Monday, September 6, 2010

Top 15 Comics I'll Never Review

15 comics that I refuse to review!

WARNING: Episode is 35 minutes long and flash file is 400 megs.


Many people have tried to tell me that Mephisto isn't responsible for everyone forgetting Peter is Spider-man, that it's the Marvel Illuminati (Dr. Strange, Reed Richards, Tony Stark, etc.). Yes, I have read that recent issue... except the only reason that that chain of events occurs is because of Mephisto's intervention. They are living in an altered timeline where apparently not being married results in this. Mephisto had to have known that. None of that would have happened without Auny May being brought back to life. Therefore he is still responsible.

Subsequently, "One Moment in Time" is coming off more and more like Marvel teasing us and saying, "Yeah, we know this is how it SHOULD HAVE gone down, but instead he still made a deal with Satan, SUCKERS!" ‎


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Trevor said...

Good episode Linkara!

I have to admit, I was one of the people who asked you to review "One More Day", since you and I share a disdain for Joe Quesada for what he did to my favorite web-head: honestly, he should have apologized for making Spidey make a DEAL WITH THE DEVIL!
but, "Amazing Spider-Man" did get better after "One More Day", although I only read up to the Gauntlet (which was kinda dull).

Still, good for you that you admit that some comics aren't that bad or just not worth reviewing. Although it makes me wonder why Alan moore would have such a high opinion of child pornography...

Perry Renarldo Singletary Jr. said...

Good idea.

teh crazydude said...

great stuff once again man. and i think i have to agree not reviewing something like sonichu. it would make you look too much like an internet troll picking on guy like him[besides, i'm sure there are bigger names you want to go ballistic on with the arsenal of freedom]. congrats for 100 shows coming up next week. i hope we get to see the end of the current story arc next time!

deuxhero said...

Why not split it into ~17 min vids?

Anonymous said...

This is like...half of my suggestions. I am sad you'll never rip apart certain manga and quite honestly, don't watch Y The Ruler of Time nor care to.

Oh well, next week looks like a doozy. Can't wait.

Unknown said...

Lol for Shaun of the Dead reference!

Anonymous said...

there is no Steam Detectives
vol 9 lewis wean are you going to understand man.

Anonymous said...

Okay I I´ll say it right here. BEST EPISODE SINCE EVEEEEEEEEEEEER!!!!....until next week.^^

deuxhero said...

Why do I suspect someone is going buy Lost Girls for you now?

Also, why don't you have a problem with the fact that Aunt May has been shot (with a standard gun) and a brain surgeon has Spidey look through a world with a guy who's power is "heals stuff" for someone who can help, JUST the deal with The Devil?

Steve said...

OH THANK EFFING GOD. FINALLY SOMEBODY HAS A SANE OPINION ON SONICHU. HEAVENS BE PRAISED, I'M NOT THE ONLY PERSON WHO HAS AN OPINION ON THIS SERIES THAT ISN'T MIRED IN JACKASSERY. (Seriously, I would be hard pressed to find ANYONE remotely connected, for good or ill, to this lunatic or his deranged fanfiction that didn't make me want to bash my head against a wall. People do not seem to understand that the best way to deal with this problem is to completely bury it in the darkest corners of our memory instead of picking at it like a kanker.)

Actually, I always really figured that you would never review manga based on the fact that, unlike more non-linear narratives in Western comics, Japan loves its one-way-arcs with standard novel story structure. I never did figure out how that difference developed, though...

O_O Bruce Campbell x Marvel? That's probably the only thing in the world capable of outbadassing The Expendables this side of the Pacific Ocean. XD

If anything, Mephisto tormenting Peter's loved ones is a FAR worse fate than tormenting Peter directly. Anyone remember WHY he kept his identity secret, hmmm? Screw you, Quesada. The less in common Spiderman has with his movies the better.

Information Geek said...

Pretty good list and basically the only thing I would have ask for is Marvel Zombies. I can understand why everyone asks for One More Day. The reason I think is because they probably want you to completely let it all out and finally put it behind you like with Countdown in some sense.

Looking at this list, I'm a quite pleased. You didn't say a certian comic, so now I will suggest it! I humbly request that you review Mark Millar's The Unfunnies at some point. That series deserves a once over, but then again considering the material you may not be interested. Just want to put it out there.

I'm surprised people asked you for webcomics. Oh sure, I can understand their reasons and there are some pretty horrible web comics (Ever seen Billy the Hertic?), but I never seen them as something you would consider.

Anyways; good work on the video, can't wait to see what you got planned for next week, and thank you for at least hearing my suggestion even if you don't response to it.

Anonymus said...

Please please review The Lost Boys: Reign of the Frog Brothers, it is the Highlander 2 of comic books, it utterly destroyed a cult classic from the '80s! Oddly enough directed by Joel Schumacher.

Hubi said...

Thanks for this list and thanks for your "review" of "One More Day"! I am happy with what you said about it... Thanks also for spoiling the sentences Mary Jane said => Here in Germany we are still waiting for that. At least I know now, that it is not worth the wait and I can accept the others stories going on at the moment. Are they any better? The current issues featured a hint at Ben Reilly commiting a crime and a future vision of Madame Web at someone who looks like Kraven.

Mario Di Giacomo said...

Not that it makes OMD any better, but apparently recent issues have revealed that Mephisto didn't erase Spider-Man's ID. Dr. Strange did (after consulting with the Illuminati because... um... LOOK! A variant cover!)

Mountain King said...

Well out of that list there isn't anything I can complain about. You made your points and explained your position.

Worryingly this means you did actually review these comics and shows while describing why you wouldn't:- Sonic comics are pointless because it's the games people remember. Manga is disliked by people because they aren't willing, or able, to shift their perceptions to understand a different culture. One More Day was written (in the losest possible use of that word) by a man so immature in his understanding of adult relationships that even the most shut in geek knows better.

However I have one problem with your list. I have to argue that, if taken separately from the comics, V for Vendetta is an interesting film. The acting is very good and a lot of the additions help carry it as a motion picture. The problem (and reason why the films are so altered from the original material) is that Moore knows how to write for a graphic medium. A lot of the imagery and dialogue can only be reproduced in a Graphic novel. Film doesn't work that way and that simple fact seems to illude certain executives. Put the original work out of your mind and look at Vendetta as a different animal. I'm not saying it's perfect, just deserving a second chance.
However, I agree that in your case reviewing it (at least alone, perhaps "Film Brain" could lend a hand in that example) or any other adaptation doesn't fit into your remit.

Anyway, I wish you the best of luck with your 100th episode and hope you pick a good Sonic comic! One so painful it makes our brains, or what's left of them, hurt and gives you lots of ammo!


RanCossack said...

Wow. That was a fantastic Top 15, Linkara. Nicely done man. You seem to save those Top ** lists for the good stuff, don'tcha?=P

Once again, great list! Though after watching it, I'm curious what this "Sonichu" thing is.. This is the first time I've heard it, despite my 10+ years on the internet. Pretty sure I don't wanna read it though.

Anywho, great job again man! Can't wait to see the next review. Keep up the good work, Mr. Mayun.=P

Anonymous said...

So... how soon can we expect to see your review of the entire "JLA: Cry For Justice" storyline and the following "Rise of Arsenal/Fall of Green Arrow" follow-up stories? :)

Unknown said...

You may never review one but you had a Gundam in one of your videos, thats good enough for me. F90 was a good choice IMO.

rdfox said..., nice rant on OMD there. I could tell you wanted to get that off your chest!

If I was going to suggest a comic to review, I'd toss out... well, any issue of WWE Heroes, but that would probably be better suited for another crossover with Spoony--not to mention that it would require someone to actually buy a copy of that steaming pile of dogshit, and I wouldn't want to support it. (Though it is perversely entertaining on a trainwreck level...)

Anonymous said...

I KNEW IT!I KNEW IT ALL!!!...Well, at least the ending.^^

Quicksilver said...

Long time since I've been able to leave a comment, but wanted to express my delight with your twist ending. Loved it and laughed hard enough to, literally, fall out of my rolly chair. Can't wait to see what's in store for good ole 100th episode! ^-^

On the subject of manga: always good to see another Petshop of Horros fan. Matsuri Akino is one of my favorite comic artists/writers.

Further on the subject of manga: You could try Manga Fox, perhaps, if you haven't already. I haven't looked there to see if they have Steam Detective Scanalations, but thought I'd plug it. It's got a pretty wide selection.

Keep on keeping on.

Sanjyu said...

Frankly, I'm glad you're not gonna review Sonichu. All it'll do is boast Chris-chan already inflated ego. And, he'll probably proclaim you a troll and send out his "fans" after you.

Unknown said...

Ignore the personification of the internet. I felt this was a video that needed to occur, and it was actually one of the most entertaining ones you've done, in my humble opinion.

Though, if your 100th episode is a Sonic Comic review, it comes off as kind of hypocritical.

I guess it'll make more sense next week. 'Til then.

Sonichu? Really? Even my worst fanfic ideas aren't that insane.

Anonymous said...

The Top 15 Comics I'II Never "Review".I think I just got it.^^

Jesse said...

Wow, I sure lucked out. NONE of the comics I want to see get ripped on were on this list. Talk about luck!

Thanks a lot for letting everyone know you wont review certain comics, but doing it in a kind way Linkara. That's surprisingly hard for a lot of people. You got pretty mad at the last 2, but they were pretty bad.

On the webcomics, do you read "Brat-Halla" at all?

On the #2 spot, Mephisto really ISN'T the devil, but just share A LOT of similarities with him.I'm only saying this cause I've read A LOT of things that says he is NOT the devil.

Other than that, I've got nothing to argue about on this video. Fun as always and next week we get the 100th episode. Happy year and a half Lewis.

CZ said...

WHO THE HELL requested you to review Nextwave!? I love Nextwave! Nextwave is God! What the .... GAH!?!!?!?!?

Somewhere, Warren Ellis weeps ... maple syrup ... with dynamite.

Austin said...

Haha that was an interesting episode. somehow Linkara now has some of Spoony's fan reactions?

FordXanakov said...

Honestly.....this may be my favorite episode you've ever done! Just so much content in this one, so many thought provoking arguments either for or against certain comics. And by definition, the concept of this one is way more interesting than your average PSA comic review. Nothing against the smaller comics, but I just find it a lot more interesting when you tackle the big stuff (Countdown, Amazons, Ultimates 3). Great job, and congratulations on reaching 99 episodes!

Fandango said...

For all the unimaginably stupid flaws in that deal with the devil, I found one thing to be awesome. The revaluation that now they will never have the daughter that he had seen a bit before.
For those few seconds that they had left, they must have gone through great emotional pain. That was a cool part. But, that was all, really.

Anonymous said...

Oh yeah, I forgot about the Joker "boner" comic. I can't believe I never wondered if you would ever do it. But hey, you still gave the people what they wanted!


SynjoDeonecros said...

First of all, I apologize for the flame war about Sonic the Hedgehog. If I knew that it would appear as part of your argument for not reviewing Sonic comics on this top 15, I probably wouldn't have said anything.

With that out of the way, I really hope you aren't lying about reviewing a Sonic comic for the 100th episode. I understand you're not up with the comic and don't care about it, but as I said when you announced it, at the very least the crossover event with Image Comics would give you some of Rob Leifeld's characters to mock to make up for it. Though, now that I think about it, I have to wonder if you purposely put Sonic above One More Day on this list JUST so you can have that joke in.

I'm kind of surprised you didn't have furry comics on this list, seeing as that's also a big request on here. Then again, you had two comics on this list explicitly stated to be porn, and emphatically stated you weren't going to review them because of that fact, and most furry comics ARE porn, so I guess we got our answer.

Gyre said...

Hmmm, no mention of Civil War in this. I have hope.

Looking Down The Crionics said...

Is it just me or are TGWTG people at their funniest when they are so exasperated and angered by what they see that they are in physical pain? An example of this is Spoony's crowning moment of awesome being completely dumbfounded and aching at a Jeff Jarrett/Kevin Nash dialogue in TNA.

FugueforFrog said...

Great episode, Linkara. I don't get Sonic fans either...nor do I want to, it's just a video game. Oh and I've heard great things about Nextwave.

As for the Cyborg-Grandpa G thing at the end...well, if you have someone to blame for your confusion, that would be...well, me. I'm a manga translator and sort of decided to do that series having seen it mentioned all over the place in Shonen Jump history, considering it was by the artist behind stuff like "Hikaru no Go" and "Death Note". This was his only attempt at doing a written's bizarre as heck but personally I think it's sort of brainless fun in it's insanity. I mean come on: an old guy becomes a cyborg with his old wife and an old dog and fights against a decrepit mad scientist while driving his family completely nuts: that's about as comic book-epic as Broccoli Men! But yeah...sorry for scarring you for life.

Andrew said...

Truth be told I am really surprised at the fact that Sonic comics are the most requested comics for you to review. It boggles my mind. I'm not a fan of it either, I only played the Sega games a little and I barely understand the later Sonic Team games despite doing a research paper on it for an anthropology class (Only got a lousy B on it too).

Louis, just so you know I understand your frustration completely. Being a fanfic writer I get a massive amount of requests, suggestions and demands to write for things I have no interest in or just really bad ideas that make no sense. So I'm glad you're sticking to your guns and refusing to review stuff you don't want to do. And I understand you not wanting to review Marvel Zombies. I really don't like it but that's just a matter of taste, not quality.

I hope this lays at least most of the rabid requests to rest. If they don't, well, be assured that at least one of your fans has heard and understood. If I ever find a comic that I think you might enjoy or that's bad enough to review, I'll send it up.

Looking forward to the 100th episode, and thanks for continuing to be awesome Linkara. Godspeed!

Grunty said...

Beware random lengy comment towards a review he liked, by a meaningless viewer who regularly watches your stuff!!!

The only reason i would ever think about asking you to review this one would be if you plan to do a "bizzaro" episode in which you would try to rip appart a good comic.

Damn now i feeling like having to read a few issues of it again. Darn you LINKARA! I take revenge uppon you... or not.

Lost Girls:
Strange i always thought Moor's reason for Lost Girls was to show that he could produce a "european" style book (instead of the usual superhero stories he is famous for), considering the market there for books like this is larger and they seperate between "porn for the sake of it" and "porn with story". But it's fun to know that he had apperently less complicated reasons.

The Batman 66 thing reminded me that nobody ever made a "boner" joke about the X-men character Marrow, despite the fact that her powers are to produce bones out of her body. So yeah there is no real joke behind it than a brief chuckle that last less long than it takes for people to switch to the next page of

Come to think of it, i bet several request for your are based on what people found out on superdickery.

Just reminded me why i love those rare cape-comic artist who remember that womans breast come in different sices often below Double D. Like those guys who readjusted Jubilee's breastsize after New Warriors.

Maximum Carnage:
I remember hearing the SNES games to this being one of those rare good comic based games.

Hey was that Crossbone Gundam among the covers?

One More Day:
You forgot to bring up that Peter apperently didn't visited any nearby super heros who can heal bullet wounds in seconds like Angel or Elixir over at the x-men. Elixir in particular recreated someones ripped out heart in seconds.

By the way in Faust, god won, Mephisto lost and Faust went to heaven, because the devil can never win. Makes you wonder about how long it will take until it's retconned.

Oh and i loved the last Doctor who season.

Ha, you didn't mentiod Ultimatum. NOW YOU WILL HAVE TO REVIEW IT!!! HAR HAR HAR!!!

*cough cough cough*

Not that there is much to review though. Lot's of characters die meaningless and idiotic deaths in a violent manner, written by a guy who suffers from depression and had no clue about the characters and the entire universe gives up it's mission statement, with writers trying to make the best out of it.

I guess i skip next week then. Since i share your intrest in Sonic comics (which is nonexistant). Thanks for the warning.

Gaz-L said...

Just to correct one point about One More Day, Mephisto isn't responsible for the identity erasure. Quesada's explaining how it has something to do with the Marvel Illuminati (Strange, Reed, Stark and co) after OMD in the current arc.

Oh, and to counter the seeming sense that made, the continuity issues actually erasing their relationship would create means that the only change is that Peter was late for their wedding, so they had a fight, and thus never had the ceremony. That's it. Oh, and apparently this erases Spider-Girl from even possible continuity.

Yeah, not sure that counts as taking 'their love', Mephy, my boy... uh, demon... prince guy...

Anonymous said...

Alan Moore wasn't the first to think of "artistic porn"
"Fate/Stay Night" and "Tsukihime" (the visual novels, not the anime adaptations) and their sequels are basically hentai, but with heavy emphasis on plot, characterisation and character development to such extent that the reader finds himself caring more for the characters themselves than the sex.
for more info:

Your response to Maximum Carnage made my respect for you rise immensely!

things like these make me loose my faith in humanity

A comic featuring Sarah Palin is a Red Sonia outfit?
Looks interesting!
At least until they release a Bayonetta comic or manga

You reviewing a Sonic comics...
yup, the end of the world is upon us!
But seriously, be easy on Shadow
his character suffered allot of mistreatment since the days of Sonic Adventure 2

Anonymous said...

I liked "Who wants to be a Superhero" as well. It was one of the few reality shows where good behavior was emphesesed(sp) over lying, manipulation, and other questionable morals. My problem was the prize. The said you got to star in a Sci-fi original movie. That had me believing that the film was going to be about the Superhero character-instead of a quick cameo in another Sci fi original film about a giant snake.

As for Mephisto altering reality, I'm guessing that there are certain rules that even the devil has to follow when doing business on the mortal plane. Otherwise he could just send an army of giant demons to Earth in order to throw people directly into hell. Granted this propbly still doesn't explain all his past actions, but so far its the best explaination I have.

I loved Maximum Carnage, Marvel vs DC and even Amalgam comics had their good points. I thought some of the combinations where kind of clever.

Anonymous said...

Hehehehe... I love Marvel vs. DC because of the mere fact that Aquaman crushed Namor with a killer whale.

日本文化のマニアック said...

As a major reader of manga, I have to also add: manga, at least in the present era, tends to be released in really long series that can run for dozens of volumes of continuing story. One shots and episodic-style storytelling were the norm in the early era of manga, but have since become less common. You couldn't do a single half-hour review on most of these, because the series in question are too massive.

And for some of them, to understand why they suck so hard, you have to be familiar with the medium in general to know that they are giant ripoffs of other, better works.

I admit, there have been some short stories that I hate that I've considered recommending, but by and large, I am totally cool with Western comic books being your thing. After all, it gives me lots of recommendations about series I'm way less familiar with; I've picked up a number of titles from watching your reviews, so thank you so much for that! No need to appease me in that regard. :)

VermillionBrain said...

Who the hell submitted Nextwave?

No seriously. Who? I need to know the name of the kind of person who hates unadulterated fun that freaking much.

How, sir or madam, can you hate a comic book so awesome it has its own theme song? That is equally awesome, if not more so?

If you cannot tell from my profile pic, I may be a bit biased.

Reed said...

I don't read comics very often, but I remember watching the Spider-Man cartoon when I was a kid. I don't remember a whole lot about it. My memory is foggy on most of the TV shows I watched back then. But I remember one episode ending with Mary Jane being trapped in either a parallel dimension or some kind of limbo. I remember the portal and that's about it. It was a situation that didn't have an immediately obvious resolution. I couldn't think of a way they could bring her back, and I remember thinking it wasn't fair. It wasn't fair for Spider-Man to lose Mary Jane like that. I didn't want to see them apart, and I was just a kid. I was a kid who didn't really understand mature relationships. I just knew that Spider-Man and Mary Jane were right for each other. I'm sure this plot was eventually resolved, though I don't remember how, and I know it was meant to build Spider-Man's development in a compelling way.

One More Day does not do this. It makes me sad to think that this is how their relationship ends.

corey said...

great show linkara and congrats on your upcoming hundreth episode but other reasons one more day pisses me off is besides the plot holes you mentioned is how in the hell can the sorceror supreme or other people with access to advanced technology or mystical powers themselves not be able to heal a bullet wound that aunt may is dying from, and also aunt may herself told peter that she was ready to die in that vision quest you mentioned in one of your top 15 countdowns but as you said made it all about how he feels about it instead of accepting that fact that aunt may does not want to be brought back to more reason they freakin wipe there child from existance with that stupid deal.

The Mad Scientist said...

This was AMAZING, Lewis! I love it! And I'm glad to see some good recommendations on this list. Maximum Carnage looks pretty awesome. I might have to make that be my first comic ever.

Kudos to your dad for doing an excellent embodiment of "The Internet".

Thanks also for the line about not wanting to ever see One More Day again. Now I know to pick a different comic to have you autograph with "THIS COMIC SUCKS" whenever you make it to a convention out on the East Coast.

Can't wait for #100!

SchweitzerMan said...

Great stuff man. I think this might be my new favourite episode. A lot of times when I saw the choices, I would shout, "WHAT!?" but I like your reasoning.

I eagerly await next week's episode considering I used to read Sonic comics back when I was a little kid.

PS: I am really fighting the urge to look up Sonichu

Keep up the good work

David 2 said...

Nicely said... and as the author of a web-based comic series I'm glad I don't have to worry... unless "The Embodiment of the Internet" demands you break that rule too.

Kevin "Jester" McGill said...

All I can say is:
Why haven't you reviewed Xeno-men yet? I know you have it...I sent it too you. REVIEW THE COMIC PUPPET BOY!!!!

I'm just joshin' ya. I'm wondering if it may be too bad to even do a review of. The art is atrocious and there are tons of spelling errors. It may be to much fail to even do justice.

William said...

Huh. I was hoping you'd do Ultimatum for the 100th episode. Oh well, I'm sure it'll be spectacular, nonetheless!

Zyphron said...

Sonichu? Sonichu? What the crap is that suppose to be? This is a fan character that a little kid would draw, but instead it was some guy with possible autism? Just the idea of that existing and being known by a decent amount of people is amazing to me. Just the idea makes me feel dumber for knowing its existence. I can understand why you don't want to review the comics you listed, but I never though that so many people would request sonic comics from you. I did read a lot of them as a kid, but they didn't seem bad.

Mark C said...

I tried defend One More Day simply for the divorce part. Personally I thought being married slowed Spidey down, BUT... I could probably rewrite One More Day betterand find a much better way to split them up. Peter goes bitter from May's death and MJ leaves him for it, snapping him but too late to save the marriage. THERE. I have nothinng against Peter and MJ being married, I just think that them being married didn't really work anymore, for my own reasons.
I wanted to like OMD, the first two issues seemed like it was going somewhere... and then Mephisto appeared.

Only good thing is The Spectacular Spider-Man would come on tv later... that was freaking awesome by the way. Granted the Spider-Man comics have only slightly improved, but undoing that retcon in a way that pisses Mephisto off would be great.

As for Sonic comics... I love Sonic games, I can't wait for Sonic Colors or Sonic 4... you should try renting Colors when it comes out. Sonic Comics started as a spin-off of SATAM, which I personally think is overrated and JUST okay. Like you I didn't watch it as a kid and didn't know it existed until I graduated high school... by then I was more interested in playing the games. I just think that since the cartoon ended long ago, there is no reason to have this comic series anymore. Sure, I like the character designs that give the original characters a very SEGA look but it already strayed too far from the games back then and now... So I don't care for the comics other than the animal designs.

Seriously, check out Sonic Colors.

Anonymous said...

Gotta say, your destruction of One More Day was THE crowning moment of this review, although my heart quite literally skipped a beat when Amy Pond showed up (she does have that effect on me).
In conclusion, you are full of so much win I can't even express it, so have an Internet.

Anonymous said...

A pretty good list, I think. I have a feeling that for some of them (Nextwave, in particular), it's not so much people think they're bad, but just think you reviewing them would be very funny? (Speaking of Nextwave, I need to pick the collections up sometime.)

In the long run, it's probably a good call on the political comics. There's not much one can do to them without starting messy arguments. Religion too, for that matter. (I still remember the tangent a couple people went on after the "Act of God" review.)

Tobias Vaughn said...

That was a pretty amusing Mark Hamil impersonation at the end actually...

Brilliant episode as per usual. Had to post here because I couldn't agree with you more when it comes to One More Day.

Interesting to see that you also made the connection between that story and the events involving Rory and the cracks in time in Series 5 of Doctor Who. I'm sad to say that the very first thing that jumped to mind when I watched those episodes airing here in the UK was how moving, and how much more effective the events being shown were then anything that had happened as a result of One More Day.

If anything it only increased my hatred of the comic in that, for me, it is now forever connected to that story arc in what I consider to be the finest Series of Doctor Who (A show I ADORE and have done since I was but a wee thing) since its triumphant return in 2005.

... Also I look forward to seeing a Sonic comic. Gotta love epic sweeping storylines that come from a game that as far as I'm concerned should never have got more complicated then: "You are blue thing. Grab rings, collect hidden gems and jump on enemies."

Anonymous said...

Should have reviewed sonichu that would be better

Stephen said...

Oh wow. Seeing you get angry at #2 on the list was really shocking and it began to scare me. I know you didn't want to review it, but... dang. I don't want you to get angry ever again.

As for choosing not to review the Sonic comics, I can understand that. Most of the fans requesting them were Sonic fans complaining about little things that just bugged them rather than requesting Sonic comics that were truly bad (which there probably are out there, and it's going to be interesting to see how episode 100 turns out since you're reviewing one).

Just one thing bugs me about the list. You complained about Sonichu and the author's self-insert stuff. I'm not asking you to review it and I'm not trying to ignite a flame war with any of the fans, but, isn't the self-insert thing kinda similar to what you've been doing with the storylines going on in AT4W?

Also, how did you manage to get Mark Hamill to do his voice for the "boner" comic segment at the end? And if it wasn't him, who was it?

Anonymous said...

This video reminds me why the hell I hate One More Day. Say what you will about Ultimatum and Identity Crisis Lewis, OMD makes them look like 52. That's right, I would prefer to read stories about how Sue Dibny got raped by Dr. Light or how a huge chunk of Ultimatized characters got fragged by a cannibalistic mutant terrorist who was duped by Doom than see Peter FRICKIN' Parker sell his marriage to the devil. Dear lord, if Geoff Johns ever returns to Marvel to fix Quesada's assinine mistake, I would shake the hell out of his hand if he does it well.

BTW Steam Detectives vol 8 is the last volume of the series. Sorry to burst your bubble Linkara.

Sincerely yours,
Jack Linde

TheMelonColony said...

Haha you said boner

ShadowWing Tronix said...

Am I wrong for liking the Sonic comics? I don't think so.

Geez, some of these request are better served by blogs like Comics Make No Sense or What Were They Thinking and of course the Invincible Super Blog, sites that review the weird stuff of comics past. I've seen that "boner" joke on sites like that enough times.

This is a humorous critique of bad comics. Let's keep it that way, folks. It's why we're all here.

Anonymous said...

Do Sonichu faggot.

Unknown said...

One More Day basically drove me to stop reading Spider-Man altogether. So I can understand your hatred and urge to not rehash it.

Anonymous said...

Boner boner boner? Boner! BO-NER!

TwilightLink21xx said...

Wow, for a second there I cringed at the thought of a review of Sonichu, talk about wanting to wipe something from your mind. xP

Loved your breakdown on OMD, and I completely agree that it was great until the last issue. I figured it was going to be a story where Peter would have manned up and moved on. But no..... And now with One Moment in Time, which I actually think you should review because that story actually DOES have character contradictions throughout the book, there's no doubt at all: Quesada, you ARE a hack.

But I'm totally looking forward to next week, no clue what issue it could be, but I have a feeling I'm going to enjoy this.

Lewis Lovhaug said...

"there is no Steam Detectives
vol 9 lewis wean are you going to understand man. "


YetAnotherGeek said...

Nice list you got there. Though, sadly, I think you have just gotten me a little intrigued with Tarot. Not sure why. But on the bright side, I'm now going to look for New Wave and Marvel Zombies too. They look like so much fun.

And yeah, you say that you won't review manga, but I do hope you at least find ONE that you can review. I'm sure one time, even if it is a crossover, you review one. I'm kinda looking forward to it.

Also, the fact that the ending is your only problem with One More Day (though your points are solid, and it is a huge problem, don't misunderstand) reminded me of how my opinion of the video game Fahrenheit/Indigo Prophecy took a 180 in the 3rd act. It started good, even a little mysterious, and I didn't even mind the more "Matrix-y" bits that turn some people off, but the final act just becomes absolutely STUPID. I'd tell you about it, but as you said several times, and I fear I may get yelled at because of it, you don't care.

Also, kind of a let down that it's just a Sonic comic for episode 100. Okay...I gotta agree, I've only ever read the really, really early stuff (because the first three or so issues are featured as extras in the "Sonic Mega Collection" compilation game) and I was given one issue ages ago before I lost it. So...not much connection.

Finally, I think the reason why people want you to review the Sonic comics is that, (just a generalization here) the Sonic the Hedgehog fanbase is crazy and unpleasable. Whenever a new game comes out, they always expect it to be the second coming of Sonic Christ, and if it isn't exactly like Sonic 3 and Knuckles, they pick apart little things and declare it "Ruined FOREVER!!!" That's just what I run into sometimes. Hell, there is even a vocal fanbase that despises the (as of this comment) unreleased Sonic the Hedgehog 4, a "retraux" title meant to invoke the nostalgic, and they are pissed off because HIS EYES ARE GREEN INSTEAD OF BLACK LIKE IN THE GENESIS GAMES. So yeah, it's pretty insane. Still, this is just a generalization, as there are much more sane Sonic fans out there (myself included).

Good luck on that one, Linkara. And I hope you have fun with your videos, no matter what.

Dave P. said...

That stinger reminded me of how it really hasn't been that long since "boner" had its meaning changed. Back in the first season of Simpsons after Bart sawed off the statue's head, Homer tells him that he pulled a few boners in his day.

People who want to take it for what it means today, you may commence.

technotreegrass said...

Oh wow, I LOVED your mini-review of One More Day. I don't even care if all the rage was an act like the Nostalgia Critic in some of his reviews, I felt like I was justified for going into a similar rage about characters getting shat on by the author or Hollywood or whomever. I freaking LOVE this episode!

P.S. Are you going to review the Superman and the Nestle Quik Bunny comic that I saw in the vid? That concept sounds worse then Superman and the Terminator, and somehow I doubt they can make it good like The Punisher vs. Archie, which I never read but I trust your judgement.

mightysamurai said...

The big criticism I've always heard about Maximum Carnage is that it doesn't make a whole lot of sense in the context of the Marvel Universe.

It'd be different if this was a DC story since most heroes in the DCU have their own personal city that they operate in, so it's at least semi-plausible that villain can threaten an entire city without a massive horde of superheroes swooping down upon them. If a giant monster attacks Metropolis it's perfectly understandable if, say, Green Lantern doesn't come to the aid of Superman because GL lives on the opposite side of the country (when he's not traveling through deep-space).

However, in the 616 Universe the vast majority of heroes (pre-Initiative at least) inexplicably all seem to live in and around New York City. And yet when Carnage and his cronies go on a CITY-WIDE KILLING SPREE no one but Spider-Man and a few members of his supporting cast bother to do anything to stop him. Where are the X-Men? Where are the Avengers? Where are the Fantastic Four? Where are the countless other heroes who live in NYC and why are they apparently standing by doing nothing while a super-powered serial killer runs around murdering people at random?

That said, I haven't read it myself so maybe the story is good enough to overcome that bit of fridge logic.

David 2 said...

So Linkara... quit fooling around and tell us what you REALLY think about "One More Day"... (just kidding)

Lewis Lovhaug said...

"Also, how did you manage to get Mark Hamill to do his voice for the "boner" comic segment at the end? And if it wasn't him, who was it? "

No, no, that was me. I don't think I do THAT good of a Hamill Joker. XD I can't get nearly high enough on the laugh - I can just do the beginning trill of the deeper part of the laugh.

"Just one thing bugs me about the list. You complained about Sonichu and the author's self-insert stuff. I'm not asking you to review it and I'm not trying to ignite a flame war with any of the fans, but, isn't the self-insert thing kinda similar to what you've been doing with the storylines going on in AT4W?"

I'm not sure exactly how it's self-insertion when I play 90% of the characters anyway? ^^;

"Should have reviewed sonichu that would be better"

...Did you even WATCH this video? XD

Michael said...

On political satire

Where is the line drawn for political satire? They cannot be excluded altogether because X-MEN would be completely removed from consideration.

lourodd said...

AS soon as you said Lost Girls, I thought, "ah, crap".

And about One More Day: geez, tell us how you REALLY feel, Linkara!

Lewis Lovhaug said...

"BTW Steam Detectives vol 8 is the last volume of the series. Sorry to burst your bubble Linkara."

Oh, come on! DX There's got to be more of it in Japan! The freaking ANIME had more resolution!

Mr.Misfit said...

Fun one, Linkara. Hope to see your next one, to be as good as this. Oh, and the length is not really a problem. Do more videos of that length. And do a lets play again. That was funny too xD

Lewis Lovhaug said...

"Do Sonichu faggot."

No, dickhead.

VermillionBrain said...

Also, I suppose this means that you won't be reviewing any Dreamwave comics.

A bit of a primer: Dreamwave is the brainchild of Pat Lee, who is essentially the Asian Rob Liefeld. Like Liefeld, he helped start his own comic company highlighting his art more than the stories. Like Liefeld, he based his creations on previous works (Liefeld did it with Teen Titans, Lee did it with fairly popular manga/anime). And like Liefeld, his ego far outstripped his talent.

While his first few books weren't absolute horror to read (mostly due to the him ripping off some good manga quite well), there is still plenty to lambast, like all the damn alternate covers (post 2000, even), the crowded and overly elaborate penciling (Perez they are not) and the morass they created with the Transformers license, which I only began to appreciate after a certain director decided to skullhump it into oblivion.

I would wish you do get a chance to get at them (and I have plenty to dump on...I mean, donate to you), but I understand if you never do.

Another comic i would suggest: The Hudlin Black Panther. Oh God, the Hudlin run. The first issue includes BP saying that Wakanda willingly WITHHELD THE CURE FOR CANCER FROM THE WORLD.

But if you don't get to them, it's cool.

Still, that Nextwave suggestion really rankles me. I need that name. I must do painful things to that person. Something involving exploding broccoli men.

Lewis Lovhaug said...

"P.S. Are you going to review the Superman and the Nestle Quik Bunny comic that I saw in the vid?"

I WANT to, but I don't have a copy of it. XD

Lewis Lovhaug said...

"Where are the Avengers? Where are the Fantastic Four?"

Both are addressed in the comic - they're just out of town on a mission. They have to break into the Fantastic Four's headquarters to steal Reed Richards' sonic gun and Captain America is the only Avenger available since he got back first.

SatansBestBuddy said...

15. A perfect opportunity to screw up, and they got it right. Dammit.

14. That... actually sounds pretty awesome.

13. Heh, boner.

12. *goes out to buy* Oh, wait, I'm broke. *cries instead*

11. Sounds like utter crap to me, but then I never saw it. >_>

10. Alan Moore porn...? ... I have no words.

9. Haunted vaginas and giant boobs? You can't sell this comic to me any faster! Oh, wait, I'm broke. *cries some more*

8. Meh, sounds average at worst.

7. I actually have that Dark Claw comic, and I actually found it pretty awesome, melding the two characters in rather clever ways to make for a really good if overly familiar read.

6. The only manga I give a damn about is One Piece, which I can't fanboy over enough. Seriously, it's been going for a chapter a week for 13 years, nearly 600 chapters, and it's only getting better and better, to the point where the last, say, 50 chapters are better than pretty much anything I've ever read. Can't. Get. Enough! ONE PIECE!

5. I'm Canadian, so I honestly couldn't care less.

4. Well, lots of other people already review the movies, and I'm actually trying to review the cartoons myself, (so I've been saying to myself for six months <_<) but I would be interested in seeing if there's a motion comic for a good comic that turns it terrible due to bad voices, but yeah, there's not much to review there.

3. Most of the webcomics I read are really, really good, and the bad ones are easily and safely ignored, but I'm sure there's a hugely popular story based webcomic that's truly terrible and require payment to see that deserves a review. Recommendations for good ones include Gunnerkrigg Court, El Goonish Shiv, and Girl Genius, three story comics that are updated three days a week and are all excellent.

2. ... well, thanks for the review, I guess. Now go have a drink, you sound stressed.

1. Sonic games have pretty much all sucked after the Dreamcast, but I have to say, Sonic Colors does look pretty interesting, though I'm hesitant to call it good until it's released and I can play it.

Lewis Lovhaug said...

"Where is the line drawn for political satire? They cannot be excluded altogether because X-MEN would be completely removed from consideration."

Well the X-Men aren't political satire, they're social allegory, with occasional times when creators feel the need to parody real-life individuals.

Anonymous said...

Ha, that was awesome. I knew you'd do something like this eventually, and I'm glad to see it was just as funny as I'd hoped.

Personally, I've always been a bit curious what you thought of DC vs Marvel. I picked it up awhile back, I liked it, and I actually thought about requesting a review of some kind about it.

But then I remembered, "Oh yeah, Linkara only does reviews of crappy stuff, he won't waste his time". Glad to see that you somehow have the ability to read my mind across the internet.

Keep up the good work, and remember, only cool kids give into peer pressure!

VermillionBrain said...

Last comment on this, I promise.

I know you hate political satire comics, and one of the reasons was due to featuring a living political figure, and especially the quick-to-print Obama ones. I got to agree with you on that.

I would say that Drafted 100 Days was a pretty good Obama-centered comic (from the same company as Barack the Barbarian, even). Then Again, i think Drafted is a very good comic period, even though I have had trouble tracking down later issues.

Of course, in this book, he isn't president, instead a "what-if" version that fits into the overall storyline. And there was no real political bent to the story anyway. But hey, you don't have to take my word for it.

DigiRanma said...


As for the Sonic Comics, I know you don't care, but I figure every little bit helps and this is from my experience. In 2008-2009, take all the pre-madona attiudes the Marvel Heroes had during Civil War and the Trinity had before/during Infinite Crisis... and take out ANY redeeming qualities they had and make it so they couldn't protect a paper bag.

Anonymous said...

Holy shit Adventures of sonic is still on?
Dude what channel? i fucking loved that show

RestamSalucard said...

No! Don't review Sonic, Linkara!

If you are caught contradicting yourself, then the Fourth Wall will shatter!

The Cybermen will escape the void and crash Mondas into 1986 Hill Valley! Cats and dogs will band together to take over Israel! Dr. Insano will become a woman again and use her servbots to finally take control of the Miminga population! Yu-gi-oh Abriged will live past it's parent series! PHOENIX WRIGHT WILL BECOME SAMUS ARAN'S FATHER!

Oh, no. It's starting!

Unknown said...

So Linkara, you want to forget the existence of One More Day. Well, I can make that happen, all I ask for is... YOUR MARRIAGE... what's that? Oh, hmm... I'll take... YOUR SHOW!... What, I can't have that either? Ok, can I at least have your hat?... Fine, give me some time on this one, I'll see if Ol' Horn Head is looking for something of equal or lesser value...

But in all seriousness (and with few ellipses), this was a REALLY good episode.

Anonymous said...

Great review.

Looking forward for episode 100

lilmaibe said...

Mind if I add point 8 for not doing that comic on #2?
It's been said all over the net before, but Why the hell the devil? For a frigging gunshot wound?!
*rubs temples* meh.

As for the sonic comic:
one of those for the 100th episode? We are to expect the unexpected, aren't we?

fallfall99 said...

That was a very good countdown on what you dont want to review and you cant be presherd in to reviewing books that you like but for some reason other people hate.

For instence I like Maxaum carnge to for the fights and all of my coolist charecters in a big brawl.
Cant wait for your 100th ep but to be far I really like the sonic comics

Anonymous said...

Great episode as usual 8)

Have you ever considered reviewing any/all of the Age of Apocalypse series?

Pluto Nash said...

Man this video is a bitch buffering.

mightysamurai said...

"Both are addressed in the comic - they're just out of town on a mission."

Maybe so, but it still bugs me. The FF and the X-Men couldn't help because they just happen to be out of town? Captain America just happens to be the only Avenger in town at the time? Right. How very convenient for the plot. And I still don't recall any explanation for what the other bajillion superheroes who live in the Tri-state area were doing while Carnage and his groupies were running amok.

Where was Daredevil? Where was Dr. Strange? Where was the Punisher for God's sake? Carnage is just the sort of guy Frank Castle would have on his "people to kill" list, isn't he?

I'll have to take your word for it that Captain America makes an appearance in the story, but from what I understand he doesn't take a very prominent role and Spider-Man and Venom end up doing most of the work. This just doesn't make sense to me. If Cap were available to help, he would have been a full and active participant in the "anti-Carnage coalition".

I don't know, it all just seems like an excuse to have a big important story focused mostly on Spidey, logic be damned.

Anonymous said...

Dude, you were turning red when you talked about One More Day! I haven't seen you get that mad since Athena #1!

By the way, yes, I am one of the people that requested Lost Girls, and yes, it was just to hear you say "Her Vagina is Haunted!". Tht part of the video had me laughing for ten minutes streight, dude. Though for the life of me I can't think of why it's so funny to hear you say it, but if it were to come out of the Nostalgia Critic or Spoony's mouth, it would be nothing more than a dead throwaway joke.

This is one of my favorite episodes you have ever done, if not only for the nerd rage that came out of comic #2.

Astral Pen said...

That was an awesome episode. I’m surprised at some of the stuff people asked you to review. I’ve heard of Lost Girls, but never heard that it was particularly bad, plus I thought you made it clear from the show’s beginning that you would never review porn. And Sonichu…never heard of it at all, and the artwork looks like stuff I did back in elementary school.

I thought One More Day would get a special episode or something, but I see your point-the comic itself is not bad and doesn’t have any bad artwork to mock, so really there’s nothing to say about it except for the mindblowing stupidity that is Spidey making a deal with the devil-or someone just like him. Other than that, what else is there to say?

Motion comics remind me of those Golden Book videos they used to release in the late 80s. They did limited animation adaptations of Golden Books (He-Man, Sesame Street, etc), with the pictures from the books animated so that the limbs of the characters would move slightly, while a narrator or the characters themselves would act out the story. Those were okay, I thought, but these motion comics are adapting stories that are depicting intense action, and they come across as just stilted.

By the way, there’s also something called “animanga,” where they take cels from the actual anime, lay them out in a book format, and just put speech balloons by the characters. Considering you could just buy the anime or the actual manga, it seems like a waste of time to me.

I was a little surprised that Sonic comics were in such high demand, and thus ended up taking the number one slot, but then again, Sonic fandom is pretty intense.

Anonymous said...

Dear Linkara,

I'm sorry for saying that OMD is worse than rape and near-genecide. It comes of too strong and I should have not said anything.

What do you thik about that comparrison?

Great Apologies
Jack Linde

Anonymous said...

I'm not sure why it happened, but Viz lost the license to Steam Detectives which has left the last 5 volumes of the series in English-Translation-limbo. Unless Viz renews the license or another company picks it up I don't think we'll be seeing an English version of the last volumes any time soon.

Maybe Tokyopop will pick it up? They've picked up and finished dropped titles before in the past if there was enough of a demand for them. Just have to wait and see, I guess.

Dan Shive said...

I respect Lewis's reasons for not reviewing webcomics, and not just because I'm afraid he'd tear me a new one.

Jesse said...

This is a good episode for reference. It was interesting to hear about these things and why you're not going to review them.

I had always figured there were titles and things you wouldn't do for reasons of your own, and really, that's always been enough for me. It's your show, after all, which means that you're the one who gets to decide what's on it. I just try to keep in mind that it's a privilege to even have this show to watch in the first place, so I shouldn't complain about what's on it.

At any rate, I look forward to more.

VermillionBrain said...

Last one, I SWEAR.

If we do get to add points to why OMD is stupid how about this:

He does this all to save Aunt May, who (in a very touching bit) expresses how she is ready to die and move on, and wants him to be happy with MJ. THIS TAKES PLACE DURING THE ACTUAL STORYLINE.

So not only does it show Peter as a freaking moron as far as making the deal, it shows him as a selfish and clueless jerk in his very motivation for taking it. And it highlights that a decent story about Peter and loss COULD have been crafted from this, and how the ending has to contort itself worse than a Liefeld-inspired woman to destroy that possibility.

Perry Renarldo Singletary Jr. said...

Thanks for telling me about Cyborg Grandpa G. It's insane. Never would have expected something like it from Obata.

Lord Seth said...

I'm confused as to why you'd mention Sonichu if by your own admission you don't want to draw attention to it. It seems to me it would make more sense to refer to really bad webcomics in general and give that explanation. That way, you're not giving them attention and you're giving the same explanation.

So, Sonic comic being reviewed? This will be interesting...with 200+ issues to choose from in the main comic alone, I'm curious about which one (or possibly more than one) you'd pick and why.

As for why it's so often requested? That's a tough one. The comic series is actually pretty decent, though there have been some pretty bad parts in it (but the exact same can be said about Batman or Superman). I suppose it might be because it's such a long-running series (with spin-offs) and you haven't touched it like you've gone through Marvel and DC, but Archie is even more long running and has had even more spin-offs. Then again, Sonic has much more continuity than Archie. So really not sure.

Sonic comics are pointless because it's the games people remember

I'm not sure if you're talking about the comics themselves being pointless, or reviewing them being pointless. Either way, that doesn't make sense. Just because something isn't as well-known doesn't mean it's pointless, and if you're talking about a review being pointless, is History of Power Rangers pointless because it's the Mighty Morphin' era that people remember?

Finally, should I feel flattered or aghast that it was my comment shown in the video during the Sonic the Hedgehog portion?

Lewis Lovhaug said...

LOL, don't feel bad you guys about that conversation - was just exaggerating and all... though in all honesty, I was utterly baffled by the conversation since I had no idea what you were talking about. XD

mightysamurai said...

To be honest, I'm really not a fan of so-called "political satire" in general, much less in my comics.

Satire, by definition, must be completely honest in order to be effective. You can't satirize someone by lying about them because you're not criticizing or ridiculing something real. You're just creating a strawman. And politics is so inherently subjective that it's next to impossible to be completely honest about it, particularly when describing someone who disagrees with you. It's far too easy to oversimplify or ignore the nuances of your opponent's argument. Even if you don't do it consciously, your own personal biases will inevitably seep through.

The point is, satire is a very complicated and nuanced literary art form. It requires a careful and calculated approach that comic book writers, by and large, are not capable of.

Also, political satire by its nature rarely offers a constructive solution to the problem it criticizes, which is something that I personally cannot stand. It's complaining for the sake of complaining. It helps no one and accomplishes nothing. Basically, it's child-like whining disguised as intelligent discourse.

Anonymous said...

I will say though if there was one good character in the Sonic animated/ comic universe its Bunnie Rabbit as nothing is more awesome then a southern belle bunny cyborg

Yogurt said...

Awesome stuff, Linkara. I'm glad you finally unleashed the full fury on Quesada's abomination.

As a sidenote dealing with "Who wants to be a Superhero": MAJOR VICTORY WAS ROBBED! Seriously, I would have loved to see a show starring that guy.

hazlenaut said...

I like the Archie’s Sonic Comic. It’s a combination of both series of Sonic Adventures. the silly series with characters Scratch, Grounder, and coconut and the dark satam series with character Bunnie, Antoine and Sally and etc. They had their own characters such as Mammoth Mongul. He is a wooly mammoth god that speaks a sophisticated tone. It’s not perfect but it is very entertaining. Truthfully the reason I was hooked was issue number 175 in Youtube.
Just to tell you Linkara you may have to do research when you read the series is very continuity driven. Here is the links to make it easy for you to follow with the series.
If you are wondering why sally pink in a few issues they explain it later on stating chemical bath during one of the missions. My mind still scrambled with sonic image cross over but that was special and not canon, although other villain appears later on in the series. Its time travel and it gets more confusing.

AmuroNT1 said...

Trust me Lewis, you are a wise, wise man for not wanting to get involved in the whole Sonichu debacle. All it'd get you is a migraine that you'd never recover from. Oh, and a poorly-drawn representation of you would get murdered by cartoon hedgehogs. Can't forget that.

Out of curiousity, did someone actually suggest Gundam F90 for AT4W, or was the cover just in there as an example of a manga? Speaking as a Gundam fan, F90 is actually quite good, but a little mired in continuity.

Also, I'm quite surprised that you didn't mention the massive betrayal of Spider-Man's character that OMD is, since he quite explicitly abandons responsibility for what happened because he can't live without his elderly aunt. Or the fact that it erased Mayday from existence.

Who Wants To Be A Superhero was awesome. I was rooting for Major Victory, so it really ticked me off when Stan booted him for being an ex-stripper, especially since MV was honest about the whole thing. And oh yeah, the fact that Stan helped create a stripper superheroine...whose picture was on the wall behind him throughout the season.

Either way, I eagerly await your 100th episode.

firesnap said...

You know, I completely agree OMD sucks, I'm not going to deny that.

However, it's not like we didn't get a warning that Joe Quesada would gladly destory decades of character development just to "shake things up>"

He'd already done it before OMD. Remember House of M? There we had, because Quesada wanted less mutants, an entire plot-hole ridden piece of trash comic. HoM used the Scarlet Witch, completely destroying her character in the process, to carry out an editorial mandate for them to "shake up" the Marvel Universe.

Same thing happened in OMD with Peter and MJ, except Quesada actually got his hands dirty this time on the story. The only thing that could have made OMD worse was if the Scarlet Witch altered reality for him instead of Mephisto.

Jannet_Jazz said...

Linkara, you hit the nail on the head on all 15 marks.

Lost Girls- the first time I heard about it, I thought someone was joking. It's kind of pathetic, really. Oh Alan, what happened to you?

Maximum Carnage- Totally agree with you on that score. It was the first event comic that I ever read and liked.

OMD- Thank you for calling out Quesada on his crap.

Political Comics- Good move, Linkara. I've noticed that every single time you make a political or religious statement (no matter how brief) it always seems to attract trolls who seem to be more than willing to rant and rave like idiots (revealing that they know next to nothing about the subject of their hate that is not a gross caricature). Just unpleasant.

Great work!

By the way, you did a good job with your Joker voice at the end. But have you ever heard the work of a YouTube user named "LordJazor"? The guy does a scary good impression of Mark Hamil's Joker. Its uncanny!

Check it out:

Kyle said...

That was one heck on an episode. I'm actually shocked that you're going to review a Sonic comic, after I E-mail you an idea for Sonic.

Speaking of, did you happen to read the email?

Anonymous said...

This was one of the best episodes I've seen of your show yet! Although it was a little...uncomfortable watching you get so pissed off at Quesada when ranting about One More Day. I was almost expecting Looney-Toons-style steam to literally come out of your ears. xD

Can't wait for the 100th episode extravaganza!

MintWhelp said...

Ahh, Linkara. You could have saved a lot of breath by combining the two things your fans wanted you to say:

"Batman's greatest boner has saved Samantha Brown's haunted vagina!"

And then has a jolly gay old time with Robin. Because he's the godamn Batman.

I'm probably the only one who ain't excited about you reviewing a Sonic comic, mainly because I'm not a Sonic fan. Buuut, I'm a fan of yours, so I'll watch it hoping for your witty commentary and... that awesome hat.

mightysamurai said...

Okay, since everybody else is doing it, here's my 2 cents on OMD:

Listing all the various problems with OMD would be impossible here (Linkara's blog simply doesn't have the necessary bandwidth to handle a list of that magnitude) but my personal issue with OMD is the fallacious arguments Joe Quesada has used to defend it.

According to Quesada, he demanded this story be written in order to take Spidey "back to his roots", so to speak, by turning him back into a struggling bachelor who still lives with his (surrogate) mother. Basically everything he was before he got married. While Quesada is welcome to his opinion on how best to write a Spider-Man story, he didn't have to crap all over two decades of continuity to do it.

Spidey has been married since 1987. Whatever Quesada's issue with that, even he can't deny that fans have grown attached to married-Spidey over single-Spidey. We like the idea of Spider-Man settling down and having kids. (For God's sake, after all the crap he's been through in his life the poor bastard deserves the happiness and fulfillment of a wife and family.)

Now, Quesada has tried to argue that anyone who wants to read a story about Spider-Man settling down and having kids can just read the Amazing Spider-Girl stories that (to his credit) Quesada has gone to great lengths to promote during his career as Marvel EIC. The problem is, Amazing Spider-Girl is about Spider-Girl, not Spider-Man. It's not about Peter Parker, it's about his daughter. Peter appears in the story, sure, but he's a secondary character. Those of us who like married-Spidey want to read stories where Peter Parker is the protagonist, not a supporting character for someone else. (Also the Spider-Girl books are not particularly well written or drawn, IMO.) Not to mention the fact that unless and until OMD gets retconned away, Amazing Spider-Girl is distinctly and blatantly not canon. It started out as an apocryphal "What If?" story that's only survived due in large part to the efforts of Quesada himself. Comic companies always put a lower priority on non-canon stories. Why should we invest time and money following Amazing Spider-Girl if there's no guarantee that it will continue?

The real irony here is that Quesada's argument is self-refuting. If Quesada wants to write/read a Spider-Man story where Peter Parker is still young and single, he has the perfect outlet in the form of Ultimate Spider-Man. But apparently that's not good enough for him. Quesada just has to inflict his particular "vision" of what Spider-Man is "supposed" to be on ALL Marvel readers. He's not just a crummy businessman and a bad writer, he's a hypocrite.

corey said...

peter parkers deal with mephisto in one more day not only destroyed there marrige but they wipe there future daughter from existance as well which im suprised is not mentioned because that just makes me all the more pissed about it, why because it couldve served as a narrative of spider man dealing with fatherhood as well as being a super hero.

Jeff said...

"A bit of a primer: Dreamwave is the brainchild of Pat Lee, who is essentially the Asian Rob Liefeld. ...And like Liefeld, his ego far outstripped his talent...."

He also used uncredited ghost artists and didn't pay a lot of them.

Pat Lee on TFWiki

Crystanubis said...

This is my first time hearing about Sonichu, and I wish I hadn't heard of it, either. I didn't dig any deeper than scant background details, but already the whole thing just creeps me out. In short, Copy+Paste what you said about what should happen to it.

In addition to the Nestle Quik Bunny/Superman cover mentioned in the earlier comments, there's also the Teen Titans book. Am I right in guessing that's the one you talked about on Made of Fail, the Simone/Liefeld collaboration? Don't worry, I'm not going to ask why you won't review it, I just wonder if that's the one in question.

Keep up the good work. That internet avatar does not represent me.

mightysamurai said...

"A bit of a primer: Dreamwave is the brainchild of Pat Lee, who is essentially the Asian Rob Liefeld."

Not true!

Rob Liefeld, for all his bad artwork and shoddy writing, is at least a nice guy.

Pat Lee on the other hand is and always has been an asshat.

Anonymous said...

Well, I for one am glad you finally got "One More Day" off your chest. It definitely sounded cathartic when you finished the mini-review. Considering there are countless articles explaining how OMD sucks, I didn't see a need for you to review it in the first place. Now let's bury this dead horse once and for all.

As for Sonic the Hedgehog-- now that I see your reasons for not reviewing it earlier, I see no need for anyone to press the matter. I'm just going to sit back and wait eagerly for the review. For my own reasons, of course. ;)

Azereaux said...

Very good episode, Linkara. Well written, well delivered and. . . OK, more than a little overdue :P

Just three things that really got my attention:

1) Maximum Carnage. I get the feeling a lot of the hate towards this series comes from the general pool of anti-Carnage sentiment. Personally, I've been searching long and hard for even fragments of Maximum Carnage, and happen to like Ol' Cletus as Carnage. I've heard arguments like "he's just another killer" or "he's so generic" in dozens of different variations. My responses to the 'he's just a generic villain, therefore we must hate him' are as follows: Dr. Doom, Lex Luthor, Red Skull, The Penguin, Every Batman Villain that is 'just another crime boss'.

That said, good to see someone say something positive about this story arc. Here's hoping I can find more than the fragments I've managed to track down...

2) One More Day. I love a good rant. I love it more when that good rant is both erupting with rage AND well reasoned and delivered. Really made my day!

3) Sonic Comics. OK, laying some cards on the table here: Furry, Sonic Fan (sane), Enjoyed SatAM (and accordingly bought the box set), occasionally read the comic. There. All that said, while I can see why you wouldn't want to review any of these comics for reasons seen in other things you don't want to review (i.e. Not that bad), I think it'll be entertaining to see you review just one (or one arc). Heck, I'm reminded of the weirdest cross-reference bubble thing I've ever seen: a reference to a comic that wouldn't be released for 3 or 4 issues. How (and why!) would you reference an as yet unreleased comic months in advance? That panel actually caused momentary brain lock...

Anyways, keep up the good work, and looking forward to "Atop the Fourth Wall" Issue #100! *wanders off to pick up Furrlough and Nova while contemplating this "Next Wave" that has been spoken of...*

LM888 said...

Wow, you really let it out there at the end with OMD huh?

Before anyone asks, don't really ask Lewis to review any Deadpool comics unless they're REALLY bad. Cause I've talked to him about a few recomendations, but so far he's been enjoying them quite a lot. So best to save your time and keep your eyes out for other comics and don't make the same mistake I did by lessening your horizons.

One thing, I'm glad you finally explained why you liked Maximum Carnage. I really wanted to know your reasons for why you liked it and why others hated it.

I've been looking forward to this episode for awhile since it was announced didn't dissapoint. Good job Linkara.

Unknown said...

Several comments based on some of your (non)choices:
I love the Archie/Punisher crossover. It's better than it deserves to be.
Most of the people who hate Maximum Carnage hate it, because they read it when it was new, and it was hard to get all 14 issues. It makes a great read as a graphic novel though.
I had a good laugh at the Joker's boner but think it would be a terrible episode.
I always supected that you didn't feel you'd be able to aptly criticize manga.
I'm with you 200% on motion comics.
Have some sympathy for the devil (I'm so sorry for that).
Has it really almost been 100 episodes? Congratulations Linkara!

Laughing Hyena said...

@ Lord Seth
"200+ issues"

Oh, that's easy to guess. I'll be surprised if it isn't any of the comic specials that were put out.
After all, he did review the TNMT meets Archie comic I donated to him. A lot of the TNMT specials were just bizarre, even if you knew who all the secondary characters are and the stories going on in the main comic.

But two come to mind from the Sonic Specials: Sonic Live and Sonic meets Image. Linkara would have more to work with on the Image crossover, but Sonic Live is notable for the writer using his own kids as characters.

I remember long ago that there was website by a librarian who reviewed only Sonic comics. I forgot who he was, but he tended to rant about little things that I had no issue with at the time. The same point why Linkara won't review most of them them: Most of the complaints are about continuity issues and not why a certain issue is really bad.
I remember him ranting about Sally's birth certificate, of all things.

Tetsu Deinonychus said...

I don't know why everyone wants you to review a Sonic comic.

I've been reading the series since I was a kid (it's pretty much the first comic series I started collecting), and I think it's mostly pretty great. Of course, I never really got into the games.

I guess there's a few weak stories here and there (mostly ones that were advertised to be epic, but didn't live up to the hype).

Oh well, I've survived you making fun of a comic I thought was good before (TMNT meets Archie). I guess I can survive this.

I'm just hoping for some more Lord Vice in the next episode! said...

to get even more literal on the deal in one more day "for the rest of his days" could be read to mean only during daylight hours, meaning the devil is free to haunt Peter's nightmares for the rest of his life. This is why you do not make deals with the devil or any similar being, they will use any loophole they can find to screw you over and do it hard.

Anonymous said...

...... Boner .....

Xander said...

ok i have a few things to say

1. i can't belive you let us see the penis candles

2 so if #1 will be reviewed what the real #15?

kyuven said...

I have bad news Linkara...
Viz dropped Steam Detectives a long time ago. 8 was their last volume of that particular series.
Seems like it was dropped around the time Animerica started to die off.
Worse news is that there aren't any scanlations of it that I can find either.
So, basically, no volume 9. Ever.
Unless you can read Japanese, or Viz decides to re-up their license, or someone else takes it up.
Also (man I'm really bearing some bad news) there's an anime, but it's out of print too, since ADV...suffered...a lot.

kyuven said...

Oh, also, Tokyopop won't pick up Steam Detectives. They're not doing so hot anymore, so it's either Viz or Yen Press these days.
I'd be happy to translate the last five volumes if A) my Japanese were a little better or I had a partner, B) I could find the last 5 volumes (which might be difficult, given it's been over for years)

Anonymous said...

Great list and I remember saying you had not intention of reviewing Wanted, either. Is that one still on the list?

ZeroSD said...

What, Sonic the Hedgehog is that requested?

I'm pretty surprised by that because in generally it ranges from ok to darn good.

Heck, it even handles relationships well in stark contrast to OMD! Characters have healthy marriages, or breakups in which they act like mature adults.

Unknown said...

Teddy Roosevelt on a T-rex = epic win.

Oh, I painfully remember the "Your vagina is haunted" line, if nothing else because it was SOOOOOOO BAAAAAD it made my sides hurt.

Next Wave now sits on my wish list.

threnody_grey said...

People ask you to review Nextwave? Seriously?! But it's like a big slice of epic pie covered in awesomesauce! A la mode.

I just Googled Sonichu because I had never heard of it. Blast you, Linkara, for I can never unsee that creepiness.

I wasn't surprised to see One More Day on the list, but I WAS surprised that it wasn't number one. Sonic, on the other hand...I didn't even realize that there were Sonic comics, much less that they were so popular that they were your most requested.

Also, I totally expected Trouble to be on the list, if only because the continuity alarm would go off after every sentence.

Unknown said...

Awesome. BTW I love Maximum Carnage. *sees #3* mention vgcrossover ...mention vgcrossover (available to read at ... darn. all well.

Lippincott said...

While I have recommended comics to you in the past which have not been reviewed I would like to assure you that this is completely acceptable. Further, I do appreciate you taking the time to reply to my messages and I do understand if you're too busy on occasion to do so.

Review what you like, wait review what you hate. The show works fine as is and has continued to do so for 99 episodes.

Hopefully this Sonic review will put a rest to the endless streams of people begging to hear you rant upon them. I'm hoping the issue will be entertaining for everyone else too and given your track record I'm looking forward to it.

Ironbeard said...

I'm new to posting a request or comment to your blog. In fact this is my very first day visting your site. I have very much enjoyed seeing your videos on TGWTG, sorry just never visit this blog of your before.

With that out for the way here is my request/question.

I was wondering if you have or will ever post a video highlighting the top 15 comics that are your favorites. I love comics as does everyone else here. With lack of time and money I rarely buy them anymore. Mostly just get graphic novels out of the library. So I was wondering if you could post a top 15 list of comic we should go out a buy. Comics you see as the best in your opinion.

Lord Seth said...

I remember long ago that there was website by a librarian who reviewed only Sonic comics. I forgot who he was, but he tended to rant about little things that I had no issue with at the time. The same point why Linkara won't review most of them them: Most of the complaints are about continuity issues and not why a certain issue is really bad. 
I remember him ranting about Sally's birth certificate, of all things.

The person in question is named Dan Drazen and he's actually still reviewing the comics, as seen here. I don't remember him ever ranting about her birth certificate though, but he did complain a little about her death certificate in his review of Sonic #49. However, his complaint wasn't about the certificate itself, he just didn't think the middle name given to Sally on it made sense. I wouldn't even call it ranting, as he only spent a few sentences on it and then moved on. Now if you want a rant, see his reviews of #97 or #138.

jolly_old_saint said...

Hahah, a few years back I was the first one to be seen shouting angrily on forums over Mark Waid's flash run being pointlessly stolen and desecrated. I never thought it would last for so long, though. Three years! Amazing. I haven't been able to look at Marvel's flagship character for three years without thinking he shouldn't be there. I can't even turn to the ultimate universe, that one turned into Charlie Brown!

...Well, I guess its no real surprise. There'll always be new heights of absurd and terrible things in comics. Like Captain America being shot in the head with what became a magic bullet that just sent him through time and space. And ultimate cyclops being shot in the head as he's giving a speech about why giving civilians the right to shoot people on sight is a bad thing. And Batman seeming to be burnt to death by eyebeams that were well known for sending people through time and space, but evidently advanced to the point of leaving a replacement body to throw people. Also, there was that year every villain in the DCU started queerbashing Pied Piper...

Richard Jao said...

Awesome job for standing your ground Lewis! Too bad the fandom has forced you into a Sonic comic, but here's hoping that you'll pull through. For the other comics, thanks for standing your ground. Let's hope the fandom's as sympathetic too.

I'm actually surprised you put up the post I made of Citizen Justice in that montage of comics you'll never review! I'm betting it's because it's political propaganda on the same level as Barack the Barbarian (eeww....), but there aren't any celebrities in that comic from what I understood. Is the reasons for this comic due to the whole 9/11 thing it makes a mockery out of?

Celey said...

//@.@\\'.... About three sections worth of boners and porn....

Oh.... And haunted vaginas... //@.@\\'...


Now, the internet demands you do an Old Spice commercial parody!

"These comics are now diamonds!" :D

PWBOT said...

Sonichu? That sounds like a horrible, horrible thing. Why did you bring it out Linkara? I think I might be much happier if I didn't know that Sonichu existed. The sheer fact that it exists is saddening. So, a Sonic comic for the 100th episode? Must be really bad for you to break your own rule about not reviewing sonic comics. Although, you did only state your off-limit comics in the video you just announced your 100th comic. I don't really know what to think of that.

Anonymous said...

Honestly, i can see why someone would submit NextWave (it wasn't me though, i enjoyed it). It just had a lot of continuity issues and some people acted out of character. Machine Mans character seemingly changes out of nowhere, he suddenly runs on beer and is armed like a swiss pocket knife, Boom-Boom reverts back to the pick-pocket valley girl she was 20 years ago, Monica Rambeau suddenly feels the urge to remind everyone she was an Avenger and screams the names of her attacks loudly, Fin Fang Foom is a giant and evil again (he was shrunken and turned kind of good in the Fin Fang Four series). And if you are a continuity geek, i can really understand if you didn't like it

Anonymous said...

The reason why people are requesting you to read Nextwave is probably because it is written by Warren Ellis

Warren Ellis seems to be one of those writers (along with Garth Ennis and Mark Millar) whom people seem to hate just for existing.
"Mark Millar sucks!"
"His comics are shit!"
"Because Mark Millar wrote them!"
- You'd be surprised how often I encountered people like this.

Which brings me to Maximum Carnage which is generally a very similar case.
There seems to a a trend amongst comic fans that basically suggests that hating 90s comics is cool.
(and don't take it as an accusation, but you are sometimes quoted as the source of this trend)
Basically a comics being made in the 90s (or made by Image) is often considered to be reason enough for it to be proclaimed as bad

Which brings us to Sonic
Sonic fans are morons. Especially the ones that grew-up with the Genesis games and Sonic SatAM.
They seem to have this bizarre delusion that Sonic SatAM was canon (which it never was, it's extensive storyline and cast of characters came to be as a result of DIC compensating for lack of those things in those games), and think that the characters and plot-points added in later games are violating this supposed canon.
This obsession seems to carry-over to the comic which started-off as a continuation of the cartoon, but grew to include characters and events of later games, which of course makes their blood boil even more
- result, people requesting you to review them

Danielu Yoshikoto said...

Does A.rtificial T.ime X.S. (or a.t.x.s. for short - count, Linkara?
As... well it´s in printed form and in comic page form (not strip-collection). Also one of the two authors made a video about the comic finally released as comic ( and it´s 3,99$. And yes I am sorry this comment sounds like a freaking adventisement, but I still think that it might be interesting as the second season (as the comic,s subtitle is, and it´s preaty obvious why - was a restart of the series for newcomers and also was suposed to BE a comic in printed form and they now got around getting it into production. They are also planing on releasing more "Issues" of it, while keeping the website up to date with new pages, to my knowledge, everyday.
But I think this comic is actually a "good" comic. I havn´t read it and I will probatly never, so actually this comment was just a big advertisement. Erm... and that means... I´m sorry ^^"

Anonymous said... question. When you showed various webcomics for the #3 spot, you featured Treading Ground. Do you like it or not?

Logion said...

I'm glad to see that you are taking a stand on these things. It's really refreshing to see you get a little angry over these people who requests things of you all the time. Just review what you want and you think is fun!

Anonymous said...

I'm not asking you too review it, but this is just more wtf from Tarot, the Skeleton Man has a "Gun Blade"

Menocchio said...

Great stuff, as always.

But I do have to disagree with yourreasoning on the political comics. You CAN be a parody (or political satire) and still qualify as a legitimate entry in the genre you're parodying. In fact the best parodies (Galaxy Quest and Shaun of the Dead to name two) are just that. So "Barack the Barbarian" can be a decent sword and sorcery books while still poking fun at politics and sword and sorcery comics (or maybe it stinks, I haven't read them myself). They certainly aren't necessarily "propaganda" any more than any work of political satire or parody is.

Still, if you don't want to touch directly political works with a 10-foot pole, I can't say I blame you. Lots of jackasses out there on all sides of the political spectrum.

Anonymous said...

Just my thoughts of your list.

The Punisher meets Archie- Just a weird concept, but would make a great draw in for AT4W, but if you can't complain, than you're right.
Marval Zombies- Too badass. Enough said.
Batman #66- Sorry, a word is not a good reason why you should read it. It is actually gay thought that you would not stoop down this low makes me happy to keep watching your show.
Nextwave- I'm happy that you are telling us some comments on comics that you like. How ever for one show you should do one on what is right about a comic and this looks like a good one to do it on. This could be the little one before the main event of the video.
Who wants to be a Superhero?- Weird concept, some how pulled it off, and it's winner's were featured in a comic. To be able to pull this off for more than one season is amazing and this is like bashing a contest where a little kid designed a t-shirt that isn't good. That's wrong and I'm glad your not reviewing them.
Lost Girls and Tarot- Again thank you for keeping up taste. However if you did a Top 15 Weirdest Things to Read in a Comic, the "You have to get out of here! Your Vagina is Haunted!" this would have to be a top contender for that list.
Maximum Carnage: Again like The Punisher meets Archie, if you can't complain or get into it, the review isn't going to be as good.
Marvel vs DC- I think you could do one of the worst spin off from this epic clash, but again this could be done as part of a mini before the main comic issue.
Political Satire Comics: This would just be a bad idea. The concept throws me off, but that's about it. Plus Linkara you nailed everything on the head right. Good call man.
Manga, Motion Comics, Comic-Based TV Shows and Movies, Web Comics- It's about comic books, not about comic based theme show. I'm glad you are putting your foot down on this Linkara. Besides many of these sources, are presented into the show which is good enough for me for AT4W.
One More Day- Thank you for giving a mini review of this in a show about things you aren't going to review... I guess the Continuity Alarm isn't working right now is it.
Any Sonic Comic- I understand that you won't review something that doesn't have enough stuff to complain about is one thing, but to discard all of them completely because you don't have a interest in it is too harsh. This is one case in this list that I'm glad you aren't going to hold true to for your 100th episode.
Great Video.

Kristi O. said...

For some reason it gives me such glee to know that you like Petshop of Horrors, it's one of my favourite series, and its sequel is the only reason why I'm still buying manga even though I'm not really into them anymore.

I just wish the anime had adapted stories from later in the manga. I think the most interesting thing about PSoH was the relationship between Count D and Leon, and the struggle between humans and the spiritual/animal world. The anime took stories from the very beginning of the series before it had a chance to build up some steam, so while it's still entertaining it lacks the depth of the later stories in my opinion.

Anonymous said...

Good episode Linkara...

Though I disagree with you on Nextwave. I thought it was terrible. Pretty much a perfect example of what I can't stand in comics. Nonsensical stories where stuff is just thrown at the wall, in an attempt to be shocking or edgy. I guess I just have different tastes than most comic fans anymore.

Queen Anthai said...


Some of these left me absolutely baffled as to why ANYONE would think they're bad comics. I own every single issue of Maximum Carnage! My husband barely READS comics and he owns the TPB of DC Vs. Marvel! Who ARE you people who think these suck?

As for Tarot, of COURSE it's bad but come on, people, it's the comic book equivalent of hair metal. It's big, dumb fun, and it should be looked upon as such. Sure, it tries very hard to have a plot and/or a message, but you sort of have to look at it when it does that and go "awww, how cute" and give it a cookie for effort.

Green Ninja said...

Why, yes Lewis. That was exactly what I wanted you to do. Thank you very much for tearing One More Day (and Joe Quesada) the new one it deserves. :)

btw.: I'm the guy who asked you do to it in Benzai's GamesCom video.

EddieVercetti said...

Finally someone who agrees with me about NextWave!

I agree that it needs more Robo-Abe Lincolns!

Anonymous said...

Good episode, looking forward to your 100th. It must be annoying getting requests for Sonic comics all the time - even though I am a big Sonic fan to this day I hardly know anything about the US comics due to being a Brit (though I did watch the SatAM cartoon) so I don't know what there is to make fun of.

But there is Sonic Live. Again, I've never read it but from what I've heard it's not in canon or continuity with the comic's arching story and is infamous among fans for it's awfulness.

Also, I wish I had never heard of Sonichu either. There are just some things you can't unsee.

Grant said...

Wow. Where to start.

Regarding OMD, all points spot-on of why I, and I'm sure many other fans, hate it, but damn! That's the kind of seething, unfettered rage you could use to drill a hole into a person's skull with nothing but the power of your mind. Also, I kind of doubt it, but I would hope Joe is watching this if only to imagine his reaction. Though he'd probably just fall back into a pool of money...

Moving on, much of what you had say on these different topics were well argued and understandable, (It's nice to know there are fans of Tom Strong out there). As you said, there really isn't much point in reviewing webcomics as they aren't all professionally done, manga is a whole different can of worms, and political satire comics are... uh... yeah, I got nothing, most of 'em look like brainless drek.

I guess the only thing I raised an eyebrow at was when you had mentioned Marvel Zombies, but you make a fair point, the first stories were very good. I think my major gripe is the fact the mini-series that have spawned off from of it for the last couple years. Ironically, it seems like what would have been a story that may have been put to rest continues to shamble about mindlessly, literally a "zombie comic". And while I was never sure of it before, I now find myself compelled to pursue Maximum Carnage.

Kudos to you Mr. Lovhaug on once again. Looking forward to the hundredth episode. Though also, if you like the sound of "Abraham Lincoln, Vampire Hunter", then I'd strongly recommend buying for your own enjoyment the maddening awesome that has graced us this century known as "Time Lincoln"! Seriously. It has an (another) evil Space Stalin, time-traveling historical figures and Nazi-vampire demons! What more could you ask for?!

Charly Dunst said...

Wow, now that was different. Be sure that you will wear your anti-furry-troll-suit for your 100th episode when you review a Sonic comic, because I have the feeling that this could end ugly... and I agree with you, Sonic is nothing than a videogame chara and I wish that someone would erased my memory involving all about Sonic during the last 9 years *sighs*

It was ugly... very ugly >_<;

Unknown said...

General Mayhem - wasn't he the bad guy in the MASK series? Am I just showing my age now or what? :)

I had to do a double-take when I saw that J. Michael Straczynski was involved with One More Day, it's a shame the creator of Babylon 5's attached to that project...

I think I'll go into my local comic/sci-fi shop one of these days and browse around the comics section. I suppose I'll have to be prepared for some odd looks since I'm in my mid-30's now...

Anonymous said...

First time watching an episode in awhile and I am glad to be back. I cannot believe people want(ed) you to review Nextwave! It's one of the best books out there. And if you like Tom Strong, give Top 10 a try. It's Alan Moore writing about a city in which everyone and everything (including housepets and vermin) have superpowers.

TheUberNerdyKid said...

Everyone wants to see Roosevelt do that. Don't do it Linkara! You must not succumb to fan pressure! Actually, If any of this happened to me, I would probably do the same thing. Hooray for th 100th Episode! How time flies! Actually, no, it feels like forever. ... Hallelujah!

Bukee said...

NOOOOOO! NOT SONICHU!! WHY?! WHY DID YOU HAVE TO MENTION HIM?!! Even the mere metion of this... thing, or the name of it's creator can bring doom to your life. CWC should be written out of history simply forgotten.

On the other hand I didn't knew you watched Doctor Who. I wonder if there's a bad comic about it...

Anonymous said...

Thank you for venting your OMD rage, Mr. Lovhaug. It was highly satisfying.

Ming said...

Loved this episode. Looking forward to more "Top 15" lists. Have you considered doing a "most hated comics" list, similar to Ebert's most hated movies list?

Can't wait for the next episode. Can you give us a little preview to what you will be reviewing or doing?

Anonymous said...

One More Day is one of the biggest arguments for my theory that continuity in a series like Spiderman (spanning trough entire decades and various writers) is a bad thing!

Titania Bird said...

I mentioned this on TGWTG as well, but now I have the issue number for you: Sonic #33 contains two rather silly stories, one of them very Fantastic Voyage-esque and the other just...odd.

The first one involves Sonic having to be shrunk down and inserted into one of his friends' bodies in order to fight a robotic infection caused by fast food from a chain called McRobo's. Horrible puns ensued.

The second involves the Freedom Fighters, SWAT Bots, Snively, and a game of ice hockey. No, I'm not kidding. A game of ice hockey between the Freedom Fighters and SWAT Bots. *shakes head*

There's also a mini-story involving Knuckles, but there's not really much there to mention, as it's a tie-in to the big special at the time, Super Sonic vs. Hyper Knuckles.

Jaebird said...

Well, I think everything that needed to be said about "One More Day" has been said here. Kudos.

Jessica said...

by number 2 Linkara needs a hug, someone toss him in the pit of Iron Liz clones!

Unknown said...

Finally someone said the truth about Sonichu

Unknown said...

Good episode Linkara. Speaking of political satire there's a facinating book having to do with comics called Comic art Propaganda: a graphic history. It's very good And it's one of my most favourite comic related book. here's a link to see if the book rings a bell.

MechaManiac said...

Phew! I'm glad "All Hail Megatron" isn't on that list. You really should take a look at it, Linkara. I mean, I haven't read it yet, but from what I've heard, it's a real stinker of a comic book mini-series.

abyssion1337 said...

People have been requesting Marvel Zombies and Next Wave, that's shocking I thought both were full of awesome and wit.

Anonymous said...

you have problems with people with autism huh do you. its just the way you said it sounded like you looked down on them or something you probably didn't mean it that was but i need some answers

Truce Weston said...


15) - Who thought that was a good idea in the first place? But if a goofy idea can be done well enough to avoid your scorn, that's fine

14) - I read a couple of them, and they are creepy and disturbing, but well done!

13) - LOL! So the old slang word for mistake was boner? That's funny, but the joke would have gotten old quick, if you did this one, and you are better than that!

12) - You said it all right there!

11) - Yep, that said it all right there yet again!

10) - I never heard of this before, and frankly wish I hadn't after I did.

9) - uh.....that was strange. Better this left off your show also.

8) - I like it also! Yay!

7) - These books aren't that bad, and a few of the one shots were very cool!

6) - Fair arguement you make, and there is plenty of non magna material to use for your program anyway

5) - lol I will leave that alone

4) - I say leave such material, if ever, for crossovers, and special occasions like crossovers, as you stated, like when you did the Wolverine Genesis game and the review of The Spirit movie

3) - I never heard of Sonichu before this, and when I saw your examples, I again wish I hadn't. But yeah, webcomics don't count for this show.

2) - I saw so much Adamantium Rage there, it was nuts! I almost wanted to tell my screen to calm down, or ask if it needed a hug or something lol. But yeah, a nice backhanded way to give the people what they wanted and denying it at the same time!

1) - I tilted my head at this, and my jaw dropped when I saw the ending. This 100th episode is going to be quite a watch, as are all of your videos & projects!

so until episode 200, when you do a review of Action Comics # 1, MAKE MINE LINKARA!

James said...

Why do I get the feeling that Benzaie is going to start looking for copies of Lost Girls and Tarot?

Lewis Lovhaug said...

"you have problems with people with autism huh do you. its just the way you said it sounded like you looked down on them or something you probably didn't mean it that was but i need some answers"

Of course I don't. All I did was repeat what I've read.

Anonymous said...

You won't review Sonichu? I mean, that's fine, but you mentioned it by name. That's going to anger the Sonichu fans.

There are a shitload of them.

I mean, they kicked Clyde Cashes ass.

James Faraci said...

@Lewis Lovhaug, I liked the episode, but I do not, repeat NOT, think you'll do a "Sonic Comic Book" for the 100th episode & Don't ever, EVER, EVER in one hundred trillion, billion, million, thousand hundred years EVER insult autistic people EVER again! I myself am an high functioning autistic and I am creative, to pidgeonhole us with the person who does the "Sonichu" Web Comic is vulgar & he does not in any way shape or form represent all of us. We who are mentally handicapped do not like to be insulted we don't deserve to be insulted by the likes of you or your associates "The Nostalgia Critic" "Spoony", & by proxy "The Angry Video Game Nerd", "Board James" I request, for all who are mentally handicapped, an apology in either this comment board or in your next video.

Laughing Hyena said...

Thanks Lord Seth.
It's been ages, so it's likely I have forgotten alot in my early websurfing days on Netscape.
So also thanks for clearing up my spotty mind, which does tend to mix up certain details now and then.

Wow, Dan hasn't changed the format of the site in ages. Still looks the same from 1997.

Anonymous said...

What about that manga that Necro Critic sent you last Christmas? The way you reacted to it, I figured you'd review it for sure.

Kyle said...

Great episode, and glad to know what I can't request XD

I do have a question though. You said when talking about the Barrack Obama comics that you don't want to do a comic about still living people, but you have done comics about Charles Barkley, Chuck Norris and Mr. T. Do you mean you just don't want to review comics that were made about more recent celebrities (if any) or just because it is about government officials?

Anyway, good work!

John "Juce" Bruce said...

A most enjoyable episode! I really expected OMD to just get a cursory "I've already explained in great detail elsewhere what's wrong with this, and that's all I'll say." so the full depth of #2 was a pleasant surprise.

Regarding "motion comics": This was a new term for me. Though now that I've looked it up, I wish I hadn't. All of the examples seem to be as forced and pointless as the Watchmen clips you showed.

But does Broken Saints count as a "motion comic"? If so, the medium may not be entirely irredeemable. Its animation isn't limited to vague, small movements within a static scene, and it uses the animation to do things that a static page couldn't do. (Not being beholden to an existing print comic may have helped.) Also, it wasn't voice-acted, preferring to use written text for exposition and dialog. Indeed, the animation playing with the text was an important part of its aesthetic.

Not that I'd ever expect to see Broken Saints on this show, since it's both a motion comic and doesn't suck.

Jacob said...

Abe Lincoln Vampire Slayer is awesome. Yeah it's a little silly, but you learn a ton about the president while still having a decent vampire story.

This was a really cool video. It's nice to see comics that aren't all that bad for a change.

Falcovsleon20 said...

I honestly DID NOT expect you or anyone on this site to mention Sonichu. Yeah Linkara, I'm with you on you not really trusting the whole "autistic" claim. I know people who are autistic. They don't come on YouTube and tell men the way to a woman's heart is to stroke My Little Pony toys like a child molester. (I am not joking, Chris Chan really did do that and other more disturbing things I don't want to get into)

I'm surprised Gold Digger isn't on that list. (Unless you file it under the Manga section due to it's art style) And a little worried in those regards. Fred Perry's Gold Digger WAS essentially to me what the Titans are to you and the big thing that helped me get back into comic books after I decided to stop thanks to crap like the Ultimates.

Oh and I really hope the Sonic comic you end up reviewing is the crossover with Image considering your long running "feud" with them.

Great episode, well worth the wait. Maybe I'll give Next Wave a try.

Blues said...

Funny, When Daredevil's ID got out, Doctor Strange said he can't magically fix it.

maybe Xavier helped but thats a lot to go through when none of them bother with secret IDs anymore

arw1985 said...

Wow. on your rant about OMD, you had me thinking, "Oh my God! Watch out! This book is so bad Linkara's blown a gasket! AHHH!!"

(Don't worry, I agree with ya.)

Anyway, good stuff.

Thomas said...

I have Marvel zombies vs army of darkness it was one of the greatest crossovers at all time, next to freddy vs jason vs ash. God bless your awesomeness Lewis

Author-Man said...

Oh god Sonichu please, I don't care how many people request it, stay well away from that one. It's not just bad, it's kinda scary.

Fuck One More Day. With a rusty shovel.

To be honest, there are actually a lotta Sonic Comics that are pretty crap even to a complete outsider. The worst offenders, however, come later, when they decided it would be a good idea to try and mesh the continuities of the more recent, plot-heavy games with the continuity already present in the comics... which ends up being just as awkward and obviously forced as it sounds, especially when they try to do tie in issues that go along with the games (Amy Rose's character design in Sonic Adventure is different? Let's have her wish on a Chaos Emerald to be older! That won't be awkward at all!) Also, I recommend you check out the sublimely bizzare Archie Sonic/Image Comics crossover, if only because it's... actually not that bad, all things considered.

Nick Wright said...

Thanks for the mention, Lewis! I'm proud my comic officially doesn't suck.

hazlenaut said...

I would have believed in one more day that Mephisto wanted to be the decorator for Spiderman’s marriage. I would have possible that he wanted to peter to marry creature of his making disguise as a human like a succubus. He could have wanted heir from avatar of chaos that could have the origin for Spidergirl. Why he did not want his first born that could have worked too. There were tons of villains plus plenty of new ones when he revealed his identity. This messes up the continuity of the Civil War. There is a lot of wasted potential that could have done and it destroyed well made characters that took years to build.
There could Spidergirl Amazing Friends with Sting and Beetlegirl. Beetlegirl was only scene in Marvel magna. She could have daughter of beetle. Here is Stinger info Stinger was scene in the Spiergirl comics. she was in Avengers Next.

Brand said...

Yeah, Steam Detectives as said at this point Viz is never going to release another volume of the series. In fact they just put bunch of their more current series like Bastard!! on indefinite hiatus.

It is a Shonen Jump series which mean no one else will be picking it up because of Viz's deal with Shueisha. They pretty much now how the rights for all SJ licenses in the U.S. now.

Though I would check back on this. page from time to time as if anyone is translating the series that would be the first site to have information on it. You never know someone might pick it up.

John "TH" Wells, The Arkansan Geek-of-all-Trades said...

I, strangely, don't mind you choosing to leave manga be. Quite frankly, I think there are more than enough people, for good or ill, giving that particular medium attention. I like the fact that you focus on regular comics [yes, not the best term, but I'm at a loss for a better term for "comics that aren't manga"].

I'm pretty sure Sonichu technically falls into Bennet the Sage's Fanficiton review territory, but you could totally do a crossover and suffer through it as a team. Except you are never going to do that. *winkwinknudgenudgesaynomoresaynomore*

Machina said...

Wait, so you ARE going to review a Sonic comic? Since you said you've never actually read or watch the thing, doesn't that mean that you'll have to go through like more than 200 issues to understand a few things?

Lewis Lovhaug said...

"Don't ever, EVER, EVER in one hundred trillion, billion, million, thousand hundred years EVER insult autistic people EVER again! I myself am an high functioning autistic and I am creative, to pidgeonhole us with the person who does the "Sonichu" Web Comic is vulgar & he does not in any way shape or form represent all of us. We who are mentally handicapped do not like to be insulted we don't deserve to be insulted by the likes of you or your associates "The Nostalgia Critic" "Spoony", & by proxy "The Angry Video Game Nerd", "Board James" I request, for all who are mentally handicapped, an apology in either this comment board or in your next video." did I insult you or other autistic individuals, exactly? All I did was repeat something that's been stated as a fact about the guy, which I thought was of dubious claim as a fact anyway.

Jeff said...

I honestly don't understand why people would want to request you to review Marvel Zombies or Maximum Carnage. Marvel Zombies is a very interesting take on an alternate universe, and according to my friend, Maximum Carnage is just awesome. I dunno, maybe they wanted you to review good comics for a change of pace. Anyway, I really look forward to your review next week. I myself love the Sonic the Hedgehog comic series (at least the Archie one, excluding their Sonic X run. Can't say anything about the Fleetway series, as I've never read it, so that one may very well be horrible.) I am very interested to see your opinion of what you have. Though I don't know if you'll find much to be able to make fun of. Aside from a couple of continuity issues and occasional bad art, it's really good. If it was me, I'd probably review one of the much earlier ones, like issues 1-30 or so. They had the crazy campiness of Adventures of Sonic the Hedgehog. Anyway, rambled long enough, enjoyed the video!

Anonymous said...

@Charly Dunst

I can do it for you with my shank-spoon!

Anonymous said...

@James Faraci

Did you come from Encyclopaedia Dramatica as well?
Because I know that autistic people usually aren't this pissy

Anonymous said...

"...And I don't care what the laws for consent are for other countries, provinces, and states are. It is still "SQUICKY!""


Last time in a HOTP review, I heard you say this about some kind hearted monster from a certain episode:
"...Sure, he has his "WOOBIE" moments..."

Anonymous said...

That was a great list Linkara...

...But I never would expected you to even MENTION SONICHU of all things. (That's a dirty little "4chan" secret that I like to keep to myself and heckle at with other "anonymous" associates, I wouldn't want to share it with anyone because I find their minds beautiful and innocent. Reading Sonichu changes you...)

Anonymous said...

I can definitely see why Linkara wouldn't want to review Sonichu. CWC is that kind of thing that enables miserable, jaded losers like myself to look down upon and laugh at so to feel better my existence.

It is not for upstanding individuals like Linkara who are just here to bash comics, not the personal lives of other people. So it not hard to see why something as biblically bad as SONICHU would rub rub Linkara the wrong way.

As TVtropes once said about it...
"This is no parody. This is a man's life - his failures, his neuroses, his fantasies, his warped worldview, proudly displayed for the world on paper and pixels. Reading Sonichu and learning about its author is nothing less than a descent into someone's personal hell, made all the more terrible for the fact that the author intends for the experience to entertain people. That they would purchase it. There is no joy, no fun in CWCville - there is only layer upon layer of horror. "

Please note that TVtropes LOCKED the article due to negativity. It was because the whole started listing tropes in the creators own trainwreck of a life. To put it short, Fast Eddie didn't want Tvtropes turning into Encyclopedia Dramatica. That's what Sonichu does, it MAKES you DELIGHT in another persons suffering. Namely, the suffering of an ugly, fat, disgusting, racist, homophobic, and utterly untalented individual.

Now, for an enlightening quote for CWC's trolls:
"No matter how hard I fail, I look into the mirror and instantly cheer up. That's because I don't see Christian Weston Chandler staring back."

Anonymous said...

“Tell me about it on CWC. Geez, when you have me facepalming at you, you have got to be pretty bad off.„

—David Gonterman(On Sonichu)

Yes, that GONTERMAN.

For those not in the know. "Daveykins" was the creator of two infamous fan comics. 1) "Sailor Moon: American Kitsune" in where his Author Avatar falls in love with Sailor Moon and fights homosexuals alonside the Power Rangers and 2) "Blood and Metal", a story that takes place in the Satam universe where he writes himself as both a furry and the son of Dr. Robotnik.

Of course, he is a better person now, and a good to talk with. Not to mention he did get a job, and actually manages to live by himself and contribute to society.

Yes, Chris-Chan is even pitiful Daveykins, one of most infamous internet losers. And that says A LOT.

For more info, go to

Basically, Chris Chan is pitiful manbaby. He's the kind of person who would pull down his pants in a church and post it on the internet if he believed you to be a "girlfriend" and you told him to do so.

As Daveykins himself said:
"By God. I've never fapped on camera. Never will..."

Necro Critic said...

To everybody who says that Linkara was making fun of Autistic people, shut the hell up and listen to what he said again. He wasn't making fun of Autistic people nor was he comparing them to him in a derogatory manner. All he did was state the presumably true claim that Chris-chan was Autistic (when in actuality, he probably self-diagnosed himself with Aspergers Syndrome via Wikipedia, which is something that I find offensive, but that's beside the point). Just because someone vaguely mentions your race or disability, does not mean that they are making fun of you. So get off your high-horses, grow up, and shut up.

And before anyone starts calling me insensitive, let the record show that I, myself, am Autistic (and I have the diagnosis papers to prove it).

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