Saturday, November 6, 2010

History of Power Rangers: Power Rangers Wild Force

NOTE: The beginning of this video is a response to the numerous amount of times people have requested to know when the next History of Power Rangers is. Feel free to skip the first 6 minutes or so. You have been warned.


The History of Power Rangers finally continues with the Rangers getting a worthless princess and a woman who punches new recruits.


Wild Force continues! Romance and environmental terrorism all around!


Wild Force concludes with everything in the red. ‎


Paladin said...

On behalf of all the impatient PR nerds everywhere, I apologize.

Excellent vid(s). Now onto the good stuff! Which is also technically the bad stuff.

loupetron said...

Ignore the complainers; you do a great job! Take your time! Nice people will understand. Thanks for all the hard, really hard, work.

MagMarcy said...

Another great video, Linkara, and no worries about the delay. Seriously, I'm willing to be that the reason so many people are impatient is that you spoil us ridiculously. Seriously. You have a large and somewhat unweildy fanbase and you consistently crank out videos of great quality and excellent writing for more than one series while living your own life. I can only imagine the time and effort you put into it, and I for one am so grateful that you're available as a source of free entertainment.

So thank you. You are awesome. I look forward to AT4W every week and HOPR whenever it appears. Don't let life get you down, because you are made of win.

Sam said...

Linkara I love you're History of Power Rangers and understand you began the series itself to have a little fun with it; Take all the time you want making each episode and don't let the naggers bring you down.

Brian A. Henegar said...

Although I have been patient, I feel so awful for you that a couple of impatient, arrogant jackanories have made this labour of love less fun for you. Linkara, you are amazingly talented, whether it's AT4W or Power Rangers you are VERY entertaining. In fact your videos make the drudgery of Monday's actually less terrible since I know I have AT4W to look forward to. So keep up the awesome work, and don't let it get you down, haters gonna hate, but the real fans are the patient ones...and we appreciate everything you do.


Paladin said...


You think talking to a monkey is bad? There's one Sentai series that begins with the Red Ranger [b]WRESTLING PANDA BEARS.[/b]

Anonymous said...

Besides the whining at the beginning this was as good as the others, nice work

Addley C. Fannin said...

Oh please. As if asking people to understand the already-mentioned time and energy costs of producing an excellent series of literary analysis documentaries could possibly be ungrateful. Especially since you're working though these seasons at a really impressive clip, all things considered.

Nnrgh...I've only watched the first five minutes so far, to hear the rant, but I reeeeaaally wanna continue...though at the same time I wanna give it the attention it deserves, and it's already so late. I just wanted to drop off this bit of encouragement to reassure you that you're always amazingly awesome no matter how many people don't listen to what you're saying. ^_^

Peter Dawson said...

I'm surprised you covered Forever Red as fast as you did. Somehow I thought Scorpion Rain was going to come up again, but whatever.

That is a good point about the fights being well done. I still like to joke however that Cole didn't need to fight Master Org, he could of just eaten him since clearly the scenery wasn't satisfying his hunger. That and his talk about hearts always made me dislike him, even if he rocked the bandanna of leadership.

But yeah, from this season until SPD, the goofy elements of Super Sentai really popped up in Power Rangers. The soccer bit, the pool cue bit, the un-mentioned bowling ball bit, nevermind the crap we see next season and a few moments in Dino Thunder. Really it isn't until RPM that I think they really got a hold on how to mix the wacky with the serious, the latter being more favored in Power Rangers while the former in Super Sentai.

Rhomega said...

I'm still patient on these videos, and quite frankly, I've waited longer for things, like Blogger Beware and Homestar Runner, who have only updated once this whole year. What's going on with Homestar anyway?

On Wild Force, I enjoyed the season. I'd be willing to watch the whole series again. It got a little darker with Cole's parents death and Master Org's backstory. It just wasn't as good as other seasons like iS, TF, and RPM.

Also appreciate the history of Forever Red that even I missed out on. I remember the questions and debates were so common, Rangerboard banned all discussion on it.

AmuroNT1 said...

I don't think it's "whining" at all for Lewis to ask people to understand that this series takes time. Frankly, I think the fact that he puts out an episode of AT4W every week, rain or shine, is pretty damn admirable, and on top of all that he has all the rest of his life to deal with.

BTW, my recommendation is to simply not respond to people who ask "When's the next episode?" Obviously they don't listen, even if you link them to blog posts that say "It'll be done when it's done." They're just going to go on being rude, and unfortunately there's not much anyone can do to stop that.

Anyway, at the subject on hand: Rocky was just going to be a butler? Seriously? That's kind of a slap in the face, isn't it? At least the old rumor that he'd have gotten the Red Dairanger costume let him DO something...

Doing my research on this season, I had a minor heart attack when I saw Zen-Aku, since for a moment I thought he was a suit recycle of the Wolf Orphnoch from Kamen Rider Faiz. However, the timing was off; Faiz was made a year AFTER Wild Force. But really, if you compare the suits, I think my confusion is at least a little understandable.

In regards to Johnathan Tzachor, apparently he's working on Power Rangers Samurai, and they've said that season will be more faithful to the source series than any past Power Rangers. In a way I can understand, since Shinkenger is rooted pretty heavily in Japanese history and mythology, but I do worry about how it'll turn out, especially since the casting sheet for PR Samurai gives the Rangers' personalities as nearly identical to the Shinkengers'. But I suppose grumbling is counter-productive; best to wait things out and hope for the best.

Anyway, just wanted to wrap up by saying that I love this series, and I went and showed it to my girlfriend, who also loves it. We eagerly await Ninja Storm, but we can wait for you to finish. After all, this series is totally worth it.

(PS, I noticed that in my comments on previous HOPR episodes, I've been spelling your name "Louis". Sorry. ^_^;;)

Unknown said...

Is it just me or are the videos cutting off right before the end?

Unknown said...

"brave the WEATHER in Power Rangers Ninjas STORM" - Linkara, are you starting to have Liz help you write the scripts for these episodes? ;)

TJOmega said...

To be fair to the soccer stadium finisher of the Rhino Zord, this was the 25th Anniversary series for Super Sentai, and the original team did use a soccer-inspired finishing blow. I guess in Japanese tradition this was the insanely over the top version of that. But the rest is awesome as always, and thank you for putting up with the impatient fans.

Lewis Lovhaug said...

""brave the WEATHER in Power Rangers Ninjas STORM" - Linkara, are you starting to have Liz help you write the scripts for these episodes? ;) "

Check the Ninja Storm theme song. ^_~

SP4Mew said...

I am a patient, as well. Sure, I can get anxious about when the next episode is going to be up, but I stay quiet and wait until you finish. And I'm qute happy of waiting. It means more AT4W to pass the time. :)

Now for Wild Force. I'm surprised you didn't mention that eating monster's female voice was voiced by Babara Goodson: AKA Rita Repulsa.

I can't believe Disney would go the extra mile to actually end Power Rangers, something that is very-well loved. Yes, I understand why as you mentioned, but still. I thought that was true after RPM was over, but Saban did buy the rights back, so Power Rangers still lives.

Speaking of the theme song, there is something you should take note of for Mystic Force. It has no spoilers, because I haven't seen it. There are two different theme songs done by Ron Wasserman. Here are links to them below.

I'm hoping you compare it to the real theme song to Mystic Force. And possibly mention about the controversy between Disney and Wasserman.

Speaking of which, there is actually an alternate theme song to Wild Force, in case you didn't know. Here's a link, if you want to hear it. I believe it was from the preview for Wild Force.

I don't know whether or not your interested in that kind of stuff, but just thought I'd bring it out.

Anyway, good job on covering Wild Force. Good luck with covering Ninja Storm.

spacepope said...

Great HoPR Linkara, I think it was worth the wait. I kinda wish Disney was more willing to make Forever Red a longer thing since I feel it would be a better way to pretty much thank the fans of the franchise for being willing to give them money by way of watching the show. I agree that the sixth ranger arc was kinda lame in the way that they couldnt decide what to do with his character. The thing about the soccer finisher is that the 2001 FIFA Cup was being held in Japan and South Korea during the filming of Gaoranger so it was a nod to that.

Elita5 said...

I became a fan of yours because of Atop the Fourth Wall, but I really love HoPR.

One of my favorite parts would probably be the transitions between each installment and between the individual parts.
But its not as important is your energy.

We can hear when you're enjoying yourself and I think it makes your reviews better. I don't want to see that go away--so I'm sorry for everything that's been happening to you and I hope everything improves.

Thanks for the fun videos!

Anonymous said...

I like the review, well worth the wait...just one thing though...I thought there was going to be a mention about a lost Zeo episode and its relation to Forever Red in this review??

Lewis Lovhaug said...

"I like the review, well worth the wait...just one thing though...I thought there was going to be a mention about a lost Zeo episode and its relation to Forever Red in this review??"

That would be Scorpion Rain. It's covered in the Turbo review, but basically Amit Bhaumik was one of the ones behind the Scorpion Rain hoax and he eventually became a story editor on Wild Force and is the one who wrote Forever Red.

WGP_Josh said...

Hey Lewis,

Another enlightening and excellently detailed analysis! I really enjoy sitting back and listening to your incredibly thoughtful and meticulous ruminations on this series, even if I can't claim to be much more than a casual fan if that. In fact, it's almost more interesting for me not having the background knowledge coming into it-You do just as good a job educating and drumming up interest as you do analysing (at least from where I sit).

No need to explain to me about the time and effort involved in building content: Anyone who's ever sat down to work on a major piece of any kind understands what goes into it and believe me I've had many moments of my own feeling the weight of something threatening to overwhelm me, but it's the love and zeal you have for the project itself, damn anything (and anyONE) else that carries you through. And hey, life happens, we all know it. That's why our site, for example, is still a blank WordPress template at the moment. Keep your chin up, ignore the whiners and do it because YOU want to do it. Enthusiasm is contagious and it'll spread. If it means anything, you inspired at least one non-fan to take a look for whatever that's worth!

Very much looking forward to seeing you take on the Ninja Storm (does this make you a Ninja Stormchaser, I wonder?)...Of the (very) few seasons I've seen that's one of my favourites, but I'm quite interested to hear your opinion whatever that may be. Take your time of course, as always: Will be awaiting the full report whenever that may come!

Best regards,

Josh and the rest of the WGP crew

Jesse said...

One word comes to mind for this review AWESOMENESS! That's probably because of how long it took to come out. You gave very good reasons for that too.

Forever Red is WHY I watched this series again. I heard about it, so I buckled down and watched it. Seeing the red rangers take out the Beetle Borgs was awesome in its own way, but I wished they would have had the Blue and Gold Beetle Borgs too, but oh well.

There were a few behind the scene things you didn't mention that I was surprised at. Like Andro's dialogue change from "I killed Zordon," to what it was.

The other thing was the possibility that Skull ended up marrying Kimberly. I remember how peeved you got at that Dear John letter Kim gave Tommy in Zeo. Personally, I found the idea she dumped Tommy for the guy that disgusted her for the first 3 seasons was hilarious.

That also goes back to something that happened in the second or third season where a love potion from a monster made Kim fall in love with Skull and she felt bad and danced with him in the end (you're not the only fanatic;). It would have added to that a little bit and explained the possibility of Bulk and Skull knowing who Tommy was (If they did know that is) and why they were afraid of him after so many years of teasing him. Green eyes and intimidating hall way aside.

This is so long now, I'll just end it. Thanks for the post.

PockyMech said...

Regarding the opening to this vid, I respect this is your creation Linkara, and I am grateful that you put in the time and effort to create these enjoyable analysis’s. As for the fans who are impatient to give you time, you have my sympathy. I wish they would learn to understand that, but it is what is. As for me, I will wait when they are ready. It’s your live, and you live it the way how you please at your own pace. With all that said, thank you for being a wonderful entertainer. :-)

Now to my opinion of Wild Force, it has massive faults regarding plot & acting, but it makes up with great action sequences, music, and interesting story ideas, which makes it worthy for being the last Power Ranger series I finished watching growing up as a kid, and revisiting as a young adult. Btw, thanks for shedding some light on the “Forever Red” behind the scenes story, it helps me appreciate it more, though it would still have been awesome to see the Astro Megazord against Serpentera, and Rocky back as a Red Ranger .

If you prefer, you don’t have to read the rest of this message, but here’s a list of my favorite Power Ranger series that I like to compare when watching other series:
1) In Space- Aside from having difficulties trying to forget the NT:TNM crossover, this series will remain in my mind as the best example of how to do a Power Ranger series right.
2) Time Force- Despite its faults due to a limited budget for time travel and numerous plot holes, I just love the heck out of this thing.
3) Lost Galaxy- It has development issues, but the sense of honor and character depth for the villains and Magna Defender is what makes it worthwhile.
4) Mighty Morphin/Zeo- The main reason why I put these 2 on the list together is because spiritually to me, they’re the same story. 70% of the overall story arcs are what makes these series so great for me. I will admit there are a lot of problems with both these products aside from the AWESOME MUSIC, but to me it’s nostalgic, goofy, cheesy 90s, kick ass fun! And I love every darn minute of it.

I’m a lover of the old Saban generation. I have nothing against Disney’s generation; I just lost interest in continuing Power Rangers at the time aside from watching, in my opinion, the underdeveloped episode “Once a Ranger”. I’ll just gratefully wait to hear your thoughts about them, to see if they’re worth it. Until then thanks for the entertaining review, I look forward to the next one. *Thumbs Up*

CC13 said...

First off, I would like to congratulate you on making such an amazing series. You obviously love the franchise and that makes others who watch it remember why they loved it. Keep up the good work!

Overall, I liked what you did with Wild Force. The only quibble that came to mind was that when you cut to Toxica and Jindrax singing, you missed a golden opportunity to make use of the "BIG LIPPED ALLIGATOR MOMENT" meme. Also, your MSTing of the children's book infodump was a Crowning Moment of Awesome for HOPR as a whole–you should do things like that more often.

Finally, I have a few questions:

1) Concerning your "watch-a-season-ahead-of-the-reviews" policy, does this mean we won't see the RPM review until after all of Power Rangers Samurai has aired?

2) After HOPR catches up to the present day, would you be willing to do a second "History Of"? I would like to see you do either the DCAU or the Marvel animated universe, myself.

3) Are there any Power Rangers fan sites you would recommend? I'm kind of excited for Power Rangers Samurai, so I would like to get involved in the fandom.

Thank you so much for this magnificent series!

Gerarddominus said...

I always hated the final fight of this season, purely for the fact that Master Orc had won free and clear yet at the last moment the "good guys" cheat to win. He has destroyed all their zords, destroyed Animaria, basically had won, yet out of nowhere all the zords they never found just happen to show up and kick his ass. That is complete and utter bullshit. I don't care how rah rah courage the former rangers' speech and feelings were, having previously undiscovered zords just show up and save your ass is flat out cheating. Master Orc had done the work, he deserved the win.

That aside, it was a decent season. I always found Cole a bit cheesy but it was fun to see the new monster designs.

Brian said...

I have to say this about the character of Tommy Oliver, in regards to him being called "The Greatest Power Ranger of All."

Power Rangers debuted when I was twelve years old, and I took one look at the television commercials and rolled my eyes at it. It looked STUPID. Compared to other live action adventure shows on at the time, the Sentai footage just looked outdated and cheesy. The American actors' had clunky dialogue and were way too cookie-cutter-perfect, like they just stepped out of an Archie comic.

Then I happened to watch "Green with Evil," and I was hooked on the show. There was just something undeniably cool about The Green Ranger. He wasn't just an arrogant loner, like so many 6th Rangers that followed, yet he still stood apart from the others. Jason was supposed to be the default leader, and yet Tommy was the Ranger kids were actually drawn to.

He lost a bit of his edge and stood out less once he became the White Ranger and officially the leader, but Tommy never stopped epitomizing what actually WORKED about the Power Rangers. He was that figure that oozed distilled essence of cool without seeming like he was even trying to be cool. I don't think any of the subsequent 6th Rangers ever quite matched that, or for that matter, any subsequent Rangers at all.

Hypnoticgenes said...

I didn't know that Disney had a lot to do with this series. But looking back it does make sense. Especially when you compare the fight scenes here with a season like SPD.

Also this is one of the seasons where, in my opinion, the villains are more interesting than the Rangers. Toxica and Jindrax are the best of friends and basically have been on the front line of a war for centuries. Master Org is a human driven mad basically by his spurned lust over Cole's mother.

To this day I still think they should have found a way to work Psycho Red into the Forever Red episode. Also, why did Leo yell "Go Galactic" again after he morphed? Why wouldn't he call himself the Red Galaxy Ranger?

Oh well im rambling. Great job Linkara. I cant wait for Ninja Storm and the start of the Disney Ranger seasons. (Though I will wait as long as it takes.)

siko said...

LOL Linkara really told these inpatient fuckwits off .. these people don't know how long it takes to make a video an history of power rangers episode.. Linkara makes an episode atleast an hour long, he has to edit it which will take time to do, cut out the mess ups that he made (if he made bloopers).. watch the entire season which will atleast take a few weeks to a month to finish, script write what he wants to say about the series.. all that ALONE will take a few months to do or even longer.. so please get the fuck off Links back, hes got alot of shows to make besides history of power rangers..

Linkara take your time please, don't worry about all these inpatient idiots

anyway about this season, i honestly didn't like it that much so please skip it please.. J/K .. no really this season was OK but nothing to be remembered for. that person who plays the princess is kinda boring, Cole is awesome, i love his character

Ginkasa said...


I have really enjoyed your HoPR series. The initial "Zordon Era" reviews really got me nostalgic for my childhood and the "post-Zordon" review have been pretty interesting in seeing how the series carried on without. The wait has been tough, sometimes, but its given me time to go through and watch some of your A4W reviews (HoPR is how I was introduced to your site).

So you can understand my annoyance when, although I and I'm sure many others have never written to you in anger or annoyance at the length of time between HoPR videos, that I have to sit through you literally raising your voice at me before I can actually watch what I've come to watch. Poor form.

This lecture has really frustrated me. I can understand your frustration, certainly, regarding people who have complained regarding the long waits. You have definitely told everyone this is a labor of love and not a "set schedule" deal. However, you are now beginning to commit a very grave sin against your fanbase: assuming that the most vocal component (usually the negative component) is the most numerous component of your fanbases. You also seem to be taking it for granted that you even have a fanbase.

Let me tell you that as great as these Ranger segments have been and as great your comics reviews are, that means squat if your fanbase has to sit through a lecture or angry tirade every time they want to watch a video. While I will continue to watch these segments, I will stop in a heartbeat if I have to get yelled at again over the internet. I can't speak for everyone, obivously, but I'm sure that a few good many people will stop frequenting you site as well.

I propose you either just ignore the people who forget that patience is a virtue or stop doing the videos all together. Those people aren't going away, but if you keep persecuting your "nice" followers for what the "bad" followers have done the videos you post will be for naught because nobody will watching them.

I also want you to understand that I haven't actually watched the review yet. I hope its good, but I don't yet because you yelled at me. For no reason.

I look forward to your next video, no matter the wait. I hope its little more cordial.

ConanThe3rd said...

On the Phones: At least it isn't a Barcode Battler like Kamen Rider Decade's Batleizer.

Shada said...

I'm another fan who's perfectly willing to wait for your HOPRs to come out when you get them done. They are WELL worth the wait.

I'm was 25 when Power Rangers first came out, so I had no interest in a kids' show. I started watching your histories out of curiousity - and have started watching the first season on You Tube (although with my work schedule, you'll probably still stay ahead of me).

Keep having fun with these, it really does show. And that's one of the reasons I actually started watching these.

Anonymous said...

First 5 Minutes = Bitch bitch bitch.

SeanAsh said...

I haven't even finished watching the review yet, but I had to come here and see what other people are saying. I love reading the comments as everybody remembers when they watched the series.
Also, I finally caught up to you and started watching Dino Thunder yesterday. I have way too much free time on my hands.

Jeff said...

This season was the first one that I didn't watch from beginning to end. I more or less paid attention to Lost Galaxy, Lightspeed Rescue and Time Force, but I didn't watch this one.

I'm currently taking a class on Adobe After Effects and took one on Premiere last quarter, I know editing videos alone is not easy, especially filtering through 40 plus 20 minute episodes.

Thanks a lot for your hard work, and I know I'll see more excellent videos later.

Anonymous said...

I'm sorry that everyone can't be patient with you. I *do* understand that you love power rangers, and if you love something and wish to pay tribute, you want it done right!
moving on...
I really like the theme song too!
I love Forever Red- I was twelve the year it aired.
it was kind of a last hurrah for my childhood! Wild Force was one of the last seasons I tried to watch regularly, the last being Dino Thunder

The King of Thessaly said...

Between the cellphone-Morphers (that turn into weird little robots that then turn into their costumes?) and the bad CG Zords- once that horrible back-story was told about the Animarium... I checked out.
Just COULD NOT watch this series when it was on.
No matter how much I loved Power Rangers: Wild Force was just unwatchable to me... I tried to get into it several times during its run too! Props to you, for sure, for sitting through it!

I do appreciate this series and for the record have never once asked when the next one is due... -Give me a cookie.
And I still watched all these- even if I did not like this series at all when it aired... It was still nice to see how the basic storyline went without having to suffer through it all and to hear some of the common gripes we shared on the first few episodes- as well as seeing the few good things I missed out on (like that Time-Force crossover) because of my extreme intolerance to overall crap... So, thank you.

Don't ever let it feel like a chore, man. I know some people can make it hard- but there's enough stress in day to day life to let people you don't even know ruin something you enjoy.

Side-note: I have seem Forever Red several times AND used to watch Beetle-Borgs (for some reason...) and I NEVER made the connection. As soon as you said it while the clip was playing- it was like two worlds collided! Big "Ohhhh yeah-" moment for me. "-How did I not ever notice that???"

Brandon said...

I have a question are you going to review big bad beetle borgs(like after HOPR) since its only one season or are you going to stick with power rangers?

Anonymous said...

When it comes to this series, I'm always looking forward to what you have to say. It also inspired me to get back into Power Rangers enough to at least pick up the recent release of the Dino Megazord. As for the show itself, I've been out of my element since the end of the MMPR look back though, so whatever you have to say and any recommendations you may have for the season you're doing is something of interest to me. That said, when I'm waiting for the next vid, I'll usually do something like check out the first episode(s) of the season you're about to do or the team ups that may be involved to get an idea of what the season you're going to be talking about is like. And if I do need an HOPR fix, I'll just re-watch the older episodes. Intro up to whatever the latest vid is. [That last bit is for ALL of the people who keep pestering Linkara about when he'll put out the next one. You need an episode of HOPR? GO RE-WATCH WHAT HE'S ALREADY DONE! It'll take at least a week of like 2 hour a day sessions if you want to do them all within a relatively short period of time. No need to bug him about this, since he may stop if he's had enough of the pestering he gets. And I'm sure nobody who watches these wants that RIGHT? Right.]

Anyway, my thoughts on this season... I've watched the first few episodes, and the team up with the Time Force Rangers and Forever Red. My only problems with what I've seen of this season are the Princess, she's not mentor material to me (I admit Zordon is my basis for comparison), and the Deus Ex ending of Forever Red. Shayla spent most of the time that I saw almost completely clueless. Being caught off guard by a new development from the bad guys of the season, OK, even Zordon had his off days with that as I recall, but clueless, no, not good for someone in her position with respect to what she is to the Rangers. Forever Red? You pretty much covered my problem with the ending very well, actually. In terms of what you've said that I didn't pick up in my limited look at this show? Surprisingly anvilicious with all that 'humans hurt the planet' stuff.

As always, looking forward to what you have to say for the next season, but take your time there is no need to rush contrary to what some may have you believe.

Jack said...

I appreciate your work Linkara. I apologize for the jerks, History of Power Rangers has been a great look into the past for me. Thanks

Lewis Lovhaug said...

"So you can understand my annoyance when, although I and I'm sure many others have never written to you in anger or annoyance at the length of time between HoPR videos, that I have to sit through you literally raising your voice at me before I can actually watch what I've come to watch. Poor form."

I was worried about that, since I don't want to alienate my fans. However, it's also why I extended thanks to those who have been patient and haven't been asking for the next one. This was directed at those who would frequently e-mail, tweet, or post comments either here or on That Guy with the Glasses asking for the next one, some even saying I should stop doing Atop the Fourth Wall and focus on History of Power Rangers.

Rest assured, it was not directed at any specific individual nor do I mean any malice towards my viewers, be they patient or impatient, but as I said in the video, it can really become a chore having to stare at a dozen messages demanding the next one.

Still, thank you for your continued support and concern.

Ginkasa said...

Video's pretty good. It was nice to see the "Forever Red" recap since that was the last episode of Power Rangers I really planned on watching (I did catch a couple of episodes of Dino Thunder due entirely to seeing Tommy in the opening).

I think its interesting how long these videos are getting. The seasons have, of course, become a lot more complex and take more time to summarize, but whoo... three parts. I almost wonder if I might as well watch the actual seasons ;)

Once again, I feel I really must comment on the rant at the beginning of the episode. It really soured the video as a whole. I understand getting nagged over and over for a new episode (or being told spoilers and whatever else ticked you off) is really annoying, but you're really just feeding the trolls with this rant and certainly alienating at least one patient member of your audience if not more.

Also consider future viewings of this series. Unless you replace the video with a edited one (sans rant) new viewers, who won't be aware of the waits or the nagging, will be completely taken off guard by this angry lecture.

Comic book analogy: Suppose a series has been constantly delayed and pushed back (not that hard). Certain fans get angry and send hate mail to the editors. Issue #17 (or whatever) arrives and the entire first two pages are taken entirely by a heated editorial about how difficult it is to write a quality comic book and how busy they've been and everybody just needs to stop whining. The "not angry" fans understand why that letter is there and can easily forgive any unprofessionalism in its publishing. But, imagine also that every reprint, every collection featuring this issue has this editorial. New fans will be taken aback by that letter and it will really distract them from the issue in question. No matter how well written or drawn the issue was, the editorial is what is remembered.

Anyway, my point is you can feed the trolls if you want, but they're not going to stop. So, you can ignore them and let the videos be what they're meant to be, or risk alienating your fans by going on these tirades.

I apologize I seem to overreact to the rant. I just felt it was unprofessional.

Tomisnotacat said...

On behalf of an entire group of people who all love the show. i say thanks for doing this series and i can tell you there are about 10 of us who are just plan happy to watch it never mind the wait. we all eagerly await the next installment until then good bye and good luck
Tom B. of Chicago and everyone at the "Open Bar" Apartment complex.

infinitehope said...

thanks for this, only part I bothered with was the Red Ranger reunion. Great recap and review as always. Hope people calm down about wanting this. Power Rangers is super popular and seeing stuff, even if I've never seen it, connects with what I missed. Thanks for doing this. Look forward to Ninja Storm as I only watched like, maybe 1 episode. Peace!

teh crazydude said...

so what you're trying to say is this writer of the scorpion rain hoax wanted to incorporate a some of the continuity of the comics with the continuity for the tv show[if i have that correct]?

Mountain King said...

This is, arguably, my least favourite Power Rangers series. The acting, effects and heavy handed environmental message all got on my nerves. Now I try to help the environment; I recycle, take the bus to work and walk most of the time. I also get stopped by just about every environmental group going. Strangely they don't care that I try and just want money.
Ahh well
The acting almost caused real pain, easily worse than Lost Galaxy. You explained the reasons behind it, but whatever the reason it doesn't change the fact.
I whole heartily agree that this was aimed at younger children. Somewhere in Disney's corporate structure the phrase "children's show" stuck. Forgetting that people like ourselves have been fans since the beginning and you need to aim a show like Power Rangers (or even, dare I say it, Doctor Who) at both. Disney's structure either didn't know this or care.
A good review of a sub-par series, lets see how you deal with the next one.


PS I'm not going to give anything away, but remember the name Venjex it might be important later

PPS On the subject of "Where's the next HOPR?" I just sit back and wait. As long as it gets done it doesn't matter and if it takes the extra time to get it right then take as long as you need. I'm sure that there is a lot of viewers like myself and hope I speak for them when I say don't rush simply to pander to the vocal few.

Wildrow12 said...

I'm sorry people have been bugging you about this project, Linkara. You take all the time you need, alright?

Your craftsmanship is well worth the wait.

hentailover said...

Wow. Who would've guessed, that Tensou Sentai Goseiger, current sentai show, was riping off wild force with their environmental bullcrap and Goseiknight being enviromental terrorist.

Unknown said...

Was that just now more than one and a half hours of HoPR? Awesome!

My thoughts:
The suits look nice, as well as the transformation sequence. I also liked the claws on the gloves.
I heard the time when GaoRanger came out was to super sentai what the 90's were to comic books. Trying to be more "rough" and "cool".

As for the morphers: YOU HAVEN'T SEEN THE WORST YET. Believe me, you will know once you get to the season I am referring to.

It was a nice season as it looks, I never watched it back then. It had an awesome finale until the major ass-pull Deus Ex Machina.
But one thing got me confused: if they lived in perfect harmony with nature and each other 3000 years ago, why did they have a group of warriors in the first place?.c

Anonymous said...

"So you can understand my annoyance when, although I and I'm sure many others have never written to you in anger or annoyance at the length of time between HoPR videos, that I have to sit through you literally raising your voice at me before I can actually watch what I've come to watch. Poor form."

Then skip past it genius. If you didn't do what someone was being admonished for, than why are you crying a river? He wasn't talking to you.

Ooooh. Linkara raised his voice. How traumatizing! I swear, kids these days have such thin skin...

You know what? Linkara had all the reason in the world to be pissed (the nagging, the insults, the nonsense, etc) .

Ignore 'em, Lewis. Do what you have to do.

Shiva said...

"Once again, I feel I really must comment on the rant at the beginning of the episode. It really soured the video as a whole. I understand getting nagged over and over for a new episode (or being told spoilers and whatever else ticked you off) is really annoying, but you're really just feeding the trolls with this rant and certainly alienating at least one patient member of your audience if not more."

...or just alienating overly sensitive whiners.

Just skip the part that hurts your widdle oh-so-sensitive feelings (que the world's smallest violin),especially since, by your statement, he wasn't referring to you.

H.lung said...

I must say that I love this series. There's just so much nostalgia attached to it. So I do patiently wait in anticipation for each video, and when they come (thank you again for taking the time out of your life to do something so extensive by the way) I'm like a 5 year old kid in a candy store. It's just awesome.


It's a good day when both HOPR and The History of Digimon come out on the same day only way it could be more awesome is if a new NC, Spoony review and AT4W came out too :P

You're doing fine on time man. Don't worry about it. Every time it an episode comes out it's like a nice surprise gift. It just comes out of no where to entertain everyone :) And now maybe that your not moving and there probably aren't that many cons this close to the end of the year maybe the next one will be a lot more quick in production. But if it isn't, who gives a shit. I still got AT4W every week, NC every week and tons of others to entertain me until then. Take all the time in the world man, just when you put out a new episode make sure it's a good one like this :)

Anonymous said...

Hey Lewis, loved the episode and don't worry about those people complaining about your beginning rant. I for one completely understood why you did it.

Since the next series you're going to be watching is Dino Thunder (and I forgot whether you said to me in a past e-mail wether you DID watch this series all the way or just skimmed it). And, if oyu didn't see it all I won't spoil anything.

I just gotta say I missed how you would sum up the series as a whole into a single word so, if I might recommed, I'd say Dino THunder's word would be LEgacy. It was the creators/writers goal clearly to make this be a love letter to the fans. The in jokes were in full swing, many of the plot points and references were done specifically to reference the other series. They celebrated a centenial episode, something they hadn't done before. The use of Tommy and especialy one particular episode was a dedication to Jason David Frank's fandom.

Sorry for the wrant and I'm not trying to write things for you. Just throwing my hat in. come you never did a discussion/disection of the villians at the end like you usually do?

Cardwell74 said...

Linkara, you sir are amazing. I love these videos, and actually think that the delay is what made this one in particular so good. While I don't agree with everything you've said in this series, I don't much like the wild force theme, I find your opinions very enlightening. I'm much looking forward to your eventual look at Dino Thunder, as it is my favourite season that you've yet to cover. Keep up the good work, and ignore the impatient unappreciative folks out there. You sir, are my idol.

Frank R. said...

I quite enjoy seeing you do this series. I stopped watching Power Rangers all the way back after the second movie so it's relatively neat to see what they did later. So thanks very much for doing all of the work and I can definitely appreciate the amount of time you must put into this series to make one of these episodes.

That said, I'm not nor have I ever been a person to ask when the next of whoever's video is coming out. But you want to lambaste your fans who simply come on here to watch your videos because of a vocal minority was a mistake because now I'm not thinking of you positively. You know even with a vocal minority of people demanding more and more content you're taking this the completely wrong way. You make money with views you are an entertainer. That means you have to deal with fans you might not like. Complaining about people wanting to see more from you or you doing stuff you don't want is the complete wrong reaction. You should be HAPPY people want to watch your videos and support you. If something the fans are asking you for annoys you being gracious and saying, "Not at this time." or "Maybe later." or "Please be patient it's coming." makes you sound mature. Saying, "If you keep bugging me I'm not going to make it to punish you the people who pay me money via watching my videos. Haha." Not a wise move on your part and not something that makes me feel loyal to watching your videos.

Unknown said...

First I love your hopr as well as your normal comic reviews and watch religulous. Your reviews have been in a constant state of improvement. I think however your being pretty ungrateful regarding peoples interest and there desire to see the next episode of hopr. You should love that your fans enjoy your shows you produce and can't wait till the next episode. I mean look at it this way remember when you were younger and were watching power rangers, remember how you couldn't wait for a new episode or too find out how an arc concluded. That is simple how your fans feel and you should appreciate and foster that desire within them. That being said I know your busy and I would not want atop the forth wall or any of your other work load to suffer due to hopr. I think however getting angry and calling out your fans is not the way to go regarding this matter. Instead perhaps an accord could be reached, for example your try barring unforeseen conflicts to have a new hopr every two months. This would set a reasonable time table for the work involved and at the same time let your fans know when they can expect to enjoy another episode. Thank you again for your great shows and I hope your success continues.

Raziel-chan said...

Great episode! As always.

However, I can't believe you didn't make a Prince of Persia joke. I mean, c'mon, Merrick looks almost 100% like the Prince from the Sands of time quadrology.


Gyre said...

You're a stronger person than I. After Animus I couldn't actually finish the season, I just read the wiki page and skipped to the next (which wasn't much good either).

Don't know if you missed them or didn't think they were important but there are three other points to make. The first is that the Rangers KIDNAPPED Cole. He made it clear that he didn't want to go with them and they punched him. Prime opportunity for an "our heroes ladies and gentlemen" moment.

The second is that Taylor is basically AWOL. How exactly does she just ignore that?

Lastly, while trying to avoid spoilers, is Zen-Aku. How does that ending work? Where did he come from?

areoborg said...

Disney: "We're making 30 minute toy commercials, not trying to give an awesome special to celebrate this series that has been going on for a decade now by giving something for all the fans who have ever watched this show in the past."

Dick move, guys... dick move.

Anonymous said...

Personally, I think the rant you made at the beginning of the first video should be in every future episode of every popular series out there that has no set deadline to it for future episodes. Super Mario Bros. Z, various Abridged series, popular fanfics, and other projects with no set deadline should just take your rant, edit it out a bit, and use it for future reference so people can stop badgering them "When's the new episode?"

Anonymous said...

(cont.) Aside from the rant, I agree with you wholeheartedly about Wild Force. There were good parts, there were bad parts, and there were cheesy parts, but hey it's Power Rangers, what are you going to do? As for the two team-ups, I really loved them, despite Disney's complaints about Forever Red. ...I get the feeling I'm going to be complaining or referencing Disney in your next 6 History Of Power Rangers season reviews.

Anonymous said...

(cont.) As for the finale, they could have made it more bittersweet and set-up a potential team-up for the next team like the other finales of the Power Rangers Renaissance, but it comes off as more storybook fairy tail-like than bittersweet. Case in point: Lost Galaxy ended with Trakeena's defeat, but at the cost of the Stratoforce and Centaurus Megazords, the destruction of Terra Venture, and the sealing of the Quasar Sabers for, presumably another 3000 years; Lightspeed Rescue ended with the resealing of Bansheera and her minions and the team returning to active duty whenever necessary, but at the cost of the Aquabase and all of their Megazords; Time Force ended with the arrest of Ransik and his fellow mutant criminals and Mr. Collins’s announcement that the Silver Guardians would protect Silver Hills, and presumably other cities, for free, but had the bittersweet goodbye of everyone from the future bidding a hard farewell to Wes, especially Jen. Wild Force had the Rangers save the Earth, they get all their gear taken away from them, and they go on to live their lives while the Princess hibernates in the Animaria until the Earth needs the Wild Zords again. In my opinion, that is absolutely freaking dumb.

The ending, again, in my opinion, should have gone along the lines of: after the Rangers defeat Master Org, Jindrax and Toxica show up with a prophecy of sorts stating that Master Org will return or other Orgs re-rise again, or something along those lines, the Rangers keep their gear, but go on their separate ways saying that until they can confirm whatever out there is destroying the Earth or whatnot so they can train, prepare or gather, information on how to stop the evil forces once and for all. The Princess would still be hibernating in the floating Animaria, but Jindrax and Toxica would go along and protect her as an added safety precaution since they’re Duke Orgs, must know of potential future and/or other Org threats, that way after she would wake up from her sleep, the two would tell her of the danger immediately, and then she in turn would contact the Rangers ASAP so they can take on the potential threat. It’s simple enough… at least in my opinion.

Now we full on enter the Disney era where Disney, as demonstrated by their opinions on Forever Red and their willingness to cancel the Power Rangers at first chance (why is beyond me), doesn’t fully understand all of the nuances between the future Power Rangers teams and their Sentai counterparts. We also see they have potential for new and original ideas, but tend to use some of those ideas later rather than sooner. This starts to become apparent once we brave into the eye of Ninja Storm.

Lord Seth said...

Oh, if you hated them using the cell phones to morph because they're overly common items, you're probably going to REALLY get angry at Jungle Fury.

On the team-up: Aw, you didn't use the opportunity to finally give your opinion on the uniforms of Time Force?

Looking forward to the Ninja Storm review.

Amnesia said...

Just a note to fellow fans of Linkara out there:
If you have never complained about how long it takes him to finish these videos, if you've never felt entitled to making him sacrifice even more time and effort to this awesome series than he already has, that rant was not directed at you. Don't take it personally.
If you have, however, acted like one of the people that he was complaining about, do take it personally. Use this as an opportunity to change your ways for the good of humanity.

Now, to Linkara himself:
Every new HoPR review is better than the last one. Especially glad you recognized the awesomeness that is 'Terminator Jen,' as I like to call her in that one episode. And that you were just as annoyed with that nature song as I was upon hearing it.

ScutigeraColeoptrata said...

I'm still amazed you find time to do these retrospectives at all with all the other video work you do, so please don't feel the need to crank them out for our sake. They give us something to look forward to, and the quality is consistantly excellent!

I never saw this series, but I think I would have liked it. The ranger outfits, Orgs and Zords all look fantastic. I'm not crazy about the theme park place where the princess hangs out, but for the most part I really like the designs.

I also like the environmental theme...though I have to admit the stuff with Animus does seem pretty annoying. For an example of this sort of conflict done right in this genre, I recommend Ultraman Gaia. In that series you have two Ultraman; Ultraman Gaia, who wants to protect the Earth and humanity from invaders, and Ultraman Agul, who wants to protect only the Earth and sees humanity as a potential obstacle to this goal. The two fight several times but both respect the other and eventually team up at the end. I think something like that would have made Animus more interesting, since the Rangers could have been at odds with a god-like character who wasn't actually evil and a potential ally.

Anyway, I'm looking forward to learning more about Power Ranger season I haven't watched. You rock Linkara, and best of luck on you future endeavours. :)

Little Zack said...

Man. You first, I remembered that I hated Wild Force, but I couldn't remembered exactly why. And now I do. Thank you. >_< Just the whole...environmental thing. That sort of thing is fine for an episode or two, And with the princess on the hidden island and the pool that lets her look around the world and it just reminds me too much of Captain Planet. I also hated having so many Zords; it just feels like clutter, somehow. Anyway.

All joking aside, great stuff. I'm only at part 1 so far - my computer is very iffy about working when I want it too - but I'll be checking out the others soon enough. I particularly enjoy the analyzation you have in these; the time and effort really shines through. I'll admit, there are times when I don't think you're all that funny - I have odd taste in humor, don't read too much into that - but you're always top notch at getting at the meaning of things and digging deeper than most people would ever think to. So, kudos, excellent work and I hope that, even beyond HOPR, you find some other stuff to give the same sort of love to. I'll be watching, for sure!

Quizzlelot said...

WELL WORTH THE WAIT. It was surprising to see how huge the fanbase was for HOPR, and I feel that apologies are required for those who were extremely impatient for this. I'm sorry, it just sucks that so many people ask of you of what has already been answered, up to the point that it felt like they demanded it, I mean they're not paying you for doing this, this is a fanservice to us, and I'm grateful for it. Also, right now, the entirety of Power Rangers is 700 episodes, with an average of 40 episodes a season. Well, enough of that.

Personally, when Wild Force started, I really loved it, despite the BLAND acting, it started off pretty strong, as it should've coming after Time Force. However, later on, it seemed that every story arc started off really good and ended feeling rushed. That was the main reason I wasn't a big fan or Wild Force, otherwise, if they ended each arc without that feeling that it was rushed, I felt that the season would have been as good as Time Force, although admittedly, not as good as in Space or Lost Galaxy. It seems the only exception was the first team-up in Reinforcements from the Future. Although, whenever I watch that team-up, I always have to ask, where the hell did Merrick come from at the end? All in all, a great team-up but none as great as Forever Red. To see all the previous Red Rangers, with the exception of Rocky, working together and provide a great fight and teamwork against the Beetleborgs. Although, I was always disturbed by the fact that Serpentera, the zord that was able the best the Thunder Megazord, and I might be wrong on this but the Thunder Ultrazord as well, and also has the power to destroy planets by a single attack, was destroyed by a motorcycle. Man, I wished Forever Red was at least 2 episodes long or at least a special away from Wild Force, but that'll only be in the land of dreams.

I loved your Zordon voice, it sounded as if Patrick Stewart voiced Zordon. I can also imagine Alpha kicking the rangers' asses. The Zordon voice and the image of Alpha kicking ass is awesome and hilarious at the same time. With this, I cannot wait till you finish Dino Thunder so we can all watch your review of Ninja Storm, but again, take your time.

I've always wondered where you watch you episodes of Power Rangers. I've only watched episodes of mediocre or crappy quality on YouTube. Otherwise, great vid and well worth the wait. Can't wait till next time.

John said...

This, much like every other part of the History of the Power Rangers, was awesome. I look forward to the next installment, whenever that may be.

Again, great work, you are awesome.

Necromancer said...

Power Rangers is banned in New Zealand?! That explains why I never saw it on TV for the year I lived there leading to me missing alot and never getting back into the show. Damn you New Zealand!

Another great ep in HoPR, I like hearing some facts about what went on behind the scenes of the show.

Fandango said...

Lucky for us patient people, we can appreciate your super super tweets as you watch the series.

As usual, this was a fantastic entry to the HOPR series. I actually tried watching the series myself a bit ago but I found it was just not my cup of tea.

And WHOOOO, next up is Ninja Storm! Man, still one of my more favorite seasons.

Anonymous said...

Well worth the wait. Thanks for all the effort you put into this series, Linkara! :D

Anonymous said...

Well worth the wait. Just for the record I never asked you when the next one was and I wont ever. You're producing quality video's and that's enough.

But why is it banned in New Zealand?

Light said...

Linkara I think I can explain why they are going for cellphone style morphers if it looks like an everyday common item it means it won't draw attention when they have them out. Least that's my theory on the cell phone morphers cause remember most PR teams are trying to hide there idenity which is the reverse of the sentai counterparts which are pretty open about there idenities.

Anonymous said...

Excellent work as always.

I have to ask, did you make this one longer on purpose because of the longer wait, or is that just a happy coincidence?

I hope that little mini-rant at the beginning of the review will at least DETER future "when will the next episode be out" people. I can't imagine how annoying that must get.

Never watched Wild Force myself, although I did see Forever Red once on TV. Still awesome, even today.

Looking forward to Ninja Storm. Ninja Storm isn't one of my favorite series, partly due to the theme song, partly due to the Megazord, and partly due to the fact that I didn't really like any of the rangers until the sixth one came.

I wonder how you're going to cover how FREAKING goofy that series is. Seriously, I think it's easily the goofiest series since the original one. Its like... if the Power Rangers were the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles. Come to think of it, Lothor DOES kind of remind me of Shredder...

Anywho, best of luck in all your endeavors.

Anonymous said...

Thank you once again for a very enjoyable review and synopsis of this season of Power Rangers.

It was actually Wild Force that got me to sit down and watch a few episodes long after I'd abandoned the original show. I really enjoy the behind the scenes info and trivia you gave.

I actually didn't know Saban had folded up shop so to speak until, as a cake decorator, I noticed that the Power Rangers License toppers were under Disney's wing.

I have no problem waiting until the next installment and hope you are having fun doing this. I'm sorry there's enough idiots out there to even warrant a beginning rant like that.

I also pretty well agree with most of your thoughts on the series from what I've seen. Although, the armadillo kickball thing was cheesy and epic in a way. It's just the context it was used in which made it out of sorts.

ShadowWing Tronix said...

"You need an episode of HOPR? GO RE-WATCH WHAT HE'S ALREADY DONE!"

And if Lewis will allow me a moment of self-promotion, he allowed me to post the series on my own site along with a written addition of my own thoughts and research. Plus I've seen them all the way through, except for Mystic Force, because it wasn't "my thing".

Think of it as HOPR Remix. :)

I'm only up to Lost Galaxy, so feel free to take your time, sir. :D

As for this season, I think the fact that so much good stuff was lost in things like the "Wedding Day Org" (seriously, that was a filler episode) and the Captain Planet hammer killed the show for me. There's a lot of cool stuff and some fanboyism (remember that the guy in charge was already a well known member of the fandom before getting this show), but I kind of liked that part.

The cell phones I kind of like because, as Light said, they allow the Rangers to stay under cover better than the usual morpher styles (which doesn't explain the cell phones of RPM, but still...) and Lord Seth already noted a worse one on the way.

Overall, it may not be a bad show, but it's still my least favorite of the franchise.

Ash said...

And looking at the comments makes it clear, as it should to you, Linkara, that some people just DO NOT GET IT, and never will (this is excluding trolls, who are doing it on purpose and fall under that maxim that you can hardly tell trolls from the real deal sometimes). I wish you the best in learning how to screen out and ignore self-entitled, mouth-breathing morons like that, because they, unfortunately, are not going away. I think Spoony's overcompensated in how he screens his comments and forum, but it's things like this that makes one see why he did it. Anyway, as others have said, take your time. While some would throw up an argument that you should not 'alienate your fans' by such complaints, it just demonstrates they don't grasp why you felt the need to make such complaints in the first place. For those professing to be insulted by your rant, well, feel free to make your own product. Considering none of us are paying Linkara save in ad revenue, and he's got no set schedule, AND he's doing other stuff like his weekly show, your complaints over being insulted are on shaky ground. As for 'he shouldn't insult us all because of the acts of a few', it is human nature for the acts of the extremists to loom larger and cut deeper then the masses. Why do you think so many works of fiction revolve around the whole human race getting cursed out for the acts of its worst extremes? And as said, Linkara, the quicker you learn to dismiss such opinions, the better. Nothing ruins a labor of love worse.

Andrew said...

Sorry that the fans can be so demanding, Linkara, though I for one have to say it's great to see this new episode. If I've ever come off as too demanding, well, I can only offer this: I started watching Power Rangers about the time my mom died and for a little kid who had taken such a severe loss, something like this helped. So thanks for going through them, and I hope they remain fun and not a chore for you to do.

Anonymous said...

Originally I was skeptic of forever red because it was short, not much was explained, Serpentera was tiny (remember it's sobosed to be alot bigger than a normal megazord) and ofcourse the way the fight ended, but now knowing what they had to go through just to get that done I can appriciate forever red alot more.

Kelso Horror said...

I got to agree with Sam.
Wild Force is worth the wait.
Please do take your time with "Ninja Storm","Dino Thunder","SPD","Mystic Force","Operation Overdrive","Jungle Fury", and "RPM"?
Also I appologize.

Mela said...

Just watched the first part. Three things came to mind:

- Is there some unwritten law that says all environmentally themed stories must be obnoxiously ham-fisted?

- The cell phone morphers remind me of nothing so much as the Pretty Cure anime series. It works there, since their items are SUPPOSED to be semi-mundane.

- Finally, World Cup Zord Soccer might be the goofiest thing ever in PR, but I still found it awesome.

Trevor said...

For all those complainers and impatient viewers, I apologize. We all love the videos, Linkara, and await them on your schedule and nothing else.

....Wow, Animus is a buzzkill. You were right, Animus just slows the story to a halt, beats it half to death, and watches it crawl. I know Power Rangers likes to subtly use Environmental messages, but that was bashing the viewers over the head with their message as if saying "SEE! SEE! MAN BAD, NATURE GOOD!". Plus, I was surprised you didn't make the connection to Captain Planet.

ILVKTFT said...

Aw, sweet! Not to sound impatient, but it's good to finally see this video.

I was surprised that you didn't mention Ron Wasserman's demo theme for this series.
Admittedly I like the Wild Force theme (though not as much as you seem to), but the demo is a genuine Wasserman, and it definitely has a more traditional PR feel. So I was wondering what your take on that was.

Also I was sure you were gonna pull a hat-trick on the Legolas joke for Andros.

Great analysis as always though!

DigiRanma said...

Great stuff as always dude! I for one won't bug you for the next one... FOR I HAVE A TARDIS!


Aw crap, the French Revolution again... oh well, I'll just wait with anticipation!

Seriously though, I've loved each episode and it was a great flashback to a show I grew up with and I'm learning something new each time. Keep up the series!

Dr. Thinker said...

Those who bugged Linkara, should get tons of bad comics in their stockings this Christmas.

Anonymous said...

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SotF said...

You skipped the Scorpion Rain debacle with Forever Red.

Also, I'm kind of curious about your opinion of the Super Legends game team up

Rock Boy said...

First of all, you weren't angry or ungrateful at the start. You were simply explaining a firm tone that HOPR is something you do for fun, it takes time and being rude won't speed up the process. I was expecting some real anger, but it was nice that you were being reasonable and thanked everyone who was helpful/not being a dick. If I wanted Power Rangers enough to bug you about it, I should simply watch the other seasons myself. Good work, these videos are always worth the wait.

Second, when I saw Mandilok and thought it was cool that he was covered in mouths. That male/female duality really came out of nowhere and it was a shame that it wasn't better conceived.

I find it funny to end Cole's speech against General Org with "I'M A MAN!!!" (punch)

Once again, big fan, great work, keep up.

Patrick said...

Excellent overview! I'll have to confess that 'forever red' left me a bit cold, but what you said about the behind the scenes conflicts explains quite a bit.

Thank you again. I'm sorry for not saying this sooner, but thank you for doing this.

Ninja Storm was the last series I watched, so I'm looking forward to what you thought of it.

Anonymous said...



Kervin said...

Awesome work, please keep it up. All I need to say is that from the first time I found these videos, I have watched them and taken a walk down memory lane. And as far as the intermittent posting I don't care. I would rather wait a few months, and see a good well thought out video. All of that is more important than getting them out faster. Plus I like checking my dashboard and seeing that there is a new HoPR, it is a little surprise that I love. Also take your time with Dino Thunder because it is my favorite of the newer ones and I would like to see a good video. Again Awesome work.

G said...

when you did your mini-rant, all i tought to myself was, "wow fanboys went berserk and trollers went crazy to make linky-boy angry, and that sponny can do all the stuff you do in less time, which is bad since his health condition is, well not good. so yeah.

Anonymous said...

I have two things to comment on: one on the review, the other on the series itself.

On the review: I really like the fact that this one is three videos long as opposed to two. I know its primarily because of the time needed to devote to both Reinforcements From The Future and Forever Red, but even so I wouldn't seeing the three video style become the norm, even if it takes longer, mostly because it seems like every series' video set after In Space has been an increasing struggle for Linkara to find the time to editorialize once all the explanation and synopsis of new plot, new characters, new powers, etc. is out of the way. Even for a kids' super hero show, there's a lot to discuss from series to series, so whatever can be done to make sure everything is mentioned and accounted for, I say go for it.

On the series: Between the cellphone morphers and the soccer-ball-and-cheering-stadium scene, it seems like some of the more obvious Japanese-ness of Super Sentai is seeping into PR at this point in the franchise; I think this is a really interesting contrast to the earlier years of PR, where the adaptation might not have been so faithful, but it seemed like the production team was really trying to make PR work on its own independent of its origins. I'll be really interested to see how this issue plays out over the course of the next series.

Anonymous said...

First and foremost, I am guilty of asking the question that shall not be named. And I do apoligize, cause if I knew it bothered you so much I never would have asked. I don't think most people are trying to be mean about it, I think they were just casually asking when the next one was going to be realeased. At least, I know that's how I meant it.

Now with that out of the way, I do have another confession; I hate, hate, HATE Wild Force. I am trying to watch all the Power Rangers seasons as well (Both out of curiocity and to try and keep up with your reviews), but I just couldn't make it through Wild Force, and I sat through Operation Overdrive, Jungle Fury AND Mystic Force in a three day long marathon in an attempt to get all the "bad" seasons out of the way. (I'm not going to tell you to skip them...but you might want to call in some reinforcements. Especially in the case of Overdrive. The theme alone will drive you suicidal.)

In retrospect, Wild Force could have been a whole lot worse... but I ran into the same question you did when it came to the target audience.

Anyways, I'm rambling. I guess I'll end it how everybody else is by saying that I really do love History of Power Rangers, and I've lost count of how many times I've rewatched the episodes. It's a show that I think every Power Rangers nerd has wanted to see, but never wanted to actually do themselves. So, in other words, thank you. You wouldn't happen to have a "Donate" button anywhere, would ya'? I still feel bad about asking you "the forbidon question".

(By the way, I think your living out some form of childhood dream: you're getting paid for watching Power Rangers.)

Anonymous said...

you know...I wonder if all these reviews will get spaced out enough you will even review the season after samurai.

just a thought.

Slowking said...

Linara, I'm kind of disappointed that the only thing you said about the David Yost interview is that you know about it.
Billy leaving was a hughe thing in the original PR series and now there is finally an explaination.
In your original review you said that there were only rumors, so I would say an update would be in order. Since you have "sources" you should be able to confirm the story, shouldn't you?
I would have liked to hear your opinion on the whole story. Oh well...

Other than that nice review on wild force. I have it in way worse memory but I guess it's because I only watched a few episodes and that seem to have been the horrible ones.

CMWaters said...

Geez, a whole review about an overtly environmental season of Power Rangers and not ONE Captain Planet joke? Color me surprised.

The only ep of this season I watched was Forever Red, and only because that was on YouTube. May have to check out Reinforcements From The Future.

The other thought pervading why Bulk and Skull were respectful to Tommy was because he actually OWNED Bulkmeires (however you spell that) and just let Bulk run it. That probably can be thrown out though when we REALLY learn what happens with Tommy in Dino Thunder, but we'll get to that.

I agree with another poster's point about the cell phone morphers. If you're trying to keep a secret identity, doesn't it make sense for your morphers to look like an everyday item? The original style morphers, if not looked at closely, could almost be considered belt buckles. Most of the wrist morphers if not looked at closely could just be considered wrist jewelry. Cell phone morphers are even better camoflage, and it's explained kinda well in Mystic Force...but we'll get to that.

Lastly, the Princess Shayla fighting thing. Here's my thought on the subject from having never watched the series: The previous times that she was kidnapped, no one ever challenged her to STOP them from kidnapping her. When Toxica said "Make Me" after Shayla yelled to be let go, that allowed Shayla permission to show her skills, as it was self defense. Before, without permission to attack, she wasn't allowed to.

But again, I haven't watched the whole series, but that's my view on it.

Anyway, eagerly awaiting Ninja Storm review, because that means we're that much closer to Dino Thunder, the first Ranger series I watched regularly since the original due to having a work shift that left me up at late hours post work and that being the only thing on TV at the time.

animehater said...

You mentioned a few times you were a collector of morphers. So have you ever thought about maybe getting a few people together and doing a reenactment of the morphing sequence in Forever Red? Now THAT would be cool!

Also, with that whole super environmentalist story arc. I suppose that's the reason why it is always better to have Zords that are technology based rather than some weird captain planet style origin.

neuroplay said...

i have mentioned before that I am NOT a Power Rangers fan. In the least. something about the cheese factor and being past the stage of watching the kind of programming aimed at children always gave me a sour taste in my mouth. Somehow, however, I find myself enthralled by the HoPR series. I can't stop enjoying the in depth commentary and the honest opinions of a true fan-boy.

It's great to see trivia, character synopsis, and story arcs in a thoughtful and concise presentation, even if I have never seen any of the series save the original Mighty Morphin, which I kind of fell away from after Tommy became the white ranger.

This series actually looks pretty damn Awesome. the team-ups are certainly well produced and to see the Red Ranger anniversary episode was a thrilling plus. I guess I am becoming a third-hand fan of this show with more interest in the development of the almost cartoony aspects of the series.

As a life long watcher of animation from both the US and Abroad, I can see how these shows became so popular, even if I haven't been a follower. Not to mention in "Reinforcements from the Future" Purple Lasers, holy shit!

Something I feel compelled to mention. the "Final Roar" that destroys Master Orgg is remarkably similar to the "Care Bear Stare" and I have to admonish you for leaving out that joke. then again, I think I gots some years on ya, so that reference may even be lost to you.

Once again, thanks for informing a NON fan in the ways of the Rangers, and making some of my friends seem less strange to me when they talk about how cool they think it is.

Oh, and hey... sorry for that one time I asked about HoPR. I just wasn't thinking.


PS When's the HoPR coming out?


Lewis Lovhaug said...


Okie dokie. There. Do you feel better about yourself now?

Pablo said...

I find it awesome how people felt the need to apologize in the comments for the impatient people, myself included. Sometimes I think people forget you do this for entertainment for both the audience as well as yourself. The fact that you enjoy and care about what you do and talk about not only shows, but adds to the videos immensely. So once again, sorry for those impatient people, and Thanks for another great video!!!! :)

Lewis Lovhaug said...


I'm sorry, I'm just utterly fascinated by your post. Really? Calling me gay? That was seriously the best you could do? You replaced the lyrics of my theme song with random references to homosexuality and rape? Is it supposed to be clever? Did you think this was such a damn funny post that you felt that it NEEDED to be shared with the world, to the point where I first rejected it simply because I was tired and didn't feel like dealing with it, then trying to tweet it to me (and being stopped by the 140 character limit), and then needed to post it in the History of Power Rangers, which doesn't feature that theme song, and then demanding I post it with another insult?

This post was really THAT important to you? I mean, jeez, did you think this was going to sway people in the direction that I am not worth watching? Did you think that I would see this post, sit down and cry because I was so thoroughly pwned? Did you think it would annoy me and make a random tweet about how people are so stupid or some crap like that?

I'm serious, I was really want to know the motivation behind this. I just don't get it.

Ginkasa said...

His motivation (regarding the...parody theme song) was to get a rise out of you. To push your buttons. I don't know if you've just been lucky and haven't had to deal with these kinds of people or if its just starting to get to you, but you really have to just ignore them.

They won't go away or stop being horrible people, as sad as that is. Responding to them just excites them so the best bet is to just ignore or they will ruin your site. For you. For your viewers.

Jesse said...

As always, an interesting and informative episode, especially for someone who could never really get into the Power Rangers series themselves. I think I'm beginning to understand what they're all about and why the franchise has remained so popular for going on twenty years now.

With regard to all the impatient little wankers who can't or won't wait for future episodes to come out, it's one of the few things that makes me glad I'm not more popular as a writer than I am. As you've said multiple times, this is a labor of love, and I can't imagine the amount of joy that must be taken out by having to repeatedly explain the process and why this will rarely if ever rate higher than second on your list of priorities. You're no different than the rest of us and have tons of things that must, by their very nature, be taken care of before anything else.

With that in mind, thank you so much for this informative series. I look forward to the Ninja Storm episode, whenever it may come.

Good luck with everything you've got going on.

Laserkid said...

As always, Linkara, this was AWESOME. I have been greatly looking forward to this era of Power Rangers being covered because it is what brought me back into fandom (I left originally at Zeo returned for a stint for In Space and Lost Galaxy and lost track of it until the next season).

That said I am GLAD you are taking your time with these to maintain the quality. Trust me, I can wait - I get you every week on AT4W (and love it just as much).

Ultimately, good work and most importantly THANK YOU. Don't let the rushers bother you, do this at a comfortable pace - we'll all have a better result for it. :D

and because you probably don't hear it enough - thank you for this awesome series continuing to be awesome!

Anonymous said...

Although I was one of the patient viewers, I apologise on behalf of your other viewers. I very much enjoy your work, and I can empathise with the idea of it becoming a chore, and I would hate for that to happen.
Please keep up the good work, I look forward to more of these reviews, and your atop the fourth wall reviews.

Dierna said...

I never saw Wild Force...I think I got fully bored with Power Rangers during Time Force. Well I DID see Forever Red years later but only cuz everyone was hyping how good it was.

Wild Force comes off as kinda a Captain Planet wannabe. You have a earth spirit who falls asleep for a couple thousand years who lives on a mystical island...Animus is basically Captain Planet only in annoying kid form.

And WTF is up with the name of the town?? Turtle Cove?? Uh A cove is a shelterd bay or inlet. That wasn't a cove! It was a lake in the shape of a giant turtle!

Anonymous said...

You know, while Hyaku Juu Sentai Gaoranger wasn't the best sentai out there, Wildforce still seems as a watered down version of it

The biggest issue with Gaorangers was that the creators apparently weren't certain which direction to go.
The first episodes were trying to be all dark and edgy with probably the most graphic fight-scenes in sentai so far and bystanders getting killed in various "creative" ways (for example a woman thrown into a piano and then warped by barbed-wire and crushed), only to suddenly switch to a goofy slap-stick comedy a few episodes later and ultimately becoming serious drama in the second half.

The environmentalist message, while present in Gaoranger, wasn't as "in-your-face" as it seems here
At least until GaoGod's "the reason you suck" speech
Also, why is it that when sentai has a re-occurring child character it is usually cute or funny, while in power rangers they just ultimately end-up being annoying?
(note that one-shot child characters in sentai can be just as annoying)

Also, in Gaorangers, Tetomu was shown as a capable fighter very early on in the series when she wiped the floor with a bunch of gangbangers in an early episode.
Also, Tsukumaro aka GaoSilver was originally in a relationship with Tetomu's grandmother (Tetomu herself being born long after Tsukumaro was sealed away), and his attraction to Tetomu generally made him feel uncomfortable
Also, what do you think of this version of the song?

On the other hand, the Power Rangers anniversary actually seems better than the Super Sentai one, mostly by the virtue of them being able to get (almost) all the past actors
The sentai one was more impressive at first sight trough the sheer numbers, but due to the fact that they couldn't get most of the original actors, they resolved to use stuntmen in costumes mixed with stock footage instead (not even bothering to remove the background music).
Still it looked impressive
Plus, the actors who DID show-up made it worthwhile

Unknown said...

What surprises me about the new season is that it is just called "Samurai" whereas the usual naming consists of theme + cool word, like Ninja Storm, Jungle Fury, Dino Thunder etc. I really would have expected it to be named "Samurai Spirit" or something along those lines.

Kari said...

To everyone who feels wounded by the beginning:
Those of us who have been watching for a while know not to ask the question of doom. But, I have seen people who just arrived say unfortunate things, and feel HORRIBLE immediately after. They just didn't know, so putting the admonishment in the video itself is a good way to prevent that sort of thing in future. I think in the long run, this will save bad feelings all round, more than otherwise.

On the video itself. . . Seriously, did they just save the world with a Care Bear Stare?

Michael said...

In defense of some of your fans (particularly me, but I doubt I'm completely alone in this), I think people were bugging you about this season in particular just to hear your thoughts on Forever Red.

And I can't be the only one amused that one guy tried to bastardize the man's theme song and challenge him to post it? He just comes off as a douchebag now.

Anonymous said...

Seeing that you have several times before tried to reasonably stop the constant badgering, this lecture didn't bother me, as you tried to stay calm and be clear. If "fans" are too thin skinned to take firm talking too, Thier not fans worth having.

Anyway The reveiw was awesome, You hit most of the points, and really clarified that Wild Force isn't all that bad.

My Major complaint is your recap at the end, You start strong with the characters but then pander off into your fan theory

Maybe I just missed it? Did you like Jindrax and Toxica? Master Org? The underused Putrid Footsoldiers?

A loyal fan: RWG

Anonymous said...

Linkara, please take all the time you need with these videos, just the feeling of nostalgia I get from being young as these series came out, is well worth the wait. It can really conjure up some strong emotions.

We all appreciate your time you put into these videos.

Anonymous said...

My motivation: I'm trolling. You should try it some time, it's fun.

arw1985 said...

Sorry for the trouble, even though I didn't complain (I think, maybe once). Take all the time you need. I'll find something else to do like wash clothes or something. Anyway, great review. This season was alright, with the high points being the team-up episodes, and the low point being that prick Animus. Looking forward to your review of Ninja Storm, which wasn't too bad.

Ian said...

Linkara has sources? Omg, he knows Deep Throat! :O

Thanks for new HOPR, sorry for all the annoying people that bother you about it. Keep up good work, dude!

Alex said...

O my god, I finally saw the flying island is shaped like turtle.

I thought immediately of Discworld.


Anonymous said...

To the self-professed "troll" who claims that what he does is "fun"...

I see.

Well, if you consider being an ignorant, immature, bored 9-year old with absolutely no motivation, inclination or potential to do anything useful or better with your time then taking a half hour of your life substituting someone's theme song with gay jokes, good for you.

But some of us like to operate on an intellectual level higher than a brain damaged, and severely pathetic 9 year old. That's also fun. YOU should try it.

SchweitzerMan said...

I'm sorry, but I think that Anamus (Spelling?) kid was going to grow up to be that guy who held people hostage at the Discovery Channel headquarters because he felt they weren't doing enough to save the enviroment and then got gunned down by the police.

Mark said...

Wow, Master Org's flashback in Part 2 is an intriguing glance at what would have happened if Tommy Wiseau had played Professor Snape...

Truce Weston said...

Wow! these videos were a treat!

Don't worry about the jerks! You rock and the quality of every one of your videos, that you do bless us with, is worth the wait! MagMarcy put it best I think, you are made of win! Hope you have no other people nag like that, and that the rest of the PR series are enjoyable for you!

The only thing I have to say is I never saw that episode with the robo-bambi song before, so I was thinking the same thing when I heard that little bit, about missing Ron Wasserman's music! That was a horrible song!

So until I find what cell phone provider has a plan for unlimited morphing and 3G, MAKE MINE LINKARA!

The Wookie Has No Pants said...

300% certified awesome videos!

and total fail to the dumbass that posted that derogatory nonsense trying to insult Linkara! That person is made of stupid!

Red said...

Is it just me or does Master Org sound almost exactly like Tommy Wiseau?

Astral Pen said...

Wow, I had completely forgotten about Animus. And now I see why I wanted to...

I watched a lot of Wild Force, but it never made much of an impression on me. I think the Rangers themselves came off as dull and unmemorable as compared to previous teams. I did like the Forever Red teamup, although the CG Serpenterra was a low point. Yeah, I was curious why there were Beetleborgs on the moon.

I'm also curious, as another poster said, about what you thought of Master Org/Viktor Adler. He always struck me as one of the creepier Power Ranger villains, probably because he started out as a human, and Ilia Volok's performance certainly helped. I also liked how he was initially masquerading as an org, with the phony horn and headpiece, before he ended up turning into a pure org. It's kind of interesting when you see villains that turn out to be pretenders in their roles.

Finally, I wonder if the slack in censoring the martial arts fights is also a factor in the improving choreography. When Power Rangers first came out, a lot of people (well, parents mostly) freaked over the live-action fight sequences. As the series progressed, I wonder if the normality of the action caused the furor to drop and allowed the producers to show more intense fights.

Lewis Lovhaug said...

"I'm also curious, as another poster said, about what you thought of Master Org/Viktor Adler."

I actually rather liked Master Org. Admittedly, I felt he lacked direction as I can't remember him very often actually sending out Orgs to attack the city, but personality and acting and backstory he was very well developed. Really it just slipped my mind with everything else I talked about to mention the villains.

Anonymous said...

It only took me about 5 minutes to come up with those lyrics. I'm just talented like that. Also if you guys keep responding to me then that means I win.

kyuven said...

I feel bad for your hatred of the cell phone morphers...
since they're actually marketable in Japan as actual cell phones these days (i'm not kidding about this) NEARLY EVERY SINGLE SEASON after Gaoranger uses them.
Magiranger/Mystic Force even uses magical cell phones.
Magical. Cell. Phones.
And I don't mean they're just cellphones that happen to be magical...we're talking something that JK Rowling would probably have put into Harry Potter...they turn into WANDS O_O

The Mad Scientist said...

Three videos? AWESOME! I love that you're getting as far in depth with these as this, Lewis! Please, keep up this level of analysis!

I really am glad you saw Animus as preachy and annoying. Granted, you'd have to be deaf and blind to not think that, but that's besides the point. He was an awful character, end of story.

In some ways, I'm half looking forward to the Ninja Storm review and half dreading it. It's my favorite season, but I also know there are a lot of negative aspects to it that fans harp on. I hope you don't find those things as irritating as others do!

Anonymous said...


You loose no matter what

AncientRelic said...

I loved this, I've been trying to watch Power Rangers so that when you do the HOPR episodes I at least have a firm idea of the series as you explain and dissect each one.

I have been and am still dying for your opinion of one part of the end of Reinforcements From the Future, the fate of Jen and Wes. I know they leave it nebulous in the episode, but what's your opinion? Does she go back or stay with Wes?

Raditude said...

Hey Linkara, when's the History of Ninja Storm coming out? lol. Loved the rant. You sound kinda like Randall from Clerks. Anyway, I'm watching the rest of the History of Wild Force now, and may comment more later. Peace.

mightysamurai said...

Uh, yeah, I have an odd complaint. Not about the video, about the ads.

Almost every time I try to play your videos through your website about halfway through an annoying ad for Bing comes on. It doesn't have a close button and clicking it causes the ad to expand to cover almost the entire video window and it won't shrink back down no matter what I do.

I don't know if there's anything you can do about that, Linkara, but just in case there is I thought you should know. It's making it impossible to view your videos through your website (viewing them on your blip account seems to work fine).

starofjustice said...

No I don't really see why you miss Ron Wasserman because I've heard the stuff he's done since leaving Power Rangers. Have you heard the Dino Squad soundtrack? Yuck!

I do apologize for your less patient viewers though and wish to assure you I'm not one. No, watching an analyzing an entire season of a TV show is nothing like reading and analyzing a stupid comic book. I greatly enjoy your HoPR series and think your review skills really shine here. Thanks, Link.

Jikkuryuu said...

So firstly, the sheer quality of these videos is evaporating the shame I felt watching Power Rangers while it aired. There really were both good and bad things in the show and you bring them both into the spotlight.

Near the beginning of your video, when the mystery announcer is describing the circumstances of the island lifting into the sky, he phrases things in an odd order that got my attention.
It sounds an awful lot like: "Everything was perfect. A crisis happened. The warriors sent away the zords and put the princess to sleep until a future crisis. Oh and then the warriors saved the world, I suppose."
Did it seem a little odd to you?

Heather said...

I am glad you finally addressed the fact that people are expecting you to crank out these videos every week. Back when I started watching Power Rangers again I decided to watch them in order from the beginning. I have seen every season at least three times except for Jungle Fury and RPM since they are the newest. It takes me almost a year to get through all the seasons never mind having to critique them and make videos about it.

I have made videos for Power Rangers and Legend of the Seeker. One of the videos I did was a 5 minute video which took me 11 hours over 22 days. Between choosing the scenes to go with the lyrics and making them fit into the section of the song they go in was time consuming, not to mention WMM freezing up every minute. You have to not only watch a show you haven't seen before but you have to critique it, choose which scenes you’re going to use, do the commentary and put it together. Maybe the people who complain should try making a video of their own just to see just a little of what you must go through doing the HOPR videos or any of your videos for that matter.

I was particularly interested in how you would address Wild Force since it seems to be the most disliked of the seasons. I don’t think that Wild Force is all that bad. Yeah Ricardo Medina’s acting leaves something to be desired but I think it actually works for his character. As for the others I thought their acting was on par with the other actors from other seasons. Well accept for Anne Marie Crouch. I actually found her to be very irritating. Maybe it was her character I don’t know.

As for the villains I think Master Org isn’t as imposing as some of the previous ones especially when you find out that he’s human. Now I know some of the previous villains have looked human but the only one who could really be qualified as one is Astronema. It became a little more believable when he came back and was actually an org. I really liked Jindrax and Toxica. Even though they were villains they still looked out for each other. I was surprised when you didn’t talk about the fact that after a few episodes they changed the voice actor for Jindrax. The voice was done by an actor named Richard Cansino who had done voices in previous seasons. He did the voice for the first four episodes then they had Danny Wayne who was the stunt guy in the costume do the voice instead. Apparently the producers or someone involved with the show thought that Richard’s voice made Jindrax sound too old and so they had Danny do the voice. I’m glad they switched because it threw me off when Jindrax lost his disguise to revert back to his org form and then his voice changed.

Just a side note but I just wondered if you noticed that the jungle in the beginning scenes of episode one looks surprisingly like the jungle on Mirinoi in Lost Galaxy.

I was also looking forward to what you had to say about the two team ups. Of all the team up episodes those are my favorites. Time Force is my favorite season so I was looking forward to seeing those characters again. I thought they did a good job with it. It didn’t drag at all and they didn’t put in filler scenes that didn’t move the story along. Although they could have had Merrick show up earlier than they did. I wish they had made Forever Red into two parts because then we could have seen more character development, maybe what they have been doing since they were done being power rangers. It would have also been nice to see more of Bulk and Skull. You mentioned some behind the scenes stuff that I didn’t know which was a bonus.

As always I enjoyed your commentary and as usual you make it fun and easy to listen to. I liked the text you sometimes added to certain scenes. The next one I’m looking forward to is the one for Dino Thunder to see what you have to say about Tommy coming back. This in no way means that I demand that you hurry up and give me what I want right now. As with your other loyal fans I will patiently wait until the next HOPR appears. Until then keep up the good work and may the power protect you.

YetAnotherGeek said...

No mention on the "Scorpion Rain" thing on the Forever Red episode? You said you'd talk more about it when you got to this season. Also, no talk on Jason dying in one of the endings? Or was that part of the umbrella term on "deleted scenes on YouTube"? Oh, well.

This actually does seem like a really cool, really fun season, and I personally find it kind of a "Saban" season since the look, feel and style is reminiscent of Space-Time Force, whereas others aren't so much.

On the whole rant at the beginning...I can imagine how annoying that'd be, and you do make a lot of valid points. Especially on the topic of "don't talk about this season, it's crap and bla bla bla" as well as telling you about which ones are important and not. While I can tell you a few filler episodes of Dino Thunder, there are a few that definitely should be seen (in particular, "Lost and Found in Translation"; not telling why, but I think you'll love it, and hope you talk about it). And "History of Power Rangers" is supposed to be about the good and bad, and need to discuss everything. Hell, I was thinking about doing a series kinda like this myself, but due to money and school issues, it's gonna be awhile...

Still, great stuff, Linkara. Keep on trekking and give us the best you can on future seasons. Though I do recommend fewer conventions, as that can really get in the way.

As a final question...where do you get your Power Rangers footage? Do you just torrent the stuff or what?

Lewis Lovhaug said...

"No mention on the "Scorpion Rain" thing on the Forever Red episode? You said you'd talk more about it when you got to this season. Also, no talk on Jason dying in one of the endings? Or was that part of the umbrella term on "deleted scenes on YouTube"? Oh, well."

I already covered Scorpion Rain in Turbo, so I figured there was nothing really to add. The "Jason Dying in the original ending" is nothing more than a rumor. There has never been any evidence to substantiate the claim.

Kaley Etheridge (GabrielWingue on the LB Comic Forums) said...

To the people who were complaining about the time it's taking you to make these episodes. Shut up. Really.

To be honest, Lewis... I'm amazed you can do these episodes in the month and a half to two months each one is taking you because I'm in the process of watching the whole series through again and there are things I see that make me want to just stop watching for a while, whether dumb, or monotonous or whatever. It's actually for that reason that I'm in the middle of Wild Force even though I started my little crusade before you started this series.

Although on the topic of the show itself, I'd actually like to have a discussion with you about it just because while I will admit it isn't without redeeming qualities, I HATE IT. There are just some things about it I can't get past, and I love talking with people about any Tokusatsu related stuff, especially when they have differing opinions to my own. Usually it's Kamen Rider since my roommate is also a fan but I'm glad that someone I respect can watch and intelligently enjoy something I do. :)

I'm glad you discussed Forever Red and I'm even glad you went through some of the power related plot holes since that always seems to be a snagging point for friends of mine when they remember that episode.

I disagree with you on the quality of Reinforcements from the Future compared to To The Tenth Power. I think that they are equal and RftF might be better. The advantage TtTP had was the quality of the villains in it, since the Mut-Orgs were kind of faceless and well, TtTP had the Psychos. To the Tenth Power also led into a major story event that carried the crossover a little farther giving it some added momentum.

On an agreement though, Jen's battle scene in RftF is the coolest scene EVER.

A couple things I'm surprised you never touched on were the fact that Allison is officially the leader at the beginning of the series (if I'm not mistaken the only Yellow Ranger leader), the fact that Cole is one of the most hated Red Rangers in the history of the series mainly because he's a bit of a blunt object and has very hokey "magic of disney" dialogue about hearts and friendship and stuff, and lastly because I know you love the guy the fact that there's a lot of hatred for Carter in Forever Red because of the fact that he goes in guns blazing... literally. I agree with you if you think it's in character for him but a lot of people thought it made him look weak compared to the other rangers who were doing the talking with their fists.

Also, just a nitpick I realised you didn't mention. The Silver Guardians are a protective agency, where is it in their juristiction or rights to give Allison a speeding ticket? Just sayin'

Anyway I blathered on enough,
Loving the series so far Lewis,
Your friend,

YetAnotherGeek said...

"I already covered Scorpion Rain in Turbo, so I figured there was nothing really to add."

True enough, but the Turbo video did say that "one of the writers of Wild Force had it in canon in his mind, but we'll talk about that when we get to that season". I just thought that you'd bring up more on it when the time came.

Not really a big deal, just a little curious on that.

Still, would you be at all mad if I did something kinda like this for, say, Dragon Ball? I hope not, what with JesuOtaku doing Digimon...

Lewis Lovhaug said...

"Still, would you be at all mad if I did something kinda like this for, say, Dragon Ball? I hope not, what with JesuOtaku doing Digimon... "

Of course not! Go right ahead. ^_^

GumbyX said...

First off, I'm sorry people were harassing you about the episodes. I used to do video editing for the local TV station back in high school, so I know how much a pain it can be to edit something like this together. Not to mention taking the time to re-watch each series (thought I envy you for it as you have excellent footage). I will say that I got a little worried near the end of September, but then one of my friends mentioned you were moving (I just learned about HoPR recently and hadn't seen your other series, so missed the news). Stuff like that takes precedence.

Great episode as always. I really like how deep you went into Forever Red, as I never knew about the stuff going on behind-the-scenes. Makes me dislike Disney more for what they have done to the series as a whole (minus S.P.D).

Also, DANG YOU for being able to go to Power Morphicon! That is probably the only place I can hope to start collecting morphers. I wish I had the time and money to go. Then again, I also wish I had the money to buy a Green Ranger suit (damn you…….)

One question: In Part 5 when you reflect on the season, you talk about a "link" between the Galactabeasts and Wild Zords. You said something about an "incident" in Lost Galaxy (36:34). What incident are you talking about?

PS Is it possible to maybe get a transcript of your commentary? I have hearing issues and can't make out everything you say. If not, not being deal. If I must, I'll just crack up the volume. :)

Anonymous said...

You responded to me again! That means I still win

Lewis Lovhaug said...

"One question: In Part 5 when you reflect on the season, you talk about a "link" between the Galactabeasts and Wild Zords. You said something about an "incident" in Lost Galaxy (36:34). What incident are you talking about?"

In Lost Galaxy, an incident supposedly occurred 3,000 years ago that caused the Quasar Sabers to be embedded in the rock. We never learn what that incident was in Lost Galaxy.

"PS Is it possible to maybe get a transcript of your commentary? I have hearing issues and can't make out everything you say. If not, not being deal. If I must, I'll just crack up the volume. :)"

If you e-mail me for it, I can send you a copy of the original script.

Lewis Lovhaug said...

"You responded to me again! That means I still win"

Congratulations. So, what did you win?

Raditude said...

That was a very good impersonation of Zordon. I actually thought it was his voice until he said he would have Alpha kick your asses.

The flower girl's name was Kendall.

I disagree on Merrick being a lame sixth ranger. Yeah, you make valid points that the character wasn't written well, but he was totally badass.

You said Taylor had good acting, but I kind of think she over emphasized quite a few of her lines. It didn't just come off natural to me. Her character came off as a bitch through most of the show, and I just couldn't warm up to her, even though she had a few redeeming moments.

I also wanna know what you think of Amit Bhaumik's work on the show. While I like Reinforcements from the Future, I didn't care much for the plot and the way they handled Serpentera in Forever Red. I know a lot of it had to do with budget restrictions, but I think it could have been done better. I also think that his incorporation of illogical (the PR comic book for instance) and otherwise non-cannon elements (Scorpion Rain) into Power Rangers is kind of dumb and selfish. What are your thoughts?

Anyways, thanks for yet another excellent episode of History of Power Rangers. Looking forward to the next one. When's that gonna be out again? lol

Raditude said...

Also, I was wondering your thoughts on the Forever Red morphing sequence. I think it should have had each season's respective music. Tommy should have had his full morph. The morphers should have had some After Effects added, because it was obvious TJ didn't insert the key into the morpher, and without the after effects, it all kinda looked weak. Also, if you're a Power Ranger on your own planet, would you call yourself an "Alien Ranger?" Why didn't Aurico say "Red Aquitian Ranger?" That has always bugged me.

Anonymous said...

Yay, thanks for this great look at Wild Force. I have to admit, when I got back into Power Rangers 6 or so years ago, this was the series that I liked the best and it's still a favourite because of the connection I made to it then. There's something almost fairytale about it that I loved, despite the clunky acting, and I really loved the Shayla/Merrick story, even though it didn't really go anywhere lol. Reinforcements from the Future 1 & 2 remain my favourite Power Ranger episodes ever. They are so well done. Glad you enjoyed them so much too :)

Thanks so much for doing this series of videos. I am truly loving watching them all. Ignore the complainers, the rest of us appreciate and love your hard work :)

GumbyX said...

@Lewis Lovhaug .... You actually said that. For some reason I thought you meant something else... Ya, that is what I get for writing comments at 1 in the morning. >.<

Anyway, can't wait to see the Ninja Storm episode. That and S.P.D are the few series I really liked of the Disney era of PR.

PS Will you uploading these vids to Guy With Glasses?

Damian said...

Great review Linkara. I see know that i left power rangers at just the right time. there is some goofy stuff this season but i think ill check it out now. It sounds like an entertaining season and goofy isn't always a bad thing :) Keep up the good work i look forward to your future reviews and try not to let the impatient people get to you. There is always someone who doesn't get it no matter how many times you explain.

Xephon0930 said...

Oh yeah,Linkara,on a side note,remember General Venjix as he or somebody with the same name will play a HUGE role in Power Rangers RPM. But yeah,keep up the good work with ALL of your reviews.

Geek World Order said...

Love these reviews. I actually want to go and watch Wild Force now. Well worth the wait.

Furore said...

It's taken me a week to watch thanks to splodey compy, but DAMN. This series gives me some serious happy.

I find I have to re-watch a couple times to actually fit the plot together, since I never saw the show. It's weird that I'm so addicted to a recap/review of something I'm not familiar with. I blame YOU, sir, for being so entertaining.

OK. Time to respect your 'read everything' rule and cut this short. Thank you.

Anonymous said...

Thank you!!! I finally know why the red wild force ranger took down serpintera so easily. I had always wonderd about that. A megazord battle would have been amazing, so glad you mentioned that too.

Heckfire said...

Well, you DID warn us that you'd actually be watching the entire series for the first time with several of the later PR shows. What, do people think you do that in one sitting?

Anyway, since video sharing is disabled here at work, I'll be waiting until tonight to watch this...personally, I can't wait since this was the first PR show I actually was able to watch since the first (I was at home nursing what turned out to be a permanent injury) and didn't get to see the second half after Disney took over.

Anonymous said...

I won troll points

Zeraphim said...

Hahaha XD Everytime i see that morphing sequence all i can think of it "Talk to the hand!"

Anonymous said...

On a somewhat related note, I was skimming, and by chance found out something kinda neat: apparently the costume for Master Org was a costume used for the Gorma Emperor all the way from Dairanger (the series that was right after Zyuranger). Maybe the Wild Force director was a fan?

Wezlum said...

My name is Wes, the red ranger of TF is named Wes.

During Forever Red, Wes teamed up with Tommy [my favorite ranger] to take down a bad guy.


Kril said...

I agree on the mobile phone thing. Especially when the zords/powers are animal-inspired. Why on Earth would anyone be calling up a lion on a cellphone? It would have made more sense if they were having to sing to the things like Merrick and the princess did to the stag.

Or maybe use circus-style bullwhips. ^^;

Anonymous said...

I'm afraid no matter how much time you devote to explaining "it'll be ready when it's ready" there will always be people who won't get it. In the end it's the majority of us who didn't complain who end up punished by having to sit through to listen to the warnings time and again (I would have fast forwarded if I could have, the video has to load to a certain point before that is possible.) So while I'm sure those people are annoying, it might not be worth it for any of us. I'm sure you yourself would have rather have been using the time you took to write and record the admonishment to do something you enjoy, especially given your bust schedule.

That said, I did enjoy the video. Like you said at the end, Wild Force suffered a lot of really knocked me out of Power Rangers after Time Force had drawn me back in. Princess Shayla was just horrible, every line out of her mouth irritated me...I know the excuse "it's Power Rangers" is used a lot in the fandom, but the poor acting certainly was well below the standards of this era of the show. Wild Force does have decent writing and while the cast does seem like they're in a show for pre-schoolers, it was still better than the atrocious casting on RPM and Mystic Force (no specifics since your not their yet...judge for yourself when you get there.)

Fipse said...

I didn't even know there were more Seasons of PR. :D

I really have to thank you for all this videos. it really brought back memory's of my childhood and now i am all hyped about seeing the episodes which were never released in germany.

FugueforFrog said...

That...was weird. Not brilliant, just...weird. I did like certain aspects like more of the sentai feel (clunky dialogue or not) and the team-ups you mentioned, but...yeah, the Princess and some of the stuff like the "Soccer Zord kick that stops Zen-Aku once and for all". And that doesn't get Animus crap that seems like it feels more like it was written for Captain Planet than some of the more breezy and less annoying stuff from season 1. I guess kids shows are like that sadly...

BTW: just take your time with the specials as I've said before...and neat to see Samurai on the plate when it's done.

Anonymous said...

Okay, first up, Linkara this was an awesome review.

Second, I agree with the first fan theory you mentioned on why Jason still had his Dinozord morpher. After the sword did it's voodoo that you know it can do so well, Jason, Trini, and Zack were still morphed when the new rangers were morphed as well. Lots of stuff happened after that, and writers of shows often aren't sticklers for continuity like some of us are.

Third, while I was one waiting for your take on Forever Red, I was wondering about how you felt it compared to the OTHER anniversary Red Ranger team-up, which was from the Gaoranger series this season used for footage. A side-by-side comparison of morphing for the shared costumes would've been interesting.

Fourth, I can't resist it, here's a spoiler for the next series... the Rangers? They morph! (I know, it's about as spoilerish as "Daleks Return")

Fifth, any plans for a similar show such as History of Doctor Who or other such show you're a fan of? Keep up the good work.

Ming said...

Loved your analysis on Wild Force. I look forward to your upcoming spotlights on the (underrated) Disney era (Ninja Storm, Dino Thunder, R.P.M., and the infamous Kalish series, though I doubt any of the Kalish series could be worse than oh say, Turbo) and eventually the upcoming Power Rangers Samurai on Nickelodeon -- and any Power Rangers shows Nick might do.

Out of curiosity, if you wanted to assemble a veteran team of Rangers for the franchise's 20th series, who would you pick?

Anyway, keep up the good work, dude!

Anonymous said...

I have but one question, dear linkara?

Will you look into... THE HEXAGON!!!

Ramnesis said...

I'm looking forward to what you think of the Dino Thunder theme song. IMO the best of the themes and not a bad show.

Here's hoping you enjoy it, because it sucks to try and watch a season with a lousy theme. And you're almost certainly going to find a theme you hate in the Disney era.

Xephon0930 said...

Another thing I'd like to point out is that with the whole teamwork as the only rule thing Cole mentioned,he breaks it more than once in the same damn episode!!! But yeah,awesome vids. I hope you still have your sanity intact after Operation Overdive because if I could speak for all PR fans everywhere,it is the worst season. Good luck. You're going to need it.

Dragoryu3000 said...

Now that I think about it, Animus would have made a pretty cool villain. He seems to be an innocent little kid, but is actually the reincarnation of a vengeful, overzealous nature god who wants to deal disproportionate retribution to humanity for their crimes against the earth. It would even have a moral for the child viewers: "Environmentalism is good, eco-terrorism is NOT."

Ein said...

You know, there's a lot of stuff about the plot I don't particularly get with this. But probably the main thing that nags away at me is... If this Animeria or whatever was this wonderful utopia where even the animals were docile and friendly and everyone got along forever. WHERE then did the random assassin's creed extras come from? With metal armor and swords no less.

Maybe I could see it making sense if they came out using capoeira or some other dance or ceremony based martial art. But no. They ran out with weapons and fought like ninja spartans. What?

Whatever, we got more Carter and that's the most important thing of all. Seriously he's like a buffer version of Leon Kennedy from Resident Evil.

SpiderByte said...

This is six types of awesome.

Also, I found this kickass Wild Force alternate theme Saban did, but was rejected.

GumbyX said...

Spider, thank you for posting a link to that. I've never heard it before. For some reason I actually like it more then the rock theme the show has.

Anonymous said...

Another great review, Linkara. I'm patient and I say: take any time you want, your videos are totally worth it.
I liked Wild Force when I watched it, but, apart from Zen-Aku episodes, Merrick's whole line didn't sit well with me. It would be most logical to him to live on the island with other rangers and stay there in the end. His angst really felt misplaced: as you said he wasn't really responsible for what Zen-Aku did, and he should have thought more about the fact that all people he knew are long dead (save Sheila). Also while he spent last 3000 years in a chamber he didn't seem to have any problem with adjusting to modern world. Seriously, there was a lot of wasted potential.
Not to run ahead of the train, but when you are doing Dino Thunder could you, please, make a few comments about Black Ranger's lack of relationships?

Jingram99 said...

Hi Linkara,
Quick first time to say that I think your stuff is great, I was re-watching through the HOPR stuff this week & noticed you mentioned addressing the fan film 'Scorpion Rain' once you made it to Wild Force (I believe that is correct) Anyway, I don't recall any mention of it in the review. Am I confused??

Anonymous said...

Y'know watching this after watching Dairanger...Animus is almost as big of a jerk as Serpentera ( in the japanese version he is a god and was pure grade a douche) Both are guys who are focused on 'oh we dont have anything to do with either conflict and you guys need to do more' BS.
The only difference betwen these buts are that Animus let the humans live while Serpentara...MIND CONTROLLED HUMANS TO JUMPING OFF BUILDINGS

Anonymous said...

Am I the only one that thinks Ransik was a bit of a karma houdini? I mean, didn't he basically kill and lobotomize the only guy who was ever kind to him? And, least we forget, the attempted genocide of everyone on Earth? And yet, not only was he forgiven pretty darn quickly, he gets a happy ending. Apparently, helping out the power rangers totally makes up for all of your bad deeds in the past, even if you were basically mutant Hitler. ...Great moral there, guys.

Great review as always, Linkara. :)

SynjoDeonecros said...

A good review, as always, but a few things I'd like to address:

1. Merrick's angst over Zen-Aku's actions make a bit more sense when you keep in mind that he CHOSE to put on the mask and use its power to seal away Master Org 3000 years ago; he chose to use an artifact of evil that he knew could get away from him and go out of control as a last-ditch effort to defeat Master Org, and when it DID get away from him, he likely felt that it wasn't worth the risk and feels responsible for knowingly unleashing Zen-Aku on the world. After all, had he NOT put on the mask, and found a way of beating Master Org without it, Zen-Aku would probably still be trapped inside the mask, to this day.

2. Speaking of Zen-Aku, I'm surprised you didn't comment on how he mysteriously reappeared at the end of the series, alive and well, and seeking redemption. Wasn't he, y'know, DESTROYED before then? I don't believe they ever explained how or why he came back, or why he suddenly decided to seek redemption, afterward, and considering your loathing of plot holes like this, I'm surprised you allowed this one a pass.

3. Ransik's mutant half being cured makes sense, I think; the Mut-Orgs took their mutant halves from Ransik, so the blast that took out their mutant halves would obviously also take out Ransik's mutant half, especially at that close of quarters.

Anonymous said...

These are very good reviews/recaps of Power Rangers. ... That being said, there was a minor mistake. The first season to have a cellphone for a morpher. The Silver Space ranger's morpher was the first, but it's not that big of a deal.

thomas said...

Hey Lewis Don't know if you ever heard of super parody rangers makes fun of the original mighty morphin power rangers and is pretty funny.

Grescheks said...

Wasn't one of the main points of the Zeo Crystals that they continuously grow stronger over time? In Zeo, didn't Tommy go from getting his ass kicked by Mondo to kicking Mondo's ass in less than a season? By this logic, they really could have pulled off "Forever Red" with just Tommy, since it's been a few years since the end of Zeo, and his powers would have kept increasing. Just throwing this out there because they seemed to have kind of forgotten that plot point when creating the episode.

King Rocky IV said...

The reason the Battleizers have such huge feet is because the toys are too top-heavy when you make the torso that much bigger and covered with wings and guns. With big feet, it can stand up on its own. Remember, Disney basically sees Power Rangers as a toy-factory, and anything they design is going to incorporate the reality of marketing.

King Rocky IV said...

Also, responding to Grescheks, the problem with a perpetual energy source that continues to get more powerful over time is that eventually it reaches a tipping point. What happens when the Zeo Crystal starts putting out as much power as a nuclear reactor, or an atomic bomb? My theory is that any further use of the Zeo powers would probably kill anyone who tried to use it, since it's beyond the point where such power could be safely handled.

Erik Johnson Illustrator said...

Hey Linkara, how's it going? I must confess that unlike your more devoted fanbase I don't have much exposure to PR other an seeing a handful of episodes of Mighty Morphin' when it was first out. Given all the marketing hype over "Samurai" I actually thought of you. "Hm. What could it be about this that has caused it run for so long, and makes a man devote himself to studying it?"

In order to try and understand it I started by watching randomly selected episodes of the post Wild Force seasons. I actually kinda like what I saw. Dino Thunder and RPM really kept my interest but the one I really got hooked on was SPD, which I've just finished. Also, "Once a Ranger" was surprisingly awesome!

So thanks for that branch off of a new hobby. I can see a bit more of the attachment now and I think I might have an inkling of the effort you've gone through to make these.

I'm looking forward to some chitchat now that I have some idea of what it is you're talking about in these reviews and know that whatever you come up with is going to be of the quality and caliber that we've come to expect from you.

Night said...

I tried to sit through Wild Force, I really did, but I guess I was just burned out after Lost Galaxy and Lightspeed Rescue and especially Time Force.

I salute you, sir, for your greater ability to withstand its BS quotient, and look forward to enjoying Ninja Storm.

mrjeremiasquib said...


GumbyX said...

Ah the awesomeness that is Kaizoku Sentai Gokaiger. I suggest looking into the series to understand what is going on in the vid and why the series is so great (IMP). If this comes to the states, I hope Saban doesn't screw it up. I'm already not liking how they (and Nickelodeon) are handling Samurai.

Anonymous said... noone going to say it?

Leo WAS unmorphed in the spot where they all morph.

The ranger that you saw in the suit was the aquesian ranger

V said...

A Black male character who doesn't read? Way to perpetuate the stereotype Disney >_<

On another note, absolutely LOVE your very informative, detailed, in-depth reviews.

V said...

First off, I'm a Sentai convert. I've seen the entire run of Gaoranger, but have not seen Power Rangers since the halfway point of Turbo. Second, @0:00-:47, an African-American who couldn't finish a book/doesn't read. WAY to perpetuate the stereotype Disney (might as well have thrown Skids and Mudflap from Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen in that scene too >_<). I preferred the Red Ranger from Gaoranger to Wild Force's Cole because in Gaoranger, the leader was a veterinarian cast in the mold of Doctor Dolittle. Like his Wild Force counterpart, he had a strong rapport with animals, but he wasn't some Tarzan ripoff. Here in my opinion was an opportunity for Power Rangers producers to say "Hey, here's a team leader who actually passed something OTHER THAN GYM (Jason, Tommy, TJ, Andros, Leo, Carter, Wes, etc.)!! Stay in school, go to college and you could become a veterinarian like him." That seems more plausible in terms of being a positive role model than some poor Tarzan imitation.

Unknown said...

I am distressed that this show had by this point somehow devolved from awesome space wizard/scientist talking head-in-a-bottle to...

Mystic Hippie Eco Lady?

Why jeebus? Why?

GumbyX said...

@V: Up till "In Space", all the rangers were teenagers. Andros was the captain of a starship and Carter was a firefighter. I'll give you that Wes and Leo weren't great characters but they had a lot of character development and growth during their runs. How the heck can you say they are not good role models? Cole had a tragic back-story which is very uncharacteristic of a children's show, especially one from Disney.

I know you are a Sentai convert, but you need to give PR more credit than you are. as I understand it, Wild Force did better in Japan than Gaoranger.

V said...

First off, I know most of my posts sounded like Ranger-bashing and I apologize. I have started on Time Force because of Linkara's review and enjoying it so far (only seen the first five episodes). @GumbyX, I did not intend to completely piss on all of the past team leaders, only saying there should be more to serve as potential role models (firefighter, doctor etc.). Also, @10:45-11:00, could you IMAGINE Alpha kicking the other Rangers' asses? Hopefully I'm not the only one who would pay GOOD money to see that :-p

V said...

Also, @35:37-:36:03, I recommend watching the original sequence from Gaoranger. The song used there, Hibiki no Shirabe (google it), actually does NOT suck :-p

Anonymous said...

@31:15-31:26, does that make the Orgs the first group of Power Ranger villains a fight song?

Anonymous said...

Was...was that a giant wheel?

gotenks6 said...

Just was skimming Wikipedia, and found out Forever Red aired on my 14th birthday. Makes me wish I hadn't jumped ship during the third season. Thanks for bringing me back to the fanbase years later Linkara.

D-doc said...

Ignore those who are just whining, it is your show and you do it at your own pace. The rest of us understand and will be patient. I am only a recent viewer but I love your vids, need to watch the rest of them that are already out but I feel that I must make a comment.

This was one of the last series that I watched back when I was originally watching the show. However I don’t remember it being that pushy on the environment it must be nostalgia clogging my memories. While not the worst series, in my opinion nothing can match the Zordon-era shows, it does have some good points.

I must ask this, what is your opinion on some fan speculation that the Serpentera destroyed was not the original Serpentera? For one it was two small, the original made a Megazord look tiny and in comparison the “bike” is too big, though that can be explained due to what you said in your video about the ending. Another question is when it was placed there, Lord Zedd and Rita at the start of Zeo left the moon in Serpentera and when they came back it was in the Camper Van. At the end of Zeo we see them driving off in the camper Van and they are not present in Turbo so when would it be placed there. Not in Countdown to Destruction they are attacking a different planet. Some speculate that it was a prototype or back-up Serpentera that was found which makes its easy defeat much easier for me anyway to take.

Lewis Lovhaug said...

It's a plausible theory, but if I had to guess with it being the original Serpentera, they probably put it there right after the events of Zeo and then Rita got pregnant with *Sigh* Thrax. If you don't know who I'm talking about, we'll get to him.

Anonymous said...

I always look at Wild Force as the official end of the era that started at the second of Turbo: the Post-Tommy Oliver Era. The period was re-invented in Lost Galaxy and taken to a new level in Time Force, but Wild Force marks the end of it.

Jason Maier said...

Hmmm . . . the impression that I've got from some places is that Wild Force was subpar.

And even though many things about the episode were changed/not done/speculated on endlessly . . . "Forever Red" still ranks as one of the best PR episodes ever (but NOTHING will ever top 'Countdown to Destruction'). Would have been interesting if Austin St. John hadn't been able to make it and have Steve Cardenas assume the MMPR Red Ranger role again . . .

Djiinnrae said...

It's pretty amusing how at some points this season gets so preachy.

Power Rangers: A Silent Spring

I mean, I think we can all agree that nature is worth conserving and all that, but sometimes it's so over-the-top that it can really hurt the story. Also, considering that the target audience of WF seems to be Kindergarten age, I think they gave kids too LITTLE credit to their ability to comprehend subtleties. The implications behind characters that are meant to represent a sort of holy natural peace and order or somesuch having a legitimate reason to distrust humans on the basis that they're human is not even subtle to children. Whatever, it was still more subtle than Avatar. XD

I actually quite liked Wild Force, but there were some parts that hurt it for me... and the Princess was rather... uhm... I can't even describe it. One thing I can say about her is that although I get why Zordon was all incapable of providing too much help to the Rangers, being a thing in a tube and all, but the Princess can ninja-kick someone in the face, so what's her excuse for not being more active?