Monday, February 3, 2014

Gameboy #3

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It's a comic about a Gameboy, so join the Air Force! ...Wait, what?

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Issue 1
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LucasChad said...

R.I.P. JewWario, and Philip Seymour Hoffman.

Also, I too haven't seen Agents of SHIELD. Wanted to, but haven't had the time to watch all the episodes. Still, playing the Back to the Future theme fits very well.

Love me some Danger Zone!

Volvagia said...

US-1 #3 next week? Does that mean Youngblood #6 is pushed back or is it now a double feature?

DerKork said...

You made me laugh out loud before the theme song. I think I needed that... Thank you very much.

Now, the comic book itself is amazingly silly in focusing on Super Mario Land. I mean, the only way they can top this is by sending Mario down into the depths of the ocean in a submarine...
(I didn't even know the "Game Boy" comics existed, so if I just predicted the fourth issue, I should try lotteries.)

Anonymous said...

My Condolences to Jewwario however hollow those sentiments are from a stranger. I did not watch much of his stuff, but the stuff I did watch did made me think he was a fun guy.

On to the comic, yeah I thinking they should bring this gang of villains back, they are much more interesting and have better plans then bowser has most of the time. The whole make a base in china and hypnotising their people would have been a staggering victory if Herman wasn't a lazy asshole

Unknown said...

that was a great review Linkara, i feel terrible about Jew Wario's death and i always love watching the pokemon reviews with you, him and Suede. most of your reviews always make me laugh and this was no different. i love watching your show and what you have to say about comics.

Anonymous said...

Good review Linkara.
I think I speak for many of your fans when I say you did a good job honoring Justin here. We are going to miss all the laughs he brought us. But by being able to laugh, it helps us deal with it.
Hope you are doing well.
Sword Of Primus

Adam said...

I finally got around to watching all of the Gameboy comic reviews. You're right, they are stupidly awesome and today's issue was no exception. =)

This was a touching tribute to Justin "JewWario" Carmical, Lewis. I only knew about Justin from the crossover episode he did; most recently his crossover review of Poultrygeist with Diamanda Hagan. But, from what many fans and close friends have said, he was a great guy. Justin sounds like the type of friend you'd be lucky to have whenever life gets rough.

I believe we all need a friend like that in our lives. The world could use more people like Justin. I hope the people who knew him in one form or another will pay it forward and return that kindness to everyone you meet. I certainly will do my best to be that type of person.

Rest in Peace, Justin.

Unknown said...

This was a good episode Lewis. It kind of hits home for me a bit because I actually got Justin a copy of Super Mario Land for his Gameboy collection back in October this past year. He was so happy to get it and it made my day to know that I helped bring him a little bit of the joy he gave out to all of us with his videos and live streams.

I wish I had gotten the chance to meet him in person at least once. He seemed like such a great guy and he exuded that in everything from his YCPT episodes to even the emails he sent. It still brings a smile to my face.

Chris Evans said...

That was a really nice tribute to Justin, Lewis.

RIP JewWario. We miss ya, man.

Unknown said...

Good work Lewis, good work.

I know that Justin's death was a blow to everyone at Channel awesome. 'Sounds like it hit you particularly hard.
But it didn't hurt the quality of this episode, Your determination is admirable.

I knew JewWario mostly from the Pokémon reviews you, he and Suede did together, which where awesome (Speaking of which, Next time you talk to Suede tell him I think he's awesome) he seemed like a really nice guy and I know he'll be missed.

Keep fighting the good fight sir. There are still many bad comics in need of burning, (I have suggestions if you need them).

Go forth and conquer them, like an Italian plummer in a super plane against an army sphinxes.
(That Danger Zone montage was ace!)

Shanethefilmmaker said...

Tatanga was an inside job. Bowser and DK are the real cause. Tatanga was merely bribed with 72 Daisies......Oh wow I am so going to hell for that one.

Wow Mario's pretty badass in this comic. Normally he's a bit of a cartoonish klutz.

I think Herman just needs to get laid, hell he had the chance with that Waitress.

Lewis, I know what it's like to lose a friend/loved one, I can honestly say that while your tribute to JW is good, it doesn't matter if you did more or less than simply talk about him the way you did, so long as deep down you know in your heart that he'd be proud of you wherever he is.

Great review like always.

CollectorX said...

good review also I've seen Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. so far it's nothing special it's enjoyable at times and kinda infuriating at others don't believe me check my reviews of the show and check for yourself

Erik Johnson Illustrator said...

You know what, you did make me laugh. I'm sure Justin would be proud.

Though, I'm a bit confused about one thing. When you break character to talk directly to the viewer on a sensitive issue, why do you take your glasses off? Its not like they're a mask or something. If you want to speak as Lewis rather than Linkara, wouldn't it make more sense to take off the hat since that's probably the feature most associated with that character?

Robyn said...

A lovely tribute, Linkara. I never knew JewWario, but it sounds like he would have loved it. It was very sweet.

I don't know if it's addressed in the story, but it looks as if all of the pilots were Navy and not Air Force - especially given that the comic mentions Tomcats, which the US Air Force never used. (I can't say 10 years of watching JAG never taught me anything.)

James Faraci The Last Of The Americans said...

A great episode and I was devastated by JewWario's passing from this earth. If there's something you need to remind yourself to Stay strong it's my family's motto "Don't Let The Bastards Grind You Down"

Unknown said...

RIP JewWario.

Lewis Lovhaug said...

"Though, I'm a bit confused about one thing. When you break character to talk directly to the viewer on a sensitive issue, why do you take your glasses off? Its not like they're a mask or something. If you want to speak as Lewis rather than Linkara, wouldn't it make more sense to take off the hat since that's probably the feature most associated with that character?"

Brad Jones kind of popularized it with the Cinema Snob by taking off his character glasses whenever he was speaking honestly and I just kind of went with it, especially since I'll sometimes do movie vlogs without glasses but with hat.

Unknown said...

Goodness Herman, do you want to work for the villains or not? I would say no since working with them has caused you nothing but trouble.

*Rises Smash Bros. Brawl in memory of Jewwario*

Looking forward to more US-1

Ryan B. said...

Lewis, my family has been going through a pretty rough spell over the last few years and I can always count on your videos to cheer me up when things are especially blue. I'm glad to hear you're doing well and what's even more heartening is your attitude in the face of tragedy - keep laughing and life will find a way. I can't say thank you enough for all of your hard work and I'll be back here next Monday, as usual!

P.S. If you ever want to play Pokemon sometime, my Mega Gengar & Co. would love the exercise.

Anonymous said...

yeah, I feel kinda strange, seeing how I never watched any of Jew Wario's videos, and barely knew anything about him till now
still, my condolences, even if I didn't know him, he obviously meant allot to you all

now on a bit happier note
this comic series has taken an unexpected turn for the epic
I hope it'll continue in this direction

also to the scene with the waitress
I think it's been proven that women are instinctively drawn to criminals and violent individuals, as on a biological level, they feel that they'd provide superior genes for their children
from nature's perspective, we are still hunter-gatherers, and so someone who can take what they want by force is preferred
Nature really does not give a damn about or morality or happiness, does it?

Lewis Lovhaug said...

"also to the scene with the waitress
I think it's been proven that women are instinctively drawn to criminals and violent individuals, as on a biological level, they feel that they'd provide superior genes for their children
from nature's perspective, we are still hunter-gatherers, and so someone who can take what they want by force is preferred
Nature really does not give a damn about or morality or happiness, does it?"

...I'm going to need a source on that other than "I think it's been proven."

Tofu Eggs and Bacon said...

I think, out of the people in the Channel Awesome Family who addressed this, Linkara addressed this the worst, while Cinema Snob adressed it the best.

Doug and Joe did a wise thing: postpone the videos one week, then do a video honoring and grieving Justin with clips of him.

Brad, on the other hand, handled in the best way possible. Instead of putting together a video with random clips of Justin and then saying cliched and hollow things like "he will be sorely missed", "he was a great guy" or "this is a sad day", he wrote an entire paragraph detailing what Justin TRULY meant for him, what his relationship with Justin was, how he truly feels about this, and topped it off with some sincere words of gratitude towards his fallen friend. And then? And then Brad just moved on. No more unnecessary grieving, no more flagelating yourself. He kept making videos and being happy. This is probably because of his Midnight Madness friends. Brad KNOWS that he has other friends besides Justin, and instead of remaning emo over the death of one friend, he chose to remember and treasure the friends that he still has.

Doug and Joe, while not handling it as well as Brad, still handled it WAY better than Lewis.

Lewis? Lewis tried to incorprate Justin's death into one of his regular videos. This doesn't work for the following reasons:

-it dates the video and makes the video a perpetually depressing one. Much like Marzgurl adressing Judith Barsi's death in the most Tear Jerking way possible in the "All Dogs Go To Heaven" review, no one will ever look at either that video or this video without getting depressed.

-by addressing this as "Linkara the character", you are therefore implying that the character of JewWario died with Justin, which I don't think it's a good thing

-also, addressing this as "Linkara the character" makes the message feel insincere

-the Game Boy comic reviews revolve around a man's deteriorating mental health. Not exactly the kind of thing you want to associate with a real-life suicide (it's the same trap that Doug walked into with his review of "Sidekicks")

So, if just making a simple text eulogy and then moving on was out of the question, Lewis should have postponed the review a week and then dedicate a whole video to Justin's memnory.

And if THAT was out of the question, the least he could do is change the subject of his review.

(by the way, I want to stress that I'm talking about the members of the Channel Awesome Family WHO CHOSE TO ADDRESS THIS.

Most members of the Channel Awesome Family, like Marzgurl, Phelous, Obscurus Lupa or Nostalgia Chick, did the best and most sensible thing: grieve in private, and not let their grief interfere with their work).

Anonymous said...

" ...I'm going to need a source on that other than "I think it's been proven." "

Here, I found an article on the subject

I'm quoting
"From an evolutionary perspective, maybe such females have some kind of unconscious biological drive that would view any children of such men as having a better chance of survival. "

Starman said...

A worthy tribute. A funny episode.

Anonymous said...

Perfect way to start this review thank you

Anonymous said...

I find it ironic that you make a Back to the Future joke after we see a man with the same vest and pants as Marty in the diner earlier.

In fact, it looks like the diner scene from the movie.

Lewis Lovhaug said...

"So, if just making a simple text eulogy and then moving on was out of the question, Lewis should have postponed the review a week and then dedicate a whole video to Justin's memnory.

And if THAT was out of the question, the least he could do is change the subject of his review.

(by the way, I want to stress that I'm talking about the members of the Channel Awesome Family WHO CHOSE TO ADDRESS THIS.

Most members of the Channel Awesome Family, like Marzgurl, Phelous, Obscurus Lupa or Nostalgia Chick, did the best and most sensible thing: grieve in private, and not let their grief interfere with their work)."

While you are of course entitled to your opinion... you don't get tell me how I should grieve or honor my friend.

Lewis Lovhaug said...

"Here, I found an article on the subject

I'm quoting
"From an evolutionary perspective, maybe such females have some kind of unconscious biological drive that would view any children of such men as having a better chance of survival. ""

The article is referring to a psychological condition/disorder, not a biological imperative.

Tracey said...

I think the phenomena that Anon is describing (women being attracted to criminals) is a condition called Hybristophilia
or as I like to call or, the Harley Quinn syndrome

There are multiple theories about what causes this, one of them being that it's evolutionary in nature

quoting the Wikipedia article
"Other psychologists, such as Leon F. Seltzer, has offered explanations based on evolutionary psychology. Serial killers, in his view, are cases of alpha males that tend to attract women. This is because such males were good at protecting women and their offspring in our evolutionary history. Women nowadays may consciously realize that it is unwise to date a serial killer, but they are nevertheless attracted to them,"

I my self never found criminals too appealing.
However, I do find some fictional characters like Jason Todd, the Punisher (especially in the current Thunderbolts), or Spider Jerusalem to be incredibly sexy, so there might be some truth to it

47ness said...

Haha, "Herman's Head" i that old? ._.

(I'd think the Puzzle of Flesh tie-in from Pt.1 said enough about Herman's possible sexual preferences.)

Thanks for this bit of levity; you got some real belly laughs outta me w/ this review. *thumbs up*

Anonymous said...

I can't really say much about JewWario since I didn't watch him much outside of the crossovers, but I find any sudden death like to be tragic.
If only these comics would drop Herman, then they'd be be the ideal laughably stupid plots, almost like the Mario games except not intentionally funny.

Unknown said...

This was nice, Mr. Lovhaug. Considering how turbulent the last two weeks were, I think that we all (including Mr. JewWario) needed the laughs.

Thank you so much. I would love to give you a hug, but that is kind of impossible over the internet.

Anonymous said...

Only know Jewwario from the crossovers but you and the rest of channel awesome did a good job honoring him it's touching...well done.

Anonymous said...

I'm jealous of Linkara's BTTF 2 hat and I have no idea why...

Megan said...

@Tofu, eggs and bacon:

Wow, you're a self righteous prick. Linkara is allowed to honor his friend however he sees fit. He's allowed to express his grief in any way he pleases. I saw both Brad and Doug's memorials and thought they were both quite touching. I thought Lewis's was moving as well. There's no right or wrong way to grieve, and there's no 'grieving window.'

@Linkara: Excellent comic. Very funny, and very touching.

Timzor said...

As difficult as Justin's passing has been for me as a fan, I know it can't compare with what you and those who knew him personally are going through.
Although I follow several web video series, I've never been a big commenter, so... even though I enjoyed Justin's videos a lot, I never had a chance to have a conversation with him. I'm not even sure if I ever left him any comments, period. I really regret that... I wish I could have left him at least a few kind words, instead of just being an anonymous uptick on his hit counter.
For better or for worse, I haven't made the same mistake with you. You get to read my inane comments... every once in a while.
Keep up the good work, Linkara. And don't you ever leave us.

MarioJPC said...

Good first images.
Honest and good ending.
And about he Comic is really weird, but i think than this is a added value, if you ask me this co mic is the example of "Group" comic, one to share with the friends or let on one library from one association of comics or games (maybe one shop) ant to read all the people. I think than all the series.

AnAsianGeek said...

You can find agents of shield online at either or

rdfox said...

Because I'm someone who doesn't like to dwell on depressing things, I may be the only person who comments on the episode and *avoids* commenting on JW's passing...

I must say, I pulled a Patrick Stewart Double Facepalm when they identified the carrier as the Nimitz. While definitely a Nimitz-class carrier (and quite well drawn, at that), the ship is displaying the number "70" on the forward end of the flight deck, indicating it's hull number CVN-70, the USS Carl Vinson. The Nimitz is CVN-68. As well-drawn as the military hardware in this issue was (I was able to instantly identify each aircraft shown, for example), you'd think they'd have gotten that right...

And a side note to Lewis: The Air Force wasn't involved in this story. The US Navy (and US Marine Corps) operate the airplanes that fly off of aircraft carriers, and have jealously guarded that job from the Air Force since before there *was* an Air Force, just an Army Air Corps. (They want to make sure that the Army's generals can't control the Navy by controlling its most potent weapons.) Just a tidbit there...

Anonymous said...

I likewise found JewWario's death to be both sudden and saddening; I do feel that perhaps you should've done a separate video, however, since in the future, if I ever choose to rewatch this, it might dredge up unpleasant feelings. However, ultimately I do appreciate your thought, and that's what counts. RIP Justin.

To the does feel weird, and the air force angle and Mario's tiny plane with the ludicrous amount of guns kinda makes me think Michael Bay might've had a hand in this. Still, for what's basically a commercial for a games console, it's better than what I thought it'd be.

LordTerminal said...

Well OF COURSE Mario is like Superman. Why do you think they put the word Super in every Mario game?

Anonymous said...

Agents of SHIELD is pretty bad. For a show about Marvel, they rarely tackle Marvel stuff. The main characters are generic and they can never let a moment sit.

Oh, and the flying car? In the 13 episodes that aired, it only flew twice. It's a non entity.

Cenobite829 said...

A very funny review and fitting tribute to the man that wanted us to enjoy life with laughter.

On an unrelated note I have been thinking about something you have said in the past about not having the time to watch the different Power Rangers series because of your many other great projects. Well I have an idea. Would it be possible for you to set aside about one hour a day to watch one episode. That way it becomes more manageable then trying to find Five or more hours to do a marathon. Just a thought.

RICHB said...

This was a very nice tribute. Life is funny, just a few days after you lost JerWario I lost my grandmother. After the last week up to the funeral today, you're message of being able to laugh is especially fitting to me. Now that the formalities are done I feel it's time to move on, and laugh again. JerWario was a great personality on the site and when I did see something he did I always enjoyed it. I know how hard that hit you all and I offer my sympathy. As for the comic, while I liked the first two better this was still goofy fun. My favorite part is the Mario theme, I love hearing that.

FugueforFrog said...

Powerful stuff about JewWario. Good ending, man. We'll miss him.

regarding the comic: loved the Back to the Future bit with the theme and the end of the movie and everything. And yeah, any comic about Mario and the Air Force fighting the forces of evil can't be terrible so its great to keep seeing the Game Boy comics. Though with the Terminator joke, couldn't you have saved that "bad Terminator game" bit when Mario did the "I'll be back" part?

Anonymous said...

Goddammit why did I read the comments. Every time. Every fucking time. Tofu Bacon and Eggs, I have seen a lot of cruel, inane, ignorant comments regarding this tragedy since the news first broke, but yours takes the cake. What in God's name made you think that a moment honoring a a fallen friend needed a fucking CRITIQUE? Have you no compassion, no basic human empathy? What the hell gives you the right to judge if a memorial is "sincere" enough? Shame on you.

Oh by the way, since you seem to think so highly of Brad's text eulogy, Lewis wrote several paragraphs about what Justin means to him on his tumblr a week ago. But then, I wasn't aware mourning was a fucking COMPETITIVE SPORT YOU HEARTLESS DICK

I'm sorry Lewis, I know I'm just adding to the negativity but I had to say something. You're always so kind and genuine and have brought so much joy to people, I'm sure Justin would be proud. Thank you for all that you do.

Chelsey Magnuson said...

I'm so sorry for your/TGWTG's/Justin's family's loss. I didn't see much of his show, but I really enjoyed him in crossovers and from everything I've been hearing since last week, I missed out on an awesome guy.

My best to you, and, as always, thanks for the laughs. Much appreciated, especially these past two weeks.

arw1985 said...

Funny review as always. That is a weird series.

I'm sorry for your loss and I hope you're doing better. I didn't watch much of Justin's videos, but I really enjoyed the Pokemon reviews you did with Suede and Justin. I watched them all this weekend and they still made me laugh.

Unknown said...

I love Agents of SHIELD yet I'm a little biased 'cause I love Agent Coulson and that type of show, though I'll admit it took longer to really get its footing than one would think.

And my comments are directed at anyone curious about AoS, not just Lewis since he doesn't watch TV and online (legally) only a few eps are available at a time.

I think Agent May's character really got me cemented into the series, the trust and past she has with Coulson is damn interesting.

Helps that the cast is damn funny and on the interwebs all the time talking with people. (Clark Gregg even took over his 'fan page' on FB, not for anything bad just he wanted to run it).

Will say, Lewis, it was neat you mentioned Lola (the car from AoS).

And for anyone thinking I'm being insensitive by mentioning the show before talking about Jew Wario... AoS and the Marvel fandom helped me get through the last week. I know it can't compare to what those who knew him are feeling, just sharing what helped me cope.

Wow that's more rambly than normal, whoops.

Anyway, the ending words were heartfelt and the ones of us who always get together to watch TGWTG stuff made sure to be together to watch today. Was a nice, quiet send off.

Parts of this comic really bored me. I'm guessing it's because it's more 'wow, Herman is a complete jerk' and 'someone knows someone from the first comic, again' which I know is comic logic anyway just felt... I don't know, not as funny. Also, the waitress hitting on him was dump.

Overall a good review though and a nice nod to someone who will always be missed.


Unknown said...

Pionpi is most likely not a prince. He is what the Chinese call a Jiangshi or a hopping vampire. The reason he looks like a prince is because Jiangshi are usually depicted in attire from the Qing Dynasty. They are commonly portrayed that way because the process of becoming a Jiangshi often takes a very long time, most times around 100 years. However there is another type of Jiangshi which I believe Pionpi is and this type is far less common. This type is impossible to kill because their soul resides in another body, and for some reason they are usually wearing Qing Dynasty clothes too despite the fact that the process is instantaneous and is only preformed on live people. So Tatanga probably laterally owns his soul. Oh, also they are called hopping vampires because they can only hop, just like Pionpi in the video game. I have never been able to find a source that can tell me why this is, but it diffidently explains why Pionpi is always on top of plane.

Jeff Jacobson said...

I can't believe you used the phrase "Herman's Head" and didn't reference
the TV show with that name.

Anonymous said...

This series gets more and more awesome, I love it. Can we just have a Mario game based off these comics? Like, where you play a cartoony Mario and travel to realistic world, and it's all about how Mario physics affect the real world and vice-versa. Surely we have the graphics to pull that off now. Great review, these comics always put a smile on my face.

Jesse said...

I've lost several family members a lot over the pass few years. I found you right after one and you made me laugh again. I still remember the review I saw (Act of God 1).

What I'm trying to say is I honestly know what it feels like to lose someone. Not like this, but I still felt like I should say something. What's left to say though?

Stay strong and I hope every single one of you guys make it through and feel better. Be there for Justin'e widow. She's going need help most of all. The widows I've been talking to needed it too. Sorry if I crossed a line there.

PS I love your Nintendo reviews. I have to be the only person that actually likes Herman for some weird reason lol.

WoodBuzz said...

RIP jewwario I know what your going through Lewis my dad just passed away on the second he was very ill RIP Dad I love you.

Nice vid Lewis it made me laugh when I really needed thanks

Anonymous said...

The comic: About as silly as I remember the last two being, after I remembered that this one was connected to those issues.

Jew Wario:

I heard about this about an hour or so after I got online the Saturday we all found out. I, like just about everyone else, found it difficult to swallow but after a few hours of watching things and not seeing anything along the lines of "false alarm folks, go about your business," I knew it was legit. Took someone quoting the Facebook post for me to find out exactly how it happened and like everyone else I found it extremely difficult to believe that it happened that way.

Of his videos the only ones I watched regularly, while he was on TGWTG, were the "It's Stuck In Your Head" series, plus the odd one off, his first time in my country trying poutine as an example or the crossovers with those TGWTG personalities I watch (such as yourself) and, of course, the anniversary stuff he was involved in. When he left the site even I felt like I was dealing with a favorite uncle that wasn't going to come around as often anymore. Sure the odd crossover which is fine, but... Yeah...

I think this was a good one to dedicate to him since it wouldn't take much to figure out he was a fan of the series. His screen name and the hat being obvious enough if you know anything about the series outside of Mario and Luigi.

Fiery Little One

E M said...

I didn't know JewWario, didn't watch his stuff, and was only peripherally aware of him, through Seude's pokemon reviews. But he always seemed to have an upbeat attitude, and through everyone's comments it seems like that is what he wanted to be.

Not my point. My point is that you are opening yourself up, and allowing us into a time where you are grieving. Whether I think this is the best tribute, or may become dated shouldn't be the point. The point is that this is the way you are honoring a friend. This is the way you want him to be remembered, and we should have no ground to criticize that.

JewWario helped to spread laughter and joy, and I feel like this is a fitting continuation to that tradition, because the world, comics and videogames are a bit ridiculous.

You help fill the world with laughter too, and I'm glad that you do.

Ming said...

First of all, my condolences to you and the rest of Channel Awesome and to JewWario's family. I really didn't watch a lot of JewWario's videos, but from what I've actually seen (mostly the crossover videos and Pokemon movie reviews), he seemed nice and friendly and fun.

I think I speak for all when I say that the Reveiewer-verse has been devastated by this sudden tragedy.

Anyway, on a more pleasanter note, this is great review of this insanely bad yet totally awesome comic. I mean, the US military teaming up with Mario . . . that's got to be awesome!

You know, I heard that Archie was attempting to get rights to do Nintendo comics (i.e. Mario, Kirby, and Metroid, with possibly more except Pokemon), but that never came about. It's such a shame because we could have seen a revival of the Nintendo Comics System, complete with Captain N and maybe a crossover with Sonic. Well at least we still have Mega Man . . .

Anyway, I'll be looking forward to next week.

DocNemo said...

Great review. I miss JewWario too. However, I'm a little surprised that you where surprised by Mario having super-strength. It's been a pretty consistent ability of his in most of the games- stuff like spinning and throwing Bowser about by his tail and being able to lift and throw the giant King Bbomb in Supermario 64, or just the fact that he's able to smash bricks with his fist or leap 6 times his own height into the air in most of the other games.

Felix Brunschede said...

Eiichiro Oda once said through the voice of one of his characters: People only truely die when they are forgotten. With this video being a tribute to him he'll live on forever, in our minds and hearts.

My condolences for your loss, Lewis.

Shanethefilmmaker said...

"Lewis? Lewis tried to incorprate Justin's death into one of his regular videos." Dude it's a very common way of grieving. Many people who have lost their friends and loved ones found that they could only move forward by working. Since this series is Lewis' work, this is how he's trying to move forward.

RK_Striker_JK_5 said...

That was a very nice tribute. Your words were heartfelt and made me tear up a bit. RIP JewWario.

Holmes said...

I was fortunate enough to meet JW twice at conventions...

The first one was a few months before I went into the military,only spoke with him for a few minutes but he had me in a better mood then I had been before I met him.

A few months later I was on leave before heading to my first duty station in Japan and I ran into him at another con, I went to say hello not expecting to be remembered (because of time, new haircut and about ten less pounds on me) but after a moment he did remember meeting me before and asked me how Basic had been...

To actually remember someone he had met only once before in passing... it made quite a good impression on me and I was saddened to hear of his passing.


Doresh said...

I was expecting Mario to team up with with an entire wing of jets to take down the enemy base, but instead I got Mario acting like a 90's action hero. AWESOME.

Heck, even Herman has become quite interesting. I wonder if he will ultimately face off against Mario...

A Team America joke, an Ancient Egypt joke AND a Top Gun joke. That's just what the doctor ordered...

P.S.: Women being attracted to criminals is a scientific disorder? Does this only account criminals or just jerks and assholes in general? There are at least two in my circle of friends and acquaintances who always fall for that kind of "friend".

Laserkid said...

I can't say I knew Justin (although when I lived in Denver I always kinda half hoped I'd bump into him on the lightrail or something), I was a fan of both his works and who he genuinely showed himself to be - a caring and kind individual who had a great love for others - and for that I grieve for his loss.

But I cannot even imagine what it's like for you and those who knew him well, and I do think all of you havew dealt with the issue respectfully and with poise I doubt I would have. As it's been said before this, there's no right or wrong way to grieve, and I don't get why some people have decided to make the grieving into a contest as to who did it best... that's kind of muissing the point.

I don't really know you either, Lewis, but I am a huge fan of your works, and have emailed you a handful of times, and while I doubt there is, if there's anything I can do beyond giving my condolences and wishing you, and everyone who knew Justin (especially his family, who are in my prayers right now) well, you have but to ask.

To the review itself, I have to say I actually kind of wish I had this comic, the concept is goofy enough to enjoy - now all we need, as your song choice3 implies, a top gun and Mario crossover ;)

Unknown said...

The Comic, is a silly fun comic that I find it to be enjoyable. I think it was a good comic review choice.
As for JewWario, I only knew him from the cameos he did on the site and I latelywas thinking of JewWario's Suburban Knights appearance, the Pokemon movie reviews with you and Suede and Diamanda Hagan's review of Poultrygeist with his cameo and how I enjoyed his interactions with others Everyone grieves death differently.The important thing is that We grieve. I'm very sad at JewWario's passing because as a video watcher and Fan I got to know JewWario, the character and He made me laugh and My condolences goes to both his family and his That Guy with the Glasses family that knew him as Justin.

Trekker4747 said...

I never watched the deceased's show, but feel for the loss for everyone on TGWTG. I've never lost someone that close to me, but I can imagine the pain in it. The review did make me laugh, Lois. Probably the biggest one coming near the end when you said "This comic..." and then actually kind of said you liked it. FWIW, the car with the folding wheels in AOS also refers back to an old comic from IIRC the 60s showing the same thing. Probably more referencing that than BTTF.

Allan Olley said...

Regarding Linkara's skepticism about Game Boy characters coming to life, he should remember he did in fact meet a Pokemon Missing Number. ;) You think he would be reticent to meet another Pokemon rather than cursing false advertising in the comic book.

As always a good episode you brought the funny.

Also a heartfelt remembrance of someone who clearly touched so many. As Emily Dickinson wrote:
"Parting is all we know of heaven and all we need of hell."

Dave said...

I have to admit that I didn't hear the sad news about JewWario until I saw this video, so I was a bit confused by the beginning. I thought it was some sort of crossover plotline at first.

I didn't follow his videos, but enjoyed him in the crossovers I saw with him (particularly the Pokemon movie series with Linkara and Suede, which I assume won't be going forward now, especially since it had been a long time since the last episode anyway.)

Good episode, Linkara, especially considering the last minute schedule change, and the difficulty of being funny in a moment such as this. And of course all my condolences to JW's friends and loved ones.

Unknown said...

this series of comics reminds me a lot of a really interesting story I read online some time ago.

it was called Captain-Gamer or something, and it was basically about how Video game characters were being created in the real world using a sort of biological 3d printer. Mario was one of the first characters created using this technology because he was so iconic andall that. It was really interesting, and this comic reminds me of it a lot.

I can't help but feel like this would have been a really great series had it not been for Herman being in it...

Anonymous said...

"Brad Jones kind of popularized it with the Cinema Snob by taking off his character glasses whenever he was speaking honestly and I just kind of went with it..."

I think taking off one's glasses when you want to be recognized as someone else makes a lot of sense for a comics review...

I only knew JewWario from the crossovers (something I see a lot of people say, and I've wondered if maybe that indirectly led to his depression -- the man was intelligent and funny, but maybe never found just the right niche). Then I saw outtakes and his "you are not stupid" bit, and it all really hit home. I can't claim to be grieving with any of the depth of someone who actually worked with him, of course.

For what it's worth, I think this was a nice tribute, seeing as it fits in with what people expect to see when they tune into Atop the Fourth Wall.

And I hope the Pokemon review with JewWario is finished and released. Even as someone who doesn't particularly care about Pokemon, it'd be nice to see him doing what he enjoyed one last time.

Anonymous said...

Sorry about Justin, man.

Yvan eht nioj! Yvan eht nioj!

I thought you should know I haven't had ads on your site in ages. I don't have ad-blocker on, so I don't know what's going on.

~ Mik

Enigma_2099 said...

What a way to start an episode. I couldn't even laugh much.

I don't even know the guy and I miss him!!

Tantum Ergo 2 said...

You know, Mario played the Superman role a lot in this comic, but at 18:01, he was just flat out *ripping Superman off.* The lines by both the fighter pilot and Mario himself are *stolen* from the end of Superman; the Movie, with, at most, minor modifications.

Also, I'm honestly not sure who they could get to play Mario in a movie. They'd have to play the concept a little like Oz, though, with strange, fantasy people in an odd, alternate world. If they could manage that, I think a Mario movie could actually work.

Sage Saria said...

Excuse me, I have something in my eye.

A LOT of something.

ShatteredSanity said...

R.I.P. JewWario. You will be missed.

It feels kind of inappropriate, but I want to relay the next thought I had while watching:


Yeah. Sorry.

Michael Clayton-Brown said...

RIP Justin, may wherever you are now have more Nintendo games than you could ever wish for.

And blast you Linkara *shakes fist a screen* now I'm addicted to that Mario Land Remix you put in the credits.

Ruesch said...

I'm so sad that Justin is gone now, my condolences.

On a lighter note, I always love the "Evil of Ancient Egypt" joke. It's so hilarious. I am curious though, what are you going to do if you ever review a comic showcasing Doctor Fate, or some other superhero whose powers derive from Egyptian mythology? If it ever does happen, you should definitely either get confused or show a different picture with different music.