Sunday, January 22, 2012

Made of Fail at MAGFest!

Many should recall that I've appeared on a few episodes of the podcast Made of Fail and guess what? They were at MAGFest this year!

So go on over and listen to their 50th episode where they interviewed me and a few others there!

Click here! I demand it!


Anonymous said...

From when to when is your part in the interview?

Anonymous said...

When is the current storyline going to end, I ask this because you are running out of episodes to put storyline in before the Youngblood Anniversary episode.

Anonymous said...

Why are you in so little of the episode. Sorry, but I was expecting an hour-long interview with you.

Lewis Lovhaug said...

"When is the current storyline going to end, I ask this because you are running out of episodes to put storyline in before the Youngblood Anniversary episode."

It's going to end on that anniversary.

Capt. Sake "Hancock" Mangusto said...

First question : When are you going to have your own podcast added to the main show ?

Second question : Are we going to see any new "That's All I Saying ?" Slidecast show in the near future ?

Third but not final question : What about the rumors about "Countdown to Final Pollo" ? It's that a hoaxes or are really going to happen until the end of this year if the world doesn't end first ?

And seriously when are you going to review the Real Frank Miller's Robocop ?

Happy SCI MoonDay, from your resident foreigner correspondent.

Sake, that obnoxious angry douche because i am not nerd enough to be a geek.

SCI MoonDay Drink Song / The Bravery - Fearless

Spokavriel ( Daniel Thomas Stack ) said...

This episode is only about an hour and 4 min long... There are some fun parts establishing some parts of the show that us Atop the 4th Wall fans might not know if its skipped. And it helps.

Although they could use a sound board so she isn't having to improv her own sound effects.

Too bad Dana doesn't know the term live to tape. Meaning interviews will be presented as they happened live unscripted.

The Microphone does get better again after 11 min.

They start talking about the At4w panel and other things they actually do attend at Mag Fest at 15 min in.

21 min in has the first real interview/guest segment in the show. Lewis isn't in that one. Its NSFW.

29 min Skitch Ticklish confirmed.

30 min in last day. Still no Lewis yet and still NSFW but it does have fun anecdotes to the AVGN panel.

33 min they talk about the fact they are waiting on Linkara to show for the interview. Made of Fail even gives up on him.

36:20 they finally get Linkara.

And it only goes to the 44, so the remaining 21 min are music and wrapup.. But at least the music is good.

Lewis Lovhaug said...

And bear in mind, people, this was taped in their room on the last night at like 1 in the morning. I had almost forgotten about it when I saw them tweeting about it and realized "Crap, I promised Dayna I'd do the interview."

Queen Anthai said...

For the record, we have no budget. We recorded most everything live with George's smartphone. Yeah, we're probably never doing that again.

Skitch is VERY ticklish.