Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Midnight of AT4W LIVE!

What did Linkara review at MagFest this year? ‎


PRATN said...

I didn't get the joke with William Atherton. Did anybody? The most I know of the guy was that he was in that "Centennial" miniseries based off the James Michener book of the same name.

WoodBuzz said...

lol very funny review Lewis I wish I could go to one of these things... also my condolences are with you and all of Justin's family and friends RIP JewWario

Anonymous said...

Nice touch with the Blip commercial break cue, I have to say.

Doing the late show this year had to be interesting, shame I couldn't make it this time around.
Great work as always!

Lewis Lovhaug said...

"I didn't get the joke with William Atherton. Did anybody? The most I know of the guy was that he was in that "Centennial" miniseries based off the James Michener book of the same name."

He's probably most famous for being in Ghostbusters (as Walter Peck) and Diehard (as the reporter who is responsible for alerting the thieves who John Mclane is).

LucasChad said...

I had a much easier time understanding the alternate history of Mario than this comic!

Doresh said...

So Mario is the Mario who believes in himself, huh?

And let's see... Donkey Kong came out when it became VERY popular to have Sentai team name end with "-man".


So Mario was actually "Jump Red", leader of the sentai trio "Nintendo Sentai Jumpman", which disbanded after Jump Pink became a princess o_O ?

The comic is weird and all, but why couldn't Marvel direct the Super Mario Bros. film? They surely had more awesome ideas to flesh out otherwise simple games.

And it seems Brad is right in his recent video: Laughter IS the best medicine. I feel a lot better now.

Josh said...

Fun review. I wish hadn't missed part of it due to seeing Machinae Supremacy, but as they were the biggest reason I went to MAGFest, I wasn't going to miss any of their show.

13th Doctor said...

God, that was a trippy comic. I am glad you are taking the time to caution people against riffing too much and thus stepping on your jokes and delivery.

Two questions though: what exactly was going on around the 18:00 mark? Was some guy getting technical about cement mixers? I missed that. Sometimes the acoustics in your live show just SUCK and there is so much echoic. Also, who was that woman whose voice was being prominently heard by the camera? Was it Amethyst?

P.S. Thank you for tweeting the Geeky Gimp. That is an excellent blog.

Shanethefilmmaker said...

There is something worse than a sociopath and a racist......A sociopathic racist.

Blip Magazine? So Marvel does run your site and you worked for Joe Quesada the whole time. *Dramatic Music.* I kid of course I know this blip is not the same blip.

"Which is the real Mario?" Game Theory believes he's either a communist or a psychopathic womanizing, animal abusing monster.

Ah Vic the TMZ of the Nintendo world. However he's easier to forget.

Scratch him behind the ears? If I knew that I woulda saved years trying to beat DK.

Great review like always and can't wait for future Snowflame PSAs. Though I do wonder, how a guy like Snowflame could handle an intervention.

Unknown said...

That was great. For a second I thought you was going to go the pokemon route with DK, but I like the Super Sentai joke more. The more of the these live shows I see the more I want to go. One day damn it, One day.

Domino 555 said...

Man I can't believe you left me saying Harvest is evil Booster Gold is in the video. For a very brief rundown oh his actual origin he was a cop in the future who's son was killed by a meta human. He decides to go back in time and kill all meta humans before they spread, there some stuff about Superboy in there but his origin just reminded me of well Booster Gold.

Unknown said...

This comic was so weird that I am having difficulty finding words to say about it.

But honestly that reported reminded me too much of Guy Davidson from Trauma Center: New Blood. It only took a few panels of seeing him to make me hope that Yoshi would come from somewhere and turn him into an egg.

Will said...

Great review! Mario sure is a true American from Japan with an Italian accent!

Now that MagFest is over, you're going to be burning Marville, right? I'd love to see a short video burning all seven issues with great ceremony!

lemon man said...

Hey lewis.
Heard about this:
I hope you got this, you and todd need to do this as a crossover!

Ming said...

You actually put in a Blip commercial in a live show video. That's a very interesting cue.

Anyway, great review of this obscure video game magazine's comic strips.

Anonymous said...

I knew the CDC had posted about zombie epidemics, but I didn't know there was a comic!

Was that woman who commented throughout your new girlfriend? If so, maybe you should put her IN the next one rather than leave her a disembodied voice?

13th Doctor - seconded. What was that cement mixer talk at 18:00?

Rescue does come sometimes in these movies. In fact, in the scene you were showing while saying 'rescue never comes', rescue was coming. (Yes, yes, I know.)

~ Mik

Shifter's Haven said...

Bit late. Because of whole loudness I missed one (?) word answer about Injustice game/comic - can someone tell what was it? Cause it is the game that I was waiting for a port last year and I kinda like it (cause whole MK-like fighting with favorite characters) and comics was much better than I expected (some great moments; though a little to much gore for my taste; but it is MK-inspired so what you gonna do), and I like hear opinions even if they are different from mine, because may be something interesting will be discovered.
*Man I talking much.*

And while I am here, next week Youngblood. And I remembered that Liefield's comics doesn't have title like "Miller time" cause no sounding title. I for some time called this episodes for myself "Liefield's Corner". Well, just an suggestion.

Anyway - that was great live show. One of the best as I see it, but source material here is hilarious on it's own. Thank you!