Monday, October 24, 2011

Spider-Man: Planet of the Symbiotes

A terrifying story of bodily possession, invasion, and alien menaces! It's a pity THAT story couldn't be the plot for this one.

NOTE: This episode, due to its length and because it's in HD, is also available in standard definition and a version split into two parts.

HD Version:





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Whisky Tango Foxtrot said...

So I'm guessing it'll be a Pokemon comic next week, then?

Mountain King said...

… Was the whole clone saga a massive cluster frag? A black hole of absolute bad comics that it infected the entire 1990's? Did anything, anything AT ALL good come from 90's spiderman? People hold up The devil deal is a low point truly, but the lowest appears to be this collection of half baked, badly written, silly crap!

Oh boy that comic was silly, I didn't think you could top the mindless mess that was the Silent Hill one shots but this decent into, well frankly mediocre badly written trash just leaves me injured. I know it was the 90's but for god's sake that sucked

But maybe finally I can talk about the arc story without spoilers and I don't know what to say. You've done a fantastic job of tying all the threads together. There are a couple of dead ends here and there but as we've not quite reached the endI expect you to put it all together. I can't say that I didn't see the turncoat in the ranks, but I suspected that he was more a traitor than a replacement.

I can't say much more until we end this but I am waited with baited breath!


Inquisitor D. said...

:)! Now, as they say, things get interesting! I remember you reffing MissingNumber before, but had to look him up... we're talking a certain pokemon here?

Should have called it so much earlier. I think people did, right? Vyce's description "A Glitch, An Aberration..."

... Wait, does this mean Vyce originates from the Pokeverse? Or is that simply one more dimension the two ran through?

Ho hum! :) Great cliffhanger, and interesting review; seeing the symbiotes as a race rather than specific individuals could've been really interesting; I'm a sucker for that sort of thing. However, this is the nineties, so... expecting much more than a one note evil race was probably too much ;)

Looking forward to next week! :) And have to wonder what the review's going to be... pokemon comic bad enough for you to break your manga rule? Nah, you say it's haloween themed... well, I'm stumped. :)

SolarisPrime said...

Say, Linkara, was the Chaingun the 90s Kid was weilding all the time supposed to point us viewers in the direction of Team Fortress 2 and the HEAVY Weapons Guy? Because if so, bravo. BRAVO, good sir. I guessed right months ago, and this just made my day.

The Jovian said...

This is the scariest thing I've seen outside of a horror movie. Well done for making me scared, and well done on another great review. Next week: Linkara and Lord Vyce hand the Entity's ass back to it.

Anonymous said...

I CALLED IT! I knew my crackpot theory I left on the blog months ago was right! Ha! It was missingno!

The Blue And The Gold said...

...Damn it! I hate it when I come up with a theory that I dismiss early on that turns out to be the right one!
Well played, good sir. Well played.

Lewis Lovhaug said...

"Looking forward to next week! :) And have to wonder what the review's going to be... pokemon comic bad enough for you to break your manga rule? Nah, you say it's haloween themed... well, I'm stumped. :)"

Never said the comic was Halloween-themed, it just made sense since this is a horror story arc to end on Halloween.

SynjoDeonecros said...

Dude, just send Victini out against him, that would clear everything up in about two seconds. Though that leaves all the other glitch pokemon out there, but meh, I'm sure Victini can wipe the floor with them, as well. GO V-GENERATE!

Scraps {NewDil4EVER} said...

Peter Parker, you are a SPOILERS!

I was so impressed that 90s Kid was a double-crosser all this time.

Did you come up with the idea when he was first introduced or did you think the Enitiy would be acceptable in 90s Kid's body?

Either way, it was a good review and I'm now looking forward to Halloween more than ever!

Relinquo Spes said...

But wait if this is now in HD shouldn't it be a new and completly unreated story that uses all the same characters without explanation???

But to stop trolling somewhat mediocre jokes about that hac might I say a hearty huzzah for the amazingness that was the end of this episode. I remember settling in for the ed of the Vice saga and finding it a bit lacking, I mean the techno-bable was nice and made goosd sense but it did seem to undercut somewhat the feeling of an epic climax. Here the explanation works well where we aren't really getting entirely new and strange information we are more getting intriguing new takes on information we have already seen.

Also while the acting has always been above average on this show it really seemed to excel to new heights here. (and the sound mixing on the 90s to entity voice was astounding)

I'm now itensly looking forward to the next episode!

GravityBomb said...


Linkara...I was legitimately on the edge of my seat for the last part of that video. I squealed at the end. Congrats, sir. You have made an awesome story. And I mean that in the most sincerest and most awesome way possible.

And god, why are 90s comics so bad about plot and writing? Seriously, I know that it's consistent throughout pretty much every medium and era, but the 90s have some really bad comics. (As a 90s girl myself, I can really see it now more than ever.)

But anyways, kick ass review and awesome buildup to the climax of the Entity story arc! I can only hope that your next arc matches this one is awesomeness and for how terrified it made me of the fourth wall (seriously, even SLENDER MAN might have to bow to the Entity on this one). I can't wait till next week!


Anonymous said...

I think a stroke would have been a more appropriate reason for eddie brock's weird face.

Radar said...

"Some people aren't looking for anything logical...they just wanna watch the world burn!"

Anonymous said...

Excuse my ignorance but Peter bond with the Venom instead of Eddie?

I thought the reason Peter rejected the suit was because it was corrupting him and turning him evil. As much as Peter wants Eddie to be rid of the symbiote surely he would rather it be attached to Eddie instead of himself?

Feel free to enlighten me as as I'm not well versed in Spiderman knowledge but that strikes me as a bad solution.

Anyway back to the rest of the review.


IRON LIZ! NO! First Pollo, now Liz and Pollo. I know I already mentioned Pollo but it's Pollo he needs to be mentioned twice.



It Took over 90's Kid? I know he's irritating, stupid and lacks any charm but at the same time it's that lack of Charm that made him charming.





Can't wait until next weeks thrilling conclusion.

Thnikkafan said...

Nicely done, good sir, nicely done.

Also, apparently, according to Bulbapedia (, there's five forms of Missingno. Will that be incorporated? Because it'd kick ass to see you go up against a skeletal dragon.

Also, apparently, Missingno is only the second-heaviest Pokemon, after something called "h POKé". Just letting you know.

Anonymous said...

Huh, Blip automatically started your first episode after this ended, and your voice is a lot deeper now. Is it a speaking/recording thing?

That said, on the review:

Isn't it a GOOD thing this didn't effect the clone saga's overall plot? I thought the problem was how convoluted it became?

SpiderByte said...

I heard you mentioning all the symbiotes, but I was sliiiiightly dissapointed you didn't mention Hybrid. He wasn't particularly special, either, but still.

Anonymous said...

You're behind on the Venom news!
1) Scorpion lost the symbiote after being imprison. They couldn't kill the suit because of PETA (Yes, that's done as a joke that's a hilarious reason why they haven't killed it before.) and they given it to Flash Thompson who now uses it as a Secret Agent.
2) Anti-Venom is no more, as Reed Richards convince Eddie to give it up so they could use it for a mass antidote for NY during Spider-Island.
3) Anti-Venom may be a bad name, but he was actually really liked.

henmo24 said...

As Dr. Insano would say, "Well that just blew my mind!"

Great twist ending. Looking forward to something Pokemon related next week. "Electric Tale of Pikachu" in comic form perhaps?

RAF said...

I like your new intro and I noticed you were holding a wcw comic book can we look forward to you reviewing one of theme in the near future

Also I thought that a pokemon glitch was the entity but my money of on M block because who was mad at missingno for being more popular.

The Blue And The Gold said...

Going over the poem thanks to the Nightmare Fuel entry for Atop The Fourth Wall, it all makes so much sense now and I feel like such an idiot for not getting it.
Linkara, that's a level of sheer genius rarely seen in fiction.

On to an actual (though fairly stupid) question: while I'm not expecting you to give us the answers plain as day, I'm just wondering, have you already planted clues to what the next arc will involve or will that be something you attempt in your next few videos? I know that after something so time consuming you'll want to do some one-shots or breathers like last time, I'm just curious and after this arc, I want to see if I can improve on picking up the subtle clues and such.

Spiderdude said...

The whole symbiote invasion is a very cool idea, it was done in the Spiderman video game back on the PS1, and I liked it. Web of Shadows tried it again and I thought it did OK. But this comic was just...ugh.

So the Entity was masquerading as 90's kid from the very beginning. I must admit, very very clever. Nobody would ever suspect the idiotic one, or the annoying one. The cliffhanger is just freaking awesome! I can't wait for next week to come!

Zott said...

Wait, in the poem it says, "the bones from hell you cannot tame". If you are talking about capturing it, you can capture a Missing No.

Anonymous said...

How exactly does the poem all point to 90s kid, can you please ellaberate.

Ray Kelley said...

Holy crap, that panel of MJ holding up the Spidey costume is so swiped right out of Amazing #300! I had that issue and leafed through it all the time.

Anonymous said...

Is the next week going to be another two-parter like all the other times you ended your storylines.

Anonymous said...

Oh god, it's Missingno from Pokémon. Does that mean that you're gonna get 128 of your sixth item (whatever it may be)?

Corey W. Williams said...

I just want to say that, as a writer, I am honestly impressed with how the Entity poem now makes COMPLETE SENSE now if you actually know the source material.Seriously, that is some really good subtle foreshadowing. I did not see that coming at all, but it actually does make sense and understanding the poem makes it clear this was really well planned out from the beginning. Good job.

Anonymous said...

Does this mean Lord Vyce is a pokemon trainer? Or even a pokemon himself? Is he a Venusaur? Because they are both green and start with "V"

MasterSeijin said...

From Pokemon Red & Blue?!?! AAAARRRRGH, I can't wait another week!!!!

Lizard-Man said...

Huh nice twist, I suspected MissingNo. But I didn't suspect he was inhabiting a member of the crew.

Anywho, I'd just like to say that those Warlords really were intercepting the food to the Somali people.

Yeah I watcvhed Black Hawk Down and I liked it, sue me. It's a true story and the only people who complain about are hippies.

Anyway, whoa did this miniseries look like crap. I mean christ those faces! Were they trying to convey shock, awe, disgust? Man The 90's were so full of crap. Also the story didn't seem to say much of anything. I think personally the symbiotes work best in small doses. Use them too much and you kinda lose their mystique.

Although I do think the "Symbiote just wants to be loved" angle does and can work given the right person involved. They did it with the Spectacular Spider-Man cartoon and it was really well done. Another reason that series shouldn't have been cancelled.

Good review all and all.

Becca said...

Oh that is just COOL! Seriously did not expect that but when you look back over everything it makes complete, brilliant sense.

Bravo, sir. Bravo, indeed!

And now I cannot wait for next week!

Beta Magnus said...

Wow. Great video this week. I've never actually read this story, though I knew it existed. Not Spider-Man's finest hour.

I personally have always hated Carnage as his presence always seemed redundant to me. I especially get a bit annoyed when people try to convince me he's a better villain than Doctor Octopus. Venom is good as a villain though he ended up being a poster child for 90s Antiheroes so I tend to be more sour on him than I probably should be.

ReddiShadow said...

BRB, need to retrieve my jaw off the floor...

RJHammer said...

Happy Third Anniversary. :) One more week to go. I got goose bumps. I can't wait to see how this ends. What a ending. I never been around for storylines before only watching them from someone new to the site having taken place before In started watching. Here is to another three years. I had chills at the end of the video. I was going oh crap.I can't wait to see what you review next week. Makes me wonder if you are going to surprise stick in that Ranger/Beetle Borgs comic you were going to do earlier this year but did Doctor Who classic before fighting lord vice. ::Shrugs:: Maybe not but do wonder if you are ever going to back around to it even it isn't next week. I don't know how I missed that comic as I was a Rangers and Beetle Borg fan when that thing came out. Of course knowing me and the way my collection I have it but just buried in all the boxes.
Now to the book in the video. Yeah this comic book is really bad but I have seen worse spider-man stories. The current Spider Island storyline is stupid. Makes this look like a classic. Also storyline reminds me of that spider-man game. It wasn't perfect but the game was better then this comic or that other stupid invasion in comics. Looking at that venom cap reminds me that awful captain america armor. Then reminds me that isn't as bad Bucky America's costume. You think marvel and dc editors would be I don't know doing there job instead of trying to insert there ideas into storylines. This story need a editor to mention that problems with the art and we see over and over again with clone saga and other crossovers. You got different people working on books and who obviously don't work with the other artists to get artwork that follows from issue to issue. Don't have to look the same or anything but clothes, hair styles, etc shouldn't change at drop of hat because artist are not working together in a story.

Anonymous said...

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͏̨S͏̶̕ùch͜ ̨̕̕a͡͞ ̴͞sh̵̕a͠m̢e ͏tha̶͟t̢ ͜͝y͏͏͟o̵̧u̕ ̷͜͠s͜͝͡h̕al͠l̕ ̵̸no̧͘t̴̡͠ ̧͠l̷e͘̕a̶v̨̡e̵ ̸̢w͏͢i͝t̸̸̛h ̨t̷̵͟h̢̀͢i̵̢͜ś i̸n͡͏f̴́or͏̕m̵at͡͡iơ̸n͠.̸̡̀.̵.҉

Austin said...

*dieing from laughing*
Everyone run from the horrors of Missingno...really the entity was Missingno really did not see it coming.

Xepscern said...

So.... you weren't able to tell that almost 7 billion people had dissappeared?

Anyway, awesome review. I just nit-picked that one bit. I guessed I just missed the Pokemon thing. Though, now that I think about it, the Abomination that you facing is Missingno. A blob of glitchy special effects that cause other glitches.

Nick said...

Anyone ever catch a Missingno? I ended getting stuck in the safari zone, in addition to pokemon being in reverse, and Missino having the symbol of a human when I looked at all my pokemon.

Anonymous said...

Can anyone tell me WHY THE HELL is this stupid ad about cat crap shovels keeps playing in the background? I can't hear the episode!

Kathryn said...

Ah missing number. Well on the plus side, if you win, you can get 99 of whatever item is in your fifth slot. Hope it's rare candies, or Action comics #1

Saddly, I do have to say I saw this coming. "90's Kid" being the villian. I picked up on it back in September. Still, I look forward to the final fight next week.

Earthstar said...

*claps* Well done! Linkara, you are a great storyteller. I never suspected 90s kid, but the clues were all there. I figured the glitches in the end credits had to be connected somehow.

Also, your missing number reference had my fiance rolling on the floor with laughter. Good job man, I can't wait to see the conclusion for this.

Sharp-O said...

That was a great ending, I didn't see the Entity's identity coming! You have me intrigued, sir!

Des Shinta said...

Son of a--Now I owe KP Shadow Five Bucks. And I thought he was absolutely crazy with that belief.
We need a recap of clues to get this to make sense (At least, the ones that didn't involve 90's kid's impersonator), but Damn was that was a good reveal. Loved the expressions, good acting...But why did Liz walk right into the distortion?
...So, Pokemon Comic then? Kinda breaking one of your own rules if that is indeed what is being reviewed, as that's be a Manga...Unless it was one that was ridiculously Americanized.

Volvagia said...

Huh. That was a good story resolution. I hoped the guess of the Elsa Bloodstone limited series would hold, but unveiling the entity as Missingno might dissuade that idea. Though what it could be is weird because all the published Pokemon stuff I've seen has been Manga style. And I looked and the rest of it seems to be web comics. (both things he's said he's not going to be reviewing)

Timothius said...

LOVED the ending, not going to lie. You finally figuring it out and putting all the clues together...awesome. And Entity!90s Kid, that's some serious nightmare fuel right there.

Though I'm curious about a few things:

Is '90s Kid being possessed, or did the Entity take him and simply assume his appearance?

And what's the fate of the Pokemon Universe? Did it get conquered by Vyce or did the Entity eat it?

marconius666 said...

Still in the middle of the video, so can't say much about most of it, but wanted to write this down.

The luddite guy claims the device they're trying to destroy increases the energy output of any device its attached to tenfold... ergo, in order to produce the same amount of energy, you'd only need one-tenth of the resources.

Basically a device like this could cut down fossil fuel use (and subsequently pollution from it) to a tenth! Which is something the luddites... want.

Yeah, this is why you don't like anti-technology terrorists do science. Or maths.

BooRat said...

Awesome episode! The Best one ever by my count!

I think this story could've been salvaged given a better writer and artist on it.
I found it creepy that they posed Spidey, Scarlet Spider, and Venom a lot in some of those pannels like they do the female characters. I really didn't want that close of a look at thier asses!
Emo-Vemon ain't that great I profer him to be more calculating. I really like the idea of Maximum Carnage story and have been trying to get the trade of it bt it's hard to find and exspincive when I do find it!?

Was this comic the basis for the plot of that video game?

Yeah, Linkara, there was a Venom comic I own that's plot was basically the John Carpenter's Thing movie. With an Artic base being attacked by the symbiote(well, a clone of it made by some government agentcy) and it slowly taking over and absorbing people just like the Thing! It's awesome nd it ends with it replacating a dog/wolf to escape at the end! It's everything the new Thing movie should've been! Have you read it!?

Ok, time for jokes on your arc!

Iron Liz: Ooooh, shiney!

Oh, my god we're the only 2 people left on Earth! Well, let's get started on repopulating the world... oh crap! We're both dudes... Bummer!

I new it was 90s Kid and every one else who's played Pokimon new it was MissingNo.!

BooRat said...

I'm venturing a guess tht next week isn't so much going to be a comic as a review of either that Pokimon game or the franchise as a whole!?

The Man in Black said...

I guess the question now, is this a level 200+ Missingno, or a level 0 one?

Yellow13 said...

Really? Missingno? That's... kinda disappointing. Missingno can't actually do damage to anything system wise. It's actually one of the safest pokemon there is and has to be there for the game to run. fans have hacked the games code and proven as such.

Still, work with what you know and have I suppose. And you really did work with what you had. I was genuinely dreading hearing it's voice. And I was half expecting the opening to have glitches AND I was genuinely scared seeing extra time left in this video because your previous ones made no mention of your overall story. Kudos. Defiantly your best story arc so far.

Andrew said...

Freakin' knew it.

But then... since Missingno. is just a blank pokémon, why not just reprogram it and fill in the blanks? Give it a name, a proper cry, sprite data, and maybe even a Pokédex entry! But then again, to do that, you'd have to be able to crack the compression algorithm they used for the battle sprites...

Z80 Assembly sure is hard! :P

The Mad Scientist said...



**deep breaths**

YOU'RE MAKING US WAIT ANOTHER WHOLE WEEK FOR THE END OF THIS SAGA???????????????????????????????????????????????????

**more deep breaths**

Seriously, THAT was f***ing INSANE! I never saw that coming! And now you're making me want to go back and look at the poem in the end credits! Do you have any idea how hard it is to pause at exactly the right moment?????? Come on, Lewis! Cut us a break! Post the whole poem somewhere, please!

Next Monday can't come soon enough!

MetFanMac said...

Nice ending there! (Even though I totally predicted it would be '90s Kid whose "voice is not his own"... and there will be plenty of TVTropers ecstatic that they pegged Missingno as the Entity :-)

Next week's video ought to be epic!

ramses said...

Now that was a hell of a reveal. Weird, silly, but still scary.

Also, how come you didn't play the full theme for the anniversary?

Also, blip seems to be screwing up badly. The audio of the ad kept looping, I couldn't pause the video, and it didn't display the running time at all.

Tim Spiegler said...

so um... we were leading up to MissingNo? Well I have to say... didn't see that coming.

Agent Michigan said...

It makes so much sense! Once again you have shown what makes this show so awesome. I can't wait to see how you wrap the story up next week.

Some good stories did come out of the Clone Saga, in the trade you were using to read this had the great Death of Aunt May story in ASM #400. There was also The Lost Years mini-series. So while most of it was bad, there was some good stuff mixed in.

Ryubbert Narraetsor said...

I always thought 90's Kid was in league with Vyce because 'what you see is what you get' is second person for 'all I see I conquer'!


murderouscow said...

Linkara you magnificent bastard I WATCHED YOUR VIDEO!

Seriously. Incredible. 12 out of 10.

Paladin said...

THAT's the Entity?!!

I don't know if I should clap my hands or slap my face.

Either way, next week should be fun.

The Exiled One said...

"Dude, just send Victini out against him, that would clear everything up in about two seconds. Though that leaves all the other glitch pokemon out there, but meh, I'm sure Victini can wipe the floor with them, as well. GO V-GENERATE!"

To the best of my knowledge, Linkara doesn't have a Victini. But who needs one when you have the Dragonzord Power Coin, the Red Zeonizer, the Red Turbo Morpher, a Sonic Screwdriver, a phaser, Time Lord powers and the ability to cast any spell?

Also, I think EVERYONE called it, both to the fact that the Entity assumed the form of 90s Kid AND that the Entity is really MissingNo.

Also, Linkara calls Apollo Z. Hack, and he gets no answer...

...buuuuuuuuuuuuuut Apollo Z. Hack does NOT come from the main TGWTG universe!

Apollo Z. Hack comes from the Reviewaverse, a parallel universe separate from the main TWGTG universe. It's the home universe of "Robogirl", "Transylvania TV", "Smith and Wesson", "The Hooker With the Heart of Gold", "Paranoia", "Press Start Adventures" and all the other series and movies that don't fit in the main TGWTG universe.

To the best of my knowledge, the Entity can only affect one universe at the time, so the Reviewaverse CAN'T be affected by the Entity.

Also, Linkara (as well as any of the reviewers/characters from the main TGWTG universe) has no counterpart in the Reviewaverse, and he has never visited the Reviewaverse before, so why would he call Apollo Z. Hack for help?

Unless Apollo Z. Hack was stranded in the main TGWTG universe as a side effect of the events of the "Warrior #4" review. That would explain everything

Captain Mac said...

OK thats was a really great cliffhanger, up there with the reveal Mechakara in the Utimates or the Vyce beatdown in Cry for Justice, lots of people called the 90's kid is possessed by the enity thing andsome pointed the Missingno thing early on but enough clever missdirection and build up made the reaveal genuinly shocking.

The best misdirection for me was the poem because I recognised it as the zagreus poem (I even have the recording of all the Doctors reading the poem on my MP3) I was expection you to be possessed in some way and have a battle for who was in control.

the thing that really shocked me in this was not the 5 great performances you turned in (3 as Linkara: terrorfied, confused and then angry and 2 as 90's kidboth his usual style and pant wetting nighmare fuel) but I assumed of all the cast the one person who would be safe would be Liz, I mean she's pretty much established as the biggest badass around, my favourite moment last week was her taking down pyramid head instantly with no fuss. I assumed because she had just been picked up on tgwtg that she would be safe so this really shocked me. By the way with the whole Liz is Badass thing I am chosing to read her just walking up to the entity was because she wanted to punch it otherwise she'd be holding the idiot ball and i don't see how you can hold a ball and the lego phaser rifles at the same time.

I await next week with baited breath, just like i do every one of your story line episodes.

Captain Mac

PS I keep trying to post on Liz's blog but it keeps glitching (damned entitiy)as if i haven't praised her enough I must say it here how glad I am that she's FINALLY on TGWTG

Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday to me, You didn't have to get me anything Lewis.

Great episode also... Get Mewtwo

Jarkes said...

Wait... so how long has the real 90's Kid been missing?

Also, what was the music playing during the Reveal?

Anonymous said...

lmao for a second there when Linkara mentioned Heavy, I thought that The Entity was the Spy from TF2.

DefectiveType40 said...

That ending reveal left me with an enormous smile plastered on my face. BEST VILLAIN EVER.

QuetzaDrake said...

I have to be honest here.

This is pretty ridiculous.

A lot of build-up for something that turned out to be a Pokemon reference. Although I think what you're trying to get at is it's every glitch or missing piece of software or code you find in games and videos and computer things and such, and that's a pretty cool idea for a villain, a glitch in the world itself, but still... not the best "name" to use right at the cliffhanger.

It'll probably be cool and have a good payoff, but as much as I love Pokemon, I hope you keep the name "MissingNo" to a minimum.

Gyre said...

There would be a possible market for disabled people who can still work with those machines.

As for the symbiote crying, that actually could work if we had ever had real indication that it emotionally needs to be attached to someone. Think about it, it's always described as a symbiote. It's supposed to be working with another creature. That could have been interesting character development. Heck, a decent writer could even have created an alien morality for the thing.

On the thing at the end, I'm sorry but it detracts a bit from the story. You've actually got real talent for horror Linkara (seriously, maybe you should consider focusing on that instead of regular heroics in comics), but the source material you're using simply isn't terrifying. It's just that the thing it's based on comes from something too young.

However I'm not going to say that it isn't scary overall, that bit at the end was a great performance on your part.

Dr. Jimmy- the agony uncle said...

The potantial of thousands of alien shapeshifters with unlimited power wasted by going for 'action schlock' over horror movie esque paranoia and atmosphere?
Well, I'm sure glad Marvel learnt from this mistake when they wrote Secret Invasion.

RanmaFan85 said...

Holy shit. I never expected the Entity to be MissingNo.! Still, it'd be fairly easy to beat, I'd think. I love that static effect you used for the eyes, too. I'm rather curious about how easy/hard that was to do.

This raises an interesting question, though... Do you now have tons of the sixth item in your inventory? I just hope that item isn't an issue of Countdown...

marconius666 said...

Right, actually watched the video now.

Here is my reaction to the reveal at the end...

That is all.

Spindash54 said...

Well, can't say I say that coming. And suffice to say, I'm excited for the thrilling conclusion.

Master Ball, Go!

Anonymous said...

"The number of the beast is lost." Holy crap, I see what you did there. Nicely played Mr. Lovhaug, nicely played. Can't wait for next week's Nintendo comic I'm guessing.

Kyo said...

Linkara, man, this has to be the most ingenious villain idea ever. Seriously. As soon as you stated "Your mere presence causes all sorts of glitches to appear." I had to struggle to not yell out "BRILLIANT!"

That bastard caused a large series of glitches, that ended in a complete data wipe on my Blue version years back. (It was really the first time I ever exploited such an obvious glitch in a game, and was consequently the time I decided not to exploit any more glitches in my video game career). You must exact my vengeance for me! 151 pokemon lost! (I replayed through it and got them all back... BUT STILL!)

Anonymous said...

Wasn't too surprised to see the Entity posing as 90's Kid. Anyone remember when he said "and what you see is what you get...or is it?" in previous episode?

Happystickman said...

I ROLF'D. I seriously, absolutely fell to the floor laughing till my chest hurt when I saw the end. Pure. Genius.

JLH said...

I was dubious that you could review all five parts in one episode, but, congrats on succeeding.

As I said in a prior post, this was Venom creator David Micheline's swan song on the character. The merging was completely ignored in the next issue of the Venom "series of mini-series", written by Larry Hama, IIRC. They could be split just any old way, in fact Venom merged with Brock's ex-wife that next issue. And despite his psychic scream wiping out all of the symbiotes? A plot point of Venom's "series of mini-series" was a bunch of them surviving, sticking around on Earth, and getting killed off by the Female Symbiote offspring from Separation Anxiety. Interestingly, the psychic scream caused four of the other Venom spawn to merge together into the first outright hero symbiote (predating Toxin by a good decade), Hybrid, who appeared in back-ups of Venom's "series of mini-series" run. A crippled black former Guardsman as a hero? Nah, can't have that, he ended up ignored for Toxin, who's a stereotypical white Irish cop named by Pete Milligan, the writer of his debut mini-series, as "Pat Mulligan" (COUGHmartystuCOUGH).

As for 90's Kid, I didn't even suspect him until I read that fan's blog recap of the storyline you posted. I just thought his "What you see is what you get... or is it?" was a one-time gag! Is there still hope for Black Lantern 90's Kid to sing "Breakfast at Tiffany's" in the end credits to next week's episode?

And hey, I see two of the comics I donated ended up in the new opening pile! Neat!

E. Wilson said...

Venom is one of my favorite characters, so I was really looking forward to this. And you're right; so many writers don't know how to deal with him properly. He's incredibly creepy when he *thinks* he's the hero, but so many 90's writers actually wrote him as a hero, which...kind of misses the point entirely.

The ending of this story kind of plays that up. Venom commits genocide, and believes he's morally superior to the Spider-Men because he made that call. Now, I think Venom's call may have been justified in the circumstances, but it's still a horrible choice to have to make. Eddie's reaction is really a perfect moment for the character, and the writer ruins it by having Peter essentially agree with him later. (As you said, Peter isn't a "ends justify the means" person, which is why he's the hero and Venom's a villain.)

You also missed the fact that Venom was...wait for it...sitting on Peter's couch in the scene at their apartment. That's, what, three major supervillains who can't resist putting their feet up in their enemies' homes?

People, if you want to read some actually good Venom stories, check out "Birth of Venom", or the just-released "Vengeance of Venom". They're (mostly) awesome.

Jyger85 said...

"Beneath the seas, beside the flame.
Off the coast where the lost beast came.
To bring the world misery and shame.
A piece of the world is Missing."

...In other words, the lost Pokemon that appears between Cinnabar and Seafoam Islands that can wreck your game...MissingNo...

ackbarfan5556 said...

So Linkara, where's the Real 90's Kid? Was he MissingNumber's first victim?

Tzelael said...

Wow... That was an awesome conclusion. I really should've known what the Entity was, buuut... Well, I have to admit, I like the choice of MissingNo. When I think about it, it makes sense that it's the Entity. It's a living glitch, "On the Shores where the Lost Beast came" likely refers to the fact that riding up and down the coast of Cinnabar Island (after a chain of events) causes MissingNo to appear. Just... Brilliant.

(I'm also glad it didn't turn out to be a Cthulu ripoff, my faith in you is rewarded. :D)

Incidentally, why do writers constantly screw Spidey over? And I don't just mean in the narrative, but with piss-poor storytelling and the like. Not to mention the Symbiotes being rather uninteresting as a whole. I rather like the idea of creatures that feed off emotional impulses, but the Conqueror schtick just doesn't work, especially considering that, them being Symbiotes, would want to cooperate with the host body and make their relationship mutually beneficial. This seemed like a really good idea, but it was unfortunately executed poorly.

Looking forward to the Halloween special!

MalixDexide said...

Amazing work on both the review and the story! I can't wait for the last part!

To avoid spoilers: The last words you said in the video just screams awesomeness!

Bellarius said...

This day is getting interesting.

I liked this review a lot. No offense but a few of the last mythos events didn't have quite the punch of the previous ones, the conclusion of the Silent Hill arc for example. But this felt like a few monumental moment, pointing out old hints and giving some serious weight to the crisis by having everyone missing. Probably your only misstep was with Liz going missing, no offense intended but it seemed somewhat moronic that she'd just walk up to some strange haze when there's an unseen horror about. Aside from that, fantastic, I look forwards to seeing how things conclude.

Oh, and as bad as Planet of the Symbiotes was, one interesting idea was brought up: Symbiote superbowl. Like regular superbowl but with everyone as a psychotic alien superhuman.

Scott Tibbs said...

I thought Maximum Carnage was a great concept (and the Super NES game was a lot of fun) so I was looking forward to reading it when I finally picked up the trade a couple years ago.

The problem is that it was way too long.

Maximum Carnage could have been done in 5 or 6 issues but was done in 12. So it became very boring about halfway through. Think of a popcorn movie that should be 90 minutes but drags on for two and a half hours.

Bruce said...

I sort of feel like You made a sort of either Shout Out or Call out for last week's comment when I talked about Joe, and Insano. Lol, I'll be honest I'm kind of underwhelmed by the discovery. It is a brilliant plot point of being disguised as 90's Kid, but MissingNo. Feel's kind of a short ended twist to a pretty suspenseful arc. Granted Linkara doesn't really have a rogues gallery, I would have expected it to be somehow related to a comic he had reviewed, but MissingNo.....I felt like it had a weak pay off, Sorry Don't want to sound like a criticizing prick. Though expected something a TAD better from the impressive storytelling mind of Lewis Lovhaug

Anonymous said...

...and now I also realize what else has been tickling my fancy about the review: the comic itself synergized perfectly with the story arch! I can't say it enough: WELL played, sir! This review should be held up as an example of one of the very best reviews/stories on the internet!

MikeKz said...

"Adrenaline rushes?" You could have used an appearance by the '90s Kid after you said that.

The absurdity of the '90s Spider-Man is most welcomed after those dreary Silent Hill comics. A pox on all who kept bugging you about reviewing that junk. ;)

I look forward to the conclusion your epic story.

Ugo Strange said...

I'd like to say that once again, I called it. EXCELLENT WORK LINKARA!! MOST EXCELLENT INDEED!!

Cartooncreator5953 said...

This has got to be one, if not the, best story arc you have developed to date. Most of them I was able to guess every part that would happen next, but where I had not expected any of this, it all seems to fit together. I guarantee there were more clues all along like with the original Mechakara plot, but I believe everything has become full circle. I think the Entity might be my new favorite villain. Overall, fantastic episode, look forward to next week, just one question which I hope isn't that stupid, but how did heavy make you think of Pokemon? I know how the heaviest Pokemon would lead you to think of your conclusions, but how did 90s Kid saying heavy make you think of Pokemon in the first place? Was it due to you capturing Pyramid Head in the last episode and Whatley slightly sounds like heavy? Idk, seems a little like a stretch but maybe there's something I'm missing...or I'm overanalyzing the situation XD Anyway, awesome review and I look forward to the Halloween episode = D

Anonymous said...


Sukid said...

*cue black and white legendary music*
Wild MISSINGNO. appeared!
Go! Pyramid Head!

... even creepier, the iteration of the Pokeverse that Missingno came from is basically gone now. It makes me think that maybe the Glitchy Red creepypasta is Vyce's backstory.

ShadowWing Tronix said...

Cool new intro and wow what a cliffhanger!

Shada said...

OMG, Dude that was totally hardcore. I was going to start this comment with a compliment for the new starting montage, but that ending left me on the edge of my seat in shocked silence. I wasn't really trying to put it all together, since I wanted the surprise reveal; but daaaamn, that was very well done. The writing you've done on this was great. I love the poems/clues in the book. The acting and special effects were really, really good and this has left me very upset that we have to wait another week for the conclusion of this (oh, for a TARDIS....).

The starting montage is really good. I like how in your original, you were shaking your head in horror; in the second you were shaking your head in sort of boredom/pity for the poor comics that thought they could beat you; and in this one, you look really mad at them.

Oh yeah, you did do a review too! This story...I have to agree, if they gave it to someone good, this idea could be a Marvel-wide crossover. Seeing Cap get taken by a symbiote, seeing the FF, the rest of the Avengers, the X-Men, all fighting millions of symbiotes...THAT would be a very cool event comic. This? This was very silly in its plot points, terrible in its art work (seriously, what was up with the hairy Venoms?). Although I kind of understand the cutting back to MJ - sort of a dramatic tension/what Peter is fighting for kind of thing. . . except that he's not thinking of her at those times (is he?), there's no narrative reason to cut to her until they go to her and Peter's home for beer and a shower. I would really have loved to see her reaction to Venom being in her house though, she really hasn't like him since he tried killing her so many times (yet another scene that should have been in here and wasn't).

Yeah, this thing sucked. Great job reviewing this Lewis, and nooooo! I don't want to wait a whole week for the ending!!!!!

Seriously, awesome job and I can wait for the ending, I just really don't want to. XD

Author-Man said...


Huh. I did not see that one coming.

Oh, also, Missingno was actually prolly the most harmless of the glitch pokemon. Then again, the more harmfull ones have some... really unpronouncable names. Which actually fits an Eldritch abomination!

Anonymous said...

I all ways consider Venom to be the polar opposite of what spider man suppose to be.While
Spider-Man suppose to own his mistake.Disregarding all the writers who seem not to understand this.Eddy on the other hand blame other people for what he him self did or simply do wrong thing for selfish purposes.It meant to be a kind of idea if Spider-Man didn't have the whole with great power come great responsibility thing going on and was focus inward.At least in the animated cartoon.

Which is probably why I don't dislike Anti-Venom.It a chance for Eddy to redeem him self and make up for all his past actions.Tough Atoning for most of his crimes will be a life long Issue.

I have the Venom special of this comic.I didn't thought that one wasn't to bad.Not great just tolerable but it was given to me with some other books from a friend who was cleaning out a closed comic book store and was left there.So hay free stuff.

Dark Jak said...

Holy crap the end of this video was awsome. i was literally at eh edge of my seat. great job.

Speaking of the clone saga did you hear about the new Scarlet Spider ongoing marvel recently annonced

Lewis Lovhaug said...

"Also, apparently, according to Bulbapedia (, there's five forms of Missingno. Will that be incorporated? Because it'd kick ass to see you go up against a skeletal dragon.

Also, apparently, Missingno is only the second-heaviest Pokemon, after something called "h POKé". Just letting you know."

It's why I included the lines, "There are so many ways of bringing you about and you have so many names, but in the end it really all comes down to the one thing to call you."

Basically my way of acknowledging the other glitch Pokemon like h Poké.

AdamantiumRage said...

Linkara, after all this buildup, PLEASE say it's not just going to be a Pokemon. You've made an AMAZING character, and it deserves originality, including a bigger spot on TVTropes's eldritch abomination page. Nice twist, though

Lewis Lovhaug said...

"Wait, in the poem it says, "the bones from hell you cannot tame". If you are talking about capturing it, you can capture a Missing No."

'Bones from hell' refers to some of the other things MissingNo. can appear as besides the pixelated form, and "cannot tame" refers to the fact that when captured, MissingNo. can screw up other stuff.

Lewis Lovhaug said...

"Is the next week going to be another two-parter like all the other times you ended your storylines."

Nope. No time to put together a double feature, plus it's the first major storyline not ending in February like normal.

Carl said...

I'm hoping you include a really good explanation next week, since I for one have never seen nor played Pokemon.

areoborg said...

The static eyes effect was truly creepy. Well done, sir. Well done.

E. Wilson said...

"So.... you weren't able to tell that almost 7 billion people had dissappeared?"

Clearly, the new 52 took up as much of Linkara's time and attention as they did for Louis and the rest of the interwebs.

TimeTravelerJessica said...

Ah well, I was terribly wrong about the Entity. But Nineties Kid was the last person you'd ever suspect. I am so on edge for next week.

Kth-77 said...

Man, I don't know what to think... Some people hated the idea that it was a Lovecraftian-esque thing, and the fact Lord Vyce took it so seriously... I really don't know how I feel about it. I am underwhelmed by it, impressed by that blast from my earliest nerd years... I just don't know... But don't think this is a "I hate your show now an will stop watching" kind of thing. Man, I just need to digest this for a while.

Anonymous said...

Great review...

My only problem is... Heavy sets you off on the right track. Thinking about Snorlax?

Honestly Something like "Our numbers up Man!" would make more sense... unless when panicing You honestly just start thinking about Pokemon to ease your mind.

also... does that mean Vyce is Gary Mother ****ing Oak?

Lewis Lovhaug said...

"Overall, fantastic episode, look forward to next week, just one question which I hope isn't that stupid, but how did heavy make you think of Pokemon? I know how the heaviest Pokemon would lead you to think of your conclusions, but how did 90s Kid saying heavy make you think of Pokemon in the first place?"

Really just a "brain clicks" kind of moment, that the word heavy just connected with "The glitches are considered the heaviest," then the pieces fall into place with the poem and the glitches in the videos.

Zott said...

"'Bones from hell' refers to some of the other things MissingNo. can appear as besides the pixelated form, and "cannot tame" refers to the fact that when captured, MissingNo. can screw up other stuff."

Well thank you very much for responding, I really appreciate it. And if I could trouble you one last time, what do you mean by "heavy". If it is a spoiler then there is no need to reveal it. Once again thanks a million.

Anonymous said...

Hope you don't plan on catching Missingno. You don't want to corrupt your game. ;)

Anonymous said...

dammit now i cant use missingno in that fanfic i was gonna do without being called a hack lol

Anonymous said...

For crying out loud, this thing is terrible. Thematically more so.
And of course, they don't tell us why they want to restart the series, just say "hey we're restarting it." Could have said something along the lines of "we're in a corner," and could have made it go much more easier, but no.
Now that that's out of the way, HOLY SMOKES! That THING stole your best friend? GET HIM OUT!

Lewis Lovhaug said...

"Well thank you very much for responding, I really appreciate it. And if I could trouble you one last time, what do you mean by "heavy". If it is a spoiler then there is no need to reveal it. Once again thanks a million."

MissingNo. was the heaviest Pokemon of the original red and blue versions, and other glitch Pokemon are considered the heaviest in other generations of the games.

Julia_anime said...


I knew it! Ever since I saw the Entity declare that it had 90's Kid, and the various ominous signs he started showing, I began to suspect that the Entity was using his image! And man oh man was that reveal creepy! Good luck, Linkara, I have a feeling you're going to need to pull in Vyce to defeat this monstrosity!

(Quick question, since I'm not really familiar with Pokemon, is Missingno evil in the games?)

Can't wait for next week!

And the comic review was great, too!

Anonymous said...

I'm loving the contrast between the comic's story, which should have been frightening and suspenseful and really wasn't, and yours, which is most definitely both of those things. Nice work.

Falcovsleon20 said...

Since we're on the subject Linkara, I'm guessing you haven't read anything with Eddie's new symbiote Anti-Venom or Flash Thompson being the new Venom since you've said you don't keep up w/ recent Spidey after you know what but in the off chance that you have, what are you're thoughts?

I'm just wondering because I've been reading the new Venom series and enjoying it. Although I wish Flash didn't make the Venom symbiote look like reject from Call of Duty. And as for Anti-Venom, well Eddie needs to stop acting like a Christian evangelist because it just makes him look ridiculous. But the Anti-Venom symbiote itself is an interesting concept.

Captain Mac said...

To mention Liz again, I've got twitter up at the moment and i can't help but notice as soon as Liz got taken by the entity she started treating about school girl skirt and outfits.... does this mean the entity sends people to a world where the Hookerverse fanfiction is all real?

(to my knowledge Liz has never appeared in those fanfic, yet)

Please don't take that as an attack on Liz, I only thought of it when she said specifically not slutty skirts

TheDarkEricDraven said...

YEEEESSSS! It WAS Missing Number! guess was that it was Liz, not 90s Kid, but still. Please accept my apology for not being satisfied with the cult thing. This more then makes up for it.

Also, you can't know what female anatomy looks like! Linkara is pure and innocent and chaste and can see Unicorns!

Falcovsleon20 said...

Oh wait, spoke too soon. You did mention that in the review. C'mon man, how is Anti-Venom a stupid name? He's made from a mix of antibodies and trace amounts of the Venom symbiote. He damages symbiotes by touch alone. In other words, he does the exact opposite of what venom does. Makes sense to me.

Zott said...

"MissingNo. was the heaviest Pokemon of the original red and blue versions, and other glitch Pokemon are considered the heaviest in other generations of the games."

Ohh alright. Thank you very much, great review by the way. Once again, I really appreciate that you take your time out your schedule to speak to the fans. Not many reviewers do that and it is really awsome that you do. Thank you once again and good luck with the next review.

Kaibaman41 said...

Wow O-o now it makes sense why 90's Kid is a Black Lantern in the Warrior 4 review,I should have seen it coming! I must say brilliant for using MissingNo as the Entity.

I can see why they made Venom angry for him having to kill off the Symbiotes on Earth,despite they cast him out of his home world their was a possibility he had to kill his family as well but nothing mentioned due to bad writing in the comic. Though I got to admit Symbiote Captain America was pretty horrifying not going to lie.

FugueforFrog said...

Oh boy...I should have figured: Pokemon is as 90s as you can get...thus use a 90s Kid to annihilate worlds. This should be a fun finale...though one wonders how the heck you can catch something like that without ruining anything. (besides, your Pokeball already has a Pyramid Head in it)

As for the you said: it was just silly. Maybe not as silly as Maximum Cloneage (then again you can't top hundreds of Spider-Man clones, not even with hundreds of symbiotes...unless the symbiotes merge with the clones and...nevermind) but all the bizarre art style, consistency being thrown out the window and Venoms with mullets and mustaches...yeah, still rather dreadful. Weirdly I thought there was going to be an Air Supply reference with the "venom emo-yell" (the final part of "All Out of Love" is just hilariously obvious for that...a classic guilty pleasure song BTW), I think all the references to Hootie and the Blowfish, BJ Thomas (why did I get a Gremlins 2 vibe in my head with that moment) and Barry Manilow was probably all the soft rock you could take for the episode. (though I heard Pink Floyd's "Is There Anybody Out There" in my head with that it was scary)

Torkuda said...

I talked to you before, where... well I'm not advertising myself, so I'll leave that out unless it really bugs you and you ask.

I commented that I thought your story lines were bad practice for writing real stories, as they are prone to plot holes. I guess I have to take that back thinking about it. It's actually rather resourceful and I'm starting to see what could be more of the reasoning behind making stories for your web show, when they're not always popular. Actually forging a coherent story out of something that doesn't naturally lend to it IS good practice for story making. It might not make something you could sell at Barnes and Nobles or BlockBuster, but often that's really not the point. The point is the challenge.

I was intrigued by how you tied things together in this episode. I'm also happy to see another writer who doesn't constantly resort to the "I win card" when ever his character gets in to trouble, and instead tries to use things that really are on hand with circumstances that make sense, at least from the perspective of the story. ("I win card" is an advanced form of X-makina basically meaning the character wins through contrivance.) (I still say you've got house cleaning to do on plot holes, but maybe you should focus mostly on keeping them away from future stories, rather than trying to back track.)

I'm still looking forward to you telling us how you get "all those wonderful toys" in story context. (More specifically, why they work.)

If you figure out who this is, I'm still interested in seeing any other stories you are writing and aren't afraid to show folks.

Tyler said...

I don't know if you've ever played this games but Spider-man: Web of Shadows was a sybiote invasion, and I think things were done better than this comic (even though the game wasn't to great).

Also just wondering when did the Entity replace 90's Kid, I know that it came here in the Star Trek Voyager Elite Force review, but I'm not quite sure when it replaced him?

rdfox said...

All right, looks like I'm the first who went and freezeframed the new title sequence to get a glimpse of what the next year will hold, and here's the comics I managed to identify:

With the Arsenal of Freedom: Shortpacked (trade #1), JLA/Titans, Tom Strong, and a Steam Detectives tankouban. (I think that's usually supposed to be GOOD books, of course.)

Brodsky: "Comics by Gary Brodsky #1."

Being held up by Linkara: WCW comic with Sting on the cover, Catwoman movie adaptation, Fantastic Four issue with foil cover.

The pile: Something with Punisher, something with Dr. Doom, Marvel Team-Up: Aunt May & Franklin Richards vs. Galactus, something with "Six" in the title, a Battlestar Galactica book, Batman: City of Light, something that looks like a shitty Buffy clone, a "Generations"-era TNG comic, Marville Origins, and (thrown on top) Mighty Morphin' Rump Rangers. There's at least two or three others I can't identify, too.

Looks like we're gonna have an entertaining year!

Anonymous said...

So, does the Enitity consume people, or does it store them. And if that's the case, how are you going to bring everybody back.

DJ1107 said...

Originally this post was going to be a fun rump that I bring you up to date about the Venom mythos. But since 2 comments have said what happen to Anti-venom I give you an update about Flash being Venom. Sometime during Brand new day it turns out that Flash Thompson (Fomer High school bully for Parker and recovering alcoholic) joined the army and went to Iraq he was later sent back to the states after losing his legs. After Siege and during Big Times (A good Spidey story but I know your still on the fence about OMD so I can't recommend) The government wanted Flash to be the next Venom He accepts for the sake of walking again. The government actually being smart only has him with the symbiote for only a day. Also you ever read Deadpool vs Marvel universe it has Deadpool fighting symbiote possessed raptors.....awesome

Carl said...

BTW, an idea for a coda: assuming you still have your spaceship at the end of this arc, the last scene should be you informing ex-Lord Vyce that the Entity is finally defeated. You could put that 30 second scene together from stock footage with different dialog if necessary.

I just think it would be in character for Linkara to show mercy to a defeated opponent, letting him know that even if he's still in exile, the universes are no longer threatened.

(BTW, if Linkara really needs help he can call outside his universe, say to Ensign/Lieutenant Monroe.)

BlUsKrEEm said...

First off I seriously yelled out "NOT LIZ!" spooking my wife something awful.

Second: Trying to describe the plot line of AT4W to the uninitiated is impossible.

Also: The build up to this has been intense. I was thinking about how much air time 90's guy was getting recently when the video started. It was kind of cool to see him as part of the regular cast rather then a bit character. I thought Linkara lost it up to the very last second on the reveal. Bravo, sir Bravo!

PS:I wonder what item got duped?

Unknown said...

Looks like someone already said who the new Venom is, but I will say that the current Venom book does seem to show that Venom can be menacing without being a spider-man antagonist or knowing that Peter is Spider-man at least when Flash loses control.

Although Venom should know who Spider-man is Remender has to play the hand he was delt.

Anonymous said...

Okay, I know a lot of people have already said it, but I'm going to say it anyway: this is your best plot twist to date. It was both totally unexpected and at the same time made complete sense in retrospect. True, it's kind of a ridiculous that all of reality is being wiped out by an old Game Boy glitch, but then again, at least you set your big reveal up way better than half the crap you critique.

One question though (and this is probably unbelievably nitpicky): If in the Atop the Fourth Wall universe you and 90's Kid are the only people remaining, then why the hell were you doing a review for an audience that was, well, kinda not around at the time?

Jesse said...

The whole world's not gone. I'M still here! Half a country away...

I thought it was a little weird 90s Kid was left when everyone else was taken.

With all this going on you should just forget about TAIS for this week too and focus on whoever the Entity is. May want to swallow some pride and ask Superboy-Prime for help. Given how comic book, and TGWTG-logic works, he probably lives down the street from you.

Unknown said...

Falcovsleon20 said...
"...I'm just wondering because I've been reading the new Venom series and enjoying it. Although I wish Flash didn't make the Venom symbiote look like reject from Call of Duty."

Flash is a special forces operative, so I kind of think the Call of duty look is fitting. Of course at times when the symboite completely takes over he or they look more like the classic Venom. Either look is a huge upgrade to the Scorpion Venom in my opinion.

rageofkyubii said...

It was saying "human". All this time when it would appear it was saying "human". There's something highly creepy about that.

And to think that silly little glitch from so long ago could be something so unsettling....~shudders~

Anonymous said...

"Beneath the seas, beside the flame
Off the coast where the lost beast came
To bring the world misery and shame
A piece of the world is missing

The path you should have never crossed
The beast exacts a heavy cost
The number of the beast is lost
You will know it by it’s hissing

The bones from hell you cannot tame
Devour your life and all your fame
That is the price to play its game
And all while you’re reminiscing"

Wow... Its just one of those moments where it first seems like nonsense, but when you put it together it makes perfect sense!

The First stanza talks about that MissingNo is found between Cinnabar and Seafoam Islands, the second is about how getting all those items costs you your data, the third stanza about how it ruins the Hall Of Fame in the Pokemon league.

But I'm still curious, how is it tied to when The Entity first appeared all the way back when the Vorsoth came through? said...

hey man where you going for the doctor who style cliff hanger or is just me? the only reason i ask is because the tone of the ending felt pretty serious/dramatic

Anonymous said...

Dude! Lord Vyce is really Red from Pokemon! That explains why he's trying to fight MissingNo!

SailorCardKnight said...

Holy Christ Linkara! And so why aren't you writing comic books for a living again? If its anything as good as the writing on your show, I'd definitely read it! (and you're hearing this from someone whos primarily a manga reader)

While I suspected it was Missingno for a while now, I still loved how you built up to it! A Pokemon comic next week i'm suspecting? I hear the manga is actually enjoyable, so the horrid US newspaper comic? Or did you happen to stumble upon some obscure, craptastic comic that is a blatant Pokemon ripoff? The suspense!

Jeremy A. Patterson said...

RDFOX: Here are the exact names of some of the books:
*How To Publish Comics #1 (Solson)
*WCW World Championship Wrestling #3.
*Fantastic Four #375 (With the oft-forgotten 2nd Ms. Marvel!)
*Satan's Six #4 (Guest-starring JASON from Friday the 13th!)


Turkish Proverb said...

Ok Missingno I'd suspected, but 90's Kid? I did NOT see that one coming.

And the way you used MIssingno was frightening as sin. I'm not sure I'll be able to sleep.

SanJ922 said...

Of course!! It all makes sense now!!!
Masterfully done sir! I gasped so loud I woke up my roommate, who proceeded to chew me out until I explained why I gasped.

JLH said...

RDFox: Here's some more specifics on those:

WCW #3 (by Marvel)
Catwoman Movie Adaptation
Fantastic Four #375 (with prismatic foil cover!)

In the pile:
Over the Edge Alpha (Marvel Punisher multi-crossover)
Battlestar Galactica #2 (Maximum Press, aka, Liefeld's second company)
Deathmate Tourbook (Valiant/ Image vanity program for their tour)
Marvel Team-Up #137 (Aunt May & Franklin Richards vs Galactus)
Marville #5 (the hideous Bill Jemas Smallville parody)
Batman: City of Light #1 (Oh god, the Pander Brothers on art?! They were underground comix artists that never should have been given mainstream attention)
Amazing Spider-Man and Captain America in Dr. Doom's Revenge (Commodore computer game tie-in)
Satan's Six #4 (Topps Jack Kirbyverse)
Mighty Morphin' Rump Rangers (the horrible adult parody Linkara mentioned on Twitter a few weeks ago)

I don't recognize the other two (yet), nor the ones barely in frame at the upper left.

Anonymous said...

Well guess this explains BL 90's Kid in the Warrior review. But seriously awesome reveal. Although you shouldnt have wasted your Pokeball on a Pyramid Head last week. Also 90's Kid being the Entity explains his shooting last week. He was shooting so wildly because it didnt want to hit its followers.

Anonymous said...

The Comic: Good ideas, poorly executed and so-so art work... Could be worse.

Your Arc: I've had an odd feeling about him since around the Kurt Cobain thing, too. I just didn't think that he was it.

Fiery Little One

SpeedyEric said...

Happy 3rd Anniversary, AT4W!!!

I also call Venom my #1 favorite Spidey villain. I remember when the animated series was around, I had action figures of Spider-Man and Venom.

Nice job with the Year Three intro.

Thanks for the VR Troopers reference, Linkara. I remember hating that show when it was around, because I felt it was trying to replace Power Rangers.

I can’t get enough of the “How Could This Happen to Me” joke.

13:26- And we all know that you’ll see Doctor Insano in every single one of them.

14:40- Huh. No wonder why “One More Day” was written.

22:45- Shame on you, writers. Shame on you.

The symbiotes on the cover of Part 4 looks like is should be the cover a Spidey vs. zombies kind of story. Something like “Spider-Man: Venom of the Dead.”

29:23- And in the 3rd panel, Venom is gaining the personality of a bulldog.

The ending to this episode is powerful enough to cry M. Night Shyamalan to sleep of embarrassment.

Anonymous said...

Wait... I just realized something....

We all relied on MissingNo for our paltry items, anything we ever wanted it would just give to us...

Holy Crap!

We're All Members Of That Cult From Last Week!

Stoicheio said...

God, that foreshadowing was BRILLIANT! I had suspected it was Missingno for some time, myself, but...god. Fantastic. It all goes so far back, and it's all so clear! Also, for making the leap of logic between "heavy" and "Missingno = heaviest Pokemon", I am forced to cede all my Nerd Points. Linkara is now Supreme Ultra PokeNerd. HAIL!

...and yet Harvey figured it out months ago. His affinity for Pokemon never fails to amuse me. (I miss him...)

Also, now I can't help but notice how similar Lord Vyce's armor is to Mewtwo's armor from the first movie. Noooot as confident in that one, though. xD

Mahan said...

Missingno. is the Entity

I don't know whether to call this insane, brillant or stupid. You have always shown a flair for amazing plot threads in your reviews, combining both the lavishly ludicrous and astonishingly awesome as smoothly as a milkshake. Simultaneously, this twist makes perfect sense and no sense whatsoever. The beautiful foreshadowing of the twist versus the sheer thought of a Pokemon glitch destroying the world. All in all, I cannot wait to see how this arc will end. Astounding work as always, Linkara.

Also, anyone else think that the idea of Whateley, and by extension Ciencin's vision of Silent Hill's cult, worshipping a Pokemon to be hilarious?

CoreDumpError said...

OMG I almost fell off my chair guffawing at the PERFECTION of having MissingNo be The Entity. I'm so glad I got that incredibly obscure Pokemon reference, considering my total lack of interest in the game or anime series.

Jaebird said...

Planet of the Symbiotes makes me appreciate the storyline to the Web of Shadows videogame a little more, which isn't saying a whole lot. Not to say I found the game's story bad; its just okay.

Its such a shame that the origins of the symbiote are from a bad story, as I find the concept of an living, organic suit to be fascinating. It's a real shame the symbiotes are just cookie-cutter versions of Venom.

Jannak said...

I guess after defeating the Entity/MissingNumb this means no more crossovers, plots, etc and the show goes back to it's early days of picking up a comic and reviewing it with you being the last human left in the entire world. Although you can create a psychological horror subplot of being alone and going crazy.

Although I could be wrong.

Anonymous said...

You know, Link, when I first heard the twist, I was like "Say wha?! That's a complete asspull! You just made that up when you were writing the script for this week's episode, just for shock value!"

But after thinking about it a bit, I think that's why it's such an effective twist: it's completely out of left field, and it genuinely feels like a shock moment, even though there was clearly foreshadowing. I can't really explain it, but I'm quite impressed either way. Kudos.

Anonymous said...

Quick, Summon all the other God clas mons to do a hyper unity beam.

JLH said...

Corrections/additions to my earlier post:

That was Double Edge Alpha, not "Over the Edge", though "Over the Edge (And Under a Buck)" was the spin-off anthology book from the Marvel Edge comics imprint that spun out of this)

Star Trek Generations adaptation (DC... though is the standard or deluxe format version?)

What's Up With Astra? Medikidz Explain ADHS (Never heard of it, but it's got its own website at

And no clue what the book with the bio-hazard symbol on it behind the girl falling butt-first. It looks very 90s and very Image, but I haven't a clue.

Ming said...

OMG, I can't believe this! I mean, people have expected that the Entity may turn out to be the infamous glitch, Missingno, from Pokemon. I mean, Missingno turning out to be the evil god Whatley and the evil cult serves? 90s Kid, the moron obsessed with Liefeld, turning out to be Missingno? What happened to the real 90s Kid? Did he become the first victim, and we didn't even see it?

This is going to be epic, man! This episode is a bigger WHAM episode than Cry for Justice! I have got to see the finale. In fact, you should post a preview for the showdown now!

PS: Happy 3rd anniversary for you. Nice review. I think this Spider-Man story had some potential but ended up falling flat. Maximum Carnage seemed a lot better.

So, next week will it be another Youngblood comic? Maybe the infamous Image/Valiant crossover that destroyed Valiant and brought ruin to the comic industry in the 90s?

Anonymous said...

Why do I get the feeling that MissingNo is more than a little upset that the Yellow Version was reprogrammed to get rid of it.

Actually, Yellow eliminated almost all the glitches in the original two games.

In exchange, Pikachu and the three starters guranteed. That's why I picked Yellow.

The Grumpy Celt said...

So... maybe I missed it was was 90s Kid ever "real" or was it always the entity?

Solid episode and I look forwards to next weeks episode... though I wonder how the review will be inserted, given the nature of the cliff hanger.

Dave said...

Hey, I was right about 90's Kid's not being taken being significant...

But also, Peter goes into a Radio Shack, and you pass on a TRS-80/Tandy Whiz Kids joke?


Anonymous said...

Surprising ending. I thought it was going to be Mati just by the laugh for some reason but still awesome nonetheless.

rdfox said...

(rdfox here, remembering to sign in for once...)

Jeremy, JLH: Thanks, I was just going by a quick look at the covers and not doing any deep Google-diving to try and find the ones I didn't recognize. Nice to know that the rest of the viewers are more on the ball than me!

Also, Lewis, something that just came to me earlier about the review; the sort of telepresence that the doctor was describing *is* technically a form of virtual reality, and, in fact, is one of the actual applications of it. Surgeons can now use it to perform delicate operations remotely--for example, a surgeon at Johns Hopkins performing an operation on a patient in UCLA's teaching hospital. Granted, they're using mechanical controls, rather than thought, but they do have a three-dimensional helmet-mounted display that they use, one with head-tracking that lets them control their point of view simply by moving their head as they naturally would.

As for protecting the drone... well, it's an unmanned drone. It's expendable. It may be expensive, but it's not like there's a person inside it. Hell, even if you feel it's not expendable because of its cost, it can still easily take a much more hostile environment than a person can--radiation and extreme heat are very bad for electronics, true, but they're much hardier than humans are. (Example: much of the engineering post-mortem analysis of Chernobyl has been possible only because of drones that were sent into the areas where radiation levels would be instantly lethal, even today--and these drones are simply radio-controlled toy tanks with cheap video cameras duct-taped on top of them, no special radiation-hardened electronics or anything like that. Yes, the radiation levels eventually make them fail, but they can last ten to fifteen minutes in a radiation environment that would kill a human in ten to fifteen seconds... and there *are* ways to radiation-harden electronics.)

June said...

Ah HA! I was right. In that stinger (I can't remember for which episode it was) where 90's kid said "What you see is what you get... or is it!?" I KNEW he had something to do with the Entity. I knew he must have not been what he seemed.

TheDarkEricDraven said...

Okay, I know I said it before, but I just watched the episode again and I still feel the need to say I'm sorry for getting all "eh, again?" about the cult thing. Your storylines are 100% AWESOME.

The Jovian said...

Ýo̶u ̕hav͟͝e̡̡ ͟d́̀ę̶d̶͟ųc̡ed͢ w̕͡ę̷͞l̵̡̢l̸͡..́͢͞.̷̛
͏̨S͏̶̕ùch͜ ̨̕̕a͡͞ ̴͞sh̵̕a͠m̢e ͏tha̶͟t̢ ͜͝y͏͏͟o̵̧u̕ ̷͜͠s͜͝͡h̕al͠l̕ ̵̸no̧͘t̴̡͠ ̧͠l̷e͘̕a̶v̨̡e̵ ̸̢w͏͢i͝t̸̸̛h ̨t̷̵͟h̢̀͢i̵̢͜ś i̸n͡͏f̴́or͏̕m̵at͡͡iơ̸n͠.̸̡̀.̵.҉

You have deduced well
It's such a shame you shall not leave with this information

Oh we'll see who dies Missingno.

Lewis Lovhaug said...

"But also, Peter goes into a Radio Shack, and you pass on a TRS-80/Tandy Whiz Kids joke?"

I thought about it, but decided I had enough references to past episodes already.

DFX said...

Linkara, if you don't know what anarchism is it would be nice of you would not jump at "ANARCHISM defies representative ruling powers and unquestionable following of authority therefore INEVITABLE leads and EQUALS TO CHAOS!"-bandwagon of blatant politikans.
No, it doesn't "in every sense of the word" means "chaos", it literally means "without a ruler".

it's like saying "atheism" equals "immoral devil worshipping, eating babies, having incestual orgies and being completely loose, unguided bastards without fear of their masters and The Lord!".

i'm myself is something of social minarchist which both true anarchists and pure minarchists would argue against, but still. it's just lies, mindless spreading of FUD against real concepts underneath. you're sensible guy, be better than this.

Joseph said...

That was a fun review, and that comic looks like one of those so bad it's good kind of things.

By the way, for the "entity," I mean missingno, was 90's kid missingno since the beginning, or did he disappear off screen and it took the shape of 90's kid.

I'm going to have to rewatch the videos after the Vyce fight to see what other hints you might have placed

Also, I am still going with the theory that you are going to use its glitches to give you unlimited weapons and items.

Lewis Lovhaug said...

"Linkara, if you don't know what anarchism is it would be nice of you would not jump at "ANARCHISM defies representative ruling powers and unquestionable following of authority therefore INEVITABLE leads and EQUALS TO CHAOS!"-bandwagon of blatant politikans.
No, it doesn't "in every sense of the word" means "chaos", it literally means "without a ruler"."

From the World English Dictionary:

anarchy (ˈænəkɪ)

1. general lawlessness and disorder, esp when thought to result from an absence or failure of government

2. the absence or lack of government

3. the absence of any guiding or uniting principle; disorder; chaos

4. the theory or practice of political anarchism

It means more than just anarchism as a political system.

Anonymous said...

so wait
it was Missing No. after-all?

also your rant about Venom's motivation actually makes sense in a twisted form
especially since the Spectacular Spiderman cartoon did indeed depict Venom as basically a violently jealous ex-girlfriend

Spiderfan93 said...

Now if you have a master ball and catch Missing No you can bring him to a pokecenter put him in the computer and he evolves into Kangaskhan. You save the world and you don't have to catch a Kangaskang in the Safari Zone. Also for the comic yeah doesn't Venom always give Peter a hard time while fighting and now when Spideys faced with at least hundreds of them he's meh I don't buy it.

Nate said...

Better than Paranormal Activity! ;)

marktg said...

good job as always. I enjoyed the twist and I look foreword to next monday.

Saidi of the 90's said...

Here come the 90's defender to the rescue!
Okay I'd be lying if I said this is THE GREATEST MASTERPIECE I've ever read, but for all its craziness , dead-ends &

batshit insanity well I like it.
Venom (& THE FIRST DETRACTOR TO ATTACK EDDIE, BRING IT ON !) is what got me into Spidey while Norman is what made me

I'd better say why I love these guys ,and forgive if my reviews will be sort of fractured.

SPIDER-MAN: i’m really tired of Spidey being portrayed as the little rookie. Hell, Peter is smart & experienced! Sure he

ain't an Avenger (if you say Bendis did it, I don't give a damn....) But he's an underdog that is inventive, analytical &

smart. Being beaten by Jester & Jack-o-lantern while you can survive against Dr Ock, Morlun or Carnage is just insulting.

And the marriage is One of my top 10 favourite spidey stories.

BEN REILLY: Should be West coast Spidey! never deserved such a shitty fate . I love the fact that Peter had a brother, we

could have had a new supporting cast Buuuut...

VENOM: before I read any spidey story, he was the villain I wanted to see on the big screen! srsly look at him: the gooey

skin (too leathery in the movie, I always pictured it as seeming fluid like in that Michael Mayhew painting), the sharp

teeth & the seductive slasher smile ( & a tongue most ladies would be happy to see their men with…).
After reading the actual stories, my desire to see the guy was enhanced, It’s a shame Raimi didn’t even TRY with good old

Eddie (say what you will but he had a far better motivation than “he beat me up when I committed a crime!” Brock sees

Spider-Man as the bad guy, whereas everyone else KNOWS they are doing acts of evil and still get pissy when Spider-Man

stops them.All of this would have 2 good movies, part 1 the sin-eater & the symbiote, part 2 Venom) This is what they

should have been done to Brock
Instead we got the shitty Millar & Mackie stories which resulted in Fuckin' Jobbernom or Garganom (depends of taste).

Actually , the symbiote at that point Stopped loving Peter after ASM 317 (Fool me once, shame on you...) & consumed its

bond with Eddie, this is why they had to let them rejoin.

CARNAGE: In a way I agree, Cletus is a villain that must be used sparringly. But trust me when I say that he NOT one-

dimensional. He is the REJECTION of Peter Parker's ideology speaking since parker is about responsibility kasady is the

kind of guy who would say responsibility?what is it? this is why Carnage is unique in the spidey rogues gallery! he

embraces immorality & actually wants people to be like him (it's not only about killing).When well-written, his lines are
just a joy to read with the cartoon voice & hearing some loud music! In fact, he's the MOST evil villain in the Marvel Universe. He's the living perversion of the American Dream. He gets what he wants because he believes in himself. He doesn't just want your possessions...he wants your life. It's sickness for him that nothing is enough. And it's not because he had a bad childhood. He very could have been spoiled rotten which would have made even more sense... I definitely don't have the 90's repulsion most of people have (mostly because I started 4 years ago... just saying) many


Anonymous said...

Haven't watched the episode yet (again), but I have something to say, Lewis: thank you SO friggin' much for uploading a SD version of your show! Ever since Nostalgia Critic and Spoony made the jump to HD, I pretty much stopped watching them because of the ṕrohibitively large size (for my internet connection, anyway, not all of your fans live in the US or UK, people!) of their fancy MP4 720p videos. Thanks a lot!

Saidi of the 90's said...

Now about your Green Goblin " blasphemy", well I agree at 100 % especially if you are talking about Norman Osborn.
See Doc Ock is the polyvalent, inventive & charismatic leader in the Spidey RG.
Norman as The Goblin is honestly just a garden-variety psychopath & 2-bit punk with a silly costume and a lot of power; there’s never been anything special about the Goblin himself. One of the most overrated villains in comics and always has been. He's not as fun as Eddie, Cletus or the Sinister Six, he's not as ferocious as Morlun & not as charismatic as the Kingpin . He's only venerated for having accidentally killed Gwen, & dying by being impaled (Karma's a bitch...) .Hell the movie & TAS version was actually far more entertaining than the so called classic version!(& the whole Dark Reign BS only made him worse, I was actually annoyed about jobbing Deadpool to make him look good, BUT Nate Grey losing to him?
The Guy that killed Sinister with his bare fucking hands, losing to that little turd? that was the last goddamn straw! PIS & jobbing at its worst! Norm's only role is to be worm food !)
Now, if we were talking about Harry Osborn I'd yell "Fuck YEAH!"; Harry Osborn is fascinating , tragic & CLEVER! He actually deserves a place in my Top 5, and his gradual, sometimes unwilling collapse into villainy and final redemption is one of the truly great Spider-Man stories.( &
the spiderman clone saga last mini-series is definitely what should have happened! Ben goes west,Kaine is on the loose,
Peter & Mj are parents & Harry is left with the option of returning to his family or pursuing his revenge, there's
potential here!)

Sorry for the length pal, I really had fun with this ( especially after the disappointment my country is now going through...)
Oh before I forget, & better late than never , in your Cable#2 review you asked if anyone gave a damn about Stryfe, well as a matter of fact:

I am unashamadely a fan of his...

Captain Tom said...

the path you should of never crossed
the beast exacts a heavy cost
the number of the beast is lost
you will know it by it's hissing

Just remembered that little clue from the october trailer, should of seen it sooner really. Kudos Linkara for such a well set up story and great reveal.

Cferra said...

What shall I talk about here? I actually have this limited series and I agree that MJ was written quite horribly in that book. Other books wrote her very well. It just depends on who is writing it.

Venom is one of my favorite Spidey villains, too. Spoiler warning: Flash Thompson has the symbiote now. Joy? I hope we see a return of classic Venom since Anti-Venom will be gone soon thanks to the events of Spider-Island.

Now we come to the story portion of this event. Some people might ask if '90s Kid was always replaced. Or if the Entity was always '90s Kid. Who is to say? I'm just along for the ride!

Great use of MissingNo and the Pokemon reference. You are a very good storyteller and reviewer, Lewis. Keep up the good work!

Sam said...

You guys are becoming pretty good actors in your own right. That final scene was actually pretty tense!

Miles Bluefalls said...

To anyone who disapproves of the twist that the Entity is MissingNo., you've never read half the Creepypasta-type stories out there about it. My personal favorite is from the "SCP Foundation" line of tales, where someone made an entry (which will remain unnamed, cos it's fun figuring out which), and after deliberation, some folk came up with the conclusion of "oh wait THIS IS MISSINGNO" and then "wow, if this was our world, we'd be pretty screwed".

Also, it's double-hilarious for me, since the other night I was reading through some of the Something Awful Let's Play archives at, and found a Pokemon Blue LP which specifically did nothing but cover all the glitch Pokemon, all the things they do to your game, and how to keep the game "stable" enough to actually beat it with glitch 'mon. VERY interesting read from a programming/hardware standpoint, even if you've never followed Pokemon at all. Also VERY much nightmare fuel seeing some of the video examples...glich 'mon with horrible minute-long death cries that accompany gradual corruption, anyone?

So seeing this twist is both awesome and horrifying. Here's hoping we don't get to see a Pikachu with a split-open head, a la The Thing, as can happen in Pokemon Yellow. Glich 'mon can really mess with everything.

Oh yah, and they don't just crash the game...some will totally crash an emulator too...and possibly blue-screen your PC. Yikes. They CAN come after you in the real world. Run. Run, for all the good it will do you. They're already here.

Thunderstudent said...

All I can say is HOLY CRAP I DIDN'T SEE THAT COMING!!!! And I PLAYED THE HELL out of Red and Blue. So Where's the real 90's kid? Was 90's kid real at all? And what dose that mean about Lord Vyce? Is he a Pokemon Trainer? Is he Giovani? Is he a Pokemon himself?And where the crap is everyone? Dose that mean Phelous and Nostalgia Critic aren't going to post this week?

Thunderstudent said...

All I can say is HOLY CRAP I DIDN'T SEE THAT COMING!!!! And I PLAYED THE HELL out of Red and Blue. So Where's the real 90's kid? Was 90's kid real at all? And what dose that mean about Lord Vyce? Is he a Pokemon Trainer? Is he Giovani? Is he a Pokemon himself?And where the crap is everyone? Dose that mean Phelous and Nostalgia Critic aren't going to post this week?

RJHammer said...

I am sort of embarrassed that I didn't get the pokemon thing. I am a huge fan having watched all the episodes and the movies aired in USA. Plus pretty much played all the color themed games in US. There also the problem with the TGWTG web site since last night. Now it looks like entity took out That Guy With The Glasses web site. :)

MoonTiger said...

This part of your story was actually pretty well executed Lewis :) I got to admit though.. I hate the voice of that.. thing. It just gives me the chills.

Jannak said...

You know I find highly suspicious that the tgwtg site suddenly is having techincial difficulties...hmmm....

Anthem said...

I should've guessed this.

"Beneath the seas and beside the flames..."
The Island of Cinnibar...

"Off the Coast where the lost beast came..."
It appears here...

"To bring the world misery and shame..."
And bring trouble...

"A piece of the world is Missing..."
As in Missingno.

Why didn't I analyze this before?

"The path that you should have never crossed..."
You shouldn't surf the right coast of Cinnibar...

"The beast exacts a heavy cost..."
Missingno. expects something from you when you catch it...

"The number of the beast is lost..."
The number of the beast doesn't mean the literal number (666) it means 000. Missingno's number in the Pokedex.

"You'll know it by it's hissing..."
The hissing of Human isn't the only thing... it's cry in Blue and Red...

I feel like such a fool...

"The bones from hell you cannot tame..."
The Bones? It refers to the Aerodactyl and Kabutops fossils.

"Devour your life and all your fame..."
It infects your hall of fame and then you...

"That is the price to pay it's game..."
As in what happens when you catch it...

"And all while you're reminiscing..."
While you play the game...

It all makes sense now. And I didn't even bother to guess until now.

Jesse J said...

Wow, I laughed out loud at that ending! These videos can be cheezy and goofy, and yet they often have a feeling of epic to them. And this, good sir, was the most epic use of a video game glitch I have ever seen.

Anonymous said...

So question,back in one of your reviews of The dark knight strikes again, you mentioned missingno...and then there was a weird thing..did that Bring the enity in,or was that just a one off joke and i`m overthinking it?

13th Doctor said...

Great episode, Lewis. I admit that even though you left brilliant clues in your earlier episodes, I was kinda scratching my head at the whole "missing number" thing. Then other posts led me to the fact that it stands for a glitch in a Pokemon game. Given that I am about as far removed from Pokemon as you can get, this isn't surprising. BTW, thanks for getting me hooked on Doctor Who. You improved my outlook on life considerably. :)

Anonymous said...

that was all just great, but the end even more so. the way 90s kid took off his glasses but kept his eyes closed, his voice slowly changing, then the static behind his eyes, were all very well done. also liked the way his mouth twitched a bit after being found out, for some reason that came off as creepy because he's almost always got a grin plastered to his face.
kudos sir, the next part is eagerly awaited.

Bryan Magsayo said...

Nice episode, I mean at its finest. I think someone already knew Entity's real identity at least 6 months ago.

Adam said...

Wait, why do all the other symbiots have Venom's face? The reason that Venom has eye marks like that is because he based his appearance on a distorted version of Spidey's costume. So all the other symbiots should look completely different.

Also, does this mean that you have access to infinite rare candies now?

Anonymous said...

So, does this mean your mystery comic will be a Pokemon comic? *crosses fingers*

Jannak said...

Is it just me or the Entity is a paradoy of ZALGO which is a actual creepy pasta.

Anonymous said...

"the stupidly named anti-vemon"
Oh no you didn't.

Lord You Know Who said...

"Missingno. is a pokemon eldritch abomination, plain and simple.


It comes from seemingly nowhere out of the ocean to inflict it's unintelligible mass of garbled horror upon your character's mind, breaking it in the process of trying to understand what he's seeing. This is shown, as the glitch has side effects after seeing it, like the mangled up hall of fame and somehow believing he has infinite copies of some item in his bag. Furthermore, when you meet him in the later versions, Gold and Silver, the poor guy's been rendered so insane that he can no longer speak, and has become a recluse in a cave.

...Well that's my theory anyway. XD "

spookydom called it before anyone else did.

Here is the picture on deviantart:

Mariner said...

Linkara, as tone-killing as it would have been, you should have shouted "THE WOMEN!!!" right after Liz left.

Perhaps something for the Special Edition? :p

Anonymous said...

Speaking as someone who hated "Maximum Carnage"--it's the reason I quit reading Spider-Man (which spared me the whole Clone Saga), I love Venom as a character and like Carnage.

Anonymous said...

All I can say is Lewis, you continue to put on one of the greatest homegrown shows on the internet. Long may you reign.

Sage Saria said...

I just want to say thank you. There was a lot of speculation about 90s Kid being the mastermind behind it all and I just could not see it that way and would've been kind of upset if it did. I don't want to sound like a rabid fangirl or anything, but 90s Kid is one of my favorite characters and him heel-turning just would've felt...wrong. But I'm glad it didn't turn out that way. Though now I wonder how long the poor kid's been gone.

Also, I commend you for how you handled the reveal. Part of the terror behind the Entity was what we didn't see or know, so revealing it needed to be done carefully. You definitely delivered here; it didn't feel forced or pulled out of the ass, and it didn't lose any of its scariness. In fact, I think knowing what we know now makes it even MORE frightening, especially the subtle change in its voice and those EYES.

Really looking forward to the conclusion!

Jack Power said...

And here I thought I was the only one who mixed in disparate worlds/universes/ideas/etc and put them into my stories.

I feel inspired by this awesomeness to get my own stuff down. to choose one of the many plot threads to pick at...

Daeron said...

I am...seriously impressed by the ending. Good to see someone taking the Missingno as a Lovecraftian horror and turning it into something so unexpected and thrilling. The poem was an amazing touch and it added to the idea that the horror in question is ancient. Overall fantastic reveal and very shocking.

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