Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Odds and Ends: The Movie

Hey, people! It's Odds and Ends time!

Like the last few, to prevent people from getting spoiled right away on upcoming episodes, I've put them below the cut. However, since I also wanted to show off some of the awesome stuff I got at ConBravo (aside from a cold), I made it a video! Check below the cut to see the upcoming episodes, but otherwise here's some other stuff that's coming up!

You can donate any amount you choose to Vincent E.L. for a copy of "The Ballad of Linkara" at his website, Swenglish

NOTE: Another thing given to me that I forgot to grab was a jar of paper stars that a fan gave! Admittedly, not comics-related, but it IS still super-cool.

Upcoming episodes behind the cut!

Upcoming Episodes
8/6 – Rock and Roll #31: Vanilla Ice
8/13 – Future Shock #1
8/20 – Catwoman: Guardian of Gotham #1
8/27 – Catwoman: Guardian of Gotham #2
9/3 – Psychoman #1
9/10 – Marville #3
9/17 – Tandy Computer Whiz Kids: To Answer a Riddle
9/24 – Batman: Jazz #1


Morgan Meryl said...

DVD? :-O Shut up and take my Money.

Jen95 said...

Marville! And Tandy Computer Whiz Kids! Oh, this is going to be awesome! But...Batman: Jazz? First he went after rock and roll, is he intent upon demonizing all music?

Oh, my god. Travel Pollo is SO CUTE! I just can't get over how cute that prop is!

Joshua Ford said...

Glad to hear you had a great time, I need to start attending cons. Time to save for MAGfest!

Anonymous said...


When did Brad and Jillian get a divorce?


Anonymous said...

Got to say, I actually liked the convention storyline segments. As the live shows and crossovers show, you are a lot better at comedy when you have someone to foil off.

Aaron "The Mad Whitaker" Bourque said...

Untold Legend of Batman is actually pretty cool. Try to get the cassettes that go with the issues, too, if you can. It's this overwrought radio dramatization that's just amazing.

Miss said...

It was a great thing you did showing the things fans gave you. I'm sure all of the people who have and seen this are ecstatic.

A DVD? That would be nice. I always imagined you would eventually. Maybe you can put full storylines on there too!


Brad Brains said...

Seeing the joy that linkara has when he shows of the stuff he got makes me smile

Missa J said...

Aw...I wish I could go to more conventions.

If you do decide to put out a DVD, I'd buy it!

ramses said...

Ooh, I like the selection. Especially the vanilla ice comic. I am wondering how you'll stretch the catwoman review to two episodes though. Sure, its very bad, but the mistakes between issue 1 and 2 are roughly the same: the gender flip has no real effect and catwoman sucks at her job.

Anonymous said...

I have the Batman comic you showed off. and the tape too. ... Somewhere... Don't remember a thing about it unfortunately.

I think I went ear to ear when you showed off 'Travel Pollo.' I'm also interested to see how you integrate this version into the show along with the others once they're finished.

Interesting line up. Little scared that there's another Tandy comic though.

Fiery Little One

Anonymous said...

Since i don't know how copyright laws are there, i can't tell you for sure there are no problems. But i think you could sell your reviews since they could qualify as "parodies"(or whatever the term is used for reviews), but not copyright material besides the comic).
i don't know for sure. but i would recommend you to ask a lawyer or someone that knows about copyright and this kind of things. Ask him/her what problems could appear from the editorials and all that stuff(i don't know if there are people in channel awesome who can tell you this or if you would need to consult a lawyer in his office...which would cost you money.)
the music i'm pretty sure you can't use it unless is public domain. but maybe you could work an ending song for the dvds or something.
i don't think there are problems with the kickassia clip. since it's used in kickassia as parody and i don't think channel awesome is gonna have problems with that.
again, i'm not expert in this field, and i don't have the same laws as you, so don't take this as right and try to ask an expert.

PopCultureOtaku said...

Catwoman: Guardian of Gotham? Is that movie adapation or that tpb in the opening? Batman: Jazz? Batman hate against types of music continues.
Vanilla Ice? Go Ninja Go Ninja Go time!
Mempehisto Cover was the Avengers West Coast one I think. Marvel was doing a lot of those holofoils. There was regular avengers one with Vision.
Untold Tales Of Batman I think was pre crisis.
Duke Nukem comic features him world war 2. It's hilariously dumb but fun.
Marshmallow shooter? I can't believe that is a real thing. Though that won't stop me from catching a marshmallow at magfest.
Brad and Jillian are separated? :(
Manga vs Comics? Superboy Prime Voice: Can't we all just get along. That would be hard one to pic though Marvel and DC are making it so easy to chose manga. Image and Indy comics are mostly what is keeping me from being totally manga.
DVDs I would buy. That would be cool.

Laughing Hyena said...

I love my PSP! And I still own my Game Gear, but I would like to find the handheld that plays old Genesis games that you have since I still own my old games.
Now I need to find a good copy of Jewel Master, as my older sister took it with her long ago.

PSP Games? Easy, I have quite a collection and I know what you'll like: The Yugioh Tag Force Games.
GX is 1 through 3, however you have to import 3 from Europe as it was never released in America. Tag Force 2 is quite good. 5D's is 4 to 6.
There's a cord you can buy which will hook up the PSP to the PS2, I mention this because some games give you extra stuff if you use it.
Daxter is the best platformer on the PSP, but I don't know if you've played the Jak and Daxter games before. The same company also did a God of War game for the PSP.
Loco Roco (1 and 2) and Lummies are puzzle games, but Loco Roco is more of a puzzler platforming game. Final Fantasy Tactics: War of the Lions, Jeanne Darc, Patapon (1, 2, and 3) for strategy games. "Gitaroo Man Lives!" is a rhythm game and it plays better on the PSP than the PS2.

Don't know if you have played any of the Final Fantasy games, but a couple of them are on the PSP (1, 2, and 4). I think you need to play FF7 for the PS1 before you take on Crisis Core for the PSP, though. And there's Kingdom Hearts: Birth by Sleep. Altus has also been releasing the Persona RPGs on the PSP.

Can't attend the conventions, sorry, I'm from the west coast.

AtFW DVD? Yes, please!
Are you planning on putting out more T-shirt designs?

DerKork said...

Did I hear "Public Domain comics"? Like... the Bulletman comics from Fawcett Comics, 1941-1946?
(Here's a scan site for PD comics' collection of Bulletman)

Or better yet, Fawcett's original Captain Marvel Adventures! (Yes, dear confused comment readers, Captain Marvel, who now works for DC, didn't come from Marvel but from Fawcett.)

Or maybe something else entirely - and from what I've seen, these may be a wonderful source for horror comics - so you could theoretically turn that into a DVD as well.

Cferra said...

I actually have "The Untold Legend of the Batman." It's a small softcover trade paperback and it's actually pretty good. It's in black and white, though. It tells the origins like you said.

Your swag has Avengers West Coast #100? Ooh. I've heard bad things about that comic. Cool swag!

Catwoman's a guardian of Gotham? Hmm. I guess the rest of Gotham's heroes were off duty at a bar or something watching Selina be a hero on tv or something.

Good list!

Jumpman256 said...

Linkara, Linkara, Linkara....what kind of Power Rangers fan are you? Don't you know about the DVD box set of Mighty Morphin that's coming out--which HAS the live tour on it? For shame! ;) (Seriously, you might not have the money, I know--I'm still not sure which editions HAVE the bonus features, and if it's only the mega set that goes through LG--yeah, it's probably not worth it.) :)

Anonymous said...

Wow just wow. I give you that copy at youmacon and BAM less than a year you're reviewing it! Guardian of Gotham was just as bad as I said huh Lewis?

FYI its an else world where cat woman is the batman type and batman is evil

KKDW said...

Catwoman: Guardian of Gotham is going to be interesting, mainly because I was considering getting that when it was reprinted in a DC Comics Presents issue last year, though I skipped it due to budget reasons (along with a few other DC Comics Presents issues I was interested in).

Rhodoferax said...

Future Shock? You mean the series of one-off stories in 2000 AD that got Alan Moore, Grant Morisson, and various others started?

Or maybe something else entirely?

Robert Willing said...

(If my other post (Starwaredcraft) went through earlier than ignore this one)

Hey I can't believe it! I give you that Guardian of Gotham copy at Youmacon last year and you're doing it less than a year later! Guess it was just as bad as I told you huh?

FYI GoG is an elseworld where Catwoman is the batman of Gotham and Batman is evil and, even with him being th ebad guy Doug Moench makes him BETTER than the hero!

Pyrodafox said...

Considering that I live (relatively) near Calgary, I am looking forward to a possible "Chaos in Calgary" review. The only REAL thing that ever bugged me about the book was the appearance of "the Rangers." It just struck me as somewhat odd that Spidey would team up with Texas-based team of superheroes in Canada. Granted, Alberta shares many to Texas considering that most of Canada's beef and petroleum production occurs in the province (to say nothing of the social conservatism) and the Calgary Stampede attracts competitors from all over North America, I wonder if Alpha Flight was unavailable.

Then again, the X-Men first battled Alpha Flight on the Stampede Grounds in Uncanny #121 so maybe it would have been redundant to use them.

Eileen Gonzalez said...

Never heard of Batman: Jazz, but something's telling me it is considerably less awesome than the Queen album.

More Marville is always welcome! And I can't wait to find out what knucklehead thought a Vanilla Ice comic would be a good idea.

Jeremy A. Patterson said...

Is the Future Shock #1 review going to be about the 2006 Image FCBD book, the 1982 Gredown book, or the finale to the Ultraverse?


Nevermore said...

Catwoman: Guardian of Gotham is an Elseworlds story where Catwoman is the heroine and Batman a murderous psychopath. Artwork by Jim Balent, the artist on Catwoman's regular title during most of the 1990s who is (in)famous for drawing her with massive boobs.

For me personally, Guardian of Gotham is a case of "Yeah, it's not exactly good, but it's so ridiculously over the top I can't bring myself to hating it". Instead of Alfred, Selina has a housekeeper named Brooks. Who is actually dressed like a stereotypical French maid. And shows her ass a lot. There's also heavy hints of lesbian subtext between her and Selina.

It's kinda insane.

The Joker and Killer Croc are basically the regular versions on steroids.

CMWaters said...

If you want another, outsider opionion on DVD distribution, look up Derek Alexander AKA The Happy Video Game Nerd. He's released his episodes on DVD and may have done it as a self-releasing group, so he could possibly be a help to your cause for the AT4W DVDs.

Volvagia said...

So, exactly how many more videos is Marville going to take? Considering what issues six (recap) and seven (entry submissions) are, my best guess would be two.

RatherOddRanger said...

I highly recommend Archie's Megaman comic, it's been a fun read so far. Shame the same can't be said for Mighty 7.

FugueforFrog said...

More Marville...that should be painfully interesting. And oh yeah, more Wiz Kids...those idiots will never learn, will they?

BTW: since the next one after this will probably get us into Secret Origins month, I'm sort of curious on seeing you do Doctor Strange, especially after the massive mess he caused in "One More Day". It's his fault the devil deal even went through, I still say. On DC side, maybe one of the absorbed company heroes like the original Blue Beetle (Golden Age or Ditko) or Captain Marvel, so it isnt' purely DC.

Nick Michalak said...

I don't know what Ed or Brad go through for their DVDs, but as a filmmaker with no money, my solution has been CreateSpace.com. The only costs you front are some shipping of your DVD to them and a proof copy back to you. Basically, they front all the costs of manufacturing and fulfillment. You just set the sale price for the DVD and you get pure profit from everything. They are owned by Amazon.com, and so, you can sell your products on there as well. However, Amazon takes a larger chunk of the sale price as opposed to the Create Space eStore, but you can still get a good cut of the sale either way. It costs you nothing to sign up for this service. Payouts occur when you reach a $20 commission, and the payouts can be done via PayPal.

The quality of the final product is quite good. It's all produced on demand with high quality packaging, full color cover and disc art, shrink wrap, and DVD-Rs. If you're looking for something that costs you practically nothing, and still gives your fans a high quality product, I highly recommend CreateSpace.com. You can also order copies for only $4.95 each plus shipping to sell at Cons. They have some bulk discount rates, too.

Anonymous said...

The audio for the Untold Legends of Batman comics are on YouTube.

I've heard that there are emulators for others systems (e.g., SNES) that you can run on PSP.

Anonymous said...

While I would like to see a DVD its just not quite what I would expect if it has to be new content or sanitized of your usual clips. I mean it could work but the main selling points being your past reviews. . . I'm a bit iffy.

If it were at all possible to get a DVD archive of your past reviews I'd be more likely to purchase it. As it is the DVD sounds like it would be more trouble than it might be worth.

I just thought of something. What might be more fun would be an adventure involving your Alternates. All the ones not from copyrighted sources could likely end up in a situation involving your disappearance or some other contrivance. Just something to explore their characters more would be interesting. . . Then again that would be even more work.

I don't have any really good ideas beyond asking you to please consider looking up a comic blue book to help with more appropriate resale prices for the comics you are going to be selling. In addition to having been on your show I think you are under selling them.

Volvagia said...

Last year, I offered some suggestions for Secret Origins month (Hulk, Blue Beetle, Ghost Rider and The Flash), but, seeing as we're now at Early August and you've unveiled to Late September, I think I can guess what's going to happen for Secret Origins Month:

Showcase #34 (Ray Palmer)
The Avengers #1
More Fun Comics #73 (Green Arrow)
Tales of Suspense #39 (Iron Man)

Why these? Ray Palmer primarily because of Countdown, Cry for Justice and Identity Crisis. The Avengers because of Ultimates 3 and Ultimatum as well as the movie this year, More Fun Comics because of Cry for Justice, Rise of Arsenal and Identity Crisis and Iron Man because of U3, Ultimatum, Marville #2 and One More Day.

Robert Willing said...

Hey Lewis just thought I'd point something out that I wanted to mention when I gave you Guardian of Gotham...

There are at least two other elseworlds where other people were in Bruces place in the origins that were done GREAT compaired to Catwoman...Superman Speeding Bullets (Figure that one out) and Elseworlds Finest Supergirl/Batgirl which had BABS become a more batman-esque Batgirl because Gordon and Sarah got killed saving the Waynes and tey adopted her. In the former, Kal-el crashed near Gotham and the waynes took him in

Falcovsleon20 said...

More Marville in September? How much booze did you need to consume for this?

ackbarfan5556 said...

Sweet I heard that about that Catwoman comic.
Oh god please tell me it's passable

Starsoldier1 said...

I was the Ma-ti dork that gave ya that coloured art there at Conbravo and yes it was in marker. Hope to see you next year. That sucks about Brad and Jillian.

Yuoaman said...

Nice to see my fellow Canadians were good to you at ConBravo, and looking forward to your reviews of the listed comics.

One little thing, though: "Canuck" is usually pronounced to rhyme with "duck" - not a big thing, just something I thought that I'd mention.

Ming said...

Marville? Oh dear, I think we need to start prepping for a trip to rehab, especially since this horrible, horrible comic keeps driving people back to alcoholism and drug addiction.

More Tandy Computer Whiz Kids.

Batman: Jazz? I never even heard of this until now. Hmmm, possibly another Batman: Fortunate Son-style anti-music rant?

platinum said...

I'd be all for an AT4W DVD. :) (I've been meaning to buy some DVDs from TGWTG for a while now, so that would be some extra incentive.)

That Pollo is amazing! Mega props to the guy that did it.

P.S. I don't wanna be that girl ( seriously ( -////-) ), but since it is technically an odds and ends post, whats the status on History of Power Rangers - Mystic Force? Just curious is all. Seeing the Italian dub while studying in Italy reminded me of HOPR. :)

BlondieSheep said...

I will be out of country from mid-September to mid-December. As I'll be spending those three months volunteering in a rain forest in Peru, I will have no Net access and will not be able to watch any TGWTG videos during that time. I'm really excited that I'll get to see the third Marville comic before I leave. And I look forward to a marathon of Long Box of the Damned (and AT4W of course!) upon my return.

Ave said...

I have Illuminator #1, so it was interesting to see you now have #2. The big thing with it is that it's a Christian comic, which may cause some problems. After all, religion is a touchy subject, and therefore hard to parody. Still, heavy-handed propoganda is just that.

Jeremy A. Patterson said...

I have a question for RatherOddRanger: Will you check out 'New Crusaders: Rise of the Heroes' #1, on sale August 22?


Bob Wood said...

Here's my thing: If the artwork is the major thing to criticize in a comic book, aside from the writing, then it's not worth reviewing. That's what I hated about the Bloodstrike review. It was all about bashing the artwork and Liefeld. If it wasn't about those, then you wouldn't have a review.
And stop being so conservative about what can make a character a hero or a villain, just because of what he/she originally started out as. You are fine with Mark Millar writing about Superman becoming a Communist, but not about Moench imagining Catwoman as a hero? It's ELSEWORLDS, leave the brain and continuity at the door, that's the way to enjoy them.

Lewis Lovhaug said...

"You are fine with Mark Millar writing about Superman becoming a Communist, but not about Moench imagining Catwoman as a hero? It's ELSEWORLDS, leave the brain and continuity at the door, that's the way to enjoy them."

I was fine with Red Son because it's an interesting and unique premise. Catwoman in Batman's place... has really nothing unique going for it other than "hey, Batman's a murderous psycho in this universe. BECAUSE."

There's nothing interesting about the story to make it worth exploring, at least not in the way handled in Guardian of Gotham.