Friday, May 28, 2010

Warrior #2 and 3


Dr. Linksano unleashes his plan! Can Linkara handle the Destrucity?!


Heath said...

I loved this video, with each person getting an insano identity. Also, love the Mechakara plug at the end. Amazing, just what I expected from my two favorite reviewers.

Alex Stritar said...

Warrior #2 + #3, The War of the Insanos, and the possible return of Mechakara! This vid is awesome!
Both you and Spoony out did yourselves with this one. I also like how you seem to have gotten everyone that came to the Kickassia thing into this.

So, there's a 4th. I wonder if you guys will do that one next year.

JustinT said...

Linkara and Spoony, two of my favorite reviewers team up once again to tackle the DESTRUCITY of the Warrior!

Dear Lord, they published 4 ISSUES of that thing?! Just thinking about it makes me ill.

Great review you guys, loved all the cameos and all the different versions of Linkara and Dr Insano and then the Insanos fight each other, funny stuff.

Uh Oh, Mechakara may be making a comeback. What's Dr Insano up to with him? Can't wait to find out!

SpazzKAt said...

Whoa, lots of cameos and a dun, dun DUN at the end! Did any one person provide the goggles or did everyone bring their own pair?

I love it when you and Spoony work together. Nothing short of fantastic hilarity is ever produced. Things just keep getting better as you both improve at your craft

Matt said...

That was a lot of fun! Also, that comic really made my head hurt.

Yogurt said...


Now THAT was brilliant! Excellent work, Linkara and Spoony (and indeed everyone at Channel Awesome).

By the by, the young lady on your that Iron Liz?

Is she a new act for CA?

Marc Reyes said...

This video 'twas epic, as per the usual.

Welp, Mechakara's back. I think it's time to elevate your power to the next level....

"It's Comin'..."

/draws out a star-shape on a gold plate.

deuxhero said...

While I found Kickassia's main feature a bit dull, I really enjoyed these crossover videos you made during it.

Steve said...

Oh hai, Spoony.

Oh hi, Lewis, I didn't recognize you, you're my best customer.

That's me keep de change oh hi Bearie.

Tommy Wiseau vs the Ultimate Warrior! Nonsense vs Nonsense! Ham vs Ham! Take your Bets!!!

D. William Pfifer said...

There was no part of that video that wasn't made of win. I loved all the cameos and different universes, and the Insanos fighting at the end was AWESOME.

Great job!

...*watches again*

Derek Bown said...

My first reaction when I saw this in my update in blogger was, "Are they seriously reviewing more of these?" I couldn't believe you'd seriously make yourselves suffer like that!

Anonymous said...

This was freaking epic!!!

I really can't believe anyone with a brain would give The Ultimate Warrior a chance to publish a comic book, let alone FOUR!

Epic crossover, epic battle between the Insanos, epic everything, especially the end! Could it be? Mechakara makes a comeback? Things are beginning to shape up! Does this mean the end of the Linksano plot? I doubt it, but still.

Also, don't know what to make of "Iron Liz". When I first saw her, I was like who was she? And after reading the credits... I still don't know who she is. I don't know, maybe she'll be in more stuff.

Anyways, awesome video as usual, Linkara.

Anonymous said...

Who's the person in your house (iron liz)? Relative? Love-interest?

And how come she doesn't know herself?

NewbieBlogger101 said...

Wait if Mechacara is back then wasn't he also shown briefly during the multiple dimension versions of the characters?

Also with all the Insano's i'm getting Gremlin's flashbacks lol.

Curttehmurt said...

The song for the credits, PERFECT

SpazOutLoud said...

One of your best videos dude! ^_^

Celey said...

So, so, so, so cool! :D... This was really awesome! I love all the Insanos!! They were so funny...

And.... Dr. Linksano is the other Schlumper brother! WOW! :D.... What a reveal!

And there's Mechakara!!! Is he going to be back? DUN DUN DUN!

This was great... I'm sure you all were really tired from the whole Kick*ssia thing... but... you guys did a really good job on this. :)... Once again, I'm amazed at the dedication to your fans' entertainment! :)

techgirl3 said...

Nothing short of pure awesome, you (and everyone else) were great, can't wait to see what you do next.

Ron said...

Alright, this Iron Liz thing is driving me insane. When she first appeared, I literally had to pause the video and think "Alright, which series is she from?" I figure she's either a relative or your girlfriend, but I'm not going to be able to relax until I know for sure!

Other than that, epic crossover, Linkara. Every second was pure win! I mean, the two "real" 'Sanos teaming up, the possible return of Mechakara, there's no way to top that!

Between this and the Kickassia main event, I'm wondering just how you guys plan to top this all next year.

Gyre said...

The thing I hate most about this* is that people were actually paid to write this. I was writing better stuff than this for my own amusement when I was in high school. The fact that people were actually paid (sometimes large) amounts of money to make garbage is just an insult to everything in written and visual mediums.

On another note, the crossover was cool.

*I mean Warrior and 9/10s of all other comics appearing on this site, no offense is intended to Linkara!

Ben Arzate said...

Man that was awesome. I can see why Spoony wants to give Insano a rest for awhile though.

I have to wonder if he really did threaten people to publish these comics the way they were. Even the average Subnormality comic has less words than this.

libraryguy said...

Groovy show, boys and girls. Of course, now I'm left wondering what you'll do for the Year 4 crossover, assuming you finish ripping the series apart next year. I wouldn't be opposed to you two joining forces to properly castigate One More Day.

JS Partisan said...

Okay that made my day. Thank you Noah, Lewis, and everyone else in this video for making me laugh five minutes straight. It's much appreciated.

Nerdking said...

So... Hypertime just got raped beyond repair correct?

Katie said...

I'm with deuxhero: Kickassia was alright, but all the crossover videos coming out of it are hilariously awesome. Looks like you all made good use of that Nevada hotel room.

RE Warrior: booze mixes poorly with my cold medicine and I don't think I can attempt to make sense of that comment stone cold sober, so I think I'll pass on that one. Still. Ouch.

RE Mechakara: Called it. So totally called it.

All in all, even if it looked like a painful comic, you all did a fantastic job. Kudos.

heartofiron said...

hahahah I loved this video. Great follow up to an already awesome review!
I tracked down a copy of Warrior #1 and 2 and I can't make sense of it either.

The Falc'e will decide...if you are worthy of being a L'cie Hoak Hogan!! And when you feel the power of the Gran Pulse running in your vains, this Cocoon will not be your Sanctum Hoak Hogan!! Not even an Eidolon can match this power Hoak Hogan!! The power of the....WARRIOR!!!

Anonymous said...

Beary (or is it Barry) Insano was the best thing I saw all day. Great job. I can't wait to see how you guys do #4.

MFlorian said...

That was amazing. You really put a ton of effort into these stories.

I guess this was the video Spoony was referencing in his Kickassia commentary.

So, does this mean you're going to do Issue #4 next year?

Can reality handle that kind of strain?

I can only imagine what would happen if universe after universe were to collapse on each other.

Why, 5 MFlorians would ... um ... slack off even more!

It would make Lovecraft look like Hallmark!

Anonymous said...

Who is Iron Liz some one please tell me its going to bother me for ever and ever and ever

Peachy said...

Ok fair play, that was freaking awesome!

PWBOT said...

Impressive work once again Linkara. I can see why Spoony didn't wanted to do the review on the first day. All this amount of work is just incredible and the return of Mechakara? Or did Insano melt him down to his robot eye? So Year 3, Warrior #4?

Unknown said...

You guys spoil us - first Kickassia now this seemingly endless stream of crossover vids.
BTW will the "Spirit" vid with Filmbrain be shown here, too? It's set before this chronologically, right? - Oh look at me wondering/worrying about chronology in this creative chaos.
Anyway (elipsis)
I loved every second of this - but my top 3 moments have to be in no specific order:
The Schlumper mention
Angry Joe turning out to be regular-this'verse-AngryJoe
And Insane Brain using his sonic screwdriver to defeat his competition.

Lewis Lovhaug said...

"You guys spoil us - first Kickassia now this seemingly endless stream of crossover vids.
BTW will the "Spirit" vid with Filmbrain be shown here, too? It's set before this chronologically, right? - Oh look at me wondering/worrying about chronology in this creative chaos."

Already posted the Spirit review here. ^_~

Mags said...

Curse you Linkara and Spoony! Now I want to draw fanart of this awesome event! That was indeed awesome, I bet that was hard to direct and film. But now I have more questions than answers... *shrugs* that's hypertime/space for you.

I hope that wasn't the end of Linksano, he still has so much more SCIENCE to do!

And the ending... ooooh, you tease. Bringing back an old face (or part of it in this case) comic book style! I love it!

Now if you'll excuse me, I have mutant bananas to train... *adjusts her goggles and limps back to her room*

Oracle said...

All that crazed giggling is going to haunt me for days. Well done,indeed! I don't know how you survive these comics.

Trying to decide which is my favourite universe. Probably the silent film one. Hehe, I'm such a nerd.

Jii said...

I just love it when you two get together! ... ;D

Carry said...

Ha-HA! Insanos of the Multiverse FTW!

A most impressive feat of revewing and editing, Mr. Lovhaug. Good job, you and all your fellow stars made this review quite memorable. ^^

As for the MechaKara plug at the end, I expected as much. He's too cool a villain to stay dead, just like any respectable comic villain out there. x3

Carry said...

^^ Multiverse Insanos FTW!

A most impressive feat of reviewing and editing, Mr. Lovhaug. I'm so glad you and Spoony could put this together with everyone's help! And finally, I look forward to more stuff with this "Iron Liz" character.

Finalement, I just knew that MechaKara was only as dead as any supervil CAN be in comics. x3

Anonymous said...

I was so, so happy to see this video. The Warrior #1 review was one of the funniest reviews you'd done, and the comic itself was laugh-out-loud-worthy even without commentary. I never tire of the goofy Warrior voice that you two read the comics with, and the dimensional alterations never cease to amuse me. I think that my favorite one in Warrior #1 was the "bad acting" reality, and my favorite one in this review was the "silent movie" reality.

You all did a fantastic job with this video. Congratulations! I can only hope that you'll conclude the series next year!

Natasha Bennett said...

Good job on this. You have so many enemies right now! Doctor Insano, Linksano, two potential armies of Insano, not to mention Mechakara + Black Lantern Spoony if they team up again.

You might want to trade your magic gun for a magic machine gun. :)


Anonymous said...

I wish Dr.Insano and Linkara were really brothers separated at birth.

captian ghost said...

Loved the vid lewis,it makes me want to.......TAKE OVER THE WORLD!
(whith science and DESTRUCITY!)

Benjamin J said...

Insano-mageddon! Sweet.

I was hoping you'd get around to the remaining Warrior comics. I only wish that everyone else present for the review got a chance to read the comic in their own Warrior voice.

One of my favorite parts of this review actually, was probably not intentional: In one of the Warrior-rant clips taken from the Self Destruction DVD, there's a single frame, blink-and-you'll miss-it shot of Chris Jericho looking utterly, completely confused by Warrior's insanity. That says a thousand words.

I guess you guys pretty much have to do issue #4 now, right?

Unknown said...

Who is that guy/girl thing that no one knew after the "Star Child" reference?

Lewis Lovhaug said...

"Who is that guy/girl thing that no one knew after the "Star Child" reference? "

"And Introducing Iron Liz."


KaiKasparek said...

This is what that piece of shit Kickassia (yea I said it, so sue me) should have been. Well done good sir! I look forward to first usage of "let's asphalt this asshole!"

Dan Shive said...

Wait, I'm confused. Aren't these views of alternate universes? If so, why was Lindskara confused, and why didn't she seem surprised by Marzsano? Was the Insano of that world always Marzsano, and Lindskara was a transformed Linkara? But then why was Marzsano's voice Insano's? Or was that Linksano? Does every universe have a Linksano? They shouldn't, because he jumped from one universe to another, but then again, if there are infinite universes--*head explodes*

Dan Shive said...

Okay, my head's better now. Thank God for duct tape, because I remembered something else: what was Linkara about to review prior to Insano / Linksano intervention?

Anonymous said...

Snappy snappy <3

Unknown said...

Let's hope Warrior doesn't ever come in contact with Santa Christ; who know what Warrior will do to poor Santa Christ!

Unknown said...

Okay then,
Who is Iron Liz? Your girlfriend or something?

James said...

Spoony Warrior's comment got me thinking: what would a Linkara comic contain?

The Mad Scientist said...

"Spoony Warrior's comment got me thinking: what would a Linkara comic contain?"

I believe the answer there would be REVOLUTION OF THE MASK!!!!!

Amazing crossover, Lewis. I loved every second of it. You and Noah did an oustanding job.

NGT said...

I can haz awesome?

...well sort of. I don't think this was quite as good as the original Warrior review, though the skits staged with other people will definitely high points the raw content of you and Spoony just wasn't as good as last time.

The Insano mass combat at the end was great, though.

Unknown said...

Iron Liz is Handsome Tom's wife, otherwise known as Perfect Liz I assume.

Lewis Lovhaug said...

"Iron Liz is Handsome Tom's wife, otherwise known as Perfect Liz I assume."

Nope, Iron Liz isn't Perfect Liz.

Unknown said...

Damn, and I confused her appearance too, and I won't ask after failing to guess.

Unknown said...

Although Iron Liz had to be the best surprise in the episode! That is one pretty masculine voice IL has.

Green Ninja said...

Great show, I love it when the gangs come together. All the different Insanos. Film Brain seemded to enjoy the roll a lot as well.
You have to tell me where you all got those googles. I always assumed you just borrowed yours from Spoony. ^^
Speculating about Iron Liz: well, she does sit on Lewis' couch, so she might become a regular and I believe we already saw most of your closer family in the christmas special. My guess is girlfriend. ;)

Anonymous said...

Must have been a lot of work editing this video. But it payed. It was great.

ZeroSD said...

I gotta say the comics themselves are so painful and disjointed I don't think they're the best reviews, but I *loved* the Insano stuff!

'Specially Dr. Bearsano!

Great episode.

James said...

Vigilante: Not a comic by Linkara, a comic featuring Linkara.

Claire said...

The 'The Room' section: A+. And I am pro-bikerlinkara(?)!

Insano-fight was GREAT.

Fun fun watch, guys!

(You need more girlcharacters though!)

Anonymous said...

I'm kind of flabbergasted no one has mentioned the 1408 reference yet. It came out of nowhere and I laughed so hard.

This whole video was brilliant, and I know Warrior 4 is probably coming during the next crisis crossover for TGWTG next year. Probably. Though, I know how dangerous this level of crazy can be. BE CAREFUL, LINKARA.

Anonymous said...

This may piss you off, but the story actually made sense to me

it's a story of a man with split personality told from his inner perspective

It's all there, facing one's own perception of themselves, conquering the inner beast, coming in touch with ones inner child and all that other philosophical shit

It made me think of a deformed love-child of Neon Genesis Evengelion and the Tick after years of steroid abuse!

Anonymous said...

the part with the Warrior's ribbons talking to him reminds me a bit of Elfen Lied

perhaps the same symbolism?

Mountain King said...

There's a reason I held back reviewing this. Put simply I didn't want to believe anything this badly writen could truly exist, so I read it.

That's right, abusing the pause button I READ every painful word you scanned. I now know just how bad this is (including the part that almost defeated both you and Spoony).

My god. who, how, what, why? It actually felt as if I was losing braincells while the letters assulted my eyes.

The warrior must be one of the biggest jokes I have ever seen. People wonder why wrestleing is a bad joke to most of the world, I wonder how anyone in the universe could take it seriously. This comic is a blight on the landscape of the graphic medium and should be recognised as everything tht is wrong with 90's era US comics. From the art, psudo phelosphy and mindless writing.

Mountain King

MalixDexide said...

That was so FUNNY! Love the Babylon 5 reference there! I can't believe they made 4 issues! 4 freaken issues!

I can never... understand what the Warrior... is saying. It's... just so... freaking... stupid... What's with the... constant... misuse of the... ellipsis? Not even I... use them... THAT much...

Oufer Godsake said...

"This may piss you off, but the story actually made sense to me

it's a story of a man with split personality told from his inner perspective

It's all there, facing one's own perception of themselves, conquering the inner beast, coming in touch with ones inner child and all that other philosophical shit

It made me think of a deformed love-child of Neon Genesis Evengelion and the Tick after years of steroid abuse!"

I have no doubt that the Warrior had some sort of inner-struggle metaphors and phycological ideas in mind; but it doesn't matter if you can't put it words. It's like watching the Matrix in french. It may look interesting and you may even bee able to pick up on some of the plot, but most of the time you'll just end up saying "What the hell is happening?"

Anonymous said...

@ Malix

Its obvious... Warrior always talks... LIKE this... Hoke Hogan!

I think its suppose to be pauses in speech, but they can use other forms beside an ellipsy. It gets very old fast, and I should know I use them quite often.

Iron Liz said...

Hehe... I like the part with Iron Liz the best :)

Lewis put a link to my Blog on his Home Page. Here it is again:

Yay for breaking the silence >.<

Undeadpool said...

Rally, Linkara! He might be a warrior...but YOU ARE A MAN!!!

Unknown said...

I really loved the 1408 reference. That is my favorite Stephen King film, and I always think of it whenever I hear that song, now.

Before 1408 came out, that song always made me think of Eerie, Indiana^^

Moar Iron Liz!!

Fizz said...

Wow, this video is just a bunch of nerds nerdgasming really really hard. Doesn't make it any less awesome though.

NGT said...

I just realized something rewatching this.

The possessed Warrior? He talks like Hulk Hogan complete with the whole "brother" thing.

Subtle, Mr. Hellwig. Subtle.

Ming said...

I've stated before that the Ultimate Warrior comic is the ULTIMATE WORST COMIC EVER! Well, I stand by my statement. All the other bad stories -- Amazons Attack, Superman at Earth's End, DC Countdown, Ultimates 3, Dark Knight Strikes Again, Batman Fortunate Son -- at least had some kind of plot. Hell, even Spider-Man One More Day, Cry for Justice, and Rise of Arsenal wasn't that bad compared to Warrior. Warrior is just a 40-page rant on destrucity that only he understands.

This episode is still awesome. Funny scenes include Angry Joe's appearance before Linkara shows up and the surprise cameo appearance by Iron Liz.

The battle of the Insanos (and the subsequent beatdown by the Channel Awesome line-up) -- epic moment for the win.

Damienx247 said...

Anti-Comic justifies my hate!

Jeremy A. Patterson said...

I am awaiting the upcoming 'WWF: Wait 'Til I Get My Hand On..." review (The last remaining Warrior comic to review), even though you were promising Marvel's WCW comic!