Monday, March 22, 2010

The Dark Knight Strikes Again Part 2 (Plus Extra!)

Part 1 barely featured Batman in it. In Part 2 we wish Frank Miller had continued that trend.

ALSO: Podcast!

ALSO! I was on a podcast, this time with the Yamagato Industries Business Report, AKA a podcast for The Game Heroes! Enjoy it here:

NOTE: The artist for Revolution of the Mask has been selected! The interview was conducted before I made my choice.


Penguin General said...

LOL funny stuff man love it (not the comic, god that sucks)

Anonymous said...

I thought this episode was better than your other ones. The jokes made me laugh and I liked the running commentary. Also, thanks for toning down the references. Though, I'm still confused as to why you're reviewing DK2 and then you review something else. Why not just review all DK2 in parts like Amazon's Attack?

Ugh, I couldn't understand what was going on! All the bad art and terrible coloring makes this thing look like a good Frank Miller comic thrown into a washing machine and taken out to dry. I'm also getting bad vibes from seeing that Joker look-alike dress up in the old Legion of Superheroes costumes. Oh, I hope that the Legion doesn't get wrapped up in this nonsense.

After watching this and seeing all the stupid stuff that goes on in this comic, it really makes me sad that Frank Miller has become a former shadow of himself. After marveling at his Daredevil issues, its painful to see what he's become.

Marc Reyes said...

If there's one thing that leaves me cold about "Dark Knight Strikes Again" it's the art. I mean really, you have people bizarre proportions, the talking heads look like friggin' cartoon characters and to make matters worse, it seems to me that Frank Miller had too much fun with the Photoshop filters.

And add to that the over-reliance on political satire (that looks more at home with "The Daily Show" than with a Batman story...), the bombardment of sexual themes and the non-sensical character assasinations of established heroes, it's no wonder that this comic blows chunks.

Mercifully, Sultry Teenage Super-Foxes #2 is probably going to be bad. But at least that'll be less mind-numbingly stupid than "Dark Knight". Hopefully.

Alex Stritar said...

Wow, just wow. Why do people defend this agien?

How can Batman be so smart and stupid at the same time? Because he's Batman.

I just love how 'bribe' was the only word that wasn't emphisized.

Bewhere the distructive powers of Missingno, it shall create the second Crisis on Infinite Earths.

Alternate universe Insano/Linkara with finger-beams plotting to distroy you, or Sultry Teenage Super Foxes #2. I can't deside which is worse.

Quicksilver said...

I think my brain exploded at the Wonder Woman dialouge and the "sex scene." Just... wow. WOW. I honestly have nothing that could possibly add to your reaction to it. Dear god it's stupid.

I love the ending bits with Linksano and Pollo lately. It's nice to see Pollo/someone more AWARE of the not-so-hidden threat and concerned about it; it fits in well with all of what recently happened with Mechakara. Pollo hyper aware, trying to give a warning... even if Linkara's a little too freaked out by Sultry Teenage Super Foxes to take it seriously.

Green Ninja said...

Great episode. I know you hate, but I can't wait for the 3rd part. The Not-Joker's identity is pretty much the worst thing I've ever read from Miller.

btw.: what's your opinion on Sin City in general? I don't like how Frank somehow got stuck in there, but I still liked most of books.

Lotus Prince said...

I never tire of your exaggerated accentuation of the bold-faced words. Makes me laugh every time!

Also, I remember the scathing comments on The Dark Knight Strikes Again Part 1. Yeah, sure, it may be extremely popular, and provide interesting depictions of characters, but you can't simply say that the glaring flaws don't exist. It's like Plan 9 From Outer Space. Everyone loves it, but that doesn't make it legitimately good.

DISCLAIMER: I'm not saying that this comic is to comics as Plan 9 is to movies. You all get what I'm trying to say.

The Mad Scientist said...

Holy mother of meteors, this comic made my head hurt! I cannot believe you were able to get through it, Lewis. Great review, and I applaud your fortitude for being able to survive this abomination. I hope STSF #2 isn't as bad, but something tells me it will be even worse, as you predict.

BloodySharpie said...

What I learned from your review:

1. Why your throat was hurting (Fetch the Halls Fruit Breezers!)

2. Frank Miller is beyond batshit insane. o_o

Anonymous said...

Ha. I knew you would put a Sailor Moon comment during that weird manga news thing. God Frank doesn't know about anime.

Paul S. said...

This might be your funniest review yet.

I do feel pretty bad in hindsight over the fact people waited well over a decade for a follow-up to The Dark Knight returns only to get a book that consists largely of a Hardball parody and Superman and Wonder Woman having sex.

Also if Superman and Wonderwoman banging was so destructive why didn't he try humping the giant robot to death?

Ductos said...

I just read about the identity of the Joker guy on Wikipedia...dear Lord, I expect one hell of a freak-out in Part 3.
This comic in particular makes me mad, because I consider "TDKR" to be my all-time favorite Batman comic and it just didn't need a sequel.

Great episode, Linkara. Way better than the last few weeks.
I laughed a lot.

And give STSF #2 the punishment it deserves!

Lew Smith said...

Oh should've just stopped at Sin City.

Anonymous said...

On the Podcast: Allan Heinberg was the writer of Wonder Woman post One Year Later. He's was a writer on The OC and is, currently, a writer for Greg's Anatomy?

Now my questions:

You happy for Detective Comics getting a GLADD award?

I'm picking up the new Zatanna series, are you?

Have you ever thought of starting your own comics podcast?

Also, any chance of making fun of some bad events or crossovers from Marvel?

KHoyt said...

Honestly, it took me three read-throughs to even understand the basic plot thread of this comic the first time I read it. (The same thing happened with Dark Knght Returns, but pages were stuck together...)

I found the podcast interesting. i've been trying to get into comics, btu for the most part, i'm stuck with the trades in the library.

batpawn said...

I remember a review, stating that Dark Knight Strikes Again is somewhat the "Grindcore of Comic Books", I think there's lots of truth about it.

It's also a comic book that leaves you to a "Love/Hate" relationship and while I understand why people 'don't like it', I try to play my "Indie Comicfan" card, saying that I consider DK2 his Miller's silent masterpiece and the last good comicbook he ever made. Yeah, you heard right. I love the satire, and while many people consider his "All-Star" stuff being a 'satire', imo, All-Star was just a half arsed attempt. DK2, on the other hand, worked on that regard.

That being said, I liked the art style. I liked how aggressive and intransigent it felt, making it really stand out. Yes, it looks ugly BECAUSE it looks ugly. I liked it.

batpawn said...

By the way, people who 'really' cared for "Dark Knight Returns" 'knew' that a direct sequel wouldn't work. Everything that should have been said was said, and the ending just indicates that 'batman will live forever', not necessarily that he'll return. For that regard, "DK2" is the perfect sequel and the only logical follow-up to the first ones legacy.

FotoVerite said...

Literally BSOD when you read what Superwoman said about Superman throwing her down and taking her like a prize.... Just wow, so many ways that is wrong.

Miller you better never meet me cause I am gunning for you now. Seriously the comic could be golden and that one line just destroys any creditability Miller has in my mind. How can you get Wondy so wrong.

Andrenn said...

Linkara you make a lot of good points for not liking this series, the splash pages where overdone, Miller has a few art issues and the story isn't perfect but deep down I still love it and I acknowledge it for all it's faults and still love it.

I did hate that scene between Superman and Wonder Woman since there was only one speech bubble, no idea what the hell was going on there.

But deep down I still love DKSA, it's great in my opinion. lots of great moments, character work and the art is awesome in my opinion. But again, that's just my opinion as a big fan of Frank Miller and his Batman work I find this stuff to be great. But you make good points for why someone wouldn't like it.

To be honest I do think you went rather overboard near the end. But other then that great review.

Lewis Lovhaug said...

Fair enough, people are allowed to still like the book. My show is entirely my opinion. ^_^

LördFarkwad said...

Thanks linkara, I had no idea Martian manhunter (or elastic man, and other great superheroes, or at least great in other comics, like countdown, jk) made an appearance in this, and I read this damn thing

Also the part where lara says "I'm an amazon, bitch" (or something like that) seemed kinda badass to me.

Futhermore, thanks for reviewing this, your suffering provides us infinite amounts of joy and amusement for all.

Melanee Wood said...

Just an opinion here, but it wouldn't surprise me if Frank was drunk when he wrote this. Seriously, almost every single even felt like one BLAM after another, and don't get started me on the artwork here.

Dodger Of Zion said...

YES! LINKSANO! I was wondering when that dimwitted maniac would return!

Wake up, Link! Your trouble isn't over yet!

Another excellent episode Lewis; looking forward to next week.

Fandango said...

Euhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh okay. Badass review. but I'm going to go gulp down several gallons of alcohol now.

Anonymous said...

y'know what I love about frank? The reason for his 'having Supes and Wonder Woman shack up" is because he feels that there is no way superman would ever fgall for lois. Sure Frank lets forgets that the guy thinks more like a human, sees himself as more of a human, and considers himself human first and alien second. What about Steve, want to forget about him? or how about lois is actually a strong woman in her own right and is a good foilf for clark.

Snapper Carr said...

You know, I'm going to get hate for this but: I think the Dark Knight Returns and, by extension, Miller's entire work is overrated. Why? All the things he did to "revolutionize" the comic industry only brought it into it's darkest days. The GOOD things he did with Batman were already being done by Neal Adams and Denny O'Neil. Now, to be fair I thought Dark Knight Returns was good, but even then Frank Miller proved that he couldn't write Superman worth a damn. In fact, dare I say it, Year One is probably Miller's best work if only because he didn't try to shove Superman in there so Batman could beat the crap out of him.

Frank Miller does not deserve a free pass on ANYTHING he does, just because he wrote a couple "revolutionary" books, he is still a horribly overrated writer and far past his prime.

And you know what else?

I like Superman better than Batman.

Mountain King said...

Oh dear. You know the real problem was I liked Dark Knight Strikes Back. it wasn't particularly subtle or, you know, original but it was fun. It really helped cement the Batman-is-awesome idea and banish any thoughts of Adam West camp series. It was even referenced in the shear brilliance that was the animated series (episode... runs and checks his DVD collection... Legends of the Dark Knight).

If I'm honest analysing any Miller comic in this detail is a kin to not only shooting fish in a barrel, but shooting the barrel with a gating gun. AFTER emptying a shotgun in to it.

Miller got where he is by being a revolution against the starry eyed optimism of the silver era and taking that to an extreme. Giving you Sin City and various other "rebellious" titles that went against the image of child friendly comics.

At least that's my perspective on the whole thing. Unfortunately, as with most teenage rebellions, looking back on it leads to the horrible realisation that you were a bit of a prat.

Looking back on DK2, now I'm older and more cynical, I don't think it deserves this level of hate. It's simply a disappointing, flawed work. With the over all feeling that it was done for a pay check more than the artistic drive. As for his experiments with photoshop, Miller really did spend too much of his time exploring the wonders of impossible colours and not enough on using them.

It feels very much like he found out he could do something with the computer and then tried to work that into the comic. Much like using a green screen shot because you found a cool back drop.

DK2 is the poster child for the brainless comic book. Where you, to borrow a car metaphor, simply slip your mind in neutral and let the pretty pictures wash over you. Sort of like that other disappointing export of the 80's. 24 hour music television.

Mountain King

PS Teenage sultry super foxes 2? Does Lik-saino know no depths to his depraved ravings? I guess not. Before I run and hide under the bed I'm going to go and enjoy your review of the first issue.

VincentVendetta said...

Satire doesn't work that way!

Also, I'd like to talk about the art; I think I know what Frank wanted to do with. Maybe it was ugly because he wanted to give his comic a more "urban" or "post-apocalyptic" feel to it, you know, like graffitis. Except good grafittis actually have something going for them. They either have a great basis, amazing coloring, or a powerful statement behind. This? This has nothing! It's only annoying and abnoxious to look at. It's painfull to think that Frank Miller, when he released this series back in 2001, thought this would be how the 21st century would be, with all this photoshop and stuff, when in the end it's anything but.

Mags said...

Screw the cold medicine I've been taking for a over a week, this review was what I needed to feel better. And yes! I got my Linksano fix too. You really spoil us you lovable geek.

Oh gawd, sickness relapse, brb...

*Much sicknings later*

Back... anyway, good review Linkara. Keep it up. For some reason the podcast isn't working for me. My web browser just brings up an empty square. Same for your review (I had to watch it on your blip channel). My web browser has never done this before so I wonder if it is a blip problem? Anyone know? Anyone...?

Anonymous said...

"or how about lois is actually a strong woman in her own right"

A strong woman doesn't cheat on her significant other (SUPERMAN artist Ron Frenz confirmed at Motor City Con 2009 that Lois was "emotionally cheating at least" with Jeb Friedman from 1993-1995), emotionally abuse him and berate him just for being Superman, and accuse him of cheating with his JLA teammates based on...well, no evidence whatsoever. But Lois has done all of these things numerous times, and spent years being referred to as "Lois Lane, Superb****" to thwe point where even Gail Simone was speaking out against it when her ACTION COMICS stint was gearing up. Lois isn't remotely a strong woman. She's an insecure, vain, and meanspirited person. It's indisputable that Miller's treatment of Superman's love life is blisteringly stupid and ignorant of the character's nature (then again, he's woefully ignorant of what makes Batman Batman), but the comics have done nothing to prove Lois is the right woman for him. If anything, they've bent over backwards to undermine their marriage in a misguided attempt to go back to the Love Triangle of old, never mind that Lois as they've written her is just a waste of space.

As to the comic I knew it was garbage, but some of this stuff had totally slipped my notice. This is even more incomprehensible than DKR and ALL-STAR BATMAN, and that takes some doing.

YhuntressE said...

Bad satire is painful. The wanna-be who dress up as superheroes and try to copy them without care could have merit and if you played the Superman-Wonder Woman sex disaster as a joke, it might be less painful.

The Trembler said...

I never read the Tick, but I watched the cartoon show.

And bringing in Armored Grade School Security Officers to control musical rebels would have worked so well there. It could've been hilarious on that show, and I wouldn't complain. About that or about trained National Guard soldiers all mutinying because of a strip concert. One can make a world in which the absurd is believable. (Superhero books require that to a degree, but the question is which absurdity is made believable? Or is it the Silver Age, in which case none are.)

The biggest problem with DKSA's satire is that it doesn't seem to carry the same internal logic as the rest of the story.

In fact, here's one thing that I'll give All-Star Crazy Steve & Robin: The world is consistently over-the top dark and misogynistic. If there were a realistic character (or Armored Grade School Security Officers, for that matter) they would seem out of place. It would be more jarring that have your car rammed in two by the Batmobile.

Incidentally, you may know this any not wanted to mention it, but the uptight pundit with the bow tie is almost certainly George Will.

(BTW, since Miller said this story, TDKR,and All-Star are in the same continuity, isn't this character Crazy Steve, too?

I can actually accept the idea of Batman not being blinded to certain types of plans because of his way of thinking. I remember in Batman Beyond: Return of the Joker, Terry's Batman come up with a plan to get out of a situation purposefully because it's what the original Batman wouldn't do. And it works both as a plan and as a part of a story.

Unknown said...

That's the last time I eat dinner while watching your reivews. Some of the faces in this comic made me cough up my spaghetti all over my screen.

Kreachure said...

Well, that was hilarious. Your Chris Matthews impression got me laughing LOUD, and it only got funnier after that.

I don't understand why people don't get that LOVING Dark Knight Returns and HATING Dark Knight Strikes Again is the most perfectly rational thing to do. This certainly describes me: I looove DKR, and I was utterly disappointed by DK2 afterwards. Linkara is being excessively modest when he says that "it's just his opinion". After seeing this review you should note as clear as rain that DK2 is utter crap.

And please, it's NOT a matter of "I either like or hate Frank Miller". That's just dumb. It's called "a descent to madness" for a reason: Miller was without a doubt a comic book genius back in the day, and somewhere down the line he went completely bonkers, and the result was DK2. DEAL WITH IT.

CMWaters said...

You know, it may be my partial colorblindness talking, but before I saw the head part, I thought the naked girl with the Superman S on her ass looked like Samus Aran in her Zero Suit.

Man, I'm glad I'm not a bad comic reviewer. ...then again I'm planning on becoming a wrestling media reviewer, so that may be ALMOST as bad as some of the stuff you've done here.

Just wondering, if you were mandated to make a "Catgirl" outfit, what would you do differently from what Miller & Co. did here?

Anyway, keep up the good work, Linkara. And pray that the Sailor Soldiers bitch-slap the Sultry Teenage Super Foxes.

Maxwell said...

Oh god this makes Bimbos In Time seem like a good comic seriously why Alfred E Numan!

Unknown said...

GOOD GOD WHAT THE HELL IS WRONG WITH BLACK CANARY'S CHEST! It looks like she has either one breast, two breasts that are stuck sideways at a hideously deformed angle, or three breasts (two jutting outwards in the direction of her shoulders and one facing down at a 90 degree angle)

James said...

Oh dear, I fear the revelation of a second Sultry Teenage Super Foxes issue brokeded your brain.

Emi said...

Great work as usual, boss!

I'd still like to see Sailor Moon vs the Frank Miller-verse. I like to think Usagi would save everyone with her SPARKLY PRINCESS KAWAIINESS powers. XD And it would be awesome.

Domenic said...

was Linksano messing with hyper time

Falcovsleon20 said...

After the headache I got from DK2, I can sum it up like this: This is like Fooly Cooly with everything good about it sucked out.

Oh wait I said that about the Tank Girl movie, didn't I? In that case DK2 is like the Tank Girl movie. With DC characters. And even more painful.

Chelsea said...

This comic brings up so many questions. Such as: when did Lex Luthor become a troll-monster? Does Miller actually think the National Guard en masse would abandon their posts to stare at half-naked ladies? Why is so little of this comic about Batman? Is he actually suggesting that Superman and Wonder Woman boffing in midair is enough to shift the Earth on its axis, because that's the only explanation I can think of for why it would disrupt the weather? (Also, is Lex Luthor watching them do this? Because where did his giant holographic head come from? It's like bad fanfiction.)

And holy crap did that line about Superman "taking Wonder Woman like the prize she was" or whatever raise my hackles. Remember, ladies, it's not rape if you think he's handsome! I realize Frank Miller views women entirely as slabs of pleasingly-shaped meat that he can oogle, but does he seriously think the prospect of being forced to have sex by someone who thinks of you as a prize is appealing? Way to crap all over two of my favorite characters in one swoop, Miller!

Your rage is, as always, greatly enjoyable to watch, Linkara.

Anonymous said...

Dear God this is like bad fanfiction. It's honestly pathetic when a published writer makes their favorite character a god mode sue and tries to pair up their preferred couple by derailing both of them.


Wow. Now I know why my subconscious shut off my analysis lobes during the reading of this crap. This comic is $#!% after feces took a violent dysentery-ish excrement.

And now I know why there are no Nihon (yeah, I'm an asian weeaboo, deal with it punk) Manga and American Comic Book crossovers (not like manga is the greatest in the world). The convolution is so damn thick, you couldn't see ANYTHING a millimeter from your FACE. Even freaking EVANGELION makes more sense than the whole #@$@in' comic. ARRGGGHHH.

Kanerou said...

Of the recent reviews, I think this is one of the better ones. I loved the references to other (non-related) series. And... wow. That comic was awful.

MintWhelp said...

What I want to know is, people aka editors saw that comic, and nobody thought "Gee, maybe Mr. Frank Miller needs to be in the loony bin for a few minutes"?

I know they say genius and insanity are separated by a line as thin as the blade of a knife... but in this case, somebody hacked the line with an axe, and then went and ran over said line with a car that had it's wheels replaced with chainsaws.

I mean, jeez! I was this close of having hallucinations what with the... unique artwork and weird, weird, weird "story"

In any case, entertaining and awesome review, Linkara. Keep it up!

Anonymous said...

This review was much better than your Part 1 video (which I found more confusing than funny). The art really makes me want to gouge out my eyes; at least All-Star Batman is pretty.

The House of C.R.P said...

Wow. People actually try to defend that garbled mess?

That Manga person was insulting. What were they trying to say? That all Anime fans are Hyperactive?

Ah well, I have seen worse insults to Manga *CoughAsterixAndTheFallingSkyCough*

The Window Keeper said...

Two things:

1: As insane as the Superchix premise is, towards the end, it seriously reminded me of the "charity" that the Suicide Girls (of all things) set up called "Pin-Ups For Soldiers." What's more, both of them seem to lead to soldiers getting in trouble, wether by desertion or contraband.

2: I was waiting for Batman to scream "THIS IS GOTHAM!" at the end of this.

MFlorian said...

Good lord, that comic was bad.

You know, as much of this comic I did understand...

(Even the Wonder Woman "prize" line, if you recall the myth about Theseus and Hippolyta...which is even worse coming from Wonder Woman.)

...I am really confused as to what political point Miller's trying to make. It's clear he's trying to make one. I'm just not sure what it is.

Yeah, like Falco said, that guy with the bowtie was George Will. I think the "kid" with the 5 o'clock shadow was supposed to be George Stephanopoulos.

Other than that, the whole book is one big, disjointed mess. The art is horrible. The plot is weird. The earth-shattering sex is jaw-dropping. It's just bad!

Are we absolutely sure this isn't a mislabeled issue of The Punisher or something?

Borinion said...

I know, after all those character mistakes pointed out, my point is just a small graphic error:
Why were the speed lines around the disarmed guard at the concert red and yellow, while Miller changed the Flash´s costume to black and yellow (nothing against a darker Flash costume, but black? And SHORTS? Seriously?)?
Just came to my mind watching the video.

Good work, Linkara.
Looking forward to the next one.

MFlorian said...

I'm listening to the podcast now. Thanks again for pushing the Technis Imperative. I love that graphic novel.

Alastair said...

Good lord, the single worst panel of art in this (edging out the black canary no left breast shot) is when Batman attacks Luthor, and batman pins Luthor on the ground with his foot. Batman appears to be about 3 feet tall (or he has the world's worst hunch), and his arms and legs both appear to be coming from almost the exact same part of his body (most of his body being obscured by his cape.)No matter how long I looked at the image, I could not reconcile it with the proportions of a human being from any perspective or with any level of stylisation.

I was somewhat suprised Linkara made no mention of this since it has twice been the point where I have completely given up on TDKSA, or as Miller would have it DK2. Then again, there are so many art failures in this comic that it would almost be unfair to single out just one panel.

Keep up the good work Linkara, and beware of Linksano's plans, Destrucity? Oh wait, never mind.

日本文化のマニアック said...

@The House of C.R.P.
I haven't got a problem with people parodying manga and anime, but you have to actually know what you're talking about when you do, and Frank Miller clearly doesn't.

DK2... I read DKR and loved it, loved the "if everything went wrong but Batman could make it right" story. And so of course when I found out there was a sequel, I was so happy!

...and then I read it. I figured it was intended as parody (and maybe it is?) but the art is just dreadful, it's hard to follow, and was a huge letdown after DKR. And if I want to see Superman and Wonder Woman together, I'll read "Kingdom Come" again, thank you very much.

Btw, may I add another congratulations on a pitch-perfect Chris Matthews parody. You're better than whoever it was SNL had doing it. :D

Scott said...

I have some comics of my own and looking at the credits, I don't understand some of the jobs. Writer is self-explanatory, and I'm sure the penciler draws the book and the colorist colors it. But there are a couple of others that I don't understand; what does an Inker and a seperater do?

Infinity-Nevermore said...

This. My God.

Normally, when I see something bad, I pause right before your reaction and headdesk a bit so that when I come back, your reaction will make it mostly better. But this time, I had to get up and leave the room. Twice. At the "take me like a prize" line and the earth-breaking sex. Why? Just, why?
And another thought I had while reading the comments: if this Lara chick does exist, that means the earth-breaking sex must have happened before. Wouldn't the possibility of doing that, and y'know, KILLING PEOPLE be at least mildly worrying? I can forgive the first time; maybe Superman didn't know he could do that, but a second time?

Ah well, at least it was nice to see Linksano again. And I'm surprised Pollo didn't do something himself, since he should know by now that Linkara is poorly shortsighted when it comes to nemeses wandering around the house.

Although, if I ever wanted you to do a commentary on a comic review, it would be this one. As many people have said, this is one of your best recent reviews; in fact, this is my favorite since the Mechakara wrap-up.

Take care, and looking forward to next week (kinda... your reviews are awesome, but it IS Teenage Sultry Super-Foxes)!


NGT said...

Jesus Christ on a pogo stick. I mean seriously. Jesus.

Gimmie a moment to put my brain back together.

Okay. I'm okay now. I have a confession to make: you're responsible for my personal comics turning point, which was picking up 52. Since then I've been grabbing other stuff and I'd probably label myself "newbie comic fan" if pressed.

You're also responsible for the second personal turning point. I was suckered into getting The Dark Knight Returns but I'm not getting Year One. My 2 ASBAR issues are getting burned. I'm not handling another Frank Miller comic unless it's with gloves.

I don't care if it was actually written by Stuart and Peptuck from with Charles Bpen and The_Wobbly_Guy from editing. (Yeah I just revealed a lot about my online fiction preferences. Salvation War and New World Order.) I don't care if it was drawn like the cover to Kingdom friggin' Come and featured BattleMechs and Warhammer 40k Titans destroying Evangelions while fighting with every Gundam ever conceived and they're all being piloted by Motoko Kusanagi clones. (Yeah I like giant robots. And The Major.) I don't care if every panel we didn't actually see in this very comic had all those things.



(Hey Frank? Don't show your fear of that "new" anime/manga medium. I hear the producers of Darker Than Black can smell fear.)

Flying Fleance said...

Hello Lewis! I have been watching your videos on my free time the last two weeks, and I must congratulate you for a great improving on your style. Perhaps you have grown a little bit nipticking on the "No explaining" bit, but thats just my opinion.

About DK2, I must digress from your opinion. Ok, the art on this issue has become misteriously worse and Lynn Varley has become lazy as hell, but its still a comic with a really compelling story, and like it or not the news segment can really give a context.

While nowhere near the standarts of the awesomeness that is DKR, this is not a great example of a terrily terrible comic. I guess its a matter of opinion though, and "this comic sucks" is more catchy than "this comic profoundly disgusts me". ASBAR was sucky, though.

So now again, great job and good luck!

Chup@Cabra said...

Nice one here :-)

The thing that makes this one so much worse than something like "Sultry Teenage Super Foxes" is that, to state the obvious, it was a comic about a major, iconic Comic Book Hero, done by someone who is supposed to be a superstar of writing in the comics industry.

I have got to admit, though, I love it when you tear into the more well known/popular comics instead of the more obscure stuff.

Suggestion: How about for October/Halloween you do a review of some of the EC Horror comics, or Marvel/DCs attempt to copy their style?

Unknown said...

I was wow. Um. I honestly had never picked up DK2, had no idea it was THIS ABSOLUTELY HORRIBLE.

I've NEVER seen a magazine with a cover like that ever, Mr. Miller. Not even PlayBoy or the scary body building ones that have lots of article titles like "RIP YOUR ABS TO SHREDS!". There's always more stories, and more titles, and generally more interesting fonts.

And ooo bad character breaking and pointless sex scenes! And heroes banging doing things that undoubtedly KILL PEOPLE, as if the heroes in here weren't unheroic enough.

What is WITH Frank Miller loving Crazy Steve kidnap-recruiting orphans so much? This is really like a rough draft/practice run for All Stars, just with worse art.

I sort of agree with someone that commented earlier, they were probably trying to go for a sort of urban gritty feeling like street art or maybe even trying to go with Hewitt's style but failed miserably to have ANY of the good stuff from that.

And I have NEVER been a fan of caricatures of real life people popping up in superhero comics. (AND OH GOD THAT JAY LENO IS MORE HORRIBLY SMUG THAN THE REAL THING)

Wow, going into ranty mode here, but yeah, great job reviewing this crap so that I will now forever know to NOT pick the damn thing up.

Side note, I honestly would not mind/would look forward to a few more even just bloggity reviews on comics that DON'T suck. The stuff you review here is honestly why I just started throwing western superhero comic titles off my read list in the late 90's, and I always *want* to get back into Marvel and DC, even classic stuff, and find things that won't make me anger-ragey.

Considering we share a lot of opinions on what makes BAD comics, I'd like to hear more about what you've found redeeming and good in them.

Anonymous said...

Great review as always Linkara. I just wanna ask, why is Batman bald? I'm sorry if you mention it before, but I think it's pretty weird.

Frankie Addiego said...

Dude, I LOVED this REVIEW! The IDEA that you CAN'T criticize Frank MILLER because of his EARLIER greatness IS asinine. THAT'S all I'll SAY!!!

When YOU said that about INFINITE Crisis, I had to YIELD because while I didn't REALLY like it, it at-LEAST understood Batman let-ALONE the OTHER heroes!

Mel said...

I can't believe I'm writing this, but can Batman go back to fighting rock and roll (please)?
After seeing this video, I think Frank Miller and Missingno. are one in the same.
Finally, Linkara thank you for contentiously being respectful to women.

WF Chronicles said...

Ooh, since have brainy specs, are you going to get a sonic screwdriver too?

Aran said...

... Good review....

I got nothing else. This comic was just too strange...

Hmm... Dessertion... Over... That? I really wonder about our armed forces...

Allow me to state i've never understood the whole "pack behaviour" of military, And para-military groups in all sorts of situations in literature, And on TV. for instance, Lets say the government is bombing entire cities, And quarintine them to hide some secret. In most shows, There will be a one "Is what we are doing right?" from a younger officer, And it will quickly be settled with "Err... Sure it is!" from his senior or comrade. People are individuals, No matter what training you put them through, And this would lead to mass dissertion.

Unlike scantily clad women. They do not cause massive dissertion in such a manner. And is stupid to think about.

Thats what you get from me. I make my own fuel for commenting if there is none ^.^

Truce Weston said...

Wow, I move find this review waiting when I get settled! This was your best video so far! It was funny and I agreed with everything you said (right down to the creepy Smiling Bob thing)

Frank Miller is good in his own way at times, but not here. Sorry this is fail, and fail is still fail. The dialogue that Wonder Woman spit out alone was fail!

The ending was pure win! I am scared to see what will happen next! So until Neutro VS The Sentinels happens, MAKE MINE LINKARA!

Anonymous said...

I have to be honest, but I really thought you would break your "no cursing" policy (which I respect) with this one. This was one of maybe two of your reviews I watched where I was actually getting angry at the comic as it went on. The bull Frank Miller pulls on Wonder Woman and the Twilight-level misunderstanding of romance was just... ugh. Oh, the other one I was biting back rage with was the ASBAR review. Thanks again Frank! Anyway, it speaks worlds about you that you can make this garbage survivable, and even entertaining by demolishing it, Linkara.

Senmurv said...

Fantastic review, Linkara! I have to say I think the "art" (if it can be called that) was by FAR the worst thing-- it looked like a flippin' five year old's work! Miller was, at one time, capable of better, yes?

Speaking of art, may I say that Tickity-Tock's splash page for this episode was beautifully striking! I had to pause the video and look at it for awhile because it was so subtle, pleasing to the eye, and dynamic . . . everything this comic WASN'T. I REALLY want to buy a print of it, actually. I didn't spot it on the deviantart page-- is there somewhere else I should be looking?


Anonymous said...

your chris matthews voice is perfect

Frankie Addiego said...

I liked that Captain America trailer in the podcast one. I found what you said about the difference between Marvel and DC interesting.

I actually think that neither company can really claim the monopoly on either aspirational characters or relatable ones; but examinations of Marvel's importance have lead to this regimented idea of how a character can be considered "relatable," as if there's a certain equation that makes a character relatable or not relatable.

Avi said...

Being someone who watches WAY TOO MUCH cable news, I recognized all the talking heads that Miller was referencing.

You got Chris Matthews right.

Second guy is George Stephanopoulos; used to host ABC Sunday political show, now does Good Morning America.

Bowtie Guy is George Will; panelist on said ABC Sunday show.

Fourth guy is Don Imus (yes, even then, he looked like that).

Eye woman is Cokie Roberts; another panelist on ABC Sunday show (guess Frank Miller trusted ABC News a lot).

Velma is Margaret Carlson from Bloomberg News.

The one who says the girl is hot (or sexy) is Bill Kristol; from the Weekly Standard (a conservative magazine).

The one white haired guy saying the President can do whatever the President wants is Robert Novak. Famous columnist who has passed away.

Hope you don't mind my identifying the people for you. Keep the great reviews coming.

Sincerely, Avi the TV Geek

C M Hughes said...

This has got to be tied with Batman: Fortunate Son for the worst comic book ever written.

Seriously, I got into Batman a while ago and picked up DKSA after reading DKR thinking "I've heard it's sub-par, but it's the sequel to such a great story that it can't be all bad." Boy was I wrong...

Crystanubis said...

Leno is silent? Aw, man, I was hoping to hear your Leno impression....

Ah, well.

Glad you're keeping up the Link-sano subplot (he was notable by his absence last episode).

Sylvina Solaris said...

I just wanted to say thanks again for coming on our show Linkara. It was a lot of fun doing a Team-Up with you and our fans LOVED the fact we had a DC knowledgeable guest on! :D We'd love to have you as a guest again sometime in the future! :)

- Link

PS. We probably didn't mention it, but you can check YIBR out every Saturday (usually) on we're not as amazing as Linkara, but we try!

H.R Hancock said...

Wow. When I saw the first part of the review, I just thought of this as a mediocre comic. Now...ugh...lemme attempt to count the ways on how this comic is moronic.

-The stylized, cartoonish art of the news panalist bits just clashes horribly with the more realistic (or as realistic as Frank Miller can draw) tones of the superhero bits.

-Why do some of these Photo-Shop panels look like they'd fit on 80s prog rock albulm rather than a comic book?

-"BLACKMAIL, TERRORIZE, bribe AND MURDER". Pure unintentional comedy right there.

-Superman and Wonder Women making hot superhero love and changing the course of the weather in the process? That's kinda self-explanitory of how stupid that is.

-Armored grade school officers? Why? Why? Why? Why? Why? Why? Why? Why? Why?

Then again, I maybe I should read the comic and form my own opinions of this but the stupid parts will still be there along with the awesome parts. Sooooo I don't know.

Anonymous said...

Excellently done as usual.

I really just don't understand what Miller thought he was doing making sequel to DKR in the first place... One of the things that was great about it was that it was self-contained, hence you can just pick it up and read it.

Also good about DKR--it isn't afraid to make Batman a flawed, if not somewhat -psychotic- character, while still portraying him as badass. DKSA... makes me wonder if Frank Miller is actually completely unaware of the "psychotic" part.

I mean really. Batman as leader of LA REVOLUTION should be more fun than this.

the great pumpkin king said...

I can understand why some people did try and defend the last issue, I'm not big batman and robin fan so I didn't even bother to read it. The last anything of Millers I read was sin city and I liked it.

I'm guessing when people that really liked Franks previous work read dk2 issue one, saw Linkera review well fan boys and fan girls have away of convincing them selves that a piece of junk comic is really good. I have been guilty of doing such with count down to something crisis until Linkera simply pointed out the fact it quite a shock that can lead to two things.

More denial which forces people to react and defend garbage

or allowing them selves that what they ini-vested their time and money is crap. It hurts but it best to move on.

Because Damn DK2 really really sucks everything LInkera said is true, this has to be slap in the face of anyone on that enjoyed the last Dark knight returns.

Jared Cory said...

Don't listen to Linkara, Dark Knight Strikes Again is great comic. Sure the art is a little off, but that wasn't sloppiness on Miller's part, after reading the comic I'm convinced that he was trying to change his style. You'll get used to it, besides, the story is so good that you just can't help but want to finish the book. And you should. It should be on your shelf right next to the DKR (which is this books only real problem, it had the rotten luck of being a follow up to the greatest comic ever written, Dark Knight Returns.)

Now, about those detractors like Linkara. Some people were saying, "oh it's such a bad book and fuh-fuh-fuh nonsense." It's not, it's a great book, their is action and reason in this book. It's as deep, if not slightly deeper than DKR, even if it's depth isn't coded and hidden as well. And at some points, I think that may work against the book, because the political and social commentary is constantly in the reader's face to the point that it becomes difficult to seperate the two levels of writing (the simple, action story level, and the social commentary level), and I think being able to seperate the readings is important in the upper echelons of writing, where this book most certainly is.

If you're expecting all Batman action, you may be a bit surprised, this is more of a JLA story, but what's really interesting about this book is that it seems to answer many questions Alan Moore's Watchmen asked. Some say Frank Miller was influenced by Watchmen by about the second part of his Dark Knight Returns. I'm just reporting rumor, but I think it's certainly true that he was influenced by Watchmen in writing this book because it's an answer to it. Frank Miller shows when superheroes actions are good and when they are bad, and he works at uncovering and enshrining the human spirit, the attitudes that drive us towards the good rather than the bad and whatever it is inside us that makes us want to grow and live and overcome (this is a common Frank Miller theme actually, in the same way Alan Moore can't seem to avoid politics, Frank Miller always looks at the human spirit. "Oh look, there goes Frank Miller exmaming how man over comes circumstances and chaos, again."

Dark Knight Strikes Again is not DKR, but it is worth owning in it's own right. I really hope I've defended this book well because it's taken a beating in some circles but it really is a tremendous effort by a tremendous writer. Each time Frank Miller writes he shows why he is the greatest comics writer in the business. It's just not true that he lost steam after Dark Knight Returns. And yes, All-Star Batman and Robin will be good.

日本文化のマニアック said...

Jared, I think you're making the classic beginner's mistake of confusing "confusing, unfocused mess" with "depth."

Pray tell what the message about the "human spirit" is in this tripe? other than, you know, superheroes are awesome and have cart blanche to do whatever they want no matter how immoral, men are awesome and women are sex objects and should be "taken" like "prizes" etc. etc.

And no, you're wrong, the art is horrible. In a comic book/graphic novel, the art is a necessary part of the storytelling. If the art becomes difficult to follow or distracting or ugly, the story suffers.

Donel Răuțoiu said...

Funny review Linkara.

@Snapper Carr : I know that it is a bit late, but this is not only for you. Have you at least read the Neal Adams and Denny Oneil issues? Or the Steve Englehart ones? What they did, and what Miller did with the character was completely different. The Adams style Batman was a humane, filled with life and rich in sentiment Batman. It was akin to a byronic hero ripped in two by his duality. And the atmosphere of the books was sometimes very gothicish and mystical.

The Miller one is anything but. He is a force of nature. There is no Bruce Wayne in there, almost nothing human. I'm not going deeper because I express myself quite poorely in English, and I this comment is little more that a catharsis.

Oh, and guys, do try and read some of the comics that Linkara reviews before he talks about them. At least with this one the experience might be different than his, and then you may understand why there are people defending it. He is right about most of them, but you may never know...

greenjeans said...

Engineered pretty much sums up why Miller's treatment of Batman is so bloody awful and prior writers like O'Neil and Engelehart are vastly superior. Guys like them got what made Kane and Finger's Batman so great...his humanity. The tragedy that befell him motivated him to protect the innocent, but it didn't consume him to the point where he lost sight of how much was truly good in his life, the family and friends he had, and how he could laugh at himself and admit to the absurdity of what he did while knowing it got results. A Batman who can live as Bruce Wayne, enjoy and treasure the company of those he loves, smile and laugh in his off-hours, and appreciate the good things he has while never forgetting his beginnings, is a rich, deep, soulful, fully believable character.

Compare and constrats this to the Miller/post-Miller Batman. Childish self-absorption to the extreme. The attitude that everyone around him is just a tool to be used as he wishes. A crazed desire to force the world to fit HIS vision of the way things should be, with no regard to whether or not he's actually benefitting the innocent. Utter contempt for his fellow heroes, with outright hatred directed at Superman for no good reason. More time spent plotting against his fellow heroes instead of trying to shut down his enemies for good. No emotions other than anger and hatred. He's a cardboard cutout, full stop. In fact, he's the Bella Swan of comic book heroes because he's such a nasty, unpleasant blank slate who has everything fall into his lap that he's ideal for fanboys to self-insert into. But he's nothing more than a Marty Stu cipher, as opposed to the rich, multilayered character Batman was before DARK KNIGHT RETURNS.

And if anyone honestly thinks DKR and its spinoff books (YEAR ONE, DKSA, and ALL-STAR BATMAN) are the greatest comics ever written, or that Frank Miller is the greatest writer in comics, (a) they've never read any other Batman comics in their lives, (b) they've probably never read any other comics, period, and (c) they've fallen into the same trap as the fangirls who think Stephenie Meyer is the greatest thing to ever happen to horror books. In other words, they've never read anything of actual quality and have no desire to. 日本文化のマニアック summed it up perfectly; assuming unfocused grim-n-gritty nastiness + "depth" is ignorant and uninformed, to say the least.

日本文化のマニアック said...

Actually, I never mentioned "grim and gritty." ;p

That's another layer to the problem: people confuse "sociopathic and unlikeable" with "conflicted and morally ambiguous." You can have a grim and gritty hero, but at the end of the day he or she still has to be a hero, to do heroic things.

RocMegamanX said...

@Jared Cory

"Don't listen to Linkara, Dark Knight Strikes Again is great comic."

No it's not.

"Sure the art is a little off, but that wasn't sloppiness on Miller's part, after reading the comic I'm convinced that he was trying to change his style. You'll get used to it, besides, the story is so good that you just can't help but want to finish the book."

Really? Miller's "anime" girl looked horrible. And that female newscaster with no eyebrows as well. And so did the super-stylized cartoon characters. Those were totally out of place in Batman's universe.

"And you should. It should be on your shelf right next to the DKR (which is this books only real problem, it had the rotten luck of being a follow up to the greatest comic ever written, Dark Knight Returns.)"

I haven't read Dark Knight Returns yet. I might, but it might have aged since then.

"Now, about those detractors like Linkara. Some people were saying, "oh it's such a bad book and fuh-fuh-fuh nonsense." It's not, it's a great book, their is action and reason in this book."

Nothing to say he--"THEIR" in THAT context? You mean, THERE is action and reason...that statement may be wrong, but yeah.

"It's as deep, if not slightly deeper than DKR, even if it's depth isn't coded and hidden as well."

Deep? All we saw was character assassinations left and right and political and journalistic satire all over the place. Watchmen was deep.


OK, I spoke too soon on the political satire bit. Please continue.

"If you're expecting all Batman action, you may be a bit surprised, this is more of a JLA story..."

Um...if they wanted a JLA story, then the book would be titled "JLA: Like a Phoenix" or something related to that. Batman was supposed to be the main star of this thing. Why is this book called "DARK KNIGHT Strikes Again"?

"...Frank Miller shows when superheroes actions are good and when they are bad, and he works at uncovering and enshrining the human spirit, the attitudes that drive us towards the good rather than the bad and whatever it is inside us that makes us want to grow and live and overcome (this is a common Frank Miller theme actually, in the same way Alan Moore can't seem to avoid politics, Frank Miller always looks at the human spirit. "Oh look, there goes Frank Miller exmaming how man over comes circumstances and chaos, again.""

If by human spirit, you mean sexism, especially that Wonderwoman/Superman scene where she said "Where is the hero who threw me to the ground and claimed me as his prize?" and the SUPERCHIX and "News in the NUDE", then yes, I'd agree.

"Dark Knight Strikes Again is not DKR, but it is worth owning in it's own right. I really hope I've defended this book well because it's taken a beating in some circles but it really is a tremendous effort by a tremendous writer. Each time Frank Miller writes he shows why he is the greatest comics writer in the business. It's just not true that he lost steam after Dark Knight Returns. And yes, All-Star Batman and Robin will be good."

I kinda heard that 300 sucked because of the sexism and racism in the book.

Sin City was his peak, as people have said.

All-Star Batman and Robin is horrible.

1. Crazy Steve/BINO(Batman in Name Only)
2. Vicki Vale's innuendo
3. Repeated lines
4. Bruce Wayne: Agent of NAMBLA
5. Why is Black Canary in there?
6. "The G****** Batman!!!!"

RocMegamanX said...


"I've NEVER seen a magazine with a cover like that ever, Mr. Miller. Not even PlayBoy or the scary body building ones that have lots of article titles like "RIP YOUR ABS TO SHREDS!"."

Sad thing about this? My dad has some of those bodybuilding magazines. And I do see headlines like this on the cover.


Actually, I think Miller should get the Kenshiro Fist of the North Star Death Fist Barrage of Fucking Awesome Head Asplode for making this.

Or get nuked with Nanoha's Divine Buster.


The House of C.R.P said...

Oh yes. I am perfectly fine with parodies of Anime and Manga. I hate it when they fail to grasp the concept and resort to cheap sterotypes.

Cognitus said...

Okay, I just read the 86 comments before me, so I'm pretty sure I'm not repeating anything.

Q: Why are all the male superheroes old and lacking good looks while Wonder Woman's still relatively hot?

A: All women that Frank Miller use in his comics must be lustful, and he didn't want to make a lustful old woman.

Good job as usual, Linkara!

Unknown said...

must get a thick hardcover to hit my head to knock out all the stupid. GOD THIS COMIC SUCKS!

Ming said...

Dark Knight Strikes Again -- still sucks.

This review -- funny.

Favorite part -- the surprise ending where Linksano uses that hypertime randomizer thingy to replace DK2 part 2 with Sultry Teenage Super Foxes 2 and Linkara's horrified reaction. (Personally, I think Sultry Teenage Super Foxes is a lot worse than Dark Knight Strikes Again.)

Rachel said...

Dude. Great Chris Matthews impression.

Nathan Forester said...

Nice work with this review, and that pic of Jay looks like they took one of the drawings out of the Headlines books and adapted it to comic form.

I've never seen him smirk like that, at least not in any photos I have seen of him.

By the way, I think you should review the One Night Only comic with Spidey and Leno teaming up.

Trekker4747 said...

Okay.... Just watched this video and.

What the fu...?! Was the art in this book done by my 7-year-old niece>

Anonymous said...

Oh GOD.... so that's when MissingNo. was released into our reality....

Anonymous said...

"Oh, how I wish Sailor Moon would just walk out, twirl around fifty times and release a whole bunch of sparkly things to make this end."
That give me an idea!
"Re-writes issues that Goku shows up instead of Wonder Woman (he kills her because it's really Bonkers Betty), acting a bit like an ascended fanboy to Superman, who gets him to hold of himself, with a bit of fourth wall breaking, by saying that this isn't how Superman acts. They go save the world faster than Batman was going to, put Batman in his place, Superman gives Batman a reason you suck speech and tells that he's only fighting criminals because it makes him feel big, and then unmasks him, revealing that he is in fact, Crazy Steve."

Anonymous said...

And thus, the identity of the Dark Knight is revealed! Batman is in fact... Dwight McCarthy!

How about taking a shot whenever you find a character flat out recycled from Sin City?

Unknown said...

Linkara I have A feeling you're Dying to pull out the Molotov cocktails and pay a visit to frank millers house.

Unknown said...

I think the only thing more alarming than Frank Miller's atrocious creation is the fact that DC think it's printable.

Ken Shinn said...

Came to this party way too late (new AT4W fan), but a few points...

One, great review.

Two, I don't think that the Manga news bit is meant to be mocking or parody. I get the uncomfortable feeling that it's Frank desperately trying to show us how hip and happening he is.

Three, yes, Wonder Woman is treated disgracefully, BUT...

Four, Hawkman and Hawkwoman are treated even worse. Casually and pointlessly killed off-camera? Got problems with Thanagarians, Frank? Did a Thanagarian steal your lollipop when you were five years old? For the love of Pete, WHY?