate (superior!) genetic lineage and had nothing to do with Africans, oh no!

biropg said...

i have to correct you on a small point linkara, while the nonesense about two different species not being able to interbreed and produce a fertile offspring is complete bullshit(we would have a rather smaller array of cats and dog breeds to choose from if that was the case) you choose a rather misinformative animal to make your point, as Ligers (the offspring between a male lion and a female tiger, who also happens to be the biggest feline on earth) are in fact, nearly all(the males at least) sterile(hence why we havent gotten a wild population of them. there has been a grand total of ONE recorded incident where a male liger was in fact able to bring his genes on to the next generation.

that being said it was still a hilarious review even with this missinformation. i really hope you bring this up in your next top mistakes video.

Will said...

If Tales fail to offend within 30 days, you may return unused portion to manufacturer for a full refund. (Offer Void in Minnesota)

starofjustice said...

"You know what's actually kind of funny about that picture bible line coming from Linkara? I've actually seen several attempts to make the Bible into a comic book, one of them I saw at a Walmart due to the Bible series on the History Channel being popular. "

I remember seeing infomercials for "The Picture Bible" a lot back when I was a kid. The idea of trying to attract young readers by turning the Bible into a comic book goes back a long ways, evidently.

Still, that's less embarrassing than what Willie Aames did to try to attract kids to the church.

Unknown said...

Marville... I can't decide whether that word should be spoken in a dull monotone or in Shatner's "Khan!" voice though I might've known at some point before that strange head-shaped depression in my desk mysteriously appeared. And why is there so much blood everywhere?

Anyways. The unbelievable pain of the comic aside I really would've liked to know just how this went down at Marvel HQ. I mean I get that he's the head editor and can force through a vanity project but surely there must have been some fallout from the guy printing a god-awful pseudo-Creationist tract with the worst science this side of Kent Hovind...

As regards hybridization you could point to say the American Red Wolf which is a fertile crossbreed of wolf and coyote. Ultimately though it's kind of moot since Neanderthals were a closely-related sub-species and their interfertility should hardly blow anyone's mind.

Anonymous said...

Maybe Dr. Know (Future 5) and Bill Jemas are in cahoots.

Who'd have guessed?

Unknown said...


Okay... I never thought I'd say this, but it's the only way to describe what just happened: This comic just went full retodd.

Anonymous said...

OK. More stupid.

(And yeah, I've come to call Bill Jemas Bill Dumbass.)

His praise of testosterone for breeding and lots of sex ... that can also fuel aggression (not definitely conclusive but there is a correlation between the two). Thus if you have lots of sex, you are inevitably going to encourage more war. You can't have it both ways, asshole.

Fun fact: Bill Dumbass got his J.D. from Harvard Law School in 1983. Yes. He was once a classmate of one Sam Casey. That explains both the mellowness and the turkiness of the whole thing. However, this is a *far* cry from "the old college try".

Anonymous said...

So if we didn't have war we could all have sex but the reason we have war is to have sex?

Seriously considering this and other contradictions in this series, is anyone sure Jemas wasn't just taking the p&$$ out of everyone?

What is up with "Jack" and "God", Jack can't stop a meteor, possibly neither can God, Jack seems to posse knowledge and possibly being in multiple places at multiple times but still gets easily emotionally violatile?

Also God takes a couple hundred thousand years or whatever to figure out DNA?

Even if this "God" exists in this universe, just what the hell is it? I mean its less powerful than Ted Turner for gosh sakes. Its certainly not the biblical God and definately not among the heavy hitters of the generalized marvel universe.

As for Jack, some kind telepathic being ala the Shadow King that can time travel or has some bizarre access to the DNA memories of humanity?

Another thing, it mentions Wolverine wasn't actually immortal its just a metaphor, is the comic going fourth wall on us there or will it be revealed in a later series none of this ever happened and Jack was just doing something to their minds?

Which almost seems a certainty from the way the comics description of Wolverine's origin in it contradicted the actual events shown in the comic itself!

You know; there is some kind of truth to the genius of stupidity.

Unknown said...

So if Bill Jemas thinks EVERYTHING is about sex, what about those of us that just don't care about sex? Shouldn't we just not exist?

Also evolution doesn't prove or disprove God, it only disproves a literal interpretation of Genesis

"Silverchipstick" said...

Oh boy. OK so I'm specifically speaking to the "species and neanderthal" crap in this comic.

I'm guessing that someone already brought up that almost all ligers are sterile and therefore don't fit the "fertile" profile that WAS mentioned in the comic, however there is still a big gaping hole in jemas's psudosciencey crap.
Linkara mentioned in the review that neanderthals were most likely a subspecies of human, as there is significant evidence supporting that at least to some degree, they interbreed with the rest of the African decent humans, and many humans ,living with us today have their DNA. THEY MAY EVEN BE WATCHING THE MARVILLE REVIEW RIGHT NOW! And they are probably also ashamed of Jemas as well.

Now to a much bigger issue with Marville's "science". Most importantly, a "species" is actually a human construct, not an ordained taxonomy created by god, gods, or non-personal force of the universe. Humans CREATED the definitions of species so WE can have an easier time comprehending, and researching different aspects of life, which is a VERY complex thing.
The definition of a species is :a group of living organisms consisting of similar individuals capable of exchanging genes or interbreeding. In other words, They live in the same area, and they can breed, with their children continuing to breed. The problem with Marville's "interpretation" is that again, species are somehow predetermined, whereas in actuality, Humans were just looking for snappy names to cross language barriers, and a way to compare and contrast different organisms. Species not a be all end all statement, and often we find weird exceptions, and have difficulty drawing lines between them. In fact, often Geography is one of the most important factor in defining a species, as occasionally you will find animals that are genetically compatible, but say, living on a nearby island, and would just have a hard time meeting the other group, and they will often have distinctive traits.

Also sorry for the rant linkara, I know you like to read and approve of all the comments.

Arcapello said...

6:35 - "We are gazing into the depths of insanity."

I have to correct you there - we are not staring into the depths of insanity we are gazing into the depths of ignorance and idiocy to the point unintentional facetiousness.

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