Monday, September 13, 2010

Atop the Fourth Wall 100th Episode

What Sonic comic has Linkara been forced to do for his 100th episode? ‎


CrappyBlueLuigi said...

Level select code? Really?

They should've used the debug code! Not only would it have made more sense, but it would've been a great reference to the games!

Then again, I doubt anybody expected something that sensible from this.

Michael said...

I loved the new version of the opening song. Please, keep this your opening song for the next 100 episodes.

TL20xx said...

That. Was. Awesome.

I have never read that one, and wondered how bad it was... Good to know. Anyways, is the rock version of the theme song a one time thing, or can we expect to see that from now on?

Anonymous said...

Great episode, dude. Nice to see you go through uncharted territory with Sonic. Loved the cameos at the end... Wait, where's Film Brain? Awww, this sucks, I wanted to see Film Brain sing along, too.

Ed Boff said...

That cover; it's like if they had a Mega Drive cartridge instead of a VHS in "The Ring"!

Great one man, happy 100th, keep it up!

Kriken said...

Great review Linkara. Too bad Phelous had to die (again) for you to move to your new location.

Oh yeah, is it just me or does this comic sound a lot like "Last Action Hero". Seriously, the portal, Sonic finding out he's a video game hero, and the hair joke (Don't hurt a hair on their head).

Ak3000 said...

Horray! Sonic comics always were strange, but not for the AT4W reasons...mostly for what the heck is going on this issue?! reasons

Team Wombat said...

Long time, first time.

Big congrats on episode 100. I stumbled upon this site about 2 years ago and I've enjoyed every review you've posted.

I was a 'comic nerd' in the early 90's; in the age of McFarland, Liefeld, and the EXTREME age of comics. Watching your reviews has brought back some great memories, and got me to buy some books I ignored in the past. League of Extraordinary Gentlemen (1 and 2, I was not a fan of the Black Dossier), the Killing Joke, and Kingdom Come which has to be the greatest story I've ever read.

Probably waaay too much info, and I don't really expect anyone to care, but I do want to thank you for reminding me how much unabashed fun a good comic can be.

Mountain King said...

I hate to use this reference but you took all the others. You tried to dial this one up to 11, and damn near got there. One hundred episodes, congratulations.

Lets deal with the comic first… It was a self insertion fan fic. Badly done and with so little reason behind it you have got to wonder if it was a joke rather than an actual issue.
Sonic SatAM was one of a wave of gritty cartoons to follow in the wake of Batman:TAS and Gargoyles. A time in the mid to late 90's when children's, animated or otherwise, TV suddenly woke up and realised that they could do serious drama after all. Unfortunately when Pokemon came along they forgot about that and stated making baby noises again. Leaving us with the dross we have today.

There have been so many Sonic comics that, to be honest, I doubt you could cover them all. I, personally, got into comics through the UK Sonic magazine (I still think Chameleon Kid and Decap Attack are worthy contenders for any comic, whatever the target audience) and I know that the UK storyline was completely different. Up to the point where it knocked the US into a cocked hat and then threw it out the window. That this issue (and by extension episode) tied into the lamented SatAM series is a bit of a disservice to the show.
Not that I don't agree with your views here, hard not to with a functioning lump of grey matter between my ears, but I think you really should spend a couple of hours looking for clips, even if it bites into HOPR time. After all perspective might help with that too (they are supposedly the same target audience).

On that note you really should poke around for the UK Sonic comic, it took a lot of its cues from 2000AD. It was a collection of stories each week with an in-character editor that also gave hints for games on the Mega Drive II, sorry, Genesis. It was superior in every way to what you reviewed and many of it's stories are still a good read today. When I dig a few issues out of the attic that is.

Alright, now I saw the lighting change (I personally think darker is better now that you have more room, but never mind that) but another thing I noticed was that you're now in a "Live Room". This means that there is a lot of space and hard edges for sound to echo off. A "Dead Room" has lots of soft furnishings to absorb sound. It's the same principle as sound proofing; egg boxes, throw pillows and a lack of wooden furniture would help. (I knew my qualifications would come in useful, three years of media study wasted my arse). Other than that quality control issue, that involves me with a fine tooth comb and a personality of a midlevel accountant, I think your new digs are a vast improvement! At least they will be when you get your shelves back up (a blank wall is a little too NC).

Here's to another hundred episodes and ripping Pat Lee, the thieving git, apart as soon as you can.

AKA Mountain King

Scott said...

Oh look a new theme song, but I got to be honest I prefer the old one. While I appreciate you trying to change things up a bit this theme song just feels so generic compared to the old blue grass theme.

Alex Stritar said...


Why does Phelous keep taking everyone's used sets? What's wrong with his own set?

Man, this is the weirdest multiverse based story I ever seen. Usually I am a sucker for these kinds of stories, but it didn't really work at all.

OMG!! TGWTG THEME SONG RENDITION ITH ALMOST EVERYONE! I am now officially counting down to your 200th episode. xD

Nybelle said...

Good review :) I just have one criticism.

I love your new theme song, and the comics flashing by was kind of neat until I realized that the entire opening sequence was composed of that. The clips were more interesting, but flashing through a few comics and showing the you're reviewing at the end works, so maybe start and end your intro with the flashing comics, but put some clips in between.

WPB said...

As far as "100 episode" episodes go, this one is a bit lackluster. Though that could just be because I wasn't one of the people who asked for a Sonic comic.

I like the concept of "cameos sing the theme song". Definitely the best part of the review.

You're tearing me apart with the Lord Vyce arc, man. I was really expecting some new developments, but the episode was running a bit long... so I can excuse it this time. But when episode 200 runs around, I want a Harvey Finevoice vs. Johnny Yong Bosch fight to make up for it. (Hopefully you'll have a TV contract by that time with which to afford JYB).

And of course, here's to another 100 episodes of burning comic books and asserting one's gender while inflicting bodily harm.

Lonewolf23k said...

As a die-hard Sonic Fan for years, I strongly approve of this review, as "Sonic Live" is universally reviled by Sonic Fans everywhere.

It really is just that bad.

Radar said...

Oh my God! You killed Phelous! You bastard!

Tyr Germanic said...

i only watched up to the theme,cool so far,but u mentioned the image/sonic crossover...i own that,its not that bad. the main thing is the superheroes randomly appear for like 2 pages max and then are gone.for example,theyll be in a mall and then savage dragon is just there shooting,no set up.or theyre looking out from a rooftop and spawn is standing behind them and says a couple things to them.

maybe you could review it.your famous "whats the point?" quote/occasional review style would match it.

REVIEW TMNT VOL.3 DAMNIT,its image at its worst.and its raping a good comic.
for one thing,the suble parodys of the mirage comics are thrown out the window for mindless one second jokes that arent funny like a parody of wolverine called the weasel.

lilmaibe said...

Nice episode and congratulations for doing so many :D Just one thing bothers me: When you made the allusions at -creating a dimensional connection by- I really can't think of what you meant with each of them (I got the crayons(i think) and Pride&Prejudice, but the rest....). It's driving me mad X(

Unknown said...

Where did you get that Warhammer 40K Commissar hat?

deuxhero said...

Noticed more jabs at yourself than normal. Was this because it was the 100th episode?

The "Sega!" at the end made it.

Also, a level select code allowing you to return to your own universe (level) makes sense. At least more sense than the debug mode (up, c, down, c, left, c, right, c, hold a start) anyways

Joanie Rich said...

Congratulations on 100 Episodes! The complilation song at the end was epic!

Unfortunately, there's more bad Sonic comics where this one came from, but you picked the cream of the crap crop, so to speak. I was hoping you'd get around to some Archie comics eventually. From those of us who do like Sonic, we appreciate it. :)

Keep burning through those bad comics, Linkara! <3

Fandango said...

There couldn't have been a better way for you to celebrate one hundred episodes of pure awesome sauce! Congratulations, Linkara, on an incredible show!

Oh dear sweet Jesus that Sonic comic was absofrackinglutely terrible. What in the world were they smoking when they wrote this? Or were they just pressured in to doing that by the kids?

Very awesome way of celebrating the 100th episode! It was a great song, I really enjoyed it!
The different song used in the intro was just plain badass :)

Again, congrats man! Here's to a hundred more! You are the only reason why I'm glad comics like that exist!

Stephen said...

This was a really awesome episode and a great way to celebrate 100 videos in the series. I'm also kinda glad you kept all the storyline-related stuff out of the video, I think it would've upstaged the fact that the video's a major milestone.

Unknown said...

HAPPY 100TH EPISODE LINKARA!!! What a wild and great (and EPIC) journey it has been. Sonic Live makes me violently ill so thank you for tearing it a new one. Thank you for all your hard work, your singing, your writing, your wit and you battling against the evil forces of the Horde . . . or the Dominion . . . or the Borg . . . ah . .. you know what i mean. I look forward to the next 100 episodes . . . although . . . I am surprised that you went with the Sonic comic. Here I thought you'd go with Power Rangers Zeo/Youngblood mini that was published by Image. Ah well. Maybe for 150 or 200. Keep burning the bad! And love the amped up theme.

May the Power Protect you!

SagashiIndustries said...

Just who is that singing this version?

Jessica said...

wooh this ep was epic loved it! congrats on the new place btw


happy 100 episodes!

Anonymous said...

mr. linkara i think there is a error in the vid as after it finished buffering internet explorer would knock me off saying something about an error i have tried 3 times to get the vid to play but i keep geting an error.

can you help me mr.linkara?

Anonymous said...

This is just fantastic! The ending song was great. Hoping You and Liz are digging the new place.

Andrew said...

AWESOME 100TH EPISODE! Great to see your new place Linkara, I like it! And it'll probably provide a lot more freedom for your skits and such. Also, really great montage at the end, I loved it. Here's to another 100 episodes!

SagashiIndustries said...

Err, I meant where can I get that version of the song.

DB said...

Congrats on getting to your 100th episode Linkara! Always been a longtime fan and glad to see you're show has stayed as awesome as ever. Hell it got me to read a bunch of comics I never thought I would have and I'm thankful for that. Keep up the good work and cool new location.

PS: Poor Phelous...oh well...

Hebe said...

That was fun. Happy 100th episode.

Hawley Griffin said...

That was very awesome, very awesome indeed. Keep up the good work! I have absolutley nothing bad to say......

....except it's called the Megadrive.

Anonymous said...

You made a great choice, this one really deserved to be ripped a new one!

Loved the Sliders bit.

Also as a minor nitpick on my side, they used the game as a portal to the SatAM universe despite none of the characters (besides Sonic, Tails and the Doctor) ever appearing in the games

Anonymous said...

This comic HURT my soul. I think I need something alcoholic to burn the memory of this from my brain.

Incidentally, awesome review, I liked how you showed (I'm pretty sure in order) all the comics you reviewed at the beginning.

In fact, the last 8 minutes of this review gave me a migraine due to the sheer dumb of the comic.

The song at the end was cool, but it did feel like it went on a bit long. Although that may have just been residue from the comic destroying my poor brain.

Astral Pen said...

That was great! I really loved the "I can quit if I want to!" line and when you held up the phaser and morpher. And that comic...ugh. You said all that needed to be said.

I am DEFINITELY looking forward to your review of Cry for Justice.

E. Wilson said...

First time, long time. Congrats on reaching a hundred episodes.

So, ah, why was this universe's Robotnik the only one who tried to take over the gang of Robotniks? Was he Robotnik-Prime?

Eyun said...

O.o when Linkara said a young Carly Simon it sounded like a really bad dub lol.

Ether way wow what a bad comic D:.

Kate Holden said...

Congratulations on 100 episodes, Linkara! Here's to many more!

You know, here in the UK, we had a Sonic publication when I was a kid called 'Sonic the Comic' the publication was generally pretty good, featuring exclusive Sega-themed comics by British comic creators and an original take on Sonic's personality and mythos, but may interest you because it had early work by...Millar. He now tries to bury this piece of history as best he can, but Millar DID do Sonic comics back in the early 90s.

Aaanyway, congratulations and I hope you enjoy your new home!

Eyun said...

Wow. That was bad. O.o a young carly Simon sounds like it was dubbed in later lol.

Drakonis said...

Good 100th episode Linkara! Hope you'll do few 100 more of them. Especially liked the ATFW theme singalong with all the Cameos at the end, didn't expect them to be like this.

Mace said...

This was a great 100th episode. The metal version of this theme was great. I was so happy when I watched this and learned that you were doing Sonic Live. I'm a fairly large Sonic Comic fan and I abhore this issue. It is the only issue I felt was truly worthy of Fourth Wall ripping.

Anonymous said...

Did you dub your voice when you said Carly Simon?

Sapient said...

Exactly a second after Linkara said "What's that?" in the opening, the video crashed. LMAO

Unknown said...

Happy hundredthth!!

Pappa J's said...

alright! hard to believe its number 100.

Lundarigirl said...

Happy 100th, Linkara. Congradulations! May you continue to shred bad, distasteful, and downright confusing comics for hundreds of episodes more. Oh, and congrats on the new place too.
Having the various reviewers of That Guy With the Glasses sing your full theme song was awesome. Will the old theme be back next episode? There's nothing wrong with the rock version, but the gunslinger one is better.

Lundarigirl said...

Also, what's your relationship to Iron Liz?

JSNion said...

Well played sir, well played. Good luck with the rest of the move and your continuing adventures.

Just one question...

Who's going to clean up the charbroiled remains of Phelous?

Unknown said...

That was an awesome 100th Episode Linkara. I always look forward to your videos every week. Question though, which version of your theme song are you going to be using from now on? I like them both and want to know which to look forward to :)

Tony Kinnard said...

I salute you for reading this horrible, horrible story.

I used to read Sonic comics when I was a kid. In fact, they inspired me to pick up a pencil and draw my own comics once upon a time. Patrick Spaziante is still one of my favorite artists, and finding out he moved on to Avatar: The Last Airbender later on really brought up my respect for that show.

This story, though, I always thought sucked, and I have a copy of the Kool-Aid Man issue you reviewed. It didn't make any sense even within the comic books' universe, it felt like a vanity project, and there was one thing I'm surprised you didn't mention as much: the art sucks.

Ken Penders was one of my least favorite artists for the series, and this comic is a perfect example on why he sucks. Everything looks so off-model, including the title character. Also, considering this isn't the only bad story he wrote for these comics, I'm surprised he didn't get shit-canned until sometime in the 2000s.

Anyway, great review, and here's to another 100 episodes.

Artik_Skarab said...

Really awesome episode, even though it's really weird that you decided to do a Sonic comic even though you said you wouldn't... oh well, it was so horrible that it was worth it

But still, congratulations on 100 rewiews of epicness and a lot of other stuff. Hope that your work will continue on for a long time!

PS: More Neutro? Awesome...but how are you gonna do this if there wasn't more than 1 comic?

trilbymonkey said...

Great review, I'm LOVING the new theme music, I hope you keep it!

Admittedly, it's the first Sonic comic I've seen so I don't know if you picked a bad apple, but if this is the benchmark then I don't hold out much hope for the series...

Sonic should've stayed as a classic game, before executives decided to milk it for all it's worth.

Anyways, I'm rambling. Great review!

Zombie-Man said...

Dude, congratulations on your 100th video! I always love your videos. Every Monday I always say to myself '' Let's see if the new A top the fourth Wall is up''

So despite of criticize a couple of your opinions ( specially when you talk about artwork but that's other thing) I love your videos so I can't wait for the next 100!

And Yes! Can't wait for the Ultimatum review!! That was the first time that I have read a comic and have actually felt angry and embarrassed. . . Please review the whole thing!

Also, gotta love the Cinema Snob ''singing''!

Megan said...


As to the actual review, I think it's a new favorite of mine. The theme song at the end was nothing short of EPIC.

Anonymous said...

Awesome compilation of covers to celebrate your 100th! Brings back memories, ones I'd hoped to forget, but hey.

Congrats on reaching Number 100!

Anonymous said...

What was up with the lip-synch during the Carly Simon line?

MattV said...

the new intro is pretty awesome, and the outro gag was a nice touch. good luck, regardless of how much you really need it or not, with the next 100 episodes

Robots B. Awesome said...

.... That was Awesome. Where can i get an mp3 of that

karen_c said...

Woot 100!!!

Rock on Linkara!

- kc

Bryan said...

I have to say, you couldn't have chosen a better Sonic Comic to review. I love the heavy metal theme, and everyone at Channel Awesome, Inked Reality and even a few Blistered thumbs singing the final song. Can't wait for the next 100. @CedarMusketeer

Mario Di Giacomo said...

Think you missed something on the cover, Lewis.

"The Last Game Cartridge Hero" isn't a "Last Starfighter" riff, it's a "LAst Action Hero" riff.

Makes about as much sense as that film, too

smx said...

Great Video, admittedly this is like the silver age of Sonic Comics, still Pretty stupid.

CatholicHTowner said...

Are he and Iron Liz dating? Sorry if this seems like a dumb question.

Unknown said...

You sir get extra points for using a clip from Angel.

ShadowWing Tronix said...

Congratulations on 100 episodes, looking forward to 100 more. Even the Transformers one. (Although some fear is involved there. Please don't be #16.)

Sonic Live is thankfully not typical of a Sonic comic, but the earlier issues were some mix of both versions of the Sonic cartoon ("SatAM" and "Adventures of") before finally deciding on being the more series action series for kids it is today.

Otherwise, I don't think it was the favorite of anyone besides those two kids. :)

J.K. Spencer said...

Lovely! :D
That was a pretty interesting 100th episode! I love the new theme song, as well as the ending!
I can't wait to see what's in store for the series' next 100 episodes!

While most of the post-credit teasers weren't that much of a surprise, I was actually shocked that Neutro (would that make this one Neutro MK-III?) will be returning! O.o

In any case, here's to many more wild adventures in the future!

Arkanj0 said...

I can't belive this is going to be my first comment and on a event like this :oD

I'm a big fan of your work and this was awesome. The Sonic franchice was benn raped for years and this is a perfect exemple of that. I like the way the kids feel that the events that are happening are racional, and don't go "OH MY GOD, A GIANT BLUE HEDGEHOG PULL ME INTO THE TV... HELP".

And thank you Linkara for your work and I hope that you continue to entertain us the way you do... always fun, but always true ;)

Greatings from a fan from Portugal :oD

P.S. And sorry for my english

J.K. Spencer said...

In retrospect, they should've used B-A-R-A-C-U-D-A.
The two were released around the same time, anyway. ;)

Lewis Lovhaug said...

"Where did you get that Warhammer 40K Commissar hat?"

Haven't watched Kickassia, I take it? XD

Lewis Lovhaug said...

"mr. linkara i think there is a error in the vid as after it finished buffering internet explorer would knock me off saying something about an error i have tried 3 times to get the vid to play but i keep geting an error.

can you help me mr.linkara?"

Try using a different browser or try going directly to, locate the episode, and download the flash fiel.

ChrisPV said...

Been following your videos for awhile now, and I have to say congratulations on doing this. I shudder to think how much effort must go into each episode of this show, but lo and behold a new one turns up every week like clockwork.

Thanks for all the laughs!

David 2 said...

Congrats on 100th episode...

And you know what that means, right? SYNDICATION TIME!!!!

Oh, wait, that's for broadcast TV, not net video.

Nice job, and now I understand why you initially did not want to ever review a Sonic comic.

Lewis Lovhaug said...

"O.o when Linkara said a young Carly Simon it sounded like a really bad dub lol."

That's only because it was. XD

Anonymous said...

That was awesome Linkara. Personal favorite part had to be the ending with everyone doing your theme song - that was great! Congrats on the 100th episode (and the new place)! Looking forward to a hundred more!

Kavinsky said...

the accoustics are a touch off linkara, like theres sometimes a slight echo, you might want to try and put it closer to you next time

concerning the new intro it seems a touch long (anything over 30 seconds long for an intro seems to get long in the tooth)

and its missing the shot of your logo with the hat from the old one which was a staple of the original and personally I would have gone with this as the new intro song:

nice touch with the montage at the end thought.

Kelix Malachite said...

Congrats on 100! You're my favorite reviewer. Keep up the great work and hurry up with the History of power rangers!!!!!!!<3

SynjoDeonecros said...

Wow, that was a twist. I was sure you were going to review the Image Comics crossover (though it sounds like your interest has been piqued enough to try and hunt it down), but it's a nice change of pace, honestly.

Sadly, this is one of the few comics that seems to validates the hate against former head writer Ken Penders, which is a shame, since he really isn't a bad writer, and has contributed a ton of good things to the series (like Knuckles' background). You'd never guess from comics like this, but then again, wait until you get to the crap Ian Flynn writes; you'd be doing more than hanging yourself from that new ceiling.

Falcovsleon20 said...

Awesome episode. Great way to top off Episode 100! Not looking forward to Ultimatum. It's to me what One More Day is to you and the reason I stopped reading comic books until recently. The last thing I need is to be reminded of it's existence, even if it's being torn to shreds by a witty comic book expert.

Oh and love the jab at Sonic '06. That game is the single biggest reason as to why the Sonic fanbase is so screwed up today. (Not that they weren't before but still....)

Benjamin J said...

Exactly a second after Linkara said "What's that?" in the opening, the video crashed. LMAO

At least I know it wasn't just me.

Congrats on hitting the century mark, aaand...condolences, for having to review a piss poor Sonic comic (which I also got a Last Action Hero vibe from. Though there's no Schwarzenegger to make it at least quasi-entertaining). No matter, he cameo-riffic theme song at the end made it all worthwhile.

Also, if they were going to throw a reference to the Sonic level select code into the comic, they might as well have gone all the way with it and used Sonic 2's code. It would've been funny to see the writers find a way to shoehorn a sound test board into the story somehow.

Anywhoo, thanks for the laughs.

BS Digital Q said...

Congratulations Mr. Lovehaug! Loved the new intro, loved the extended cameo of the ThatGuyWithTheGlasses crew.

Here's to another 100 episodes!

Yogurt said...

That was awesome!

The new songs (especially the final collab) were excellent.

Also, I can't wait to see your take on "Cry for Justice". Lian must be avenged, you are the man to do it!

Turkish Proverb said...

Wow. 100. Congrats. Loved the theme song montage.

Jesse said...

Congrats on the hundredth episode! With any luck, you'll be around for a hundred more, and I'm sure you can do it.

As for the comic itself, it was pretty much a reminder as to why I essentially gave up on Sonic cartoons and comics based on it a couple years after the Saturday Morning version was canceled. There were far too many stories that would have been bad enough to see as fan fiction and yet still managed to get approved for publication by means of a professional editorial process.

With regard to the episode, it was cool to see all the cameos you had. I'm not quite sure who they all were, but that's more because I don't watch as much as one might think on TGWTG. Didn't notice any lighting difficulties, but that was more because I was focused on what you were saying.

I guess the new set means you've got a new place. Congrats on that, too. Was that your girlfriend helping you move?

Anonymous said...

mr. linkara strang thing is im no longer having errors perhaps IE was just trying to give me trouble

Jaebird said...

Holy shit; I remember seeing that comic cover in an ad in one of my old Sonic comics (I was 8, and I only have a few random issues).

Congrats on 100 episodes =)

Anonymous said...

Post-modernism (playing with the audience's assumptions of a particular medium, basically, self-awareness that the story is fictional) is very hard to pull off without being incredibly stupid like this comic. I can't imagine that trying to write it for kids made the situation any easier.

However, there is an example of this kind of deconstruction of video games done well, and it's a webcomic! Kid Radd ( is pretty entertaining, funny, and an interesting thought experiment into how video game characters interact with (and are often defined by) the restrictions inherent in their medium.

That aside, thanks so much for the past 100 glorious episodes of ripping horrendous comics a new one. Here's to 100 more in the future! :D

Paul S. said...

Congratulations on the 100th episode keep up the good work.

You know it's bad enough that they don't mention any actual members of the Sonic Team, but for some reason giving his "creators" in this book American names is really insulting.

Anonymous said...

I am sad that there was no Sonic Sez references.

"If someone tries to touch you in a place or in a way that makes you feel uncomfortable, thats no good."

YetAnotherGeek said...

Can I be perfectly honest, Lewis?

I was just one inch away from singing along at the end. But sadly, I didn't want to get noise complaints...I'll sing along to it later.

Wow, you even made a reference to Sonic 2006. Amazing. Even if you probably just googled "Worst Sonic Game Ever".

And yet, I'm not sure if this comic is worse than that. I mean, you have to do a lot to make "Sonic falls in love with a human princess" and "glitches ahoy" sound better than this...but it got close.

Again, here's to another 100 episodes. I am so glad that the New Gods chose you to be Atop the Fourth Wall.

Looking Down The Crionics said...

"I loved the new version of the opening song. "

I vehemently disagree. The old theme song was perfect and has no business being fucked with.

Anyways, I was a total Sonic fanboy back in the day. I stopped reading when I reached the age of reason.

So when I heard people were constantly suggesting Sonic comics for you to review, my first thought was "how?" Linkara doesn't do an entire series like the Nostalgia critic does. And while some issues were better than others, I don't distinctly remember any particular issue being "bad." I mean the first 15 issues or so were loaded with really bad kiddy jokes, but they had their charm in a 60's Batman show sort of way. And I know you don't review good comics so I figured Sonic Comic fans were shit out of look

Of course watching you break down the issue the way you did, I'm like "Wow that story really did suck, how the hell did I think that was good?"

I was really, really, really hoping you were going to do the Sonic Fleetway comic from the UK. It would have been so out of left field and random and would totally have pissed everybody off.

Also, am I the only one who got picked up on the feminist bascially telling his woman to "Stop questioning him and get back to work unpacking my shit!" XD

Looking Down The Crionics said...

also, Ian Potto is fucking horrible.

The Mad Scientist said...

Wow, now I know to never read Sonic comics if I want to keep my brain in working order. Thanks Lewis! Congratulations on your 100th episode! You've been one of my favorite reviewers and Internet personalities since I started watching AT4W back in February. Can't wait to watch the next 100!

Also, BEST THEME SONG VARIATION EVER!!!!! I want that video! Seriously, in the past three months, between this version and the 90s Kid version, we've gotten to hear two of the best possible versions of the theme song that the brain could envision! Awesome! THANK YOU CAMEOS!

(BTW, when do we get to see the full videos of the other reviewers performing the theme song in its entirety? Lol I want to see the NC and Todd theme song videos!)

TheUberNerdyKid said...

Episode 200! Kool-Aid Man vs Sonic: The Oh Yeah Chronicles.

I really like the new version of the theme song. It really fits the more epic fashion of the show.

Great cameos at the end btw! Every time JW is cameoing I'm like "YES!"
And that was the perfect line for Brian. Also, I never fully understood who that guy in the shadows is. Is that supposed to be Skitch?

Here's hoping to see another ass kicking, fourth wall sitting, 100 Episodes!

Tetsu Deinonychus said...

I'm a big Sonic comic fan (There's a reason this series has lasted over 200 issues folks), but even I always thought "Sonic: Live" was kinda dumb.

I should point out that "Alternate Zones" actually play a pretty big part in many of the story lines. But, (like everything else) it's usually handled much, much better than this.

"E. Wilson said...
why was this universe's Robotnik the only one who tried to take over the gang of Robotniks? Was he Robotnik-Prime?"

As a matter of fact, he is! It's been established that the main universe of the comic is the "Prime" universe.

He's not the current Robotnik, though. Robotnik Prime died in issue #50 at the end of the very awesome "Endgame" saga. A couple years later they decided to bring Robotnik back by introducing a more powerful Robotnik from an alternate universe, one who had already killed his own universe's Sonic. This has been the Robotnik featured in the comics ever since.

Linkara's joke about Sonic being able to download himself into new bodies was kind of interesting given that the current Robotnik actually had this power when he first appeared (but he doesn't any more).

Oh, and before I forget HAPPY 100th EPISODE, LINKARA!!

And, congrats on the move!

Ironbeard said...

Oy Vey is a good term to use for this comic.
I only seen the early Sonic show full of Chili Dog and Sonic Seys...I mean Says message. And that was weird and stupid but not as much as that.

I love the rock tone to the theme song. Hope you use it again.

Anonymous said...

Long time watcher, first time poster!

Oh dear god this comic was creepy. I kept expecting you to make a "Ring" joke throughout the review, and breathed a sigh of relief when you didn't. (Seriously, when you showed that footage in Action Comics 593 I ducked!) Just have these kids meet with Alec from Tandy whiz Kids and you have the beginings of a new version of a new horror movie!

Congrats on the move and 100 episodes! As for the new theme version, can you go back to the original footage? This new version seems sorta bland.

One last thing I have to know, what do you think about that crappy new Spiderman Broadway musical?
(Just the thought of it makes me gag.)

Lamb said...

Congratulations on the 100th episode, Linkara!

I'm a previously silent fan of the show and figured I'd de-lurk to wish you well on the milestone.

And good call with not only the clip of the Sliders opening but of Illyria's comment about not liking the shrimp world.

Carlos Hugo said...

Felicidades por los 100 episodios, desde México.

Nionel said...

First off, congratulations on your 100th episode Lewis, I've really enjoyed this series and I look forward to continuing to enjoy it as long as you continue create it.

Secondly, oh my god I actually remember this comic from when I was a kid. I have to admit that Sonic was my gateway into comic books, it was sold at a grocery store a few blocks from my house and it was the first book that I picked up on a monthly basis, including all annuals and mini-series, I bought the series for almost four years. I recall this easily being one of the worst books they put out, which was saying something since a majority of the annuals were pretty awful and were basically throw away stories that either didn't fit or didn't matter to the main series continuity. Going back and looking at some of the Sonic books I still have, I have to question how I got so into them, but I guess when you're twelve you don't really notice the bad puns and questionable writing, you just know that you like video games and Sonic and that's why you spend your allowance on this book.

FugueforFrog said...

Honestly I actually expected "Nobody Does it Better" for the closing credits but...hey, the team theme was classy. (that and my Bond senses were tingling)

So basically...yeah, self-insertion Captain N fantasies really shouldn't be comic books. It's bad enough when fans do self-insertions, but when the pros do just have to make it work. (you know, like Stan Lee...when he's not in Nightcat...maybe Osamu Tezuka works better)

A. Conroy said...

Congrads on your 100th episode!

Before the power of the internet, I picked this issue out of one of the back ads as a treat along with the 4-issue Endgame storyline. When I looked at the cover, I just died a little inside.

So, when I saw the issue appear again between your two hands, I let out a loud groan but then a wide smile. Nicely done.

Lord Seth said...

Admittedly, it's the first Sonic comic I've seen so I don't know if you picked a bad apple, but if this is the benchmark then I don't hold out much hope for the series...

It's a bad apple, definitely. Remember that the comic was deliberately picked to be the worst of the lot, so judging the Sonic the Hedgehog comic series based on Sonic Live is like judging TNG based on Sub Rosa.

Sadly, this is one of the few comics that seems to validates the hate against former head writer Ken Penders, which is a shame, since he really isn't a bad writer, and has contributed a ton of good things to the series (like Knuckles' background).

One of the few comics? There were more than a few bad comics Ken Penders wrote. Ken Penders wrote plenty of bad stuff, especially at the end of his term. You're right in that he did write some really good stuff (the Knuckles comics spin-off was very good), but he certainly had his share of both good and bad.

You'd never guess from comics like this, but then again, wait until you get to the crap Ian Flynn writes; you'd be doing more than hanging yourself from that new ceiling.

What's so bad about Ian Flynn? I'll admit I haven't been keeping up on the comic for the last year or so, but the comics I read by him seemed good enough, if not as good as his earliest stories.

Titania Bird said...

Oh dear god. I remember seeing the ads for Sonic Live! during the days when I read the series. I distinctly remember the concept making me, even at that young age, scratch my head. I'm glad to see that I chose wisely.

I loved the cameo singalong, but as a musician myself, I do have to point out that some of you (including you and Iron Liz at the end) were off key. Not bashing, just pointing it out. :)

Machina said...

Anyone notice that after they switch dimensions, the design of the human characters somewhat begin to resemble characters from really old manga?

Domo said...

You missed a golden opportunity for a Take On Me reference early one

Anonymous said...

Great 100th, can't wait to see you review JL Cry For Justice, that piece of crap deserves to be torn a new one.

Elita5 said...

Thank you! thanks for a 100 episodes, and for the next hundred more. Thank you for the obligitory sliders reference, and thanks for the education.

this episode wasn't some big extraviganza with fireworks and waterslides--but it was one of your most satisfying episodes yet.

Thank you!!

ART said...

You were awesome as always Linkara.
It's kinda funny seeing that Twizzlers dog on the back of the book again...but anyway, yeahhh...that wasn't the best Sonic book ever. Sonic LIVE! was an experiment by Archie Comics that was not repeated and thus stands firm to this day one of Sonic's worst. The writer in question didn't really find his calling UNTIL the Knuckles series, which is probably his best work. The guy who did this one also wrote the Sonic/Image crossover...which has a very wacky car in it.>.> There are some Star Wars references in there too at times...but anyway, I look forward to more Lord Vyce.

Anonymous said...

First and foremost, happy 100th episode Lewis. I hopped on the bandwaggon shortly after the Kool Aid Man review, and it's been a wild ride, my friend. I'll gladly stick around for another 100. :)

As for the opening theme... well, your old one was downright perfect in my opinion. But hell, everybody else seems to like the new song, and I'll get used to it over time I'm sure. Besides, at this point I don't know weither it's permenient or not.

All these new locations... can't you Channel Awesome people just pick a place and stick with it? XD Seriously though, hope the new place works out for ya'. (But put your selves and stuff back up. It just dosn't feel right with just a blank wall there. Put a poster up at least.

The comic... oh my god. Linkara, I never thought I'd say this, but please NEVER review a Sonic comic ever again. Though, let's face it, this thing was going to get the AT4W treatment sooner or later.

Also, never try to dub anything ever again. That's easily the funniest part of the review right there.

Anyway, I'm starting to babble. Keep up the good work, Linkara, and I'll see you here agian next week!

Turkish Proverb said...

Ga. The collaborated version of your theme is so catchy. I keep watching the video again just to hear it.

Clifford Hector said...

Happy 100th, Linkara! Here's to next 100!

Anonymous said...

this was awesome! perfect 100th episode! *very* nice use of the angel clip!
let's hope for 100 more! {it would suck if we lost our hero *too* soon!}

Anonymous said...

I could not stop laughing when the snob said "He has magic gun!" also I always love when Dr. Insaino shows up. Looking forward to more Atop the Fourth Walls and History of the Power Rangers. Truly you are a MAN Linkara.

GothmogII said...

Hey...I thought Sonic comics were in the Top 10 comics you won't do? ;)

Still, excellent job as usual, and the new theme song is very 80's, love it :3 Reminded me of the Teenage Muntant Hero Turtles theme song actually.

GothmogII said...

My bad, top 15. ^^'

Anonymous said...

"And yet, I'm not sure if this comic is worse than that. I mean, you have to do a lot to make "Sonic falls in love with a human princess" and "glitches ahoy" sound better than this...but it got close."

Even the Sonic 2006 storyline is better than this
At least it made more sense

Madner Kami said...

Happy 100th! And thanks for all the fun!


Mike Rose said...

Speaking of things that hurt the brain to think about, how about the phrase - 'filled to the brim with holes'. ;)

Seriously great episode. Here's to your next 100.

Oracle said...

Heck of an episode, boss. The cameo theme song was perfect!

Huh. Sonic's eyes ARE always like that. You know, I think you would have liked the cartoon. Freedom Fighters, man!

NeonRaine said...

Well, that made me smile :). Congratu-well done on 100 episodes!

Anonymous said...

hi linkara i thought the 100th vid was awsome. Also since I have been collecting the sonic comics since isue 37 I can point a few things out that you missed.

1. That wasent a stautue they were building that was a robot and cool thing about this robot is that it was shown in the future this robot would be unleashed onto the world destorying everything in its path and only knuckles can stop it as sonic was killed by it earlyer but sadly other than three flashfowards showing it this future never happens. =[

2. i think the resion this story was even given the ok was that archie was close to cancleing that comic around issue 50 and ken penders wanted a story with his kids in it too bad his kids didn't even like sonic.

anyway I will be back later to type the 15 other sonic comics that are bad (not includeing the image\sonic\x-files\the lost ones crossover).

so until you say "I am a woman!!"make mine linkara.

banjo tooie

Unknown said...

Great, great, GREAT 100th episode!
Thanks for all the enjoyment you brought us through your suffering ^^

Also, Neutro had a second issue? Or was that just a joke?

MetFanMac said...

Man, that was a crappy comic...

2 different versions of the the theme song? AWESOME!

Here's to the next 100... which I see will include "Cry For Justice"! Yes!! THANK YOU!!

Rattrap007 said...

Great job and congrats man..

This makes me wonder if the kids would be around 20-22 now are embarrassed by this now..

Anonymous said...

Hi Linkara
I was going thourgh my collection last night i managed to find 15 bad sonic comics that i dont think any one has sugested for you to review.
so lets start with number 15

15. sonic 39 the cover is not bad but not that awsome ether. Mike gallagher is the writer and Pat spaziante is the penciler any the art inside the comic is probly some of the best art in the the whole comic series but what is wrong with this comic is the bad writing.
the plot goes like this sonic wants to get himself captured and get turned into a robot but with a cyboretic inplant in him so he would still have free will and then thrash robotropolis and capture robotnik but the other freedom fighters say no because its to risky so sonic stomps off and goes to the gym to pump some irons when Nack the bounty hunter knocks sonic out with one of those 15 pound wheghts.
I wont spoil the whole plot but thats the best part of the entire plot what wrong with this comics is that everyone gets OUT OF CHARACTER!! first off nobody seems concenrd that SONIC IS NOW A ROBOT AND IS TRYING TO KILL YOU!
another thing that is wrong is that knuckles is a freedom fighter which he is not in fact he said no when they asked him join.
any this story was a two parter and part two is just as bad if not worse.

14 sonic & knuckles : mecha madness special the cover is awsome but a little chaotic same writers and artist any way ther are three storys one is part two of sonic 39's story.
story two stars the chaotix and interduces the villan mammoth mogul and the fearsom foursom
story three stars the forty fathom freedom fighters

ok in part two of mecha madness the story almost completly falls apart and the artist seems to love drawing uvulva's as you see them on every other panal the story just get strange first off sally spends two pages chating to knuckles about them knowing each other when they were kids while mechsonic burns knothole village to the ground I meen cmon why are you talking about your childhood when every thing you'v done is going up in smoke anyway so sally determans that we need another robot to defeat mechasonic so knuckles takes the inplant and jumps into a portable robotizer while rotor breaks into song(wha?)
anyway the inplant works thus proveing sonic's point that his plan can work. then the fight takes mecha-sonic and mecha-knuckles back to robotropolis when one of there punches hits a nucler warhead and causes it to go off but they survive it. i wont spoil any more of part two but it gets even worse.

13. sonic super special 15 the cover is meh

there are two storys in sss15 nugus games and spin city both are terrible story 1 nagus games
the art is some of the worst and so is the plot the book says it was writen by ken penders the writer of SONIC LIVE but penders says that he never ever would write something as bad as nagus games (I guess he thinks that live was a work of art.)so anyway whoknows who wrote this,and the artist many hands is a pesudo name.

anyway nagus was the main villin for sonic after robotnik died in sonic 50 he could use the powers of the elaments earth,air,fire etc so he is like a evil wizard and captin planet rolled into one, nagus died after nate morgan shot him with a lazer but with nagus's final breath he tryed to kill nate,sonic,tails, and eddy with a cave in\avalanche eddy sacerficed his life to save the others.(most of this happens in sonic 66.) but then sss15 came along and ruined it with vomet art and poor writing the plot goes like this sonic returns to the ruins to pay his respect's to eddy(why is nate not with him? eddy was a close frend of nate.) anyway sonic runs into nagus who is still alive! (the plot hints that the lazer knocked nagus back into the zone of silence) all nagus dose fir a fireball at sonic which sonic dodges and cause a little fog when sonic wishes for nagus to go back from where he came(so nagus is part genie now?)and nagus goes back to the zone of silence. and so we just got a pointless resurection a villain.

Anonymous said...

I don't know, Linkara--now that you're not posting from your parent's basement, don't you lose some "geek cred"? ;)

Congrats on 100 episodes, dude--and the new living arrangment, heh. Good thing Iron Liz already proved she's good in a fight--I expect your new hideout will be compromised soon enough.

Loved the new cover of the theme song, but was glad to hear the original at the end (awesomely sung by a cast of dozens)! Here's to the next 100 episodes!

Anonymous said...

Great review as always. I especially loved all the cameos at the end with everyone singing along to the theme song.

As for the new theme song, I don't know if you used that one just for the 100th comic so you could save the old one for the end or plan on switching to it, but I prefer the old song. The new one just doesn't fit AT4W as well.

Unknown said...

I sense an intervention to your power ranger addiction coming. However I think I'll hold off until the HOPR is finished. Then I sense some serious rehab coming. On the subject of the episode, I liked the theme song, but I think the background graphics need to be changed as they don't reflect the lyrics.

All in all I liked the episode. Looking forward to another 100.

phoenixsoul13 said...

Congratulations on 100 episodes! =D Looking forward to the next 100!

Dear lord....that comic just made no sense to me. Great review though!

Loved how you had everyone singing the theme song. It was totally awesome!

Anonymous said...

hi linkara sorry for some of the sloppyness part 1 of the 15 other bad sonic comics that I suggest doing a review on, the sloppyness was I was rushing hopeing the storm would not fry my computer and also I went over what comment would allow so I had to cut some stuff. also the 15 bad sonic comics are in no paticuler order.

12. sonic 71 the cover is kinda cool with both the satam sonic and sonic adventure sonic both on the cover

karl bollers wrote story 1

ken penders wrote story 2

steve butler did the art for story 1

art mawhinney did the art for story 2

anyway sonic adventure was coming soon and so to keep with the times they updated sonic to look like his sonic adventure counterpart but archie decided to take the worst apporch on how to do it. The comic is a mess with pages fliped, floped, and backwards and I still dont get the plot

story 2 is not bad penders writes about the origns of planet mobius

but yeah the problem with this issue is how confuseing the layout is.

11.sonic 94 the cover it's ok but mina..looks...yucky.

fry is the artist and bollersis writer of story 1

ken penders is the writer and rom lim is the artist

story 1 art sucks the life out of every panal
story 2 art is not that much better

story 1 why is sonic going to school? just why? also why dose the kids that tails is with look like 1st graders?

story 2 we see nic and nack the weasels packing up while ablon spcial forces try to drain the chaos energy that knuckles absorbed what we get next is a confuseing mess of dialog that I still dont know goes to who.

10. sonic 97 the cover has some shadow bots on patrol while sonic is in a ninja outfit.

karl bollers writer and two guest artist ribeiro & mercadoocasio do story 1

penders is writer and ron lim is artist of story 2

story 1 sonic decides to dress like a ninja why? I don't know.
anyway snively looks like a feringee from star trek and the gloves and shoes for everyone go to there knees and elbows and sonic does not use his speed when he could have and insted surrenders
ugh this one is a bad one.

I'll be back for part 3

banjo tooie

Anonymous said...

Great as usual, Linkara! Sadly, I was sorta hoping this would be the big confrontation with Lord Vyce...

Oh well. Another day, I suppose.

This can certainly hold me over till next week, or the next HOPR, or the Lord Vyce epic. If you need time to set up the new digs, no need to worry! We, as loyal fans who have stuck by you through 100 shitty comics, can wait as long as necessary so your new place is top-notch.

You have certainly come a long way. From comic book blogger, to king of the written page!

Heres to 100 episodes, & another to 100 and Beyond. Never will there be a dull moment on Atop the 4th Wall, where bad comics burn!!!

Anonymous said...

part 3

9. sonic 145-149 the good the bad and the unknown
man is this bad one. writen by ken penders i had to put more than one issue here becuse its that bad the plot is all over the place rangeing from the true orign of planet mobius to metal sonic returning after being destroyed the worst offender of this story arc it has a dozen or so threats that by next issue turn into non threats at least it has some good art.

8. sonic 105 this one ok its not good and its not bad but dr.eggman comes off bipoler in this issue moving on

7.sonic 113 archie trys to adept a episode of satam and fails at it many hands did the art in it and it looks worse here than it did in sss15 the art looks worse than vomit and as far as adepting an episode this is a little off.

6.sonic 127

the story is way past lame and defently a filler and story 2 is a so so parody of spy vs spy.

5. sonic 150

this is one of the worst pender storys ever made this is EVEN WORSE THAN SONIC LIVE!!story 1 is very sugestive almost to the point like that action comic you recently reviewed story 2 is not bad untill tails gets super powers and suddenly gets super buffed
sigh. =(

4. sonic 152 youngblood alert! roborobotnik/eggman unleashes nanites wich act like the borg and bunnie gets robo raped(well it looks like it but the art is so bad its hard to tell)also bunnie loses her left eye and regains it evry other panal. this one is quit bad.

3. sonic super special 8 robotnik in a drag nuff said *headexplods*
(sonic meets sailer moon)

2. sonic 188 the art is so blocky and why is mammonth mogol runing a casino and acting like the kingpen from spiderman?

1. sonic 116 robotnick looks like a one armed weeble wooble oh brother.

so I hope you like my list linkara. Is there any from those you may review in future?

so until youngblood takes over the world make mine linkara

banjo tooie

RanCossack said...

Hey there, Linkara. Truly, this was an awesome episode! Great job on the review! But I was wondering, is there any way us fans can download the collaboration song you made at the end? I'd love to add it in with the theme song Vincent made!

Anywho, once again, awesome job man! Can't wait to see the 200th episode, some day in the future.=P

QuetzaDrake said...

Hurray, 100 episodes! The comic was pretty (read: really) bad but I've seen you do worse. Still, something I'm sure nobody thought you'd ever do is still a great way to celebrate #100.

The song at the end was pretty epic. The first half that we always hear was the better of the two I think, which is understandable because A) we only hear the second half in one video, and B) I've always thought it had very odd timing for its lyrics, like a Ken Keeler song or something. Best parts were easily Doug, Cinema Snob/Ed Glaser and Phelous with his Kung Lao hat. Weakest would have to be the guys who kinda got the timing or key off (especially Spoony, who was in an entirely different key, though he made up for it with Insano).

All in all, great accomplishments all around. Hurray!

Unknown said...

This gets me to wondering if there is some big list somewhere of all the episodes, their stingers, and important jokes in them.

And if not, if there's anyone here I could get to work on it with.

Good luck with the new place.

SynjoDeonecros said...

Anonymous, no offense, but I would rather Linkara NOT do any more Sonic reviews, until he does a lot more research into the comics to familiarize himself with it. Not that this review wasn't good, but it was obvious that he was out of his element and wasn't able to properly comment on it like he would had he been more well known with the source material. In a way, I sorta wished he ahd done the Image Comics crossover issue, since in that case he can buoy up any floundering he had with the Sonic part of the comics with his extensive bashing on the Image part. That being said, if you need a research buddy for any future attempts at SOnic comics, just let me know; my roommate and I have a huge collection of the comics and could likely fill in any blanks that you have with it.

Anonymous said...

I'll admit, I'm a big fan of the original theme (ear worm much?) but this new one is nice, too. Whichever you decide to go with, YOU ARE THE MAYUN! Congratulations on the move and 100 episodes!


Jessica said...

sooo........I think I found 90's Kid's alt account, just read this post and think you'd get a kick out of it

"I stopped being interested in paper comics around 1993.. last I remember there was a publisher called Image, and they made comics that had good guys actually KILL the bad guys.. bad guys killed good guys and it read correctly and not like a childs story. I want to see some of those grittier, more realistic comics show up."

MetFanMac said...


Try, they have episode lists for all the TGWTG contributors and individual Crowning Moments of Awesome pages. Sooo, 2 outta 3 ain't bad ;-)

Taranaich said...

Man, has it really been 100? Good on ya, dude. I didn't know exactly what to expect for the big thing at the end (come on, there'd have to be something!) but it was a delightful surprise to see it end on something that wasn't a fight. Not that I don't love fights, but perhaps because I expected it, a musical number just made me smile.

I'm not sure about the choice of comic for number 100 from an "artistic" (HAH) standpoint, but as a tribute to the fans and folks who are so frequently suggesting it, it's a great gesture. Besides, it's certainly a horrible comic.

On a personal note, I'd like to just say thanks for the many reviews. In addition to providing (literally) hours of entertainment and information, you've been an inspiration to myself and no doubt others. You've proven that when you work hard and persevere, your opinions and ideas can reach an audience, even when staying on a simple blog. Atop the Fourth Wall was one of my inspirations to start on my own blog.

So, at the risk of being exceedingly mawkish, I'll just end by once again thanking and congratulating you for a fine series, and hope to see another century of episodes.

Benjamin J said...

I also thought I'd mention: I actually started watching AT4W at around the time Linkara first debuted the original theme song. At first, I only thought it was okay, and I kinda wondered why he chose it among all of the others, many of which we also got to hear. Well, it grew on me in a hurry, and now I think I know why he did choose it: It's freaking ADDICTIVE! Seriously - I challenge anyone to go the entire next day after watching a review without humming this song to themselves at some point. It's catchy as hell.

Rock Boy said...

Great episode. I thought the original theme song was better.

On the cover it looks like Sonic is using the force to make the girl choke herself.

for some reason.

Anonymous said...

hey linkara if you ever do another sonic review here is a wiki that has alot of good info.

banjo tooie

Unknown said...


Tvtropes, my old rival...

really I wanted something a bit more accurate, so I could go "oh, you wanted to see mechakara's fight? go to *this* episode.

Perry Renarldo Singletary Jr. said...

Ooh, nice choice! Never read it myself, but it seems about right.

Hawkx1 said...

You should take the song you made with all the TGWTG hosts and post it separately possibly with lyrics since some of them might not have gotten the words out clearly

Shanya Almafeta said...

I was wrong about thinking you were being facetious last time... and it feels horrible. T_T

I got into the Sonic comics about 20 issues after this issue came out... and as I watched the review, I realized, to my horror, that it's canon. Events from this are referenced in the main continuity. Robotnik in alternate universes being roboticized? Oh yeah, we'll see them in spades. Robotnik going to the trouble of creating a rocket to build his own satelite television network? You were prophetic when you compared it to Lifetime: he builds a second set of rockets later, and uses this marvelously expensive act just to spread eight minutes of self-promoting propaganda; in-universe fanfic, if you will. And they later cited Sonic Live in a way as to make it seem like it wasn't terrible, the jerks.

I'm still glad to be a Sonic fan; I'm still a fan and have a subscription after all these years. I'm also glad that THIS canon fanfic wasn't my introduction...

I liked the version of the Linkara theme without singing. The one thing I can't stand about your show is the vocals of the opening (to a lesser amount, the lyrics, but...). Divorced of the vocals, it's catchy!

Pmax said...

So.. the "inbetween world" is the inside of the Green Lantern Corps's central battery?

MetFanMac said...


Try the TGWTG wiki, they have an episode list with short synopses.

Anonymous said...

Nice batch of comics, Linkara, but I must know. WILL Ensign Munroe return?

Anyway, great 100th episode. Hope you upload the rock cover amd TGWTG versions of your theme song on Youtube.

Anonymous said...

100, congrats. Here's hoping for at least as many more in in the future.

The Good:
Loved the jokes in this one and I loved the cameos. I was floored that you were able to gets as many of the others as you could, particularly for their version of the them song at the end.

The Bad:
They actually thought that was a good story idea for a Sonic comic? Seriously?

The Ugly:
I think I'm probably in the minority with the 'new' version of the song used in the opening. I prefer the original version by a long shot. If this one ever gets used again, I'd prefer it be restricted to special episodes only.

That said, keep up the good work. :)

Sijo said...

First, congratulations on reaching episode #100! :)

Second, I liked your new intro, but I kinda miss the old one. Will you keep this one from now on?

Third, no offense but I found this comic kinda lame for your 100th issue. I still think it should have been OMD (which you DID review in your List of Comic You Would Never Review oh yes you did!) ;)

Fourth, no offense but most of the TGWTG crew can't sing to save their lives. Nice touch on their part though. But don't do it again. :p

And finally, Can't wait to see your review of Cry For Justice, boy does that deserve to be torn apart! (Though not as much as Rose of Arsenal. God, I hate DC Comics (not the DC Universe mind you)these days!! >_<

May you have a hundred more great episodes! :)

Patch O'Black said...

Please forgive the late posting, been rather busy. Please add me to the long line of well-wishers on your reaching such a milestone. How you manage to put together such an entertaining show like this each an every week is nothing short of astounding. To be honest, I think that it could actually go "mainstream" at some point, though perhaps you prefer the freedom being a one-man production gives you.

As to the review itself, I seem to vaguely recall seeing the cover to this issue on one of my various trips to the comic book store. However, not being into Sonic myself, I didn't pick it up. I am sure their are some folks who were not as fortunate. There is little I think I could add to your review this time. You seem to hit all the low points, and they certainly were low, of this dismal excuse for a comic.

Here's to next 100 episodes, which I am sure will be at least as entertaining as your first 100!

spacepope said...

grats on 100 I just have one question, why the change from Helen Keller to Carly Simon?

Lewis Lovhaug said...

"grats on 100 I just have one question, why the change from Helen Keller to Carly Simon?"

Close lip-reading, but in the original I actually said "Belinda Carlisle." For some reason when I was writing the episode I thought "Nobody Does it Better" was written by her and not Carly Simon. We caught in upon viewing, but it was the night before it was coming out, so I just dubbed it in.

spacepope said...

"Close lip-reading, but in the original I actually said "Belinda Carlisle." For some reason when I was writing the episode I thought "Nobody Does it Better" was written by her and not Carly Simon. We caught in upon viewing, but it was the night before it was coming out, so I just dubbed it in."

Groovy, thanks for the clear up. It just looked weird, so I was curious. Again grats on 100 and heres to 100 more.

NGT said...

Moved out did you? Those demon roaches are a pain. (Glad this isn't a permanent music change though.)

As for the comic...blah.

As for the end...heh. (Your fellow reviewers have a surprisingly good singing voices for the most part. Especially Bear. My own bear sidekick, Stitch, is very jealous.)

Anonymous said...

Congratulations. It's been a great ride.

As a matter of fact, of all things, I own this comic. That might be why I feel compelled to point out that, even out of context, it sounds like Sonic was pulling a "fake surrender" trick. I was also going to say that Robotnik may have been planning to roboticize the other Freedom Fighters -- that's his thing -- but... then he didn't. (I also understand that there is precedent in the Sonic universe for alternate realities, but if they even had that in mind, they did a lousy job explaining that.)

Wow. "Sonic Live" was bad, wasn't it? Now I want to read it again. Anyway, that was a great beginning, a fantastic ending, and it all bodes well for whatever you have coming up.

Anonymous said...

When you played the B5 clip I immediately thought "who are you?, President Clark has signed a decree declaring martial law, these orders have forced us to declare independence, weapons supplies..." and so on. Thanks so much for that! I look forward to more references to one of my favorite shows ever.

Movie Dame said...

i actually have ONE sonic comic...i have no idea why...i tend to ignore it.

Congrats Linkara on your 100th episode!! i love your episodes so much!!!plus i think your just adorable (especially with a sonic screwdriver...)

Anonymous said...

So, on my way home today, I was wondering if Linkara ever refences the Buffyverse? And then I watched this! Woot!
(Still playing the catch-up game.)

Then I was begging you in my mind to reference Poltergeist... and you did! (It would've been cool to see the hand stretch out of the TV, but as Steve Wright put it: "You can't have everything. Where would you put it?"

- Mik

Unknown said...

A'yuh. That's the problem with Sonic comics. Aside from that one there, I can't think of a single horrible atrocity among them. There was a lengthy run for a few years where the books were sub-par and not very interesting, but they've never been hideous, just a little on the dull or nonsensical side when they're down.

It's an Archie comic. They don't create anything GREAT, but they also don't make much that's terrible either.

So yeah, I'd say there's no reason for you to review your average sonic comic even if you DID read them. They mostly range from neato to meh.

Though I will admit that they have a special little place in my soul 'cuz the first book I ever picked up with Sonic #0. I might be biased... after all, I kept buying them even though there was a 50-60 issue run of blah in there.

Anonymous said...

Can't believe I JUST NOW saw this, lol. great review Linkara. I agree that there aren't alot of stinkers in this series as people would have you believe (but Sonic fans in general aren't the most consistant in thier love/hate relationship of the entire franchise either). This was definatley bad, but every series has to have that one stinker that won't go away and this is definately it.

DarkSeraphim said...

Why am I not surprised...will they make ANYTHING into a comic? Yeesh...but a great episode! And the ending credits with the TGWTG team singing your song? Awesome. Still playing catch up but an awesome ride nonetheless!

SynjoDeonecros said...

Lord Seth wrote:
"What's so bad about Ian Flynn? I'll admit I haven't been keeping up on the comic for the last year or so, but the comics I read by him seemed good enough, if not as good as his earliest stories. "

First of all, his first foray into Sonic writing (official or otherwise) was Other M, a comic where he TURNED KNUCKLES INTO HITLER. I wish I was kidding. Oh, how I wish I was kidding.

Second, while I agree that most of his main storylines pre-Issue 200 were the best he ever made and had some really good potential, he pissed it all away during the Iron Dominion saga, and never recovered, his later stories afterward being 2-4 issue minisagas that feel rushed and took the characters way OOC (for instance, he claimed in one such story that Rotor, non-action guy that he is, nearly killed his friends trying to play the hero during the year Sonic went missing). I've even heard Ian fans say that they don't like the ID saga because of how badly the pacing and snap backs were, alone.

Finally, have you ever read his take on Ken's "Mobius: X Years Later" story? The original was dull and boring, but at least it was coherent; Ian's take was just Liefeldian in its darker and edgier stupidity. Seriously, Tikhaos? Really, Ian? What drugs were you on when you came up with that abomination?

I'm not saying that Ian didn't have his moments, or that Ken hasn't had his share of bad comics, just that, when comparing the two, Ian is a hack next to Ken. But not as much of a hack as Karl Bollers, god that man's work was horrid...

Anonymous said...

^ you need to get out more man. A book on little blue hedgehogs don't need to taken as seriously as u you are making it, so stop the wall o' text, please

SynjoDeonecros said...

Anonymous said...

^ you need to get out more man. A book on little blue hedgehogs don't need to taken as seriously as u you are making it, so stop the wall o' text, please

Neither does a comic about a spider-themed superhero or a show about five candy-colored spandex-wearing ninjas in giant mecha, but that doesn't stop people from complaining about them when they get stupid.

The point is that we're reading this to have fun, and to enjoy decent-to-good stories and artwork, and when something screws that up, we have a right to complain about it. That's the entire POINT of AT4W, after all; to have Linkara vent his rage against comics that are badly written, conceptualized and/or drawn, and saying that he (or anyone else who complains, for that matter) shouldn't make a big deal out of it because it's "not worth it" because of the content is just stupid. As SFDebris likes to say, thinking shouldn't be the enemy of ANY entertainment medium, so saying we shouldn't get mad when the quality of something drops because "it's goofy schlock, anyway" is just stupid.

Also, how is my response a "wall-o-text"? I thought that was meant to indicate a literal wal of text, with no breaks in it for paragraphs or coherent sentences indicating seperate ideas. Clearly that's not what I'm doing, because I AM breaking my words down into their own individual sentences and paragraphs. So exactly how is my posts a "wall-o-text", again?

Anonymous said...

Glad to see you review a Sonic comic. I've read the whole archie series and I actually forgot that this comic even existed till you reviewed it, it was that much of a big lipped alligator moment.

Anonymous said...

Should anyone be interested in a detailed review of the Archie Sonic series, this guy does an awesome job -