Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Revolution of the Mask Artist Search

ARTIST FOUND! Announcement to follow and comments closed.

Well, as I explained in an earlier blog post, Leonardo Freites, the artist for Revolution of the Mask, is missing. I've made several efforts to contact him over the past few months (he lives in Argentina, which means I can't exactly bop over to his place and knock on the door) and have had no reply.

I, however, wish to move on with Revolution of the Mask. When I made the joke in Superman vs. Terminator about Issue 3 coming out thirty years later, it was supposed to ONLY be a joke, but it's quickly becoming a reality. As such, I have been forced to this step:

I'm looking for an artist. Hit "read more" for the details.

-I'm looking for someone to finish penciling and inking Revolution of the Mask's remaining ten issues. I will indeed pay per page and the rate can be negotiated when I select an artist, plus revenue for the book will be divided up equally between the artist and myself, which brings me to my next stipulation:

-The artist must have access to Paypal. Leo was paid via Western Union and while that was all well and good, the fees were irritating as all hell and made it nearly impossible to get him his earnings. Things will be considerably more simplified if the artist has a paypal account that I can just transfer money to.

-Each issue consists of 22 inked pages and one color cover. I can provide both cover ideas as well as the Revolution of the Mask logo that can be inserted into it once the cover is completed.

-RESPOND TO THIS POST IF YOU ARE INTERESTED. Details should include samples of your artwork (preferably a DeviantArt account), an e-mail address where you can be contacted, your name, and any other information you feel is necessary. However, entries should SPECIFICALLY include two things:
1. A sketch based on one of the characters at the bottom of this post.
2. A sample of sequential artwork (it doesn't have to be a full comic, just a page would be nice). After all, I'm not looking for a pin-up artist here, but someone who can tell a story in comic form.

-While preferably I'd like someone whose style was similar to Leo's (due to the likelihood of Revolution of the Mask being collected in trade at a future point), I won't ignore other possibilities for the art style.

-There is no due date on this search - it will continue until I have found an artist and at which point I'll lock comments for this post. Otherwise, I will endeavor to keep the post at the top of the Blog during periods where there is no new video (i.e. from Thursdays to Sundays).

-It is entirely possible that Leo will at some point contact me and let me know what has been happening and wish to take up art duties. If that does occur, we'll cross that bridge if and when it happens.

I look forward to seeing if people are interested! Ask any questions and I will update this post to include clarifications and answers. In the meantime, here are the sample characters from Revolution of the Mask:

Eighth Wonder, Dusk, or Mystery Man

Joyful Jenny




Lew Smith said...

Hey, Lewis. I'm sorry to hear your artist isn't available at this time. If you need to get some issues out, I'd like to help. I myself am working on a couple of projects at the moment with other writer friends. I have a deviantART account, and I also do an art blog besides my 365 blog. If you need any help let me know. Contact info is on my profile page.

Aero said...

I can't draw at all but good luck finding a artist.

AWD! said...

Heya, I may have interest. Though I will need to contact you via email about further details. Please contact me and I will be honest, I can be difficult to work with =P
Here is my DA page if you want, I drew you a fan piece at one point if you remember:

Lew Smith said...

Nuts! I forgot to list my DA page.

SirBlix said...
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James C said...

Hello Linkara.

I've read your post and I'm interested in applying for the position.

Please check out my deviantART ( and message me to see if I'm a worthy candidate and/or to discuss this further.

Unknown said...

I might be interested.

quick sketch

Ram said...

sounds really interesting, my mail is and y deviantart account is

I use paypal from my commissioning gigs at the site and I think I could be of some help

Ghis said...

Well, I could give it a try (after all, I shouldn't put my university studies in comic book design to waste!).

I don't have a pic fo your characters yet, but I did do a fanart for you once (I'm Ghis on

Anyway, if you want to contact me, you can e-mail me on or simply note me on my deviant page .

And yes, I do have Paypal!

Hunchy said...

I would like to give it a try... Ok really I want more people to look at my work, which can be found at, but I am always looking for more work. You can contact me at Thank you for your time and consideration.

Anonymous said...

You u shoudl check out maybe u could find urself a fine artist

Unknown said...

Hey, I'd like to submit my work.
Here's my deviant art account:

I don't have my sequential art example or character sketch finished yet, but I'll have them up within the next 24 hours.


Dodger Of Zion said...

You gotta do what you gotta do, Lewis. I'm not a comic reader, but I enjoyed the two issues of RotM released so far.

I'm only good with Photoshop, and eBay isn't being my best friend right now, or I'd gladly offer my services.

Best of luck in your artist search.

Juan said...

This will be a good chance to get myself known at least in the comment section, I am also an aspiring Comic book writer and artist, here is my deviant art account, I will upload the necessary pics you asked this weekend after getting my scanner fixed and homework done.

The Window Keeper said...

By the end of the weekend, I'll have the sketch up, hopefully. I'll have to find some good sequential art to show off, but it shouldn't be hard.

Anonymous said...

Lewis! Dayna tweeted this to my attention and I had a bit of a squee moment (not that you lodt your artist - most likely to another dimention - but that there was a comic book artist opportunity). I don't have the sketches done but I will get them up for you tomorrow (Thursday). My deviantart account is:

Patrick "Pat" Rodriguez said...

Hey, like everyone else here is saying: Sorry to hear about you losing an artist man.
But I'll definitely try to fill in the big shoes.
Most (if not all) of my artwork is on my deviantart page at
I'll be drawing a few of your characters and such to give you a taste of the work that I would be doing.
My contact info is on my dev page.

Anonymous said...

I too am interested...thus my commenting, My name is Rex ...I drew a sketch of your character, but am yet to scan it due to my sister being asleep in the room with the scanner... Any way here's my deviant art account:
Only a few are recent...I ignored it alot until recently.
And if you wanna contact me here's my Email:

Bob Colins said...

I would love to do it, but I'm bussy right now. But I would love to do the title page, or the coloring ... or at least I would love to send you the animation I did for you. Regardles, here's my DA page:

P.S. If you have to choose, please choose "andrewdickman" That's not saying that I don't like the other artist, but I would love to see your characters in his style.

Largo said...

Working with an writer and give my working a sense? Sure why not! ^_^


So i'd better turn on the coffe machine. Know what to draw tonight :D

Devillo said...

Hey there. Im a freelance Illustrator currently working on his own comic project atm, examples of which Im happy to email. I'd love to collaberate with you on this project as a Superhero comic is something Ive always been curious about trying out. heres a little sample of the characters, Apologies if they dont seem in character.
you can find my work at and
and my official portfolio (though a lil out of date) is at

Will email with specific samples.

Ghis said...

Hi! It's me again! Just wanted to leave a link to a comic page I did so it could give you a better idea of how my style looks like in comic form:

Unknown said...

Hi Lewis, im interested in helping with your comic. Im a comic artist, i use paypal and can dedicate time to the comic. My email acoount is omaik(at), if you want to contact me. You can check my info on my portfolio or deviant page

Thanks! hope to be able to help. About the sketch, just send me an email and ill send it to you.


Unknown said...

Good luck to you.

Viktor Matiesen said...

Even tough I don't have a paypal yet, I decided to give after pressure and give it a shot.

My DA-page:


PS: I'll do a sketch later tomorrow.

Alexis Royce said...

Hello, Lewis. I'm sad to hear about Leonardo Freites; I've been looking forward to the next issue of RotM. My art style is certainly different from his, but if you'd be willing to take a chance on me, I think you could be pleasantly surprised with the result. I'll be graduating from college this May with a BA in Interdisciplinary studies with a focus on Cartooning, and I've been drawing webcomics for over three years now. I'm used to maintaining a schedule and meeting deadlines, and my main webcomic "Evil Plan" will be releasing its first GN within the next few months.

Other than commission work, this would be my first paid job in comics, and thus you would find me very willing to negotiate. I do have a paypal account. Also, I work with two other color artists, so if you would be interested in seeing the RotM pages in color, we would be more than pleased to discuss terms, even if you're only slightly curious.

My comics can be found at and
My deviantart account can be found here: .
And last but not least, your sketch of Eighth Wonder is over here:

Thank you so much just for giving this a look over. I'm a great fan of yours, and would be very honored to work with you. Let me know if you need any other examples!

-Alexis Royce

The Window Keeper said...

Okay, here's the sketch of Templar:

And a sample of sequential art:

I don't have paypal yet, but I will be able to get one if you decide to go with me. If not, no big loss. It's not like you don't have other talent trying too.

John said...

Well, I can't draw, but I'm from Argentina.
If you want you can send me some way to contact your artist and I can be like an Agent of Linkara or something like that.

Lewis Lovhaug said...

Tempted as I am, I'd rather not have random people harrassing him (assuming that he even still lives at his address), plus don't want to give out any personal details.

Mags said...

Ah, still nothing? That is a shame. I hope Leo is ok.

I don't think I stand a chance after checking out the fine artists who have come forward here, but you never know until you try. I'll draw the comic's cast then upload the finished drawing on my blogspot (I no longer have a DA account and have no desire to make a new one) if thats ok. Or I can email them to you along with a couple of comic pages from an ecomic of my own.

Hope things work out for you.

Bazookoidben said...

Wow, a lot of talented folk here. Seriously good stuff. I'm wondering if I throw my hat in will I ever get it back?

I have some varied work both on and off deviant art as I have been working as a trainee graphic designer for the last two years so I have some experience in working in photoshop, illustrator, and printing programs such as indesign. Useful skills when developing comic pages.
I also have my own personal experience in writing comics. Though the word comic is debatable, its more like a personal hobby like most art is.
My page can be found here
My gallery mainly contains work centered around my own webcomic Dusty Cartridges, there is not a lot, so if more reference is required just let me know and I will gladly provide more material.
A quick sketch of 8th wonder, this was done in the space of about ten minuets, and then chewed over by my scanner. I would like to note that this won't be the only piece online so if your interested check back soon.

Jessica said...

looking at Lewis M Smith's stuff is really good

also if Linkara picks him the comic's byline could say "by Lewis and Lewis" *giggles*

I'm not throwing my hat in the ring because I can't even keep my own comic's schedule also my art style is way too different, but I am gonna make some fanart at least

(shameless plug)

Pedro Martinez said...

Hi there linkara!
i'm not sure if you're going to be happy with this but i'm from argentina too. i'm really interested in giving you a hand. so let me know to my recent page on deviant... you wont see much and that's because i'm kind of new on drawing digitally. but there you can see my work...
here's my mail too

Natasha Bennett said...

Hey Lewis,

Sorry to hear about what happened. Not an artist myself, but I just wanted to say good luck with your next one!


Heather Nunnelly said...

Hi Lewis,
My name is Heather Nunnnelly, and I would be more than welcome to work with you on your comic. I’m a student attending School of Visual Arts, majoring in Cartooning, taught by some very talented comic book artists working in the field such as Klaus Janson, Joey Cavalieri, and Nelson Decastro. I’ve self published a mini comic by the name of Before I Sleep which has been sold at several stores in NYC. Also, I’ve taught comic books to a group of students for the past two summers.

Here is the sketch of Joyful Jenny:
And here is some sequential art:
My websites:

I do have other examples of comics from personal projects not posted on the net. If you are interested feel free to e-mail me. I really like working with other people and adapting styles, so this project sounds like a lot of fun.

Once again good luck!

Anonymous said...

Since I can barely draw a stick figure, I'm not going to throw my hat in the ring, but I wish you luck in the artist search Linkara!

TakaComics said...

I'd definitely throw my hat in if I wasn't bogged down with other projects. I hope you find an artist soon!

Anonymous said...

Hello there,

I'm interested in helping you out with this comic.

I currently a Fine Arts major at my University, and am used to using different styles for projects, various comics and commissions.
I especially like
I've also done work for the Laura Recovery Center and Nickelodeon Magazine.

my page is at
and portfolio:

samples of comic work:

Feel free to email me at

Juan said...

I have a little doubt Lewis, do you mind if I take some minor liberties with some of the desings+ I mean I am nottalking about completely redoing them, just some liberties.

Lewis Lovhaug said...

Take some liberties and see where you go with it. ^_^

Anonymous said...

I'm definitely interested in helping finish this comic, I read it on Wowio and liked the characters then. I have a degree in comic art from the Minneapolis College of Art and Design, so I've been making comics on assigned deadlines for 4 years.

I have the sketch, and a couple sequential pages from my sorta-superhero comic "GunVoice Sparrow"on the front of my deviantart page:

Thank you for your time.
You can contact me at:

ShadowWing Tronix said...

Too bad you couldn't have waited until I improved my art some more. Comic strip aside, I'm only somewhat above early Lightbringer art (no offense). :(

But if you need a colorist in the future, let me know. Still needs some work, but I'm better at that. :)

Guitarzero183 said...

Hey linkara, not throwing my hat into the ring since well, i suck at drawing and i have other stuff to be getting on with, however I wish you luck and i couldn't believe the prices for both issues £1?! Once they download i'll give them a flick through.

Keep on rocking you Crazy Comic Critic (i love aliteration too :P).

GhostNPC said...

I gotta say, Heather Nunnnelly and Isaia are Very very good. Hope either of them are the artist you pick up. :D

Juan said...

so I have them!
Joyful Jenny

and I have a little old sampel of sequential art, its some years ld so you would guess I have improved:
it's in spanish, but its just to illustrate I can tell a story in sequential art, I hope.

The Window Keeper said...

*facepalm* In all my tiredness, I forgot my email: or I use both, of them, but my yahoo one is the better bet.

Hossrex said...

Wow... I'm seldom serious when I say this... but for once I absolutely mean it when I say... I'm AMAZED how much quality art has been demo'd here.

Assuming a handful of the people here are serious, and able to provide this quality work in a timely, and sequential fashion, Lewis will be back on track in no time.

When I first came to the thread, I'd expected TERRIBLE examples... but honestly... none of the deviantart sites I looked at were bad.

Well done by everyone.

You should all congratulate yourselves. I have my favorites, but I'm not going to insult anyone by listing them.

Juan said...

o yeh my email too

Hammer said...

I, HÃ¥vard Karlsen, humbly offer my services as an artist for your writings.
You can gander at a selection of my drawings at . The drawings I’ve put up are usually drawings where I try to copy a style of another artist, drawings where I practice anatomy, or various comics I’ve made. I’ve named all related drawings the same, so it’s easier to find what you’re looking for.
I recommend you look at these specifically:
Very new comic 1-9, starting at
Mask of the Revolution 1-3, starting at
Comic 1-4, starting at
A number of the most recent drawings are photographed, instead of scanned. That is because I’ve temporarily lost access to my scanner. I’ll get it back next week, however.

Most of my older works can be found at my website,, but it’s in Norwegian, and anyway I uploaded and translated my best and most relevant stuff to deviantART.

I’ve always wanted to draw a story written by someone else, but I’ve never had the opportunity. As much as possible, I like to adapt my art style to the specific story, which is why much of my art is drawn in different styles. Drawing for Revolution of the Mask, I would have to focus on drawing more realistically, and pay more attention to, among other things, backgrounds.
When I’m only drawing for myself and the very few people who regularly visits my site, I don’t really feel inclined to make perfect art. When I looked through my work as I uploaded it to DA, I saw a lot of small mistakes and just general laziness. If I were to draw for a larger audience, I’d be more motivated to notice and fix these mistakes.

I’ve got a paypal account (useful when searching eBay for hidden treasures), and I’ve got some experience in colouring, if it should prove necessary.

I noticed just now that Gamma-117 isn’t actually mentioned as one of the characters you wanted drawn (unless he’s got another name). But I didn’t know his name at first, and he seemed a central character, so I didn’t think more about it. Hope you don’t mind. I could always draw some of the other characters, if you want.

If you need to contact me, I can be reached at

Frankie Addiego said...

While I don't believe I'm the man for the job, this has motivated me to put my Comics 2 final up and to do a sketch of Joyful Jenny on my blog.

I'll be sure to let others know about the big search as I'm sure someone much more qualified than I is lurking about cyberspace.