Thursday, December 23, 2010

Liz and Linkara Play the Pokémon Card Game

First, we open up some packs!
EDIT: The first video has been corrected.

Duel One!

Duels two and three!


Jurf Rokstar said...

I remember Pokemon Trading Card Game. Why haven't I sold my cards yet?

Paladin said...

The editing seems weird in the first video. It starts with you opening card packs and there's no explanation until about 7 minutes in. Is that intentional?

Poki#3 said...

Oh Pokemon...
I used to be into this card game a bunch. Stopped playing right after Neo Discovery (the 2nd Neo set) came out.

I was reading about the current incantation of the card game online a while back and boy, a lot has changed. Lv.X Pokemon, EX Pokemon, Trainer cards are now limited to 1 per turn... it's probably a whole different game, and 100% of my cards are banned and/or invalidated.

Well Trailers were OP, I'll give them that. Using 2 Professor Oaks to basically draw 15 cards in a turn, and Computer Searches and Item Finders in between to get the specific cards you wanted made for a terrific engine. My main deck was a Heymaker with strong basic Pokemon like Electabuzz and Hitmonchan, with an Areodactyl thrown in for good measure. I was pulling out stuff so fast and preventing the enemy from evolving that most decks never stood a chance.

shedininja said...

There are 6 prizes. Its called Retreating, not swaping.

Isaac232 said...

If you ever get Pokemon Black and White, you must give us your Friend Code for it. I certainly would love to battle you sometime. :)

LaZodiac said...

You are so lucky Liz. My boyfriend doesn't play any card games with me =(

Anyway, it was great watching you guys combat. I can't wait to see what other delicious card games you have in store for us!

Also, happy holidays to you guys too =D

Chris said...

You guys should try to go to a local league sometime. There's quite a bit of comic stores that support the game with league play. It would be a fun experiement for you guys, if at least once.

Michael said...

The reason there aren't teleporters in the game, is because the one time they were used, Bill got turned into a pokemon, all the way back in Pokemon Red/Blue.
Why yes, I am a pokemon nerd, why do you ask?

Spindash54 said...

Quick note for you Linkara/Liz, the Ho-Oh Legends card you got is a pretty rare one, a Gold Starred one at that. Not sure what the actual rarity odds of it are though.

There's a second half to the LEGEND cards, needing both halves to play it on the field.

TheDVDGrouch said...

There is something beautiful about two people coming together to play a children card game during the holiday season. TheDVDGrouch approves of this.

Jack T. Chance said...

I despise the current rotation of pokemon. SP is dominating and it's hard for any other deck to jump in and stay competitive. Yes, I still play (Pokemon and Magic). :P

Legend cards are only used to look nice in a binder. They're crap in competitive play. Surprised you didn't pull any primes.

By the way, Bulbasaur only comes in the Supreme Victors packs.

Jack said...

Koffing is from Heart Gold/Soul Silver and Rising Rival Packs. Also, the reason your deck didn't come with a booster Lewis is because Pokemon only started that with the Undaunted decks. If you are interested in learning more about the game, I can provide some links to some websites.

Chris said...

Also, some of the things to note about the 1st match and the comments made during the duel (This is just for trivia sake if you ever decide to play again. Not trying to act like a Douchey Mc-Know-It-All here XD) :


-Pokepowers and Pokebodies can be used on the bench, unless the power or body specifically says that it can only be used when the Pokemon is "active" (in other words, the one you're battling with, not on the bench)

But in the togetic scenario, since it was an attack, you can't use an actual attack from the bench.

-When a match begins, all Pokemon cards on the field must be fliped face up.

-There are several types of "Colorless Energy". The classic one that was reprinted in Heart Gold/Soul Silver was Double Colorless, but there are other Colorless energies (1 energy) that can heal your pokemon, help switch out, etc, when discarded. A colorless energy always represents colorless, though; It cannot be used for an element requirement (Though "Rainbow Energy" was a card that did this a few years back)

-Most trainers these days actually use small dice for damage markers and coin flips; Mainly because it's easier to roll a die than to flip a coin and risk it falling out of play. Good little thing to keep in mind to make it easier to play the game.

-Poison damage happens in between each player's turn. So Roserade should have gotten 10 before Linkara started off.

-The "correct" pronounciation is "Po-ka-mon", but really, as long as we're not pronouncing it like the soccer moms, it's all good XD

-Johto's considered to be the worst season in the series. 3rd generation was slightly better, but not by much. Diamond and Pearl is where the series finally got far more interesting. And the current black and white series in Japan?

... extremly serious Team Rocket that no longer blasts off or jokes around or acts goofy whatsoever.

Ill let you judge if that's a good or bad thing.


I was going to bring up a few other things (Retreat cost, Pokepowers, attacks unable to be used during your opponent's turn), but you guys seemed to get it down as you played :P

I'm sure you guys will learn a lot more if you go a league like I suggested earlier. Pokemon is perhaps the easiest tcg to get back into, and getting into the competitive scene is not hard to invest in at all (50 bucks for a good competitive deck as opposed to the 300+ dollars you'd have to invest for a good yugioh deck). But even if you're not interested in the competitive scene, just check it out and you'll see :P

Ashley said...

Gah! I keep fighting the urge to tell you two the rules through my screen. XD

I, too, did the Toys 'R Us Pokémon League back in the day. At 18, I was always the oldest one participating. The kids didn't care, but some parents would eyeball me cautiously from time to time. :(

I only got two badges before that store stopped the program due to some kids getting their cards stolen.

Anonymous said...

It seems as though the Pokémon TCG hasn't changed too much ever since I quit collecting the cards around Johto. Only changes I see are to specific Trainer Cards like Bill. Otherwise, it was an enjoyable TCG... just not as memorable or addicting as Yu-Gi-Oh! Now for some reason I wanna see you two play Duel Masters, the imitation Yu-Gi-Oh!/MTG TCG. That, or Magic itself, because I've always been curious how it's influenced all other TCGs.

captain_netherlord said...

How are you doing this? Every time I watch one of these videos I have an overpowering urge to buy and play card games. And I havent played the pokemon card game past the game for the original gameboy. (People never wanted to play, only trade)

Anonymous said...

Greetings Mr. Lovhaug.

If i may make a suggestion, you should make a post-play video in which you actually review the card games and your experiences with it; What did you think of the game mechanics, what would you change about it, how well does it represent it's theme, is it fun and balanced, etc. Perhaps even look at artwork and paper quality.

Jian said...

(Sorry if my english is bad, it's not my main language)

Uh, I really enjoy this card games you play, keep going

LOL, you've got an Arceus, lucky you, he is suposed to be the GOD that created the pokemon world.

Here some rules for the next duels

The price cards are picked from the top of teh deck.

All pokemons in the bench must be face up, placing them Face down is just to prevent your opponent playing a pokemon with advantage after you placed yours.

There are Pokepowers and POkebodyes
you can use pokepowers even if your pokemon is in the bench, but a pokebody can only be activated if it belongs to the active pokemon.

The Poison and Burn markers are not removed from the pokemon when benched, but other status (like sleep or confused) are healed at the time it is put in the bench.

I hope this information was helpfull.

You two RLZ!

Grigoriy said...

Hello, mister Lovhaug and greetings from not so cold Russia.
I honestly didn't know how to put this, but here is the deal.
So far there was no internet videos about comics in Russia, and I'm determined to change it :)
So, I know, it sounds kinda demanding, but could you please write me on, for i have some questions about such videos, like yours.
I don't want to distract you from your work/life, but it will truelly help me to bring comic book joy to the stormy and savage Russian land.
Thank you.

Lewis Lovhaug said...

Well, send me an e-mail and we'll see if I can help. ^_^

Anonymous said...

I couldn't justify me buying Pokemon cards cause I've nobody to play with, but damn do I want some.

bue52 said...

Hey Linkara, really like these card game videos, I have a few other kinds of card games, that from what I know are not being produced in english anymore, though I have seen old english boosters. One is konjiki no Gashbell, which has an interested deck system as its not random. Instead your deck is a book where you slot your cards into, so as you start the deck, you use the cards that are shown on the pages. Your health points are also based on the deck so every time you take X amount of glasses you flip X amount of times. Anyway just thought I'd share about this.

Now on to the nitpicking, Turtwig is gen 4, diamond; pearl and platinum. Also, togepi got another upgrade, now it can evolve further into togekiss XD Just spread the redundant information for time killing pleasure.

deuxhero said...

493 for Diamond Pearl Platinum HeartGold SoulSilver

649 with Black and White (why they couldn't make it an even 650...)

neil said...

You FOOL! Turtwig is the leaf starter of Diamond and Pearl! How could you not know this????? You have lost all your credibility as a reviewer and I will never watch any of your videos ever again!! Just kidding, it's an honest mistake and a minor one. But yeah, diamond and pearl, not ruby and sapphire - the sapphire starter was Treecko.

Dustin said...

Lewis, I don't know what it is but I love watching you and Liz play children's card games.

I guess it makes me not feel so bad for being a 24 year old who likes Yu-Gi-Oh! and Pokemon.

One day when you and Liz get really good at the games I would love to see a Pokemon or Yugioh battle done in the way the anime does it. Put up a little life point counter, and have "holograms" of the monsters above the cards and attacking each other.. It would take way to much editing, I understand that. But it would be pretty epic to watch.

Even just having you and Liz acting all serious playing it like they do in the anime would be hilarious.

Dustin said...

Oh I almost forgot. I also played at the Toys R Us tournaments. But I played Yugioh. I was sort of embarrassed as I was the oldest one there back then.

It's people like you Lewis that make geeks like me feel less insecure about our nerdiness.

When people start getting me down because of the nostagic shows I love, now I can just think to myself, "Linkara is the green ranger, so your argument is invalid."

Thank you for just being you.

Star said...

I love watching you two play card games together. I am excited to see what game you play next. Chaotix, Digimon, and Magic the Gathering come to mind.

In the first Video Lewis you asked who was Arceus. Arceus isa Legendary Pokemon from Diamond and Perl who is essentially the Pokemon god. Yah, they have gotten pretty ridiculous with some of these Legendaries now. I direct you to following web comic for a literal interpretation.

Star said...

Oh and not to sond like a know-it-all, but Turkwig, Piplup (the penguin), and the flame monkey Chimchar are the starters for Diamond and Pearl.

Anonymous said...

the only card games i have played that they haven't made a vid of is magic (so much fun)and the digmon card game witch i think had been awsome if you played that next if you can get the card for that

as for the pokemon card game was never into it and somehow felt like an expensiv verson of the game boy game to me

Star said...

Oh and one more thing if you wanted to see the entire roster of Pokemon up to Diamond and Pearl check out this site.
I haven't heard any word on the Pokemon from Black/White though.

Anonymous said...

sadly, i've only ever played the games, so...
I *loved* entei-still do. as a matter of fact, i'm chaseing him down in Soulsilver.
so i'm glad he's got a statue-{and he'll stand on the wall of geekery!
yes! a place of honor for any object}
yes- Cyndaquil is cute- you can keep him!
Quilava has my everstone and is a permanant part of my team

Kelleth said...

I'll just comment when I see something.

I got 3 coins of those coins left,
Cool I bought that Suicune Pokémon tin too :) errr.. Linkara one is Shiny the other is not, Also its 28 unknowns now :P

Arceus is a God card in a Pokémon sense of way :)
The reverse foils are the more expensive cards when it comes to collecting. DAMN YOU LIZ! FOR GETTING A LEGEND CARD!! I tried to get that for months! xP

Going to make a second comment for part 2 & 3 if you don't mind :)

Kelleth said...

Part 2 Due to having dinner first:
O god, really Linkara? You have an awesome metal Lugia coin and your using those crappy plastic ones? WHY? Those absolutely suck! lol. vid 2: 22:40 Told you so!

I did get them all and half of the Johto Badges but I sadly lost them when we moved. I wish I could give you some of my Bulbasaur and Koffing cards. I'm choking in them I have so much. lol

Errr evolution cures status change so Rozerade should not have been poisoned any more. Leafeon? Yes I did know it existed, There's also a Ice-type called Glaceon: :p

Nice battles you guys did not that much wrong lol. It was a fun watch.
I really need to get HG/SS Collectors set with the Entei statue included. :)

Austin Haworth said...

I feel bad for you Linkara. There's 649 Pokemon now. Study up.

And if you get the time, drop by our forums. I'd love to chat with you over there.

bmb2jn said...

ahhhhh Pokemon. Along with Power Rangers, was my childhood obsession.

I remember collecting these cards. The Charizard card was one of the reariets yet one of my friends got it when she opened her first pack.

I was so jealous.

redjirachi said...

Nothing better than a good old nerdy game of Pokemon.

I see you're still playing Pokemon.I haven't played the cards though.They've got a new version of those Gold and Silver games-I wonder what your doing on them

Also,you can go to Gamestop and get the shiny beasts/dogs/Johto trio,for the purposes of capturing a Zoroak.And that Arceus you got?Arceus is the god of the Pokeworld

Mad Mab said...

Linkara got the GOD pokemon........great

Jigglysaint said...

I never did play the card game with humans since I was rather overage to be enjoying Pokemon at the time(and I had no friends). My closest experience was the TGC gameboy color game, which wasn't that bad.

Also, I was expecting one of you to say "you activated my Trap Card", which I must admit that if I were to sum what I understood about Yu Gi Oh, that would be about the limit of my understanding.

Anonymous said...

Hey Lewis, Liz, nice game. I think this was the most comprehensive card game you've played yet. I actually own quite a few Pokemon cards, but only for show.

I enjoyed watching this and it gave me a great sense of nostalgia and more than a few laughs. I see you watch YuGiOh Abridged too... and the Digivolve haha.

Yeah, I kinda got out of Pokemon when I realized it was the same thing, rinse and repeat over and over again. I suppose it's kind of the Angel grove of anime eh?

I also have similar tastes as Gold/Silver is probably my favorite installment of the game. And Lugia is Lugia, not lu ji ah. And yes it's Pokay-mon not pokeymans lol. Gold/Silver is just the one I got the furthest in and I was very much attached to my team. Level 70 Persian Mimi being one of my chief pokemon. I think it also had my favorite Legendaries which I loved. I have very little memory of the Ru/Saph era as I just didn't get into it as much.

I am semi obsessed with the Eevee evolutions so yes, I knew about Leafeon, but do you know about Chileon? ;) If you do get White/Black I would like your friend code. Thanks!

Anonymous said...

I am going to agree with the others saying you can use powers on the bench, at least you used to be able to. Of course maybe they know from experience but I know from the Pokemon tcg for the gameboy.

Jeffery said...

I know this comes to you way late, but lemme put it to you this way: Arceus is essentially the finger of Shigeru Miyamoto. He is the entity that created and shapes the Pokemon World.

Anonymous said...

Most people have said already what I've wanted to say, but about pronounciation...

The thing is it's technically speaking "Pok-EY-mon" (imagine Fonzie's "eeeey!")
This is because the accent over the e makes it sound like this. If the accent was slanted the other way, it would be a short "eh" sound.

That said, Pok-a-mon is just easier to say, hence people say it like that.

But yeah, can't stand people who thought it was Pok-EE-mon! DX

Dani said...

In Black and white now, you can't use profanities to name pokemanz. :C Which is THE WHOLE POINT OF PLAYING. I mean god. And dat Arceus.... Have you ever seen the birthing of a pokemon yet done by an Arceus? We now know pokemon are born by using google images and flashing lights! Hooray!!

Felix Brunschede said...

By Arceus, you got an Arceus card! :D