Monday, December 28, 2009

Top 15 Missed Opportunities of AT4W

With 2009 drawing to a close, let's take a look back and see what Linkara COULD have joked about, but didn't.


Anonymous said...

Bhargo's "I am a man" *punch* was pure WIN. Best Joke EVER

Unknown said...

Missed Opportunities, I suppose there have been many, but I was entertained all the way through '09 nonetheless!

Happy New Year to you, Linkara, here's to more horrendous comics!

Alex Stritar said...

Somehow, I knew the Ma-Ti thing was going to be number 1.

Too cad there wasn't a title card this week, I kind was wondering what it would look like.

So until Truce Winston kills me fors stealing his catch phrase, make mines Linkara. (I've always wanted to say that)

James said...

All right, let's do a rundown of the countdown!

15.) I always wondered how Jeff Foxworthy would've performed at the Russian revolution. Great twist on the redneck joke formula.

14.) Knew it was coming, but your delivery was incredible.

13.) Not really that funny, but it does sum up the absurdity of Bearded Idiot at Earth's End quite well.

12.) Total Awesomeness! I really would've loved to have seen these in the official video, but the stupidity would've probably been pushed over the threshold then. The Zordon joke and the deadpan "please, think of the children."

11.) I think that Nightcrawler was exaggerating, but taking it literally led to a nice segue on the many subjects Chuck Austen fails at.

10.) Spaceballs FTW! What's your favorite routine from the movie? Mine is the "how many assholes are on this ship?" bit.

9.) I hope that the ghost of H.P. Lovecraft is haunting the morons who wrote that horrible comic for daring to make a reference to his work in their steaming pile. Also, you do a very good Mel Blanc-style dumb guy voice (was it Muggsy or Rocky who talked like that)?

8.) Again, not really humorous, but a thorough ripping of an unbelievably stupid plot device.

7.) Nice use of the Transformers clip. Maybe the patriot missile was for the drag queen.

6.) Lee from Still Gaming! Whoo! Try to stay alive!

5.) I so wanted 90s Kid to make an appearance in the Blood Pack review, so this greatly pleased me.

4.) Pretty sure that the snark you unleashed would've been enough to take down Neutro.

3.) D'awww! Lewis looks so cute when he's sleeping!

2.) Wow, those letters had to have been written by the comic staff, since no intelligent reader would've praised that crap. Also, "T-Riffic?" Was Ned Flanders a fan of Mr. T?

1.) Yay, Ma-Ti! Awesome way to make up for missing it the first time around.

Excellent job, Lewis, and here's looking forward to 2010.
... also, can we put on not having Harvey Finevoice sing "My Way" as a candidate for next year's missed opportunity list?

D. William Pfifer said...

XD Getting "I-am-a-man-PUNCH"d by Ma-Ti looks surprisingly painful.

Mags said...

I love the baseball card collecting gag. I used to be like that with pokémon cards many years ago... *covers face in shame*

Was not expecting that gag at number one. As usual Lewis... you never fail to suprise me. XD

Also, I hope you don't mind that I have more Harvey fanart on the way.

Anonymous said...

*facepalm* I *just* realized that 90's kid shirt has an anagram... I feel stupid.

Once again, great video. I liked the NyQuil joke.

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

Awsome, but personally I think your biggest missed opportunity was the Spaceballs reference rather than the Matai cameo.

Lew Smith said...

Dude! There was another missed opportunity you had in Titans #1. When Wally West said "I stink like the inside of a buffalo," you so could've played the clip from Empire Strikes Back where Han Solo says, "And I thought they smelled bad on the outside."

Oh well, other than that, awesome list! Gotta love fake Ma-Ti. :D

Green Ninja said...

I knew Ma-Ti would be #1. ^^

Einen guten Rutsch ins neue Jahr wünsch ich dir. ;)

CZ said...

Agreed. The greatest super power known to man, is the ability to wield a gun.


Marc Reyes said...

@ CZ

Wouldn't the greatest superpower known to man be the "I AM A MAN!!!" punch?

I'm sure that Ma-Ti can enlighten us on wielding such a power. :)

Unknown said...

Great top 15, although I was hoping for something involving Archie Bunker's chair from Amazons Attack. :D

Mountain King said...

A lot of those felt like things you edited out from the originals, more than "didn't think of at the time" moments. In fact the only real missed opportunity was Bhargo

Still some good jokes in there and a few observations. I had a good laugh at the Transformers reference, (a trek fan like yourself wouldn't have missed that it was Leonard Nemoy)

Hope you had a good Christmas and wish you all the best for 2010. Now if you will forgive me I have this strange compulsion to go back and watch certain episodes again. If only I could think why.

Mountain King

PS Ma'ti can use the "I am a man" line? That's stretching the definition a bit isn't it?.

threnody_grey said...

I rewound Bhargo's "man punch" three times, I cracked up so much. And, somehow, I just knew it was going to be number one.

Happy Stan-Lee's-Birthday-and-Early-New-Year to you, Linkara!

Dg said...

Dear god, I couldn't stop laughing at the Mr.T letters or the I AM A MAN Ma-Ti bit XD

Oh great, thanks James, now I wanna hear Harvey Finevoice singing. I like Linkara's singing as it is (particularly in Elite Force) but Harvey Finevoice would just be interesting to hear sing XD

Aerosmith said...

Linkara is the best power ranger ever, but Spoony is also a pretty good ranger

Unknown said...

You have combined my two favorite bee refferences.

Emi said...

On a totally random note, this is the first time I've listened to your theme song with headphones, and it's damn awesome. I can hear some bass-y bits very nicely. :D

But more on-topic:

15) Someone should compile an entire list of "you might be part of the urban proletariat" jokes.

14) You should sing more. It's really quite lovely.

6) Whatever happened to baseball cards, anyway? They used to be all over the place, but it seems they've mostly been replaced with TCGs and stuff like that. It's kind of sad.

5) 90s Kid! We haven't seen too much of him around lately, have we? I wonder what he's planning. :O

3) And that's the everyday news in a nutshell. How utterly depressing.

2) The letters column had me gasping for air. Especially POWERHOUSE EXCITEMENT!!!!! Here's hopin' it becomes a running gag. XD

I also loved that evil little chuckle before displaying the Superpower Count.

1) That had me howling again. If it's any consolation, your MAN!!!-fu is probably strongest of all.

ALSO: Damn you! *fistshake* I'm going to have Convoy stuck in my head all day now. @_@

Happy New Year to you, too! :D

Derek Bown said...

Correct me if I'm wrong, but I seem to remember seeing the Bhargo clip somewhere else?

Aidan Kirk said...

"Powerhouse Excitement" needs to be a shirt, now.

Alec Pridgen said...

Great video and, believe me, I can understand missing out on jokes. I'm actually doing two blogs on just that!

Anyhow, since you actually read these, I wanted to suggest a comic or two to you if you hadn't already thought of it.

In the 90s, they did a long storyline in the Captain America comics where the Super Soldier Serum was going through degradation...for some reason. The end result: Cap ends up with giant shoulder pads and a belt full of weapons.

It truly is an epitome of that style forcing itself onto timeless characters. Also it went on for over a year and refused to end.

Anyhow, you could have a lot of fun with them. I also happen to have most of the run.

Anonymous said...

Was anyone else besides me highly tempted to poke Linkara with a stick when he fell over asleep? >.>

Marc Reyes said...


If you thought Captain America with giant shoulder pads and pouches were bad, the storyline after it tops it by miles. In said storyline, after being left paralyzed due to the Super Soldier Serum degenerating inside him, Cap is stuck in a powered suit of armour. Yes. Armoured Captain America. It's as bad as you can imagine it to be.

Anonymous said...

Happy new year!
And yes, I really love to watch AT4W videos from that wierd minnesotian comicbook nerd. :D

Emi said...


If I had a stick capable of poking through the intarnetz (or time and space), I would've been tempted to poke him, too. XD

Or if I had a magic cyber-sharpie, I'd be tempted to scribble on his face. Face scribbles are always fun. >:3

CMWaters said...

(doing this in two parts since there's a character limit)

OK, first of all, I love the use of "My Way" by Frank Sinatra as the song for this countdown here. I've liked that song even when I first heard it in the live action "George of the Jungle" movie. ...and with that terrible confession out of the way, let's move on.

15: Redneck Communists...makes about as much sense as the black Nazi from "Warrior of the Lost World". ...had to mention that, just watched the MST of it on DVD for the first time in a long time.

14: Why is it I can actually see truckers singing that for a funeral procession?

13: Eh, this was an OK thing, but seriously? Most people only remember that review for those famous four words.

12: Gwen's Eyeless body...a new strain of Youngblood's disease?

A gun that dissolves the wall? Acid bullets inside? ...though actually, I can picture a comic supervillain with acid bullets. Even if it were just one in the comic form of "The Tick".

11: you just HATE Chuck Austen? Besides what I've seen here I haven't really read any of his work, and the only thing I knew him from before you started your series was his name was on the cover of a comic book called "Strips".

Oh, and thanks for the height reference. Now I have a general idea of how tall to make the Create-A-Wrestler of you in Smackdown vs. Raw 2010.

10: Yeah, I was wondering why you didn't put the Spaceballs reference in there the first time either.

09: Having limited Silent Hill knowledge, I can't say much on this one. Though I could see current Silent Hill developers trying to incorporate Lovecraftian traits into the new monsters in the games.

08: I'm wondering if this was just suppossed to be another editing mistake, like the "one day/one week to decide" ultimatum Queen (insert Raiden from Mortal Kombat yell when he does his flying tackle sound here), and was just suppossed to be Smallville.

Or maybe the editors were dumb enough to think it'd be more dramatic to have it be an entire state.

Either way, I agree on its dumbness.

CMWaters said...

(part 2)
07: I thought you were gonna snap with the Patriot Missile line ala Doug's "Bat Credit Card" problem.

Using Galvatron is great there though. Describes both that scene and Pauly Shore movies!

06: Yeah...what ever did happen to baseball card collecting?

Eh, can't say too much. I collected Ghostbusters 2, Hook, Star Trek 25th Anniversary and Star Trek: The Next Generation cards as a kid.

Was wondering what happened to Lee of Still Gaming. Was reminded of him rewatching a Happy Video Game Nerd video.

05: The guy you're referencing in this (I forget his name)...would he be a prime candidate to advertise Red Bull nowadays?

90'S KID! Was wondering why he wasn't around for a while. Maybe he was just on Christmas Vacation. I'll agree with a friend of mine in saying 90's Kid should have his own show, even if it only lasts one episode.

04: Why did I picture you parodying the whole "Cartman's Dad" from South Park thing when you did this one?

03: Just a quick thought here...I miss the days of Ted Baxter on news programs. ...what do you mean he wasn't a real person!?

02: I can't say too much about the comments in a letters section of a comic, because I remember when I was a kid, I wrote a letter to and had published in a latter issue the editors of the Super Mario Bros. comics of the 90s. ...referencing a hope for a Dr. Mario comic, which they actually DID make.

Oh, and Mr. T and the T Force would have done much better had "Rowdy" Roddy Piper been a villain in it. I'm standing by that line.

01: YES! More Faux-Ma-Ti! I've been wondering when we'd see more of him again. I'm also still waiting for Doug's brother Rob and Barghaux (or however you spell that) to do that little special where he has the whole rant.

Oh, and that's gotta hurt, having your own in-joke used against you. the Wicker Man clip at the end...would that be number 16 on the list?

Anyway, good use of this extra time at the end of the year to point out other jokes that you could have made. ...though you did miss the Death Star connection from the Star Trek Comic. Still, all in all fun.

Oh, and thanks for telling me you're in Minnesota. With Doug in Chicago, Marzgurl in Texas, Yahtzee in Australlia, James in Pennsylvania and Lindsay in New York, I just need to know where Spoony lives and I have the DNA for the ULTIMATE REVIEWING CREATION! MUAHAHAHAHAHA!, you should probably just ignore that last part.

Hound_bound said...

Great retrospective as well. It felt like a best of the worst of, if that makes any sense - some of my favorite eps were in there.

I remember wondering about the Wolverine claws thing for like... two seconds at the time. It certainly leads me to wonder where he kept them (maybe the same place Deadpool was keeping his swords in that latest Wolverine movie? I dunno)

At any rate, here's withing you a fantastic new year!

Kimarous said...

I was a bit surprised that you didn't mention the "destroy-anything space station" in Star Trek #1 and the missed "Death Star" reference. Granted, that's probably just me, seeing as how I pointed that out myself. You did explain your reasoning for that, after all.

In any case, great list overall.

PortSupporter said...

I was watching the credits, like I always do because of those little comments at the end of them,and was surprised to see Wicker Man as being used. I literally stopped the video, watched it all again (got a few more good laughs), and watched through the credits again. Then I saw the Inked Reality clip at the end and laughed some more.

I thought you were gonna go with the "Nuts! You want to see nuts! I'll show you nuts!" from ASBAR to add to the line of pedophile jokes you made earlier in that video.

Anonymous said...


Spoony lives in Arizona.

Paul said...


Also nice reminder of "It's a crack baby FOOL!" That's been in my head all day.

Rhomega said...

I am such an idiot. I've been wondering what 90s Kid's "wysiwyg" shirt was about. I thought it was some band I never heard of. Now I understand, and this is the second time I've seen this video.

Anyway, I love the last joke for Maximum Clonage, and the Youngblood joke.

Patch O'Black said...

A creative way to look back on memorable episodes from the past and not make it just another "clips" show. Bravo! Well done! Have to say, your impression of the "sleeping news reporter" still has me chuckling. As always, looking forward to your future videos!

sirkenz17 said...

Nice countdown (not THAT one). My favorite would have to be #3.

I will admit, though, that I was slightly disappointed that Dr. Strange's behavior in Secret Defenders #9 didn't warrant a Dr. Orpheus joke. Also, the reddish-pink tentacles that attacked Donna and Kyle didn't get a "Beast With a Billion Backs" joke. I mentioned that on the Agony Booth forums when it was first put online.

Still, slight disappointments...

Laura said...

Is it wrong that the reason why I found #11 really funny was that you implied you're 5'3? (since 100 inches is actually 8'3 feet) Not that there's anything wrong with that, I just thought you were taller than I am.

Also, celebrity lifestyles tends to invoke the same response in me (falling asleep).

All in all, I think the jokes made in the original videos were still great but it was nice to see what other options there were.

Hope you had a Happy New Year celebration Lewis.

BloodySharpie said...


I actually did point that out on his section of the forums on TGWTG.Com, but he corrected me by saying he's miscalculated and he was actually around 6'0".

(nuuuuuuuuuuuuu, my evil plains of short people conquering the world are flawed! Wait a minute, I could get him to be my bodyguard! >:D)

Unknown said...

Annnnd now he is taller than I am. By a fair bit. Order's been restored in my mind.

(BloodySharpie, I want in on this plan, it sounds like fun)

SeanR said...

Do you suppose that it is this consistent overlooking of such prime comedic opportunities that ultimately prevents you from obtaining the same level of fame as The BeeGees?

Mags said...

@ Sean R

BeeGees. My God.

*Runs away from angry mob for her cheesy attempt at humor*

SeanR said...

@ Mags

My own personal reaction to their music is more akin to Nicholas Cage's: "NO! NOT THE BEEGEES! AARRRGGGHHH!!" However, I'm sure that the 70's Kid would strongly disagree.

BloodySharpie said...


Step 1: We study Napoleon.

Step 2: We gather as many small people as we can and have them learn the ways of the ninja.

Step 3: We all hide in suitcases and have ourselves shipped to a bunch of major cities around the world.

... That's all I got so far. >.>

Anonymous said...


Just a bit about your comments on Amazon Attack... While I couldn't care less about that particular comic (I haven't even read it), given a little poetic license, the idea of an entire state being on fire isn't completely out of the question.
I was in Canberra, A.C.T. on the 18th of January 2003 (look it up). And there are probably a few Californians who would have something to say, too.

Anonymous said...

Linkara, been watching and loving your videos for some time. Haven't commented before.

The one thing I thought worth pointing out was #5 on your list.
This red gentleman is Ballistic, an entirely forgettable character whom I only know from the days when my comic collection was small enough that I reread them constantly, and his introduction was in a "Bloodlines" Batman Annual I had from 1993.

That costume is his armored skin, which, reasonably enough, sprang up over night after an attack from a similarly red big monster.

Batman himself made a few quips about his appearance in that issue, but I think it was John Paul Valley under the cowl at the time, so there was very little reason to notice.

Anyways, he did manage to rock a cod piece and that head liner thing, along with enough weapons to insure most of his dialogue was made up of pretty terrible puns about them.

Keep up the great work, man.

PekoponTAS said...

As someone who is absolutely TERRIFIED of bees to the point of paranoia, that clip at the end is basically my worst nightmares put to film, and seeing as how it's late at night, I'm now terrified to go to bed. Looks like I'll be pulling an all nighter while desperately trying to find ANY way to get that out of my head.

Please, never use that clip again. Not trying to make you feel guilty or anything, just saying for future reference. That is without a doubt the most terrifying thing I've ever seen in my entire life.

And now to get off of the seriousness of this post, POWERHOUSE EXCITEMENT!!!

Lewis Lovhaug said...

"As someone who is absolutely TERRIFIED of bees to the point of paranoia, that clip at the end is basically my worst nightmares put to film, and seeing as how it's late at night, I'm now terrified to go to bed. Looks like I'll be pulling an all nighter while desperately trying to find ANY way to get that out of my head.

Please, never use that clip again. Not trying to make you feel guilty or anything, just saying for future reference. That is without a doubt the most terrifying thing I've ever seen in my entire life."

Fair enough, but I must say, if you haven't seen the remake of the Wicker Man, the scene, while SUPPOSED to be frightening, is very, VERY humorous.

Anonymous said...

Have you ever thought about making a Top 15 Batman Villains list?

HippyTesla said...

Hahaha, the bee joke was the best :D