Thursday, October 13, 2011

That's All I'm Saying: 10-12-11

This week, Linkara looks at Superboy #2, Green Lantern #2, The Shade #1, Mr. Terrific #2, Frakenstein: Agent of SHADE #2, Batwoman #2, Batman and Robin #2, Demon Knights #2, and Batgirl #2 ‎


Theozilla said...

God, Demon Knights sounds awesome, it really has been for me the spiritual sequel to Secret Six. Love seeing Ystina from Seven Soldiers and who can resist Vandal Savage fighting enemies with dragon meat? Frankenstein is also another one of my favorite Seven Soldiers and I can't wait to see him fight Kaiju inspired monsters.

Glad to hear that The Shade is good, but it does leave me confused as to the status of Golden Age Starman's existence in DCnU.

Anonymous said...

All too delightfully short, Linkara. :p

Picked up Demon Knights yesterday, and it is definitly a great read, though the faux-Assassin is still an annoyance. Ressuruction Man was kinda filler-ish, and Frankenstein was pretty great. Looking over my titles for DC (since I don't follow Marvel), I have to say, it's mostly the titles with the possibility of real fresh continuity that appeal to me, titles like Frankenstein, Resurrection Man, Demon Knights, Aquaman and Batwing. Batwing in particular is just coming off great since Winnick is doing a great job of world-building the African superhero scene.

As a Charlton Comics fanboy (I know, I know), I had hopes for Atom and Blue Beetle, but the Blue Beetle run getting redone just doesn't suit me, and I'd rather just leave my love at the original series (thanks to you, it was my first comics read before anything else, so there's that for your ego). As for Atom, it's a wait and see approach, but I had hoped for a more open position as a military superhero, not another cloak and dagger organization. Ah well.

And on a side-note, is it all right if I sent you an email with this idea I formulated for an alternate DC reboot. I'd like to hit up a guy with serious comics knowledge for his/her opinion, and you're the resident comics guru for the collective bunch of reviewers if one doesn't include Last Angry Geek.

Inquisitor D. said...

Linkara, I'm with you on Demon Knights all the way! (going to go out and start nagging all my friends into picking it up on Comixology)

However, The Shade... confused me. I mostly liked it, but two points left me concerned

1; There're points where the dialogue feels... odd. Robinson gets around it by having the characters call each other on this, but still...

2; CRY FOR JUSTICE REF! Ok, a reference to a pretty cool part of Cry for Justice, but still, ARRGH! I might be wrong on this, but from your CfJ review, I'm pretty sure... Congorilla and Mikhail haven't met outside of there, right?

SagashiIndustries said...

Demon Knights DOES sound interesting. I might have to check it out when I get the chance.

Lewis Lovhaug said...

"2; CRY FOR JUSTICE REF! Ok, a reference to a pretty cool part of Cry for Justice, but still, ARRGH! I might be wrong on this, but from your CfJ review, I'm pretty sure... Congorilla and Mikhail haven't met outside of there, right?"

They had a one-shot adventure together and also were on the Justice League together after Cry for Justice.

libraryguy said...

Demon Knights is all kinds of awesome, and every comment I've heard has been overwhelming positive. I think that the book actually has a shot, and I hope that the quality remains this high.

(Also, DK Savage comes across as an oh-so-slightly toned down version of Marvel's Hercules, which is really nifty)

As for things which aren't awesome: Zeus is Diana's father?!? What the everloving fuck? Has this been confirmed?

Sake Mangusto said...

It's everybody from Krypton now!
Because i saw Batman, Green Arrow and NOW Batgirl doing feats of strenght or survive to stunts that would kill or injury permanently any non metahuman and Barbara Gordon IS NOT A METAHUMAN !!!

Did you really missed the way she falls on that cab's door Lewis ? It's the kind of stunt that should send her back to the wheel chair except if Gail Simone herself answer one of my recent twitts and admit Barbara is now a cyborg because that's the only way she could survive this with just braking a few ribs.

Of course she will never answer or admit anything and in this case i call for a yellow card on her, Gail, Grant and Geof must urgent go to see a Doctor before the goddamn virus kicks in and the New 52's became Lee Miller's states.

Frank Miller is a genius and also a little bit of insane but those are two character traits that fit together perfectly, meanwhile Jim Lee is...let me put this way...someone acting in a self-defeating or significantly counterproductive way who is specifically incapable of learning and now is becoming contagious, i blame the flaws on All Star B&R on Jim Lee, all New 52's flaws are also Jim Lee's fault because he feeds the inherit madness of the writers with false feed back.

Jim Lee kills his own creation The Wildstorm-verse and now he is gonna help to kill the DCU because he is a malevolent trojan horse.

And that's my opinion on this matters, there is not much i would like to say i loved this week and frankly i gonna drop most of the DC story lines faster than you. I wish i could help your newest passion for the Demon Knights but i doubt DC cares about foreigner sales at this point, i live in Brazil, remember ? The wild uncivilized jungle world where american christians of several denominations don't dare to cross except when they did it ? American Dollar still is strong here, keep send your sinners.

Anyway, i think Gail Simone is mad or hates what she is forced to write. (add a Millerist mildly misogynistic mental picture here) Poor O, i mean, Poor Gail.

Pat said...

I would recommend Suicide Squad #2 this week as well. It's a great improvement over the first issue with a good self-contained (for the most part) story with some fun dialogue and pretty great action. It's no Secret Six, but it's pretty good in it's own right. I think you should give it one more chance.

Sake Mangusto said...

About Batwoman #2 : the girl has a pale skin, you drink too much soda, J.H.Williams III and W. Haden Blackman write the best line in comic books and i quote :

Batwoman say : "It's either a stroke of brilliance...or TOTALLY INSANE!

I guess that defines the days of everybody lives, specially concerning comics.

My point is she is this, you do that, MOVE ON ! Nice Review.

The Blue And The Gold said...

Did anybody else think of the Frankenstein bit from the Red Dwarf episode Quarantine at the start of the Frankenstein, Agent Of S.H.A.D.E segment?

Anonymous said...

I have been reading Batwomen for a while and in the big trade she got a while back it showed her and her twin were very pale as children with pale blonde hair. it is my belief that Kate and her sister were meant to be albinos. Also give the incredibly bright red hair she has is a dye only color. i Hope this helps.

SomethingSnappy said...

I remember you being pretty positive on resurrection man last month, is there any particular reason you didn't pick it up this month?

Kathryn said...

Said it before and I'll say it again. That is a bad ass Deathstroke! Truth be told, Deathstroke one of the reasons I picked this one up.

Demon Knights is awesome. I am going to buy all the issues that ever come out for that book.

Rhodoferax said...

This video has persuaded me to get Demon Knights. Now, since it's the sort of title that probably won't get a UK reprint, I'm going to have to get a credit card in order to use the digital service.

Regarding Frankenstein, if you want a name for the monster, please use Adam. I think that's what Mary Shelley approved of, and if you've read the book, it fits quite well.

Tim Spiegler said...

by the title card, it seems that Linkara just scored two depressed, and needing batgirl. Well played Louis.

Pat said...

Oh, by the way, what were your thoughts on the digital comics versus the physical comics?

I personally prefer going digital since I've never really been into collecting and it saves me a car trip and I can read them whenever and wherever I like. I do feel bad for the comic stores, but hardcore fans have been able to keep them afloat this long, so I'm not too worried about them.

I also would assume that it saved you a great deal of trouble since you wouldn't have had to actually scan everything and could just do screen caps, but since you didn't manage to get this out until 3 or 4 AM EST, I'm curious if the digital format gave you any grief.

Dark Jak said...

I mostly got marvel books this week so i can't comment too much on this. Best title out of that was FF

Batman and Robin is a really great read. Though i have a feeling something is going to happen to that dog at the end of issue

Green Lantern was good, though out of all the Lantern titles i'm enjoying this the least.

Ducktales #5 great issue. had some good laughs, though was pretty fast paced compared to others. its sad that these is the last storyline before BoomStudio stops publishing the titles

Anonymous said...

When it comes to names and DC Frankenstein, did't he actually took his creator's name, thus solving the whole confusion?

Also, you're 100% right with Demon Knights, it's awesome. The line about not having tasted a dinosaur in ages - brilliant.

Alyson said...

Following "Demon Knights" as well and it is glorious.

Seriously, Viking!Vandal Savage is my new favorite character. I can imagine Brian Blessed reading those lines if this ever becomes an animated show.

Yay said...

Well, Dr. Frankenstein's creation in original novel is more of re-animation (super powered and smarter zombie) rather than new life form as he used corpses to create the creature like creating pc out of other broken pc (the created pc is different pc from other pcs, yet pc is pc not dish washer). I would understand the re-animation's name to be Frankenstein if the creator of this version didn't puss-out like the dumb doctor in the original novel.

TheDarkEricDraven said...

This week was just super disapointing for me. Suicide Squad was the only one I liked...I think you are missing out Lewis. Quinn is awesome.

Jesse said...

I think the monster Superboy was fighting on the cover was King Shark. makes sense given how much they fought in the 90s. Hope they bring back Knockout for him to fight with again. maybe STAY an ally too for a change.

Demon Knights sounds good and The Last Angry Geek likes it too, so maybe it's worth a shot anyways. Like Vandal Savage and seeing him be happy and funny should put ME in good mood.

Are you still going to fallow Teen Titans?

Zeus as Wonder Woman's father IS generic. Why not go the JLU way and make Hades her father? or better yet, Poseidon?

With Poseidon as her father they could cash in a little bit on the Percy Jackson series AND add a whole new element to WW's (possible) confrontation with Medusa, since she's only that way because Poseidon raped her in Athena's temple. Now THAT would have been interesting and not as generic. While I think Diana needs more male supporting characters, I don't think she needs a father, but if they wanted to give her a godly one, then why not Poseidon? Hephaestus too would have been an interesting choice and explain her immunity to fire.

This is all I really have to say.

MikeKz said...

Thank you Linkara! Those are my thoughts on Frankenstein too. The monster was created by Dr. Frankenstein, so there's nothing wrong with the monster having his name.

Mike said...

Green Lantern #2: I never liked Green Lantern in the past, so I am really enjoying this relaunch. They are introducing things well even if there isn't much of a relaunch to speak of. I quite enjoyed this issue and loved seeing how stupid Hal was. Yes Sinestro will just give you a fully working ring.

Frankenstein #2: I personally couldn't care less on the name issue. I agree with you and just go with Frankenstein. If you want to be a pain at parties, he was referred to by Mary Shelley (aka THE WRITER) was Adam. I enjoyed this book, however it didn't convince me to keep picking it up. The art was a bit too chaotic (clearly a stylistic choice for this title) for my taste. However the shot of him jumping from the helicopter with the sword in the foreground was awesome!

Batman And Robin #2: I really like where they are going with Damian in this book. I am going to keep picking this one up and see where it goes.

Demon Knights #2: This is BY FAR the comic I am having the most fun with in the relaunch. This issue just screams fun on every page. Great lines, great action, just awesome. I absolutely loved this issue. Somehow it is better then the first!

Batgirl #2: I liked this issue more then the first, however I am iffy on it. It didn't wow me, but it wasn't bad. I also have no idea how to read Jim Gordon's reaction there. I have a feeling we will find out next issue. The survivor's guilt angle is quite interesting.

Suicide Squad #2: You didn't pick it up, but I did. It was okay. The story involved nano machine zombies taking over the stadium. It was an okay issue, with a twist that fit with the concept of the squad. It wasn't bad, just wasn't very good. They are having lots of fun with Harley which saved this issue from being 100% forgettable.

I will be dropping Frankenstein & Suicide Squad. Just not all that interesting to me. Maybe in a trade it would keep my attention more.

August M. said...

I too got my issues digitally(Not that I've gone digitally only is that the closes Comic shop is 25 miles away). Anyways here is my thoughts on the issues I got:

Demon Knights #2: AWESOME!!! Best of the week. BUY IT PEOPLE!!!

Batgirl #2: Enjoyed it more than the last issue and I am loving the Mirror.

Frankenstein Agent of SHADE: Great book, loving more every time I read it.

Batwoman #2: Same thoughts: Story is okay and art is awesome.

Green Lantern #2: It was okay.

Amazing Spider-Man #671: The story is good but the art was a bad at times. The Spider Island story arc is quickly becoming one of my favorite Spidey-arcs. Can't wait for next issue when Spidey teams up with MJ, who now has Spider powers due to the events(But it's more likely a cock-tease).

X-Men Regenesis: Meh, just showed which mutants are going to be part of Wolverine's X-Men or Cyclops X-Men(The team has been divided to East[Wolverine] and West[Cyclops].)

Morning Glories #13: This series is just awesome: the characters are great and the mystery and suspense is amazing. For those who need a break on superhero comics, I recommend this series. As of writing this, you can get all the issues(Except the latest one) for a dollar each at the comixology app until October 13 11:00 PM Eastern time.

Sonic #229: It was good. Funny thing to point out, Sonic has recently have a relaunch in the style of Flashpoint(No joke). In fact, it was better told and more entertaining.

Love the title card! It just made me laugh. I heard your thoughts on Cass being Batgirl in your Worst 15 Heroes turned Bad video but what' your opinion on Stephanie Brown being Batgirl?

As for Power Girl being absent in DCnU, it's just unacceptable. It I run DC and have to choose between one Kara(Supergirl or Power Girl) it would be Power Girl because she's more interesting and fun to read. The modern Supergirl is just meh with a great costume. The only interesting Supergirls are the Silver Age one, Linda Danvers, and Power Girl. Oh God, I just remember the awesome idea Peter David had for those three if his Supergirl comic had continue. Oh well.

Since you brought up the Ducktales and Darkwing crossover, I hope the story is well done and not rushed since both comics are reaching their end soon since all Disney comics on BOOM! Studios are going to Marvel. Which makes sense since Disney owns Marvel now.

Anyways, keep up the great work.

Sollosi said...

I was a big fan of Demon Knights and Batwoman this week more than any of the others I read. DK is great for all of the reasons everyone says it's great, and I'm looking forward to seeing what the team dynamic is from here on out. And one more thing: do you guys think Ex could be an exile from Themiscyra?

Batwoman's art is just stunning, and I'm just glad we're getting a continuation of this story because I effin' LOVED Elegy. Seeing the panels arranged into a giant Bat-symbol for a two-page spread was really impressive. **** it, the entire issue was really impressive.

Kanbabrif said...

I think a better analogy for Superboy isn't Pokémon, but Xenosaga. Think about it: Nerdy redhead scientist is the leader of the project despite her age, she argues Superboy's "not ready for real combat", her asshole superiors stage an accident, etc. That's why I'll be calling him KON-MOS for the time being.

Adam said...

Am I wrong I thinking that the Batmobile on the cover of Batman and Robin looks a lot like Cerebus the Aardvark?

That said, I'll definitely consider picking up Demon Knights when I am at ComicCon this weekend.

Ken Godberson said...

I honest to god wasn't going to pick up Demon Knights. I'm more into Urban Fantasy than Swords and Sorcery books. But not only your recommendation, but also the fact that Paul Cornell, the guy who brought us Son of Mine in Doctor Who, is the guy writing it. So I did pick up issues 1 and 2.

They do not disappoint. Thank you Linkara.

As for my opinion on the two Batgirls. The only real problems I've had with the issues is Barbara's roommate, who I find extremely annoying.

Anonymous said...

I don't mean to be annoying, but could you try issue #2 of Red Lanterns. I love hearing your opinions on comics and want to know what you thought of it.

MasterSeijin said...

In regards to the Frankenstein name issue: THANK YOU LEWIS! It's about God damn time someone said something! I love James and all, but his arguing semantics is really bothersome!

Craig said...

How are all the faults in All Star Batman and Robin Jim Lee's fault? He's just the artist. Surely the story's faults would be due to the writer aka Frank Miller.

Really Sake, I don't get your argument here. How exactly is Jim Lee being an artist on DC's books going to destroy DC Comics?

R said...

Re: Batwoman's white skin. It's an after effect of her being stabbed in the heart by the cult of crime (elaborated on in one of The Question minis.)

Is the Batgirl book being intentionally torpedoed by Gail Simone? I only ask because she is way too smart a writer to write Barbara Gordon as this much of an incompetent moron. Her narration is so annoying and comes across as inauthentic. From the "oh babys" to "I got CARDED because I'm YOOOOOUNG" business, it's like she's making fun of an editorial edict to make the character younger. the art should give us an indicator of her age, not horrible dialogue.

And I'm sorry, but The Mirror is a pathetic bad guy that any other hero could have beaten by themselves in one issue. It's only Barbara's incompetence that lets him get away. I'm done with this book.

Unknown said...

Haven't you ever seen Young Frankenstein?

Its pronounced Frawnken-shteen. Well that's my best attempt an phonetic spelling.

Lewis Lovhaug said...

"I remember you being pretty positive on resurrection man last month, is there any particular reason you didn't pick it up this month?"

Just completely forgot to add it to the list. I'll be buying it when I have some time this week.

Jason said...

My weeks comics:
1) Frankenstein: Agents of SHADE
2) Suicide Squad
3) Tons of X-Men books

On the two new DCs books. Frankenstein was a lot of fun. Suicide Squad improved, but it is still on my "condsidered-to-drop" list.

Another random thought, it always seems like my favorite titles show up in the same week. These weeks shift around, but it is strange to me to me that the good stuff sorta congregates into one batch. Selection bias or cosmic conspiracy, you decide!

Lewis Lovhaug said...

"I also would assume that it saved you a great deal of trouble since you wouldn't have had to actually scan everything and could just do screen caps, but since you didn't manage to get this out until 3 or 4 AM EST, I'm curious if the digital format gave you any grief."

I've been supportive of digital comics since even before the relaunch.

The reason it came out so late was because I was working on other stuff throughout the day. ^^;

Anonymous said...

I actually asked J.H. Williams himself about the skin-tone issue on his blog just yesterday. This is what he had to say:

"Hello SoldierHawk
Glad you liked the issue.

Here’s the thing about Kate’s skin. She is a natural ginger, redhead. But of the variety that their skin is almost without pigment, a porcelain skin tone. I’ve met several redhead’s that have this quality, they are so white that they’re very haunting to look at in a way, very striking. It seems to me that there are a variety of redheads of varying skin complexions, just as there are with blondes and brunettes. So we went with this for her, as it fit her best."

(Also, just as a point of order, there's no way Kate could be albino. She has bright red hair and green eyes.)

Anyway, so that's the unofficial official word on the matter for the curious.

Anonymous said...

It's weird I agree with everything you on everything except Superboy I don't know why but i'm enjoying the comic still great to hear your opinion.

Lewis Lovhaug said...

"I don't mean to be annoying, but could you try issue #2 of Red Lanterns. I love hearing your opinions on comics and want to know what you thought of it."

I read it in the shop and it was "eh," to be honest.

Anonymous said...

Yeah, Demon Knights is awesome.
I'm glad you're taking the pro-active approach to try to save this book! You should also encourage others to tell their friends to buy it too!
It's kinda what the Avengers Academy crowd has been doing when the book was heading towards cancellation around issue 8, but then strong efforts have allowed the book to swing back and we are currently at issue 20 and has been getting steady sales since!
Keep at the pro-Demon Knights method! You can do it!

Lewis Lovhaug said...

"ere’s the thing about Kate’s skin. She is a natural ginger, redhead. But of the variety that their skin is almost without pigment, a porcelain skin tone. I’ve met several redhead’s that have this quality, they are so white that they’re very haunting to look at in a way, very striking. It seems to me that there are a variety of redheads of varying skin complexions, just as there are with blondes and brunettes. So we went with this for her, as it fit her best.""

I guess that wouldn't bother me so much if not for the fact that when she was first shown in 52, she had an average caucasian skin complexion. ^^;

Sollosi said...

Quoted from R above:

"Re: Batwoman's white skin. It's an after effect of her being stabbed in the heart by the cult of crime (elaborated on in one of The Question minis.)"

That explanation work for you, L3? I'll accept it, even though I do think she looks too much like, say, a redheaded version of Wednesday Addams.

rdfox said...

"I guess that wouldn't bother me so much if not for the fact that when she was first shown in 52, she had an average caucasian skin complexion. ^^; "

Well, when she appeared in 52, she was wearing stiletto heels and didn't have the ink, either. She was redesigned when her ongoing was taken away (thank GOD) from Devin Grayson and she was instead given to Greg Rucka...

TimeTravelerJessica said...

I'm gonna have to second the recommendation for Suicide Squad #2. I can't even say I really liked it - it was really gory, too gory for my taste - but it was a nice bounce back from the "wth?" ending last month to find out they're containing a zombie outbreak, not just killing people for no reason. And even though they're zombies, Diablo didn't want to kill them, which fit in with his character from #1, and I'm actually really interested in his character, and I liked the interaction between him and Harley. So ... all in all it was kind of dumb and way too violent but there were some nice character bits.

Kyle Voltti said...

it's funny there were quite a few titles whose second issues had worse art

Anonymous said...

sorry about earlier in regards to kate. i took a look through the eulogy trade. she was normal toned and red headed as s kid. i apologize for the mistake.

Jer Alford said...

Suicide Squad #2 was equally awesome. One Squadie died, with the promise of yet another in the next issue. Deadshot was still badass!

Falcovsleon20 said...

Oh c'mon Linkara, don't make me choose between Demon Knights and Frankenstein. I can't get both because I still need money for my usual Marvel binge which I have yet to pick up from weeks ago plus I still need to get the first issue of the new Aquaman.

Volvagia said...

Frankenstein is a last name, not a first name. To anyone saying that Adam and Frankenstein are mutually exclusive options, they're really not. Adam Frankenstein has a nice ring to it.

RJHammer said...

Oh superboy. I do agree about superboy. That character so much better but writer seems to want to go Young Justice cartoon route but even more annoying. My problem also not mention red who seems to have something for Superboy is Catlin Fairchild from gen 13. Pretty much revealed including her getting called that and seems to transform and throwing Superboy with super strength. Oh heck her outfit is worse shape after. I'm not totally sure why Cat is with the group and I would hope she is being forced or something. Even that she trying to use the group or didn't know it was evil. She doesn't seem to be totally evil but again this book has so many problems with her, Rose, Superboy. These characters just seem so out of place. I will say nice to see rose with two eyes.
Mr. Terrific I have a problem with Power Girl/Karen Starr treatment. Is she or isn't she. Supposedly we got wait at least two months before we find out. DUMB! Popularity and dc not caring. I will point you to Wallly West (more popular flash then Barry), Marvel Family, Stephanie Brown, Cassandra Cain all getting the screws. Come fans want her as PG and not E2 or something stupid like that. That is a rant for another thread on JSA and DC's newest EPIC FAIL!
Batwoman I disagree but we don't always agree. I found first issue really good other then the problem flamebird and skin pigment that we both agree. It was something that they started with her in back up. I don't know why buy seems to be artist choice because he drew those too.
Demon Knights pretty good so far but I'm confused if Shinning Knight is a guy or girl. Sometimes called guy and sometimes a girl. I am not sure people at DC know what Knights sex is. Writer must be keeping to the belt.
Batgirl: I said last month I disagree with this and thought book was really good. I even understood the ending that she was still going a bit through tramua.
Shade I didn't read. Green Lantern I didn't buy because I can't stand Sinstero and don't won't read him as a lead. Batman and Robin. If it was anyone else as Robin I read but Damien I hate. He is annoying and just all around dumb robin. This must have been what fans felt 80s when Dick got replaced by Jason Todd. I now understand why people would call to vote kill a character.

Tyr Germanic said...

What does Mary Shelley know?She's just the author of book.Your Frankenstein name-passing idea is crap.Its pissing all over the truth.

Itd be nice-if it was established anywhere except that terrible Van Helsing movie.You know how that line in Catwoman is reminiscent of that crap batman comic? What you said is exactly out of Van Helsing.

YOU SHOULD STICK TO WHAT YOU KNOW(comics,remember)or you're just like Roger Ebert talking about video games.

Lewis Lovhaug said...

"Demon Knights pretty good so far but I'm confused if Shinning Knight is a guy or girl. Sometimes called guy and sometimes a girl. I am not sure people at DC know what Knights sex is. Writer must be keeping to the belt."

Shining Knight is a woman in this book, based on Grant Morrison's reimagining, she's a squire who took up arms and made herself look like a boy so no one would object to a girl being a knight.

Lewis Lovhaug said...

"Itd be nice-if it was established anywhere except that terrible Van Helsing movie.You know how that line in Catwoman is reminiscent of that crap batman comic? What you said is exactly out of Van Helsing."

...I liked Van Helsing. =P

BooRat said...

Awesome another That's All I'm Saying!
I should check here more I almost missed this one.

I'm really curious about that Frankenstien comic it sounds a lot like a Hellboy and the BPRD style comic. And, the story you described sounds like the kind of Lovecraftian story they'd take on.

I NEED to get those Demon Knight comics! It sounds so badass!
That Savage dude look to be beating a Rapter to death with another Rapter and that's some Brock Sampson $#!T right there!

I did like on this episode that you shown pannels from each comic! I'm guessing that's because it was the digital comics and you were given that more of a freedom without having to fight your scanner!? Do that more I liked it better than the past episodes of this show!

Carteeg Struve said...

Am I the only one who would eventually love to see this version of Randal Savage time travel to the future.. err... present and do battle with his current self?

Anyway, as far as supporting Demon Knights, I'm way ahead of you.

I seem to like Batgirl a little more than Linkara. Mirror is turning into an extremely interesting villain and I'm starting to hope that he'll be recurring (but not overused). The action sequences in #2 were awesome and I liked the fact that Barbara is not completely up to full speed yet. She's good, but there is still a degree of recovery going on.

Batman & Robin is dang cool. Bruce's lack of ability as a father is a nice touch, and watching him try to connect to Damien is humorous... considering how much I still think the little runt should be taken over a knee and paddled. I'm still not sure what's up with the villain. I feel like there's some backstory I'm missing. Hopefully they'll fill us newbs in more come issue 3.

Green Lantern is having me hooked. I don't have the issue Linkara has with the lack of progress for Hal, but then again I haven't read as much as him. Other than these last two, I've only just started Geoff's run... well. Actually I'm up to #17 of the previous run, during the "One Year Later" era. I haven't been addicted to a comic series since Sandman and Lucifer.

Not covered, but I picked up Suicide Squad #2. I swear, I think I'm really enjoying this series in spite of myself. There are some issues with it, but I'm liking some of the friction between a few of the characters, and every so often there are lines that just make me love the thing. (Primarily "Ooo, level boss!" and "Lady, drop the ninja.")

Can't wait for "That's All" next week.

ReViewMeMedia said...

I would totally buy Demon Knights if I wasn't trying to save up for a PS3, it's taking priority when it comes to my birthday and Christmas money this year.

BooRat said...

Man, that's the 2nd book you've read this month with characters with survivor's giult. Is that going to be a new thing in comics? The only character I can think of that would qualify for having that that's been around for a while is the Punisher!

Amdor said...

Superboy is a lot better in animated Joung Justice than in this comic. (Tho series suffers from "it's all a conspiracy" syndrome - i would gladly see some villains that do something for himself)

DJ1107 said...

Glad to hear you've enjoyed this weeks comics. Can't wait for next week we got issue 2 of JL so lets hope it's better then 1 for you. Now heres one thing I'm sure alot of people will bug you about: Are you going to pick up Red Hood & The Outlaws #2? Just asking. Zeus being WW dad doesn't bug me it's pretty much the greek god law for him to have a demigod kid. In normal greek mythology and Marvel he had Hercules. In GoW he had Kratos. In old DC he ha Cassie (the second Wondergirl) and so on.

Sabre said...

Good to see another Monster Madness fan. You might like to know I have started investing in equipment in the hopes of doing a Monster Madness type show for next year. Instead of horror films, it's horror games.

Doresh said...

I think I could come up with a solution of this whole Frankenstein problem that works both ways.

See, in Germany (were the original story is set), certain dialects have a habit of putting the surname before the given name. So Kurt Wagner (to stay within comics) might be known in certain regions as "Wagner's Kurt" or even "Wagner Kurt". Both are abridged versions of "Kurt from the Wagner family".

Frankenstein's creation doesn't have an official given name, so we'll settle for "Monster" as a nickname.
So when the fearful villagers with their more dialect-heavy speech rally to hunt down the creature, they will probably call it "Frankenstein's Monster", whereas more civilized folks from the city (especially the ones who actually respect the creature) might adress him as "Frankenstein" (Or "Mr. Frankenstein").

So yeah, technically, you can call the creature either "Frakenstein's Monster" or just "Frankenstein" XD

gaiachild said...

Justice league international: Awesome. Aside from the qualities Lewis already mentioned, with the color variety and the heroes looking competent despite retreading and such, I also really enjoy the concept of a multi cultural team. And best of all, they have a norwegian team member. XD

Demon Knights. As everyone already said, awesome.

Suicide squad:
I hate it. Perhaps I am too judgmental because we lost secret six for it, but seriously: WALLER, WHAT DID THEY DO TO YOU?!?! Anmanda Waller has in my opinion always been one of the most badass non meta characters of DC, but even though she only appeared in like three panels as to now, they completely ruined everything that made her good. And I am goanna go out on a limp here and assume that the spider guy will be the next casulty. Meaning the only member who did not have a flashback in the first issue and isn't a giant shark either.

Batwoman: As said, okay story, awesome artwork. Though one has to wonder how the detective Kate is dating didn't notice from up close that Batwoman has the same rare skincolor and the same lipgloss like the wman she was on a date with mere hours before. I do like the pale skin, but it is a obvious as Clark Kent glasses.

Red Lanterns: I found the whole concept hilarious, unfortunately the second issue was just meh. Besides, after reading "New Guardians" it is obvious who will be chosen.

Superboy 2: I don't know, somehow I get the feeling that DC tries to make the new Teen titans and superboy resemble the young justice cartoon (by the way Lewis, what is your opinion about that, if you have watched it?), I mean, the section on dcuniverse about the relaunch concerning teen titans, suuperboy, static and such is titled young justice. But perhaps I am reading to much into things.

All in all, the relaunch is a tricky subject with me. On one hand I think that bringing back Jonah Hex, making me interested in Aquaman, as well as introducing Demon Knights and Frankenstein was worth everything. On the other hand I think that nothing was worth taking down Secret Six, and DC should have added the good stu´ff of the relaunch individually to the original continuity, or at least made the whole thing smaller and an alternate continuity like Marvels Ultimate universe.

Oh well, great "That's all I am saying", eagerly anticipating the next one.

P.S.:Sorry if you were alread asked about your opinion on the young justice cartoon, I couldn't find that anywhere.

Dr. Jimmy- the agony uncle said...

It's sad that superboy and Teen Titans are turning out 'just alright'. I picked them up because they were by Scott Lobdell and he's one of the few writers that seem to remember that comics are meant to be fun. I haven't read him since the late 90's, so it's a shame he doesn't seem to be hitting it out of the park like he used to back then.

RJHammer said...

"Shining Knight is a woman in this book, based on Grant Morrison's reimagining, she's a squire who took up arms and made herself look like a boy so no one would object to a girl being a knight."

Thanks. Again there was a bit confusion I think read interview where he was called guy.

Alex Stritar said...

Superboy = Mewtwo?

Why do I now want to see Mewtwo join the Teen Titans?

David 2 said...

Again, I don't need to look back to say "Nicely done..."

Oh, and I'm guessing you like "Demon Knights"... (sarcasm sarcasm sarcasm).

I heard that there were some rumors of it being on the cancel list, and those rumors were quickly squashed by DC. I'm glad they're at least giving these titles a try and not behaving like the same kind of TV executives that killed the "Birds of Prey" series.

Anonymous said...

Em I the only one who doesn't mind Zeus being Diana's father?

I never cared about the circumstances of her birth.
Always thought her motives for leaving Paradise Island were a much more defining aspect of her

Milo said...

die you tasty rare creatures needs to become a meme it should be used when talking about rare mobs in rpg games.

I wish I could buy some comics online but I’m broke.
Need to get my paper job back I would love to try out JLI and demons knight.
I wish superboy was good I loved Geoff johns run on the book.
try out the trade superboy the boy of steel its good.

Btw you should know that there is nothing wrong with sacrificing your children.
Well okay depends if you just pick out a random kid and then sacrifice him its evil yes.
But if you raise your kid from birth to die when they hit 16 and raise them to be nice friendly and helpful and ensure that they will outright celebrate their death then it’s perfectly fine believe me.
My next good deed will be helping demon knights succeed I only have 2 years left after all.
(if anybody is wondering why I’m including this stupid bit of story comedy thing is because if been wasting hours lately learning about real life cults for my own amusement and I learned people really do this and I find it hilarious in a very dark kind of way)

Anonymous said...

i actually took you advice about demon knights it was really good and i liked the knight and squire trade Paul Cornell did so this was a quite cool for me. i started buying the Frankenstein series mainly because i liked what Lemire did with superboy and really enjoyed the Frankenstein flashpoint series. I also took you advice and picked up Aquaman i gotta say it was pretty awesome. thanks for the reviews man it is a real help.

Anonymous said...

My favorite book is Demon Knights. And my favorite Part so far is in 2 when Vandal finishes Etrigan's Rhyme as blood sprays on his face and says the rhyme was "Delightful"

Marq O. said...

Demon Knights is awesome. I subscribed after (a) hearing your review and (b) grabbing issue 1 in my FLGS. it's brilliant.

Anonymous said...

I find it hilarious that the book set in the middle ages is the most gender equal book.

Rowdy C said...

I'm going to make a rather controversial request here. In the wake of Barbara Gordon's return as Batgirl, I researched the history of her being crippled in The Killing Joke. And hearing what went into writing that book PISSED ME OFF SO MUCH that I think The Killing Joke should be reviewed on AT4W. I'm guessing you know what the DC editors thought of Barbara at that time, and I think it would very much offend your feminist sensibilities (it sure did mine), and I believe any Barbara fan that read it when it came out would hate it as much as you hate "Cry For Justice." I hate that book now so much that I have no problem with Barbara's restoration in the new series regardless of how good Birds of Prey was, because it's clear DC never intended for her to develop into Oracle when The Killing Joke came out.

Anonymous said...

"Suicide Squad #2 was equally awesome. One Squadie died, with the promise of yet another in the next issue. Deadshot was still badass!"

No offense, but if you think Comic deaths are what make comics good, then you're encouraging the problem.

Roland Matthew Joseph Ziemke said...

Well, that's it, I'm now completely and utterly sold on Demon Knights. If I don't pick up the issues, the eventual trade will be a definite.

Also, gave a thumbs up the entire time you went on about Frankenstein. I mean, yeah, I get how the "conflation" is a little bit annoying, but it's like Belldandy in the Aa! My Goddess manga, it's not at all accurate to the Norse legend, but nobody wants to change it and nobody should bother.

Unknown said...

Superboy 2
Took place in a Nowhere genetics lab not a prison like Templar told Superboy who commented that Templar was lying to him. Whats confusing is were the aliens being studied in it or were they attacking the facility is never really explained.

They are Prodicus of Sector 3 and apparently can walk in space.

I loved the TK vision power, just unhappy its all red seriously dude needs to stop making everything red.

Even more interesting when he was knocked out he thinking in Kryptonian. Then he pulled the entire place down on himself while out cold and Templar expected this to happen.

I'm thinking this is a long term ride before we get the pay off we want.

Frankenstein Agent of Shade is awesome, not quite as good as Demon Knights, but its giving me a real hellboy vibe that I like.

Volvagia said...

The Killing Joke: REALLY? An episode on Atop the Fourth Wall? (I'd say it'd make a good discussion point in a slow week of That's All I'm Saying.) And comparing it to Cry for Justice? Cry for Justice killed off Lian Harper, a character that hadn't appeared before that point in the mini series and had no real impact on the overarching story. And she's an innocent kid. Disgusting even if you AREN'T a fan of the character. The Killing Joke was The Joker's quest to make Commissioner Gordon insane, balanced with a possible origin for The Joker. As much as it might have been an objectionable decision from DC editorial, Alan Moore tied in their request to an actual storyline that makes sense. Though, if you do want him to talk about it, a review of Pushback would have been a better request.

Anonymous said...

Hooray for Demon Knights, and for everyone who picked up a copy after hearing your review! It was the first and, initially, only book I was excited about in the DCnU. I only hope that all of the great reviews it's getting can help save it from early cancellation.

Regarding Frankenstein: Agent of S.H.A.D.E. - First of all, it's nice to hear that you enjoyed it. I did too, very much. It seemed like the really good books this week had unusually great artwork, except for Batwoman which is already known for its groundbreaking visuals. Second, I think the DCU's Frankenstein has always been called Frankenstein by everyone, including his creator. And for this incarnation of the character, I think Grant Morrison established in Seven Soldiers of Victory that that's actually Dark Melmoth (though I have only dim memory of it and don't have the issues readily available to check.) Either way, I say you should call him what the book calls him and leave it at that. Let the haters hate on DC editorial.

I didn't see any mention of it in the comments, so I'll throw my pitch in for Marvel's Legion of Monsters mini-series. It scratches roughly the same itch that Frankenstein does, but in its own unique way, picking up on the heels of Marvel Zombies 4 and the Franken-Castle arc of the Punisher (both great stories starring the Marvel Monsters.) Plus, it's got post-Nextwave Elsa Bloodstone in it, and that alone was enough to get me to pick it up.

Gareth said...

I have heard that Demon Knights was good from the comic shop I buy from, seeing how much you enjoy it has convinced me to give it a look.

smallish said...

I'm going to go on a short Batwoman tangent. While I agree that the plot is quite slow these first two issues (looking at descriptions of the next few, it seems to pick up a little more), I still consider it to be one of the best titles of the New 52 and here's why.

I know that you were reviewing mostly on a content/writing basis, but this actually succeeds in doing what the New 52 was MEANT to do, which was to have diverse stories for a diversity of readers. Comics are sorely lacking in LGBT characters (although recently things have been getting much better) and this is (to my knowledge) the only title with an out-and-out gay character in the lead. And I know that might not mean much to others, but for someone like me, that's all I've ever wanted. As a lesbian, I've always felt very left out of the comic world because while everyone else seemed to have someone they could relate or look up to, I was always just stuck not having any characters that I could passionately, achingly love. Now finally I have Batwoman, who's strong, smart, funny, confident in who she is. LGBT characters are painfully underrepresented and that leads to a lot of loneliness for people like me. I don't even know any other lesbians in real life. The Batwoman series is so refreshing and comforting because it tells me that DC (for all of its dumb decisions) does know that there are people out there who want to read about a lesbian superhero who is actually portrayed as a person. I have no doubt that at some point--either from a change in writers or editorial mandate--that Kate will eventually be reduced to her sexuality and I'm terrified of that. But until then, if I were forced to only buy one item of entertainment for the rest of my life, it would be this.

Also, if you haven't read it yet, I really recommend the Batwoman: Elegy trade. It's written by Greg Rucka, with J. H. William III doing the art. The story is better paced than this one and absolutely heartbreaking.

Actually, my need for more LGBT characters in my life is what's making me give Voodoo one more chance; she's reportedly bisexual and now that they're away from the strip club, maybe we can learn more about her. As long as it doesn't turn into the 'Demon Woman Seductress' or 'Depraved Bisexual' cliche, I think I can get into this series.

Anyway, that was just my thoughts on why the Batwoman title is really necessary. I'm not by any means saying you have to like it or even continue reading it, but I felt like it was something important I should bring up.

Anonymous said...

Oh man Linkara we are in serious disagreement about Batwoman XD Personally I adore the characters and the story, and don't see much of a problem with her design (pale skin and all), it seems intriguing and adds a visual personality to the character.

Dr. Jimmy- the agony uncle said...

Checked out Demon Knights today after your comments. You didn't steer me wrong with Blue Beetle the first time 'round, after all. Definitely be adding it to my pull list.
I didn't realize it was Paul Cornell or it probably would've been on there in the first place. Did you happen to catch his tragically short Captain Britain And MI-13 run? That was another fun read, and I highly recommend it.

Anonymous said...

I'm one of those people who point out that Frankenstein is not the monster's name. I see your point about the monster being his "child" but that doesn't mean it automatically gets his surname. If I somehow created life (beyond normal means) I wouldn't give it my last name.

vadth_the_bluelock said...

Just want to say I pick up Demon Knight #1 because of this video. So far so good and I am thinking about getting a pull list from my LGS for it. I like fantasy stories and your enthusiasm won me over. I have been showing both this video and the comic to my friends to get them interested in it as well.