Saturday, May 30, 2009

Podcast Interview 6: It's like Podcast 5, only it's a 6!

In addition to the podcast I did with DumpsterTech, I was also fortunate enough to once again be featured on Made of Fail, the Nerd podcast wherein we discuss geekdom, Star Trek (since I'm sure everyone is soooo not sick of me talking about it), and other happy topics.

Enjoy! ‎


The Trembler said...

I can supply some help on some of the unknowns about the latest Trek film.

1) There was originally an explanation for Nero's 25 years of quiet Originally, shortly after the attack on the Kelvin, Nero was to have run into the Klingons and been captured. He was to have spent pretty much all that time a prisoner i Rura Pente, and the attack on the Klingon spins as the evidence of his crew helping him escape. (I think the idea was that the lightning storm had appeared again inducing that soon Spock would arrive.) Apparently the sequence was taken out because Abrams feared adding an extra enemy group for a brief time might confuse some people, and the events are no longer considered cannon.

2) Here's a lint to an interview with one of the screenwriters where he xplains why they mae time travel work the way it does. ( Other questions are answered, too, but there's a long discussion on that question. The shot answer is, they acknowledge it is a change to Trek physical but they were it as bringing Trek's physics more in line with current scientific understanding.

3) Yes, Romulus is indeed destroyed in the Prime timeline. At least it is in the Star Trek Online version of the Prime Timeline, which will be one of the few versions to use the TNG era for a while -- though hopefully not forever. (Check out this entry in the Path to 2409 for details: Apparently in another interview,a writer said that Star Trek Countdown is not cannon as far as this movie series (ie in any contradiction between movie and Countdown -- and there are a few -- the winner is the movie, bur Countdown sure is canon as far as Star Trek Online goes. And he's fine by me. And of course there's Parallels. Ah,the Crisis on Infinite Worfs. Thanks to you, in sense, every Trek story is canon. It's just a question of which quantum reality it occurred in.

The Trembler said...

Of and, in Star Trek Countdown, the Hobus star (the one that goes supernova, and not the star Romulus orbited around, BTW) is at least described as behaving oddly. No explanation is given for why, but at least thy don't act as if a supernova threatening the galaxy is normal.