Monday, November 29, 2010

Brute Force #2

Brute Force is back! More cybernetic animals duking it out for contrived reasons!


Anonymous said...

great review can not wait till you feel like reviewing the next Brute Force comic keep up the great work

Harold(Chibiya) said...

what happened to secret origins month?

Mountain King said...

I don't know what to say. Brute force just strikes me as awesome fun for the sake of it. Everyone involved just seems to have had a blast. 'How can we make a n Octopus awesome… put tank tracks on it." "Shark with laser beam on it's head not enough, well slap a couple of buzz-saws on either side and have it move about on land. That aught to do it.
As a British Transformers fan I recognised the Firman's hand. Even when he's not writing for giant robots he can't help but use the same characters and clich├ęs, and their just as wonderful here.
You don't need a comic to be dark and gritty like Miller's work, or pseudo-intellectual. Heck it doesn't even have to be masterpiece work of a life time like Watchman. Like Brute Force it just has to be harmless fun.
Not much of a review here, but that wasn't the point. You were just sharing the fun and for that I say thanks.


Lewis Lovhaug said...

"what happened to secret origins month? "

It ended last week, as was indicated by the end of the video.

Anonymous said...

I was wondering where the Network reference will be...
Anyway, yeah, Captain Planet was messed up, not because of the Hitler episode, but also from the AIDS episode the NC already talked about,'Teers in the Hood, Numbers Game about the junk notion of overpopulation,and I'm sure there are some others Im either missing or dont care to mention.

NickG said...

Awesome nothings better than starting the week off with cybernetic animals fighting for reasons i couldn't care less about. As always great review. Now i apologize if you've answered this on twitter, but did you see the Young Justice premier this week? I'm glad cartoons are getting back to the superhero styles of the original superman and batman series.

deuxhero said...

With things wrong with this comic, the fact that the Heavy Metal animals are evil is the not really an issue. I can easily buy that they have conditioned by the EVIL corporation to be EVIL or the technology was modified so they would be EVIL with their intellect.

Also, Brute Force showing up as villains in a modern Marvel comic would be cool.

areoborg said...

You know, I like 90s Kid's solution to pollution. TO THE ARMORY! I need machine guns, napalm, and nukes! We'll take this fight back to pollution and bomb in back to the stone age!

Wait a minute... how is the shark breathing? The tech just makes them smart, so does that mean that the reason sharks don't come onto land and destroy everything is because they're too stupid to realize they can breath air?


Anonymous said...

Oh come on. I couldn't have been the only one that heard "Heavy Metal" by Judas Priest playing in my head each time the team of Heavy metal was named. Sing it with me guys.

When the power chords come crashing down
Go tearing through my senses
It's for the strong, not for the weak
In light and dark dimensions

It stimulates, regenerates
It's therapeutic healing
It lifts our feet up off the ground
and blasts us through the ceiling

Between the eyes
I hear it screaming
And it electrifies
Your inner feelings

Hot shock waves charge the air
All heads are banging
Fists pumping everywhere
Guitars are cranking

Heavy Metal. Heavy Metal
What do you want
Heavy Metal. Heavy Metal
What do you want

Ten thousand lights come blazing down
With razor sharp precision
The speakers pour out molten steel
The beat gives double vision

An armour plated raging beast
That's born of steel and leather
It will survive against all odds
Stampeding on forever

Between the eyes
I hear it screaming
And it electrifies
Your inner feelings

Hot shock waves charge the air
All heads are banging
Fists pumping everywhere
Guitars are cranking

Heavy Metal. Heavy Metal
What do you want
Heavy Metal. Heavy Metal
What do you want

Jer Alford said...

Ma-Ti should've been like:
"Yeah, I totally killed Hitler!"

Again, you'd think they'd have made the animals robot bodies Voltron-together.

Unknown said...

'Magnets, ya know... how do they work?'

Did you make just make an ICP reference Linkara? If you did, I'm really rather astounded I got it. I don't even really like ICP.

Rainbow said...

I vaguely remember this comic when I was a kid. My mom took away the Batman comics that I had been trying to collect and gave this this stuff... I remember being really pissed off that the shark was a bad guy, great white sharks are my all time fav marine animal.

Mom! You took my batman away for this crap?! I think she saw animals and said "oh that's not violent!" Too bad she didn't look inside....

Anonymous said...

wait....thinking even more on the Judas Priest stuff.....the bird looks like the Hellion.

Shada said...

Actually, it wasn't Judas Priest's Heavy Metal I heard in my head, it was Don Felder's:

Fire it on up and let's cruise a while,
Leave your troubles far behind.

You can hedge your bet on a clean Corvette,
To get you there right on time.

Now if you're ready to dive into overdrive,
Baby the green lights are on.

It's like you're running your brain on some high
Every time she reaches fully blown.

Won't you take that ride ride ride ride on Heavy
It's the only way that you can travel down that road.
Satisfied fied fied fied, on heavy metal,
Baby won't you ride, ride it until it explodes.

Heavy Metal

My oh my, how this lady can fly,
Once she starts rollin' beneath you.

You know you just can't lose,
The way she moves,
You wait for her to finally release you.

It's not a big surprise to feel your temperature
You've got a touch of redline fever.

'Cause there is just one cure that we know for sure,
You just become a heavy metal believer.

Won't you take that ride ride ride ride on heavy
It's the only way that you can travel down that road.
Satisfied fied fied fied, on heavy metal,
Baby won't you ride, ride it until it explodes.

Heavy Metal
Heavy Metal
Heavy Metal
Heavy Metal
Heavy Metal
Heavy Metal

Great Review Linkara!

Zombie-man said...

Dude, why do you have to nitpick so much sometimes? I'm talking about that whole speech of how animals aren't evil. . . I mean, the comic has mechanical animals that can talk... that doesn't even begin to make sense...

It was the same in that review of that spiderman comic with characters traveling inside the internet, yeah it doesn't make sense either, but there's a thing that's called suspension of disbelief!

With that you can enjoy stories that have people traveling in the internet or computers like Tron or Reboot...

( Yeah, I know that you already know what suspension of disbelief is, but sometimes you spend a long time talking about how some things don't make sense, when is clear that you should accept that those things are possible from the get go. )

Anonymous said...

Illegal dumping of trash is actually a bigger problem than you might think. Even though I'm normally with you on decrying the exaggerated environmentalism in stuff like this, littering is just an act of laziness and I have no tolerance for it whatsoever.


nebosuke said...

I wonder how the Marvel Civil War would've been if Brute Force had been in it

Jon Holtgrefe said...

Another great and very amusing review Linkara.

I'm surprised you didn't make some kind of joke about Multicorps ecology department being headquartered in New Jersey, but then again that might be a bit obvious of a joke.

YetAnotherGeek said...

You are such a liar...

I've been telling EVERYONE that the only way to beat pollution is to shoot it. It's the only solution that makes sense. 90s Kid cannot take credit for this discovery.

SchweitzerMan said...

Am I the only one thought Forst looked a lot like Peter Cushing?


Anonymous said...

Were was the Batman Heavy metal Joke that would have been a perfect timing.But whatever Great review like always Linkara

Anonymous said...

Captain Planet was humping a missile.

Bosh Depanzer said...

"There is so much hate coming from that man. That's as deadly a pollution as any!"

Anonymous said...

Warren Ellis please write Brute Force vs. Nextwave!

neuroplay said...

God brute force sucked.

Tetsu Deinonychus said...

Am I the only one who recognized Charlie Sutton's hairstyle as belonging to Little Orphan Annie?

BTW kudos on 90's Kid appearing again. 90's Kid is like so totally radical!

Paul S. said...

Kind of sad that Toy Biz didn't hop right on these characters after they acquired Marvel.

Another great review. I think particularly off-the-wall books like this make for the best episodes.

On a completely random note I think you might like the new Spider-Girl series.

Dave Reynolds said...

You probably already know this, but if you didn't... The bit about the machinery looking like Scorponok? Not only is the writer Transformers' Simon Furman, but the artist Jose Delbo drew over 25 issues of Marvel's eighty issue run... Most of them during the Headmasters era of Transformers, where Scorponok was one of the main characters. :)

Anonymous said...

Seriously, the guys from White Wolf must have read this when they made Werewolf the Apocalypse

Animals with guns committing eco-terrorism!

Anonymous said...

Great review, as always. I choose to believe that all eagles are capable of shooting lasers from their eyes, but lack the intelligence to realize that they can.

Anonymous said...

"Warren Ellis please write Brute Force vs. Nextwave!"

Grant Morrison already did that
it's called We3

Thomas Brain said...

Brute Force 2!? Yayy!

Kevin "Jester" McGill said...

Am I alone in thinking the other scientist with the man-perm looks like Napoleon Dynamite?

E. Wilson said...

I find it a hilarious coincidence that you reference Twisted Sister the same day I bought their Christmas album.

Now, did you make a conscious decision not to make tentacle hentai jokes about the cover for matters of taste, or is my mind just a lot more twisted than yours? Because that's *immediately* where I went.

Fun fact: The octopus is the world's smartest invertebrate. Octo-tank there should totally be second-in-command of Heavy Metal.

Oracle said...

I've decided something. I want the octopus on the good team! Seeing potential there.

Oh, Brute Force... ya can just enjoy the ride with these guys. There could have been a place for them in this world, where someone says "Seabear. Grizzly Shark. Let's just do it."

Blake said...

I'm so happy right now.

And Captain Planet is weird

SynjoDeonecros said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
SynjoDeonecros said...

Jeez, between this, Captain Planet, and Beast Machines, you'd think that everyone in the 90's were so anti-technology and pro-environmentalism that they'd be outright advocating destroying all advanced civilization and going back to living in the dark ages.

Oh, god, it's written by SIMON FURMAN?! I say this calls for the "Furmanism Drinking Game!" Take a shot each time he makes a reference to "some great predatory bird", "not wanting to live forever", or the like. You'll be in the ER with severe alcohol poisoning before you can say "Transform and roll out".

Other than that, is it just me, or is Brute Force like unto Battle Beasts as Go-Bots are like unto Tranformers? I just can't help looking at some of these characters and thinking "Jeez, what did they do to you, Pirate Leo?"

Ooh, Fu Manchu Hitler and his Evil Hate-Filled Stare of Death! Even more awesome when you consider that they were right next to a NUCLEAR BOMB. Yeah, screw you, Duke Nukem, Hitler is the baddest of the Eco-Terrorists.

Aaron "The Mad Whitaker" Bourque said...

YAY, I've finally caught up with your show!

. . . . Now I've just got to catch up with EVERY OTHER TGWTG/Channel Awesome show I watched before I got cancer . . . .

(also, the word verification is oddly close to the actual word my surname is derived from . . . SYNCHRONICITY!!!)

SotF said...

With the gorilla on the cover, the face looks more like a native American parody merged with a vampire...

Aurabolt said...

To be fair, Linkara, do you honestly expect the police to be able to do anything in this situation, if the professor went to inform them? Heavy Metal was likely en-route back to base, and cybernetically-engineered animals against law enforcement? I gotta give it to the animals, sad to say, just in terms of sheer power, resilience to ranged weapons with that armor, and advanced weapons of their own.

Detour said...

Simon Furman?

Simon Furman???

SIMON FURMAN?!?!?!?!?!?!?!

Hey Linkara, can you do all us Transfans a favor and check for Furmanisms in that four issue mini-series?

Simon Furman. Holy macaroni.

MFlorian said...

I really hope you get to Brute Force #3 and #4 some time down the road.

I read through them before donating them, but that was some time ago. I've forgotten what kind of crazy was in the final two issues.

I need some reminders. ^_^

Shanya Almafeta said...

Stopping watching after three minutes in to say:

Why is it that comics almost never treat a green message subtlely, instead treating any and all ecological threats as a threat as evil as Anti-Monitor Hitler?

E. Wilson said...

@ Shanyan Almafeta:

I'd say it's a combination of two factors: the producers of said messages thinking the average person is too dense to get the point with anything less subtle than a jackhammer to the face, and the producers of said material being so, shall we say, overzealous that they honestly think each ecological threat is as evil as Black Lantern Anti-Monitor Hitler with a jetpack riding the Annihilation Wave out of Rhy'leh.

Or, if you're James Cameron, both of those at the same time, combined with a healthy hatred of the US special forces.

Anonymous said...

Now I don't know how the sanitary landfills work in Minnesota but down here in Iowa anything you take to the dump that isn't one of the traditional recyclables, paper, plastic, metal, glass, is a charged for.

deuxhero said...

Do you plan on doing the other 2 issues at some point?