Monday, December 27, 2010

Top 15 Screw-Ups of Atop the Fourth Wall

See all the times where Linkara was a total idiot!


areoborg said...

Woot! My comment made a cameo!

And now, I'm going to live in fear that Linkara is going to teleport and kick the crap out of me.

Kerstin said...

Two things:
One - I'm so happy that I read the comments before writing one about Schrödinger's cat myself and therefor didn't contribute to your anguish (but seriously Schrödinger's cat is ... OK I'll stop it)

Two - Why the heck did you stop striping?! You damn tease.

harmonicajay said...

Just finished the vid. Thanks for beating up the douche. Also you are right about the swearing. It works for some shows like the Critic because that is what people expect from a character like him, and it works for him and others like Spoony. Using it repeatedly at the drop of a hat does not make something funny it makes it seem immature and annoying, like Cartmen. Great vid. Also, HOW DARE YOU BASH IDENTITY CRISIS? HOW DARE YOU MAKE INSULT A GRAPHIC NOVEL THAT WAS WRITTEN BY A NOVELIST WHO PROBABLY HAD NO REAL EXPERIENCE WITH OUR FAVORITE FICTIONAL CHARACTERS? Kidding :). Seriously though, the one thing Meltzer did right was the reason why heroes wear a mask. What do you think?

Mario said...

In a bit of poetic justice, I spotted two screwups in this video.

One, I refuse to admit I caught, so I'll leave it as a genealogical conundrum.

The other? "Transfromers"

deuxhero said...

I would assume the reason people were "offended" about the Robby the Robot is more of an "actor" than a prop because of his history.

Also, you are funnier because you don't swear. Also The Nerd character, The Critic character ect. are portrayed as rabidly insane, the Linkara character is not.

Also, the "stripping" scene was hilarious.

deuxhero said...

Oh, was the punching green screened, or did you film that at some point?

Anonymous said...

So you do cuss in real life. That's disappointing:(, I thought I had finally found someone on the internet that believes cussing to be unnecessary and unfunny. Words like the "F" word really add nothing to comedy(Or, like you said, comic books), except to appear immature. Anyway good video, I loved the douchey cameo, and as long as you don't start spoony level cussing I'll continue watching and enjoying Atop the Fourth Wall.

Alex Stritar said...

Nice look at your own mistakes Lewis. Although, I get the feeling that your whole reason for doing this was just so you could punch Douchy, not that there's anything wrong with that, just saying.

You know, the thing I wonder about the whole Schrodinger's cat thing is "how come the cat doesn't count as an observer?" After all, I'm pritty sure the cat would notice if it's dead or alive. Now, please don't teleport into my rum and hit me. xD

Anonymous said...

So does that mean YOU'RE magic as well? Cause I thought it was just the gun before...
Also, the Treehouse will totally freak out over the 'strip tease'. Juuust a warning.

Mountain King said...

Alright lets tackle some of your mistakes.
First of all your accent doesn't matter to me, as long as we can understand you I don't think anyone minds.
Next problem, that wasn't really a problem for me, was the Robbie the robot thing. The poster was a deliberate misdirection to entice people to see the film; both to keep the real villain a secret and to show off some of the effects. If you haven't seen the film you really should. Not only does it prove that the late Lesley Nelson was a good actor as well as comic but it was one of the first inspirations for classic Star Trek!
Electronic computers, thanks for pointing that out. You missed the fact that computing is an old word that meant mathematics. Although thank you for the mention of the Difference Engine and Colossus. Both are conveniently ignored in most American histories.
On the Shadow comic, you probably know this but there was a VERY bad film, I like it because it's cheesy, but it is awful. Other interesting facts include that Sam Rami's Darkman was invented when he couldn't secure the rights to The Shadow after Tim Burton's Batman film and that it was one of the original inspirations for Batman. I look forward to seeing this one, when you get around to it.
Alright the big one now. I've offered to send you good British comics, this hasn't been for you to review. Trust me 2000AD has it's fair share of misfires in it's past and I'm not too big a fan-boy to ignore that. However I've wanted to send you good comics as a thank you for exposing me to the bad ones. They have made me appreciate fantastic writers and artists all that much more.
Now as for the taxes problem, you're right. British VAT is going up to 20% as of January. It's a flat rip-off, but given the world (and our) economy and wars it's needed. However when you say your against taxes being risen I'm a little worried. In a Capitalist economy, over time, taxes have to rise, otherwise the result is social deprivation. More people are born as such more money is needed to go around, otherwise there is no governmental funding for social aid. It's a pain, but what are you going to do about it.
Next; I don't mind you not resorting to the darker curses. Only using them when they are needed helps them mean something. I don't curse that much at work, often going for outlandish homonyms; for example instead of saying Fucking Hell I'll say Flying Monkeys. Now if I, say, broke my leg I'll curse a blue streak up hill and down dale. Cursing only when it is needed helps to broaden one's imagination and saves up things until their really needed.
Plus it's funny watching you avoid cursing when you really want to. Rangers baked into a giant pizza anyone?
The Kool-Aid man not freezing. Well no it wouldn't, on the other hand it would vaporise rather than not evaporate. This is because the liquid would become vapour, evaporation requires heat to be added, a subtle but important difference. I'm a pedantic nerd, so there.
As for the Cat… Oh boy. I admit I jumped on you for that one. Sorry if I added to a headache. But as you showed in the video, I did tell you that you'd opened yourself up to it.
There are others you mentioned, but these are the only ones I've picked on. There was one other I noticed (a, to use your words, "Squicky" issue to deal with Superman and having children that we could probably debate for hours) but other than that you caught the top 15 Screw up's and unlike the NC you won't have to go over them again. That just leaves the next 15 you're going to make, another video next year then?


Ps if you do want to debate that little problem above, you are a sad little man. I'd pity you, if I had any left after looking at myself in the mirror this morning.

Anonymous said...

Okay, so Linkara now has a large cache of weapons and tech beyond the reach of normal people, including a magical gun, an arm gatling cannon, a BFG, a phaser, a sonic screwdriver, several Power Ranger tools and weapons, and a magical coin that can make him grow. And now he has the power to snap his fingers and appear anywhere in the world.

... dude, I am so glad you are not evil or you would be the most terrifying human being on Earth XD

Anonymous said...

It's funny, here in Wisconsin we make the same joke about the seasons. Must be a Midwest thing.

On the accent, I'm curious if you say "root" with an "uh" sound in the middle of it as well? I always have, and I say "roof" similarly to how you do (most of the time anyway, going to school in IN has been messing with me), though not "room."

I loved that Kool-Aid man explanation. I learned something today! I'm a nerd, but not the scientifically inclined kind. I would've made the same mistake you did.

Great vid! :)

Azereaux said...

My God! The comic book guy with the awesome hat ISN'T perfect? My world, it shatters. . . .

Seriously though, not bad. Cleared up some things, made sense, apologized where needed. . . well done! Extra credit for delivering a beating to Douchie. . . it's like getting to deck the net's trolls by proxy (I believe the word 'cathartic' covers it).

Here's to a good year of reviews, and to many more in the future.

Until Rob Liefeld learns anatomy, Quesada retcons One More Day, and fedoras are outlawed, Make Mine AT4W

Jesse said...

So now we know that there IS a practical use for one shoulder-pad. Who knew?

Speaking of who knew, you'd think by now people would know you don't HAVE to explain magic. It's just that simple:P

I've never been very good at catching mistakes so this year end video is always a favorite of mine. I'll try to catch some screw-ups for next year's video.

Till then, Happy New year Linkara and see you then.

DerKork said...

Ah, screw-ups...
First of all, let me tell you, Lewis, that you minnesotans aren't the only ones who turn their rooms into rums and roofs into ruffs. I mean I'm from europe (you know, that weird mystery place where everything is free - except when you have to pay fees or taxes) and even I say ruff and rum if I'm not careful.

Oh: Nice Q abilities... Mind if I borrow them?
(And the "Robby The Robot" costume appeared on Star Trek Voyager as an unfavourable minion character, which may have influenced the perception as "evil". )

And to deuxhero: The scene with Douchey McNitpick was filmed during the time frame of the donation drive. (Either before it or on the day after.)

If anything I have stated has been covered in a previous comment: I saw the first 11 only during typing this up. Sorry if stuff repeats due to that,

Cubey said...

"You keep using people for cameos!" - I see what you did there, Doug.

The title card for this episode is a Hiimdaisy reference, isn't it? TRIAL OF THE DRAGON! I love that Persona 4 comic, and everything else she did, really.

I noticed: You used to look thinner in your earlier videos, Linkara. It may be just the camera's positioning though.

underthepale said...

Ahh, it was worth it to see Douchy Mc Nitpick get punched in the face. Just so worth it.

And on the bright side, you only own the New Kids comic because someone gifted it to you, didn't they? Now, some of your other comics are another matter entirely... But my personal taste aside, you remainedone of my favorite webshows in 2010, mostly due to your good humor and well-spoken manner... And general lack of massive ego. Keep it up, and you'll keep (and more than likely gain) fans. Good luck in 2011.

Falcovsleon20 said...

Am I the only one who watches Linkara to NOT point out any of those mistakes or something?

ShadowWing Tronix said...

I'd be more apt to point out that he's not "The" Kool-Aid-Man, just "Kool-Aid-Man". It's a fun comic for kids (doubling as advertising for soft drink mix, but I still enjoy them--compared to the Archie versions) and I take space science there the way I do in Silverhawks and Space Ghost, both of which are awesome off of the charts.

I actually like it better than you don't swear very often (and I do consider those swear words), partly because it would be out of place, and I don't swear nearly as much in my own articles (I've even edited quotes, but have posted videos with swears) as I do in real life. On the flip side, the Nostalgia Critic and Spoony probably swear more than Doug and Noah do off camera. Swearing does not equal "comedy" (the Def Comedy Jam performers may disagree). Even the AVGN has toned it down from the early days.

E. Wilson said...

I think your biggest mistake was being surprised that your fanbase wouldn't contain a contingent of Forbidden Planet fans. Just the name itself should have been a tip-off that it was right up your target demo's alley.

Having said that, I don't think you should have felt it necessary to apologize for pointing out how taxes work. Somehow I'm thinking the people who take offense to such things probably don't pay them to begin with.

Trevor said...

I'll agree with you: one-armed shoulder pads are stupid looking. Functional yes, but stupid

Trevor said...

#1 at 29:12, my comment made a cameo on AT4w! Yay!

Shada said...

Great vid Lewis!
The only unmentioned mistake I'd mention is "Transfromers" in this video.


I think the way you say room and roof is cute! Never change it!

I think your lack of hardcore swearing makes your videos more enjoyable (and your alternate word choices are far funnier than actual swearing could ever be). Besides, I saw you use the F-word during the donation-drive.

Here's to another year of watching Atop The Fourth Wall, starring the most handsome and magnificent (and humble) Linkara!

Jannet_Jazz said...

Personally, I like the fact that you don't curse that often, sweetie.

It's nice to see a reviewer that doesn't try to drop f-bombs in a vain attempt to be funny (or to appear more mature).

You are already funny enough and you have the class to not bog down your reviews by swearing up a storm.

This also means that your show is more accessible to larger audiences (give or take a few episodes due to the comics themselves).

So good on you, Linkara!

Mike&Mer said...

What's the point of something like Naked News in an environment where hardcore porn is readily available?

What, no one prefers to be titillated to being explicitly shown things? No one is aroused by the idea of a sexual component in an otherwise formal, sterile atmosphere. Come on Lewis, we know you're not that naive.

Lewis Lovhaug said...

"I noticed: You used to look thinner in your earlier videos, Linkara. It may be just the camera's positioning though. "

I wish. I've just put on a lot of weight thanks to fast food. ^^;

twistedpuppet said...

Just to add fuel to the fire, here's a fun link to more possible proof that Mark Wahlberg was an original member of New Kids along with his brother.

Isaac232 said...

15. I tend to flub due to aspergers, so it's fine.
14. Hmm...well who doesn't use internet sources?
13. More or less, not caring to people seems to equal hate in their eyes. And I agree, if you don't like it, fine.
12. Oh my...
11. Owned by a robot?
10. I didn't know.
9. Can't blame you for it.
8. Indeed.
7. Everyone makes mistakes.
6. One for you, and one for fans.
5. It's more like a hybrid to me.
4. What's wrong with using limited swearing? I do it too, morely because it's something I was raised on. And again, unless you can make the swearing work, but it doesn't automatically mean it's good.
3. Still don't know how they can do that.
2. Reverse effect ftl.
1. Don't be hating cats. :P And okay, I think it does get overboard when science is involved.

Good job, no hard feelings, and we'll try not to pester you.

Jesse said...

An interesting year-end video, as always, Linkara. Most of those things I either didn't notice or didn't realize were screw-ups until you said something about them.

And, really, there were only two things that really stood out for me. One was the accent. I don't really notice it, but then again, chances are, I've got the same one, being from eastern South Dakota, which means that I might not live all that far away from you, depending on which part of Minnesota you're from.

Second is the matter of foreign/European comics. There are the reasons you talked about, of course, which make great sense. Another thing that came to mind for me was access. Granted, access isn't the problem it used to be, but it stands to reason that titles and publishers from overseas still aren't as common as, for example, DC, Marvel, and others publishers based here in the US. So, naturally, you probably don't follow manga titles the way you might follow Superman, for example.

But anyway, I'd better give this up before I really do turn into Douchy McNitpick.

Thanks for another great year, Linkara. I'm really looking forward to 2011!

Nic said...

As I've said before, I enjoy the fact that you don't need to swear in your videos. I was just curious why. I always thought that was one of the things that kinda made you special on At the same time, I still enjoy the foil that is the Spoony one, (which makes it so great you guys are in each others videos so often) as well as many of the other hosts.

"Winter and rode construction"... so true...

Crow_King said...

Transformers is spelled wrong.

*is punched*

Ow! I'm sorry, you asked for me to tell you!

Iskander said...

Sorry Linkara, only partial marks on your Kool-aid Man explanation. While the universe may have a very low average heat (about 4 kelvin), solar system are actually very hot places. With out an atmosphere for protect direct exposure to a sun from even great distance could be enough to increase you temperature significantly. I don't know how far the Kool-aid man was from the sun but theoretically he could have been the right distance from the sun to maintain his body temperature. As for him not boiling due to the lack of air pressure I am willing to chalk that up to magic.

sean said...

Magic, the one thing that can enplane away anything. Its what I say happens when there is a screw up in my web comic VG know if anyone read it that is.
Oh and say what you will about how Linkara sez Room but I forgive all that because he sez 2010 instead of that ear bleeding 20 10.

Jim S said...

Um, isn't it DOnnie Wahlberg and not DAnny Wahlberg? It wouldn't be the Internet if I couldn't nitpick.

Keep up the good work.

Razor6X said...

To Linkara of Atop the Fourth Wall

Let me first say how much I appreciate your videos. I have to be honest I didn't watch you at first because I was never into comics and thought I couldn't relate to what you were saying. I was glad I had been proven wrong and I've been a long time viewer since. This is my first time comment though. To add to this I do include enjoying your videos of you including us in your card game.

(Might I recommend the world of Warcraft card game. Not sure how it works or if it's good but just wanted to suggest it to you since you were trying a multitude of card games.)

In all honesty I love the fact that your character doesn't swear as well. It's even set up by the beginning of the show in my opinion.
Please correct me if I'm wrong, I never want to assume of have other people assume based on my opinion, but I always saw that your title logo with the faceless person with glasses and a hat and your name under it was reminiscent of a "Film noir" style. Even your hat reminds me of classic characters such as Humphrey Bogart with a signature hat. (Even though the hats aren't the same style, I hope you see the picture of how I see you.) Those classic movies rarely had curse words, and many such films are top of my list. Not better or worse, just a unique style you hold to. Which is why I love watching your reviews.

Needless to say you even have me intrigued since one of my favorite forms of entertainment is reading. It makes me wanna pick up this another form of entertainment.

To quote Bobby Flay "Keep doing what you do."
I wish you luck and success.
Also I understand if you have enough fans that tell you your great so if you don't want me to comment anymore just let me know. I never wanna impose.

Anonymous said...

douchey mcnitpick is doug character HOW DARE YOU USE HIM!

A Tribe Called Helloween said...

"Does saying them actually make these reviews better?"

Never underestimate the power and comedic timing of the well placed f-bomb. I do believe TV tropes refers to it as "The Precision F-Strike."

David said...

you are absolutely right about Canadian law which is legal for women to be topless in public (Ontario (where I am from) to be specific in 1995 and British Columbia in 2008) and BTW I agree with naked news not really being news

SpectralTime said...

To be fair, I feel this is less of a "Top 15 Screw-Ups" and more of a "Responses to the Top Fifteen Questions and Comments."

That said, I still enjoyed it, and I look forward to your further adventures in both the ongoing plot and the upcoming comics.

Anonymous said...

Ahhh, an excellent send out for the New Year. Cheers Mr. Lovhaug :)


PS - *IMAMANPUNCH* ... ahhhh, so satisfying ^__^

Anonymous said...

PPS - And to anyone who cares: yes, the 2 Seasons joke is good for most of the Midwest, though in Ohio we do actually have 4!

... Those four being Construction, Sweaty Construction, Frantic Construction, and Ice. ^_^


Roland Matthew Joseph Ziemke said...

The white balance was the first thing I noticed. In fact, I wondered if perhaps you'd visited your old room or if you'd recorded parts of this video prior to your move.

It's weird, but I almost want to say, "Leave it, it's fine. Don't screw with it!" It's akin to when the Cinema Snob got a new place and better lighting. Sure, they made for "technically" better videos, but they lost a little of that homebrew charm, that untouchable "Wayne's World" quality (It genuinely looked like the kind of room a college-age elitist film student would have). Then again, as someone who also makes videos, I don't hold your perfectionism against you, so take my, "Don't touch it!" remark with many, many grains of salt.

Chris said...

What I find really funny about the whole Naked News thing is that, aside from the whole stripping part, NN tries to be a legitimate news outlet. Franky M's was just a dumb joke where every line uttered by those bimbos was a double entendre, while NN has actually won awards (IIRC, for their international news coverage). So even when he tries to do fanservice, Frank Miller fails (then again, I think we all figured that out with All-Star Batman and his salacious description of Vicki Vale in her underwear. I needed a shower after reading that...).

Anonymous said...

I honestly didn't care about 90% of those mistakes and probably missed most of them too. All I know of Shroedinger's cat is from LOLcats which is, to say, nothing.

I actually never noticed the "room" vs. "rum" thing until you pointed it out yourself, either in a review or some podcast or comments. I don't remember where. Does it bother me? Eh, not really. I have a "Great Lakes" accent myself. I refer to carbonated beverages as Pop instead of soda for which I am crucified on a regular basis by my East and West coast friends. It actually made me realize I have an accent too. I say things like "cooler" as 'kewlah' - because poor enunciation is kewl. Nah, that'll never catch on.

A little late but, Merry Christmas and a Happy, screw up new year!

P.S.: I'm one of your fans who appreciates the fact you don't use the more colorful four letter words in your review. The thing that bothered me most in one of the first videos I saw of you was the GD batman comment honestly. Thanks for keeping it more family friendly, (or safe for work to others) and certainly geek and nerd friendly.

Forget about Douchy ;)

Anonymous said...

Personally, I normally don't notice your accent. But, then again, I'm from north central/north western Indiana, so most Midwestern accents sound pretty neutral, unless they're really strong.

Also the pert of the weather being either winter or road construction is SO TRUE. Even more so due to lake effect, haha.

Also, it's safe to say I don't really nitpick a whole lot at your videos...well, maybe when it comes to certain biases that we don't share...*cough*I'masocialistliberal*cough*

I can sympathize with the whole putting on weight thing. Although, in my case, it's mostly from eating too much, lol (I eat fairly healthily, but I have a large appetite).

Mecha-gino said...

Well Lewis, might as well throw in one I wish you could of atleast mentioned briefly. Don't mean to sound like a dick btw....

In your Athena review, you mentioned how Spider-man did the obama comic first then other comics like Savage Dragon attempted to cash in. The problem is Savage Dragon did the obama meet up MONTHS before Spidey's was released. Like 3 or 4 to be exact.

SailorCardKnight said...

I honestly never had a problem with your accent, lack of swearing, or reviews of comics outside the US.

The fact that people keep nitpicking about the way you say "room" is absurd. As long as people can understand what you are saying thats all that really matters right?

I like the fact you don't swear. There's a ton a reviewers out there already who do swear, so it makes for a great change of pace. Plus, in most cases, dropping the F-bomb in every other sentence in an attempt to be funny, just isn't...its annoying.

As stated before in one of your other videos, I am saddened you won't review a Japanese manga (which i'm far more familiar with than American comics), but as stated perhaps its for the best. As Japanese comics work/are set up very differently from American comics.

As for the lack of non-American or non-Japanese comics (like European comics), I always figured lack of availability or you just wanted to focus on American comics.

With this being America, you obviously have an endless supply of crappy American comics to review, then the manga market is large enough where companies foolishly bring over trash that should have stayed back in Japan (or Korea in some cases), and good lord i've seen some real stinkers. Comics outside of the US that aren't Asian just don't seem to have such luxury, so as a result it seems like only a handful of titles are lucky enough to even make it here.

I just hope some of your fans find some great crappy non-American/Asian comics sometime, i'd love to see you tackle one of those.

SpaceScreaminJohn said...

When I saw the title, I had a feeling that Douchey McNitPick would make an appearance.

Great review, Linkara! And I agree with you about the cursing. It does make your videos seem more sophisticated.

Can't wait for the next video...

Dg said...

Road Construction is my favorite season

Andrew said...

Keep doin' what you've been doin' Linkara. Don't change a thing!

ladygem91 said...

Ok, fair enough about the accent. I'm from Philly after all and I pronounce "water" as "wooder" from time to time, especially if I'm talking about "wooder ice" so I'm in no position to judge you for that. I am glad I read the comments before posting anything about the-cat-that-must-not-be-mentioned, and I'm glad we're all nerds, I wouldn't have it any other way.
Also, who gave you permission to stop striping?

Anonymous said...

To be fair the kool-aid man would boil due to the lack of atmosphere but because the energy used in the process of changing the liquid to a gas would come directly from the liquid itself he would only boil until he froze due to his lowering internal energy.

TheGrumpyCelt said...

We didn't actually get naked Linkara. I feel cheated.

Kavinsky said...

Oh come on my dick tracy comment didnt make the list?


Sofie Liv Pedersen said...

Why on earth was I sitting actually hoping he would take all of the clothes off?

Suddenly I was just catching myself in being disappointed that he cut away. oO;

Perhaps your right Linkara, perhaps you just are the god damn most handsome man on earth.. all though that took me a while figuring out....

Well, no one is perfect, not even the god damn dead handsome nostalgia critic, but it's great you guys can pick fun of yourselves. I really like these kinds of videos and this was great.

You should try and have a go on the Asterix, the reason why the recent comics are so bad have nothing to do with continuity, the Asterix franchise is not even build up after continuity, each comic is just a single shot story. but gosh darn it the most recent ones are just so sooo bad.
And the reason for it being the original writer Rene Goscinny who had a flair for humour and satire in the writing, actually died back in 1977, but gosh darn it, that would not stop the illustrator Albert Uderzo to continue anyhow, and just write the comics himself, trouble just is... he can't write.
His drawings are still good and based on that cartoonish satire fell, but his writing is just unfunny, inconsistent and really bad.
The matter of the fact is that Rene Goscinny and Alber Uderzo was a match made in heaven for their time, but now. Asterix just needs to be laid to rest so we can cherish what is so good about the comics.
Dear lord don't remind me what Hollywood did to my childhood D:

three freaking movies, and only the middle one was a littlebit good. Don't let me start on the new cartoon and what's wrong with it.

Anonymous said...

The thing with Maxx is more about you saying it's weird and incomprehensible, while at the same time you are a fan of Silent Hill which makes about as much sense

Also, while most of the Asterix covers you've shown were actually of good issues (except the last one), the main problem of the series is that the series original writer died some years ago, and the series is now continued by it's artist despite the fact that he obviously does not know how to write

Anonymous said...

I have one new screw-up for you right now!

You didn't finish your damn striptease!
Now I have to go finish my self over a Teen Titans rule 34 slash fancomic

Anonymous said...

lewis PLESS DON'T screw up the cry for Justis review.

Anonymous said...

Well, since you're still planning next year's reveiws, i'd like to make a request. Can you you do the Rob Liefeld comic where the Greek gods make fun of Jesus while he's on the cross, and then Zeus says something about Jesus's mother, so Jesus goes batshit and then Jesus fights Zeus? I read about it on, but then any of the comics in this article would be good:

MattF said...

one small screw up in the screw up video, Mark Wahlberg's brother's name is Donnie Wahlberg, not Danny. This, however, is an excusable mistake due to the fact that the New Kids On The Block had both a Donnie and a Danny as members.

Kreaden said...

I concede good sir. I have been a fool. After sometime off from work I was able to do some indepth research and found that Mark was in fact in The New Kids with his brother for a short period and left to form the Funky Bunch before recording with them.

Holmes said...

I know think this quite worked as well as the NC's fuck-up list. I know that you're different shows with different tones, but hey, Douchey invited the comparison.

Honestly, most of your list weren't fuck-ups, and a lot closer to the snarky FAQs of hate blogs gone by. The whole rum/room thing is just how you talk, the lack of profanities is a style choice... and one I didn't even notice until the Silent Hill comics, though when you dodge it in the source material itself, it flows about as well as a train wreck, in my opinion.

The rest were, well, pretty minor errors, or things you got wrong but the comic got "wronger," or wrong in a different way.

Anonymous said...

Being a lover of human speech, I enjoy listening to your accent. People who nitpick something like that...well, they seem to need a better hobby. -cough-

Ooh, a couple historical and scientific factoids for me to gnaw. Yay!

The single shoulder pad thing makes no sense, IMHO, for people in a gunfight, like Law and Order. Wouldn't you want, oh, I dunno, a bulletproof vest or something?

The fact that you don't use hardcore swearwords is the reason I can enjoy this show with my family, and that's brilliant. Rock on, sir, rock on. Anyway, we have people like the Critic and Yahtzee if we want more, ah, colourful humour. (On a related note, my dad has begun referencing "I am a MAN! *punch*" rather frequently of late. :D)

And apparently I was one of the only people who was just sort of sitting there giggling and wondering how you kept your concentration when you were taking off your jacket and overshirt. Ah, the joys of being ace. ^_^

...dang, now I have to go on a quest to understand Schrödinger's cat. (Holy crap, I just found the first thing I can honestly nitpick. I'm not sure whether to feel meek or triumphant about this.... Ah, whatever. Since Herr Schrödinger was Austrian, the "ö" isn't pronounced "oh". It'd be pronounced more like the "oe" in "shoe". ...should I be dodging magic gunfire now? D:)

Braydon Keddie said...

Honestly Lewis, I applaud you for taking the initiative not to use the F bomb in your reviews. Doesn't mean I'd yell "Shame on you" if you did, but you're right, it means you don't have to use say "MOTHER F" and "F YOU" just to sound like the other reviewers. I still hold back the urge to cuss in some of my reviews and you're doing a lot better than I am in writing, so power to you man!

Anonymous said...

Great episode.

However you should seriosuly consider doing a review of "Asterix and the Falling Sky", continuity issues are the smaller problem. It is just poorly, poorly, poorly, poorly, poorly writen :(

SchweitzerMan said...

I was sorta expecting a cameo from 90's kid when you talked about the shoulderpads.

I think the Top 15 Shows are my favourite. You're not very predictable with your choices which is always cool.

Good episode, looking forward to maybe one day seeing the Shadow.

Anonymous said...

Do the review of "Asterix ad the falling sky". There is enough material there for the best episode of ATOP OF FOURTH WALL

David said...

I always enjoy your work, Linkara. And I highly recommend Forbidden Planet if you still haven't seen it. It's an interesting precursor to Star Trek, and it has excellent production values for the time.

Mr. Trombley said...


The first fully reprogrammable computer that was actually built was an electro-mechanical model created by Conrad Zuse in Germany.

The Colossus -which you mentioned- was fully electronic, but was not fully reprogrammable making it's status as the "first fully electrical computer" arguable as electronic calculators had already been made (including in the United States).

The comic is correct in pointing out that the first fully electronic, fully reprogrammable computer was developed and built in the United States. It was the ENIAC, designed by John Mauchly and John Eckert for the United States Army's Ballistic Research Laboratory.

Anonymous said...

hey linkara has anyone posted the live video game comic review yet?

Sieg-sama said...

Ah, Linkara, everybody makes mistakes and frankly, I don't give a damn.
Just continue being awesome as usual and we'll overlook the mistakes...

digidittoboy said...

great video but whats up the song do wah diddy at the end

ps your awesome

Sooz said...

You can always tell awesome people by the fact that they can issue genuine apologies. :D

Also yeah I remember glancing over the comments on the Schroedinger's Cat thing and going, "Dayum, y'all, can you not see that EVERY OTHER VIEWER EVER has already gotten their rant on about that?!"

PS: People really seriously get bent out of shape by the fact that you're not dropping f-bombs? o_O

Sharpe said...

First Comment and I would like to say I love your reviews...even with the mistakes... 8-P

I would however like to point out that the Tandy Whiz Kids didn't get their history wrong technically.

The comic was published in 1984 and the Colossus was not common knowledge as I understand it until around 1990 or so.

Aside from the fact that it was of course a classified program all 10 Colossi were dismantled after the war and it was essentially never spoken of again. So I believe so far as they knew at the time their computer history was correct.

Mr.Turing thanks you though I'm sure.

Dustin said...

Love your video... Though technically it wasn't as top 15 screw ups as the "New Kids", "Maxx", "European taxes", "body armor", "swearing", and "cat" ones were not technically screw ups and you explained in your videos.

It would have been more appropriate to call this video "Top 15 Fan Complaints" but I could see how that may make some fans angry.

I love what you do, don't let the nitpickers upset you. I don't even read comics, I just watch for your awesome personality and nerdy references (Green Ranger and Star Trek ftw.)

See you in 2011. Oh and please do Howard the Duck. I LOVE the movie.

Anonymous said...

Uf da, us Minnesotans gotta stick together. Let's go to a nice rum with a good ruf and have a pop and discuss how crappy the weather is before we head out to go ice fishing don'tcha know? (yes I am Minnesotan and yes I have no problem making fun of our "accent")

Lewis Lovhaug said...

"hey linkara has anyone posted the live video game comic review yet?"

Nope, because Magfest hasn't happened yet.

Lewis Lovhaug said...

"great video but whats up the song do wah diddy at the end"

It's in the movie Stripes.

Scott Tibbs said...

Where I come from, we don't wash our clothes. We worsh our clothes. Many years ago, before the worshing machine was invented, people would worsh their clothes in the crick.

Nothing wrong with having an accent.

Brian said...

So I guess the focus on American comics means you can't review the New Adventures of Mega Man? That comic deserves to be panned- you'll find it terrible even if you're not familliar with the Mega Man series (because I understand you don't count continuity, and it's an alternate- timeline story anyway.)

Tyr Germanic said...

Wow,great review,long too.Youve come a long way this year,AT4W is better than basic cable by now.

You should probably drop your stance on commenting too much. The only reason you even know about important issues of the fans is because of us commenting so much about the same subject.(ex.:the top 3 on this list and sonic comics)
if you saw only one person talk about sonic,you wouldve probably forgot,i mean you get thousands of comments,BUT if 200 people make a comment THATS HOW YOU KNOW ITS IMPORTANT.this isnt my opinion either,its yours,because you heavily alter the show based on mass commenting.on multiple occasions ya your stance doesnt make sense.

Please bring back secret origins month,the question
"How well written were the origins of your favorite super-people?" is very intruiging,and goes beyond the stereotypical movie poopshoot style of most internet reviewers.
i have some requests:
1.The Question(so what if hes not popular)
2.Fantastic 4 (i mean come on,the dawn of the silver age.)
3.Captain America
4.Wonder Wo-man
5.Giant Size X-men #1 (I think the reason The X-men #1 was no good is because the rumors that Stan Lee and co. didnt give a rats ass about the X-men til Claremont and all them came around,which is when it actually became popular.)
6.The Justice League
7.The Avengers
(You havent reviewed a superhero team during origins month yet,and its almost a whole new ballgame with new questions,like is each character written well?,is there good team dynamics? etc.)
8.Captain Marvel (Hes been on the show only in Dark Knight Strikes back,thats fucked up)

Queen Anthai said...

Awwww, I'm a bad example!

Thank you. :)

Anonymous said...

well since magfest hasent happend yet how about the fallout new vegas comic that has just came out

Seth said...

What day is your Magfest review? I don't see a schedule listed for 13-16.

Glad to hear your coming near DC where I am. Have you visited the Capital before?

Lewis Lovhaug said...

"What day is your Magfest review? I don't see a schedule listed for 13-16.

Glad to hear your coming near DC where I am. Have you visited the Capital before? "

Haven't a clue. They haven't announced a schedule yet as far as I know.

And nope, never been to DC before. ^_^

Taranaich said...

The fact that you're one of the very few internet reviewers who doesn't use the Seven Words You Can't Say On Television is actually one of the things I enjoy most about your reviews. Swearing is used so often these days that the words lose their impact, so it's arguably more effective not to swear at all.

Oh, and quantum physics is serious business, surely?

Andy said...

Hey, I liked the video. It's always great to see anyone --- especially someone who puts himself out there the way you do --- admit that they can make mistakes. It's a shame that some people get angry when they write to you, but I guess that's the tradeoff of celebrity, even Internet celebrity.

(Please don't think I'm trying to belittle your Internet accomplishments.)

Anyway, while I don't think there's any need to bring this up as a sort of "correction," I thought I'd mention it in case he came up again on your show: Fabian Nicieza's last name is pronounced "nee-see-EH-za," according to the letters page of an issue of Cable & Deadpool. (Don't have the issue number handy, I'm afraid.)

So, yeah, I'm a big fan of the show, and I'm really looking forward to seeing what 2011 has in store! Have a good new year!

-Andy Holman

lourodd said...

LOL at the title card. "TRAIL OF THE DRAGONNN"!

Himdaisy fans will get this.

...I hope.

Anonymous said...

oh hai Linkara i just wanted to say thanks for not using the fbomb and other 4 letter words in your reviews.

also i was thinking about donating you a comic in the future but is it possible to return it after you review it?

Gaeth said...

"We are all nerds."

And loving every second of it, no less.

nosferatu said...

Pretty good list here. I never did notice the "room/roof" thing, but if people have that hard a time with you having an accent then maybe they should spend some time in self-evaluation as to why they can't simply focus on their own selves.

And I never did get why people say you don't curse. You obviously do.

MoonTiger said...

Well, I must commend you on 2 things:
1.) You don't swear. I simply love it. You truly show that people can be funny without a single f-bomb. Yes, they indeed can be funny in certain situations, but not overused.
2.) The music you use. You have SUCH a great taste in music that I can't even come up with a word to describe it. I basicly broadened my music library thanks to your videos, and a few more bands thanks to Angry Joe.
You have mistakes? Sure. You are a human anyhow.. right?.. Right?
Keep up the good work, whatever you are. We will surely follow and support you allthroughout 2011 and forth ^^

Anonymous said...

Here is a screwup you missed.
In your kool aid man review, you said that the thirsties spaceship was flat out stolen from the Angry Sun from Super Mario Bros 3. However that game came out after the kool aid man comic.

Adam C. said...

Well, I don't think this is commented on, so...

It amuses me that, in the Tony the Tiger segment, right as you say that you can't remember the kid's name, what's on screen? Tony addressing the kid as Paul.

Not really a screw-up, of course, since I presume you do the video second. But it's still funny that it happens in *this* video =)

Anonymous said...


Actually, I am usually not that observant went it comes to most of the screw-ups. When I head to these sites I am going for the humor of it, not so that I can log every mistake made (seems like too much work, and I already have a 40 hour job at the local Walmart*).

I say keep up the good work with the vids.

P.S. The whole accent thing I don't think is a screw up since it's a dialect thing. Yeah I usually have not problem when you refer to room and roof.

If people want to really whine and moan about mispronunciation; they should come up to Northern Maine. I swear it's the only state that I know of that people love their Paster (pasta) and soder (soda).

Anonymous said...

Once again great video, keep it up, Happy New Year, etc.

I really liked the comment at the end of The Shadow.

And the Simpsons and Charmin commercial were a genius touch.

Jonah said...

“A man's errors are his portals of discovery.”
James Joyce

I always enjoy top X videos. Thank you for doing a top 15 of your mistakes. As always it was very funny and well done.

Sijo said...

Dear Linkara:

First of all: I'm still having trouble with watching your videos, they often unsynchronize or freeze. Why is that? Is anyone else having this problem? It also affects some of the other Guy With The Glasses videos.

Ahem. I'm OK now. :P

As for the video itself, it was pretty fun to watch (as usual.) I was glad to see that most of your screw-ups were no big deal. More like fans obsessing over details (Really? People were annoyed because THE KOOL AID MAN would not freeze in space? Sheesh. We are nerds indeed.) About the only thing I *almost* wrote you about was the Naked News thing, but then decided it wasn't really worth it.

So don't let this stuff get to you. You're OK as you are both with your accent and your not swearing much (I'm not opposed to swearing; it's just that it's often overused. Some people think just saying the F word makes them look badass or cool.)

Oh and THANK YOU for defending the right to not read comics that are not about superheroes. I'm not saying other types of comics can't be good, heck I've liked some, it's just the whole "any comic that's not about superheroes is always cooler" attitude some people have got that annoys me.

Happy New Year to you, Liz, and your family. Looking up to see you tear RISE OF ARSENAL to tiny little pieces. :)

Anonymous said...

Sijo, what browser are you using? I use the newest version of firefox and I don' have any noticeable problems. Only when I am on Lodkats site do I have some slowdowns.

Anonymous said...

@ 7:55, you said "April 2010" instead of "April 2002." LOL. Sorry to be mean.

The Tempted Critic said...

I've been wondering--you said that don't like to review good comics, but what about comics that aren't bad, per se, but are more or less a Big Lipped Alligator Moment in the series? I've been meaning to suggest the Question #26 for some time for that reason, but now I'm not so sure that I should (well, that and it's a Christmas comic. Bit late to suggest it now).

PraiseDivineMercy said...

Loved the ending. "A wizard did it" hm?

Not sure if you read these, but as a fellow Shadow fan I'd like to recommend the hilariously bad "Ghost and The Shadow" crossover comic from Dark Horse.

Also, I'm annoyed that people make fun of your accent.

Michael said...

“Quantum Physics is serious business!” would make a great t-shirt.

SeedFreedom said...

Lol great job Linkara. I feel it misplaced when call something you disagree with as a screw-up, like the swaring thing. But i guess this is also a way to answer all the questions and comments you receive.

And as an engineering student that just finished a philosophy course about science and religion, yes quantum physics is very very serious business indeed :D

bmb2jn said...

Hey. The next time you do a screw ups video are you going to include the screw ups you do on your History of Power Rangers videos?

Lewis Lovhaug said...

"Hey. The next time you do a screw ups video are you going to include the screw ups you do on your History of Power Rangers videos? "

Nah, since History of Power Rangers is a separate series. I'll do a video later telling my screw-ups there.

FordXanakov said...

My computer just came back from the shop (been in for about a month), so I'm spending the afternoon catching up pn my al my favorite intenet reviewers. Damn I missed TGWTG.

Anyway, this video was awesome. I feel better about myself because I've been following you for about 2 years now and the ONLY thing that ever got to me was the "faux"-"fox" thing. I thought you were an English major man! :)

All kidding aside, a lot of these errors were pretty damn excusable. The Kool-Aid Man and The Schrodingers Cat errors in particular were ridicoulous anyway. Reading the comments from those remind me of that scene from an old Simpsons episode where at an Itchy and Scratchy Convention, some nerd points out that when Itchy was playing Scratchy's cat skeleton as a xylophone, one of his vertebrae didn't play the same note an actual xylophone would. I mean, COME ON. How big a nerd are you to get pissy about quantum physics scenarios? I have an IQ near 140, and when I read about that damn cat I was confused as all hell.

Anyway Lewis, we love ya man, and you didn't have to do a video apologizing for little flubs here and there. However, it was entertaining as hell, so I will be looking forward to "The Next Top 15 Screw-Ups." Also, stoked for the finale of JLA Cry For Justice!

Anonymous said...

I found one slight one in Amazon's Attack Part One.
The American History Museum you said didn't look like the Smithsonian judging by pictures you saw on a web search . . . eeeeh well it was actually A Smithsonian. See the Smithsonian Institution in DC has more than 16 or so various buildings under it's name. The one Queen Loca in La Cabasa was using as her Headquarters was actually the Smithsonian's American History museum. I'm not sure which pictures you saw, but if one of them was a red castle that's the Smithsonian's main building. If you saw one with a green domed roof that was the Smithsonian's Natural History Museum. The National Zoo (if you've heard about Tai Shan) is also part of the Smithsonian.
Sorry for the lengthy nitpick but as a native DCer that kinda bugged me.

Anonymous said...

@Thomas Mountain King

"On the Shadow comic, you probably know this but there was a VERY bad film, I like it because it's cheesy, but it is awful."

Do you mean this one?

Lewis Lovhaug said...

"Do you mean this one? "

No, that's The Spirit, not The Shadow.

Night said...

I just noticed it in your closet and feel like a total idiot for not seeing it before.

But is that orange thing a Lightspeed Rescue jacket? :P

Anonymous said...

"No, that's The Spirit, not The Shadow."

I'm embarrassed.
Somehow I keep getting two pulp superheroes who dress in suits and fedoras to fight crime with possibly mystical powers and names that start with 'The S---' confused. :(

Mike Hax 2099 said...

lmao @ "What is it about magic you people don't understand?"

JerryScott said...

For your next top 15 screw ups video, I wonder how Douchey is taking the Nostalgia Critic being dead and all.