Monday, October 31, 2011

Pokémon: The Electric Tale of Pikachu #1

It's Linkara vs. the Entity! But what are the origins of this creature and what does it have to do with Pokémon?

NOTE: I've been working on this episode all day and it's STILL got bits that need to be redone, so check back in another day or two for an alteration here and there (including proper credits).

Blip also did the HD conversion for this episode, so let me know if it works for you!


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Chuckles said...

Surprised that the Entity isn't the same one from Brightest Day.

The ID said...

I never want to hear a woman's voice telling me what's beautiful coming from your body ever again.

Ever. Again.

the puzzler said...

Is this the new length of your videos? 40 minutes is a long time.

Peter Berry said...

Linkara needs the Colt from Supernatural it can kill almost anything.

Lewis Lovhaug said...

"I never want to hear a woman's voice telling me what's beautiful coming from your body ever again.

Ever. Again."

For the record, that was MY voice just with a higher pitch.

Anonymous said...

My my, has someone been playing system shock?

The ID said...

Not to be rude, in fact, kudos, that was pretty disturbing.

Vectorman said...

I think this is the first time you've actually reviewed something I have a copy of. I never thought that would happen. I'm pleasently suprised.

ImmortalDreamer said...

I used to read these comics when I was a kid. I liked them. :<

GravityBomb said...

That was great! I loved it Linkara! I literally had your twitter account on its own page since like 4 waiting for this episode to some out, so that was....7-ish hours? But believe me, that was completely worth it.

You have also frightened me so badly with Missingno that I'm slightly afraid to ever touch my Pokemon Yellow game ever again. Touche my friend, touche.

And I'm seriously jealous that you have an Ash Ketchum hat.

But that was one of your best episodes yet. Scary, awesome (did you just make an Outer God commit SUICIDE?!), and heartbreaking/heartwarming. I loved it! :) I'm sad to see the Entity arc end, but it is time to move on (and for your fanbase to stop running away screaming after watching these last like 10+ reviews) and I really can't wait to see what you have cooked up for us next. I hope it's even more badass than this, in the sincerest way possible. (I do mean that. I think you've really settled into creating big plot based arcs for us to enjoy and this is an epic example of that.)

Thank you so much Linkara! And late Happy Halloween! Can't wait for the next Secret Origins month and the live show!


P.S. Will you be putting the updated version up sometime this week? Just figured I'd ask, cause I definitely plan on watching this again. :)

E.N.Shiro said...

Odd an odd note with some of the pokemon now there are diverging paths in weird ways, i.e. a couple if male/female(which is probably what they wanted for nidoran in the first place but oh well, it was the gameboy) ignoring stone evolutions, although they did give evee (and a few others, but they don't count as it only has one path) location based evolutions, still I can think of several pokemon more in the category of "Uh oh, we aren't gonna make it out of this one." Could be worse, it could be ditto meets the Thing or one of the half dozen to dozen pokemon deities, or that one magikarp that beat pikachu (shudder)

Rowdy C said...

I have to interrupt my viewing to get this off my chest:
I sir, salute you for your insistence on calling the main character Ash because that's what you know him as. I never watched or played Pokemon, but I did watch Sailor Moon, and the five Scouts will always be Serena, Amy, Rey, Lita and Mina to me. And Mario will always be rescuing Princess Toadstool.

Drakenul said...


RJHammer said...

Took a while but I am glad linkara got it up. Thanks and Happy Halloween! (It was past midnight by the time I finished watching) By the way Otaku in me was geeking out watching this video. I never even heard of missingno even though I played all the games. ::Puts head down for not knowing it:: I noticed also darkstalkers anime advertisement on the back. I recently re watched it. Awesome video as always. Have fun at youmacon and look forward to secret origins month afterwords. I know because of the con there will be no regular show next week but hey the live show will be fun to watch next week. Can't be there in person but can watch it online.

RAF said...

This is great I think I can speak for almost everybody when I say that it doesn’t matter if it takes a few extra hours or even a week if you continue to make videos this quality we will wait

This is the first manga I ever saw when I was 12 at eb

Was that sad panda singing your theme song

Anonymous said...

Linkara...Di-Did you just talk the entity to death? You killed an Eldritch abomination...By talking it to death...YOU ARE AWESOME!!!

Thank you for the amazing story arc. This was one of the BEST you've ever done in my opinion. Hopefully you have a plan for what you're going to do next! ;)

-Shattered Sanity

RBYDark said...

Just finished. I vaguely remember another issue in the series with Clefairy....kinda happy you didn't completely shred this one while acknowledging that the good folks at Gamefreak REALLY didn't think through what they were implying.


While I'm glad for your victory and the fact that everyone, even 90s Kid, is back, the means was...dark. I've heard of 'Talking the Monster to Death', And - wait, is the whole thing gonna start again? NOOOOO!!

Kathryn said...

Finally, a comic I could follow in real life. Yeah, I got this one. (and the others like it)

Cool that you still play the pokemon games, the core ones at least, still. I assume Liz has black?

The Mad Scientist said...

Lewis, that was worth staying up late for. That was worth every hour of waiting. Circular logic puzzle FOR THE EPIC WIN!!!!!!!! You are so damn good at this, you should be writing comic books and/or screenplays with the quality of your writing and the thought/depth you put into these stories. Not to mention the fact that your reviews are funny as hell! Amazing job as always! Thank you for the time and effort you put into making this a worthy conclusion to an incredible storyline! I cannot wait to see what is coming next!

Anonymous said...

Awesome. It got out! Your passion and hard work is amazing Linkara.

After the reveal last week I was actually expecting a Pokemon Manga. I think I still have a few of the Electric Tale of Pikachu still kicking around. I seem to remember a Jean Luc Pikachu reference in one of them.

About your comment for May, Gary's sister... all of the woman were rather busty in this manga. It was edited in the US release... and that habit probably came from Toshihiro Ono other manga's that he drew... Hentai... so... yeah...

I wasn't expecting that ending to the entity arc. Well, I'm looking forwards to your next story arc.

Anonymous said...

You mentioned ghost pokemon, holy crap read the fourth chapter of this series. It involves a giant Haunter eating the souls of pokemon and people. Also the chapter points out that apparrently ghost pokemon (or maybe just this one) were seen as gods

codeblue992 said...

This is just me but...did anyone feel like the entity just got Brainiac 5'd? I mean Brainiac had a similar goal and really while he is not capable of it fully He was outdone by the hubris his intelligence created.

Anonymous said...

Great review! The concept of "Well then what?" worked extraordinarily well! :D In lieu of storyline questions I will instead ponder....Is it spelled Bloodgun....or Blüdgunn?!

Alex Stritar said...

Well Linkara, I gotta hand it to you, that was awesome. Not only did you show how an idea within one of the comics could be done well, but that is probably going to be the greatest moment of awesome of yours (until you top it somehow). Awesome job, and well worth the effort. You are an insperation to us all.

Also, out of curiousity, Vyce being Red or Ash or just some random Pokemon trainer, is that conformed or denied?

Anonymous said...

Ha, nice resolution--it felt very classic Trek, with Kirk talking down some omnipotent super entity (or bearded Spock, which is almost the same thing). Intentional, or do I just see what I want to see?

And for the record: I love your plotlines, as well as your regular reviews, Lewis. Just wanted to make sure you hear that opinion as well as the ones who want you to stay away from plot stuff. :P

TheDarkEricDraven said...

Bah, Liz, Linkara saves the world twice a storyline. Nothing special! Linkara is a man! When he does push ups, he doesn't push himself up, he pushs the earth down!

The last seconds were glorious. 'Shame Doug was too busy having a cameo in the Chick's video.

Also, was Gun Girl brought back? I half expected Missing Number to toss her into an open flame (minor charecter who people would feel bad for, after all) but she seemed to be taken like the rest, though we never saw anyone else taken from that point of view. Now that I think about it, actually, just what did everyone else see when they were taken?

Alex Stritar said...

Also, out of curiousity (and possible fan fic/callback material) what did everyone remember (if anything) from their time being one with Missingno?

BlueLoneWolf said...

Oh, goodness I remember that comic. Pokemon continuity really gets tweaky between the anime, the games, and the comics. But ah, the memories. The time in which pokemon only had like eight moves they learned through leveling up, and catching a legendary actually MEANT something because there were only four of them in game normally.

SynjoDeonecros said...

Linkara, I love your writing abilities, but that ending was...weak, in my opinion. Seriously, TALKING the Entity to death with a "What will you do next" speech? I would think that, as a glitch-given-omnipotence, consuming the world and becoming existence WOULD be an end in and of itself; remember, this is a glitch we're talking about, whose entire point is to expand and corrupt everything until there's nothing left to corrupt. There is NO end goal to it, just corrupt and enjoy the corruption. Once it consumed everything, I'd think it would just...laugh and allow itself to just exist, reveling in the beauty of the glitched existence it had created. Sorta like a vanity project, with the end result being it sitting there saying "Yeah, this is right, this is what it should be." *shrugs* Even God rested on the seventh day, O I'd assume a glitch character like MissingNo. would do the same.

Hell, part of the thing with glitches is that fantastic new things ARE created from it, things that nothing in the program should have, like the Kabutops skeleton that MissingNo. appears as, or Ganondorph/Pikachu from SSB. So, in that context, MissingNo.'s end goal after becoming everything would probably be to...dick around and see what kind of crap it can do with this new glitched reality. After all, it already did it with what you mentioned it doing in the games, so why wouldn't it, say...create chimeras of different animals, twist Earth into a new Tower of Babel and watch it crumble, or make Spongebob Squarepants not suck?

Also, I expected Lord Vyce to pop back up and save your ass, revealing himself to be Gary Oak or something. Kind of a shame that didn't happen.

Anonymous said...

Well, that was certainly an ending. The resolution is certainly fitting and it fits with the themes of everything that's come before, but it still seems a bit disappointing that the ending was (almost literally) talking the monster to death. I thought it might be kind of neat if Linkara the character got absorbed for a few minutes and had to rally everyone else to fight back against the Entity from inside, or ending up in Glitch City or something, but the ending as is works great. Kudos.

Also, I'm pretty sure it's implied somewhere that the item balls you find on the ground in the games make use of the same technology as the Pokeballs, hence why you can carry around a billion different things in the later games. But that might just be fanon, I'm not sure.

Daeron said...

Damn...MissingNo is portrayed exceptionally disturbing. I tip my hat to you sir, I have chills from listening to him.

Des Shinta said...

We're 99% similar to monkeys genetically, and biologically similar to pigs, and yet we're considered a whole different species. The line was probably a bit more dumbed down than intended, but it's not like a little kid would know the subsets of flora and fauna to think of them as a seperate genus. I'd think The statement in reference to Pokemon was meant the same way. Though Rock types stump me on that too...unless it's some type of carapace that forms like a Katamari ball.
Thank you. I've always equated the evolution in the games as more a form of growth or aging as well. Digimon kinda hits that area as well, but at least there are divergent lines in that series to allow variation closer to a 'true' evolution in games/media.
Personally instead of a fighting game, I'd like to see a single Pokemon game that allows one to visit every region. Gold and Silver and their remakes kinda got close to that with the return to Kanto, but not enough. Memory would be an issue, but I could see it being a console game or PC MMO.
Reoccurring thing with the Japanese. For some reason, they like a number of their protagonists to be complete Idiots. Think about it. The Pokemon Anime, Naruto, One Piece, Yugioh GX and ZeXal all have utter morons as the character you follow. There are certainly more-and not limited to anime/Manga, but that's a short list.
Certainly your best episode yet. It's going to be tough to top defeating an Elder god with Logic then taking advantage of it in it's confusion. You magnificent and wonderful man, you.

Anonymous said...

Linkara pulled a Luthor on Brainiac from JLU by asking what would he do after the entire universe is destroyed.

Anonymous said...

Wow, that was a great ending. So many cool touches, I loved how you pointed out the plot holes of having the others vanish while also producing videos. Your speach reminded me of Captain Kirk, he would give those "why?" kind of speaches to. I think there are lot of villains who could be asked that question of "ok, you rule everything now. So what?" My fsvorite part was when you hugged Liz, sorry but I had to say it. Great job, even being emotional toward the end. As for the review, pokemon was before my time but I liked it. Glad 90's kid is ok, he is my favorite character.

Tsinojohnson said...

Love the rhetoric.

keybladersupreme said...

This was actually an inspired take on Missing No. Great work. I only caught on when someone else did who was posting those findings in the comments.

As for your Voice...I thought it was Iron Liz personally. Probably for the same reason The ID did. And butt slapping is generally (don't quote me on this) a Japanese insult. In Dissidia Kefka does it in his intro pose. (disregard analogy if you haven't played Dissidia)

Dracowrath said...

I watched this here since it wasn't on thatugywiththeglasses yet and, wow.

Epic review, and the first time one of your reviews got such a strong emotion out of me. Much more so than the other reviews as I'm still new to your show and this one I was waiting anxiously for.

That part when you finished the review and that sad version of your theme song started, I started tearing up. I knew it couldn't be the end (I could see your schedule at the top of the screen) but it really felt like you were preparing for your doom.

All in all, a truly excellent end to this arc, and really what better way to get rid of Missingno? I look forward to the next reviews, and will probably leave this similar comment on the thatguywiththeglasses version of the video.

Cartooncreator5953 said...

It's a shame. If only the Entity weren't what it is and was insane/determined other than by being a glitch, the end result wouldn't have happened as you detailed the exact flaw the Entity had all along. But, wow, bravo, Linkara. This was an incredibly satisfying conclusion to the Entity plot. Entity has beaten Mechakara as my favorite villian, but this is a proper sendoff to everything. It's going to be hard to top this, that's for sure XD Happy Post-Halloween, congrats and the comic itself...Probably one of the funniest cause I actually did read that when I was little XD Overall, give yourself a pat on the back and you earned any praise you get for this! = )

areoborg said...

Horay! You finally posted!

And damn, you can be creepy when you set out to be. And since its so late at night when this was finally posted, if I don't sleep I'm blaming you.

I probably should point out that the actual insult with Gary Oak was him giving the Akanbe face, that thing he was doing with his eye. Its considered a childish taunt.

Wait a minute... Pikachu doesn't like being in a Pokeball. Does that mean that they're conscious the whole time while they're inside that thing? Talk about a living nightmare.

Excellent speech in getting glitch-chuthulu into committing suicide. So what reality-threatening horror from beyond the beyond are you going to be facing of against next? :)

See you at Youmacon!

Lundarigirl said...

I love how you read Pikachu's voice. It was so cute! The whole episode was great. Very clever how you got rid of the Entity.
I never played the Pokemon games much. i just watched the cartoon becauses I thought it was cute. My fav. Pokemon are Pikachu and Piplup.

ToadT said...

The ghost pokemon topic gets even more psychologically nerve-wraking when you add Yamask into the equation (See the Pokedexx entries for it.).

Long time fan, first time poster, yadda yadda yadda.

Sperium3000 said...

If you want a -good- Pokémon Manga seek out Pokémon Adventure. The way it goes through every single Pokémon generation from the games kinda reminds me of Jojo Bizarre's adventure, and sometimes it's just as over-the-top. I mean, where else can you see a Charmeleon freaking slicing an Arbok's head off, complete with flesh and bone visible under it? Ah, but don't worry, there is no blood or -excessive- gore (and the Arbok in case turns out to be fine. Yeah, I know.);

ArabGamer said...

There is a ghost Pokemon that's created by dead humans. Yamask, who was introduced in Black/White.
Also, was the Missingno's way of saying human based off the Daleks? It sounds just like them.
Finally, I have to say I loved this finale. I must admit that at times your constant power upgrades and "epic" battles went into so bad it's good territory. However the use of logic worked really well/

A.J. Taiyou said...

I think ID just insulted you Linkara. Awesome ending btw, glad to see a fellow 90's kid is A-OK. Better stop Suede before this whole thing happens again.

I wonder if Douchy will interrupt your next video with a complaint about this one.

You've just defeated, nay, killed a god, adding that to your list of triumphs, you are becoming more and more like Vyce...

Shada said...

Awesome job Linkara. You asked the Entity one of the questions I'd always wondered about all-powerful destroyer creatures. "Why?", is generally my first question after they talk about destroying/absorbing all of space-time. "What will you do after that?", is a close second.

Very well done end to the Entity arc, I am gleefully awaiting the polished version. =D

Anonymous said...

I'm sure that this would've been the only way to win, but that was just an anti-climax of the most utter mammatude.

Glad to see Buffo back though, but the question is, is he going to stay?

Anonymous said...

Not worth it.

Horrible climax.

AdamantiumRage 87 said...

That was good ending like comic review of Pokemon and the battle with missingno .

Anonymous said...

Blasted suede don't do it man, you are going to start it all over again.

Nicholas said...

That can Ash was holding, it wasn't Caffine Cola. It was Caterpie Cola. I really don't understand why he's drinking Caterpie Cola.

As for the review, great job. I've been a fan for a long time, and this is my review. As for the comic, read it, and I really enjoyed it a bit. I've played most of the games, and enjoyed them. As for defeating MissingNo., kind of anticlimatic, using a Divide By Zero concept. But hey, you defeated it, so kudos to your victory.

Anonymous said...


All I'm saying is you better bring your A-Game in the next storyline

Anonymous said...

I get the feeling you don't quite understand manga. It feels like a lot of things I understood more than you did. That scene with Ash's mother was I think a flashback of sorts. It's rather common.

If you're looking for a 'Mon series that explores the psychological aspects of sending ten-year-olds to command powerful armies of monsters, then I might recommend Narutaru. It gets really dark, though.

Also, anyone who's ever posted as Missingno might want to now identify themselves. Darkton93, guilty as charged.

Matt said...

"Yes old man, tell me your secrets! Then it's off to Cinnabar...."
I don't know how that Aussie was but I like him already!

Anonymous said...

This just made me wish I was reliving the Lord Vyce storyline again. Thanks for making me feel bad on Halloween Linkara.

Anonymous said...

So was the placeholder effect put when The Entity killed itself?

darkmage0707077 said...

*whistle* Wow, that was some awesome stuff, there! Was NOT expecting what you pulled! And the comic review itself was hilarious, too!

But you're still very lucky: Using the ATG ploy on it and then using the LAD solution right after. It could have shrugged off ATG and continued on until it was done, THEN accepted LAD at the very end...

Fortunately, it turned out to be just as glitchy in thought as it was in form, and we're all back here to post comments about it :)

Final question: why are you trying to correct glitches in a video that is about the personification of glitchiness, anyway? I looked for "review-breakers", and saw nothing that I couldn't easily pass off as MissingNo doing its thing with reality, so I don't really think that any patches need to be applied here (other then to the credits, of course).

BooRat said...

Awesome, ABOUT DAMN TIME!!! I've been waiting all day for this! (Kidding I was waiting all day, but I understand you're buissy)

Oh my God you have the Thing comic! That was the one I've got and was going to offer you! Actually I got 2 copies of the trade that collects the 1st 2 miniseries!
Was that a Smallville comic!? and can some one tell what the others were!? Besides the Raisens one!

I never was a Pokemon fan, mostly because I never saw the cartoon as it didn't air on any channels I had on my TV. I watched Digemon and was more a fan of it than Pokemon! I've had people try to get me into the games both card and video but it's never apealed to me as I profer my monsters to be threatening!
I knew it was going to be hard to review a manga as just ingeneral Japanese comic art is just plain weird and insane to begin with so you can't complain about the art changing since that is the norm there!
The 2 main differinces in the manga for Pokemon from the anime is the violince is more graphic with some creatures actually dismembering each other and there is more adult humor and some character's ages are changed.

So, you basically killed MissingNo./The Enitiy by presenting it with a paradox!?

What happens when an outer god dies!? Well if it's anything like most old gods it'll probaly create a new universe with new lifeforms! Ala Norse Mythology and the 1st Frost Giant!

YAY BUFFO'S BACK!!! :D Oh, and all the others too!
It'd been funnier if when pepl reapeared they were doing the exsact samething as they were when they left so when lets say Liz reapeared she was firing off her gun/laser/whatever! "Hit the deck!"
Also, if they'd let you use their footage you should've added in that ending stinger from College Humor's Zordon is a Racist! "I'm from Wysconsin, you asshole!"

Hey, what's wrong with the Witchblade anime!? I liked that one! And, it was one of those things that started the American comicbook animes!

I really loved the nods to all the contenuity complaints you got about Spooney and the others for their reviews and comments after being "taken"!

Is this going up on TGWTG soon or after you finnish fixin' it!?

trent bowie said...

That was AWESOME!!! I LOVED the way you dealt with the Entity just like the Doctor would. You pointed out to him that he was trapped in what I like to call "Skagra's Folly" (after the character in "Shada"). In other words, once he achieved his goal, there would be nothing left for him to do, therefore his existence would then become meaningless. Brilliant!

As for the review itself, I loved it. I've never read a Pokemon comic in my life but if I do so in the future, I will hear your snarks and smile.

And in case no one has told you recently; You. Are. Cool.

Hawkx1 said...

Umm how did the Spiderman comic give you the idea of logicing Missingno to kill itself

Anonymous said...

I don't know how far you are in White, but there is actually a ghost pokemon that was once human.
As a bit of trivia, this particular comic is most known for Misty and her outfit or lack thereof.
Also, Linkara used confusion!
Missingno is confused
It hurt itself in its confusion!

Dragon30125 said...

so does that mean that suede (via hypertime) created the Entity?

Also awesome ep will definetly rewatch later

Mad Hatter said...

excellent and epic conclusion to the entity storyline :D rock on!

Anonymous said...

After that epic talk down defeat, all that's left is to tie up some loose ends to the Entity storyline.

What will you do with Lord Vyce now? Is Boffo going to be a part of the show or was he a throwaway character? Is Linksano going stick around a while longer? Most importantly: why didn't Pollo show up during the... reemerging?

All these questions and maybe more will probably be answered... two weeks from now because of all the stuff you've planned ahead.

サムエル*ペレズ said...

Awesome episode and reminds me of a classic Wonder Woman story arc, possibly her most famous one (and I'm barely familiar with her).

A few minor nitpicks with the episode's concept of evolution .I think the word you were looking for when explaining Pokémon evolution was "complete metamorphosis".

Also, species do adapt to their environment, and they do follow a direction in evolution (basically, increasing the frequency of a variation leading to higher fitness assuming natural selection and not genetic drift). The only thing is that you can't necessarily predict what the final outcome will be, what the beneficial traits will look like after reaching a "steady state".

Anyway, cool episode, although The Entity was rather verbose for a computer glitch with gaps in data. Lord Vyce is not going to be happy with you, is he?

The Blue And The Gold said...

Armour piercing questions. Defeating a foe of such magnitude with armour piercing questions. Brilliant. This serves as a cautionary tale to anyone aspiring to be alpha and omega (this goes for you too, Beast Wars Megatron).

I cannot say thank you enough for the entertainment you've provided. The last time I was this eager to see a conclusion was the last season of Angel (and before that, the third, with Connor's abduction).
I only hope I can net you more fans through my blog or such, until I can think of something that would be a better repayment.
Thank you, once again.
Incidentally, my favourite Pokemon is a three way tie between Charizard, Kingler and Scizor. My favourite generation is the Gold/Silver/Crystal generation and I'm sure you don't want to read every little tidbit about my interest in the Pokemon franchise so I'll end here. Now, go and rest, our heroes! (Or go rest our heroes, take your pick)

Anonymous said...

Great work on the Entity, especially the repeating phrases. Can I assume it was the error causing that, sort of like a record?
The ending wasn't the most climactic but I have to admit it was the only rational way to do it. Other methods would have just made constant power ups a part of your storyline and frankly those get boring. Good speech by the way. Reminds me a bit of some of the better stuff from Star Trek.

38:54. GREAT smile.

What next? Finding out what gave the Entity purpose? Running from the other 'Outer Gods'?

Anonymous said...

I never expected your weapon against this thing would be logic. You, good sir, are indeed awesome! Funny though, the logic bomb you used on the Entity reminds me of a lesson in a philosophy course I took last year about the nature of God's existence, though I can't quite recall what it exactly is at the moment. Anyway, great ending, onto Secret Origins Month!

TimeTravelerJessica said...

I very distinctly remember explaining Pokemon to my mom when I was little and saying, "Well, they call it evolution but it's really more like metamorphosis." I was eight! I don't know if that got lost in translation or what, but ... I always thought calling it evolution was weird when they could have just called it "metamorphosis."

And really, best not to think about the Pokemon universe too hard. It becomes really terrifying when you do that.

Geminiman555 said...

Great review, one of your better ones, especially with the mix of information and comedy (although sometimes a bit too much of the former if I have to nitpick). Love the Gary Oak running gag and your reaction to Pokemon's more disturbing elements. Also, I remember reading some of these when I was younger so it was a real treat as I remembered stuff like Ash actually catching the Fearow right before you said it.

Really strong ending to the story too. While I admit the...less epic approach for the rest of the story wasn't my thing as much as the last story, it was a good change of pace in tnat way and it probably made the last two episodes all the more awesome. I'm surprised you answered so many of my questions about this story, although Ninja Style Dancer's actions and the Silent Hill cult's knowledge of the Entity, at least from one viewing, seems like it could use a bit more explanation at some point.

I'm finding with AT4W and a couple of manga I read that while Cerebus Syndrome is awesome for some series, I also love a series that can be mostly for comedy yet still have serious storylines instead of abandoning humor for drama.

Pikatwo said...

This was awesome!
Pikachu tail coloration is backwards on the title card though.
It nice to see a Atop to Fourth Wall on a series I'm into.

Anonymous said...

The Comic: Bit different from the norm, but that's just fine.

Your Arc: Why do I feel like I should be referring to you as 'Doctor.'

Fiery Little One

DefectiveType40 said...

The epicness of this was just what my Halloween needed.

I can imagine the skeleton form of MissingNo. would be pretty freaky as a kid, but that's what you get for having w as the third, fifth, or seventh letter of your trainer name. It's an evil letter.

The Guy in the Red Hat said...

Ok, to be totally honest... I feel sorry for you Lewis... after such an epic ending, such an AWESOME conclusion, this means if you want to continue doing story arcs in your reviews, you're gonna somehow have to TOP this one.

And that is gonna take some MAJOR work.

Oh well. See you at MAGFEST!

Hope to hang out with you guys at the DnD thing again.

Rick Griffin said...

That was actually really cool.

Also sticking Suede at the very end was genius.

Collin Mckinney said...

I once again tip my hat to you Linkara for this was absolutely one of the best endings to a story arc i've ever seen. Once again the world is back to normal and at peace. We can all rest easily at night knowing you and your friends are watching over us.

no seriously.. That was one of the best episodes of AT4W I've seen. :)!

deuxhero said...

The old man tutorial stores your name, not sprite. Thus "Lewis" reads (the first character isn't used), e as hexadecimal 164 (level 164 for the first encounter), w as 182 (Kabutop's fossil missingno's placement in data) for the first encounter, i as 168 (level for 2nd encounter), w as 178 (Charmeleon's placement in data). I forget how it would read the 6th and 7th slot you don't have, but the rest are blank (00), causing 'M to appear.

Also: Check Smogon, battles got a LOT more complex each gen.

Hope Blogger doesn't eat this one

Anonymous said...

That was amazing good sir!

My only question now is with the entity what will happen to Vice?

also on a technical side about the species being one and the same but being different, I would like to point out we share about 99.something% of our DNA with flies,, and about half of it with bananas.the evolution aspect could b a term for adapting to stronger threats not just aging. either way that was spectacular, Linkara you have may loudest applause

Lewis Lovhaug said...

"Final question: why are you trying to correct glitches in a video that is about the personification of glitchiness, anyway? I looked for "review-breakers", and saw nothing that I couldn't easily pass off as MissingNo doing its thing with reality, so I don't really think that any patches need to be applied here (other then to the credits, of course)."

The shot of the slow-zoom on 90s Kid? Yeah, that's not supposed to be there. There's another shot I want to do, but it requires A LOT more time to put together. But I didn't want to sit on this another day, so it's a placeholder shot.

SailorCardKnight said...

Now its time for, "The evolution of manga publishing in the US". I apologize if anyone else has beaten me to this...

In the early days, all manga was released in the traditional American comic book form, then later collected into trade volumes if it was successful, much like American comic books. Viz was the first company to bring manga to America in the late 80's with the series Mai the Psychic Girl, and they still publish manga today. As time went on, other companies came along and decided to bring manga to the US too, or publish their own original stories that had a manga-like style. Unfortunately, the trades back then where expensive as hell at 14-16 bucks a volume. It wasn't until the publishing company Tokyopop came around in the late 90's/early 00's where they made people aware of its Japanese origins, brought in a massive amount of female readers with series like Sailor Moon and Magic Knight Rayearth (female comic readers where unheard of at the time), made it more affordable at $10-11 a volume, and helped push manga closer into the mainstream eye. They where also the first company to publish manga "unfilpped" (as all manga was mirrored so it can be read left to right instead of the original right to left). I later heard they did this was, not because they wanted to be revolutionary by leaving the artwork in the way it was originally meant to be viewed, but rather as a way to cut costs, as apparently it costs additional to take the time to flip the pages.

What also helped was around the time when Tokyopop came into being, there was a huge interest in Japanese anime, and when these people discovered the existence of these Japanese style comics, they ate them right up.

Or in my case, I was huge into Sailor Moon at the time, so when I discovered a Sailor Moon comic existed, I was ecstatic! I then later found out it was a type of comic known as "manga", and the library where I got the Sailor Moon comic from also had Magic Knight Rayearth available, also a "manga", and so I read it too and loved it. I've been a manga reader sense. I've head similar stories happen with other people.

....possible comments on the actual video itself after I finish it. I just had to get that out as you commented on how you didn't know the early history of manga publishing in the US. (and you would be surprised, theres also alot of manga readers who don't know this either)

Lewis Lovhaug said...

"What will you do with Lord Vyce now? Is Boffo going to be a part of the show or was he a throwaway character? Is Linksano going stick around a while longer? Most importantly: why didn't Pollo show up during the... reemerging?"

-Don't know yet.
-He's a new character.
-Pollo reemerged with Linksano and Ninja Style Dancer - I know it's kind of hard to see, but he's off to the right.

TheSoulEater said...


Linkara, this time last year, I was watching you put a gun to your head. A gun possessed by the murderous soul of a little girl butchered by her own parents. And today, I found out that little girl's death, your near-suicide, that entire brutal, bloody, bizarrely merciless arc was all because of a really old Pokemon joke.

That is just gloriously ridiculous. And I have to applaud you for it.

I mean, that probably sounds sarcastic, but I actually mean it. It was like in Suburban Knights, when Malechite just whips out his cell phone. It was that moment times a thousand. So much gloom and doom and genuinely scary stuff turned right on its head in a split second. It was hilarious. It was epic. It was everything we could have asked for, and I have to thank you for it.

Good on you for not falling back into the old hat territory of "big guns and morphers" again. Good on you for crafting this really incredibly well-written confrontation. Good on you for getting it up on Halloween, just like you promised, despite some difficulties, and good on you for the whole shebang. Your writing has really improved, Linkara. This was fantastic.

Er...granted, the entire "What do you do after you win?" thing was unspeakably cliche, but...hey. It's a goofy Internet show about comic books, and that's part of the fun. XD

All in all, sir, well done. I can honestly say you brightened up what was otherwise a very dark day for me.

Andrew said...

Wow... I'm amazed you've been able to come up with such a different way to end this story arc! And it was well thought out and very dramatic! I've got to say Linkara, you continue to impress me and I'm glad I've stuck with you through everything. And the coda was great.

Here's to the next story arc, and to your continued success!

Garcia5180 said...

The way Linkara talked the entity down seems like something the Seventh Doctor would do to his enemies, regardless if the Doctor had the upper hand or not, though for linkara it was a last ditch effort. Respect sir, Respect.

Anonymous said...

nice job

I think I can see the entity coming back from the dead as it might affect an outer god differently, and then answering linkara

just a thought

deuxhero said...

Oh, I forgot to mention: Check out the Special/Adventures manga. It makes plot points of the "Pokemon are Pocket MONSTERS" implication and other things you brought up. (And Satoshi Tajiri said it is the most accurate to his vision. Imagine that.)

If it is in Yellow version, Gary has Nidoran male/female and Mankey, which are actually fairly good.

Bruce said...

Huh, The solution to this feels like a bit of a cop out...Don't get my wrong, Fantastic job on the episode, and review, along with the effects, Very Nice job. I'll also commend Linkara finally defeating an enemy with his wit, rather than a fight scene, but come on... Defeating a god with a paradox, Great Idea, but weal paradox. In my experience with superhero comics, The villain ALWAYS has some purpose for what they do. I can't believe that the "Entity/ MissingNo." never encountered the question of "What will you do if you succeed ?" In every universe it encountered ? (Because according to Vyce, There are quite a few). It also makes EVERYTHING Lord Vyce did overkill, as it seems all He needed to do was ask a simple question....and, Why did the Entity kill itself? If it was some brilliant god, It should have knew suicide was stupid. I mean if He wanted to get out of being the last person in existence sure, but It makes the Entity, the weakest Linkara enemy ever, having no real reason to do anything He does to begin with. Still good episode none the less.

SkinnyAy said...

Great review with a great end of the Entity Arc. I remember picking up volumes of this comic series for a period when I was still into pokemon and when Borders was in it's early days.
A note on the comic release. While generally, Manga is some way are released in digest form, some are or have been released over here in the US in issue format like Tenchi Muyo and Oh My Goddess. I remember when I was still in junior high and going to my local comic book store with my brother and mom and picking up issues of Tenchi and Oh My Goddess of the book rack. I don't know if it's still done but I just thought I'd mention it.

joeymartin64 said...

It's actually the player's name that gets temporarily stored, not his sprite. You can even apparently modify what you encounter there based on the name you input at the start of the game.


trent bowie said...

Okies, I think you should release Lord Vyce from exile and perhaps he could be your ally in case the Entity returns. Just make sure he promises not to harm anyone or try to take over a world or something.

Just a thought.

Lewis Lovhaug said...

"). It also makes EVERYTHING Lord Vyce did overkill, as it seems all He needed to do was ask a simple question....and, Why did the Entity kill itself? If it was some brilliant god, It should have knew suicide was stupid. I mean if He wanted to get out of being the last person in existence sure, but It makes the Entity, the weakest Linkara enemy ever, having no real reason to do anything He does to begin with. Still good episode none the less."

I'll have to explain this a bit more in the commentary for the episode, since many people seem to be misinterpreting the finale.

...Then again, it may just be that I didn't explain it well enough IN the episode.

It's not really that he talked him out of the whole thing, but rather he exposed MissingNo.'s completely, utterly meaningless existence for what it was - essentially he showed him the existential horror of what it is to be this great being... whose goal doesn't amount to anything in the end. Or, to put it in simpler terms: he made it emo.

Anonymous said...

("What will you do with Lord Vyce now? Is Boffo going to be a part of the show or was he a throwaway character? Is Linksano going stick around a while longer? Most importantly: why didn't Pollo show up during the... reemerging?"

-Don't know yet.
-He's a new character.
-Pollo reemerged with Linksano and Ninja Style Dancer - I know it's kind of hard to see, but he's off to the right.)

Well, that answers that. I'll just assume that in the final version the credits for Street Fighter #1 will reemerge there or in a future review as a joke, as well as the credits for The Grinning Man. Otherwise, I eagerly wait the next review and storyline as well as the fate of Vyce.

TheSoulEater said...

I can't believe that the "Entity/ MissingNo." never encountered the question of "What will you do if you succeed ?" In every universe it encountered ?

I can't speak for Linkara, but I have to think that's pretty intentional. Most people never could ask the question because most people are assimilated before they can say a word to it. And the few people who could stand up to it, like Vyce, never thought to sit down and have a conversation with it. Instead, they tried to fight it. It's a tragic irony.

Linkara was the first person ever to say, "You know what? I know what you are, and I know I can't beat you. So, I'm not gonna fight. I'm just gonna talk." He almost channeling the Doctor that way.

Kyu said...


.... erased the magic gun from existance.... freaking erased the magic freakin' gun from existence!


....I'm scared to go any further....

Kyu said...



...the magic gun....

I'm actually scared to see what happens past this.

Kelleth said...

To bad I am already kinda guessing what you could do... But then again I don't think you have a rare candy so that won't matter that much huh? lol

Crayons said...

Linkara, I found a collection of this series, and I'm pretty sure it included this one, when I was in China belive it or not! I was never able to read it though, since it is not in English of course. Ha!

RB said...

I was kinda disappointed with the ending too. Then I thought about it and realized how that plan came from Planet of the Symbiotes and I felt a lot better. This IS a show about comics, after all. What you went with is so much more fitting than my hopes to see Glitch City.

You should take a rest, man. You deserve it. And you really need it, too, I'm guessing.

Thunderstudent said...

Linkara magnificent bastard, I READ YOUR BOOK!!!! You caused an Outer God to destroy itself. One that started as a glitch Pokemon but still an Outer God. You not only saved our universe but all the universes Missing no. absorbed. You saved and restored the Multiverse! So you going to go rub this in Lord Vyce's face?

Anonymous said...

I cannot speak well enough of the EPICNESS of this entire plot! Amazing sir, really well done!

A question that crossed my mind, Lewis. You're obviously skilled in poetry, as evidenced by the Entity's poem, but now that I think about it, the Entity itself seems to have a poetic manner of speaking, mostly iambic if I'm hearing correctly. Was this intentional? If so, then my hat is permanently off to you.
If so, then the Entity has something in common with the Gravemind from Halo, though he speaks in trochaic heptameter. And I will now stop spamming your comments section with English major jargon.

Lewis Lovhaug said...

"My my, has someone been playing system shock?"

SHODAN was a huge inspiration for the voice and mannerisms, just in this case a Lovecraftian horror based on a glitch instead of an insane computer program.

Adam said...

In retrospect, the middle of the night may not have been the best time to watch this. *shivers*

Ah, just a minor clarification on how real world evolution works. Evolution does not result in an individuals over time. Rather, real world events will basically filter out any creatures incapable of surviving under those circumstances, leaving those who are already better adjusted. Those who survive will pass on those traits that helped them survive to their offspring, and the process begins anew. So basically, evolution does not cause advantageous traits to appear, rather those traits are already there, and it merely allows them to propagate. And the more you know.

Anonymous said...

I watched this here since it wasn't on thatugywiththeglasses yet and, wow.

Epic review, and the first time one of your reviews got such a strong emotion out of me. Much more so than the other reviews as I'm still new to your show and this one I was waiting anxiously for.

That part when you finished the review and that sad version of your theme song started, I started tearing up. I knew it couldn't be the end (I could see your schedule at the top of the screen) but it really felt like you were preparing for your doom.

All in all, a truly excellent end to this arc, and really what better way to get rid of Missingno? I look forward to the next reviews, and will probably leave this similar comment on the thatguywiththeglasses version of the video. (Not sure why this comment didn't appear the first time I posted it...)

Tzelael said...

Geez, I remember the Pikachu comic when I was a kid and I loved it. xD Incidentally, the Kabutops skeleton MissingNo scared the crap out of me when I saw it (Although later I thought that KABUTOPS IS AWESOME MAN! HE'S GOT LIKE SCYTHES FOR ARMS AND ROCK ARMOR!).

And there's the evolution bit, I'd have to agree with you, except with the Eevee evolutions (I know you're not counting elemental stones), the Eevee evolves into several different Pokémon based on what exactly it's exposed to, making it closest to what can be called Evolution (even if it is a massive stretch, what it evolves into is related to what it's exposed to, including my two favorite Pokémon, Espeon and Umbreon). Your point is still valid, seeing as they evolve into specific things after certain circumstances that are easily replicated (some easier than others).

I loved how you actually beat MissingNo by convincing it to kill itself (Not long after showing Venom doing that to the Symbiotes, though not nearly as stupid).

Oh, and by Obstacle, did MissingNo. mean Vyce... Or can we anticipate another otherworldly monstrosity/individual in our future? :O

Anonymous said...

Wonderful job. Not much more I can say, except thank you for spending your Halloween editing, rendering and posting for our entertainment.

Also, is there a chance we can see a full, story-parts-only video edited together? (I think that would be kind of a neat thing to do at the end of every arc; I also have no idea how much work it would entail but I thought I'd ask. It would be neat to be able to go back and watch the stories as stories.)

Dragon30125 said...

"Yes old man, tell me your secrets! Then it's off to Cinnabar...."
I don't know how that Aussie was but I like him already!

That was Thatdudeinthesuede a contributor on TGWTG and he is not an Aussie he is a KIWI (New Zealander), I am an Aussie and PLEASE do not mess us up again as it is quite irratating

Argol228 said...

I can't help but think of Unicron from one of the Transformers comic series. he had the same goal and was pretty much a god as well. the only difference is that Unicron wanted to be alone if I recall correctly.

GazzyInferno said...

Yeah, I'm just going to assume if your reading the comments you've already seen the episode because that would be a bit daft if you haven't.

So basically, to defeat an Eldrich Abomination, a Outer God, the Entity.... you have to criticise it?
Critics: The most powerful warriors of man.

Great Finale to this arc.

Jannak said...

Who were all the reviewers at the end after the credits? I recognize Spoony, Phelous, Loopa, but who were the other ones?

Chibi Regalli said...

I actually remember this one!! *Glee*

Well, to be specific, what I REALLY remember was the, oh, fourth issue or so? Giant Haunter of Death putting Sabrina, the creepy telepath who gave me nightmares in the anime (I was five or six at the time), into a coma of fear. Oh, the nightmare fuel.

I also got two issues of Pokemon Special for my seventh birthday or so... in the middle of a story arc, so the one that was seriously plot-driven made no sense, and the one that was a bit more self-contained was about the protagonist getting captured by Weepinbell in the Safari Zone and featured a panel of a Ratatta (or maybe a Pidgey?) getting captured in vines, absorbed and liquefied so the Weepinbell could evolve. You know, for kids.

... I think I ended up losing both comics and half-forgot their existence until I discovered them on and realized I hadn't been imagining them all along. And yet somehow, this is still my favorite video game series. *Shrug*

Anyway, enough reminiscing. Great finale. Even if the trope's been done before, you executed it well... and the dark reprise of the theme song, and hugging Liz, and the "Well, screw it, Douchey McNitpick's not here and no one's ever gonna see it"... so many details. So much awesome.

Also, I agree. I was five years old when I first saw the show, I was thirteen when I actually became aware of anime's existence, and I was, like, fifteen before I recognized the different names for the protagonist. That kid with the cap and the Pikachu's still Ash to me.

Uratoh said...

Very nice solution to 'The Entity'. It reminds me a lot of AM, from 'I Have No Mouth And I Must Scream'...except AM wasn't able to kill itself. Redundant systems to last to the heat death of the universe...

Was I wrong for feeling sorry for the maniacal, insane supercomputer that hunted humanity to near-extinction and then kept the last 5 alive so it could torment them endlessly?

Lewis Lovhaug said...

"Who were all the reviewers at the end after the credits? I recognize Spoony, Phelous, Loopa, but who were the other ones?"

MarzGurl, JesuOtaku, and Suede.

JLH said...

I know the reason Linkara looked over at the Clone Saga TPB was to bookend the series, if this was to be his final moments alive, but, is it too farfetched to think he looked at it, remembered the asinine lack of a purpose behind Jackal's world domination scheme, and that inspired the "what do you do next" thing?

My only disappointment was the lack of "Breakfast at Tiffany's" by 90s Kid (it would've been a nice call-back to the events that kicked off the events of the Entity saga proper). But his few bars of "Care-a-lot" was good enough.

And for those playing at home, the comics featured in the pile were The Thing From Another World #1 (Dark Horse's sequel to John Carpenter's The Thing), Marville #1 (Marvel's awful Smallville parody and vanity project by its then-publisher Bill Jemas), California Raisins in 3-D #5 (the final issue from the same series as was reviewed last year), and Objective Five #3 (the mysterious Image book featured in every AT4W opening, which I suspect is to be to Linkara as "ET the Game" on Atari is to the Angry Video Game Nerd).

BooRat said...

Some one in the comments asked, "How did the Spider-Man comic give Linkara the idea to kill the Entity?" and the answer is basically in that comic he reviewed just last week Venom killed the whole of his raise of Symbiotes by letting out a Psychic Scream that caused them all to feel really really really sad and Emo and they commited mass suicide. And that's basically what Linkara did to MissingNo. Mae him commit suicide!

Also, to Linkara himself! I understand how the question/paradox worked on the Entity. I still call it a paradox as MissingNo. is a computer basically an like a machine it has to find logic in all thing pressented to it and by giving it the paradox to it's excistance caused it to have no other choice but to destroy itself! Also there was the added part of Computers need for more data or info "input" that when pressented with a question of what happens when "It" dies it has to die so it can know!
I do say though based on old mythologies of what happens when gods die it should become something new as gods never actually die. like energy or matter they aren't destroyed they just become something else intirely! So the Entity can return as something else in the future if Linkara so choises!

I think this is the most commented on video on here in such short knotice! :D Congrate, Lewis!

gak29 said...

As a philosophy student, the way the entity was destroyed was pretty awesome. Sort of an existential critique of teleological theories. It both questions and affirms stuff that we do as worthwhile things.

Or not. Whatever. That's what I took from it and enjoyed it much. Thanks, man!

Lewis Lovhaug said...

"I know the reason Linkara looked over at the Clone Saga TPB was to bookend the series, if this was to be his final moments alive, but, is it too farfetched to think he looked at it, remembered the asinine lack of a purpose behind Jackal's world domination scheme, and that inspired the "what do you do next" thing?"

Actually it was to remind him of how Planet of the Symbiotes ended, which is something I'll get into during the commentary,

BooRat said...

You should've used some more glitches from other games when in the Entity's pressents like the ones from the Sims and Call of Duty where limbs become stretched and twisted and thier bodie shake like something form the Thing! There's a article based on all these up right now for Halloween!

Voided Films said...

Wow, Linkara, that was simply amazing. Truth be told, I've been thinking my head of trying to figure out what you meant, it's name, Missing Number. I KNEW I knew what that meant, I just couldn't remember. Now I have the answer and I gotta say, I LOVE it!

The truth behind The Entity was such a treat and I love you cool demener. It's the end of the world, you're about to die, heck, you'll just reveiw a comic! It's why we love you, lol

Anyway, I was expecting a huge fight at the end, but I was so pleased to learn less is really more with this fight. I am a huge huge fan of good dialog and there is some great dialog in the end confrontation. Absalutly wonderful writing.

At first, I honestly thought you might have to die to stop The Entity. That line back in the trailer "There was a comic reviewer here, he's gone know." That's had been worried for a month! Glad to see you made it through and I can't wait to see what challanges await you in the coming year.

Huh, who would of thought a comic review show would be so epic and full of awesome drama and action :D

Anonymous said...

I can't understand noone has asked if you're a System Shock fan yet. The Entity sort of reminded me of SHODAN, glitchy voice and all, put of course you put an alltogether different spin on it. Great! Also, kudos for letting lord Vyce wait. It would have been too predictable to utilize him just yet.
It's going to be hard to top this, though. I don't think you should, in any case. In a good comic book, the hero can save the world in one issue, and then be back to fighting comic relief villains for the next issue. So, with all the villains so far (Mechkara, Vyce and the Entity), with the exception of the Insano family, becoming scarier and scarier, I'd like to see some really goofy stuff!

caljar22 said...

"Linkara...Di-Did you just talk the entity to death? You killed an Eldritch abomination...By talking it to death...YOU ARE AWESOME!!!"

I think that's what the Doctor would do in a situation like that. Linkara would make a fine Time Lord... might have to disconnect the continuity alarm though.

CyrusKnight said...

The conclusion here really reminds me of a story I remember reading years and years ago where the Thunderbolts went up against Graviton. Finding they couldn't actually beat him, they asked what he was going to do once he took over the world, and he... really didn't know. So he left to go figure it out for himself!

Was this in any way inspired by said story, or is this just a measure of coincidental congruence?

Denmark said...

I know this is kind of nitpicky, but why would Linkara say, that he was "saving" a comic for next year, when he seemed very certain that he would die shortly?

Otherwise, great episode and a great conclusion to the entity-story.

al. said...


I'm a french fan and I'm sure someone already made these remaks, but I would have a few things to say about the Pokemon universe which I think you got wrong.

First, the taxonomy problem. Actually, when they say “rock pokemon”, “bug pokemon” or “plant pokemon”, it's not from a phylogenetic perspective. As you put it in your review, education in this world is not perfect, and I think some bias of speaking may come from there. Pokemon are nothing like plants, bugs or rocks. They all share an exclusive common ancestor, which is Mew – so probably the one truly immortal and immune to mutation – and it is heavily implied that they all came from another planet.
So they do NOT derive from the same common ancestor than us, except if you consider that OUR common ancestor LUCA is not from planet earth either.

Consequently, they cannot be assigned to any over kind of living specie that we, as viewers, know. However, as you may have noticed, there are no animals besides man in the Pokemon universe; and Pokemon types may be defined regardless of what “bug” or “mouse” may mean to us viewers.

There is still the problem of magic in the pokemon universe, but personally I accept the idea that legendary pokemon are in fact just very rare Pokemon which are important to ecosystems. After all, if you read all the information in the Pokedex, you'll see clearly that true scientific information on the species are rare, and we find many bullshit like “People say that this pokemon was originally a doll abandoned by its owner”.

True scientists in this universe are rare. The only ones we see in the game are only scientists with regard to the fact that they are dressed like doctor Insano and use Pokemon from the “artificial class”.

As for the assertion of them being “just one species”, it brings complicated biological considerations; but since the ancestor is Mew, and since the ancestor IS the group derived from this ancestor, every Pokemon is a Mew. If you can't assign them another name of species, then you have to consider that all Pokemon are just ecotypes of Mew.

I think that was the original idea of the developers because their understandable confusion between development and evolution (as you put it in your review) made them look mew like an embryo.

That brings the question of the ghost-type pokemon. They aren't dead pokemon. They are more described like gas (which is weird since, according to the manga you reviewed, they are structured like us). They like graveyards but there is ONE true ghost that we can see in the game. I don't know its english name since I'm french and for me it's OSSATUEUR, the mother of OSSELAIT. However ghosts DO exist in the pokemon universe. In the animated series, Ash dies in the tower and is brought back to life by Gastly, Gaunter and Gengar (which means they can bring people back to life).
I agree with you that it is unclear whether we have to consider Pokemon as magic creatures, hence ghost pokemon like ghosts, or not.

Other than that, it was refreshing to see a review about a Pokemon comic book and an out-of-context mention of MissingNO, which was a huge thing in its time, as well as... The truck.

I think you have already mentioned Digimon (which has, of course, nothing to do with pokemon) in at least one of your reviews. Besides the six seasons and the games, there are some weird Digimon comic books, which I think could be a good fuel for a review – if you would accept to do another manga.

Mario Di Giacomo said...

Next week, MissingNo returns to report that when Outer Gods die, they appear in a beach resort in Boca Raton.

Go fig.

Frobman said...

Hm. Was expecting you to tear this comic a new one, but then again, you weren't reviewing the unedited original Japanese version, so there's that. Always wondered why this comic series was called the top favourite in the US.
Other than that, great episode!

MetFanMac said...

REALLY awesome finale, Linkara! I rank it right up there with the first Mechakara showdown in terms of pacing, dialogue and payoff--not to mention the exceptionally clever method of defeating the villain.

The only minor quibble I have with it is that your lecture to the Entity is a wee bit long and repetitive. Or than that, though, major thumbs up! Here's to whatever's next! (The return of Lord Vyce, perhaps...?)

libraryguy said...

Very, very well done. Everyone involved should be very proud of themselves.

Where to begin...

I said it last week, and I'll repeat it here: as an actor, you can really bring it when you want to. MissingKid is very distinct from your other villains, and is easily the creepiest yet. I quite like that it was defeated by a Logic Bomb. It's a very good thing that MissingKid wasn't more like 90's Kid, because 90's Kid is much too stupid for the bomb to effect :)

I can't speak for anyone else, but I'd love to see the MissingKid bits without the vocal distortion or the glowing eyes, just out of curiosity. I think that it would still be pretty creepy without them.

For the $64,000 question: will Linksano try and kill Linkara with the chemistry set now?

trlkly said...

Will this go up on TGWTG only when you are finished with those tweaks you mention? And would you recommend viewing it now or waiting? (I don't care about special effects as long as the story and review parts are finished, save for editing.)

marconius666 said...

Philosophy saves the day! Go nerdy people!

I liked the ending, it was clever, if not entirely original... and it was unexpected too, given how all the other storylines concluded (though I do notice Linkara tends to use his head, not just power up and kick ass, which is great).

One really, REALLY tiny grouch I have is... why did you have to drag religion into this? The whole thing would have worked without the whole "heaven and hell" argument and as someone who doesn't believe in either of those, it left me with a slightly bitter aftertaste... again, this is a really minor thing and I'm honestly very used to it from American media by now, but still.

Oh, and... you don't watch anime a lot, do you?

KKDW said...

Well certainly enjoyed that, and the Entity is really reallly creepy!

And I'm also calling dingo's kidney's on the idea of Pokemon being genetically similar enough to considered all the same species but rather into going into a long text rant about it I'll let Stephen Fry explain with this QI clip on YouTube

Anonymous said...

That was just an amazing an awesome end to a series Linkara. Every time I come across an enemy in games who have the similar goal, I feel the need to ask the exact same questions of it.

I just have one question left on this entire arc. When exactly did 90's Kid get absorbed? You said in the last episode it was to hide from Lord Vyse, so does that mean it came long before Vyse even appeared? Has 90's Kid actually been missing for over a year?!

Anonymous said...

I loved the ending. I don't care either way for the dramatic fights that usually end your storylines - I'm not annoyed by them, but I don't wait for them either. This one was really clever, though. Thanks for the treat. <3

UsagiHasano said...

Okay, really now, your statement about how there hasn't been any innovations in the Pokemon game since the beginning except for having more than two Pokemon was honestly irksome.

The games have had lots of mechanics overhauls throughout the generations to add a lot more balance. There have been many changes besides just 'adding some more Pokemon into the battle'.

Sure, it may be similar and all to its roots, but aren't a lot of games like that? Mario, Legend of Zelda, etc. They all can be said to not have changed much because of what they are at the base of it all.

Other than that, I have to say nice review Linkara.

The Letter M said...

Does this mean that all the universes the Entity absorbed came back too? Or had it just not finished digesting this universe?

Bethany the Martian said...

I loved this episode, I've been eagerly awaiting the conclusion of the Entity story since Vice brought him up, and this didn't disappoint.

I also want to really commend you for your acting skills, Lewis. The moment where Linkara Suits Up For the Last Time (not really) nearly had me in tears, and you didn't say a single word the whole time. Most depressing scene, in a good way.

My husband hasn't caught up on your videos yet, I'll see if I can't get him to wait until you release the updated version.

Really looking forward to whatever comes next. :)

Anonymous said...

now that you've killed MissingNo., which item did you dduplicate?

Anssi said...

YUP, a God dilemma. :)

Really sweet Lewis, and to be fair it would have been LESS awsome if there was some major battle or climax.

I guess, twas just really good proper way, a true send off to ultimate villain beyond Good and Evil. The only thing left for it would be the Death of the unknown.

PS. I wonder what will it find in death? :P

Anonymous said...

That was quite a risk you took when you gave the Entity that little speech

You could have turned him into a nihilist, and that wouldn't be good for the multiverse!

Faces said...

Well that was fun.

Damienx247 said...

Damn, I thought the Spider-man book was inspirational due to in the Secret Wars Spider-man was able to talk down Doctor Doom from becoming an elder god himself, due to Doom stealing the beyonder's powers.

Chessrook44 said...

So let me get this straight... Linkara convinced an Outer God... a being from a completely different universe and likely with thoughts and motivations that would be completely alien to us... to commit suicide with a logic bomb...

Bit of a stretch in my opinion. Even I can think of things it could do after.

Ensure it's existance.

Turn off it's awareness and simply be.

Search for other universes and consume there.

There. Three other possibilities it could do. And I thought of them while it was freaking out from the logic bomb. I don't even see why it decided to find out why to kill itself... it wasn't on a quest for knowledge, it was on a quest to gather all that is. Knowledge that does not exist should not matter to it. I feel like you right now. Other than that anticlimactic and confusing ending, loved the review. Funny as always.

Sukid said...

Man it's a good thing the Entity didn't just go "... I'll think of something" like Malachite. :p

doggans said...

Another enjoyable finale! I can't get enough of silly pop culture jokes taken to incredibly serious and dark places. And it was good to see you defeat a villain in a new way, rather than just another fight scene.

Anonymous said...

I love the glitching voice you gave to Missing Number

but you just can't beat S.H.O.D.A.N.

Relinquo Spes said...

Please allow me this openng statement to say that I have always enjoyed Linkara's output, he has always maintaned a level of energy and fun that has kept his videos enjoyable for 3 fun riding years.

Now with that out of the way I'd like to comment on the evolution of Linkara. Do we all remember well when Linkara first came on the scene as an intriguing comic reviewer, someone who could hep us to laugh at the insanity or ineptitude of the comic industry. As a reviewer he did well, drawing us in and demanding our attention... But then the first storyline happened. I always enjoyed Mechacara as a villain, he had a true robotic menace, but when got to the final battle and as fun as it was... the acting left me a bit lack-luster. It didn't have that same flowing feel that his reviews had maintained, it felt jerky and stiff as though he was lost away from the fouton.

Then we headed into the Vyce saga and once again the on the couch and end of episode acting was quite good and even the fight scenes were okay (the effects working to distrat the eye), but the info-dump came and the pacing and flow of the episode was thrown out the window. Again it worked, but compared to the usual standard it just felt lacking, bette thn before but still lacking.

And here we are the end of the Entity Saga and (I would say) the growth of the acting Linkara. Here we had him step up to the acting and writing stage and truely shine, the info dump flowed, and the ending was epic. As I said last week there was true emotion in his entire delvery and it was good to see it this week. No cocky selfasuredness when he'd thought he'd won, this was a man fighting for his planet not with the magic gun or morphers but with wit and wit alone. This is probably the hardest ating task one can undertae, we have nothing to distract us, nothing to draw our eye away all we can do is watch, and unlike with the first demise of Mechacara or the info dumping on Vyce this was the pure beauty of raw emotion as one man fights to save us all, it had the grace of a seasoned veteran and to me it finally cemented these storylines as worth it. They've alway been fun to follow and watch as it twisted and turned, but they could have just been a book, or comic its self and then there would be less need for the clunky nature of the acting. But now we have made it to a point where the acting is above and beyond the standard required.

I look forward to what comes next, and Linkara I salute you for always evolving and growing better.

(Again that was not to rag on your early stuff, just to comment on how far you've come)

Yellow13 said...

Gotta say, not what I expected. Still awesome though. Maybe it's because I've been watching it lately, but I could seriously see you doing a finger point plus an "OBJECTION!" and "TAKE THAT!" when you were finishing it off. BUT, I knew you wouldn't kill off all your characters for good. Well other then Missingno I mean. Unless it really IS dead?

As for the next arc... What do you have next? I mean you fought an Outer God so... where do you go from here? a sentient reality? return of Vyce?

Anonymous said...


Now to watch your handiwork...

Kalos said...

Destroying a character who is a logical error itself by logic-bombing it, pointing out the logical error of its plan doesn't feel right. It was well done, and you definitely do an awesome job of acting creepy, but on the whole I think this is the weakest villain defeat you've done in the series.

Anonymous said...

You submitted a question to The Entity and defeated it. I submit a question to you. Is it relevant that The Entity is MissingNo beyond an excuse for the review of The Electric Tale of Pikachu? Without that detail, The Entity's final goal still would have made sense.

Also a few things I realized:
-Despite fans figuring the twist out, you still did it as planned. You did not make the mistake of making Hawk into Monarch.
-Vyce tried to fight The Entity with brute force and could never succeed, all who used that same strategy against Vyce failed to beat him.
-Vyce is going to be mad that you beat The Entity so easily.
-90's Kid vanished before NSD went missing. The Entity likely took his place while 90's Kid was off playing Justice League Task Force.
-Even if you did try to catch The Entity in a pokeball, that would have made it worse.
-Atop the Fourth Wall is now in Yellow Version since all is more or less the same, save for the lack of the glitch. Yellow Version edited out MissingNo.

One last thing: More of a Charmander man myself.

Overall, great review Linkara. Totally worth the wait.

SynjoDeonecros said...

"darkmage0707077 said...
But you're still very lucky: Using the ATG ploy on it and then using the LAD solution right after. It could have shrugged off ATG and continued on until it was done, THEN accepted LAD at the very end..."

Exactly my thoughts on it; for a glitch, its entire purpose is to consume and corrupt, so you'd half-expect MissingNo. to just shrug and say "I'll think about it when I get to that point. Until then, I'll continue on my merry way, enjoying every last bit of it".

It's sorta like my criticism of Kirk talking Nomad to death in "The Changeling"; up until it was confronted with its own errors, anything that Kirk said to try to talk it to death was just met with "Sorry, you're wrong, I know who I am and what I'm doing", so why would it believe Kirk when told of its own errors? That's what I pictured the logic of the Entity to be like; so sure and certain of its purpose and existence that no amount of logic would be able to talk it down.

And asking it what would happen if it died? If its entire purpose is to live and corrupt, why WOULD it want to see if it died? And why would it want to see what happened if it died? Logically, if it died, then it wouldn't be around to see the end result of that death, so why would it agree to that?

Maybe it's just me, but I don't see MissingNo. to be gone that easily. As a glitch, it has no logic to it, so in my mind, it shouldn't have to worry about things like "is this all meaningless" or "what to do after my goal is fulfilled". I hope your commentary explains it better, because frankly, I honestly cannot see it.

As for the review itself, it's decent, but you're breaking more and more of your "comics I will never review" rules. I also noticed that it's another in a growing line of comics that you've reviewed that you said don't suck. That's a bit disconcerting. You're not growing soft on us, are you, Linkara?

Thelder said...

Seriously Linkara, you really should review other mangas... 'cause that episode was a really good one.

Yeah, you don't get some things from japanese culture, but you sure know how to make fun of them, just like you know how to make fun of the silliness of the golden age comics in the Secret Origins month. So, why not?

Also, for me, mangas aren't all that diferent from american comics. After all, everything is sequencial art, just from diferent cultures that is what makes their diferences. Because of that, they still follow some basic rules, like having coehrence in the order of the panels to let the reader understand what's happening, or balancing the use of images and text to tell the story. So I think that, after all, you can make mangas reviews. More than that, probably you will be really interenting doing that since you will probably give different thoughts from the common manga reviewers.

Also, by the end of this episode, well. Looks like someone has been watching a reairing of the Justice League Unlimited episode that Amazo returns. God, I love that episode. That Justice League version of Amazo was a lot cooler than the original comic counterpart.

Freak and Nitro said...

@Linkara I'm beginning to grow concerned you are writing yourself into a hole.. technically if everything has been reversed - shouldn't linksano be returned? He never would have fled if not for vice and the entity.. oop I think I just realised your next seasons plot.. disregard

Emerald knight said...

Wow. Kudos to you, Linkara. *hands clapping* :) Every finale of yours keeps getting better and better and they are always satisfying and amazing to watch. I don't know where you find the time to eat, sleep and unwind with your hectic schedules of con appearances and multiple videos, but seeing your videos every week are always entertaining. You really outdo yourself year after year. Get some rest, Linkara. You have earned it

I have said this before, but I always love hearing your villains' dialogue, and this one was no better. I really liked the idea of questioning the goals of a villain after they succeeded.

Masterge77 said...

Being a massive Pokemon fan, I'm very happy you did a Pokemon comic, I was really suprised about the way you defeated the Entity/Missingno. I wonder what kind of stories you will give us next?

Anonymous said...

Missingno is badass

Timzor said...

I am VERY apprehensive about watching this one. I have fond childhood memories of reading this comic.

You'd better not break my childhood, Linkara!

Tom Soares said...

THAT was awesome! But you know what would have made it perfect? If Linkara was holding a red question mark umbrella when he convinced MissignNo to kill itself.

"Ashes to ashes. Dust to dust."

Momoyoy said...

I obviously call Ash Ash. I have no problems calling him Satoshi, but I refuse to call him Red.

Perdi1309 said...

Well done to you mate! You have a show that has me wanting to watch it and find out what's happening more than anything on TV right now.

AT4W is like Doctor Who for me at the moment, I keep wondering how you could possible top the story you've just done, but I look forward to it non the less!

Have a good day.


Ken Godberson said...

I have to say, very well done, Mr. Lovhaug. I have to admit to liking this Entity Arc better than the Vyce Arc.

And Missingno, that takes me back. Ha ha...God I'm old.

Adam said...

Hmm, after thinking about the review for a little while, there is one issue with the plot that I feel I must take issue with: I honestly believe that Missingno could have come up with a legitimate response to your logic bomb.

Think about it for a bit: is what you are honestly saying here really that a goal becomes meaningless if you become legitimately capable of attaining it?

Think of it this way. Let's say you are playing the original pokemon game, and you actually manage to catch all 151 of them. Does having completed this suddenly make your playthrough not worthwhile? No! You had fun during the experience, and with it done, you can try to find something else to do.

Essentially, I felt that the Entity should have responded to you with something along the lines of, "Interesting conjecture, human. However, it is planely clear that you are only bringing this up to save your own skin, so I will not let it interfere with my immediate goal. Should this become an issue later on, well, I will just have to cross that bridge when I come to it."

Anonymous said...

I totally wanna see someone try to "Kirk" an actual elder god, like Cthulhu...

Existential crisis!? Who has time for that! Time to eat 1d6 of your friends!

Anonymous said...

The Entity for all it's glory was still an 8-bit horror. Unlike the C'tan, or Chaos Gods or Lovercraftian nightmares it was inspired by. It never thought a step ahead. It goal was to exist... Very much like someone stuck in college for a while. Once you get out it's THEN WHAT?

I liked the ending, and While I see some bemoan the idea of talking the monster to death it worked here. Why Cuase you made the Entity's purpose flawed. It wants to exist by wiping out all other existence so it can belong and finally be. You didn't make it Exdeath ranting about wiping himself out after his done. You didn't give it a thought out goal for lasting effect like the c'tan or Chaos gods.

Essentially... you made the Entity childish in it's thought process, so when confronted by the logical dead end... It jumped at a chance to get away from the confusion. Since any mature cosmic horror would see through the clear kill yourself gamble.

I give you a 9/10, I still prefered the Vyce finally but this was pretty good.

Alexis Royce said...

Fun review. Toshihiro Ono's Pokemon manga is still one of my favorites, but I was happy to see you looking at it and the Pokemon world without the Nostalgia goggles. It's a good thing to remember; the things we love can be really weird, but we still love them anyway. I like how they've been delving into some of the deeper questions about the world in Black and White, though.

Also, if you're looking for a game where you play as a pokemon, check out Pokemon Rumble (simplistic but kind of addictive). I hear that Pokepark Wii (where you play as Pikachu) is alright, too, though I haven't tried it.

Anonymous said...

this review was very well done, great mix of funny, serious and creepy. hard to handle doing all that well in a single sitting.
also that lavander town song haunts my nightmares. yikes.

mephosto said...

how about a poll for how many of us jumped a bit when suede was going for missingno? you got one here.

mephosto said...

how about a poll for how many jumped a bit when suede went for the glitch? you got one here.

Anonymous said...

You know, I'm surprised you didn't reference the glitch city glitch as a possible place of origin for the entity.

Anonymous said...

First time Commenter, long time fan, but I felt like leaving a comment after watching this late last night.

Congrats on using the Kirk method (Talking it to death) to stop the Entity/MissingNo. Hell, congrats on using fricking MissingNo as the Entity. I did NOT expect that to be the baddie. You, sir, are one creatively clever son of a gun.

I had a feeling you would do something Pokemon related for the finale of this arc after the MissingNo reveal, but I didn't know what comic/manga you'd review. I actually own some of the Electric Tales manga, but not the first one. Only one from the first group, three from the second and fourth, and all three from the third group. The manga is definately enjoyable and one of my oldest manga I have. (The others being most of the Sailor Moon manga and some DBZ ones)

Glad to see everyone is ok and back home safe. Also cool to see the others that were taken are also back, like Spoony, Insano, Suede, and Marzgirl.

Overall, great ending to a great episode. And a great version of the theme song when you got ready to face the Entity for the last time. Was that Sad Panda singing that version? Sounded like him.

Headshot Bunny said...

Yamask [#562] is a Ghost-type Pokémon introduced in Generation V.It evolves into Cofagrigus starting at level 34. Yamask is a shadow-like Pokémon holding a simply designed stone face which was from its time as a human, one rather similar to that of the one in the forehead of Cofagrigus.

So yes, in the pokemon universe when humans die they become ghost pokemon. Can you imagine how mentally scarring it would be to be capture by your grandson and forced to fight for his honor?

RJHammer said...

I forget to ask but who did the show theme after the review? Also what version of pokemon was that at the end? I just ask because I might forget go look finished video where it will probably tell me.

hardband said...

Awwwwww, I was expecting a Pyramid Head Missingno battle. I was expecting you to slowly back towards the pokeballs while talking to the creature. Not to say the ending was a cop out! It was epic in its own way!

MasterSeijin said...

I don't care if defeating it with a logical paradox was a tad predictable, you finally got rid of that son of a bitch! Hopefully for good!Can't wait to see how the whole Pollo thing works out!

In regards to the comic: At the end of episode 20 of the anime "The Ghost of Maiden's Peak" it is reviled that the maiden spirit that Gastly was imitating was indeed an actual restless soul of a once living person. So no, dead humans don't become Gastlys. Although that would be cool. Sorry if this point was covered already but I am too damn lazy to read the other comments!

Jeremy A. Patterson said...

Is it me, or does Misty have BLACK HAIR in the manga instead of her trademark red?


Lewis Lovhaug said...

"One really, REALLY tiny grouch I have is... why did you have to drag religion into this? The whole thing would have worked without the whole "heaven and hell" argument and as someone who doesn't believe in either of those, it left me with a slightly bitter aftertaste... again, this is a really minor thing and I'm honestly very used to it from American media by now, but still."

It was meant to be more of a metaphor of the worthlessness of its immortality and what it would be like if it became all of reality.

Anonymous said...

I'll add my voice to the few telling to check out Pokemon Adventure. It's aimed at a slightly older audience than the TV show is and I think most of it has been translated now and released by Viz. FYI I think they seperated the releases by generation, with the volume numbers restarting with each new iteration, so you'll want to start with the one with "Red" (the ash-lookin character) on it, if you do check it out.

Sort of disappointing ending - I sort of wish you'd brought more Pokemon mythology into it, since making it an eldritch creature from another dimension that ALSO happens to be a Pokemon character seems like wasting an opportunity. That said, I loved the look on your face when the evil laughter interrupted your introduction andthe sad rendition of the theme song, and the review itself was pretty good.

Lewis Lovhaug said...

"Think about it for a bit: is what you are honestly saying here really that a goal becomes meaningless if you become legitimately capable of attaining it?"

Well, as I'll explain in the commentary, it was actually more about it realizing its entire life and existence is pointless - killing it with existential horror about what it is and what it's trying to do.

Zott said...

Awsome finale but are we ever going to get an actual explination to how a glitch in a game turned into a beast bent on consuming all of reality?

Also, and I'm not sure if this is what you were trying to say, but after the MissingNo realized that its over-all purpose was completely pointless, it needed a new purpose. And you gave it one. That is why it killed itself... I think.

Milo said...

Talking the monster death cliché but fun.
Also try out dragon quest monsters joker and shin megani tensei devil survivor ds there both kind of like pokemon so if your annoyed by the lack of innovation in pokemon try these games out.

Anonymous said...

So when are the Alternate Endings coming out, and are they on the Entity ending or the Whately ending?

13th Doctor said...

That is just gloriously ridiculous. And I have to applaud you for it.

I mean, that probably sounds sarcastic, but I actually mean it. "

Linkara, this time last year, I was watching you put a gun to your head. A gun possessed by the murderous soul of a little girl butchered by her own parents. And today, I found out that little girl's death, your near-suicide, that entire brutal, bloody, bizarrely merciless arc was all because of a really old Pokemon joke.

That is just gloriously ridiculous. And I have to applaud you for it.It was like in Suburban Knights, when Malechite just whips out his cell phone. It was that moment times a thousand. So much gloom and doom and genuinely scary stuff turned right on its head in a split second. It was hilarious. It was epic. It was everything we could have asked for, and I have to thank you for it."

I don't think that is what Lewis was going for. The Entity was still plenty creepy even after we found it what was. It couldn't be anymore different since in Suburban Knights that scene was played for laughs and it made the villain even douchier.

BTW, Lewis, thank you for explaining the "Missing Number" thing for us non-Pokemon folk. Plus, using psychology and words to make the Entity kill itself. The Doctor would be proud. :)

Kth-77 said...

Well I'm pretty happy with this, I was afraid you'd tried to maintain it is still just a glitch, but no, you explained it evolved (Teehee, pokemon) into an outer god. Though I admit I'd like to know how real MissingNo came to exist. Also, does this mean Vyce may be released from exile? I'm sure he'd love to go home and see his family and friends now that Linkara has Heimliched reality out of the entity.

Jarkes said...

So, WERE all of those anonymous comments with garbled messages, as well as the comments that were signed "The Entity," and that Brotherhood stuff (can't remember the actual name) all actually part of the plot, or were they just fans screwing with us? ...Or were they YOU screwing with us to throw us off?

So what was the really cool effects shot that you weren't able to get in, and when can we expect it to be inserted in?

Also, I've never heard that version of the Pokemon theme song before. Who performed it?

harmonicajay said...

Great Episode and great review Lewis. Honestly, I love your reveals. I had no idea what it really was and the reveal was awesome. I always am shocked by the truth. I have to say this in complement: You took a concept like Missingno. and turned it into one of the deadliest creatures ever. Once again I say Kudos to you and your creativity. Funny thing, my dorm watched the first three Pokemon movies and I couldn't stop riffing on the bad dubbing of the first movie, the awesomeness of the second movie and the complete trip that was the third movie. I love Pokemon but at the same time, there are things that make me face palm. But as a great theme song once said, its just a show, I should really just relax. Also, what inspired you to make Missingno. the entity?

Gareth said...

"Actually it was to remind him of how Planet of the Symbiotes ended, which is something I'll get into during the commentary,"

I did think of that when I saw the video, I probably should have realised that the similarity wasn't a coincidence

This is one of the episodes where I was looking forward to the original fiction/drama/whatever you call these segments part of the episode more than the review and it is always strange when that happens, considering that the show is ultimately about reviews.

Jarkes said...

I have another question: Are we ever going to see Judas Liz again? What about the mirror universe? I remember you saying on Twitter that the next plot would have something to do with the mirror universe, but I can't remember exactly what it was...

Wait, one more question: Which was a harder effect, the static eyes or the blinking around between place to place (there's really no other way to describe it).

Garcia5180 said...

Perdi1309 said...
"Well done to you mate! You have a show that has me wanting to watch it and find out what's happening more than anything on TV right now.

AT4W is like Doctor Who for me at the moment, I keep wondering how you could possibly top the story you've just done, but I look forward to it none the less!"

My thoughts exactly! *Salute*

trlkly said...

I get it. Yes, for ordinary humans, achieving your goal is not bad, because you can have a new goal. But MissingNo has only one goal, and, at the end of this goal, there's no creating a new goal, even if you want to. There's nothing left. Like Louis says, the entire goal is therefore pointless.

Jesse said...

This was an unexpected way to end the Entity arc. No huge battle or new weapon, just a logic bomb. Nice change of pace, but I was still hoping for some sort of explosion. Oh well.

I have a sudden urge to play my Pokemon games and watch the anime. The Missingno you saw was a Kabutop's I think.

Glad everyone is back and 90s Kid is OK. You can read the sarcasm in Ninja Style Dancer's writing. Didn't know you could do that.

One last thing. Are you and Linksano permanent allies now Linkara?

Gareth said...

sorry forgot to ask in last post, will this episode affect the magic gun in at all in the long run?

Captain Mac said...

I'll say more after the George Lucas edition is published because i really want to see what the vaunted missing effects were. I love that your MO with story lines has become October: dark showcases of your acting chops and reminding us that you could be a great horror writer and February epic action.

About your acting you seemed to be channelign Matt Smith when you talked the Entity to death (reminded me of 11 defeating house in the Doctors Wife) but the scene reminded me of the lengendary Talking the Dalek Supreme to deat at the end of Rememberance of the Daleks, so you reminded me of my two favourite Doctors oh and of Hitchhikers Guide too.

I know you have said the entity voice is you but is the laugh you as well? It sounds exactly like Liz's laugh but i guess if you are changing the pitch the two could sound similar, or maybe you spend to much time together and you have copied her laugh (or I shouldn't have done a YSACG marathon!)

Superb video and a great conclusion to the arc

Oh and one last thing, the opening 7 minutes the best nightmare fuel ihave seen in a long time

The Watcher said...

Linkara used 'Kirk Speech'


...seriously a super satisfying conclusion. Great job, Linkara!

Xel Unknown said...

Next we're going to hear Linkara's Origin Story!!! That is going to be awesome! At lest I hope it's as awesome as I think it'll be! *jumps up and down and all around the place in joy*

June said...

I hope I'm not hated too much for being a nay-sayer here, but the Entity must not have been too smart to have been defeated by a question. Why should there be something else after it has become existence? It's ultimate goal was to become existence and when that is achieved whose to say that is not it's "nirvana." To become existence is its ultimate goal and there is no need for something else after that. It is content with its existence because it IS existence.

Maybe it's just because I see this point of view I found its defeat ultimately disappointing. Maybe I just didn't catch what you were referencing when referring to "outer god?" Maybe you were giving an homage to something I don't know about when you asked it to find out what happens when it dies and it complied.

It was good, don't get me wrong. Just not what I was expecting, I guess. I don't think I'm disappointed. I think maybe I'm just wondering how else it could have been defeated.

MasterAmongRust said...

Although I knew everything would turn out alright, for those few minutes after the review, it was chilling. The calm acceptance of your fate, putting on your outfit, the last longing look at your place all while your theme song plays in a somber tone. It was heartbreaking but in the best way possible. A truly magnificent episode.

Muffin Man said...

Just, wow...
Now we'll find an even worse horror,
But seriously, this was one of the best arc endings I've seen. I remember having a copy of the first issue of the Adventures manga before I gave it to my girlfriend as a gift. My question to you is as follows:
What do you do now?

(And I know that you're not going to be doing a new storyline for a bit. you deserve the rest)

Anonymous said...

no just no

The Exiled One said...

Ok, several questions and thoughts:

1-Going by Obscurus Lupa and Spoony's comment, why didn't Marzgurl notice that she reviewed "Rock a Doodle", "Thumbelina" and "A Troll in Central Park" despite being taken by the Entity?

2-Why is Linkara's first train of thought after defeating the Entity "play Pokemon" instead of "freeing Lord Vyce and letting him known that the Entity has been destroyed and that he now has a chance at a normal life"?

3-So, were Doug, Cinema Snob and Film Brain ever taken by the Entity? We don't see either of the three during the whole "everybody comes back" montage...

4-Why does Misty in the comic look nothing like the original cartoon?

5-Why are the police officers regular police officers instead of Officers Joy?

6-Why is May there? This is supposed to be taking place during the earlier seasons, so Ash isn't supposed to meet May yet!

7-Why is May the sister of Gary (and, presumably, Professor Oak's daughter)? That never happened in the cartoon!

8-Why does May in the comic look nothing like the original cartoon?

9-Why is Ash's trainer license his Pokedex?

11-Why isn't Professor Oak the one who gives Ash his Pikachu?

12-Does this mean 90s Kid has actually seen Doug's review of "The Care Bears Movie"?

13-Finally, who was the brunette chick during the final montage? You know, the one who's about to review Witchblade? I know she's not Roses because Roses is a redhead with glasses, I know she's not Diamanda Hagan because she's doesn't have makeup on her face, and I know she's not JesuOtaku because's she not wigger enough (JesuOtaku's reaction would be more along the lines of "Damn, that mac daddy Linkara did it! He sent that white ass bitch the Entity packing all the way to the cosmic hood! He busted a metaphysical cap on that elder god's ass! That Linkara homie is top dog, yo!").

Otherwise, great episode!

Lord You Know Who said...

Well, this is certainly better than Doug's own "Pokemon" review, which was 20 minutes of him wondering what the hell "Pokemon" is and why should he care.

Greg said...

Sir you are not a man you are THE man, to the point where I managed to watch this even though my entire buttf@&king state is out of power. (my house has no heat and this will probably be my last post before I die, tell the nostalgia chick I love her!)
A few questions and comments.

1.When will the pollo redesign contest be called?
2.Are you and Liz an item or is that speculation/wishful thinking on the fans part?
3.Will spoony finally update again?
4.Why didn't you call nostalgia critic last video?
5. Do you have any advice for a wannabe iternet reviewer with a pipe dream of getting on Tgwtg?

Lewis Lovhaug said...

"So when are the Alternate Endings coming out, and are they on the Entity ending or the Whately ending?"

I have IDEAS for alternate endings, but because this episode came out on Halloween and I've had to do so much other stuff, I haven't had time to put anything together, sorry to say. Maybe I'll do it as a Christmas special.

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