Friday, February 22, 2013

Gatocon TGWTG Q&A

MarzGurl, Obscurus Lupa, and Linkara answer questions at GatoCon!

NOTE: The post-live show Q&A is coming. Wanted to finish scripting Marville #4 before I started editing it. I apologize for the amount of coughing and sneezing I do in this. ‎


Anonymous said...

I seem to go fan girl whenever you do the Moarte voice. Either it's because Im still not over the whole "Moarte Mania" (that's what I'm calling all of those trends about him) or European guys just have the sexiest voices ever

Anonymous said...

Still looking forward to your Rump Rangers review. Is it still going to be a crossover with Brad?

Will you and Lupa possibly end up doing Puppet Master crossovers?

Thank you and MarzGurl for posting this online and Lupa as well for doing the panel. Again wish I could have gone just could not afford to get to Texas from Reno. It costs less for someone there in the Dalas Ft Worth area to get to anywhere in Canada than it does for me to get there sadly. And yes I double checked it with 3 different travel sites before making this claim.

Still intend to reunite you with a former co-host as soon as I am capable.

Mitchell Martinez said...

Japanese Spiderman crossover review.

I'll be waiting.

Lizard-Man said...

I hope one day you and Chuck Sonnenberg of SFDebris do a proper crossover of something sometime cause I'd love to see how your reviewing styles mesh. I imagine it would be difficult though considering Chuck doesn't show his face. Still love the part where he cameos in the 200th episode.

Also, looking forward to the Titans retrospective. A whole month of Titans, should be an awesome prolonged birthday present for me. Although I'm not sure how a month of good comics is gonna go over with the fans.

A lot to look forward to this year actually, I await it on baited breath.

MichaelJGleason said...

I read that the TNG chair was stolen off the set of Generations before shooting started.

Anonymous said...

I'm 100% with "Mars-Girl" when it comes to the WATCHMEN movie. It's actually one of my favorites. Bear in mind, I'm one of those who WASN'T too fond of the ending of the original graphic novel. The big squid just came across as stupid to me so I was actually more of a fan of Moore's MIRACLE MAN graphic novels!

Snyder's solution made more sense especially since society always had this love\hate thing going on with Dr. Manhattan, due to their latent fears of his power. If Superman had been a Marvel character, I'm sure someone would have explored a similar theme with the Man of Steel long ago!

Yes, "Mars", I think far too many of us just like to find a reason to complain about something when changes are made--especially if those changes are actually better than the original. I guess we don't like it when someone is successful at improving the work of our heroes--because it reveals that our heroes are fallible...

Leader Desslok

Anonymous said...

Hmmm... I see you've got something called Power Pachyderms in your upcoming list...

I thought I should warn you now:
'Pachyderm' just means 'thick-skinned', and the term applies to several African animals, including hippos and rhinos; not just elephants.

This may seem random, but I'm saying it while you still have time to put a text piece into your review... if you need to.

~ Mik

Patrick Carlock said...

No need to apoligise for being sick. Most of us get that you can't control these things, and you've had a stressful couple of weeks. We're just hoping you get well soon!

Jonathan M said...

I love these Q&As.
Last guy's question got cut off by it ending. You gonna go back to Dr. Pepper and review Dr. Pepper Ten?

(By the way, for someone who had Dr. Pepper for the first time years before you--I love it. IT'S PROBABLY ONE OF THOSE 'ACQUIRED TASTE' THINGS. If you had it at a young age, you may have too! :P)