Monday, August 23, 2010

Action Comics #592

Superman hangs out with old people and Big Barda considers other career options... at least she will when this whole ordeal is done with.


Mountain King said...

First of all you missed the ultimate Star Trek reference, the infamous episode Plato's Stepchildren (the bit where Spock is forced to dance and then ride Kirk, like a donkey, by powerful psychic beings that think they are gods…). It would have fitted brilliantly in the bit where Barda is forced to dance.

Speaking of the character, Big Barda is one of my favourite underused DC characters. She really is one powerful woman; head strong, violent, opinionated. She'd fight anyone to the death for half such the insult delivered to her here. Quite what the point of this comic, other than an introduction to Barda, is will probably remain a mystery

Another clip that would have been interesting for you to use would have ben her brief role in Batman Beyond (the two parter "The Call" captured her quite well, if a little two diminutional). I'm sure that there are more than a few people who aren't sure exactly who Barda is that a brief bio would have helped with.

A large part of me REALLY doesn't want to have to guess as to what's coming next, but like a train wreck that undoubtably involved small kittens on the tracks and a large amount of innocent people (maybe children on a school bus) coming the other way I'm going have to watch it.

I hope for a longer one next week as this felt very much like an introduction to the far, far worse issue to come.


Last time I checked Darkside's Omega Gaze obliterated it's opponent, not simply teleported them across the cosmos. It must be one of those writers tools where they simply ignore established rules for literacy convenience.

Brian said...

Next Time: Sexy Dance party? :)

Trevor said...

Good review Linkara, can't wait until next week!

However, these thoughts did linger in my mind:

1) About the trap doors: It is implied that Sleeze has been on
Earth for hundreds of years. Maybe he's built trap doors in the sewers, since he's got nothing else to do.

2) Yeah, that was pretty bad what Superman said to Big Barda. If I wrote this comic, the first thing I'd do is have Barda punch Kal-El for his terrible comment about her appearance.

3) What's the big deal with Sleeze? He seems like your typical second-banana character so how did Barda get kidnapped by him for two days? LAME.

Anonymous said...

Is this the comic i heard about, where Superman is forced to film a video?

maharas said...

yeah good ol byrne who has some beef with other writers going and has like every coin two sides.

Jannet_Jazz said...

That rant you had about Supes's insensitive comment?

Best part of the video and goes up there in my list of best speeches you've ever made (Act of God III and Countdown Top Ten are my two favorites in that regard).

You earned yourself an Apricot Milkshake for this, sweetheart. Congratulations!


Auntie Jannet's Delectable Apricot Milkshake (for awesome people only!):

1 Cup sliced Apricots
1 Cup Whole Milk
2 Scoops of Grape Nut Ice Cream (or Vanilla)
1 table spoon of Pure Cane Sugar

Blend and enjoy, Linkara!

areoborg said...

So next week they're forced to listen to 70s porno music? THOSE MONSTERS!

Erik Johnson Illustrator said...

Chick Fil-a closed on Sundays, The Stars going out, Wearing Sunglasses on his Pancreas, Darkseid sitting on Couches. haha. You've got some great zingers in this episode.

Agreed. This issue doesn't suck, but knowing whats to come doesn't make it any better.

LM888 said...

Can I just say that I really hope for a reference involving the Human Horn selling alien from Futurama, The one that looked like a chameleon, for next week. Cause Sleeze reminds me of him.

Unknown said...

I've never read a comic. I never really plan to (I don't judge though), but strangely enough, I do keep watching your show. I'm not sure why this is, but you can sure as hell take this as a compliment. Keep up the good work, and perhaps you'll convert me someday. :)

James Faraci said...

As a reference to "Shaun Of The Dead" the song "Don't Stop Me Now" by Queen. Who Put That On?

ShadowWing Tronix said...

Oh, no. Not the porn story. I've already heard more about that than I ever wanted to.

As for the "glop" comment, it could be that Superman knew that was possibly forced on her as well as was trying to make a joke rather than insult her, but it depends on the writer. I'll point back to your Act of God review and note that some people REALLY don't know how to write Superman.

Sadly, that includes the same guy who brought us Babylon 5. It's like he's writing Forest Gump fused with Dr. Phil.

Shada said...

OMG! Linkara, this review was great! I was giggling nearly all through it (which reaallly freaks my kids out). Keep up the excellent work!

JD said...

I'm familar with the storyline (and the more infamous second part) and I look forward to your next review.

Also, I'm loving the Doctor Who references, but then you're mixing my two favorite things, Who and comics.

cjhitchcock said...

awesome Doctor Who reference!

Great review like always.

TheUberNerdyKid said...

A shorter episode by your standards, but still enjoyable. Next week sounds... interesting?

I never understood the logic of criminals. They rob woman, and when the woman try to fight back, there considered a ''crazy bitch.'' "It's like, ''You tried to fight back when were stealing your money and possessions? YOU CRAZY BITCH!"

Jaebird said...

What--there's going to be more Spooning with Spoony?

Also, I guess Barda and Diana must have the exact same body type and features for Superman to not be able to know the difference.

FugueforFrog said...

A few notes:
1. You were on fire with the Muppet references this time, considering Yoda and the "Bein' Green" bit at the end.
2. You know when they were talking about "Burning Bright", I was expecting you to mention our old buddy Snowflame...but he's too epic for someone like Darkseid and Sleez to learn from.
3. Every time I see Barda here I see She-Hulk...I can't help it with the way Byrne gave her part of her character...and that first pic of her peeved off was just Shulkie with human flesh tones.
4. Heh...Power Rod...yeah, at least she doesn't get as alive as Mary Marvel with her rod.

Jesse said...

I thought Barda was 7 ft tall? Anyway this seemed like a rather fun little comic. Probably cause I'm partial to powerful beings being beaten easily and not being much of a warrior even though they really are.

I may think differently after next week though.

Anonymous said...

Oh man, I expected both issues in this review. It felt like a preview for the most awesome part of the story. Because I think I know how the story will follow.

Lotus Prince said...

You know what bothered me the most about that random pit at the end? The fact that Superman fell down it, when he can freaking FLY.

Anonymous said...

I know I've watched this show for too long when I can predict what clip you'll cut to for a joke. (The Chik-fil-a gag made me laugh pretty hard too.)

Not sure if I'm looking forward to next week's edition or not. On one hand, I'd like to see you jump into a comic that's ACTUALLY bad, but on the other hand... porn music? Oh god. D:

Oracle said...

I should know who she is, shouldn't I? Oh dear. To the Google thingy!

Oh, us Whovians. Turn signals have never been the same.
A highly enjoyable episode, sir! The character asides, especially the back and forth with Darkseid and Sleeze, were top notch.

nebosuke said...

Considering Crisis on Infinite Earths was in part made to eliminate, well...stuff like what we'll see in next issue, does that make the Anti-Monitor temporarily a hero in your book, Lewis?

Anonymous said...

The omega beams can teleport too, they are still kinda a writers asspull due to the number of abilities they have but it is still at least part of their established powers.

Anonymous said...

Awesome Doctor Who reference!

I've heard a LOT about this comic, but never actually seen it. Thank you for providing this invaluable service good sir.

libraryguy said...

And here is part one of the Action Comics fail!

For all of the fail in this issue, I will say that Byrne got one thing absolutely right. Sleez is clearly the Falstaff to Darkseid's Prince Hal, and if one is going to add to New Gods canon, one can do far worse than to look to Shakespeare.

Of course, Shakespeare would have probably had better sense than to follow up the events of this issue with the events of the next issue, or if he did he would have at least been far more subtle.

Speaking of which: I'm sure it was unconscious, but the phrase "what's to come" should probably not have been used in conjunction with part two of this story, or that music.

Finally, that rant about the "goop" on Barda's face was entirely justified. Post-COIE Superman should NOT be a dick!

That's Batman's job.

Mario Di Giacomo said...

This is even worse when you consider that Kirby oartially based Barda on his wife Roz.

According to Mark Evanier, Jack was _pissed_ at Byrne for what is to come....

Anonymous said...

You know, Sleeze actually appeared in an episode of Batman the Brave and the Bold
He wasn't as bad (for obvious reasons), but he did have a second form with tentacles!

Anonymous said...

Heh, these two issues. Been waiting for them to show up. ^^

Awesome review, really looking forward to next week's.

I wonder if Sleez'll become a meme like "I am a Man!" and Snowflame. :)

He could be the personification of the horrible (in all senses of the term) books of Jack Ketchum.

Anonymous said...

@ShadowWing Tronix
I personally like JSM's interpretation

Detour said...

Did you just make a reference to The Curse of Fatal Death? Awesome!

Also, in terms of Barda's Mega Rod, there's a story in the Giffen-era JLA comics that depicts it as exerting a strong mental hold over its holder, so odds are she's remarking how much control this thief has over the Rod.

As for the Darkseid on couch gag... honestly, it seems par on course with what I've seen of Kirby's Darkseid. In the Super Powers mini-series's fifth issue (written and pencilled by The King himself) he's perfectly willing to take an elevator down a building, even sharing it with a meek DC Comics inker. And from what I've read, back in Kirby's old comics he'd allow himself to get mugged solely for the experience, or even take up a minimum-wage job at a McDonald's filler-in. With that in mind, sitting on someone's couch while waiting for them doesn't seem too far off a thing for Darkseid to do.

Sergio G said...

dude, good call on Queen!!

Jessica said...

good ep Linkara second I saw Sleez on the cover I knew what was coming

hate to go off topic here but I've been on an Alex Ross kick last few days and it got me thinking, who would win in a fight? Phil Sheldon or Norman McCay?

oh and I have a suggestion to review Ruins, it's a huge fecal stain on the awesomeness that is Marvels

Anonymous said...

@ Jessica

Actually, Ruins was Warren Ellis doing a dark parody of Marvels.

It kind of failed by not really being that funny though.

Anonymous said...

while I know some context of this story (I know the horror that lies ahead ...), I still only vaguely know who, say, Big Barda is. I mean, you you didn't do any introduction to her, nothing. This isn't Superman or Batman, most people have never heard about these characters. Maybe you could fill us in in the next video?

Anonymous said...

No mention of Byrne's hand in Chapter One and the "death" of Mary Jane and needless resurrection of Aunt may? In hindsight, I guess it wasn't as bad as the Meiphesto nonsense but it was 2 years of bad comics before Jenkins swooped in to save the day.

I've head a little about this fiasco, particularly how it made Jack Kirby hate Byrne. Kirby actually created Barda as a tribute to his wife so the indignities the character goes through in the story had to have hurt.

Anonymous said...

Damn creepy comic.
Why does almost every super-heroine have to be sexually exploited some way? Usually when a guy character is under mind-control they use him to be an evil minion or something like that. And Big Barda gets... this. At least, that's what I notice.
Anyway, good review. I have heard of what is to come and I can not wait to see part 2 and see you rip this story a new one.
If this is a 2 part review does that mean we get another 'previously on' skits?

mightysamurai said...

Ah, it's that issue of Action Comics.

Everybody brace for a full salvo of creepy.

Perry Renarldo Singletary Jr. said...

I saw the cover and thought, "Oh no, it's not THAT one, is it?"

Laughing Hyena said...

If you want to know more about Byrne's outbursts online, there's the Fandom Wank Wiki:

Joni Johnston said...

I love Big Barda! Fuck you DC Comics I hope she comes into you office and slays you all! Oh the horror to come *shudder*

Anonymous said...

Ah yes, #5 on Cracked's "The 5 creepiest sex scenes in Comics". Good lord.

Anonymous said...

@nebosuke This was after COIE, so know Superboy Prime should be a hero in everyone's book.

D. William Pfifer said...

LOL. Oh, wow. I can't wait until next week. And I laughed out loud at "now David Tennant is dead and the stars are going out!"

Also, about the trap doors - clearly, Sleeze went back in time to when the sewers were first being constructed and bribed the architect. Supes apparently wasn't smart enough to travel back to an earlier date and bribe him first.

Yogurt said...

Sorry I'm late and....

Oh no. Not this one.

What is it about comic writers taking a piss on Jack Kirby!?


Give 'em hell, Linkara!

NGT said...

I'm surprised how much you glossed over the creepy rape subtext in this one. I would have expected you to be up on your soapbox for at least two minutes on that one.

Though, then again, it seems to have been handled, if not exactly respectfully, at least not awfully.

Or perhaps I'm going to be eating those words next issue.

Le Messor said...

Wow! Not only are you reviewing a comic by the creator of my favourite comic (Alpha Flight), but you're using my favourite band (Queen) to do it!
It it weren't that this was a review of one of his failures, I'd be having a total geek-out.

(Not to mention that every time I hear your 'Where bad comics burn', my mind makes the same stupid 'Where John comics Byrne' joke. Every time. Shut up, my mind! It wasn't funny the first time.)

But I do agree with ShadowWing, that the 'glop' comment could be taken as sympathetic rather than judgemental; "all that glop that's been forced on you", rather than "all that glop you chose to wear".
But your mileage may vary

Anonymous said...

Why can't any of these "Angry Young Review Guys" do their schtick with a normal voice? The reason I can't watch Nostalgia Critic and hardly any AVGN is their inability to maintain a voice that doesn't rip my ears.