Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Odds, Ends, and Podcast

Radio Noir Appearance!
Was waiting a day or two after the episode before I posted this up. I sadly don't have time to post up the video of it (not that it really makes much difference, just basically the same thing but in video form) since I'm actually working on three reviews at once - Ultimates 3 #5 and the double feature for the following week.

Still, enjoy this interview with the awesometastic Radio Noir peeps!

Revolution of The Mask
Yeah, many people have been asking me what's up with the next issue of Revolution of the Mask, so full disclosure: I can't find my artist.

Yeah, Leonardo Hector Freites, my artist for ROTM, has stopped answering my e-mails and I haven't heard from him since November, where he wished me a Happy Thanksgiving and I conveyed the same to him, so I doubt it's a matter of me pissing him off. He had expressed some health problems in the past, but I really hope they weren't anything serious enough to incapacitate him.

My attempts at contacting him have failed, so I may have little choice at some point but to move forward without him. I may need to explore the legal options of that since we were both entered into contract with Brain Scan to do the book, but if I can't find him or contact him, I don't know what to do.

The best case scenario is that I find him, he's okay and that something just went wrong or that he was just far too busy working on far-better-paying projects. The worst case is that I never find him and the book dies after only two issues with no further answers given or expansion of what's happening.

What's most likely going to occur is a medium ground. If I can't get in touch with him and Brain Scan is willing to enter into a new contract, I'll go on an artist hunt for someone to take the reigns, hopefully someone with a similar enough style so that the book has artistic consistency.

If that is what it comes to, I'll make an announcement around March or April.

Upcoming Episodes
Here are the upcoming episodes through April:
2/22 – The Wanderers #5
3/1 – Doom’s IV #1/2
3/8 – X-Men #1
3/15 – Darker Image #1
3/22 – The Dark Knight Strikes Again Part 2
3/29 – Sultry Teenage Super-Foxes #2
4/5 – Star Trek/X-Men #1
4/12 – Athena #1
4/19 – JLA: Act of God Part 1
4/26 – JLA: Act of God Part 2
5/3 – JLA: Act of God Part 3

Anything else just ask away! ‎


LördFarkwad said...

there was a X-Man/Startrek comic O.O, how does that work?

Natasha Bennett said...

Hey Linkara,

Sorry to hear about your missing artist. As someone who's been in bad contracts before, my advice is to make sure your bases are covered before moving onto a new artist. Perhaps send a e-mail saying along the lines, 'if I don't hear from you in X amount of time I will have no choice but to terminate the contract due to lack of communication' or however you wish to word it. It might also be a good idea (although expensive) to consult a lawyer.

Best of luck,

Paul S. said...

I'm sorry to hear that your artist is MIA. I hope things somehow get worked out one way or another.

Wow... more Dooms IV, X-Men #1, AND Darker Image #1?

90s Kid must be in for a very, very busy month.

Does anyone else remember how "Darker Image #2" used to be a running gag in Wizard Magazine?

Tezzle said...

You heard him on the podcast, folks! Just say it's your birthday and he can't back down from a review! It is his kryptonite! His Frank Miller (I regard him as Batman's one and only weakness)!

Anonymous said...

Hi! Just noticed something... You have given a lot of room to the 'mainstream' companies and a lot of really small indie-publishers. But how about the middle ground? Namely.. TURTLES! With Turtles forever just out, the TMNT comic book soon to close down and Mirage Comics having shut down, maybe it would be fitting to check out the old Turtles comics? Just a thought.

Thanks for an awesome show (and an awesome comic).


The Window Keeper said...

Talk to who you have your contract with and let him know the situation if it doesn't get resolved. They may let you find an other artist for that one issue and up if you don't get a hold of one sooner. On a whim of desperation, I'm almost done with graphic design school. If you feel the need to look for an artist, feel free to check my Artician website at if you want. If not, no loss. But, either way, good luck.

Unknown said...

Hey Lewis

isn't your artist the guy from Familiar Faces over at TGWTG?

He posted a vid a few days ago (already gone from the newest vid section), tha was basically only sound and it cut off in the middle - he explained that he had a lot of technical difficulties lately, so probably that's the reason.
He says that he loves your detailed scripts for your comic in exactly that episode.
He also points out to a youtube version of the episode (the "poster"/"titlecard" episode) for a full version of it.

So maybe commenting on that is your best chance that he'll read it.

Good luck.

Green Ninja said...

Somehow I knew you'd end up doing that Star Trek / X-Men crossover sooner or later. ^^

Lewis Lovhaug said...

"isn't your artist the guy from Familiar Faces over at TGWTG?"

No, CR is the artist for Lightbringer, my webcomic.

Leo Freites, as I said in the blog post, is the artist for Revolution of the Mask.

Anonymous said...

"there was a X-Man/Startrek comic O.O, how does that work?"

There was also a Next Generation cross over novel between the X-Men and Star Trek, which might be in the same continuity as Picard etc. acted as if they'd met Wolverine etc. before.

Interested in seeing how your upcoming episodes go Lewis. :)

Unknown said...

Sorry I didn't know CR's name :(

Good luck anyway.

Mags said...

I thought it had been a while since you mentioned RotM. I really hope Leo is ok. Being a comic artist myself, I can tell you that my kind are a "frail" bunch. Even a simple cold can knock the majority of us down. I guess thats what we get for sitting indoors and doodling most of the time. Outside? What is that? Is it some sort of health snack?

Hopefully Leo might just have a case of poor internet connection or a broken computer.

Do you have any other ways of contacting him besides email? If not maybe it is wise to get a phone number or even address next time you hire an artist. I also hope it doesn't come to hiring another artist. I like Leo's work.

Loved the podcast.

Green Ninja said...

Wait. There are TWO X-Men/Trek crossover comics? I thought there was only the next generation one. Could somebody clear that up please.

I prefer TNG over TOS, though Wolverine vs. Kirk sounds like fun. ^_^

Jeremy A. Patterson said...

I am right about STSF #2!

Athena was not really the worst book of 2009: You could have President Evil, the Archie marriage proposal issue, & Vixen: Return of the Lion on the show in its place!

I would also like a bad comic from the usually good Heroic Publishing on the show as well!


LN said...

I don't claim to know how contracts work, but shouldn't they know more about the guy than an e-mail? Can't you get his number to call him?

Lewis Lovhaug said...

Oh yes, I have A phone number.

I just don't know how much good it'll do me - Leo lives in Argentina and English isn't his first language. He's able to write it pretty well, but I can't be certain what's going to happen if I suddenly make an international call out of the blue and try to speak to him.

Mags said...

"I just don't know how much good it'll do me - Leo lives in Argentina and English isn't his first language. He's able to write it pretty well, but I can't be certain what's going to happen if I suddenly make an international call out of the blue and try to speak to him."

Ah, good point. It is one thing if a person can write in one language, but another if they can't speak it.

If Leo is ill (god forbid) you'd think he'd get somebody like a friend or relative to contact you and say that he's too ill to do anything (again, god forbid). But then again, they might not understand English. If so then fair enough, can't be helped.

Another thing, have you said anything he might of gotten confused over? I know you'd never say anything mean or of the sort to anyone, but I've had conversations with forien friends when a phrase or slang I've used has been mistaken for something else and has either caused offence or worry. Misunderstandings happen allthe time. But again, I hope it is nothing like that.

I think I've exhausted all the possible things that might have happened. Sorry for having anything very useful to say. Hope you do hear from Leo soon.

D. William Pfifer said...

:/ Hope your illustrator is okay. Besides the comic, losing touch with people over the internet like that is scary...

I'd second an earlier poster's suggestion of sending an email giving fair warning that if there's no reply you'll have to seek a new artist.

But anyway. Linking Up With Linkara is going to be a reality?! ...I don't know whether to say I'm looking forward to it or not. XD

Can't wait for the Mechakara event :D

(Just out of curiosity, will the interview video be posted at all?)

Mags said...

Damn I meant "not saying anything useful" I've got to slow down when I'm typing.

And I too am dying to see that interview video, you tease. XD

Anonymous said...

Sucks you can't find your artist. Have you tried finding out if he left a phone number for someone to get in touch with him. Hopefully everything's ok and he didn't just...drop off the face of the earth.

Ironbite-you should try finding out if Mechakara killed him.

Anonymous said...

Whoops sorry just saw where you said you had a phone number but fat lot it'll do ya.

Ironbite-my bad.

Mela said...

Sorry to hear about your lost artist. I hope he's okay. The whole situation sounds a bit alarming.

Good luck with the Wanderers, BTW. Even Legion die-hards find that series to be a bit confusing. That says a lot.

Endless said...

Is this your artist?

His style is similar to the ROTM art styles, he's from Buenos Aires, and the name is almost the same.

At the bottom of the page they have an email. Maybe you can track him down that way.

If this is your artist, then you probably already know about the page and/or the email address. But it's worth a shot.

bojak90 said...

I figured if you were to do the wanderers it would be 12, where aviax rapes a dinosaur. Still, I hope you have good luck with your artist

Unknown said...

Hey Lewis, I was at a comic book store today and I noticed a new Deadpool comic featuring Ulysses Solomon Archer and Jefferson Hercules from US-1. Except now he's "U.S. Ace".

Anyways, have you read or heard of this comic? Is there any chance you'll review it in the future?

Lewis Lovhaug said...

Have it, read it, won't review it.

Reepicheep-chan said...

Looking forward to Sultry Teenage Super-Foxes #2.

I read the Trek/ X-Men novel, so seeing the comic will be great ^.^ Boy howdey that novel was dumb.

calisotalatina said...

Radio Noirn hate me,3 computer and i cant donwload the podcast in any of them
I'm sorry to hear that you cant contact your artist

Rabid Fangirl #52630 said...

Speaking as someone who's been a rabid fan of your works for a few months now, the thing about pandering to an evershifting target audience on the internet is that you're never going to be able to please everyone. Don't get me wrong; that's not to say that you shouldn't listen to nicely-worded concrit. But there's no way, not realistically, that everyone is going to be satisfied.
EG: if you cut down on the jokes because a few people tell you to, others are going to complain that you're too ranty. If you cut down on the rants, still others are going to complain that you're not using enough references. If you put more references in there, still more others are going to complain that you're expressing an opinion.
I'm probably wording this all wrong and making you feel worse instead of better; but at the end of the day, quite a strong percentage of people, me included, like you no matter what you do, especially since you've been on a winning streak ever since the Kool-Aide Man review. So just keep doing what you've been doing and you'll be fine... at least in my book. =3

... Also, sorry, but this has been really bugging me: is your hat a trilby or a fedora? I've heard it referred to as both.

bojak90 said...

Rabid Fangirl-
I think that it's a Trilby as it has a wide brim.

Anonymous said...

Rabid Fangirl #52630 sounds a little like the Kathy Bates character from 'Misery'.

Anonymous said...

Sorry about your artist. I hope he's ok and that you get your book back on track.

Just a question for you: will you be reviewing Star Trek Online?

Marc Reyes said...

More Dooms IV? Awesome? And I'm guessing "X-Men #1" is that one with the multiple first issue variants? Darker Image has me intrigued too? How could they make Image Comics much extremer than it already was in the 90s?

This should be some interesting set of reviews, I can't hardly wait, Linkara.

YhuntressE said...

Like the others said, sorry about the art problems. At its roots, JLA: Act of God sounds interesting (what if all the super-powered heroes suddenly lost their abilities), but if it's on the list it can't be good.

Paul said...

You guys better not be coming to Vegas. I'd end up stalking you and my girlfriend would kill me because of it.

D. William Pfifer said...

@Paul - Don't worry; she'll never find you in the crowd of fellow stalkers. :)

NGT said...

Because nobody else has said it...

I'm looking forward to STSF #2 and more dog-poop-to-gold Venusian Vampires with boob windows!

Yeah, I have no soul when I can say that even in jest. You should try it sometime, it's very liberating.

DerKork said...

@Tezzle: On MY birthday, a review is already scheduled - Wanderer #5.

@Linkara: I hope everything with your artist turns out okay.

Bazookoidben said...

Ah the X-men Star Trek comic, I remember wanting to read that just to see how bad it was.
"Dammit Jim! I'm a Doctor, not a Marvel fan!"
Kinda looking forwards to the Super Foxes episode, you make the bad comics worth reading...or viewing a person reading a bad comic...same difference.

It's also a shame to hear about your artist, and I hope it is merely a breakdown in communication and nothing too serious.
I will confess that I was tempted to throw my hat in to the ring, but I don't think I could ever create art to a specific standard that the comics demand, nor be able to work to a schedule. But I have to confess the idea of working with knowledgeable comic fan and an intellectual writer would have been an experience and a half.
But hopefully you can get in contact with your artist and you can continue making great comics soon!

Vivi said...

By all on Olympus, I can't wait for you to review Act of God. The first great GrimDarkEdgy piece of crap of the last decade.
Well, except for Hawkman who kicked real rear.

Anonymous said...

Sultry Teenage Super-Foxes # 2 eh?
gods, how many issues did they make of that thing? :P


S.P. Burke said...

Wait, which X-Men #1 are you reviewing? Are we talking the REAL first issue by Stan Lee & Jack Kirby, or the re-launch by Jim Lee?

Anonymous said...

@ "Stian": Only two; that was the last one.

Anonymous said...

thankies for answering my question :)


BloodySharpie said...

Possible plans for Las Vegas, eh? Why do I get the feeling a Poker Face parody will come about if you guys do go to Vegas? :)

D. William Pfifer said...


And why does that suddenly sound like the most awesome thing ever?

BloodySharpie said...


Great minds think alike. :O

D. William Pfifer said...


Now we just have to hope that our minds are great enough to think the same as the tgwtg guys, because if they are - Poker Face, yeah!

Anonymous said...

You should do new mutants 98 it has son many art and color fails Rob liefeld at his worst. I really hope you do this one oneday

The Smeginator said...

Oh man
I saw that Star Trek/X-Men novel in a bookstore once. I flipped through it a little bit, and as soon as I saw "Riker spoke to Cyclops", I had to put it back and walk FAR away.

This is a good example of franchises that should NOT cross over

Jeremy A. Patterson said...

You mentioned a review of Strange Adventures #136! Is it a special review or a fill-in for Wanderers #5?


Jeremy A. Patterson said...

I am looking forward to the Sultry Teenage Super Foxes #2 review coming this coming Monday, as it features several exciting HAIR FETISH MOMENTS: Amelia's kinky new hairstyle (seen in story pages 12, 16, and 24!), a Vampire of Venus getting her hair scorched off, & Candy losing her rattail to laser fire!


Drama_Librarian said...

And the fangirls SQUEEd in joy at the annoucement of a Linking up with Linkara. :)

Great interview; cannot wait for PSA hell.