Monday, February 15, 2010


The conclusion of the Mechakara arc is here!

Fanart by Marc of The Big Bald Broadcast.

Part 1:

Part 2:


BloodySharpie said...

FUCK YES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! *Goes insane*

Ok I'm calm now.

Kickass way to end it Linkara, and definitely full of POWERHOUSE EXCITEMENT!!!!!!!!

Can I kiss (or hug) you for the epicness that you have brought us? :3

Anonymous said...

This was an awesome episode! It was quite a nice twist who Mechakara was. It also solves the question that was on my mind most...who cut Doctor Insano's hair. But wait, does the ending imply that Doctor Insano will be the new main villian on atop the fourth wall?

areoborg said...

Nice continuation from last week's cliffhanger.

Anonymous said...

That. Was. Awesome.


Anonymous said...

DUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUDE! That was the most epic thing I've ever seen in my life! Loved the fact that you're actually a power ranger. Poor Pyo though...getting tortured by Dr. Insano though. Does this mean more Insano/Linkara interaction now?

Ironbite-great review and here's to another year.

SeanAsh said...

In order:
The cold open was hilarious!
Why was Liefeld the most successful artist for the nineties again?
Holy crap, he's still alive!
Poyo?! He's Poyo?! TWIIIIIIST!!!!
Second cold open is even better! Almost got lost with all the exposition though.
I hated Power Rangers, so I'll just play along.
Fantastic effects! I can see why this took a week and a half to edit
And in the end, you get saved by Poyo! Awesome!
Great job, Linkara! All your hardwork is greatly appreciated!

Sieg-sama said...

One of the best episodes of the best internet show...

Linkara, you're awesome with a lot of stuff, but what ranks you far above Spoony is your regularity.

D. William Pfifer said...


Sorry. Had to get that out of my system.

So, yeah, basically I can't fit enough "EPIC"s into this comment box to properly convey how OMG AWESOME that was. :D

You're a really talented actor. Mechakara's lines and actions, and your delivery of them, were genuinely chilling, and I can't even imagine having to act that many characters while giving them all their own unique voices and traits.

The morphing scene was unbelievably epic, and I've hardly ever even watched Power Rangers. XD

I don't even know which cameo I was happier to see! Wasn't expecting Ninja Style Dancer, but yay!

The split-screen effects(/green-screen/whatever-else-you-used) were very well done.

Nice plot twist, too. I thought Pollo had something to do with it, but I never would have guessed that. Speaking of Pollo, I don't think I'll ever see anything combining more cuteness and hilarity (and perfect comedic timing) than him on the futon with your hat and jacket. XD

I loved the ending, too. Sooo... Your arch-nemesis killed your other arch-nemesis? Do you technically owe him now? Because that's a scary thought.

Ahem. Long comment is long and unorganized. Sorry. :P Unfathomable awesomeness does that to me.

*goes to watch again*

D. William Pfifer said...

Forgot to say that's some pretty cool fanart, too.

Captain Freetime said...

Made. Of. WIN

Both episodes. Linkara, once again, you show why you are a comedic GOD. I never would have guessed that Mechakara was....HIM.

Unknown said...

That was a pretty awesome conclusion to the arc. Though, there were some things from the 2010 trailer that looked like they were for the battle, but weren't in the finale. Were they cut because of problems with technical stuff, or was it because the missing footage was actually intended for another video? I would give an example, but I don't want to spoil the videos for anyone who hasn't seen it yet.

LordLucika said...

Hey, where was Ensign Munroooooooooooooooooooooo? And the Pyramid Head weaponry? :O

I am sad to see the lack of stuff promised in trailer =P

(P.S.: Not trying to sound like a jerk, but I can only hope that Mechakara/E.P./whatever will be back... he was disturbingly non-arch-nemesis-y. This was way too simple, I bet you could've taken up a much greater challenge :(

Darbicus said...

Awesome double feature Linkara. Certainly well worth the buildup and the wait.

Marc Reyes said...

So as to not to spoil anything for anyone reading the comments, I'll let one word sum the DOUBLE FEATURE! up for me:


Brian said...

Heck Yeah!

I just had a feeling that Doctor Insano's messing around with Hypertime would come up in this.

This double feature goes right up there with the Warrior review in terms of pure epicness maybe even surpasses it.

The reveal of who our villain actually is, I totally was not expecting that.

Anonymous said...

Flipping awesome

Anonymous said...

Best Episode Ever.

I'm at a loss of words right now by the sheer epicness of that episode.

You Rock!

AmuroNT1 said...

As an old-time MMPR fan, that review really warmed my heart. I especially love how you used all the original BGM.

For a minute I wondered if you'd actually have Mechakara stay defeated in the Youngblood review as a hilarious anticlimax, but you certainly didn't disappoint on this one.

Saban did actually use the costumes from Kakuranger (the series from which the ninja powers originate), but those went to the Alien Rangers. I suppose they couldn't have used them for the original team anyway since it was one person short (and, zomg, lead by a girl). There were similar reasons for not using the costumes from Dairanger (the show where the Thunder Zords and White Ranger came from), as well as the fact that the Yellow Ranger in that show used Drunken Boxing, which gets handled very poorly whenever it's brought up in imported media.

What makes me really sad is that Power Rangers is apparently done for good, since instead of a new series they just made a re-edit of MMPR. It's even sadder because the source for the next series probably would have been the samurai-themed Shinkenger, which is a dozen different kinds of awesome.

BTW, funny fact - Jason Narvy, who played Skull, is actually a classically trained Shakespearean actor. Betcha never saw that coming.

Anonymous said...

One word: AWESOME.

Malaloba said...

That. Was. Amazing!

The reviews were very good and highly amusing but the whole fight was even better.

Warrior had relevance?! Dang, I would never have guessed that. I just thought it was a BLAM Episode.

I have to say my favorite bit right now is the use of "You're in my way sir." I had to stop the video so I could finish laughing. My parents probably think I'm out of my mind. Ah well, nothing new there.

Also, you did a fantastic job with the editing and effects. That can't have been simple to do.

Anyways, thanks for giving us such a great story arc with a phenomenal conclusion

William Silvia said...

Awesome double feature, LL. Pretty much all I can say, the reviews and the narrative were both excellent.

As for the helmets, I take it you're familiar with Marz Girl's video on the Rangers?

Aerosmith said...

Man I knew that Linkara wouldn't be bothered by Mecha-Linkara. Mechakara is just a joke

KKDW said...

WOOO that was so awesome, and yay for using the Cybermen music, that track is (clenches fist) EXCELLENT!!!

And on that note, you should so do a bad Doctor Who comic at some point (I'm sure there're some out there, maybe from the one published in TV Comic...I know of one story called Flower Power where the Cybermen are defeated, and boy is that stupid, at least gold made a little bit of sense!)

John said...

Holy crap, that is quite possibly the most awesome thing I've ever seen! My only complaint: no Ensign Munrooo. But even without him, this was filled with at least 12 different kinds of awesome.

Mel said...

That was one of THE BEST VIDEOS EVER! I loved the "You're in my Spot, Sir" and the fight scene and Pollo doing a review! It was all wonderful! Great job as always Linkara!

loupetron said...

Great job, Linkara!

Quicksilver said...

First: Omg it WAS Pollo. Granted, I didn't know it was alternate universe Pollo but... Pollo nevertheless! Woot.

Second: I love how you opened up with an anniversary video first. I know some people may say it kind of killed the climax, but honestly... I didn't find it so. Because it seemed like something Linkara would do. Oh Youngblood #2... you just make me more and more afraid of Brahma. (Yes, I will stop abusing the ellipses now.)

Third: Explanation time is fun! It was cool seeing the actual reason for all of the various actions taken by Mechakara. I must say, you seem to have a talent for planting clues over time. Happened in Lightbringer, happened here. Both good, so hence I say talent.

Fourth: My god... the internet as predicted by Power Rangers. Very, very scary, but oh-so-hilarious.

Fifth: PART WITH SPOONY = PFFFT. I laughed so hard, but I must confess that part of me could only think of Blue and Gold which... made me kind of sad. But then Spoony's anger resurected him, so hurray! (I have to wonder now if he'll have an epic battle with his clones.)

Sixth: I honestly never thought that 90s Kid would be on your side, man. He just became most extremely awesome. (Ninja Style Dancer was always awesome.)

Seventh: And Real!Pollo to help save the day. Along with kick ass morphing sequence. Right on.

Finally: THAT ENDING WITH INSANO. Holy hell, I did not see that coming, and it was amazing.

Keep on keeping on, Linkara. <3

Lucika said...

Hey! I decided to write a long review of the conclusion - you made me a bit sad here, Linkara :(

Here is the link, if some of you are interested:

Anonymous said...

Truely two amazing videos Linkara, you simply blew my mind away.
I did not see the true identity of Mechakara coming. Wow!

Everything was just so epic! XD
I'm basically speachless.

Great job!! And keep up the great work! :D

TV's Grady said...


Bazookoidben said...

Ah an excellent follow up to the previous episode. of course Liefeld makes me cringe. Gives comic writers a bad name as well.
What was it with the 90's and those sideways double page spreads?
How you managed to quote that line from red dwarf amazes me, I would love to see the blooper reel for that one. That and the vast amounts of croma keying and split screening, this must have taken FOREVER to put together, but the effort and hard work shows.

Epic cyberman theme from Earthshock. I was so surprised when I heard it. Genius!

I knew the Power Rangers had a comic series, kind of silly considering they had everything including spaghetti hoops of them..

Still, your hard work paid off, hopefully you will now get a chance to rest easy now. No more massive amounts of editing for a while.

Mzyra said...

Haha, both of those were amazing, especially the second one.

You do staged fights with yourself amazingly well given the technology at your disposal. And hooray for more crossovers and double updates. I wasn't expecing the ending (or pretty much anything that happened), but it may be due to my own stupidity.

Obscure Red Dwarf quotes FTW! I can't believe how many Americans know about that show.

Anonymous said...

This was awesome!!! Two episodes in one day!? Pure Awesome!!! After months of waiting, this was worth it! Mechakara, Pollo, Spoony, 90's Kid, Harvey Finevoice and the Ninja-style dancer in the same episode! Pure Awesome! Loved every minute of it! Still, who disabled the Continuity Alarm?

Alex Stritar said...

Awesome! Well worth the wait! Five out of five! You win the internet, Linkara!

All the peices fit together in a way that I never saw coming.

You know, now I can't help but wonder about that other universe Mechakara came from. I keep imaganing Angry Joe as the ristance leader.

Also, should I be coserned tht Dr Insano has Mechaka's remains? He could probably revese engeneir the tech to defete you in a future battle

Anyway, can't wait to see how you top yourself.

Cognitus said...

Awesome Episode...except for when Pollo takes over your show. Harsh!

So, does Finevoice get his own show now?

lazycommentator said...


Wait! let me breath for a second..........okay(gasp)..okay.

Only disappointment:

No Ensign Monroe?^^

okay to be honest with you: This really was by far your greatest episode you have ever done and it will probably take some time before we ever get to see something like that from you again.But in your case, it´s always worth the wait.
Besides its not over yet.^^

Keep up the good work and Happy Anniversary!!^^

I salute you Linkara.

Quester_X said...

Linkara, that was awesome! Your special effects and makeup work were amazing, and the amount of thought and effort you clearly put into planning this whole story arc is incredible.

Thank you for the laughs, and for being the insanely entertaining reviewer that you are.

Unknown said...

Did you know that Spider-Man 16, Todd Mcfarlane's last issue, was done entirely in two-page spreads. I don't have it anymore so I don't know if it sucked, but I thought you might find that amusing.

These two episodes were hilarious and impressive. Thank you Lewis.

One more thing. What the hell was with the curvacious Pink Ranger shot when she was waking up?

Die Zecke said...

That was just awesome, very worth the wait.
I am very exited about what will come next, this is hard to top.^^

James said...

Not what I expected, and it did fall a little short after the hype from the trailer (I guess all that other material will be saved for later in the year) but it was still an epic, hilarious action-packed battle. Nice job.

Also, OT question: do you have "Partners in Time" or "Bowser's Inside Story" for your DS? I'd highly recommend them.

Anonymous said...

I was so pumped for this episode, and it did not disappoint. The climatic battle was better than some stuff I've seen in real movies; the Nostalgia Critic was wrong when he said your SFX sucked.

I'm kind of sad that Mechakara is gone, he was fun. Please give us another story arc to speculate about in the (not-so-)near future!

Pollo, get off of his show. You're not nearly as cute as Lewis. You're just a robot; he's a man!

Anonymous said...

Power Rangers kicks ass,

Mechakara kicks ass,

that morphing sequence kicks ass,

spoony's cameo kicks ass,

and YOU sir KICK AAAAAAAAAAAAAAASSSSSSSSSSSSS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

you have officialy out awsomed Spoony's Final Fantasy 8 finale. speaking of which I can't wait what happens with spoony now that there's two of him running around, (or maybe not realy running since the clone you made was recently lobotomized while watching the madness of Roland, and this one just broke his foot in your ass, oh, and I always knew Poyo had something to do with it!

like I said, KICK ASS WORK!

Anonymous said...

Long Live Linkara

I kinda expected some more Bleach/Trigun references, especially if ya got Johnny Yong Bosch in your comic.

Also FYI, the artist in part one of the Power Rangers comic was the same guy who drew Maximum Clonage Alpha. Can't wait for next week!


cjhitchcock said...

That was a pretty awesome conclusion to the Mekakara story line. I got a real kick out of it. Needless to say these have been some of your best work so far. Keep up the great work

Chelsea said...

My initial reaction: "No! Pollo! You're a cute little robot, you can't be evil!" I also yelled out loud when 90s Kid appeared :D

Mecha/Pollo was honestly pretty terrifying, though I found his total hate towards Linkara to be hilarious. That's one robot who knows how to deliver an insult. My only regret is that Spoony didn't become a Red Lantern, since that's the perfect ring for an Internet blogger.

Awesome job, and it was well worth the wait.

Akimi said...

Coat with ridiculous pockets...small robot sidekick...semi-robotic archnemesis bent on destroying organic life everywhere...


Unknown said...

ok I don't think I'm going to be able to say anything that hasn't been said by 40 other people but I just had to say something.

that was pure awesome, concentrated and weaponized

Unknown said...

Loved the videos, big Power Rangers fan, plan to do a twenty-part tribute to the entirety of the series. My only gripe is that the Megazord the rangers used to fight Copycat-tastrophe was actually the Shogun Megazord, not the Ninja Megazord.

How sad is it that I know that?

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

I expect some sort of commentary

Unknown said...

Thanks for this video, the last year and all the hard work you went through to entertain us. You're doing a pretty amazing job on a regular basis and I don't think you can be told that often enough. You are an awesome person.

@Amiki - He would make a great Doctor indeed - if he manages a British accent that is. I fear that's an absolute must for the Doctor.

Ryder said...

So what happens to the spoony clone now that the orignal is alive again?

frice2000 said...

Awesome review Linkara. I wish you and Spoony had actually been able to do it with each other in person...but barring that a very fun and awesome review. I really want to see Poyo's full review of a comic sometime :P.

Mountain King said...

*Takes a long deep breath*

After eight months (I think) the saga of Mecha-Linkara has come to an end. You kept us guessing all the way and did a fantastic job along the way. The amount of in jokes, references and homage are going to take me a week or more to sift through. Although among what stood out most for me was the Doctor Who reference and "you're in my way sir" call back for Spoony.

The only down side was that you've got a strange outlook on magic. In effect it's really just the application and channelling of energies, internal and external. At least that's the theory, the idea that a mystical item somehow identifies its owner is rather... Shall we say odd? It is the owner that has to channel power into mystical weapons. Even if that energy originates from an external source.

In that same vain Mecha-Linkara could adapt a frequency shield to block certain energy emotions, but it would not be able to adapt itself to use those energies. Not without radically reengineering it's power supply, that would require rebuilding it from the ground up. As such the gun shouldn't have worked for him/it. Think of it like Adaptive Current compared to Direct Current, you can't substitute one for the other without a transformer ( I'm not talking megatron here...)

I'm just too pedantic for my own good sometimes, but even magic has rules! Take it as a compliment that the only possible complaint I could come up with was utterly pointless.

In all seriousness this was a brilliant arc and a great work. The effort and forethought you put in shines through and it was well executed at every stage. The only reason I complain is professional envy.


The question is, if the loss of the continuity alarm was not Mecha-Linkara's doing just who else has been behind the scenes?

TJOmega said...

I'm sure I'm not the first, but yeah, the second Megazord was the Shogun Megazord and aside from the shoulders looked pretty accurate... However, MAJOR bonus points for the Red Dwarf reference, I dont want to know how many takes it took for you to get that right.

D. William Pfifer said...


I also yelled out loud when 90s Kid appeared :D

Yeah, I... may have been lying when I said I would never see something as cute/hilarious/well-timed as Pollo's review opening. 90s Kid FTW!


OMG IT ALL MAKES SENSE. And Pollo is the tin dog! :O

I wonder who really did mess with the continuity alarm, then? Is there another robot roaming the house? Get some security cameras, Linkara. XP

Defalco said...

I'm impressed that you had both versions of the Power Ranger theme song. The one you played during the episode was from the tape that came out in 1994 while the ending credits was from the movie soundtrack that came out in 1995. My brother and I had both.
Do you however have the White album? It had the dance mix, which had Tommy saying, "Let's party down," which hardcore Power Ranger fans will tell you was sliced from the Halloween episode where Tommy says, "Let's shut Zedd's party down."
Oh yeah, I'm a dork.
Awesome vids. It was great how it all came together.

Perkins said...

So I just finished the first part and I've got 2 things to say.

1. I couldn't stop laughing at that opening.

2. I totally called it with the "I AM A MAN" line!

Now to see Part 2.

D. William Pfifer said...

Hey, er, uncultured teen who hasn't gotten around to watching Red Dwarf yet - what's the reference people keep mentioning?

Anonymous said...

Okay, can someone help me? I've seen all of Linkara and Spoony's reviews, but for the life of me I can't remember when Mechakara made Doctor Insano cut his hair.

Anonymous said...

Awesome as always. That wasn't how I expected the epic fight to begin or end, but it was totally worth it. Great job, Linkara!

Turkish Proverb said...


I think I just had a nerdgasm.

Perkins said...

Well after finishing Part 2, I was dead on with the ending with the BFG 9,000. Though you did throw me off with a lot of stuff.

All in all, great job Linkara. (Though I still think you need to fix the Continuity Alarm) ;)

Paul S. said...

For the record in terms of action and production values Lightspeed Rescue is easily the best Power Rangers series. :P

Very satisfying finale and I really liked the look at Youngblood #2 (in a weird way it's kind of disappointing we never got a spin-off book about a gun-wielding cigar-chomping cyborg Jack Kirby.)

So when is Harvey *finally* going to get his own show anyway?

Jeremy Hawkins said...

You win.

you're now offically the best there is at what you do. Better than the Critic, better than the nerd, kudos.

Emily said...

I was going to tweet that I'd seen this, but I felt 140 characters just wasn't enough to contain my joy!

There were times when I was rolling. It was most awesome, my good man, from the beginning fake out (He's not seriously going to do a reveiw before he handles Mech- oh, there it is!) to the 'shocking' bit after the credits! *slap* Terrible pun. I appologize.

I hope you keep using sagas to tie in with your reviews. You've done an incredible job and I can't wait to see more!

Spatulo said...

Awesome! Power Rangers for the win. Oh, and by the way, the Megazord in the second story wasn't the Ninja Megazord, it was the Shogun Megazord, the TITANIC one that they got later. If it was labeled “ninja”, then they screwed up there.

Falcovsleon20 said...

The only nitpick I can think of is you did an episode on a Power Rangers comic and not one Johnny Young Bosch joke? And even then, I can't really call that a credible nitpick. It's hard to really do so after that ridiculously awesome finale to all the build-up to Mechakara.

BTW, did Dr. Insano's magnet kill him at the end? Or is he merely going to doom Mechakara to torturous fate worse than death?

Anonymous said...

Yes everyone must shut off their internet, that includes you mr. government. we can't have cia, and fbi still on.

Oh and Zord robot virus bugs is just another reason to own a mac. :D

Queen Anthai said...



Seriously. Oh my God. Best epic battle ever. You win ALL THE INTERNETS. ALL OF THEM. (It may take a while at 56K, but eh.)

There is a large part of me that is a Power Ranger fangirl and you have just pleased her in a way that has known no pleasure since around 1995. Were I not married, I would take you in a manly fashion.

Because you morphed.

*massive high-five*

Fnorkus said...

LOL! I've been waiting all night for this thing, it's 03:00 now here in Sweden :O

CJ47 said...

Oh. My. God.

The inside jokes that fans are aware of, the references
to old episodes, the running gags.

I think I actually arrived at Nerdvana.

D. William Pfifer said...

...Okay, um, I just caught something Mechakara said, and - and is he wearing alternate-universe Linkara's actual skin?!

Matt said...

Well that kicked ass. Your awesome. Keep up the awesome work. I love when you make vids with spoony, you two are the best. Thanks for all the enjoyment youve provided with your videos.

ShadowWing Tronix said...

Marvel had a bad habit of screwing the Megazords up all the time, and they had TWO Power Rangers series (and a Masked Rider one-shot) at the same time to really mess that up. (And VR Troopers, which did a "flip book" with the second Ranger title.) I can't figure out which is sadder: that an unknown company like Hamilton Comics made better Ranger stories, or that Image did with ONE issue of Power Rangers Zeo?

(Acclaim/Valiant actually found a way to make Beetleborgs work. I didn't think that was possible, and they still got some continuity confused during the Ranger team-up. Yeah, I'm into the strangest things.)

As for the conclusion to the Mecha-Linkara arc, with your permission (and if will get along with Wordpress enough), I would like to put this up on my blog for my next "Saturday Night Showcase" entry. (Please say yes.) This was a great bit of storytelling within the reviews, and that little part of my imagination that often puts variations of myself (or characters I've created) into a story did so with you and Mecha-Linkara. (Sorry I wasn't more help. :) ) It shows that while you complain about bad stories a lot, you DO know what goes into making a GOOD story.

That's exactly what my Saturday Night postings are for. Ace job, Lewis!

(By the way, where did you get the Power Rangers music from? The best I could find was some "audio drama" which was really the songs with some show clips, and you don't get a clean "Bulk & Skull theme" from that one.)

Anonymous said...

This is pure win. There's no other way to describe it. I'm just sad you left off the giant robot battle I was expecting (after all it was a power rangers episode and you did morph) but even without that it's still the most epic thing I've ever seen.

Mister Hobbs said...


Catie said...

Oh my gosh this whole thing was awesome! Seriously, Linkara, best set of videos you've done, like, ever. I adored them; I couldn't stop laughing the entire time. I was also squealing, because I got one theory right - I knew it was Pollo! (Granted, I got it wrong how, but I still found myself screaming "I knew it!") Though... I'm still curious as to what happened to the continuity alarm... I won't ask, cause I'm sure that it'll be revealed sometime... but I will say I'm still very intrigued! Great job Linkara.

Hobohunter9000 said...

Best. Reviews. Ever.

EggJosh said...

Haha that was all so ridiculous, and I loved every minute of it! ^_^

The Spoony SWAT reference had me laughing my butt off.

Megan Dere said...

So am I really the only one who caught the Buffy reference? Really? :(

Still though, that was made of epic.

SMysto said...

Huh, I totally didn't expect the Pollo bit of Mechakara's history. The parallel universe, yes, but POLLO. Didn't see that one coming XD
Also, despite the ending, I suspect we haven't seen the last of Mechakara (or should that be Pollo-kara, now?). You know Dr. Insano wouldn't just short-circuit him, he'd find some way to use Mechakara to rule the world...WITH SCIENCE!
Sure, I expected to see Ensign Munro, and the Pyramid Head blade, but if I'm right and Mechakara comes back for round two, maybe we'll see them. Them, and possibly the affectionately-dubbed Dr. Linksano? :D
Meanwhile, I had no idea they made a Power Rangers comic. I want that now! And Youngblood...oh, Rob Liefeld, you're part of the reason I stopped reading comics in the 90s. Probably a good thing, then I could look for BETTER comics now >P

Keep it up, Linkara! I'll fangirl you as long as you continue to be awesome like this!

threnody_grey said...

Poyo?! Black Lantern!Spoony?! One of the greatest show themes of all time?! This double feature was made of awesome! You, sir, win the internets. Though, considering the Internet Festival in MMPR, that might not be much of a prize.

There's not really a lot I can say about Youngblood #2, other than Liefeld should be tarred and feathered for s***ing on the legacy of Jack Kirby, and that I'm surprised you didn't comment on the Jean Grey clone behind the Wolverine-knockoff. So on to MMPR:

I own this book - in fact, I own the entirety of the Hamilton and Marvel runs. And I honestly don't remember them being that silly (which is weird considering the original source material) or the artwork being so drab and dark that Bulk and Skull look black. But maybe that's because it introduced me to the works of Albert Camus and Jean-Paul Sartre, which blew my little my fifth-grade mind. Though, the use of the Bulk & Skull theme when they appeared was awesome. Oh, nostalgia.

The Mad Scientist said...

LINKARA, YOU RULE!!!!!!! I love your show, and you just became my favorite reviewer ever with a Power Rangers review! Rock on dude!

Anonymous said...

That...was...amazing. I have to go lie down for a bit now.

I've never seen a man fight himself so adeptly and pretty much every literal and metaphorical Chekov's gun got pulled out (besides Pyramid Head in a pokeball, but that wouldn't have done much against a robot anyway). The whole battle just built awesome on top of awesome and with Power Rangers of all things. And Pollo to the rescue. And transformation sequence.

You are an incredible man, Mr. Linkara, and we love you back.

john smith said...

My thoughts:

Part 1

Liefeld ripped off the Borg, but it's only fair since the Borg ripped off Doctor Who's Cybermen.

Speaking of rip offs, doesn't Prophet's origin sound a wee bit similar to a certain star spangled Avenger?

Even if he is a Wolverine clone, I did think it was notable that Shadowhawk died of AIDS at the end of his run. Seemed pretty groundbreaking at the time.

More Pat Benatar references!

As for Part 2:

The comic review aside, I appreciate the work that went into it; but it felt a bit too long. I also confess to not even knowing who Poyo was until he popped up from behind the couch. Still, I applaud the effort you put into finally writing a final chapter concerning Mechakara.

Lew Smith said...

Truly...epic doesn't even begin to describe this!

And yes...I love Power Rangers as well.

Sephy the OWA said...

Geez I am really blown away o.o. My question is what comes next after all this o_o!?

DarkFusion said...

This was truly an awesome episode. This episode showed not only can you act really well with the whole Mecha/Pollo-kara, but you can really write. Seriously, tying the Mechakara subplot into the Warrior episode was really good and the twist that it was Pollo was very well done. All in all great double review, truly epic battle, and all that good stuff. I can't wait to see what else you've got in store (and what Ensign Monroe's going to feature in).
Still, why do I get the feeling this won't be the last we see of Mecha-kara? Who knows what he'll be like if Dr. Insano decides to rebuild and customize him?

Arthur Wilborn said...

Magnificent performance! However, you've clearly taken your show as far as it can go. It looks like your star will fade.

However, that charming young robot at the end was a delight! Clearly we can expect great things from this Poyo in the future.

Unknown said...

I think I'm going to call Mechakara "Poyo Prime" from now on

Anonymous said...

First time I leave a comment here, but I have been a fan since last year.

And I have to say, those two episodes are the best, not only the battle or the story arc, but those are my new favorite reviews. A slow clap, sir. A slow clap.

Zeh said...

Wow, that was great.

I'd seen your videos before, but I guess never looked outside of the ones on YouTube. I found this website recently and have spent the last two weeks watching all of your reviews that I could.

When I saw the Warrior review the other night, I was planning to watch it as I fell asleep, but couldn't sleep because I was convulsing with uncontrollable laughter.

A lot of things in this two-parter had me laughing out loud, but the quick cut to Pollo in your hat and coat was the biggest one. That was great timing.

So... you're a Minnesotan who did speech team in high school.

I did Debate. Lakeville '04. I wonder if I ever saw you.

Rock N Roll Martian said...

"So am I really the only one who caught the Buffy reference? Really? :( "

Was it Black Lantern Spoony's "Bored now" line? Because I thought of VampWillow when I heard that too; I just thought I was being incredibly nerdy...

Freaking awesome video, Linkara! The entire Mechakara fight was totally epic, and the Insano cameo at the end just managed to make it even better. Great job!

Something bugs me about the Power Rangers comic. If they defeated the bugs by shutting off all the computers in the world, then what happens when they try to turn them back off. Unless Zedd designed the world's worst computer virus, they should just pop right back up when they get switched back on. If you think about it, it'd be a much better plan to disable the entire internet by making it impossible to turn a computer on without getting attacked by energy bugs. But I'm probably expecting a bit too much from tie-in comic, I suppose.

PWBOT said...

That was great Linkara. Truly great. You have officially triumphed the Critic and the Nerd out of their own greatness. I do wonder though, if the Man Punch came from punching android, how does it not work against any robots? I guess it needs them to have humanoid guts?

Disappointed with the lack of Ensign Munroe, but just a little. I actually thought you might do some alternate reality morph to show Munroe, but I guess he's reserved for something greater, or more Star Trek.

Dg said...

I kinda gotta wonder though - was it really your incompetence with machines (if that wasn't just Mechakara being a jerk) that disabled old Conty Alarm or did someone else sneak in and do that? That could be a segway to a later villain or it could just be something I am reading into or something else :3 Maybe it'll show up at some point with pokeball pyramid head

AMAZING work though :D I was cheering so hard (which given I watched this at about 1am was probably not a good idea) especially when Ninja Style Dancer, Nineties Kid and Harvey Finevoice showed up :3

SeanR said...

Good, but still nowhere near the bar set by The BeeGees!

H2O589 said...

That was well worth the wait. I was laughing my ass off within the first 16 seconds of part 1.

And I see what you did there with the whole robot sidekick becoming evil thing. Brilliant, seriously this was all laid out so well and had such a satisfying conclusion.

Epic. Just freaking epic.

Anonymous said...

Amazing! Just Amazing!

The special effects, although obviosly low budget (In a funny sort of way), was just incredible. It's refreshing to see a good action story in a world full of nothing but crappy C.G.I films.

The first time I saw Mechara (or Poyo, I guess.) I thought,

"Dude, that's seriously bad-ass!"

As the story line went on, I just grew more and more impressed. And this video... dude, I'm willing to compare it to any of the Nostalgia Critic/ AVGN battles. The acting was incredible, and you can tell you put a lot of effort into it. The writing is a lot better than most films out there today. Linkara, I was a fan of you before, but this is your personal Crowning Moment of Awesome! This is what people will remember you for! (At least until your next reveiw...)

Dude, don't stop here! Please don't stop! More episodes, more! You just keep setting the bar higher and higher, and I hope that never stops. Your regular reviews are hilarious, but it's these special episodes we love! More Linkara! I demand more Linkara!

The Great Mr. Chibi said...

Crisis on Infinite Linkaras is quite possibly the finest accomplishment of story telling in the history of net reviewing. Bravo.

...also, the music when Bulk and Skull show up was a *really* nice touch.

Sean Mac said...

That was soooo freaking awesome. Good work Linkara! As a bit of a Power Rangers nut myself. That was a pretty great tribute to the show. While watching it I noticed that in the second Power Rangers story they fight the copy monster and the comic says they're in the Ninja Megazord but they're actually in the Shogun Megazord. Keep up the good work.

Anonymous said...

Well Spoony is kind of a jerk for bailing on you there, but it was funny when he re-broke his foot kicking your ass. Gotta say, i was wondering if that black lantern thing was ever coming back.

DerKork said...

Hmmm, looks I wasn't completely off - but who'd have expected HIM to become Mechakara?
(And before this was over I wondered what made you abandon Ensign Munro - now I guess I may know...)
Oh, and Kirby looks like the not-quite-as-intelligent-clone-brother of Cable...

See you all next week, when you'll be free to celebrate my birthday. (I don't think there'll be cake on the web, sorry.) Oh, and of course: Watch Linkara deal with Wanderers #5.

(I'm sorry to always talk about it, Lewis, but since I'll turn 30, it is some kind of important in my life. And I apologize if I stated something that was already stated when I wrote this. I'm just lazy sometimes, which also explains this very, very, very long comment.)

Natasha Bennett said...

@Rock and Roll Martin: Nope, I caught that too! :) Didn't catch the red dwarf quote though.

@to the people who say there should be more stuff in the trailer-Movies do this all the time as well guys. They promo the heart out of their work and then do the editing later, so several scenes in trailers are not seen in movies. I think the *worst* example by far is Highlander 4. Like most Highlander movies, they promised more than they could deliver.

@Anonymous-I can't quite remember which episode Doctor Insano said Mechakara made him cut his hair, but I remember it was part 2 of an episode. I remember in the beginning Insano said 'he's coming for you, linkara' and at the END of the episode there was the clip about him getting his hair cut. No, honestly, I'm not a nerd :D

The episode overall was great. I like how Mechakara was explained, and there was some good excitement in it. It's too bad you don't have a couple of million dollars in your budget, Linkara, because then I think you could make a really amazing show. :)

Flik said...

I'm a celebrated lurker so I've never commented here or at TGWTG despite having been following your show and blog for the past few months. But this . . .

This, Sir, was epic. There was not a single moment where I felt let down by the buildup to this climax. I loved the storyline, the writing, the fact that you actually did the review tied up, and dear God '90s Kid and the others showing up had me in stitches. Not to mention the liberal use of the Power Rangers theme song which, as a matter of fact, is awesome.

So looking forward to the rest of your reviews, especially the next installment of Miller Time! Keep up the epic work!

Kalli said...

Without sounding like the total fangirl I am, that was two really great episodes! The prosthetics were really well done, and I am epicly jealous of the greenscreen work (just starting to explore greenscreen in my own films, and it seems complicated. So many lighting technicalities to think about..*sadface*)

There was some nice acting as Mechakara/Poyo too, if you don't mind me saying.

Also, I have to admit to cheering when I heard 90's Kid's "DUUUUDE!" And Poyo's review was cute.

Anyway, trying to resit going into my usual "analyse every tiny detail" mode, so I'll leave it at you are awesome, AT4W had got me into comics, and this was a brilliant climax. ^^

日本文化のマニアック said...

I loved only problem was I'd completely forgotten who Poyo (Pollo?) was and had to go back to Spoony's site to check. :( Still, tremendous fun, especially with the non-review by Poyo (how do you spell that?).

Oh, and you're not going to get any complaints about Ennis-bashing from me. If the first two (or was it three? I've tried to block the memories) volumes of Preacher were any indication, I'd hate the guy too. A dozen other "God is evil" books/series out there that I'd rather read than that nauseating mess.

Fandango said...

First of all man, thank you for creating so many awesome videos that never stopped to entertain and inform me.
Secondly, these videos right here are the reason you are an internet God, man. Great script, superb effects, cameo's from not only your characters but from Spoony's as well. It's simply amazing. Gz man!
Here's to many more!

Barachiel said...

Hey, as a relative newbie, anyone got a list of the vids with the Mechakara subplot in them? This archive is a bit large. :)

Catena Lady said...

I'm going to be giddy for the rest of the day over how EPIC that was. You're awesome!

Anonymous said...

Most excellent! ^^ Dalek references and everything, rawk.

Reminds me, I have to finish my Ennis article for *nod*

Chelsea said...

Haha, oh man, just watched all the way to after the credits (the Black Lantern Spoony fight scene alone is worth dozens of rewatches). DR. INSANO! EEEEEEEEEeeeeeeeEEEEEEeeee!

underthepale said...

I probably should not have been, but I guess I was expecting something a little better than "Dr. Insano punched holes in the walls of reality" as an origin for Mechkara.

Then we get what I was expecting: A final battle of almost nothing but split screen and related effects, which was jarring at best to watch. Your characters are good for quick jokes, and not actually sharing the screen with anyone.

Further, while I've never read your comic book or webcomic, I do so hope that the Double Feature was not representative of your writing, as this finale asks more questions than it answers. Primary among them is, if Mechkara could develop a "Borg shield" that allowed him to resist the effects of magic, why, exactly, did he need the Magic Gun in the first place? Yes, I know what he SAID, but the Magic Gun, Magic Chaingun, Magic Tommy Gun and even the Dragon Dagger really seemed to be no great shakes against him.

The ending and stinger were both amusing in their own rights, but I can't really say they were worth sitting through the Double Feature, or the buildup to it.

I may have told you this before, but really, stay away from drama. Stick to reviewing. It's what you're good at.

Emrys1987 said...

Hey it was awesome!!! But you forgot the coloring on the pink ranger's helmet in the comic it's completely white, Man this was the Best Double feature ever!!!

Lewis Lovhaug said...

"Primary among them is, if Mechkara could develop a "Borg shield" that allowed him to resist the effects of magic, why, exactly, did he need the Magic Gun in the first place? Yes, I know what he SAID, but the Magic Gun, Magic Chaingun, Magic Tommy Gun and even the Dragon Dagger really seemed to be no great shakes against him. "

I do admit I kind of wrote myself into a corner with the Borg shield, but it should be noted it took him fifteen minutes to recover from the attack in the beginning, and considering the power levels of the magic gun he could have easily modified the shield to fit different magic energy, like the chaingun or the dagger.

The tommy gun, though, was not magic. ^_~

Otherwise, sorry it didn't live up to your expectations, but I hope I at least amused.

Unknown said...

Great two page spread Linkara, we didn't even have to flip it to the side!

If I were to offer criticism, keep in mind these are minor issues, there are two things I would've changed. I might have made the battle against Black Lantern Spoony a little less easy, which admittedly would be difficult given your distance apart, but I felt the character was a little thrown in and not the threat level he was built up to be.
And two, your 'It's Morphin Time!' line was not quite as epic as it could have been. Another take or two might have done that some good so you could get real volume on the classic exclamation.

These are just minor things though since I can't really fault you for working with what you've got. You're a one man show putting out a weekly 15 to 20 minute show a week, which has to be taxing in terms of writing, blocking, and scanning the needed images for us as well as finding appropriate musical stings for the background.

The effort is appreciated and I give these two videos an A. I'm hoping the Linkara/Insano plotline continues and we get the pleasure of many more epic plots and stories. Thank you for our free and consistently well made entertainment.

Mags said...

I needed to watch this. After the bad times I faced last week (and ongoing this week) this cheered me up.

Was not expecting the ninja-style dancer... oh and the Poyo plot twist... heh. The reviews came off as a tad rushed, but other than that everything else was great. I love how you have left some things unexplained. Like who was that Insano-like badass with the sexy coat that was in the trailer? What really happened to the continuity alarm? And of course the most important question of all...

Will Harvey get his own show?

I jest, I jest. I know you get enough of those kinda questions. XD

I'd give you a hug for being so awesome, but it's not quite possible since I'm stuck in the UK. So have a cyberhug on me. No wait... too forward. How about I offer I cyberhandshake instead? Keep doing what you do.

PS: Permission to draw fanart of this awesome double feature?

Tezzle said...

That finale was EXTREEEEEME! Loved your witty banter with Mechakara. Spiderman would be proud....then he'd sell the proudness he felt for you to Mephisto the next time Aunt May breaks her hip or something.

Zeh said...

To whoever invited all of Linkara's friends:

good thinking.

Shanya Almafeta said...

Ron Wasserman and Pokémon music in one review? You know, with a little work we could make this a rock opera...

Linkara, you are now several spots higher on my list of people I need to buy a pizza for. May the Power protect you.

Bosh Depanzer said...

Cesiumfrancolithicmyxialobidiumrixydixydoxidexidroxhide. Ah Red Dwarf. You are such a nerd.

Turkish Proverb said...

You know, that add made me realize something.

You have how many dragon Daggers now? Three?

Man, how a Kaiju sized robot hasn't come to do your bidding I'll never know.

Turkish Proverb said...

*looks at published comment* Dear lord, that's a lotta typos.

MFlorian said...

Wow. 124 comments and nobody pointed out that the Peter during the Internet festival was Peter Parker? That guy gets around.

This was a great review. I learned so much. SWAT 4 jokes can bring back the dead! =) I'm going to have try that one out.

Oh, quick question, since you released this double feature on Presidents' Day, why no crack about Dr. Insano being the president? Did he get impeached? o.o God, I hope so.

All things aside, this was awesome. Love how you mixed and matched Power Rangers music tracks with the theme from the movie at the end.

P.S. If you have versions of the original series songs without the dialogue from the Rock Adventure, could you point me in their direction? Much appreciated!

areoborg said...

Wait a minute....

Linkara isn't very good with machines, and that's why the Continuity Alarm is broken.

But Linkara built Pollo...

You followed the Mike Nelson School for Robot Construction didn't you?

TheDeRider said...

This was an impressive review. The music was excellent, the split screen was excellent (I'll admit I love 90s Kid a little too much for my own good) and the writing was great.

I will say the exposition was a little heavy sometimes, but damned if your constant mocking of Mechkara was not hilarious. The pacing was the only problem I had, not the story itself.

PS: On a personal level, way to be five steps ahead of me! I'm in Shoreview MN, I'm cooking up ideas for a video review series, get this GREAT idea to show my love of Power Rangers in a video and... "Oh. Oh so Linkara's gonna... oh and he's got We Need A Hero, my favorite song in Wasserman's discography. And he's morphing in to his uniform. There goes my framing device and climax."

*sigh* If you want some old school fun Rangers action, I'd suggest you try the grand finale to the Power Rangers universe in Power Rangers RPM. I think you'll like it in particular.

dollmaker88 said...

That was awesome. You really gotta love the power of the power rangers. ^^

Also didn't anyone ever teach you not to antagonize evil robots.

Unknown said...

I must say that was awesome, my good sir. This two-parter was awesome, and a nice finale to the Mechakara story arc.

Patch O'Black said...

Honestly, what can be said that hasn't been said before? A terrific wrap-up to the story arc you set in motion. You obviously had great fun setting up this climax, and I am increasingly jealous of your video skills. I'll refrain from going through a point-by-point analysis of everything that was good and sum up it all up in a single word:


Blitzkrieg64 said...

Great episode, just a few minor gripes:
1. No Ensign Munroooo just for sake of having that line in there somewhere.
2. If Poyo aka "Mechakara" was wearing alternate universe Linkara's skin, why was there no signs of decomposition?
3. Should have had the nerd or Bennett come and kick Poyo's robo-ass or something that Bennett would do.
4. Why end Black Lantern Spoony like that?
5. How did Spoony come back to life?
6. You really must remember to stock up on phoenix downs before exiting a store.
7. Did you leave the cheats on from the Adamantium RAGE!!! review since you easily stopped Poyo from killing you when you were just seconds ago nearly dead from blunt force trauma.
8.Dr. Insano, never really cared for him because, first of all, hes a walking time paradox and second hes evil for no reason other than hes crazy and wanted to get rid of FF8, which I approve of. But to have him install a death switch in Poyo for being forced to cut his hair made me more interested in him, so yeah why make me interested in a character from another series that I didn't like?

But really, these gripes only came to me after thinking about it for a while and if you can make me overlook flaws like those (except maybe 8 which may not be a flaw but ending at 7 seemed weird.) then you are truly talented and great move making a 3-parter with you finally seeing Poyo. Woooo, go Linkara GO!!!

Anonymous said...

Omg why Poyo wai??

Anonymous said...

You're standing in my SPOT ,sir!

XD Genius!

D. William Pfifer said...

I'm on to your plan, Mr. Lovhaug - using impossibly catchy music in your video so people like me have to keep rewatching it! :O You fiend!

*shakes fist while humming various Power Rangers tunes*

Sean Dillon said...

A Sugestion for many future episodes in this order:

1) an intro to batman
2)batman in the siver age
3)World's Finest #89
4)Batman #156
5)Detective Comics issue #241
6)52 Weeks 30 and 47
7)Batman #153
8)Batman #134
9)Detective Comics #267
10)Batman #113
11)Batman #112
12)Detective Comics #235
13)Detective Comics #215
14)Batman #65
15)Batman #62
17)a history of batman (post siler age)
18) 1 more day (with guest(s)(at least spoony))
19)Batman & Son
20)The Resurrection of Ra's al Ghul
21)Batman:The Black Glove
23)Final Crisis
24)Batman: Whatever Happened to the Caped Crusader?
25)Batman and Robin
26)Batman and Robin (comic book)
27)Batman: The Return of Bruce Wayne
28)Deadpool and Cable
29)All star superman
30)An intro to the ultimate universe
32)Identity crisis
33)Superman 64 (with spoony/nerd)
34-41)Sin City (the books and the film
42)an intro to the spirit
43)the spirit (film)
46)top 15 worst comic book films
47)top 15 worst comic books
48)Blue Beetle: Shell Shocked
49)top 15 best and worst comic book writers
50)Batman: Cacophony
51)The Sentry (Robert Reynolds)
Note:i could not think of anything for filler for between #27-50) you dont have to do them I just wanted to have #52) be 52 and the one before that be the worst charictor in marvel history so please do the 28 i sugested and if you want the other 24.

Sean Dillon said...

great job by the way

sean dillon said...

crap i miss spelled siver sory

sean dillon said...

48 refers to the 1st trade of blue beetle 3 and where did you get the mechankara line at the begining of part 2?

sean dillon said...

crap i ment 29 but i was close

sean dillon said...

if you ever do a zombie comic please include this song:

StacyHD said...

Bit late to the comments party but yes, this whole segment was made of pure Winanium. Way to go Link!


Anonymous said...

As an author, I have to tell you, that a prelude is _not_ the same thing as a prologue.

But the prelude in this comic was no prelude, nonetheless.
In Shadowhawks case, a prelude would have to show us his life _before_ he put on his costume. His backstory.
This makes his 'prelude' to a prologue in this case, because he already is Shadowhawk, with no further explanation.
But you did not show anything from him. So, if there is something like that, it really would be a prelude.

Anonymous said...

DAMN I've never seen a review this tense since vange1us of youtube was attack by his camera while reviewing Takara DX Gaogaigar

Anonymous said...

I don't know about you but that ShadowHawk guy is pretty cool

Cryptix said...

I don't care if it's six months late to comment on: that was unbelievably epic.

No, really. Staged fights and all that are amusing to me and all, but normally they're just brainless entertainment. This? This was brilliant. Everything leading up to it suddenly made sense, Mechakara was genuinely frightening when he was threatening you, and I was actually anxious to see how (and, once or twice, if) you'd get out of it.

From a lesser being, the various twists and turns this took might have been contrived or even silly. You pulled it off beautifully -- and even managed to fit two reviews in there, too.

Insano at the end was just icing on the cake.

Now I have to wonder if the broken Continuity Alarm is just a red herring or not...

Okay, I'll stop gushing now. >///>

Anonymous said...

I can't believe you didn't mention that 'Strength', 'Speed', and 'Stamina' (or whatever they mentioned) aren't feats - they're attributes.

- Mik

Ming said...


Anyone can do a double feature of a horrible comic and a so bad it's good comic. You are the only one who can put a Power Rangers/Super Sentai style battle at the end of a review, featuring 90s Kid, Harvey Finevoice, the Ninja-Style Dancer, and Pollo, as well as Dr. Insano and Black Lantern Spoony.

For this, you earn the BADASS seal of approval!

TImeTravelerJessica said...

Awww ... Pollo got to do a review. I would like to see more of that, actually.

And watching Mechakara get his from Insano was brilliant. When will the villains ever learn - DON'T MESS WITH THE OTHER VILLAINS! They can and will have their revenge on your ass for it!

Jeremy A. Patterson said...

My predictions for the comics being reviewd for the end of the Vyce arc are another Liefeld book and Manimal!


PekoponTAS said...

Part 2 of this is easily your absolute best video. Now THAT is "POWERHOUSE EXCITEMENT!"

Tasshen12 said...

Alright, coming in to the party a little late (okay, more than a year late), but the Power Rangers review was the first AT4W review I ever saw, and it did a good job convincing me that the show was worth watching despite not being a comic book nerd. The fight scene was absolutely brilliant and hilarious, although somewhat confusing to watch the first time around ("Who's this Spoony guy? Wait, what's a phoenix down? Why is Linkara saying "You're in my way, sir"? Wait, who's 90's Kid? Why is there a ninja? What's going on?!"), and seeing Mechakara get what's coming to him thanks to Insano after the credits was extremely satisfying to watch.

So, erm, yeah. Great review, awesome fight scene (Narm Charm at its best, methinks), and hey, it was my gateway to Spoony's show too, so thanks for that!