Friday, May 21, 2010

Kickassia Part 6: Double Feature Conclusion!

The epic conlusion to the feature-length miniseries!

Second feature! It's Miller Time! ‎


Anonymous said...

Awww, poor Nostalgia Critic.... we barely knew ye. It's a shame that Linkara didn't slip his Power Rangers fandom into this. As Nostalgia Critic is on the ropes, about to be defeated... there so should have been a cutaway to Rita Repulsa throwing her wand and making Nostalgia Critic grow. But I guess that would be kinda redundant with the whole Mecha-Kara ending featuring Power Rangers. Oh well.

Aeon said...

The Dr. Who funtimes were fantastic. I'm not sure how The Spirit review was written, but y'all's styles meshed together very well.


Does this mean Dr. Linksano has TARDIS access somehow?

ParalaxKaine said...

Loved the review and the doctor who references were top notch. Im just sad that film Brain had the sonic Screwdriver instead of you. I also must agree with Linksaino, melting kittens is just wrong. But why did the cat have glass eyes? Keep up the great work linkara though instead of punchinf Film Brain personally i would have trapped him on Rimmer World.

Celey said...

Hmmm.... The ending was satisfactory. I wouldn't quite say epic.... But satisfactory. The whole thing, in general, though, was quite epic. And I'm quite happy... :)... It was fun! :D...

.... //@.@\\'... No wonder you were freaked out when Film Brain locked you in to watch this horrible, horrible movie. My God (BEES! Oh wait, nope...). You two are brave... Well... you are. Considering you're the sane one... Film Brain is probably too insane in the membrane to be effected by the awfulness of this movie.

I don't think there's anything wrong with loving women.... But... Frank Miller takes it to a very high level of creepiness. //O_o\\'.... Although, I'd say... He seems to do that with everything. No one is safe. Not even the poor, innocent kittens. :(

Anonymous said...

Oh god.. just watched The Spirit review. Dear god. It's just so painful. Don't get me wrong, I enjoy some cheese. Hell, I don't even hate Batman & Robin as much as some people. But seriously.... WTF was that? Sam Jackson in a Nazi Uniform? Melting Kittens leaving big cute eyes behind? Was Frank Miller trying to violate Wil Eisner's Spirit in every way possible?

It's almost too bad that Ebony White was left out. After all, Miller managed to offend every else. Why not put in an offensive Black stereotype as well. Maybe he was saving that for the sequel, where we find out that The Spirit's offensive sidekick is really the flawed regeneration of The Octopus. Oh Frank Miller, you have done it again. Made Baby Jesus weep.

Detour said...

Melting cats?
As a kitty widower, I henceforth make it my goal in life to find Frank Miller and punch him in the face.

Repeatedly. Until his idiotic lunacy is driven out of him.

...I may be at it a while.

Detour said...

Oh. And far be it from me to bring up old memes...

But you missed a prime opportunity for an I AM A MAN PUNCH at the end there.

BuddhaBot said...

"Why is Death a Woman?"

You read Infinity Gauntlet linkara, YOU tell me.

wiikendwarrior84 said...

Finally this series is done! Can we get some History of Power Rangers now? If it's not up by Sunday night I will not watch another Linkara till I see one!

Katie said...

"I rise again after three days!"

/marks that off the "called it" list

Not sure how I feel about that ending, especially the explanation of Insano's disappearance being, "I got better." That bit was kind of a letdown after four episodes' worth of buildup. It makes me think Insano might come back, however. All in all, I did enjoy Kickassia, and I was pretty happy to see the use of, "You magnificent bastard I read your book!" Well done.

As for the review of the Spirit...ouch. I'm really glad I didn't go see that when it came out, especially with the...melting...kittens...and all.

"...there's one thing you never put in a trap: me."

Aw, does this mean I have to catch up on my Series 5 Doctor Who now? I was so enjoying my Moffat-free little world. :/

@Perpugilliam Linksano = the Master? Now there's a terrifying thought.

Turkish Proverb said...

ooh...sonic screwdriver...

The Question said...


Few, though I was expecting him to give Critic back his diabetes.

TTL said...

I enjoy being the fan who's thinking "It's awesome Linkara is in a Star Trek uniform, but could someone get him the more accurate version without the red going all around the torso?" while watching the Patton stuff.

libraryguy said...

Firstly: Linkara, I must congratulate you and the cast and crew and the Baugh family for bringing us six days of pure awesome.

Secondly: I kept wincing throughout the entire review due to how badly the comics were butchered, but there is one thing that wasn't entirely wrong. The Spirit in the comics is a little bit of a Pornomancer (albeit a G rated one), so Miller's take didn't entirely come out of nowhere, but well... 'tis Miller, after all.

Also, when I think that Brad Bird tried to get an animated version of The Spirit onto the screen, I weep for what should have been.

@BuddhaBot Seeing as how the Spirit is now a DC property, I'd have referenced the Endless.

Anonymous said...

Ah Santa Christ is back
thought you were keeping his return for the nearest Christmas special

Seeing that Spirit is officially owned by DC now and also a part of the DC universe in a way, having Death being a woman actually makes perfect sense

That movie actually seems interesting
Guilty pleasures, those are my favourites

Anonymous said...

"Some people say that Frank Miller's work is derogatory towards women. I don't believe that. However, I do think Frank Miller has a seriously disillusioned vision of how women operate if he sincerely believes Marv is too ugly for even the prostitutes to throw him a bone."

"I’m not on board with this modern trend of telling men that they should act less like men. I dream of a world where the beer is cheap and plentiful, violence can still be an acceptable solution to life’s problems, and no one ever has to talk about their feelings."

Words told by an actual woman.
Also the creator of this web-comic

Claire said...

"Could this be any more raciallyinsensitive?"

Well, yes. For example, you could mistake a Japanese motif for "dressing like Fu Manchu".. who was "Chinese".


Good review, though. You play well together.

Mountain King said...

Lets deal with the Sprit review first. I was wondering if you were going to review this cinematic equivalant of a mid-air desaster. I recently bought this on DVD (it was going cheap and I wanted to know just how bad it was) and was stunned at just how unimaginative and stupid this was. Are women some sort of mindless object in Millers eyes who's only purpose in life is to get men riled up?
I spent hours arguing with my tutors that we were finally evolving past rampant sexism and that we were finaly beginning to grow as a culture. It looks like I was wrong, or the world has gone backwards since Joss Wheadon wrote Buffy.
Above all the Sprit was a waste of tallent. Sam L. Jackson is a great actor who's done a lot of good work. Scarlett Johanson is also a good actress who has tallent and looks (unlike Megan Fox who is so stupid you can see daylight through her ears). All in all this film was crap of the highest order and I'm glad to see you tore it apart.
I was also happy to see the Doctor Who Referances, expecialy the modern Who bit about the Trap. One Question though, where the hell did you hear that Quote in time to rip it off? There is no way the episode was broadcast over there in time to film this.

Now onto the Kickassia epic. I have to say I was underwelmed. If you're goign to criticise somebodys work you better have a firm defence, otherwise known as throwing rocks from your glass tower. I'm fairly sure all of you colud have acted a hell of a lot better than you did here.
You seemed to be parodies of your charicters more than anything else. On behalf of englishmen everywhere I have to pint out that Film Brain's role was a little too silly, when we are raving psycotics we're usaly a lot more effective, and the survivors usualy envy the dead (much like those that witnessed All Star Batman and Robin)
Your Patton bit however was dead on, the man could only just lead water down hill at the end of the day.

Still I couldn't hope to pull off anything like this so my glass tower is cracked already. In the end, is spite of my misgivings of the crossover at the core, this was a great week. My congratulations

AKA Mountain King

Green Ninja said...

That movie is so unbelivable bad. I watched last year knowing, that it would prbably really, really bad but it still took me by surprise.

Mags said...

Loved Kickassia all the way through. You guys really go the extra mile the entertain us. XD

Out of all the crossovers that took place during the Kickassia event, I'd have to say the one with you and Film Brain is easily my fave. Gotta love the Doctor Who references too (that reminds me, new episode of DW is on tonight, yay).

...I want some of Linksano's pie. D:

Will Lorus said...

Wow, you and Matthew were excellent together. I would say that is the best crossover you've ever done, the two of you meshed perfectly. Commentary please! (you know, if you want.)

That film looked dire, I love Miller Time though so it was a pleasent surprise. I can't believe that film was greenlit, or that it wasn't advertised as a parody at least.

Have you seen Iron Man 2? Did you enjoy it? I'm a huge Iron Man nerd so I'm interested. I thought it was good but I'll watch anything with Scarlett Johansson. Damn, those henchmen were not wrong about her!

SpotWeld said...

I know "The Spirit" was going to be bad, just from the trailers. Thanks for risking your metal health to know how much of a bullet I dodged with that.

Also. Excellent Doctor Who references! Especially those opening credits.

Anonymous said...

I think you were a little bit too harsh on Miller with the metaphors about the city

Considering it's Frank we are talking about here, those were some pretty nice attempts at being poetic

日本文化のマニアック said...

1) Nice Patton impression!

2) Of COURSE death is a woman! She's a cute little goth girl, everybody knows that. Psht, next you'll be wondering why Dream is a man... ;)

3) You know, I'm starting to think that given the way he talks about them, Frank Miller actually has an inferiority complex to women. They are beautiful, sexy beings, vastly superior to him. So he has to sexualize them and make them slobber over his male characters to make himself feel better. Poor guy, must have real issues...

4) Every last scene you showed of the movie only made me think how much I'd rather be watching Sin City. It's amazing what a competent director can do for a movie, isn't it? For all its hyper-stylization and sexualized female character and pretentious monologues, Sin City was a movie, one that actually worked on a lot of levels. This? This is not a movie. I really recommend you check out Roger Ebert's scathing rip on it. It's not as nasty as his review of, say, North, but he pretty much declares it devoid of all merit.

Runnerbelow said...

"Et tu, Film Brain?" At 02:45 of part 6, please tell me I'm not the only one who got that Julius Caesar reference. That was a great end to an epic series of Kickassia.

BallsMonkey said...

Loved that Spirit review. I pretty much had the exact same reaction when I sat through that shit.

And Kickassia was indeed epic.

Kate Holden said...

So many Doctor Who references! Fantastic!
I'm really glad I didn't bother checking out that film now, it looks awful!

SuperPleb said...

@ Mountain King

The trap thing has been in the trailers since the start of the season.

Celey said...

"Et tu, Brutus?"

Nope. You're not the only one. It's really not that much of a surprise. NC seems to be a major Shakespeare fanatic.

deuxhero said...

No "I am a man"?

Katie said...

@ Mountain King:

Speaking as an American Whovian, we don't all wait for BBCA to get caught up on the new episodes. If you're internet savvy, you can find just about anything these days, even if it only aired an hour ago overseas. ;)

Mitch said...

Jeez, the amount of people acting like they've been put out by Kickassia really annoys me.

Glad we got to see your Patton homage, as it was definitely the highlight of the trailer. I really enjoyed the whole thing, though I'm surprised there was so little Joe, as it seemed to be the perfect film for him, and his moments with Baugh's family were hilarious.

But I'm leaving this message primarily to comment on your review with FilmBrain. That has got to be the best crossover since the original Spooning with Spoony. I have never watched FilmBrain's reviews before, simply because the abbreviations for series on TGWTG confuse me so I tend to only go there for Nostalgia Critic and Nostalgia Chick. Needless to say I will be following him now. That was a brilliantly funny review which had me reacting as if I was watching the film itself.

Well done, Linkara. Keep up the sensational work.

BuddhaBot said...

@libraryguy: Well seeing as how it's implied HE'S read Infinity Gauntlet (fyi so have I, loved it) from one of his previous videos, and he has yet to mention "Endless" (which I have not read YET, hence wouldn't have come up with that comparison on the spot), I think my joke can stand on it's own without that correction.

Hebe said...

Wow, I had no idea how bad that movie was. But I do love it when Miller Time rolls around. Also, wouldn't the best plan have been to cut him apart while he was still unconscious? I suppose that makes too much sense and doesn't include enough gratuitous sexy women for this movie.

Linkara, you are really slipping. I could buy this as long as Linkasano was hiding out, but the man is making pie in your house! How could you fail to notice delicious pie?

R said...

First off, you deserve a medal for sitting through The Spirit. I don't know who to blame more, Miller for making the schlock or the studio for letting him.

Secondly, Kickassia was awesome. I almost suspected the Santa Christ who showed up in this episode of being the Mollosian President in disguise.

Emma said...

Wait... Linkara (obviously epic), plus Film Brain (epic as well), PLUS Doctor Who (the only fandom I've ever sold my soul to)?! I... I don't know if I can handle this. *proceeds to go die of too much awesome*

Nirron said...

I loved Kickassia, Very good show you guys put toghether.
I do not let things such as the over sexualisation of women, Or The representing men as sex crazed maniacs get to me.

the reason being i know real men, Good men. My Grandfather, Most passionate man in the world. Built homes, And fixed homes for most of his neighbors, Both out of kindness, And as a career. Willing to do anything in the world to protect his family. Smartest man i've known, though He never even made it past the sixth grade.

Thing is, Men who get in street brawls, And prostitutes who offer services to men are covered in the media. Men and women like my grand parents, Are never truely focused on.

Now adays to be deep, One must focus on the grim, Gritty side of life. showing men as alcaholics (I'm not saying that alcaholism is not a problem. I know a few people, Even realatives who where addicts.) Women as sex objects, ETC.
Don't get me wrong, Stories like "Monster" And "The watchmen" are great. But we all truely know thats not all there is to the world.
Most of our bassis on society in general is built up on A.The small part of the world we see, And live in, And B. what we see on the news, And on TV.
You may refer to this as an incoherent mess of a thought (you would be justified) but it is a highly sensitive issue with me.

Also i'm not gripeing at Linkara (He was just doing his duty by pointing out the horrible writing) nor the commenters. Just had a thought.

The only thing left to say is, Good review. Though i really did not find it very humorous (What with the given source materials)

Unknown said...

i liked the sprite when the cops smiled at sprite like old batman show i knew it was camp

Wayne said...

I guess I'm the only person alive that liked The Spirit.

Death being a woman (not that unusual) and always chasing Spirit because his super power is to make women fall in love with him? I dunno, I just find that funny as hell.

I found myself kind of hating it 20 minutes in because I expected something a little more Sin City. Then I realized that it was a parody of that style and rolled with it.

Captain Rufus said...

Thanks to all the TWTG team for your neato project!

It was kind of silly, but yall clearly had loads of fun doing it, which I would hope is the point of all the stuff you guys do to begin with.

Take it from someone with a job they hate. If you can do something you love or enjoy?


Rock on, and I can only imagine what mayhem will happen next year.

Anonymous said...

Look Linkara not to be disrespect you but I kinda liked The Spirit it was corny yes but still I liked it.

Unknown said...

I totally overlooked this (I didn't check the Kickassia posts here but on TGWTG), so thanks Lewis for pointing out to me that you already posted it here in the comments of the Warrior review.
I watched it on TGWTG, but since I don't know how the whole advertisement money gets directed I'll watch it again here.

I also want to compliment you on the deliverance of the "trap" speech Matt Smith did it a tad better - but only a tad.

I'll now go and cry a silent tear for Rory :'(

Le Fred said...

I personally LOVED the Spirit... I saw it with no knowledge whatsoever of Miller or the book it was based on and my only prejudice towards it was "this thing looks like its gonna be a bad Sin City immitation". Was I pleasently surprised by the overall RIDICULOUSNESS of the thing. And there's nothing I like so than a good absurd over the top story.
As for death, death as been quite often portrayed as a woman, nothing new there (damn Deadpool falls in love with lady death at some point and it's awesome, so why not) And I did think his superpower was being iresistible (not only over women, mind you, there is a short scene where a guy "falls" for him) and the relationship he has with women IS more than just "I love you, you love me, we're a happy orgy" Women serve as much as his strenght and as his weakness, since he has as much power over them as they have on him (they even seem to have more... I mean... he gets stabbed and rejected, not something he could do to them) Which makes for something more interesting than you would like us to believe ;)
Sure, it may be a rampant thing for Miller to make women whores, but like I said, I saw it before knowing a thing about the guy, so my judgement did not take that into account. Looking at it without any exterior knowledge/prejudice and not taking it like anything meant to be serious, it was actually very good, I thought. Maybe I invented all the subtelty I saw, but meh, "beauty is in the eye of the beholder" they say and things are what you make them to be.

So without further rambling from a senseless hippie, I tip my fancy hat to yours and I'll go admire that Dark Night review I see lying there. Ohohohoho!

Laurie2733 said...

My boyfriend dragged me to see 'The Spirit' ages ago. I thought the comic was ok so I went along, not exactly optimistic but thinking it couldn't be all that bad....

Oh Frank, you never cease to amaze in your capacity to FAIL.

Kickassia was absolutely awesome, you should've been crowned Prime Minister. ^_^

Anonymous said...

The one thing I liked about this movie? The Ditko reference. Yeah, yeah, I'm just a sucker for that kind of thing. Otherwise, this movie was physically painful to watch and listen to.

Ming said...

Kickassia -- the best original web serials ever. Loved the funny scenes, the epic battles, and cameos by other players from the previous brawl like that Chick with the Goggles (she is still planning on returning to Channel Awesome, right?), Ma-Ti, Sean from Epic Fail, Little Miss Gamer as well as Team Four Star, Angry Comic Geek, and of course SANTA CHRIST! Channel Awesome gets the badass seal of approval!

Incidentally, there's a novelization of Kickassia on You should consider checking that one out sometime.

Anyway, love the beatdown of Frank Miller's The Spirit, one of the worst comic book movies ever. Frank should never be allowed to direct again. Loved references to the legendary Dr. Who and a surprise cameo from Dr. Linksano. His reaction to Octopus melting a kitten -- priceless. Things that bad guys will not do -- melting kittens, killing pregnant women or kids, harming loved ones of heroes.

The punch you gave to Film Brain after that "there's one thing you should never put into a trap" speech -- awesome!

CaptainCalvinCat said...

I gotta say, that I actually like "The Spirit" - and mostly, because it was so bad. Gabriel Macht da einen ziemlich guten Job als Grimassenschneider. (German pun on the word "Macht" - it means Power or "to make" in the third form singular. "Gabriel does a pretty good job as grimassing guy".) And that he does. When Sand drops her towel, he turns around and looks like this: O.O
I like that scene, because - well, I cannot see Batman reacting like this. He would growl: "GET SOME CLOTHES!"

The kitten gag and the nazi-gag was tasteless, but I liked the cartoonish things in it, like the "Oh, you are bleeding" and Spirit going like "Erm... oops."

The movie was bad, no question, but... I don`t dislike it. It is a guilty pleasure to me.

There are movies out there, which I completely dislike, and those are the hulk-films. But "the spirit" - like I said: Guilty Pleasure.

And - I absolutely liked the complete Kickassia-Miniseries, besides the "are you a nazi"-gag in the first part.