Sunday, August 22, 2010

History of Power Rangers: Power Rangers Time Force

The History of Power Rangers travels back to the future... and then back to the present... then back to the past... then back to the present... then to the future again...

In Part 2, the Rangers become their own grandparents and the space-time continuum is considered a suggestion rather than an outright rule. ‎


SeanAsh said...

Loved the review. You brought up some great points (though I admit I have a bias).
And now I wait for the great comments that usually follow the HOPR videos!

Lew Smith said...

Nice little "mix up" of notes you did there. ^_^

Rafat said...

I always liked Time Force. It really was a contender for best season.

I always kinda found it funny that Wes' Dad could have also activated the morphers. Could you imagine a middle-aged father being a power ranger? That would be SOOOOOOOOOOOOOO Stupid. It should NEVER EVER happen.

Hat! said...

Of course, I loved every second of the review. Hurry up and watch Ninja Storm so we can see the PRWF review!

EddieVercetti said...

That intro was frickin hilarious.

Listening to the theme song, It's kinda bad, not bad as other ongs, it subpar.

I actually got Bubo flashbacks looking at Circuit.

Time Force is a big step up from Lightspeed Rescue. It's the last PR series I watched until the big anime boom that had me watching anime so this seeing this again kicks ass.

Thanks Link!

CMWaters said...

While there were no major changes to the future shown in Time Force, here's a thought I had:

Later in the Rangers run, we'll see another series set in the future: Power Rangers S.P.D. My thought is this: what if S.P.D. was never suppossed to exist in the first place? What if, via the Silver Guardian's creation and the red Time Force ranger staying in the past, somehow FORMED S.P.D.?

Or for that matter, what if it caused the events I read happened in RPM to happen?

Just a possibility thought there.

Anyway, it's neat to get looks into series I haven't seen again. Looking forward to seeing why you think that Wild Force is underrated, seeing as the only episode that I've seen of it was Forever Red.

Oh, and I LOVED the intro thing. That was a great way to start it.

Mark said...

With fair credit to Russell T. Davies, he'd already done every other possible original "apocalyptic" finale title :P

LN said...

Great review! I frankly don't like that the later seasons (like this one, and earlier ones) changed the style of the opening themesong to a more pop-punk-ish sound. Isn't epic at all IMHO.

Turkish Proverb said...

Wait...he was sentenced to CRYO for the rest of his life? How does that work? Isn't that kind've...keeping you alive?

Fandango said...

Ah, it's been too long Linkara :)

Very nice review of the Time Force season. It gave a lot of info, a lot of insight on your opinion and some very well made jokes. Saw that doc who joke coming tho :P

Personally, I've only seen singular episodes here and there and I was never too impressed with it, truth be told. But hey, maybe I need a full experience to really appreciate it.

Let the Ninja Storm tweets commence ^^ Well, when you come around to watch it that is :)

CMWaters said...

Turkish Proverb: Ask Jadeite from the anime "Sailor Moon"

Anonymous said...

no forget the after 9/11 alot of the pre 9/11 edited check out the videos

But anyways awesome Linkara

Hannah said...

While Lost Galaxy is still my favorite season (Simply because that was the first Power Rangers series I ever watched) Time Force is a close second. However, I do think that it's overrated. It's very good, yes, but some fans make it out to be the "holy grail" of the franchice. (Or, at least, the fans that I know.)

I disinctly remember not liking Wild Force. It wasn't because of the characters or the acting or anything, but the CGI Zords just rubbed me the wrong way. It hurt to look at, and it prevented me from getting into the story. When I first heard that you were doing this series, the first thought that I had was
"Aw man, he's going to have to sit through Wild Force, Turbo and Operation Overdrive. Poor guy."

Sounds like you got more out of Wild Force than I did, as I've always consitered it to be the worst Rangers series. (Turbo being a close second.)

Anyways, and I know the "mixing up the notes" thing was a joke, after HOPR is done, I could see a History of Dr. Who thing. Just sayin'. XD

Peter Dawson said...

Okay, thank you for calling out the bits about racism and supposed sympathy for the villains. While their backstories are tragic, they still are terrorists/anarchists/criminals. The real issue is they had a simple a = c without adding the '+ b' so the result of the equation made sense. Yes I recently studied logic and critical thinking, how did you know?

I will call the season superb for having a fairly well-developped team and a decent scope, though the plotholes are certainly a problem. The team in particular felt better than those of the In Space crew as while Andros, Carlos and TJ got decent development Ashley felt a bit cookie-cutter in her role as a love interest and I have no idea what the hell Cassie was going for. I mean, the only thing I can remember about Cassie is being the other woman who also had feelings for the Phantom ranger. That's about it. With Time Force we got 4/5 characters well defined, plus Eric was a lot more interesting than Zhane. The stong acting helped, plus compared to the demons from last season our villains did get a few victories, though not nearly as many as I think Rita and crew got. Granted they didn't actually defeat their villain so much as use the power of heart, but hey, whatever works.

Based on Linkara's comments I am curious what'll pop up in Wild Force. It was the first season to offer mixing and matching zords and better utilized the ancient warrior plot that felt reminicient of the original plan for Lost Galaxy. Heck, in many ways I saw Wild Force as Lost Galaxy on Earth. Unfortunately most of the cast was incredibly annoying, though I'd happily admit if the characters didn't suck I'd probably like the show a lot more since the plots were interesting. Seriously, aside from Taylor and maybe Merrick I hated the Wild Force team. Cole's character felt idiotic in his jungle heart powers, Alyssa was motherly to the point of her blood being sugar, and Danny and Max felt damn near interchangable save for Danny having a love interest. The princess competing for Alyssa in the terms of sweetness did not help.

Oh yeah, and since I'm guessing Linkara might spend an entire video just covering Forever Red, I'll quickly throw this in: I loved that episode, screw continuity. Jason corkscrew-kicked that black-armored general into oblivion.

SeanAsh said...

What about Mystic Force? I strongly contend that Mystic Force is THE WORST season across the entire board.

Mountain King said...

Time Force, ahh that brings back memories

You see somewhere around halfway through Turbo I gave up on Power Rangers. I was far too busy with various other things in my life and I just didn't like the way the series was going. I caught the odd episode here and there but nothing gripped me. Then, with little fanfare, Time Force started. Everything was such a huge leap in quality. The acting, effects, story lines, drama, scope was all so much more (at least from what I remembered). What I liked most was the level of production, that, combined with some fantastic acting, really sold the concept.

As you pointed out it's not the best Rangers Series, but it is one of the better ones. What helps that is how it explores the characters motivation. We don't get some vague "he's Evil" description for the lead villain, but a real back story. We learn what makes him so twisted and he really becomes three dimensional. Something that is expanded upon in the crossover with Wild Force.

We also explore the other characters and understand them a lot more than we did in Lightspeed Rescue. Unfortunately, again as you pointed out, this produces plot holes a plenty, but what do you expect? A lot of the plot holes can be explained as ruptures in time (just how Alex survived, for example), but the real answer is simple. As a kids show viewers aren't expected to be bright enough to ask those questions.

A fantastic review, that hit all the salient points and somehow boiled down around forty episodes (close to 15 hours) to just over sixty minutes. Great work.


I don't care what anyone else says and tries to pressure you in to doing. Take your own time with these, if only to keep the quality up. You're doing a fantastic job and no matter how fast you do do them it will never be enough for some people.

Jesse said...

The coolest part of this season for me was that I went to school with the actor that played Ransik's, godsons. Thanks to them I got some info that I shouldn't of gotten sooner than anyone else;)

That and thanks to them I got to MEET the actor that played Ransik.

I can't help smiling when thinking back on this:D

Kate Holden said...

Huzzah! A new HOPR! Seeing a new one of these up always makes my day.

I agree completely about the opening song, the first verse I was like '...eeh', then the chorus comes on and I want to headbang and air guitar, it's pretty rockin'!

I did try a little of Time Force, and I was particularly impressed by the acting. The acting quality was comparable to the excellent (In my opinion) RPM, also the effects were impressive for the time. It also had really strong (both characteristically and physically) female characters. Overall, it was enjoyable, but my favourite series remains RPM.

As always, looking forward to the next instalment!

Peter Dawson said...


I know your comment wasn't directed at me, but I want to chime in on that claim.

While Mystic Force has some absolutely abysmal characterization in spite of how much it seemed to try, the fact that we got a decent grandiose sense of a ranger team after coming off of SPD, who had quite a few rangers of its own, and the constant shifting of villains was fairly decent. I'd even call Nick more likeable than Cole, though not by much since they're both a bit whiny, Nick just scores points for being a somewhat understandable cynic rather than an idealistic twat. It also scored points for the family elements, as lousy as they ended up being.

Try as I might I can't think of anything redeeming about Jungle Fury, though from Ninja Storm through JF I felt the protagonists got a bit bland, which I blame partly on implied plots that went nowhere. I actually praise Mystic Force for following up on the plot with Madison and Nick, though granted we pretty much got nothing out of it.

The Mad Scientist said...

An excellent review as always, Lewis. Particular thanks for putting into words my thoughts during the last five minutes of the finale: KISS YOU IDIOTS!

I will say that Time Force is one of my favorites, definitely top 3. I agree with some of your points about why the series isn't as great as some people say. Ransik's supposed sympathy is all generated by the last episode, to be honest, and that doesn't really justify several months worth of destruction and anarchy.

I'm VERY interested to hear what you have to say about Wild Force, mostly because your tweets seemed to indicate that you were annoyed by some of it. The fact that you think it's good is quite intriguing. Can't wait for you to finish that review!

Enjoy Power Morphicon!

Ditko Gamer said...

Wes seems like a sort of Carter Grayson extra-lite.

I was hoping for Carter Grayson to have a bigger role in the cross over than he did. Oh, well, at least I have Forever Red to look forward to.

violinjosh said...

Awesome as always dude, but have you been reading Igadevil's stuff? That Dr. Who bit reminds me of his style of references, which is good, I'm not calling copy cat, I'm just curious (I'm Kamen Rider Fan nowadays and like his reviews quite a bit).
From what I see alot this series strength comes from keeping most of it's charcterization from it's sentai equivalant the same. which if the source sentai is good is great (if it ain't broke don't fix it). From what I've heard the next Ranger series is going that route, good news since the Sentai source is top notch (Samurai Sentai Shinkengers, an awesome and epic series!!)

Anonymous said...

Ah, Time Force, filled with plot holes and a bit of misleading character development, yet still beloved by many, including me. Like you said near the end of the review, the theme of predestination vs. free will a.k.a your own destiny being already mapped out vs. choosing your own destiny was prevalent throughout the series, through either direct means or subtlety. Some of the more subtle notes of the destiny theme were featured in The End Of Time with Frax telling Nadira that she can break the cycle of hatred between mutants and humans. ...Okay, maybe it wasn't that subtle given some of the dialogue but there were subtle notes here and there in Time Force.

The team-up episode with the Lightspeed Rangers didn't make too much sense given how Vypra rose from the dead when she was absorbed by Bansheera, Carter's knowledge of the Time Force team, and other noticeable details, but it pretty much summarized the team-up perfectly: short, sweet, and to-the-point, like the Lightspeed team was when it came to dealing with their creatures of the week. I think that's probably why they didn't make it into a two-parter, because it probably would have overexposed the Lightspeed Rangers.

It also should be noted that Judd Lynn quit the series after Time Force since he didn't like the ending because he wanted Jen to stay behind to continue along with the destiny theme. However, Executive Meddling kicked in and made it more sadder and hopeful ending rather than a romantic and sweet finale reflecting on theme of destiny as a whole. Judd would eventually return in the seemingly epic R.P.M., but until then we'll see the final season of the Power Rangers Renaissance. It isn't the best since Disney would eventually take over the franchise and make each subsequent either decently good or bad, depending on the source materiel, but this was, at the time, Saban's final romp with the Guardians of the Earth soon to be known as Wild Force.

The Mad Scientist said...

@Sean and Peter: Mystic Force may have been terrible in its characterization, but I do at least like the somewhat unique premise of it. Jungle Fury just looks....stupid. In the past five months I've watched every single PR season start to finish except JF. Why? Because I'm going to wait the several months that I assume it will take Lewis to get to it before I watch it. I'd rather not waste my time if I can help it.

(To be perfectly honest, I did the same thing with LSR, just because of some bad reviews I'd read about it. I'm sorry I did so now, but I still stand by the decision overall.)

@Hannah: What exactly is your gripe with Overdrive, if I may ask? I actually find Overdrive to be pretty enjoyable. There were some forgettable or boring parts, sure, but it also had some real moments of greatness too, in my opinion. I'd like to hear your side just so I can get a different perspective.

Benjamin Crawshaw said...

Nice review! Time Force was the series that got me back into Power Rangers (after losing faith with Turbo). My only problem with the series was the misleading intro. The intro set up the series as a time travel show where the Power Rangers would stop monsters who were disrupting the space-time continuum. Though it didn't help that the first episode I watched was the movie episode. Otherwise it was a good show.

jdude907 said...

While I haven't seen some of the ABC/Disney seasons, this one is probably my favorite. That being said, I do agree with a lot of your gripes with it.

When fans say Ransik is sympathetic for a Power Rangers villain, I don't think that they mean it in the same "doing morally questionable things for the greater good" way as Magneto. He's more like Khan, in the "blinded by a need for revenge against those who wronged him" way. It seemed implied that Dr. Fericks was the first human to treat him kindly, and by that point he hated them too much to take it at face value. If nothing else, it gives him a much better motivation to cause random destruction than most of the other Big Bads in the franchise, which I think ties in well with Eric and Mr. Collins during the first half of the show, since they're some of the few characters in Power Rangers to fight evil for personal gain instead of good.

I was only mildly irked by the fact that we never see the future being changed. I thought it was much more irritating when they acted like the present and future were occuring simaltaneously, like when they couldn't use the Zords because they were still being repaired in the future. Still, I'm willing to lower my expectations for a show that has oxygen on the moon.

Anonymous said...

As always, your reviews are made liquid awesome.

I know you covered the morphers, but what are your thoughts on the suits? In all previous vids, you've always expressed an opinion, and I was kinda surprised you didn't say anything about them.

Personally, I think they're badass, but my only real gripe is with the Quantum Ranger suit. Yeah, I understand it's SUPPOSED to look exactly like the red Time Force suit (since he's the rival for leadership and whatnot), but I find it hard to tell them apart at a quick glance, and double so in fights, where it's REALLY hard to tell who is who. Eh, just my own personal complain.

I await the Wild Force (and by extension, Forever Red) review with great anticipation.

SeanAsh said...

@Peter Dawson
I suppose that's where you and I differ. Making Nick the leader always felt forced to me. While he was courageous and caring, he never had the charisma that other red rangers had. And the rest of the team I just didn't care about. Although I do suppose you can accuse SPD of the same thing.
I also found the constant shifting around of villains disorienting, possibly because I missed a few episodes the first time the show aired. Even though I like things like Frax's Revenge subplot, I prefer one big bad throughout a season.

Yogurt said...

Brilliant stuff, Linkara. I was really excited to hear what you thought about Time Force (and SPD, when it comes up).

I was disappointed that you didn't mention that one part in the "Movie Magic" episode that was absolutely made of win: the Transport Megazord (the giant zord which launches all the zords back in time by punching them) gets involved in the giant monster brawl by HITTING ITSELF IN THE ASS TO GO THROUGH TIME.

Just thinking about it still makes me chuckle. But then I saw the Transport Megazord fight and I stopped laughing. You wouldn't know it, but it is way, way, way, more powerful than it looked!

Anonymous said...

"Could you imagine a middle-aged father being a power ranger?"

Abare Red from "Abaranger" (known as Dino Thunder in the US) actually comes rather close to this
While he wasn't middle-aged, he was a single father

Anonymous said...

You didn't mention the fact that the Quantum Ranger's weapon is a gun that turns into a sword...

teh crazydude said...

great stuff as always man. and nice to see this video go up before you make your way to pmc later this upcoming week. way to give back to your fans for you birthday!

James Spiring said...

Yoghurt, it's called the Transwarp Megazord, not Transport.

divineall, Reinforcements from the Future's ending was ambiguous. We don't know that Jen didn't stay with Wes the second time. We don't see the Time Force Rangers go home, so maybe she stayed in the past? We'll never know.

Linkara, nice reference to Doctor Who reusing Time Force's finale title, The End of Time. Shame the HD Doctor Who footage showed how bad the SD Power Rangers footage is - but then that might just be due to old episode encodes, in which case maybe people can make better quality ones when PR comes to Nicktoons.

Lord Seth said...

EVERYTHING you said about Ransik not being that sympathetic as well as the lack of actual discussion or display of prejudice I 100% agree with. Those were practically my exact thoughts about it. What I'm surprised you didn't bring up is the plot hole that Alex talks about how Wes died...which brings up the question of how the heck Alex is still around if his ancestor was killed.

A note, though: You sort of misused the word predestination near the end. You probably meant to say "predetermined" or "determinism". Predestination, while related to those, is a theological doctrine associated chiefly with Calvinism.

Or for that matter, what if it caused the events I read happened in RPM to happen?

RPM is a separate continuity, as confirmed by multiple people who were in charge of it. The events of Time Force have no relation to it.

Anonymous said...

Great review as always, but your "Kiss, you idiots!" remark in both this and the Space video made me wonder something. Why is it that none of the post-Mighty Morphin series couples ever kissed on screen? I mean, why just Tommy and Kim and no one else? I especially thought that Jen and Wes should have done so at least once. They looked as though they almost did in one episode, only for the phone to ring and stop them. Why did no post-MMPR couple ever kiss on camera?

Anonymous said...

Most of the plot-holes in Time Force are largely caused by the changes they made from the source-material

In Timeranger we actually DO see the future changing
A example would be that the Time Blue was suffering from a rare disease that couldn't be cured even in the future and this disease was slowly killing him throughout the series (he actually joined the police force because he wanted to spend his last days doing something worthwhile)
When he returns to the future he discovers that a cure for him existed for decades in this new time-line

This also leads to a big downer ending for Timeranger
It is revealed that they made too many changes to the time-line, and that the only way to at least keep something resembling their future is by leaving their past friends to perish
They still however decide to save their friends (alto Time Fire couldn't be saved any more), stage a riot during which they steal the mechas and also accidentally kill Alex's counterpart (aka Captain Ryuuya) and aid Time Red in the final battle

The series' end leaves in very vague whether the Timerangers erased themselves from the time-line as a result of their actions, or just merely returned (alto the former sounds more likely since Time Red is the only ranger from this series to make any further appearances in the franchise)

yes, sorry for spoiling it

Lewis Lovhaug said...

"You didn't mention the fact that the Quantum Ranger's weapon is a gun that turns into a sword... "

I did when I first wrote it, but going through it during editing I realized that he used the sword mode VERY rarely.

SeanAsh said...

@The Mad Scientist
If you want my two cents, I personally liked Jungle Fury, but really only because of some of the protagonists. The overall plot was kinda bland, and some of the bigger villains were extraneous filler.

Anonymous said...

I love these review, and I've noticed you referencing Doctor Who a lot lately. Are you considering reviewing something Doctor Who related?

Peter Dawson said...


Fair enough about the villain thing. My stance has always been thus: occasional defeats of big bads to get new big bads works based entirely around the premise. Rita for example I could never see fighting so it worked that she never tried to get involved. Enemies like Diabolico meanwhile it made sense since his plots were constant failures and to get the task done he felt he had to do it himself, something he could normally avoid. It's when we get enemies that are blatantly capable of fighting but don't that I start to question this, as while the leader fighting can be risky if authority does equal asskicking (thank you TV tropes) then it works. I would call out Olympius on failing this as you'd think after fighting the rangers in his first episode he'd keep it up, but he didn't, so while Diabolico made sense the mid-season change in Lightspeed Rescue really hurt the demons momentum-wise.

As for Nick, yeah he was easily forced into the role. I thought it was a nice change, but I am super forgiving. The ideal red ranger is heroic and a badass, which sums up many of the classic ones. Nick lacked leadership qualities for sure, but really, the only person that could lead them lost her powers in the first episode. After that it came down the guy who wasn't comic relief. Would of been interesting to see Vida lead the team though since she had a bit of Jen vibe, not being the usual girly-girl pink ranger and even saying she hated the color.

On the subject of SPD, I'd call Sky an actual decent character, as while he's an arrogant prick at first he later grows, something that most of the cast couldn't claim. I will admit I do tend to favor SPD a lot in spite of glaring flaws with it making those with Lost Galaxy seem trivial, even as it tried to replicate quite a few of its episodes and introduced multiple new concepts to the series. Another what could of been bit I guess.

James Faraci said...

Fair warning I do have a bit of a bias on what I have to say about the Power Rangers after "Wild Force" & Disney takes over, When "Power Rangers: Wild Force" ended & when Disney takes over there is a major fall in Quality & even though there are some bright spots like "Dino Thunder", "SPD", "Mystic Force" & "RPM" (The Final One under Disney, though at the time of the series the show was going to be the last one, Period, End Of discussion.) most are CRAPIOLA & I guarantee you, You'll Beg for the Power Rangers being baked into a Giant Pizza. Excuse me for a moment (Walks away from the Computer, Wails an Agonizing scream of pain & Walks Back.)

Anonymous said...

I always kinda found it funny that Wes' Dad could have also activated the morphers. Could you imagine a middle-aged father being a power ranger? That would be SOOOOOOOOOOOOOO Stupid. It should NEVER EVER happen.

I don't have the heart to tell him...

I guess you were rushing abit, Since you didn't comment of the uniforms or Zords... Heck, You didn't even give an overview on the Cyclobots. But eh small things

Wild Force is gonna be interesting,
Fun Fact, The Footsoldiers are barely used in comparison

hazlenaut said...

I like the Wild Force series. Team carnival made me care for monster of the month and spotlight a joke villain. Linkara going to enjoy the episode Seeing Red. There one part of that episode he will question, why does the Machine Empire Generals, who look like Beetleborgs, are riding horses on the moon? That has to go on WTF list of Power Rangers.

Anonymous said...

Just a minor note regarding Nadira watching Masked Rider show.
If all ranger series are connected to each other then that moment would be a paradox, considering that Masked Rider actually exists in the Rangerverse.

Carlos Hugo said...

I had to go see these videos on Blip because not charged here.
I have to agree with you, that if somehow they had shown the changes that caused the presence of the power ranger in the present, would have been a more interesting series.

CS said...

Thanks so much for taking the time to do this! I've been powering through your reviews and am insanely pleased this one is up now. Especially since I haven't seen this season...that probably makes me a bad fan. >.>...

The Mad Scientist said...

@James Faraci: You just named more than half of the Disney-run series. I'd say that's more than "a few bright spots" lol.

@Sean: Thanks for the input, I'll keep that in mind.

Anonymous said...

@James Spiring I already know about Reinforcements From the Future's ambiguous ending. I've said before in a comment when Linkara started his reviews that I've been a continuous watcher until Wild Force. After that, well, I admit I've watched a majority of Ninja Storm and Dino Thunder, and kinda liked it, but I'll get into my gripes about those seasons once Lewis reviews those series.

As for the Kalish age, I've only seen a few episodes, at best, of S.P.D. and Mystic Force before giving up on Power Rangers for good. S.P.D. seemed to me like a bad combination of Time Force, In Space, and Lightspeed Rescue and Mystic Force was interesting at first, but nowadays it reminds me of a semi-decent crossover between Harry Potter and Power Rangers. I practically gave up on Power Rangers completely once I heard the theme to Operation Overdrive. Ugh. Still, I give O.O. kudos for the 15th anniversary special, and that's all I'm giving it.

Lord Seth said...

When "Power Rangers: Wild Force" ended & when Disney takes over there is a major fall in Quality & even though there are some bright spots like "Dino Thunder", "SPD", "Mystic Force" & "RPM" (The Final One under Disney, though at the time of the series the show was going to be the last one, Period, End Of discussion.) most are CRAPIOLA & I guarantee you, You'll Beg for the Power Rangers being baked into a Giant Pizza.

You identify Dino Thunder, SPD, Mystic Force, and RPM as bright spots. That's four series. The Disney series are Wild Force, Ninja Storm, Dino Thunder, SPD, Mystic Force, Operation Overdrive, Jungle Fury, and RPM. That's eight. In other words, you're saying that half of them are good. can "most" be bad? In fact, you don't count Wild Force among the Disney seasons, which means you're saying four out of seven seasons are good, making the "most are bad" make even less sense.

A. Conroy said...

Thank you, Linkara.

I also really liked Katie in the series even though she really doesn't get too much characterization. Not to mention how the writers forget often that she had superhuman strength.

I'm surprised you didn't mention the Mr. T mutant. Though, he didn't do anything at all especially given the suit.

Your cliffhanger interests me very much so. Wild Force is so boring in my opinion but I do like to see your fleshed out criticism on it.

Rushing Beat said...

If the future in this show's universe is so clean and friendly and what have you, why are there so many mutated humans?

Bioweapons? Toxic waste dumping? Radiation?

Something tells me that future is less Roddenberry and more Huxley

Corey said...

great review linkara and I cant wait for your next review which contains one of the most badass team ups in power rangers at least in my opinion. p.s. keep up the good work.

TheUberNerdyKid said...

Does our new friend Ransik remind you of someone? A certain Robotic villain from a certain movie based on a certain incredibly gory video game? Huh? Huh? ...ya.

TheDVDGrouch said...

Loved the review as usually.

TheDVDGrouch said...

Loved the review as always. I got to admit by this time in my life I had stopped waking up early to watch power rangers so I probably watched this one less than any other.

Rhomega said...

Another awesome review. I would've liked to hear a mention of the changes because of 9/11, but it's already long enough, and I'm still grateful for what we've gotten.

Anonymous said...

Am I the only person who giggled at Jen's former teammate being "Steelix"? Imagining her fighting alongside a giant metal snake monster was an awesome mental image.

(Speaking of references to other shows, nice shout-outs to Demolition Man and Dr. Who!)

Never watched this series, but I'm a little sad I missed out on it after seeing this retrospective.

Truce Weston said...

finally got my computer back running to check out the vids i missed and see this

I did enjoy this one! I admit my jaw dropped at the end when you spoke of Wild Force being underated. I shall give you benefit of the doubt, as you have shown intelligence and wit throughout all yout reviews, and keep an open mind since this is of course your opinion. And from some of the posts I have seen so far, the next video will have a lot of comments about it for sure.

Time Force is good, but I agree on IN SPACE being the best, from what I have seen so far. i seen all the way through lost galaxy, saw some of time force and wild force, caught lightspeed in reruns later, and saw ninja storm through spd, and gave up totally.

So until Bennett does the "you're getting old" taunt to Wes in a fight, MAKE MINE LINKARA!

Hannah said...


I haven't watched Mystic Force yet. I skip over series when I have some warning about it's badness. I didn't get warning with Operation Overdrive or Turbo, and blindly walked into them.

@ The Mad Scientist

Operation Overdrive is bad to me strictly because of the characters. If it had better characters (and in some cases, actors) I would say it was bad, but not nessisarily one of the worst series. Sort of like Jungle Fury or SPD, they arn't as bad as much as they are forgettable.

Raveen said...

Maybe you had to watch it at the time, but Time Force did have a lot going for it...things just seemed to have aligned in terms of casting, writing and direction in a way that would never be seen again in Power Rangers (arguably, it's not as if the other seasons aren't watchable.)

Whoever described Ransik to you kind of colored your perceptions. What I thought worked about him was that his hatred came from a place most that is easier to understand from a human standpoint, since we usually get villains who are just naturally evil. Ransik is a would-be dictator and genocidal maniac but justifies it in his own mind due to the prejudiced behavior he experienced. By the time Ferricks got to him he likely had already been so consumed by hatred he refused to see the man's kindness because it so sharply opposed his conception of humanity. His hypocritical hatred of another group (robots) is something that struck me as also having a basis in reality.

I do give the writers props for making Alex and Eric some redemption as their Sentai counterparts were unrepentant a-holes until their death scenes. Eric got some really good character development and Alex seemed mostly motivated by a desire not to lose Jen to Wes, as he was watching them a lot of the time and seemed upset when he found that Polaroid of the two kissing. He may well have been outrightly lying or exaggerating the damage to the time line to try and turn Jen away from Wes. He seemed pretty resigned to things after Jen rejected the memory adaptation (his Sentai counterpart was only interested in preventing his own predicted death in the final battle, only to suffer it anyway.)

I'm glad you seemed to have enjoyed Wild Force, I particularly like Merrick, Jindrax and Toxica in that season (I also like how Victor Adler's transformation into Master Org borrows a bit from Theo Adam in The Power of Shazam!) Most of the main Rangers are hard for me to connect with and Princess Shayla has always annoyed me, the choices of actors seemed poor that season. Casting seems to go a long way, Ninja Storm has less drama but is much preferable in my eyes because the cast is very likable.

SynjoDeonecros said...

Okay, thanks to Paw's LPs, I can now never look at Circuit and not imagine him crying out "Look out a poooisonous snake!"

I like the dressing-down you did to this season; honestly, I think more overhyped nostalgic stuff should be critiqued and nitpick like this, to remind the rabid fans that, even if a show IS as great as they remember, it's not flawless.

I'm kind of surprised you didn't mention the civilian powers, this season, since I think it was the first one to really introduce them. Though, to be fair, other than Trip's telepathy and the Yellow Ranger's super strength, I can't recall what the other Rangers had for their powers if any, so I guess I can let it slide. Besides, I'm sure we'll get a huge earful from you about it when Dino Thunder/SPD rolls around.

Lundarigirl said...

I'd forgotten how much the good-byes at the end of Time Force wanted to make me cry. Now I remeber. It would've been better if Jen stayed. Oh well.
For me this is the third best series of PR following Lost Galaxy and Space. Jen and Karone tie for my fav Pink Ranger and I too felt Katie was an awesome character who desrved more development.
Please please hurry with your next review. The wait for this one was torture.

Anonymous said...

Since the last video, I've taken some time to watch various episodes of the various series (including some from the ones you haven't done yet) and these included the team ups and first episodes plus the odd other one here and there. I'd definitely say this is one of the stronger series they've done, certainly better than the next one on your list in my humble opinion.

This series' team up was much better than Lightspeed Rescue's by virtue of there being no pointless filler subplot, like Carter and the girl. I just had 2 problems when watching it on my own. First, it was too short. They could have easily filled in some the details we didn't see, like how Ryan got wind of this or how Carter found out that Vipra was back and anything else I might have forgotten. My second problem with the episode was... Vipra herself... I was not impressed by what I saw in your last vid and what I saw of her in the episodes I chose to watch. The only reason I can possibly see for them to use her in this episode is a rather simple one: she's the only villain in Lightspeed Rescue's opening credits.

The Doctor Who nods were cute and rather appropriate due to the time travel elements of this show. Anyway I look forward to your next one, and take your time getting to it. No need to rush on our account.

The House of C.R.P said...

That End of Time Joke was too perfect. But at least this End of Time was actually well written. And not stupid. And didn't screw over an incarnation of a character I really liked, giving him THE WORST LAST MOMENTS EVER, AND KILLING HIM IN THE STUPIDEST WAY IMAGINABLE, AND CURSE YOU RTD!!! AHHHHHHHHHHHH-

*Medication being taken. Please stand by*

Ahem...But it's also funny that Lost Galaxy had "Journey's End" as it's finale name as well. (Although so did Fullmetal Alchemist so...)

person said...

yo Lewis heard your bday was the other day i made you pic how do i make you able to see it? also nice power ranger thingy as usual :)

Magnificent Bastard said...

Was Frax dubbed by Dr Insano? He sure sounds a lot like him.

Anonymous said...

I didn't realise you were a fan of Doctor Who.
I started watching the new stuff not long after I started watching your Power Ranger reviews, I tried finding reviews similar to yours but was unable to. It would be fantastic if you could do similar reviews for DW.

Grace Connolly said...

HOORAY! Perfect back-to-school gift, just in time for my first day of class! "Time Force" was always up there among best seasons for me, along with "In Space." Awesomesauce!

Siko said...

great review, besides "In Space" Time Force is my favourite.. the story was just to good, in my opinion it nearly beat In Space's storyline, it was dark just the way i like it

but heres a plot hole i do not get, Wes and Alex are ancestors right?, if Wes gets killed wouldn't Alex not exist?

anyway cant wait for Wild Force, which i reckon is very underrated series as well but its my least favourite though out of the hole 17 seasons lol

Shad said...

The intro was awesome, and I remember asking a lot of the same time travel related questions you brought up as I watched the series myself.

Hope to see the next installment in the near future (I like listening to them to help pass the time at work).

Lewis Lovhaug said...

"Another awesome review. I would've liked to hear a mention of the changes because of 9/11, but it's already long enough, and I'm still grateful for what we've gotten. "

That's the thing - as far as I can find, there has been only ONE CHANGE. Just the one made during Ransik's speech. Everything else was kept intact.

Lewis Lovhaug said...

"I'm kind of surprised you didn't mention the civilian powers, this season, since I think it was the first one to really introduce them. Though, to be fair, other than Trip's telepathy and the Yellow Ranger's super strength, I can't recall what the other Rangers had for their powers if any, so I guess I can let it slide. Besides, I'm sure we'll get a huge earful from you about it when Dino "

I don't really count them as civilian powers if they're natural abilities via their species (they never outright SAY Katie is an alien, but it's implied). Plus their abilities are never given any real overemphasis to cover up martial arts deficiencies.

Mark said...

Honestly, I don't understand the hatred for O.O. It was unique series were the team actually went out and was proactively trying to accomplish a goal. I'm watching it right now and it's decently enjoyabe (I only have like 6 episodes left). The show I can't stand is Jungle Fury. That is the only show that's awful clear across the board.

Further more I think Dino Thunder get's WAY over rated simply for it bringing Tommy back. While it was nice to see Tommy, I thought the over all series was just kind of meh, and I can't stand the zords in that show. I honestly never felt like the villains were a real threat to the world. The entire thing pretty much seemed like they just wanted to get rid of Tommy. The whole "turning the human race into dinosaurs" just seemed like a side goal. It just never really felt grand at all.

Chuckie said...

Honestly when it comes to Operation Overdrive for me it is the 'forgettable' series.
I don't think it's a horrible series, but it's pretty much the most bland of all the ranger series.
Virtually none of the rangers are interesting or worth remembering save for the red ranger, uterrly UTTERLY forgettable villains (both in design and personalities) and generally an uninteresting story when compared to the other series.

Maybe when Linkara gets to the OO video my views of the series would change a little bit. But currently, if you were to make a screenshot comprising of every single power rangers series but fail to include any part of Operation Overdrive, I honestly wouldn't notice.

KAW said...

Though I like this series I find it kind of disappointing on two fronts. First of all with the name like Time Force I find it kind of off that the main antagonists are mutants from the future that hate humans. I would think you would want someone or thing try to control the fabric of time and space. This mutant story is good and I like it but I feel it might had fit better in SPD then Time Force. I feel that the mutant story could of play out in their own time they don’t really have to go anywhere. Also it called Time Force and they only went back in time 3 times twice by abnormal means. Even if the Story had to take place in a modern city then have them start at a base in the future and send them back each time even if you used the Mutant Story it would make more sense that he keep sending his force back into time at this period because this moment in history has a great important in the development of the future which they hate. Plus that movie story was a tease they put it’s scenes in the midway intro making look like they actually are jumping though time Think Time Force for hurt my feelings. I don’t know I guess I was hoping for more out of this one I mean what do you guys think about it?
PS. Also it seem weird that Time force did little next nothing to stop the Silver Guardians after they find out that many of the things that they did was not suppose to happen (this does not include the main cast).

Lord Seth said...

Maybe you had to watch it at the time, but Time Force did have a lot going for it...things just seemed to have aligned in terms of casting, writing and direction in a way that would never be seen again in Power Rangers


Ben said...

Nothing to say about the costumes? They looked pretty cool to me.

Lavender Ranger said...

I am unable to see this because of stupid Flash.

Token Fembot said...

Ah, Wild Force. The first Power Rangers TV series I have any real memories of -- if only because, just as Wild Force started, my little brothers reached the age that Power Rangers toys are marketed towards. So we've got some Wild Force toys hanging around here. I don't think I ever saw more than a few minutes of the series, however, so I'm looking forward to seeing your review of it. (And maybe figuring out what some of these toys are supposed to be at the same time, haha.)

Anyways, yet another great review, Linkara! Thanks for doing this, by the way. Power Rangers has become a part of pop culture to some extent, and finally knowing what it's all about is great. The fact that you're extremely entertaining and even somewhat educational helps, too. (:

FugueforFrog said...

You know I was going to make a silly comment about how hilarious the intro was about Season 1 rangers being linked to Ransik running amuck...but then I remembered this was the season dedicated to Thuy Trang so I stopped myself.

Honestly, I think you did a great job with the review. Yeah I love this series since it was a lot more sentai-esque compared to the MMPR days but I understand the flaws: we don't see how they're ruining everything outside the potential changes in who dies and the time holes and such. And yeah...Katie was way underused compared to other Yellow Rangers. (weird...I start the comment about Trini and go to Katie...)

LM888 said...

Say Linkara, I got ask, I checked the schedules for Power Rangers and noticed something. Specifically how their last few series, starting around Lost Galaxy and Lightspeed, have crossed over into the time period where Digimon was put on Fox Kids.

I recall that show becoming the network's new favourite for a good while. Hell even after the third season, the last one they had, was played out on that channel, they were still running episodes from all three seasons for a good long while.

According to some sources, Power Rangers fans are a bit bitter over how Digimon surplanted Power Ranger's popularity which eventually led to the show going over to Disney. Which is interesting cause, while you're doing this retrospective, JesusOtaku is doing the Digimon Retrospective.

It's interesting to be seeing some of my last good Saturday Morning memories playing out for me via two reviewers on

Thanks for putting this episode here up by the way. I was getting worried for a bit that were gonna abandon this idea. I hope you don't, I really wanna see what you have to say about DinoThunder.

I like dinosaurs.

Anyway, I guess the question I wanna ask is... well do you resent Digimon a bit for becoming the network's favourite? Also, did you watch that show too? I'm not sure ya did cause I know you're not THAT big an anime fan... unless I'm mistaken.

bmb2jn said...

Has any Power Rangers couple kissed? (besides Tommy and Kimberly)

Narrim said...

Ooh, noted a mistake. About 12:40 into the second one, that isn't a Cyclobot gun. That's the gun Trip made in an early filler episode (somewhere in the teens). It was the episode where he wants to be more like the others (weightlifting to be strong like Lady, failing at being romantic like Lucas, crap at pulling off crazy combat moves) and becomes detrimental to the team. He's even ordered to stay behind and not join in the fight. But the mutant of the episode isn't harmed by anything the Rangers or their zords throw at it, so he realizes this invention he's working on could help. It's some kind of electrical overcharger gun or something. I just know it looks like something I really, really want to play Duck Hunt with (eat assault light rifle, dog!). I note it because I loved that they used something that was never mentioned again and it wasn't a MacGuffin, just a throwback. I love little touches like that and it reminded me a lot of Buffy Season 5.

And I just watched Time Force for the first time a few months ago. So I'm kind of surprised I even remembered that.

I kind of wish you talked more about Movie Magic. I didn't know or really even care Ransik was in Mad Max, but more about how the episodes affected the intro sequence. I looked forward to Time Force from seeing the later intro whenever I was in the mood to playlist Power Ranger themes. "Wow! They go back to the Old West, ancient China, feudal Japan, and prehistory! I wonder if they do something in Angel Grove or some place in-between our present and theirs like the year 2400!" So when they remain in 2001 for the majority of the series, save the trip to fight the Q-Rex and Kady's clock tower portal, it felt like a false viewer draw.

Definitely a great season and I agree that it's second to In Space at this point (and probably the first and second seasons of Power Rangers, though that may be nostalgia). Can't wait to see what you have to say about the Wild Force/Time Force team-up.

James Faraci said...

@ Lord Seth-Dude I do discount "Wild Force" because Saban did produce it & because 4/7ths of the "Disney Era Power Rangers" are good it doesn't mean they have their bad moments. For example: in the SPD finale no ending, What a crock. Dino Thunder stretched out the "Dark White Ranger" Storyline a little bit too long for me, Mystic Force, could've used Ninjor in the mix, RPM Gem & Gemma's finishing each other's thoughts, desire to blow stuff up & perky happiness made me want to put a chainsaw in their keisters and run it at max! But otherwise The four I mentioned were good.

Anonymous said...

Link- I gotta tell ya. I never really was a big fan of Power Rangers when it was on. My days of Saturday morning cartoon watching had passed me by before it came on the air. But, that being said, I absolutly LOVE watching your reviews. You make it seem like Power Rangers is this epic saga of good against evil, right vs. wrong and god's angelic warriors against the devil's demonic minions.


Lord Seth said...

& because 4/7ths of the "Disney Era Power Rangers" are good it doesn't mean they have their bad moments. For example: in the SPD finale no ending, What a crock. Dino Thunder stretched out the "Dark White Ranger" Storyline a little bit too long for me, Mystic Force, could've used Ninjor in the mix, RPM Gem & Gemma's finishing each other's thoughts, desire to blow stuff up & perky happiness made me want to put a chainsaw in their keisters and run it at max! But otherwise The four I mentioned were good.

You said "most" were bad. If 4/7 were good, as you say, simple mathematics says you can't say most were bad.

Anonymous said...

Just so it's clear Power Rangers RPM is not part of any of the other Ranger shows. It is it's own show.

Anonymous said...

@House of CRP
Trust me, Ten's death was going to be worse! The original plan was to have him save an alien family from a car wreck. (RAGGE!)

Anyway, great episode Link! Time Force was one of the first seasons of PR that I actually liked (not being much of a fan) and I can remember both the first and last episodes clearly, great stuff.

I also really liked Wild Force, and was particularly intrigued by the Merrick arc. I'm looking foward to what you think of that.

Thx for this series! And can we please have a "History of Doctor Who" series? If not, can you at least review some of the DW TV Comics from the 60's on AT4W? I promise you won't be bored!

SynjoDeonecros said...

"Lewis Lovhaug said:

Plus their abilities are never given any real overemphasis to cover up martial arts deficiencies."

*Grabs your shoulders, Jack Nicholson Joker style* ...You...are my number one...and I...

Seriously, you have pointed out one of the things that majorly bugged me about the civilian powers. I've always maintained that civilian powers were useless; if they were meant as a fallback for when their natural fighting abilities fail, then that pretty much nullifies the purpose of the Ranger powers. Also, most of the time, there's no adequately-explained reason for why the Rangers have their powers; the Mystic Rangers and Jungle Fury Rangers could be handwaved as deriving from their Ranger powers/heritage, but the SPD and Op. Overdrive Rangers don't. The RPM Rangers, in my opinion, are the worst offenders; yeah, their "civilian" powers are tied into their Ranger powers, but there's no reason for them to have them, and they rely on those powers way more than their normal Ranger powers; they don't even combine the two strategically.

Lord Seth said...

The RPM Rangers, in my opinion, are the worst offenders; yeah, their "civilian" powers are tied into their Ranger powers, but there's no reason for them to have them, and they rely on those powers way more than their normal Ranger powers; they don't even combine the two strategically.

Uh...did they even HAVE "civilian powers" in RPM? I know the Rangers each had their own special ability (the Black Ranger had that temporary invulnerability, the Blue Ranger could freeze time, the Green Ranger could teleport, and so on) but those were, as far as I can remember, only done when morphed. What civilian powers did they have?

Ardian said...

Another great HOPR!

Just a simple suggestion, maybe you could review the ranger's robots as well, not just some brief explanation of their coolness factor.
Stuff like their motiff or their finishing move, these kind of thing could improve your HOPR even more IMHO

Anonymous said...

liked the Doctor who bit have you ever think of doing like what your doing on doctor who

Unknown said...

I love this series and I am sorry I haven't commented on it till now. Each video you do your best to cover whatever you can in the amount of time you alot yourself and I could see these up on a network . . . perhaps G4 or even Nicktoons as specials before the Power Rangers return. LOL.

Anyway, I agree with you on Time Force. The Acting is some of the best of the series and even got a couple of SAG awards (I know Daniel Southworth got one for Eric). Yet, despite that, the plot holes are nearly as big as the time holes. Maybe the 10 extra episodes would have solved that . . . maybe not.

Still, it is a strong season, like you said. And you know . .. I really wished Katie got some better focus episodes cause she seemed like a great character but like you said, except for her first focus episode, the rest of them are BLAH.

Another thing that irked me is that it was rare that any of the other rangers fought Eric when he was beening Mr. Douche. Ah well . . .

Great job of recapping, tearing apart and examining the show. And I agree with you . . . Eric RARELY EVER used sword mode on his Quantum Defender.

And yes, it annoys me too when all that build up between 2 characters and they don't kiss . . .UGH!!! Makes me want Galvatron's canon and shoot someone.

You just posted it and I have already watched the Time Force one 2xs. well, I have watched the others multiple times too so you are really doing a great job.

Looking forward to what you think about the next 8 seasons. I do wonder . . . did you believe that there were enough villains this season? Sometimes I was like hell yes and sometimes I wished they had one more and not that froggy lardbutt they had in the first episode.

Ah well . . . back to catch up by watching your other AT4W vids.

Are all PR fans fans of comics and anime too? SERIOUSLY, SOMEONE ANSWER THAT.

Unknown said...

EXCELLENT JOB there Linkara.

I been watching these videos and again, you do the Rangers History proud. Where were you when they were filming Forever Red? LOL. Seriously though . . . they could have used you.

Anyway, you tore apart Time Force like any good college professor tears through some weird Greek Tragedy with your own still that is hilarious, awesome & win. I agree that Katie is underused . . . kinda like Photon (Taking about Monica Rembeau, not Genis)

Still, you really showed the great points about Time Force while pointing out the things I have told my friends since the show ended . . . the PLOTHOLES ARE BIG.

And damn, just have a Ranger couple kiss. What is the big deal?!

Anyway, I am looking forward to the rest of these and will rewatch them till you are done. Well those and AT4W. ARE ALL PR FANS ALSO FANS OF COMICS AND ANIME? TELL ME.

Good journey.

The Wookie Has No Pants said...

I was gonna send you a message because youtube has an interview with David Yost (Billy - MMPR), but I saw you posted a link to the first part of it on Twitter. There are two additional parts posted at the time of this message, and the third had me very sympathtic and surprised. i'm curious to hear your opinion, if any, about what he says in the interview.

Also surprised to see another episode of HOPR here, and it was a very good one, of a good series. The Doctor Who references were awesome!

Anonymous said...

@A. Conroy
"I'm surprised you didn't mention the Mr. T mutant. Though, he didn't do anything at all especially given the suit."

That thing was actually the main villain of Timerangers (the Sentai counterpart)
There he was allot like the Kingpin
Power Rangers however in it's tradition of degrading great Sentai villains made him into a simple goon

Anonymous said...

I wouldn't call Naoto a "unrepentant a-hole"
He had his moments when he showed a kinder side of his personality and he died while trying to do a good deed and helping a child

Captain Ryuuya on the other hand...
Alto to be fair his actions were perfectly in tune with the series theme of free will vs predestination, even thou it came off as allot more selfish from his side

SynjoDeonecros said...

"Lord Seth said...

Uh...did they even HAVE "civilian powers" in RPM? I know the Rangers each had their own special ability (the Black Ranger had that temporary invulnerability, the Blue Ranger could freeze time, the Green Ranger could teleport, and so on) but those were, as far as I can remember, only done when morphed. What civilian powers did they have?"

That's actually what I mean; they're not "civilian" powers in the strictest sense (since, obviously, they only worked when morphed and not while the Rangers were in their civilian forms), but they follow most of the same cliches: there's no explanation for where they come from or why they're needed, and the Rangers seem to use them to compensate for their lack of fighting prowess instead of, y'know, using them strategically WITH their fighting ability. Plus, unlike the other "civilian" powers, if I remember correctly, the powers of the RPM Rangers actually drained their life energy each time they used them, meaning they risked their life each time they stopped time or teleported. Why would anyone implement that kind of thing into their Ranger powers? You'd think Dr. K would be smart enough to work out all of the bugs before giving the Rangers their suits.

And, to add salt to the wound, when the Gold and Silver Rangers appear, their powers don't have any extraneous abilities like the core five do, yet they kick ass much more effectively than the others did, essentially showing that those extra powers were not needed. They basically took the illogic and irrelevancy of the civilian powers and forced it into a ranger power.

Gyre said...

If Alex lived in the year 3000 why would they need Wes? By that point in time you could have just grabbed anyone from the 21st century and they would have had a 50/50 chance of being his ancestor.

Also, why did Wes want to steal the serum. Yes his father is an ass and an idiot for sticking to 'money' obsession when an epidemic sweeping the city would probably ruin business everywhere; but what possible harm could a CURE cause? How is the future going to be damaged at all by something that stops a disease? Wouldn't the constant battles in the city be far more likely to spur military innovation and therefore cause far more damage than medicine ever would?

Lastly, why the hell is Alex so eager to see Wes fight to his death? By this point we haven't seen any indications that Alex's other ancestors have been conceived so if Wes really is the most important ancestor won't that mean that Alex disappears in a poof of jerk smoke?

YetAnotherGeek said...

Another weird complaint I have about Time Force; how often do they actually travel through time? I mean, yes, being ABLE to travel through time would make a plot hole as to why they didn't just go back to the future, but I rarely ever see them actually traveling through time, as the name suggested; they just stay stuck in 2001. Still, plot wise, I suppose it makes sense...

Anonymous said...

I don't think Wes being alive would matter to Alex's existence, especially since babies in the future are grown on the assembly line. Especially if it was Biolab who went on to pioneer the genetics technology, it stands to reason that his Wes might have been a popular choice for a DNA donor (especially in the changed time line, since Wes might be well known a legendary Power Ranger.)

arw1985 said...

"And here it is!!! Finally!!! After all this time!!! And I thought George W. Bush was slow!!!"

Sarcastic rant done. So on to the actual post.

This was a great season. I re-watched pretty much the whole season on YouTube last summer and it still rocked after 8 years. Great review.

Unknown said...

I'm sure that you've seen this already, but David Yost just gave an interview about why he left the show. It's pretty terrible what happened to him.

Unknown said...

Okay, so some minor things, I'm a little surprised you didn't mention that Circuit Unsure was dedicated to Thuy Trang, as that was around the time she died. Also, the guy that played Mr. Collins died a few years ago. Yes, he wasn't the most notable actor in the show, but he was a major player, and it's sad that he passed on.

Also, unrelated to the series, but what are your thoughts on David Yost's revelation of the reasons he left Power Rangers?

I'll post my thoughts on this review at some point when it isn't 3 AM.

Anonymous said...

Something I forgot from my last comment, through all of the Time Force (related) episodes I saw only one thing unsettled me a bit, Ransik's bone swords. Every single time he pulled one out I winced.

I'm watching your vid again and it reminded me of the fact that I probably didn't do so in my last comment, which was almost entirely on the team up episode.

PWBOT said...

Finally! I just finished watching all of Time Force episodes and decide to watch HoPR. Everything you said really mirrored my own thoughts. If Wes dies, how in the world would Alex be alive? Although the Black Knight episode is weird, did Wes actually killed a human? That kind of makes their no-kill policy a little questionable. Ransik's turn wasn't really to show him for better mutant lives. It was more that his hatred almost consumed him. And while mutants do have equal rights from what we see, the punishments are still really harsh. Cryogenic freeze for stealing food? That's a bit much.

Anyway, guess this means I should start watching Wild Force and form some of my own opinions first.
P.S. I guess you could say that Ransik was the "bone of his sword" ? He-he.

Anonymous said...

Hey Linkara, you didn't tell us what you thought of the Time Force suits or mention the fact that Eric's gun turns into a sword.

MattV said...

Just in case no one has mentioned it yet, seeing that Eric has a certain distaste for Wes for most of the series, having him as his boss probably didn't sit too well with him, so that could be the reason he decided to leave initially.

Sara said...

Ah man, I loved Time Force! I really liked your review- it was like a mini time-capsule of the series.

I saw it when I was actually "in the age group", 9-10 years old, so I don't actually remember a lot of the plot holes. I think that a lot of the die hard fans who think it is very edgy and realistic and deep were probably young when they saw it, because I remember feeling incredibly mature watching it because the Rangers could die and get hurt, and it dealt with the whole mutant v human, free will v destiny, and birth right stuff you mentioned, which is actually pretty shallow in "re-watching"- it was just the first time that I (and possibly they) saw it on a Saturday morning TV show. I actually missed the final episode, so in my head the whole series ended on a 'down' note which I thought was "so hardcore!" I also like the fact that the girl characters are still girls, but they're very competent and don't get stuck in support roles like they did in the other series (at least the series I remember.)

Good luck on your reviews!

Xephon0930 said...

I wonder when we are going to get the review for Wild Force. At this point in my life,I was getting bored of Power Rangers,meaning that I lasted longer than most others. I wonder if my so-so opinion on this series still lasts. Oh well,I look forward to your next review and how the Disney Rangers hold up to your reviews.

Ruiner said...

Thank you Linkara for reopening the wound that David Tennant's departure from Dr. Who left. The strange part is that his exit "The End of Time" was truly the first Dr. Who episode/special I watched with an open mind. I sadly wrote it off after the parody in the Ricky Gervais show "Extras". Where Andy Millman (Gervais) reluctantly takes a part of a slug monster which Dr. Who defeats with salt.

Anyways, another highly entertaining Ranger incarnation breakdown Linkara, but it isn't surprising.Your passion and dedication as always was obvious. I would have never known the awesome Vernon Wells from "The Road Warrior", "Weird Science", and "Commando" was ever involved in the PR universe. The writers seemed to miss out on the opportunity in making him rather restrained when he could have easily pulled off "over the top" unlike many previous PR boss villains.

On a side note Linkara, GET TO YOUR LOCAL RENTAL SPOT AND PICK THE MAD MAX TRILOGY! Especially Road Warrior, and Beyond Thunderdome!

Steven said...

First of all, let me say that I love your videos and this is NOT an attempt to beg you to make the next one. I actually have a theory about why they couldn't send reinforcements from the future via the zords. As far as I've seen no one has brought it up, and I think it's worth thinking about. (Although you may not even see this.)

Anyway, my theory is that the timeship most likely has life support systems (to protect the travelers from the rigors of time travel?), while the zords probably wouldn't. I know we're dealing with science and Power Rangers here, so everything's out the window already, but it's an interesting thought.

PekoponTAS said...

Two things I've been wondering for the past few videos now. Why the hell is there no more Black Ranger?! I always thought the original Black Ranger costume was the coolest. Also, why hasn't a woman ever been the Red Ranger yet? Must have something to do with the target audience.

Jarkes said...

I noticed that you never said anything about the suits for this season.

Werezilla said...

I think we can all agree that In Space is definately the best of the Zordon Era, however I can say without hesitation that Time Force is the best Post-Zordon Era. I honestly couldn't say what's the best Disney Era series but I leave that to Linkara to decide for himself.

V said...

In Part 1, @20:11-:31, they couldn't exactly quote "The Sound of Music" or have the characters "Singin' in the Rain" (:-p), so what could they do?

Anonymous said...

I don't know if someone has already mentioned this in the other comments (TL;DR), but in the first episode (about 7 minutes in) an Aquition makes an appearance. At least his head does. I noticed it just 5 minutes ago when watching said episode.

J said...

Wanted to thank you for doing this Lewis on 2 counts.
One, this has actually made Power Rangers immensely more popular to me, and even respectable.
Second, if you don't mind me borrowing the idea, it's inspired me to do something similar for a show from my childhood, if only because it seems fun.

ash said...

Wait you "sorry wrong note's here". Did you review the end of time from doctor who? If not will you?