Friday, December 11, 2009

Podcast and other notes

Hey all! Once again I have appeared on a shorter episode of Dumpster Tech where we talk about the Nook, Barnes and Noble's new e-book reader, and some other tech stuff that I'm in no way qualified to speak upon!

And you can find it here!

In other news:
-I sadly don't plan on making another brief text overview of the DC Holiday special like I did last year, mostly because the stories didn't really wow me like they did last year. Pretty good, but not that great.
-The Let's Play of Star Trek: Elite Force WILL continue, and as I've said I have all the footage, it's just I have to prioritize other videos first.
-Speaking of which, expect two more special videos in the next month - one for comic recommendations and another detailing the construction of the mystery prop I've been building.
-One last thing - if you'd like me or any other member of That Guy With the Glasses to come to a convention, you'll have to appeal to the people who run that convention. Not that we'd be against going of our volition or trying to organize a booth, but it's much easier for us if the convention people come to us directly and invite us. Subsequently, while I do plan on attending MicroCon 2010 in Minnesota, I don't plan on having a table. I'm saving that one for FallCon 2010. ‎


Jeremy A. Patterson said...

You sould try in include some stuff from Heroic Publishing, The most recent run of Femforce (#125 to #150), & the Ninja High School Shidoshi saga (#127 to #175) for your recommendations list!

The two issues of The Next Issue Project (Fantastic Comics #24 & Silver Streak Comics #24) & DC's new Red Circle line of comic book titles too!


Happystickman said...

I hope you go to Youmacon Again! This year was awesome!

Mags said...

Looking forward to more of your lets play videos. I'm dying to know what the mystery prop is, but if I had to guess... could it be a gun of some description? Then again you've had plenty of gun props in past videos so maybe not.

Ooooooh, mystery prooooooop.

I'm sorry, I'll never do that again. It's freezing over here, so it has messed with my brain...

Anonymous said...

Have you ever read the Spider-Man holiday special? It has a giant venom on the front cover (wearing a Santa hat) and both Ben (clone Spider-Man) and Peter Parker Spider-Man were on it. I think it came out sometime in the 90s and before Maximum Clonage.

Also, in The Incredible Hulk issue #418 Marlo sells her soul to Mephisto in order to gain...the perfect wedding day.


Yeeeeah, hindsight IS a bitch, isn't it? To be fair, though, she thought it was just a dream so she was all like "lol why not?" Maybe you can do a review of that issue

Anonymous said...

Wonder if there's any cons up in Portland for you guys to go to.

Ironbite-and if I have enough money to go to said con.

Anonymous said...

And apologies for the double comment but....prop?

Ironbite-have I been missing something again?

Anonymous said...

Linkara, any chance that you'll come to a Con as Ensign Munroe?

ShadowWing Tronix said...

I wasn't too wowed by the Holiday Special, either. I think they tried to fit too much in at one time, and what few interesting stories they had didn't have time to live to their potential.

Lew Smith said...

Sweet. I may know people who know people who organize Dragon*Con. Think you'd be up for spending Labor Day weekend in Atlanta with a bunch of cosplayers and Trekkies? It'll be much warmer down here than in Minnesota, I'm sure. (^_^)

Anonymous said...

I sorta doubt if the TGWTG crowd are famous enough for convention planners to invite them.

Anonymous said...

Ensign Monroe is awesome. I love to watch your Lets play. Didnt like the game by myself, but I enjoy watching you playing and commenting on it.

I would love it if you would do another one after that. In "Far Cry", for example, there are several opportunies to be awesome, as well as many stupid moments (especially story and dialogue) to make fun of.

Anonymous said...

I'm going to take a guess to what will be on your recommendation list:

Secret Six
Booster Gold
Wonder Woman
Power Girl

Off-topic, but are you reading any Teen Titan related comics?

Oh, and Happy Holidays!

Lewis Lovhaug said...

"I sorta doubt if the TGWTG crowd are famous enough for convention planners to invite them."

We were invited to three conventions last October (well, to be specific Doug was invited to three, I was invited to one). And we'll be going again to one of those Cons next year.

Power said...

Would that include international Cons? =D

Jeremy A. Patterson said...

Here is a list of the WORST COMICS of 2009:
Sabrina: The Teen-Age Witch (Come on, Archie, CANCEL THIS HAS-BEEN BOOK ALREADY and replace it with a better property like Wilbur or even THAT WILKIN BOY!)
Vixen: Return of The Lion (When your book had a first issue, & then the 2nd issue come out telling that this is a 6-issue mini-series, but the series ends at #5, you have flopped!)
Flare Adventures #20 (With the end of the All-Girl Hero League!)


thedisgruntledgamer said...

"We were invited to three conventions last October (well, to be specific Doug was invited to three, I was invited to one). And we'll be going again to one of those Cons next year."

Wow, someone's defensive lol How many did you NOT get invited to?

Anonymous said...

@Mr disgruntledgamer:

I feel compelled to point out that their lives do not revolve entirely around attending conventions all year long; their worth and popularity is not measured by how many conventions they do or do not get invited to. It's like asking an Oscar nominee, "Yeah, you were nominated for Best Actress, but how many other awards were you NOT nominated for?" It's not terribly relevant, and the amount of awards (or invitations to cons, in this case) one wins is not necessarily indicative of the total quality of their product or likability as a person.

Besides which, they've got lives; they're busy folks with a lot of things to do, beyond visiting cons and doing stuff on the intarnetz (if I recall, Our Man Linkara, at least, has a day job elsewhere). Even if they were invited to every single convention on the face of the earth, they wouldn't be able to go to all of them.

I'm sorry, I felt I had to point that out. Forgive me. :D

thedisgruntledgamer said...


all due respect, there is a difference between not attending and not even being asked. i mean linkara and the nostalgia kritic is cool and stuff, but they're just dudes on the internet. i don't think the phones are ringing off the hook saying omg! we need to have these guys! (no dis intended linkara)

Stressfactor said...

Channel Awesome was good enough to get a note in Entrepreneur Magazine WITH a quote from Doug "That Guy With the Glasses"

Just because something may be *just* on the internet don't count it out. After all, "Dr. Horrible's Sing Along Blog" was also *just* on the internet.* They're slowly moving up in the world and, really, I honestly believe that the internet is the future of entertainment.

*Not that I'm trying to compare Doug, Linkara and the gang to Joss Whedon...... Yet.

Marc Reyes said...

What could this mystery prop be? I'm betting it's a huge-ass gun of some sort.

Queen Anthai said...

If you end up at Dragon*Con this year, be a doll and let us all know. I'd love to meet up there and take you out karaoke-ing, my treat. :)

Patch O'Black said...

Gee, I'm kind of glad you didn't do a review of this year's DC Christmas Special. I decide to use it for my own Christmas episode. It would have be awkward, in a "two women wearing the same outfit to a party" way. Particularly when one wears that outfit better than the other. would be the better of the two, in this case...

Perhaps I should think of a better analogy?