Saturday, December 18, 2010

Announcement, Panels, and Commentaries!

A lot of stuff behind the cut! Click "Read More" to find out what's going on in the near future plus some goodies!

For those of you who have been following the upcoming episodes lists, you'll recall that I had an episode scheduled for Christmas Day. However, due to circumstances beyond my control, this episode is being pushed back until after the New Year.

Yeah, I'm really sorry - I wanted this to be an awesome Christmas gift, but realistically I doubt I'll be able to get the episode done within the week I have left, plus I'm contracting some more work for it to be done that won't be completed until after the New Year, as well.

In addition, MagFest is going to be tricky. I've got the live show stuff, which isn't too bad to put together myself, but the real problem comes from the fact that I will say that storyline stuff is going to happen in the Justice League: Cry for Justice review... and that storyline stuff is tricky to pull off when I've got Magfest to plan for and around. Currently I don't PLAN to revise the schedule, buuuut it might happen in order to reshuffle things to make my life easier. I really hate to do it since I've got my plans and all, but I wanted to make you guys aware of it in case that's what I end up doing.

Anyway, since I'm not going to be able to get that episode for you by Christmas, enjoy COMMENTARIES! And oh yes, the full That Guy with the Glasses panel from Daisho Con!

First up is a commentary on my very first episode - Spider-Man #56!

Next is a commentary for Silent Hill: Dead/Alive #5!

And finally, Daisho Con!


James said...

Thanks for the heads-up, Lewis. I personally don't mind if you have to reschedule; you do whatever you have to do in order to make the best videos.

lordciaran said...

relax man don,t worry take your time, i am sure we can wait for your next videos and also your commentaries will keep us quiet for a bit so enjoy your christmas and we hope to see you in the new year.

Jamibu A.K.A. Zen119 said...

Thanks for informing us about this. It's cool. I'll enjoy these commentaries, Daishocon and the past videos while you're on your break.

Though I'm wondering if the upcoming AT4W video set for monday, Dec. 20 will still be posted?

Merry Christmas, Linkara!

Lewis Lovhaug said...

"Though I'm wondering if the upcoming AT4W video set for monday, Dec. 20 will still be posted? "

Oh yeah - that episode is completed and ready. ^_^

Lizzie said...

Everything's shiny, captain. Not to fret. We'll be all the happier when it's ready.

'Sides, I do so love commentaries. :D Have a good Christmas, man.


Joseph said...

Personally, I can't wait to see more episodes of "You're Such a Card...Game!" You and Liz are a natural fit and it's always a treat to see you two together--even if I still don't quite get how yu-gi-oh plays. I'm Wraith, the guy that, if you remember, my friend Mithcell spoke about during the charity drive. I'm still going to send you those card decks, the ones I've ordered for you should arrive early next week. In addition, I'm working on a free Linkara deck that you can put up(or not) for your fans to print and play with. Anyways, expect a message from Mitchell asking where I can ship these cards for you soon!

deuxhero said...

So is everything going to be pushed back a week or will we get 2 episodes then?

E. Wilson said...

I am hardly going to complain about a small delay in my high-quality free internet programming.

Regarding the Clone Saga: I know it's a dividing line among Spider-Man fans, and I've inferred that you aren't a fan of the decision, but I was absolutely blown away by the return of Norman Osborn at the end of the story. The issue as a whole was pretty lame, (especially the way Ben Reilly went down), but each scene with Peter and Norm was awesome.

"I'm Norman Osborn...your worst nightmare!" -manly shirt rip-

Frackin' awesome.

Lewis Lovhaug said...

"So is everything going to be pushed back a week or will we get 2 episodes then?"

Two episodes.

The Fiend said...

Thanks for the commentaries and Daishocon footage. Funny stuff. And now that I know that I'm basically getting two free episodes instead of just one I care even less about the delay than I did before. Though I do think that some of those crossover ideas mentioned in the panel video have potential. Planning on doing any with anybody on TGWTG in the near future?

Jannet_Jazz said...

Take your time, sweetie. No need to rush!

I (and my fiancee and my family and my church) also wanted to wish you and yours a Blessed Christmas and a Happy New Year!

Anonymous said...

Regarding the Silent Hill commentary,
I actually assumed your Pyramid Head was the canon one, despite all of the other ones I had seen. The reason for this was that I hadn't yet seen his original depiction, only things created post-movie, and yours was closer to the gritty, deconstructed feel of Silent Hill than the sleeker, more refined version you see in the newer video.

Michael said...

As I said on the blip video page.
"After the gun's origin story, the lyrics "He's got a magic gun, where'd he purchase that?" suddenly become a valid question. What, did you pull a Dying Inside, and find the deadly magic weapon on EBay? "

Anonymous said...

I really liked the commentaries and the Dahio-Con was really fascinating too. I didn't know you were able to do this full time, that is awesome! As others have said, it's great that your taking some time with videos for the best content.

Also for Operation Overdrive is the 15th anniversy episode itself bad?

Kerstin said...

As always: Thanks for sharing this Lewis, the heads-up, the commentary and especially the con panel (as a European it's not that easy to see you life on stage but this way I got quite a good impression of the fun you and Doug are to have around).

Have yourself a merry little Christmas:)

Jesse said...

It's cool you can't review on Christmas. These things happen. Thanks a million for the consolation gift. I'm kinda a sucker for commentaries. Won't get the DC movies without them lol.

If you DO end up having to redo the schedule, we'll all understand. Me, personally though, I'm hoping to still hear that review on JLA: Cry For Justice somewhere down the road. Hopefully still in 2011. Hope the Annual Top 15 Screw Ups survive too now that I think about them.

Other than that, thanks for another great year and all the fun. Merry Christmas Linkara. See ya next year!:)

Toby said...

Cool, cool. Hope you and Liz have a Merry Christmas (If that's okay)

Lord Seth said...

Well, this explains why my That Guy With The Glasses Q&A videos zoomed up in views so much today. Thanks for that! By the way, I also recorded Lewis's other panels ("Movies Everyone Disagrees With You On" and "Becoming a Successful Internet Reviewer") if anyone wants to see them. Links to the first video in their sets are:
Becoming a Successful Internet Reviewer
Movies Everyone Disagrees With You On

Wazaraku said...

how dare you to fail a week after doing this week after week for a hundred weeks in a row... AND SAY YOU'RE SORRY!!!

man youre work is awesome and we can wait as long as its not a year per episode (unless said episode would be 12 types of epic) so do what you do best and thanks for the goods we have while we wait

have a merry christmas ;D

Xel Unknown said...

I think the best part about that awesomeness of The Magic Gun's backstory is the parts that are unsaid, like how it's because of the fact that you never knew of the Gun's backstory that the two of you became friends. You treated it as an Awesomelly Cool Gun (Something that everyone would agree that it IS!) with more respect and kindness then the girl's own partents. But if you and us your fans had known of the Gun's backstory when it first apeared, such of a friendship wouldn't have been born. Because there would have always been a sence of mistrust from how the Gun turned agasnt it's own makers, and that possablity would've been always there nagging at your mind. Thankfully becuase you never knew of it's history till AFTER it had return you the same love you showed it, such seeds of dout could never bloom in Linkara's mind. So to the Gun's point of view being Linkara's weopon of choice is the sperts of the girl's happly ever after! Don't know if that was something you enteded, but if it isn't that just makes it all the more awesome in my mind!

And on another note, you did totally make a better Hill Story then that that comic tried to make and then some...

Also sorry for all of my spelling mistakes. >.>

Meerkat said...

Hey Linkara, no worries - just don't stress yourself, okay?

Commentaries - awesome! I'll catch the Daisho Con stuff too. Sadly, being in the UK, it's also difficult to be able to catch you in person.

P.S. Hope you got my e-card okay.

Lewis Lovhaug said...

"Hey Linkara, no worries - just don't stress yourself, okay?

Commentaries - awesome! I'll catch the Daisho Con stuff too. Sadly, being in the UK, it's also difficult to be able to catch you in person.

P.S. Hope you got my e-card okay."

Yeeeaah... umm... I get a lot of spam, and sometimes it's for e-cards, so if it did come my way I may have accidentally deleted it and you may want to re-send it. ^^;

Meerkat said...

"Yeeeaah... umm... I get a lot of spam, and sometimes it's for e-cards, so if it did come my way I may have accidentally deleted it and you may want to re-send it. ^^;"
No problem, I've resent it - I use Mozilla Thunderbird and I'm sure its spam filters are too clever for their own good sometimes :)

Cristin said...

Yay Diasho con panels! Next year I will see them all *shake fist*

THE COMMENTARY!!! People were confused about the gun's story? Really? Huh.

I was so excited to hear about some of the AT4W's story. The three villains are so epic and I can not wait to see what happens!

You and your lovely lady stay warm!

The House of C.R.P said...

Ah don't worry about the Christmas video Lewis! After all, it's the thought that counts! :)

Gareth said...

Yay, Scherzo, good choice! A few years ago at a LARP game my character was suddenly asked to tell a story, and the Music story from that play was the only thing I could think of (though I doubt I told it half as well as Paul McGann!).

I'll look forward to each video as they come, I think we'd all rather them a little late than rushed out! :)

Anonymous said...

Dude! A great review of Linkara show on a Polish comic book page :

Yhe it's Polish but... Well check it out!

Anonymous said...

Personally I liked Cry for Justice, but that might just be due to the awesomeness that is Prometheus but I look forward to hearing your take on it.

The other thing is what do you think of JLA Vol. 2? I personally like some, and none has struck me as particularly bad, but it ranges from pretty good to meh for me.

Anonymous said...

Actually, re-reading it, It's o.k. not very good, not very bad. Sure people act out of character in the first issue, but after that they stay pretty much right. Yes, Lian dies and that sucks. But all in all it's not great, it's not terrible. It's just ... meh. Maybe that's what pisses a lot of people off, it's not good enough to really enjoy, and not bad enough to get to make fun at it.

SlugLady28 said...

Hope Christmas was awesome for you! Don't worry, i love commentaries, and apparently so does a few people here!

Regarding Dead/Alive: I didn't have a problem with "Linkara is too young to have a teen daughter" because i figured it was meant to be a reincarnation thing. Since, y'know, that tends to happen in Silent Hill. I also didn't find the stories at the beginning to be jarring because they acted as foreshadowing and I figured they were dreams you had due to your line "The dreams, the visions"

But i'm glad you went the happier root and made the whole thing a trick created by Vice.

Anonymous said...

I'm sure this is one of the stupidest questions you've had but in the DashioCon panel, where does the quote "It's about this long with lights on it" come from???

Anonymous said...

I think one of the cool things about watching your really old reviews is how, in retrospect, you can really see the beginnings of all the great stuff and the distinctive style and mannerisms we come to expect from you now, even if it's coming through a veil of rough edges.