Monday, July 30, 2012

200th Episode

It's Atop the Fourth Wall's 200th Episode! What comic could be heinous enough for the position?

Part 1:

Part 2:


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Anonymous said...

Very satisfying episode. You got down every point that makes this story horrible. You also made a very good point about Peter's character, though it is more atributed to writers being terrified of character development.

One question though. Why didn't you burn this comic? No one would've minded at all, and it would have been a perfect ending, in my own opinion. Oh well. Happy 200th episode and here's to another 200. Good luck.

Mountain King said...

Wow. That was a rather more serious rant than I was expecting. Unsurprisingly I whole heartedly agree. Spiderman has always hit me this way but I've never been able to pin it down until now. This is a problem throughout the whole Marvel universe everyone, seems to reset to their basic character. Jean Grey has died how many times and always comes back? She's the Phoenix, one of the most powerful creatures in existence, suddenly she's not just to reset things.
Thinking about it One More Day isn't out of character for Marvel because I can pull out any number examples like the above and I'm not a Marvel fan. Mostly from X-men but never mind. The biggest problem is of course the big one.
The deal with the devil, here's a clue. He wins. Anyone who knows anything knows this. The devil stacks the deck and you're going to be screwed. Why because May is still mortal! She's going to die eventually you FU*KIN' idiot!
That what really hurts. Like you pointed out. Putting a little thought behind this would make this interesting. My solution would have been that May's death (yes I would have killed her) would have ruined Peter emotionally and had him distance himself from MJ) that way. It would be a massive changed but that's exactly what is needed.
We have to live, that means experiencing the bad as well as the good. This one fact seems to be the problem here. Peter is so childish he hasn't learnt this, even though he lost his Mom, dad and uncle. It shows just how much Quesada never read the original strip. The whole point of Spider Man was how isolated he was, how his loses forged him into the hero he needed to be. A hero with the world arranged against him. The press, the police and even the people he tries to save. Peter keeps doing what is right despite it all. It's the lessons he learns in pain that has created him and why people like him. Killing May would challenge that and put Peter on a better footing to face what he would have to do after Civil War.
Congratulations on 200 fantastic episodes! Great work all around. See you next week!


PS Something you really need to look at, a band called Trans-siberian Orchestra and their album Beethoven's Last Night. I'm not joking, it's brilliant AND relevant. Seriously I can't recommend listening to it enough!

PPS A good use of cameos. Nuff said.

LucasChad said...

Wow, that's a hell of a lot to go through! From the cameos to the comic itself, it was 74 minutes of pure comedic insanity, and I love every minute of it!

If it does exist a Caligula comic, I hope we see a AT4W/Snob crossover for that particular comic!

Titania Bird said...

I'm just going to say two things.

1) Holy son of crap and a brick, was this horrible. (And yes, you can use that unusual semi-curse.) I had to pause at nearly every single place the comic did something completely and utterly stupid, just so I could stare blankly at the screen and deadpan, "What." The amount of Idiot Balls involved here, both in and out of the Marvel Universe, could bring the Titanic back up from the depths of the ocean.

2. Vincent. Is. AWESOME. As if the theme song were not incredible enough, the Ballad of Linkara, including more recent elements like Boffo, Comicron One, and Nimueh? Holy crap. Wow. All the good things to him. ALL OF THEM.

Blackbot said...

Just finished I don't mean the review, though that was awesome, really - but this episode really showed me how long I've been watching this show, how much effort goes into it. The costumes, the storylines, the characters, the dialogue - of course, it's a bit cheesy, but that's what we come here for, right? So I want to say:

Thank you, Linkara. Thank you for doing this for so long. Thank you for putting in this great Metaplot (and thank you for putting it to the very and for those who aren't interested ;) ). Thank you for using the Doctor Who-Music when you stood up against Lord Vice, that really hit a string with me back than - send shivers of awesome down my spine. Thank you for a show we love to come back to every friggin' week for almost 4 years now.

Thank you, man. You're awesome.

Jesse said...

i have a question:
which do you hate more, this or cry for justice?

PopCultureOtaku said...

Holy crap I was right. I said that back when 200th episode was first teased that I guessed it would be One More Day. I didn't think it would be true. This is one of the worst comics ever and I didn't finish it. Civil War was just boring book. Mark Millar took 7 issues to write a story that could have been done 3 or 4. Half of the mini nothing happen. As a matter of fact tie ins had more in it then the regular book did. The ending was sadly predictable to Civil War and what worse they didn't even really solve it like they could have with Secret Invasion. You know you think skrulls had been behind the super hero registration. That would have perfect but Marvel rather due dark reign which was really stupid. Yeah put a murderous, mentally unstable criminal who was in jail at one time in charge. Marvel makes my head hurts. People wonder why I hate marvel or dc these days. It's crap like civil war, OMD, Secret Invasion, and other crap. Holy responsibility thing is probably not helped by lazy writers who don't want to change spidey that way. I totally agree with Linkara on it. Is the whole escpism thing is about attacking us as linkara said. I even agree with it. What you expect when you creators treat you their fans like they are idiots. Like DC Reboot. We would all be to confused in a digital age or to stupid look on wikipedia or buy back issues. WTF? And Spider-Man comic strip I love you Stan Lee for that. :) I never read a spider-man regular MU spidey comic since OMD. Maybe I will buy one if they undo it one but I don't know. This comic pissed me off really badly. Last issue I would have ripped into pieces if I actually bought the last issue. It wasn't worth paying the 4 dollars just to rip it apart in store. Obama issue was worth 50 cents now and you can't give copies away. Congratulations on 200 episodes.

Jigglysaint said...

Episode is still just as awesome today as it was yesterday, especially that epic song which I really, really want.

Anonymous said...

If you think game designer peter is bad, you need to (not) play Final Fantasy Tactics Advance (not to be confused with the much better Final Fantasy Tactics, which has a fairly good plot).

The "hero" is willing to destroy a fantasy world where his brother can walk, one friend has two living parents instead of one dead and one loser wallowing in drunken self pity and the other friend doesn't have to deal with the horrible consequences of albinoism and he is supposed to be right because "it's escapism".

That's not even getting into the fact that he arrives at the idea destroying the world is good at the advice of of an alternate version of Cloud of Darkness (the villain of Final Fantasy 3 with a goal of reducing the world to nothingness. Note:Marche is from a world where Final Fantasy games exist and his brother is a big fan of them).

Anonymous said...

First off way to go on 200 episodes! Also, it was great to "hear" SF Debris... I have to thank you again for talking about him or I would have never had watched his videos. Which brings me something else...

You, my good fellow, have had an impact on the internet and comics that I'm sure no one saw coming. You give us laughs but for some of us *raises hand* you help to point out what we should be looking for in a story and not just when it comes to comics. So again, thank you!

One last thing, and this is about the drinking game for the show, I plan on doing it with some raktajino. Hopefully I won't keel over from too much caffeine.


areoborg said...

I wasn't expecting the SF Debris cameo.

Well done!

Anonymous said...

first and great review

Anonymous said...

The review was a long time coming, and it certainly did not disappoint one bit. 200 episodes is a milestone for any series, whether it's comic book, TV show, cartoon, anime, or even silly little web review videos, and it makes me proud to know that it's viewers like us who have kept the show going strong for 4 years.

I will say one thing, though: You really should've burned the comic, man. Not just because of the show's subtitle, but for the catharsis for everyone who watches. Well, maybe you're saving that for when they finally retcon OMD away, but still, it would've been an even more epic ending. (The song at the end was pretty awesome too: possible new theme song? I guess we'll see next week.)

Anonymous said...

those alternate "peters" and his daughter mephisto shows spidey make no sense- eneryone tells spidey that he should stay with MJ. okay.. it makes us kinda "get" why mephisto wants to erase the marriage. but why does he think his plan of basically telling him to stay with MJ in order to seperate them can work or makes sense? that plan is stupid.

mephisto meddling with the magic powers of dr.strange or the minds of the marvel boffins would also make sense but is not hinted at, is it?

or the MJ that tries to start the bargain after peter first refuses being fake...

but this way this outcome is way too forced. truly stupid.. nyaaaargh!

Anonymous said...

Is the comic the snob mentioned that "worst comic you ever read" you have alluded to in interviews when asked what it was?

J Bailey said...

On the Dr. Strange bit-do you know what he could have said that would have make sense for the character and doesn't make him look like an idiot...

"If it is her time to go, it's her time to go."

If I remember correctly, the Doc can do a lot of things, but one of the things he can't do is mess with time. Whether he can actually manipulate it or can't or risk destroying the time stream, the Doc can't (or won't) mess with time.

Anonymous said...

The matrix joke and the devil looking like a women is really funny now that one of directors of the Matrix is planning on getting a sex change

Robert Maresh said...

Wow, great episode, great review. You are true about his character, by the way, I have been saying Spidey is way too immature for years. It's understandable when he was still a teenager going to high school, but this is too ridiculous. The writers at Marvel need to stop doing this crap. Oh, and congrats on 200 episodes Linkara. I think I know a comic you need to review, but I need to read it again to make sure...

Anonymous said...

I think the lady in red might be Julia Carpenter, the current Madame Web. She's a single mother who's raising a little girl, and it is strongly hinted that Spider-Man 700 will have something to do with her.

If you haven't heard, Dan Slott, current writer of Spider-Man, says he's been planning Spider-Man 700 for a long time, and that fans will get upset about this one. He even said that other writers have told him "You're really going to mess up my storylines."

So, just a possibility.

Julia Carpenter's page.

Also, funny thing, Arana (An awesome character) has become the new Spider-Girl of 616...but her book FLOPED in 8 issues. She's a great character, but it's just seemingly not ment to be.

Deraj said...

Frakking Awesome! Now I am off to purchase the Ballad of Linkara and give my copy of One More Day to my dog to get his opinion on the book.

Caliban said...

Like you I have not purchases a single main universe Spider-man comic since One More Day. My logic is that the only real vote I have in this is my money and I refuse to give it to Marvel for a tainted storyline.

Also your dad is clearly awesome.

Rowdy C said...

I've only seen the first part, and already there's a lot to comment about.

I haven't actually read this comic (which is why I'm thrilled you're finally reviewing it), but from what you've covered so far and what I've researched, this writing is definitely lazy, but it's more STUPID. How are we supposed to think that Peter's decision he ultimately makes is the right one when EVERYONE ELSE IN THE STORY is telling him it's the wring way to go, and there is no logical reason given to explain why everyone else is wrong (maybe the book's attempt at that will come in part two, but I doubt it)?, How did the writers/editors (maybe not in that order) actually think we would agree with Peter's acts after reading this??

And your thesis that Spider-Man is actually an immature selfish person really touches on why I think he's not one of my favorite heroes. He really come off as whiny and it doesn't make sense why he keeps being Spider-Man. (The 90s cartoon threw in that junk about Madam Web shoving it's your destiny in his face, but seemed like a cop-out to me). I can't help but compare Peter to Buffy, who also doesn't like the powers she's bestowed but through the course of that show, matured and came to live with her responsibility - right down to making the ultimate sacrifice at the end of Season Five.

Anyway, congratulations on 200. People like you give the rest of us little online reviewers something to shoot for.

Steve said...

Guess I'm not the only one who read SFDebris's rant on One More Day. XD

What's funny about this is that, following your discussion of "What if Mary Jane got shot," I envisioned in my head what this comic would be like, and how the events would play out emotionally and narratively, in this context. I didn't change the events or the situations, not even the dialogue apart from what would be called for in this context. And EVERYTHING came together for me like a bolt of lightning. Peter beating the hell out of Iron Man? Tearing apart time and space and fighting the aspects of the in-between? Kneeling before DOCTOR DOOM AND DOCTOR OCTOPUS, two men he KNOWS have all the reason in the world to kill him? That doesn't feel like something you would do for your aunt. AT MOST, you would beg and plead Tony Stark to help, not try to kill him! He didn't even do this for Uncle Ben, who meant at least as much as May did! No, these are things a man or woman would ONLY do for someone to whom they have pledged their soul and heart.

Hell, that pointless scene with the hallucinations and Drag!Mephisto? It actually makes PERFECT sense if Mary Jane was the one who got shot. Show Peter what his life would be like without Mary Jane, what he'd lose if he lost his true love (and Aunt May never is mentioned once in these scenes in the original comic) - his happiness, his will, his daughter - and then end the road with Mary Jane, dressed in red, the source of everything he loves, a display of what he will lose if he cannot take responsibility and give up his heart to save the heart's desire. And then, that final day, knowing he has abandoned his world to save his beloved, will give Mephisto all the pain he could ever ask for.

It fits so well, I think that JMS actually wrote this idea (if you look at the Delenn and Sheridan relationship in B5 it makes a lot of sense that he'd think like this) but Quesada was so hellbent on writing out his Oedipus Rex fanfic that he twisted his arm. And so we have THIS monstrosity, instead of something truly amazing, for want of a foot and some words.

Cahin_Caha said...

Every monday, every week, for 4 years. Congratulations Linkara.

ngrey651 said...

I can't believe it. You actually tore this comic SUCH a new one. And you know...when I saw the "you know why guys play games" part...I wanted to just puke. Thank you for that speech against Joe Quesada. Every little bit of hatred towards him and what he did was deserved. The word "hack" is too damn GOOD for him.

And you nailed it on the head in regards to the "Evolution of the character" thing, something Spoony actually addressed in his Dark Knight Rises review. He said one of the big reasons people so loved the series was because Bruce had an ARC, he changed over the series. Status quo wasn't god. Which is why people rioted over One More Day, the character who was centered around slowly changing over time in reaction to real-life status quo'd right up the behind. BAM, an entire life's worth of continuity pretty much screwed over by a lack of marriage.

Not even the new Ultimate Spider-Man cartoon (which I DO enjoy) that Joe's producing and writing has helped fans forget what he's done. And frankly, Carlie Cooper hasn't helped either.

And one other thing.

Yeah. Yeah, people enjoy escapist stuff. Fantasy stuff. But it isn't because we want something more. I feel it's because we see reflections of real life in those realities. We see ourselves in the people we play as or write for or act as. There's a little bit of Spidey or Commander Shepherd or Aquaman in all of us. Those experiences can allow us to bring out parts of ourselves we might not have ever known were there...and above all, they allow us to have fun, because sometimes life IS just that simple.

Joe doesn't get that. Patronizing prick.

Thank you for finally looking at this comic. :)

Anonymous said...

Would you read a Spider-Man story if we tell you it's really awful and you should review it?

Anonymous said...

well... never thought id see the day, but linkara just swore... wow.. i feel dirty

Inquisitor D. said...


Oh, this made my day. ;) A pitch perfect review, every point hit, and one or two points that are all but a rallying cry towards some of your particular problems, with Spidey and the book

And the cameos! ;) Linkara, you are a cameo master, I swear. Hells, has SF Debris done a cameo for anyone before this?

Congrats on the anniversary, Lewis. And here's an Englishman hoping for many more episodes to come.

SMAXZO said...

I just have a crazy idea. Why don't Spidey ask Hank Pym to make a robot body for Aunt May and then transfer her brain to said body?

Anonymous said...

Your speech at the end hit right there, Linkara.

Norman Rafferty said...

This review was awesome. What makes AT4W work is not just the deconstruction, but also the literacy and the observations of what could make it better.

One has to wonder about your conjectures of how much was editorial meddling of Quesada, et al. ONE MORE DAY is why US comics continue to be marginalized. Modern comics do almost nothing inculcate new readership -- they're not in mainstream stores anymore, and the stories they have now are all about some kind of continuity gimmicks with a veneer of contempt for their "escapist-seeking" audiences. Meanwhile, DARK KNIGHT RISES earns accolades, and it's barely a superhero movie, with a majority of its screen time about responsibility.

Looking forward to the 400th episode!

ScrewAttackSamus said...

The comments about how Marvel should reboot Spidey do really illustrate how very gutless his writers are. They project themselves (or more specifically their beloved youthful selves that read him earlier in life) on him so much and refuse to let him grow up that it's just an INSULT to writing and art. This is NOT how a story is supposed to go. The dissolution of the marriage as well as other marriages in the Marvel universe (like with Jean and Cyclops) make me wanna slap Quesada so hard he's sent into an alternate universe. From what I understand his ex-wife was a jerk to him so that's probably why he has such difficulties believing that superhero could be married.

Anonymous said...

Hey Linkara, here's something that would be great ammo for your Civil War review:

Look up the list of characters who are Pro-Reg, sided with Iron Man.
Look at all the traumatic things or deaths that happen to them after Civil War.

I'm not even saying "These bad things are happening to them because of Civil War," I'm saying it seems like writers hold a grudge against the heroes who sided with Iron Man. I bet you anything that almost all of them have had something severe or worst happen to them compared to Cap's side, whom almost all of them are still alive and having pretty minimal effects.

Tigra, Wonder Man, Sentry, Stature, Wasp, Pym, Doc Sampson, etc. You'll be surprised.

You might also want to see what happens to the mutants that sided with Cyclops during Schism as this AvX event will probably end badly for them.

Ramses IJff said...

Eh, a bit shouty/yelly, but otherwise a cool review.

I actually do hope you'll cover civil war some day, despite the fact that I actually enjoyed it. There's a ton of flaws in there and the premise of the book hasn't even been worked out.

You know, I'd really like to see the iteration where spider-man becomes a little girl.

Also, I'm not too fond of the alternate reality thing in general. SFDebris once commented about the guy saving sealife on the beach, but I don't think that metaphor really works. The way the alternate universes work is that every possibility happens. By having to decide whether or not you safe a creature, you spawn one you decided to safe and one you decided to not safe. Using alternate realties takes away any free choice. Plus, it doesn't really work from a probability standpoint. Say you get an offer with two choices: free cookies or a kick in the nuts. Two universes would spawn where you answer the question. There's a 50% of being in the universe where you get kicked in the nuts. Therefore, if having to choose between cookies and a kick in the nuts, 50% of the people would choose the horrendous pain rather than the delicious cookies according to the alternate universe theory (well, the one used in fiction, not the one from real physics with the quantum whats-its).

You know, the mary jane being shot angle would really have been a good idea. Kudos for that.


That ending was awesome btw.

I see you've got carwash of doom in your review schedule. I've heard that there was also a transformers comic where optimus prime commits suicide because he cheated at a video game (it was mentioned in shortpacked). Maybe that's a good idea?

JB said...

Woah, movie-length critic, and really worth it ! (late to the punchline, I only got what you would review when I read the words "heinous enough")

Part 1 :
It's sad that the Clone Saga did a better job treating dying Aunt May than this...
BTW your analysis made me reading Aunt May (or rather nameless-actress-pretending-to-be-May's) death scene again (Peter quotes Peter Pan on May's death bed)

Part 2 : Overweight Peter sounds a LOT like the whining suicidal woman from Superman, so I would lay the blame on JMS...

Loved the critic, cameos - particularly the audio one - and final song. I only thought you'd bring back the burning for this one book (or did I miss it ?)

Kaibaman41 said...

I really didn't expect One More Day to actually be reviewed and was a pretty good shock and I think the phrase"some promises are meant to be broken" works well here because one this comic needs to be seen for people to avoid it at all costs and two O_O Holy CRAP DOES THIS COMIC SUCK especially seeing the panels that really do suck. Though their was one moment that I thought was incredibly STUPID by a line Dr.Strange said when you had panels go by when you ranted Linkara and that line Strange said was"We all die Peter" To me that line is BULL CRAP! and I'll say why.

...YOUR IN THE MARVEL UNIVERSE Dr.Strange! A comic Universe were their are literal beings that are IMMORTAL. Mephisto, The Watchers(kinda like the Guardians of Oa in the DCU in a sense except their are ways to kill Immortals in the DCU) and Hell YOU SENT PETER BACK IN TIME ONE DAY IN THE PAST IN ASTRAL FORM JUST TO SEE AUNT MAY GET SHOT AGAIN! You Dr.Strange IN A LITERAL SENSE COULD POSSIBLY NEVER DIE WITH THE POWERS YOU POSSESS!...So Yes Normal People could die without possibly knowing their are Immortals(well maybe except God) but people like yourself....YOU KNOW THEIR ARE BEINGS THAT CAN NEVER DIE! You've seen many Supernatural things Normal People could wish on seeing even if they may be afraid of some things...STUPID LINE Dr.Strange A VERY STUPID LINE TO SAY IN THE UNIVERSE YOU LIVE IN!...Sorry about that being a rant but GOOD GOD WAS THAT A STUPID ASS LINE FOR A SUPER HERO(or Villain) TO SAY...ESPECIALLY THAT OF THE SORCERER SUPREME!

Anonymous said...

i agree with 98% of what you said on OMD just mainly two things one and this is a stupid one i likeed civil war but thats just becuse thats what got me hooked in to comics in the first place and the second and my largest complant is that you say that spider-man still acts like a high school student that he takes no responseablity for his actions. while its a good disscusion and it certly(can't spell that well so forgive me) got me thinking about it and spider-man is not the only hero to do this i mean Batman for years has'nt done much to help gotham in the long term. it took a reboot for him to try and do something for the city. and as for that its bad that a 25 to almost 30 year old whould act this way. well that happens in life some pepole don't grow up some still act like a teenager at 25 or 30 hell even 40 and batman along with other heros are like that takeing a quote from Batman Beyond return of the joker. batman is " a little boy in a bat suit crying for mom'y and dad'y" (can't spell) but aside from that it was a teriffc epsiode and i wish you 200 more

a fan

Laughing Hyena said...

Hope to see ya for the next 200 then!

Been following you ever since the first video you posted on's contest, but I like to watch the videos first here on your blog. And yes, I've watched every single show since then.

Glad to quickly see the comic I donated, "TMNT meets Archie", again.

The Lupa bits were great.
And I hope you cover some werewolf comics during the Long Box episodes for Oct.

Yay said...

This might be minor point, but I think that this thing is filmed before the ME3 Special Edition: "We are Sorry for the endings and fixed most of it" which Angry Joe forgave them for.

Yeah, this comic sucks.Wait, are all version of Peter Parker suppose to be suck? I have some crisis of my own, but man~ even if you don't believe in current system, you could work as activists who work (and try) for better world. WTH!?

Also I agree with the point with Mephistopheles. I don't know which god Hebrews bollowed it from but the origin word "Destroyer" and "Lair" doesn't bring that much confidence unlike Mammon which was the word came from wealth and "that in which one trusts."

WhiskyTangoFoxtrot said...

And despite all the problems with this story, the only thing I could think of while watching this review is that the eyes on Spider-Man's mask just don't make any sense here. I'd always assumed that they were lenses of some sort, but when Peter has the mask pulled up over his head like he does during his conversation with Mephisto they seem to fold and wrinkle as if they were of the same cloth that the rest of the mask was made of. How does that work? Are they really just cosmetic and Peter just navigates via his Spider Sense whenever he has the mask on?

Des Shinta said...

*Claps* Now THAT is pure hatred. What I think makes it even better, is all the ways you added in which were simple solutions to fixing a fundamentally flawed story. The deal with the devil thing was easy to get people on your side about it, but seeing it in full, and the amount of Ire brought to fore about every little thing wrong with that book which leads to further revelations...and they're all right.
Cry For Justice is bad on an emotional level, Amazon's attack is bad with it's character assassination. Countdown drags on without saying or effecting anything. Ultimatum ends up being a botched relaunch of a continuity. But all of those pale to compare with how sorely this story is screwed up in they same ways all of those are bad, only worse. Each of those were mass crossovers or team books. OMD is a title for one Marvel series, which makes it all-in-all, a bigger travesty. And rightfully one of the worse books ever released.
Though, now that it's finally out there, there will be fewer OMD jokes..Or more likely, now that we (Your audience) informed, you can make jokes about how other parts of the book are awful.
Now I'm tempted to buy a copy, just so in case I ever meet you in person you can tear it to shreds.
Speaking of, this was one I expected you to burn. But after all of that, it would be giving more respect to the book than it deserves.
Looking forward to what's next.

The Id said...

Well, you caught me completely off guard with that choice.

Red Spearow said...

You should do Civil War as the 300th episode.

SirMatt said...

holy crap this is around an hour fifteen min review!! bring on the awesome!!
Great cameos by the other producers and they all really fit where you had them.
Loved the Peter Parker rant, it totally made sense.
the alt nerd guy voice sounded like your Irate Gamer voice
and oh my gods these are horrible comics. Burn them with fire!!!!
The deal was pure crap and I have no idea as to why it was made. I do really like your take on the deal though.
Totally awesome montage ending bt the way.
Hears to 200 episodes and for another 200 (at least!)

Joseph said...

Dear Linkara, is there anyway I can send you a longer message to incite a reasonable and calm discussion with you? It's just that, don't get me wrong, the review was funny, but some of your points you made I have different views on. You're my favourite entertainer on the internet, and I don't want to come across as being a bully or forcing you out of your opinions, but I just have some different views to you on some of the points you brought up (although I agree wholeheartedly about the ending of the comic).

Thanks, Joseph, a fan of your's.

Amdor said...

Wow - last time I laughed so much watching Alone in the Dark review xD I love you Linkara

Kyle said...

Spider Man: Agent of Doom sounds like an awesome idea. I don't even like Spider Man but this has some legs.

Kyle said...

Also thank you for the little rant about how Spider Man hasn't grown. I never really knew why I couldn't stand him I just couldn't. You managed to articulate my own thoughts for me, he is still a whiny high school brat. Now I can explain this coherently instead of using angrish.

MaristPlayBoy said...

Ok, that was kind of wonderful. Not the comics, of course. One More Day is a travesty that has prevented me from reading any Spider-Man stories before or since, as I have no interest in reading a character that is like the one depicted in this comic. Thanks for the review, and congrats on your 200th episode. Heres to 200 more! :D

Anonymous said...

I haven't commented on the main site in a while -I tend to say stuff on blip-

This was a great Review Lewis... The Part 1 thrashing of Peter's character. Is the best bit of indepth analysis I've ever seen you do. Peter is a flawed character that will never be allowed to grow up. and Part 2's breakdown on why this was just JQ's blantly weak attempt to make Spidey the hero he grew up with-also... what's the term I'm looking for, cause really... Peter's new lover interest Carly -who is pretty much shoved down your throat that she's better then Gwen, Betty, MJ and Kitty in a group session, just happens to be named after JQ's daughter... yeahhh-

I will state one flaw with this review... You didn't burn it

You've burnt two comics of DC heroes turned horrid... This was the perfect chance to add another score to the burned pile!


PopCultureOtaku said...

Re watching this I forget to make a Obama care joke a about it. I mean the reason behind the Super Hero reg act sort of obama care. Super Hero reg was really precursor to obama care. Then think of about the care in the issues. Obviously marvel's shots at Health Care system.

Anonymous said...

Congrats and thank you for 200 episodes of joy on a weekly basis for these 4ish years already! Nice choice for the episode, kinda expected, but one would have to wonder how many other comics deserve an analysis/rant that takes up nearly an hour.For the stories that you've missed since then, well, hit and miss. Just like an other mainstream comic really, but then again they are giving him a sidekick, and has crossed over to the Ultimate universe. By Quesada's logic they have run out of ideas.
Anywho forgetting all that congradulations again and may we have hundreds more episodes for our enjoyment, mind slave!
Last note: was that other voice in the stinger Mamakara?

Anonymous said...

People rag on DC for their changes to Roy Harper and Cassandra Cain, but at least DC doesn't set out to offend their fanbase. At least DC listens to negative reception and changes the characters later. Marvel patronizes their fanbase and, when they DO ruin characters, they ignore negative reception and keep all changes in continuity.

Sijo said...

First of all, congratulations on your 200th Episode. I greatly enjoy your show and am very happy about its success! :)

Second, the special opening and opening themes were awesome! Can we get the lyrics anywhere?

As for One More Day- didn't you review it way back when with The Last Angry Geek? Though admittedly, this is definitely one of the worst comics ever written and deserved further analysis. Certainly, it's the worst in Spider-Man's history. Talk about unnecessary AND poorly done.

(One thing though: I think the part where Doctor Strange fails to help Peter can be explained away as also having been part of Mephisto's mind games. That's what I thought anyway.)

The cameos were awesome! Lupa's was the best I think. I cracked up! BTW Was Old Linkara your father?

Oh, and your outrage at the way this comics talks down to its fans? That's exactly how I felt when I realized (from comments made by the editors themselves) that it was the way DC felt, too. That's why I also swore never to buy a DC comic again (after 52) until I felt things had changed. (I had hoped that the New 52 reboot was this finally happening... but no.) Oh well, at least the Young Justice TV show rules.

Thanks once again, Lewis. Looking up to the solution of the Magic Gun mystery... and the return of Neutro!!

Harthic said...

That was a lot of fun to watch. Glad I could be here for 200 episodes and hope to be here for many, many more!

E. Wilson said...

As a Spider-Man fan for my entire life, I could post an entire manifesto regarding my hatred of this story, and the incredibly mixed feelings that I've had with most of the material that followed. Rather than send your loyal comment readers into a coma, I'd just like to mention three points regarding the alternate Peter Parkers that stuck out to me:

1) Peter DIDN'T fall in love with anyone in high school. He didn't meet MJ or Gwen until college. Continuity!

2) So, the "loser" Peter is the one reading Atlas Shrugged? Not the wealthy businessman, whom would be more thematically appropriate? Because, you know, if you're an Objectivist, you're an anti-social loser? How open-minded.

3) And regarding the "loser" Peter again, doesn't his whole "we were promised something better" bullcrap remind you of the suicidal woman from that other JMS gem, "Superman: Grounded?" It's essentially the same argument, except "loser" Peter isn't willing to do the audience a favor and jump off a ledge for us.

...Yeah, everyone goes on and on about how great JMS is, but I've yet to see it.

Mr.Misfit said...

Another wonderful entry into the AT4W-series of reviews. Had some laughs, facepalmed at some strange things in the comic remembering some of it, but all in all, very funny appearance from the Channel Awesome Folks, not to mention your reaction to it :D

All in all, I tip my hat to ye, sir, a worthy 200th ^^

Auraknight said...

Awesome review as always Linkara

The Offender said...

Damn, 200 shows. Doesn't feel like that many, remember watching the first, and every episode since. Hope to see 200 more, and then some.

Alexander Magno said...

You did it. I can't believe it. You finally did it. God bless you Linkara.
Also... first?

Anonymous said...

just wanted to say great work, I enjoyed the 200th episode greatly!

Auraknight said...

Awesome review Linkara as always

Alexander Magno said...
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Anonymous said...

I've been a long time fan despite my limited knowledge of comics and I have to say that I was blown away by this episode. I'm glad to see just what was wrong with One More Day to bring about such rage. Thank you for 200 amazing episodes.

Unknown said...

I have got to say, and I'm sure practically everybody else feels the same. I was NOT expecting this. Still, you put your damnedest into this, and what resulted was a truly insightful piece that really seems to zero in on the biggest problems with Spider-Man. It even got me around to thinking about my own life at one point!

I can only imagine the crowd reaction at ConBravo when the review subject was revealed. Too bad it isn't on YouTube.

Also, I spy the first appearance Doug has made since, unless I'm mistaken "Silent Hill: Dead/Alive", and he's not too hammy. (But that might be because he's Ask That Guy and not the Critic.)

Missa J said...

Congratulations on 200 episodes to my favorite reviewer on the internet. :)

boooratt said...

I gotta say it now but this was the BEST episode EVER!!!
Now for the fun stuff!
Wow that opening montage is like a weight lose advertisement being rewound. I'm only kidding!
I've been waiting for this review as I've not read any thing Spider-Man post OMD either thanks to this because to me it's just a matter of time before some one gets in the right position to try and either undo(I highly doubt that) or trying to fix it! It'll still be Canon but the effects would be about the same as the 90s Clone Saga on over all effects on the story... in that it'll just be all a bad memory that'll be rarely referenced outside a few characters that were either spawned or directly linked to it.
I've even came up with a few alternate takes on this or What if...? for this. My favorite one and one that could've made for a good year or 2 long arc where Spider-Man is possessed by a demon or spirit a lot like the Ghost Rider! Basically play the whole werewolf angle of during the day he's both Spider-Man and Peter Parker and at night he turns into something else like a 3rd personality. So he's gotta deal with being a villain at night and trying to stop it. And as the extra traditional deal with the devil back stab of Aunt May still dies somehow! Hell, have Peter be the one to kill her in demon form!
I do like the idea of the whole they know what happened and they can't be together or Aunt May may just up and fall dead as they undo the deal thing or the Mary Jane herself is shot and all.
You gotta love it in a comic book universe where a character can be more than half dead and might be no more than a few ponds of bone, blood, and organs can be turned into a bad ass cyborg but Aunt May gets a shot that from what little I can see might've struck her lung, diaphragm(muscle), or stomach is so bad that not even the characters who make life from scratch can save her. Maybe if it was a head shot I'd believe it as then they got the old fashion Wolverine excuses of they can heal her but memories and brain damage can't be undone! Also I love how from that image of the comic where she was shot it doesn't look like she's been shot but like some one spilled hot sauce on her good Sunday dress. (For short there's not bullet hole! And from the type of shot she seem to have taken you's see daylight or smoke smoldering out of her!)

boooratt said...

Also, the image of Maphisto being a bad ass devil allegory for Marvel is kind of ruined for me once you read books like Infinity Gauntlet where he's basically Thanos(who's more of a true devil to me)'s lacky/court jester/adviser/bitch! And, there is actually a Satan character that isn't Maphisto somewhere in Marvel and the 2 are rival devils.
Also, considering all of Doctor Strange's contacts and powers I'm surprised in that like montage page of Spidey asking for help he did actually go strait to DEATH herself and ask for more time!
On the whole alternate realities thing that's something I've always had with comics using them is there are infinite dimensions and then they say there is no such one where X happens when Z happens at the same time! That's not how that would works to me! There should be another infinite amount of them were things all worked out just fine!
Is it just me or does video gamer Peter Parker look and act a lot like Milton from Office Space!?
You know it's also hard to believe millionaire Peter Parker is hard to believe since you know he's in the same universe with the likes of Tony Stark! And if he's suppose to be like his level smart and rich I find it hard to believe he never found a girlfriend or became a hero of some sort!
If it wasn't for that little bit at the end of the story I'd figured the woman in red was just suppose to be Maphisto showing what their daughter would look like as an adult!
Wow that part about Spidey's girlfriend having the same name as the writer's daughter is really creepy! Like Freudian levels!!!

Well again Best episode hope to see 200 more!

Missa J said...

Congratulations on 200 episodes to my favorite reviewer on the internet. :)

Bazookoidben said...

You know, I do actually have this hope/dream of becoming a professional comic book writer. Taking notes from your own commentaries in comics and what not. It's a long and painful process in writing scripts, and I've developed a respect for what you did with your own work, but I digress.

If I ever, some how, - by magic, a blip in the fabric of reality, something wibbly wobbly timey wimey - If I ever manage to get into some sort of place in power in Marvel comics. I promise to restore the marriage. Because I share you're level of hate for this story. It's a teeming, overflowing vat of stupid that I hope will be retconned one day.

It's horrible to think that comic book readers get slapped around like this, not to mention the character. Spiderman is a Marvel icon, hell he was my first Marvel. And perhaps one of the few that "aged" over time. Or for the most part, has a growing life. He got older, I loved that. A character that grew and matured (though your milage may vary on that definition). Point is, it's as if Quesada used Voyager's reset button and kept ctrl-Zing until he said - "There! Now everything I don't like about spiderman is gone. Screw the fans who loved and cared about this character. Let's not change him....change is scary."

But I'm repeating what you've said. Instead, let me say "200! YOU OFFICIALLY ROCK!" I've been a Waller since your first episode. (Is that a term Waller? If not can I get kudos for coining that? 8D). It's been a while, from Neutro, to Bimbos in time, and this. It's been an awesome ride. And I hope you reach another 200. Keep going man, you are officially awesome.

Also. Sf-debris cameo. Hilarious.

A little off topic. But you guy's have really polarising takes on the 8th Doctor tv movie ever considered teaming up with Chuck to do a review of it?

Andrew Dynon said...

"People who sold their soul to save someone else suffer nobly"? The cast of Puella Magi Madoka Magica would like a word with you.

Karfsma778 said...

Two things;
1) Mind= Blown. Great review, as always, and definitely worthy of your 200th episode

2) When you were telling That Guy With The Glasses no to his offer in explicit detail, was that the same music playing as when you defeated The Entity?

Anonymous said...

Congrats on 200 episodes. This review is great just like your others.

I'm also very happy you posted this the day before my b-day.

Unknown said...

i like superheros comics, but the problem with writers not letting Spider-man grow up it the same thing with all superheros comic.

MichaelJGleason said...

Liked the first 200, can't wait for 200 more!

Ray Kelley said...

Great review, spot on.

But if you'll allow me to interject, I haven't liked the Spider-Man books since the Clone Saga, and gave up years before "One More Day". I stopped reading them altogether until a friend insisted I read Dan Slott's current run. IMO, Slott has done wonders given the broken continuity he was given to work with. Not suggesting you go back on your vow, but if you get a chance, "Big Time", "Spider Island" and "Ends of the Earth" are well worth a look.

Anonymous said...

I never thought you'd do this. You promised!

Wow. Thank you. I could never bring myself to read this...and now I know why.

Ford said...

Congratulations on your 200th episode! I thought this episode was fantastic, but rather than talk about this one in particular I thought I'd share a story.

One of my co-workers is also a fan of TGWTG, and is one of the few people I've met in real life that has been watching TGWTG as long as I have. (I've managed to hook many of my friends on the site over the years, but I'm saying he's been watching without me having to introduce it to him first). So we were talking about your videos the other day and I mentioned to him that I'm not a big follower of your story lines. It's not that I think that they are bad or anything, I love the storylines of the Warrior reviews and Southland Tales, it's just that I watch for the reviews more so. I also felt the same way about MST3K, I could live without the host segments. So my friend starting telling me that the story lines are his favorite part of the episode and that's why he watches every week!

So we continue on, I mention to him that my favorite episodes are when you tackle the "larger" stories in the world of comics. Ya know, the major events like Countdown, Cry For Justice, Amazons Attack, Identity Crisis or such as today with One More Day. He mentioned that those are actually his least favorite episodes. He prefers when you review the sillier things like NBComics, PSA Hell, Kool-Aid Man or Mr. T as examples.

So what's the moral of the story? I realized that the reason this show has been as successful as it has been is because it is able to appeal to a wide variety of people for entirely different reasons! I'd never stopped and thought of it like that before.

Anyway, congratulations and good luck on the next 100!

Will said...

Spider Pig!

Anonymous said...

Okay, I know it's funny and all, but please STOP making your character become lost on his quest.

1) It makes Linkara look pathetic at best and incredibly incompetent at worst.

2) You are saying the exact same joke over and over again and becoming repetitive. Unless you have something new to show us, I would suggest you make Linkara's progress vague.

3) It feels like you are just wasting our time and just stalling until the next big thing happens. When the hologram doing absolutely nothing has been making more progress than you, there's something wrong here.

Unknown said...

I've been watching your reviews for quite a while Linkara and I just have to are absolutly right. Although One More Day is definatly one of the worst things in comic book history, it should not be forgotten.

For example, I am a Final Fantasy fan and have been since I was a child. FF13 comes out and I am pissed at how terrible it is. Would I want it completely abolished from After all, how can we correct our mistakes if we constantly throw them away or pretend they didn't exist.

I'm not trying to compare Final Fantasy 13 to One More Day, I'm just listing an example of something awful from another franchise and stating a somewhat similar question.

I am not a comic book reader, so I have no idea what its like to read countless stories about Spiderman, Iron Man, Green Arrow, or any other superhero for years only to be suddenly betrayed by some asshat(s) who thought it'd be a great frickin' idea to make stories where charcters make deals with the devil or whine endlessly like children.

Anyway, Congradulations on making it to 200 episodes dude. I'm looking forward to you ripping these pieces of shit a new one.

Rowan Le Fey said...

Oh my bloody gods I love you!

Watchmaker said...

I simply have to ask: Why do these people (Quesada, Didio, et al) work in the comic book industry?
They hate their audience.
They hate their storylines.
They hate their jobs, not even making sure their writers and artists maintain story consistancy within events they mandated.
I guess they might like their characters, but even that seems suspect, given the gut-wrenching body count that DC and Marvel have been racking up over the last ten years.

The paycheck can't be that great, can it?

Jarkes said...

What really makes the Matrix joke funny for me is that I literally just saw it for the first time two days ago.

Also, I know several people have already asked this, but why didn't you burn the comic? You're going to need to burn a comic some point soon if you plan on having a new clip for the next version of the theme song...

The Mad Scientist said...

Well, now I know everything that I ever needed to know about One More Day - that it SUCKS!

Thank you for 200 episodes of absolutely incredible summaries, humor, tension, and storytelling, Lewis. Having watched all 200 thus far (I think), I look forward to the next 200, and everything else that is yet to come. You remain my favorite reviewer of all things on the Internet, and I don't see that changing anytime soon!

Side note: I am rather surprised that One More Day did not rank with Superman at Earth's End as a comic deserving to burn, but hey, the ending was plenty awesome even without a burning. Also, your fake opinion and then screaming that the comic sucked almost made me fall off my futon in shrieking laughter. Well done, sir! Well done!

Anonymous said...

Something I noticed, but Dr. Strange tells Peter that he saved him because it "wasn't his time" (or I may have misread it, which is always possible). Why wasn't that used as to why he doesn't help Peter? Why not have him say "It's her time and you need to let her go" instead of having him somehow be unable to do anything. Admittedly, that would make Peter look even MORE selfish if he goes through with it, but at least it would give a reason for why Strange doesn't help instead of having him just not be able to cure gunshot wounds.

This episode was great and here's to hoping that there are even more in the future.

Lewis Lovhaug said...

"Dear Linkara, is there anyway I can send you a longer message to incite a reasonable and calm discussion with you? It's just that, don't get me wrong, the review was funny, but some of your points you made I have different views on. You're my favourite entertainer on the internet, and I don't want to come across as being a bully or forcing you out of your opinions, but I just have some different views to you on some of the points you brought up (although I agree wholeheartedly about the ending of the comic).

Thanks, Joseph, a fan of your's."

You are of course free to agree or disagree with me as you wish, be it in e-mail or comment form! ^_^

Feel free to e-mail or respond here, though be warned that I may not have time to really discuss anything in-depth with you, especially since I AM rather behind on e-mails at the moment. All that I ask is that you be polite and reasonable with your points and, of course, don't insult anyone else who may disagree with you. And that goes for anyone who may disagree with Joseph, as well. Healthy discussion and debate are encouraged here. ^_^

Anonymous said...

Loaded up both videos, saw lupa in the 2nd, decided not to watch..

One of the people that piled on then apologized long after like lord kat..

Can't stand her..

Anonymous said...

I know a great way to fix one more day!

What if his possible future daughter came into play? She would want to exist. On the verge of disappearing she has Dr Strange help her. Even if it means going into the past and finding a way to change that outcome. And not as a stupid vague little girl.

PopCultureOtaku said...

A couple of things I forget to mention again. I'm an idiot. I get confused that one line as Linkara's dad and I watched every episode of the show at least twice now. What is that line? Trust me your not the smartest? Crusty? Rusty? Also on the next 200, the simpsons? Hm. I wonder which one. I sort of stopped reading simpsons comics as become not fun anymore. Frankstein? Is that the comic or you going to review bennett or someone the anime? I wonder what Star Wars comic. Looking forward to finding out no matter what.

Booster said...

Linkara, i just want to let you know that this is probably one of, if not the best, one of your comic book reviews Ive ever seen, keep up the great work.

Also, is there any chance that you will be talking about sandman this October during your long box of the damned?

ShadowWing Tronix said...

The level of analysis you put not only into this storyline but really the entirety of the Spider-Man character was, pardon the expression, amazing. It's nice that if you had to go ahead and review this thing you went full force, even giving credit when deserved (rare as that was). This may well be your best review yet!

Bill said...

First, congrats on the 200th episode. I look forward every Monday to seeing the new episode. Second, I have one... complaint isn't the right word, but for lack of a better one...

You mention how, if they were going to continue treating Spidey like a high-schooler, then Marvel SHOULD reboot Spiderman, and put him IN high-school. However, wasn't that your complaint about the Ultimate Universe? That they esentially rebooted Spidey, JUST to put him in HS again? Just curious.

Lewis Lovhaug said...

"A couple of things I forget to mention again. I'm an idiot. I get confused that one line as Linkara's dad and I watched every episode of the show at least twice now. What is that line? Trust me your not the smartest? Crusty? Rusty?"

The line is "Brodsky, you're not the smartest." It's referencing Gary Brodsky, the writer behind Sultry Teenage Super-Foxes.

Lewis Lovhaug said...

"First, congrats on the 200th episode. I look forward every Monday to seeing the new episode. Second, I have one... complaint isn't the right word, but for lack of a better one...

You mention how, if they were going to continue treating Spidey like a high-schooler, then Marvel SHOULD reboot Spiderman, and put him IN high-school. However, wasn't that your complaint about the Ultimate Universe? That they esentially rebooted Spidey, JUST to put him in HS again? Just curious."

It was more of a critique about the line of thinking the writers and editors operate under. As I said, I don't want Peter back in high school - I want his character to evolve and change. But if they're just going to make him act like a high-schooler anyway, he might as well actually BE in high school.

Lizard-Man said...

I was compeltely floored by SFDebris' (Chuck's) cameo. It was short but just perfect.

To be honest, I thought you weren't gonna do it. Really I thought you were gonna fake us out. I really did. I guess if you were gonna renig on your declaration to never review something it would be the one thing that still pisses you off.

I would kinda like to see you review Civil War, if not the political aspects of it, I'd just like to see you give one to Marian Sharpe. The bitch disgusts me and I wish someone at Marvel would reveal her as some kind of evil shapeshifter. Secret Invasion would've been the perfect time to do it, they blew that because Marvel likes to waste opportunities.

Because this is the 200th episode and such a special occassion, I kinda wanna ask one question n particular of you that I've always been meaning to ask. Has anyone requested that you do a Halo comic, which ones, and will you be doing them at some point in the future?

I don't think any of them are bad to be honest, I just wish I could hear someone from TGWTG crew talk about the games for once. You know, besides Spoony making snarky comments against it and stuff. I know you ain't much of a gamer, but I love Halo and I always kinda wanted to see you showcase it on the show for some reason. That and a Deadpool comic.

Happy 200th and I hope for many many more episodes in the future. 52 weeks a year so two more years till 300! Go for the gold man!

The Exiled One said...

Anybody else remembers the "Top 15 Things I'll Never Review List" video? The one with the Barenaked Ladies song as its theme?

Let's see...

-he put "comic book movies" on that list...and now he does a v-log review every time a new comic book movie is released

-he put "manga" on that list...and then he reviewed both the "Pokemon" manga and the "Yu Gi Oh" manga

-he put "political satire comics"...and then he reviewed "Captain Tax Time"

-and let's not forget: he put "Sonic Comics" on that list, and the very next review following that video was a Sonic comic.

Now that he's reviewing "One More Day", is it safe to say that the list is no longer valid? Is Linkara no longer "putting his foot down"?

Seriously, what is the point of that video if Linkara keeps reviewing the things that he said in that video that he WOULDN'T review?

Actually, there are several youtubers who would make the "LET HER DIE!" remark. They are the same youtubers who agree with Bane's decision to nuke Gotham City (which would, among others things, vaporize a bus full of innocent children) and who make racist remarks in every video involving Chris Rock or Tyler Perry.

The reason why Peter doesn't go throught character development boils down to two things:

1-Batman can afford to take responsability for his action because he doesn't have much in the way of loved ones: just Alfred (who can take of himself), Comissioner Gordon (ditto) and his many sidekicks (Batgirl, Nightwing, Robin, Red Robin, Blackbat, Spoiler and Huntress). Superman can take responsability for his actions because he's stronger and more durable than anyone that may try to harm him, and he is far wiser than Pete. And Wonder Woman's loved ones are her fellow amazons, and I pity the fool who tries to harm them to get to Diana.

2-More importantly, people HATE character development, preferring characters to be eternally stuck in their original characterizations. When Gwen Stacy got character development in the "Amazing Spider-Man" movie released this year, people got pissed off. When Charlie Bucket got character development in the movie "Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory", people were pissed off (and they were happy when the Tim Burton movie undid all that character development). Magneto is never allowed to stay as a hero despite character development redeeming him in several stories since his introduction. People just don't like character development for some reason.

And before any other Troper brings it up: at the time of "One More Day", one of the X-Men included a character called Elixir, a mutant whose entire mutant power is the ability to heal EVERYTHING. Supposedly, Peter contacted him as well. So...not even HE can cure Aunt May? He can heal stuff like hearts being ripped out of chests, but he can't heal a bullet wound?

The reason people give for Mephisto not being the Devil that people give is that Johnny Blaze supposedly met the "real" Devil in of the newer issues of "Ghost Rider", not realizing that the entity that Johnny met and Mephisto could be one and the same.

Superbun said...

Thank You for 200 Hundred brilliant Episodes Linkara!

I've been following the show for quite a long while, and I think I can safely say that I've been entertained and informed along the way. I'm (still) not a comic book reader, but this show has made me think that someday I will pick up a comic book in a book-store and journey into this mysterious world!

I've been a big fan of the plots in your reviews since the original Mechakara plot, the fact that you can fit these hilarious and epic story-lines in while still producing a weekly review show is awesome!

Thank you again, Keep up the good work, and Here's to another 200 episodes!

Blue Beetle said...

Awesome review linkara,its probably the best one Ive ever seen.

BTW what is your opinion about J. Michael Straczynski as a writer in general?

Andrew said...

Happy 200th Linkara! You're the reason I got back into comic books since I was a kid. Here's to 200 more!

Unknown said...

enjoyed this episode can't wait to see what the next 200 episodes brings. keep up the awesome job.

Bobcat said...

Happy 200th. However, seeing as you've made your point about One More Day clear over the last 4 years (including the not especially funny crossover in Sage's most recent review), I didn't actually watch it; I'm rather sick of this topic by now, and I hope you have it out of your system now. But still, congratulations! See you next week!

SPS said...

I don't know if anyone else has pointed these things out but I was reading Loki's Wikipedia entry and it said that Loki owed Spider-Man something. Has anyone picked up on this thread? Would make for a good way to undo One More Day and crossover with Journey Into Mystery. Not good overall, but hey its better than what we have now.

Also the stacking the decks against Spidey seems like a typical move of Quesada to enforce his editorial mandates. I don't know if anyone else remembers Beast's attempts to undo M-Day in the Endangered Species back-up strip but despite being better written one can draw parallels here.

Lewis Lovhaug said...

"I don't know if anyone else has pointed these things out but I was reading Loki's Wikipedia entry and it said that Loki owed Spider-Man something. Has anyone picked up on this thread? Would make for a good way to undo One More Day and crossover with Journey Into Mystery. Not good overall, but hey its better than what we have now."

It was actually the biggest theory at the time that Loki's favor would result in the undoing of the marriage, kind of a "Yes, I can do this, but it's not free because blah-blah-blah magic."

Shanethefilmmaker said...

Uh Linkara I just realized something, what Rich Peter is saying, was stolen from a previous Spider-man comic "Love Be a Vulture Tonight." Tonight. I know that because Stan Lee himself used that quote in the movie Mallrats to convince one of his fans to get back together with his true love. He even said that he would give it all up to spend one more day. Stan Predicted that his beloved supehero was gonna suffer this ultimate blow. I would say suckatude, but that word is too good for this comic.

mephosto said...

congrats, amazing episode, have to agree that this book should been made into a marshmellow roaster, loved the ballad too.

on a very serious note, you really hit the nail on the head about the spiderman eternal adolescent situation. i was a long time comic fan up until a about ten years ago, then have slowly floated back, but never to the marvel titles that started my love affair with comics, spiderman and x men. i recently picked up x men season one, and it help me to realize why with the xmen. they became jerks, worried about mutants over being good guys, and spent so much time on angst. i never could figure out why i cold never get interested in spiderman again, except for the whole deal with the devil and the constant charlie brown treatmen, but you just hit it on the head. he is just can't reach past the child's illusion of being the center of the world.

oh and if you ever do need a new hat, it should be a fez, because you know...

Centurion said...

I have two small quibble over OMD (since Exiled One already brought up Elixir and his power of 'heals shit'):
1). What the heck was Peter thinking when he heard Mephisto's deal? Peter's worked with Johnny Blaze and was a part of the New Fantastic Four with Danny Ketch. He knows what kind of crap DWTD usually entail.
2). WHERE THE HELL WAS GHOST RIDER, ANYWAY!?! I'm not to sure of what Peter's (as or OMD) relationship with either Blaze and Ketch (or if they even had powers) but you would have thought that either one of the two Riders would have sensed Mephisto coming to Earth, driven up and planted a chain-wrapped fist in Old Scratch's face.

Anonymous said...

Here's what you'll hear when you tune your ear to the frequency of despair:

Can I borrow a feeling?

Could you send me a jar of love?

Hurtin' hearts need some healin',

Take my hand with your glove of love

Anonymous said...

Lewis, please don't tell me that the Flash!Venom and Kaine!Scarlet Spider (set in Houston) series fall under your Spider-Embargo.

Anonymous said...

Seriously, you didn't think the little girl looked like Amelia Pond.

Tony said...

I did burn this festering crap pot after I read it the first time, and like you, I've not purchased a Spider-Man story since, nor downloaded one to read when the opportunity presented itself. This book, along with Grant Morrisson's run on X-Men managed to kill off most of my comic fandom. Before OMD, I used to go to the store weekly to buy my stash. That, I quit buying everything. Marvel, DC, it didn't matter. I was done. Well, with a few exceptions. I did however buy a copy of this book just to burn. I did, and was set to mail it to Marvel, however, I didn't, because I thought it was just my radiating geek rage. Thank you for showing me just how bad a story it was, as I've refused tro read Spider-Man since. Might just find the left overs of the burned copy I have...

revolverocelot2501 said...

Congrats on 200 episodes of awesome-ness.

I LOVED this episode. I've liked Spider-Man since I was in Jr. High, but the stuff they're doing with him now made me lose interest even before OMD. Seeing you rip this asunder makes me so glad. lol

I always found it so funny when no one can do anything about Aunt May. Doctor Doom doesn't even have to operate on her. He has a WORKING TIME MACHINE!! That's all they made Mephisto do to undo their marriage, so it makes the whole story arc even stupider.

Patrick Robitsch (Phantom Roxas) said...

"Lewis, please don't tell me that the Flash!Venom and Kaine!Scarlet Spider (set in Houston) series fall under your Spider-Embargo."

He has not read Venom, so yes.

While I expected you have sworn off the series, I'll be impressed if you buy everything to catch up happily, considering how the stories since then have garned their fair share of criticism.

As I've said on Facebook, I absolutely loved this review. I'm glad that you pointed out the same thing I said on that CBR post I linked to you, because Marvel's insistance that Spider-Man should be a symbol of youth is just stubborn.

This was really the perfect choice for a milestone review, and I look forward to what comes next.

Craig said...

That SF Debris Cameo was gold, Jerry, solid gold!

Oh, and a great episode and a great ending song. Well done, Vincent. Well done.

Centurion said...

Re: Doc Ock and DOCTOR DOOM!

After re-reading JMS' run on Amazing, having Octavius and DOOM in the planet-wide "Reed Richards is useless" trope actually kind of makes. It was shown that Otto still has some emotions for May (he nearly married her. Seriously.) while DOOM (like the before mentioned Loki) owes Peter a favor after preventing an assassination attempt on DOOM's life.

As for a possible team for beating Mephisto? Spider-Man, Deadpool (for sales), Kid!Loki w/ Leah and the Destroyer armor, a Ghost Rider, Hercules and, finally, Squirrel Girl.

Evil don't stand a chance.

mrskippy said...

I hate to be "Douchey McNitpick" but you can have a proportion of an infinite set. Half of all whole numbers, for example, are odd. So it's possible for one proportion of universes to have Peter end up alone.

That said, OMD is bad, and JMS and Quesada should feel bad.

Kth-77 said...

Flippen a' that was glorious! I loved this, especially that song at the end, like a collage of why I love this show. I also really like what you said about Peter, One thing in stories I like the best is a characters growth, going from the bottom rung to the glorious hero they always had to potential to be. I also had several honest "What??" moments, of course the first being when you said what you'd review. Loved the cameos, hilarious and well done. Man I wish I could be as cool as you one day.
Last thing, seeing as you are going to review a Star Wars comic... and are not the biggest Star Wars fan... and I am a HUGE star wars fan... Eh, I trust it'll be fine, you take great care not insulting your fans.

Ugo Strange said...

I said you'd review "One More Day" and you did. Am I saying I'm psychic or can see the future...Maaaaaaaaybe. Long story short I consider this to be your best episode BAR none! In previous episodes you'd make several very good points but some of it was seasoned with a little too much snark and sarcasm and in my opinion not enough analysis explaining what makes something good or bad and solutions to solve the problem, (I have the same problem with my own show so no worries) but this episode was MASTERFULLY done, the emotional gravitas was there and I really felt you believed every word you said about the book, about Spider-Man and it REALLY made me think.

Spider-Man has ALWAYS been my favorite super-hero despite my arachnophobia (yes, I acknowledge the irony) and I've always wondered why The Status Quo has NEVER changed with him. The Discourse you laid down WAS AMAZING, incredible and REALLY made me think about Spider-Man and how such a problem could be fixed. Well done Linkara! WELL DONE!

FugueforFrog said...

Wow...really shocked you finally did it. And you didn't just talk about the marriage! There is just so much to suck about that comic that it had to be enough to make the show other than the stupid deal with the devil. And honestly, crap like the Doctor Strange issue and the Mayday teasing and the diatrabe about how comic book fans are losers who we want to buy our product...yeah, Joe Q can go screw himself.

Not much else to say, the episode was amazing and hopefully...well, we get two-hundred more episodes as such.

And BTW: Spider-Ham rocks!

Lewis Lovhaug said...

"I hate to be "Douchey McNitpick" but you can have a proportion of an infinite set. Half of all whole numbers, for example, are odd. So it's possible for one proportion of universes to have Peter end up alone."

Weeeeeell not EXACTLY. I get what you're saying, but the thing is that infinity is not an actual NUMBER. It's a theoretical concept to indicate that there is no limit. Sooo, how does one have half of something that, by its very definition, does not an actual numerical designation? XD

mrskippy said...

"Sooo, how does one have half of something that, by its very definition, does not an actual numerical designation? XD"

Inherent multiversal constants?

(tbh, it's not that big of a deal. ^.^ I just saw a chance to type "inherent multiversal constant" and had to take it. I hope you don't begrudge me that. Congrats on 200 episodes of quality entertainment)

boooratt said...

Hey, I read some one mentioned a team featuring Squirrel Girl and a bunch of other characters like Kid Loki and it reminded me of this It's a new webseries that MARVEL is actually doing themselves! I'd love to see ya'll's thoughts on it!
Is it said I actually do know who half of them are like Unicorn, The Walrus, Frogman, and of coarse Howard the Duck!

Anonymous said...

I'm surprised you didn't find a way to use "BETRAYAL!!!"

Gifford said...

I wonder if Dr. Strange HAS ever healed any bullet wounds in stories PRIOR to One More Day. BTW, as soon as I turned on the video after today I thought to myself, 'the only big event type review that WOULD be appropriate for One More Day would be One More Day.'

Jesse said...

I'm a big Spider-Man fan and I really found this more boring than bad. Technically better but still this sucked.

Gotta go tract down the new theme song which is far from boring.

platinum said...

Congratulations on 200 episodes Linkara! :D I've been watching you for 2 years now and I'm so glad to see you reach such an awesome milestone! Keep it up so we can see another 200 episodes. <3

I myself don't read comics, but I do love superheros. And this? This was HOOOORRRIIIBBLLLEEE. Seriously, if someone tried to tell me to read comics and presented this to me, I would throw it right back at them. That was just so so bad, and I don't actually ever make remarks like that unless I've actually seen said thing. But this? NOOOOO.

Happy 200 episodes again Linkara and good luck on the next 200~

P.S. I'm surprised that this didn't get burned.
P.P.S. Please give my regards to Vincent for the FREAKING AMAZING ending song. :)
P.P.P.S. I agree with the person above that mentioned Puella Magi Madoka Magica. That is a well done 'deal-with-a-devil' series that I'm amazed that no one else has brought it up. The comparisons to the devil and then to Faust made me think of Kyubee. /shudder/ (I recommend that show, BTW). Plus, I found an interesting comparison to how you envisioned how OMD should have gone and how PMMM went, especially with their endings.
P.P.P.P.S. Yeah, the little girl did look like Amelia Pond. XD

Unknown said...

Very, very powerful episode here, Lewis.
As a long time Spider-Man fan I too feel as if we got the middle finger while reading this...

I hope that the folks at Marvel are watching this review as we speak & taking some notes on this because well it is something that they need to sit down & think about what they can do to with this horrid story.

Nonetheless Congrats on 200 awesome episodes & here to many more in the everlasting future!

Master Control Cynic said...

This. Comic. Is. DISGUSTING.

I just watched you rip apart my favorite superhero, and I CAN'T disagree. I actually OWN the graphics of amazing Spiderman that lead to civil war. They were good. REALLY good. But now I know that the climax is ....... THIS. Peter being a whiny DOUCHENOZZLE instead of nutting up.

And you know what?

I would have been okay if aunt May died.

She is one of my more beloved comic characters. But she's NINETY. She could pass at this point. I'm okay with that.

And you yelled at this comic being mostly pointless, and ironically mentioned ME3. Like that game, if Peter had just told Mephisto to go FUCK himself this ENTIRE STORY would've been..... Actually perfect. As a growing arc for Peter.

I need you to do something Lewis. I need you to watch a cartoon series called "Spectacular Spiderman"

Peter is still in HIGH SCHOOL and he's more adult than he is in the comics.


The series with the MAGIC PONIES is more adult than this.

Bobcat said...

So I decided to watch it anyway, despite what I said before. Partially a friend of mine pointed out I avoided talking about the comic in general . I think it's because I enjoyed the Brand New Day storylines and what came after it, but I just wanted to ignore the foundation of suck they were built on. Every time you brought it up over the last 5 years, it was just opening up something I'd rather not think about.

And yeah. This storyline SUUUUUUCKED. Even my Brand New Day loving self always had issues with it, even just reading it once 5 years ago I remembered THAT much. You made good points about the escapist nature of Spider-Man storylines in general- I'd say that they're making progress towards him growing up in recent storylines, but he is still sorta the youth guy by default in any situation with other heroes.

And while I was taking your Spider-Embargo kinda personally, I realized how silly that was. After all, you're my go to comic review guy, but that doesn't mean I can't enjoy things you've written off. By that logic, you should be offended by me not reading any new DC comics since One Year Later (which annoyed me for similar reasons that Brand New Day annoyed so many other people... not that it matters anymore. Thank you, reboot!). I just usually agree with you, so this divergence troubled me; it made me feel dumb for liking what I liked. I'm not going to let it do so any more, because it's silly, and I don't think YOU'D want me to feel that way.

So, good review. You pointed out legitimate flaws- I had imagined an hour and fifteen minute version of your 5 minute "comics I will never review" rant, which it wasn't, so I'm glad I decided to give it a go. It wasn't as entertaining as some are, but this wasn't the time for entertaining riffing, this was the time for laying down the review hammer. I just hope you have it out of your system; I hope you don't make any more One More Day references, since I don't think they're ever especially funny.

TimeTravelerJessica said...

I am really floored by the fact Peter has no life insurance. The fact he has never considered what will happen to his family if he is killed as Spiderman is ... it's understandable for a teenager, like you said, but not for an adult.

I already mentioned my problems with the story (that it makes Peter seem very selfish, considering May would NEVER want him to do this) on the "Comics I'll Never Do" Video, so I'll just add this:

Is it wrong that I'm wondering what would have happened if Tony had saved May by making an arc reactor for her and she became Iron Granny or something? Because maybe I'm crazy but I'd pay to read that.

DuelMark said...

(Applause rising)
While I enjoy listening to your thoughts on things, I must say I don't agree with Peter being irresponsible. In the very early days I can understand, especially since he was still a teen. To me, it's more like he fails to live up to his own responsibilities or doesn't think ahead or clear enough because of there being too much responsibility in his mind, and people wanting to kill him. That Avengers Academy thing I can forgive because he was a science kid in a home that wasn't exactly rich or filled with business experts, plus I'm not sure if that worked in the 60's. Spider-Man has evolved, changed over the years, the problem is that Marvel writers tend to prefer the younger, inexperienced Spidey than the one who has evolved past the death of Gwen Stacy. Maybe we have different opinions on what irresponsible is. To me, irresponsible means willingly refusing to live up to responsibility or willingly refusing to do what you need to do. Since Peter doesn't exactly refuse to get life insurance, I can't really call him irresponsible. This comic simply makes Peter look irresponsible because of Quesada. Now, despite stupidity, I was actually getting into the first issue, the story of a guy guilt ridden trying to save his aunt. Had it ended with Peter deciding to spend one happy day with Aunt May and his wife divorces him because she can't handle how he's dealing with it at first, stupid but better.
Now, I'll give Marvel the benefit of the doubt and accept they don't want to lose new readers, fine. But even then, a better option would be to re-release the older comics in collector's edition or give some references while still making an entertaining story.
Here's things I learned after Quesada brought his halfassed fanfic.
1) Heroes have divorced before.
2) OMIT pretty much showed that removing the marriage was completely pointless.
3) This story, in all honesty, was completely unnecessary because at the time there was Ultimate Marvel, Marvel Adventures AND the AWESOME animated series "The Spectacular Spider-Man" being developed. Hell, in that last one, Greg Weisman wanted to put less Peter and Mary Jane and more on his other love interests, namely Gwen. A cartoon did better because it started from scratch.
4) Quesada wanted HIS Peter, not current Peter, not updated Peter, not the Peter that was married, learn to live with some of his mistakes or move on from the nerd with the camera. The marriage didn't keep him from bachelorhood; he married because he stopped with the love problems. If you want to have Spidey deal with heartbreak, have sex with Black Cat or even date Ms Marvel, then fine, it's backtracking, but whatever, but you need to at least make it work. This DOESN'T.
5) Even if Quesada is right and he ISN'T the devil, Mephisto is still one of the most evil and dangerous forces in Marvel. Did it never occur to Peter "Say, even if this isn't a potentially good story ruined by a bitter fanboy, why would we trust someone like that? Who is to say this isn't part of some big freaking plan in the future?" Why would ANYONE trust Mephisto to do any deal?
Also, I need to make a confession, while I collected comics before, I didn't start collecting Spider-Man comics more often until OMD. I bought all four issues hoping for something and got what it became. It's sitting in my collection right now... I think I want that anti-OMD as much as you. But hey I kept collecting and for what it's worth, I actually enjoy Slott's run.
Dan Slott's run has made improvements, namely how Peter deals with people he knows dying, though, as you said, should they ever decide to come back to this and undo Mephisto's little spell, then everyone, except Quesada, would be happy. When that day does happen, and I pray it will happen when an editor that cares about the readers comes, I hope you finally read Slott's run because it's made post-OMD Spider-Man more enjoyable than when it started (mostly).

xxStyxx said...

Really great Episode!
Only Downside, Lupa was annoying as Hell.

Blackcat325 said...

Wow. Just... wow!

I'd already figured that the subject would be something from the “Top 15 Comics I'll Never Review” list (the 100th was, plus a hint in the recent live show Q&A)... but I never imagined it's be this one. I'd love to have been able to seen the audience reaction to the reveal in the live premiere.

Well done, a brilliant 200th episode! It captured all the reasons why I love a show about “comic books of all things” - especially as I'm not a comic reader. The humour, the storylines (ok, it was only a couple of seconds at the beginning, but it was still very funny), and the fact that it touches on enough real-life issues to be both thought-provoking, and at times genuinely moving. And I'm glad you left this comic until now to review, your style and the depth of your reviews has changed over the years, and as you said, you see things in it now that you didn't see before. You still hate the thing in an emotional sense, but you back that up with reasoning and analysis, and that might not have happened so well, had you tackled it earlier.

Special thanks for the rant against the 'escapism is for losers' thing, too. Was actually clapping at that part :)

I liked all the glimpses back in this – the opening theme montage, That Guy With the Hat, and particularly the beginning of the end song (the song!) with the three opening sequences threaded together. Also the very end with the clip from the end of the old Spiderman review, before you finish off this one. This is why – and I'm probably in the minority here – I'm glad you didn't burn the comic.

It would have had to come after that ending, and the way it ends is perfect - throwing down the comic, and walking away as the futon goes out of focus. Its so iconic to the show, and I remember thinking as I watched it that when the show eventually ends for the last time (and I hope that's not for a VERY long time), it has to end with that. Just my opinion, but I really think that anything else added on to this episode could have spoiled it (unless it was the stinger maybe... but I kind of like the one we got :) ).

I've already said it on Twitter, but congratulations again and be proud – an awesome episode and an awesome milestone.

Pyrodafox said...

*Slow Orson Welles-ian clap*

Thank you for pointing out what my main problem with this abortive attempt of a story. One More Day never meshed with the purported "responsibility" angle that was supposed to be Peter Parker's motivation for becoming Spider-Man but you took it to a whole new level. I never, ever would have imagined that Pete was nothing but irresponsible throughout his tenure. However, when you suggested that Peter should choose between the mask and the man if one was affecting the other, it was already done in a part of the Clone Saga where Peter chose the responsibilities of fatherhood over that of a superhero and passed the mantle of Spider-Man to Ben Reilly. Granted, we the readers did not need to have to endure the soap opera-like twist of Ben being the "real" Peter Parker. I could have lived happier if Marvel accepted that Ben had the exact same genes as Peter but none of the baggage of the marriage with MJ or the angst that came from Aunt May's failing health since she died in Amazing #400. It was a beautiful issue, by the way, especially with how Peter let Aunt May go and Ben Reilly's anguish of not being able to be by her side. Then Marvel had to mess that up. But I digress, I think Marvel should have Ben Reilly remain Spider-Man. Peter could have gotten a happy ending and the audience could relate to Ben (to some extent, at least) as he tries to build a life for himself. No muss, no fuss.

However, your correction of 'Bobby Ewing in the shower' is actually a perfect parallel to One More Day. Long story short, Patrick Duffy quit the popular prime time soap, Dallas, so they killed off Bobby Ewing and the ninth season revolved around his death. The ratings went down because the show lacked a "white knight" as a foil to the unscrupulous JR. So the producers brought Duffy back and made the whole ninth season a dream. I am guessing the reason why you remember it (despite having never watched Dallas) is that the whole scene was an infamous plot contrivance found in daytime soaps. So "Pam finding Bobby in the shower" pretty much OMD-ed the ninth season, and I am guessing Dallas fans were not as forgiving.

Is it not ironic that comic books and soap operas are extremely similar to one another? Both have timelines and continuity that go back decades and are resistant to change. That is likely why Spider-Man stayed in high school in terms of maturity. The powers that be needed cheap drama in Spidey's life because having him mature is an admission that their character is ultimately finite. Same with Wally West and Kyle Rayner, having them come to grips to taking the mantle from Barry Allen and Hal Jordan. Their characters, despite still having potential, would essentially become clones of their predecessors and DC would have to sweep the decks again. If Marvel or DC were ever serious about rebooting or turning the clock back on their characters, they have to realize that they cannot have their cake and eat it too. You cannot do it half-hearted and keep some continuity. That is why I find the post-Crisis DC Universe far more confusing than the pre-Crisis Multiverse ever was. But until the big two realize that, their titles are essentially bricked.

Almost seems fitting. Daytime soap operas are slowly going extinct and it looks like comic books (though not the superhero genre) are destined to suffer the same fate.

Jeremy A. Patterson said...

When will we see a new 'Odds and Ends' post?


Craig said...

Gifford, I'm not sure which comic it happened in but I'm certain Dr. Strange has cured bullet wounds before. In fact, I seem to recall a comic where Dr. Strange cured a man of paralyzation by using his magic to remove a bullet from said person's spine.

Anonymous said...

cool review Linkara, but where was that animated clip of you from?

Anonymous said...

It's sad but true... that Spectacular Spiderman and Avengers: EMH got cancelled cause Marvel wants more episodic, Status quo episodes...-and wanted to take advantage of the movie reboots-

I feel robbed with the loss of Avengers... a show that put Young justice to ****ing shame -though that's cause YJ took forever to get it's plot going-

AmuroNT1 said...

In regards to your wondering if OMD has been undone yet...I don't read the comics myself, but from my understanding, Spider Island did just that. In the immediate sense, Carlie is out of Peter's life (she found out he was Spider-Man and dumped him for keeping it a secret), while he got closer to Mary Jane over the events of the story. Plus it made MJ look good and Carlie look bad, since when everyone got Spidey's powers, MJ used them to actually help out (as in, she helped the Avengers fight the Big Bad) while Carlie just goofed around and had fun.

I know that isn't what you meant (you wanted the deal with Mephisto to be undone), but I'm getting to that. You see, my friend DID read Spider Island, and in his summary he said (quoting his post here):

"Lawl, Peter partially-negated the OMIT spell retcon by telling everyone he had spider-powers. So now people can figure out Peter is Spidey. Like Carlie did. Stephen Strange is amused and doesn't give a shit.


To recap...
OMD/OMIT is basically negated in one fell swoop."

I dunno if that qualifies for your promise, but if you want to verify for yourself, I've heard that Spider Island is actually a pretty good storyline.

gasmaskangel said...

Linkara, I want to thankyou for this and every other episode you've ever done. Believe me when I say it's brought a fair deal of joy into my life (primarily by introducing me to Next Wave and the Blue Beatle), and that I look forward eagerly to another 200 episodes of your show. You do excelent work my good sir.

Now as for One More Day itself, I'd just like that it's a fine example of why I don't bother to get into ongoing comic series like Spiderman. It's just too much work to research all of the continuity for too little reward.

Why should I bother to read most comics if I know that when things get too complicated or some editor with a bug up his ass decides to start dictating stories to the writers and everything I've learned about to get to the proper reference point in a series will be for nothing as all previous continuity gets disolved in a puff of anti logic.

I'd also like to thankyou for your accurate analisys of the major flaw with spiderman, and I would argue a great many superhero books, in the way writers feel the need to preserve the status quo regarding the characters as if allowing them to grow and change as characters is sacreligous in some way. (For another fine example of this problem I refer you to Batman.)

Finally, I'd like to close this long winded and pointless rambling by thanking you for calling out the bashing of escapist fiction in this alleged book as the utter bullcrap that it is. It may just be me, but it seems that theres a lot of this kind of sentiment going around these days, that it's some how horrible to enjoy movies or books or video games, and I detest it with every fibre of my being.

Eve said...

This was amazing. My only beef is that when you listed the problems with all the people he visited looking for a cure, you didn't mention that it showed him visiting beast.

Who at the time had an x-men member who could heal pretty much literally anything.

Anonymous said...

Watching this has been rather therapeutic for me. Congratulations on 200 episodes!

Nick Michalak said...

Bravo, Lewis. I think you've gloriously outdone yourself with this momentous and epic episode. When you said you were reviewing "One More Day," I almost choked on my dinner. I loved all the TV/film clips you used especially the ones from "The Princess Bride." Of course, a wheelbarrel is all you need for a great plan. But I truly loved the allegory to the episode of "Angel." That's one of my favorite shows of all time, and that comparison was an excellent one. It's always great when one can show superb examples of a premise done right.

I loved SFDebris' cameo! You've mentioned him many times, but I never expected him to make an appearance (of sorts) on AT4W. That took me by surprise, and a pleasant one it was.

And of course, since I'm a BIG fan of Brad's work overall, I loved his Caligula themed cameo. And I'll be damned if he didn't make that shit up. There apparently IS a Caligula comic book! Never heard him mention that before. I feel a potential new crossover.

All of the cameos were good. When Lupa was going to show Linkara what he would be like if he reviewed horror movies, I thoguht were going to get a "Longbox of the Dead" sneak preview, but you can't go wrong with Phelous. Also, bringing back That Guy With That Hat was priceless! Pure genius going back to the very beginning. No one could've expected that.

Overall, this is truly one of your best episodes. Beyodn just entertainment value, the review itself was very purposeful and poignant. There was a lot to seriously say about the content of this story, and you tackled it amazingly well. I stopped reading Marvel during Civil War. So, thankfully, I was spared this atrocity. I have not bought a Marvel Comic since Spidey unmasked himself.

Also, Vincent really outdid himself with the closing theme, lyrically. Impressive. It was also very appropriate to break out the full length opening theme because of my favorite lyric of, "There would be better books on his show, but Quesada sold them to Mephisto!"

Congratulations on 200 episodes, Lewis! An amazing achievement, and I hope the next 200 are just as great! This was truly a great celebration of Atop The Fourth Wall's entire run to date, and while it's only been about an eight month journey for me, I've watched nearly every episode. So, I see how far the show has progressed, and I look forward to it every week. Thank you for the wonderful entertainment, and keep up the exceptional, brilliant work!

Unknown said...

" Life isn't just about passing on your genes. We can leave behind much more than just DNA. Through speech, music, literature and movies... what we've seen, heard, felt ...anger, joy and sorrow... these are the things I will pass on. That's what I live for."-- Solid Snake from the ending of Metal Gear Solid 2, clearly not amused by LoserPeter's BS

Anonymous said...

General: Didn't think you'd dignify this one with an actual review after your rant on it in the top 15 vid where it came up. That said it is appropriate that this one was 200. Loved the cameos too. Particularly Lupa's, I mean I'm laughing to myself as I type this.

Part 1: I seriously don't see how Dr. Strange or any of the others could say 'can't be done.' The villains I could buy saying 'what's in it for me?' but not 'can't do it.'

Part 2: ... I don't know where to begin. I will say this, your idea is MUCH better than what actually happened.

Fiery Little One

JoeCat said...

Part 2, 1:38 = Spiderbaby sighting!

Part 2, 1:38 = Gotta disagree here. Look later at 12:05. The point of Fat-Parker's rant was to show how pathetic and unlikable that version of Parker had become. The quickest way to make a character unlikable? Have them insult the readers. You can't really project every tirade a character in a comic/book/etc spouts as a mirror of the writers' own opinions. The whole point of writing fiction is to write characters that do not match your world-view, otherwise every character would be identical.

- - - - -

Gotta say I really enjoyed this review. You went a little more preachy than usual, but it was enjoyable and a well written argument. I also liked the visuals in the opening theme-song. The collage of clips may be cliche, but that doesn't make them bad. And the 2nd song (closing) I liked (the opening theme extension seemed a bit all over the place). This is definitely a comic that deserved to be burned, if for nothing else than its impact on you. Love the cameos of Poppa Lovhaug.

To quote recently deceased neighbor / surrogate grandfather : "Better days are coming. Better days are here." *clicks video again to promote Ad-Revenue*

Anonymous said...

I'm really happy to see you review One More Day, it was a perfect choice for episode 200 and its always nice to see One More Day get reamed. There is no limit to the scorn it deserves.

I've got to say, your review was something of an eye opener, I mean I've always noticed how this comic was sixteen different kinds of stupid, but I never realized how much of it was pointless, irrelevant filler. (and the Angel episode as OMD done right was a clever point, I never thought of that).

I hate nitpick (well actually I like nitpicking, but still I'm well aware these are very minor points, so I don't want to come across as Douchey (reference intended)) but I have some small quibbles. Actually I would think that Doc Ock would be willing to help Aunt May, since they did have a relationship at one point (he very nearly married her actually). Also May isn't the daughter the Parkers would have had, she's the daughter they did in fact have. She was born at the tail end of the clone saga, and then lost. The way its set up its unclear if she died or was kidnapped by Osborn's minions. Spider Girl assumes she was kidnapped and later rescued while the regular continuity has bent over backwards to pretend she never existed. Of course now she doesn't exist, so hey. Like I said, very minor points.

I agree with your point of Spiderman acting like a teen and not maturing. I recall reading something similar on MadGoblins site (, a first rate site for rambling nerdy analysis of Spidey from an old fan). He actually speculated that this was the reason that Marvel execs were always trying to encourage the perception of Spiderman as "young" so his tendency to make childish (or at least adolescent) decisions would be more forgivable.

Personally I'm more inclined to blame it all on a general problem of the comics industry, an unwillingness to allow characters to change (the tvtrope name for this is Status Quo is God). I always get the feelings that the people at DC and Marvel fear that any change to the characters might make them unmarketable. I feel that the DC reboot and One More Day were essentially the logical conclusions to this fear of change. The powers that be felt the character(s) had changed too much which was seen as alienating new readers, so they wanted to return to the past when the character was apparently able to appeal to a wider audience. Personally I think this is nonsense, and most of the difficulty comic companies have with sales can be attributed to bad writing and marketing overexposure, but it seems to be the attitude of allot of the bigwigs in comics today. (there's probably also allot of laziness mixed in with these things, like the desire to reuse old stories and characters and situations instead of developing new ones, ect.)

I think my favorite parts of this review are you just brushing off Sage, you catching the Dallas reference flub, the Peter Porker reference, that clever fakeout near the end, or when you blasted the "comic readers are losers" scene. I think the reason nobody else bothers to comment on that one is that Joe Quessada has made so many statements that came across as a big "screw you, losers" to the long time Marvel comic fanbase that this one was essentially lost in the shuffle. (although to be fair it wasn't just him, plenty of the Marvel staff have given the fans the finger, as I recall even JMS got in on it, although I think he later retracted his statements, saying they were aimed at a few specific obnoxious fans.)

Love the Ballad of Linkara, especially the verse about doctor linksano

Martonimos said...




Linkara... you are right. You are absolutely, 100% right. Despite Peter Parker having half a century of character development behind him... his character really hasn't developed at all, has it? Or at least, it hasn't been allowed to develop. Your rant in part 1 made me feel bad, since Spidey's one of my favorite super-heroes, but I found myself completely agreeing with it. This is a recurring problem in many media, comics especially due to the fact that these characters are still around after half a century, but it's really exemplified by this mess. Hell, the first time I heard of One More Day was when I was discussing the TV show Heroes with a friend, and I was complaining about the fact that Claire's relationship with her father in season 2 was developing, note for note, the same way it was in season 1, and my friend said "well, that's about what you expect from comics. I mean, just look at One More Day." It's really disappointing that this sort of stagnation is just the norm with comics. I know having fifty years of backstory to a comic makes it hard to just pick up (that's why I hardly ever read comics), but at least do something with that backstory, instead of refusing to let the character grow or change at all. I don't want to blame poor Petey for this, since it's the writers and editors that have him stuck in this cycle of irresponsibility, but if nothing's changed in this long a time span... well, I guess I may start saying Nightcrawler's my favorite super-hero. ...Except he's dead. ...huh.

Sai said...

Not a big superhero comic reader (but I am a comics writer/drawer) and I have be so curious about this story ever since you started ranting about it. The opening was cute and rather nostalgic, I've been watching you since the beginning! I'll have to do the drinking game next time.

Wow yeah whoever wrote that about games/superheros/escapist fiction... the point of escapist fiction is to enjoy thrilling things in a safe way. For instance, I was playing Fallout New Vegas earlier. I in no way would want to live in the post apocalypse, shooting mutated animals with guns that need constant repair and fighting for survival against raiders and bandits but I can explore the concept in fun and safety.

SF Debris cameo! Woo! I started following him on Blip after Diamanda mentioned him in her Twatty New Who reviews.

Mariner said...

Loved this review. Got SEVERAL well earned belly laughs from me.

The poignant part for me was the ending speech about laziness, criticism, and fans. I feel the same way, and I totally feel the betrayal about OMD, as the second season of Scooby Doo: Mystery Inc. pulls the "lazy" card right from the season opener. They took an entire [i]year[/i] of buildup, suspense, heartache, and great writing and proceed from then on to insult not just Scooby fans, but anyone who gives a shit about enjoying a good story.

I think Quesada had something to do with that too.

Here's to 4 more years!

Max said...

You touched on the reason I personally can't read Spiderman anymore. An audience grows up, becomes more informed, more demanding in terms of narrative content rather than "Wow factor".

As a gamer, the oversimplification of games in recent years seem to emulate this issue. Rather than throwing a bone to its more skilled and experienced players, they make games braindead and easy to appeal to a new audience while forgetting to say... keep higher difficulty levels, keep some depth into their products for the older, experienced gamer.

Some comics feel like this; as if rather than creating new content for younger audiences, they prefer to go "You're too old for this comic now"

Anyways, I loved this episode. One could feel your passion, so it was very engaging. The part with Lupa was a little drawn out, but I'm not a fan of her work or demeanour. At the same time, I don't watch Benneth's stuff and he was actually pretty funny.

Anyways, you should come to Montreal at Otakuthon or maybe Comicon one of these years, I like how kindly you treat your fans and I would like to shake your hand and give you timbits :P.

Joshua Ford said...

The Doctor Strange mini-series The Oath establishes that Strange is unable to heal illness and afflictions that science has a created a cure for. Its an excellent book and I highly recommend it to anyone intereste btw.

Martel Dotson said...

This was by far episode yet, you really nailed down everything you wanted to say and it was all just terrific. The best to you in the next 200 episodes.

Jonathan M said...

Linkara, don't try to retcon Doug's carebear review! Sage is the real devil, here!

Oh and congratulations, blah blah blah, loved the comeback at the end with ThatGuy..Uh..

Thanks for your dedication to this show, you know, putting it out, not quitting on it..200 episodes..That's a long time.

arnoldoaad said...

first of all, Congratulations on your 200th issue

and about your thoughts about, what if Mary Jane was Shot

well apparently he would go insane and kill the Kingpin with his own hands and then be rejected by aunt may and iron man while he goes to prison

CMWaters said...

I don't know why, but Mephisto's "Woman In Red" look made me think of Carmen Sandiego for some odd reason.

Cartooncreator5953 said...

This was by far, the best 200th episode of anything I ever seen and probably one of the best celebrations of an anniversary for a show period. I was not expecting One More Day at all as I thought you had concluded it with The Top 15 Comics You'll Never Review, but you discovered in many different reasons why it sucked. I was surprised with the lack of one Insane reviewer, but the cameos and return of your oldest character was definately worth it. I'm not a big comic reader, but I think Spidey might have matured a little bit when he was handled by the right author (Did he mature at all when he became a teacher?), but everything in this review was perfect. Keep up the great work and this episode reminded me how I have continued to keep watching you after first seeing your review of James Bond Jr. when it came out. Now...I gotta watch the one episode I missed (Conclusion to Battle of Bludhaven) XD

PS. I know you know nothing of games, but in response to an anonymous comment:

"If you think game designer peter is bad, you need to (not) play Final Fantasy Tactics Advance (not to be confused with the much better Final Fantasy Tactics, which has a fairly good plot).

The "hero" is willing to destroy a fantasy world where his brother can walk, one friend has two living parents instead of one dead and one loser wallowing in drunken self pity and the other friend doesn't have to deal with the horrible consequences of albinoism and he is supposed to be right because "it's escapism".

That's not even getting into the fact that he arrives at the idea destroying the world is good at the advice of of an alternate version of Cloud of Darkness (the villain of Final Fantasy 3 with a goal of reducing the world to nothingness. Note:Marche is from a world where Final Fantasy games exist and his brother is a big fan of them)."

If you ever feel tempted to play that game, it honestly isn't like this at all. The villian of the story isn't the hero as the anonymous commentor proclaims it to be, but rather the person who created this world as he gave them what they thought they wanted in this world (No white hair for a girl, the hero's brother being able to walk, his father having a job), but didn't realize how what they really wanted was completely different (Finding herself beautiful despite her hair color, being recognized as special in the shadow of his brother, being with his friends and the world he grew up in). Marche's goal is to return to the real world so he can be with his parents, to go "Home", and the creator wants to live in this fantasy because he doesn't want to accept the death of his mother (He creates a fake mother so he doesn't have to deal with her death) and the fake world to avoid his problems. I don't know, I know you don't really care about this as you aren't a gamer, but I really felt the urge to comment on this cause I really want to be an author and I have a passion for gaming.

Joshua Ford said...

Frickin beautiful episode Lewis! Definitely your best yet!

Turkish Proverb said...

Congrats on 200. Loved the in depth look at the comic, and it was a nice surpise. As was SF Debris doing a cameo. Wow.

Congrats on 200! Here's to adding a couple hundred more!

Nathan said...

Raw turned 1000 last week, Atop the Fourth Wall turned 200 this week, and Channel Awesome will be celebrating it's 4th Anniversary this August. Seems like everyone is growing up...except Peter.

Good episode, and congrats on reaching 200. Actually this could almost have been a finale. Good luck on topping it.

Anonymous said...

Welcome Back to the Continuity Alarm!

There was only one thing missing from this review. Something I really hope can be done, should be done, That Comic Should Burn.

You haven't bought any Spiderman comic? I haven't bought any comic from Marvel at all since I heard how that 4 parter ended. At this time the only even graphic novel I own is based on the works of Anne McCaffrey. So yes there are people who not only do but have gone further off the deep end over this comic.

Thank you for breaking this free of the Never Review list. But you do realize this is going to get people asking you to review everything else that was in that list again right? I hope people will have more sense than that but I doubt it.

Thank you again looking forward to 201-400+

Sethery said...

Most awesome episode, Linkara, well worth the wait for the 200th. I need lyrics to that song at the end, like, yesterday. Also, looking forward to the Buster Witwicky and the Car Wash of Doom. I hope you mention this: cover for the 2007 re-issue by IDW (or at least mention IDW), I think you'll like the kinda-sorta-Evil-Dead thing it's got going.

wade wilson said...

Great review linkara, ive always been wondering just how bad this comic really was.

Also, i would love to see you review civil war, and if not that then secret invasion.

Gorantharon said...

I get that you're trying to find poignant issues to underline Peter's and the Story's problems, but two of your criticisms already irk me.

Kinda petty, but:
1. Life insurance is not possible for Peter Parker. Any insurance company finding out that Peter was Spider-man, either by his revelation or after his death to a villain, would claim he's underinsured and, in the first case, ask for astronomical rates and in the second, probably just void the contract on the basis of fraud. Peter is never shown as a Multimillionaire who could afford the rates. Now you COULD say he could make special deals, making commercials for the company, running as mascot, I don't know, but still, if you raise a difficult topic, either discuss it FULLY, or don't.
2. Your "if we only could treat a gunshot wound to the chest" remark really pissed me off. I know it was supposed to be a joke, but considering that Aunt May is not thirty,it is not an unusual development for her to slip into a dying process after such severe trauma. It happens. Doctors watch people die every day that theoretically could have lived. Doesn't even have to be a sudden, quick death, especially for older people. This is not a bad plot point. While it is placed there to drive the story, it does not warrant the stupid joke.

Grendle1853 said...

As I grow older I tend to like Spider-Man less and less and it is because of everything you just said. People could point that other superheroes I like, my personal favorite Batman, and say they don't develop much either, but at least they don't wine constantly about their life sucking while making no attempt to change it. Bruce is a bit of a tragic character, yes, but he doesn't wallow in self pity all the time, he uses that and goes forth to be awesome. Somewhere down the line all the awesomeness just kind of got sucked out of Spider-Man, which is a shame because there is plenty of awesomeness the character can give us. This comic is a slap in the face to every fan who ever loved the characters, and if by some cosmic event ever gives me the chance to write an actual Spider-Man comic I'm fixing it. I've even come up with some cool ideas for it, I'd start with Peter having dreams and visions of Mary Jane that he can't shake off and have the climax be Spider-Man assaulting hell with ever currently deceased Marvel superhero at his back.
This is one of your best reviews and I'm glad I got to see all 200. Here's hoping you reach 300, and in the prologue for that you burn One More Day, then turn to whatever piece of crap you doing for that anniversary and say, "Your next!" Great job man, can't wait for more!

Salvador García Luque said...

Of all things one question came to me at the end. If this is your most hated series of comics of which you talk about all time, Why didn't you do something to the comic? At least burn the anthology you were holding in this video. You haven't done that in like ages. I was waiting for that actually.
Everything else was great.

Jesse said...

You know, though, considering how big a deal One More Day has been for you on the show the past 200 episodes, I'm going to go so far as to say that you almost had to review it at this point. I know you said why, in a nutshell, you didn't like OMD in your "15 books I won't review" episode, but given that it's been 200 episodes and a good four years if my math is right, having an expanded explanation of it was probably a good thing for us all.

As to the story itself, it seems like the writers went through and took all the parts of Spiderman and Peter Parker's characters that would make us hate them and made them a hundred times more prominent to make sure we actually did hate them. Ultimately, it makes sense that you haven't bought a Spiderman book since this came out, considering how we're not supposed to like him any more, it would seem. And this comes on top of pretty much the whole comic just wasting the reader's time, too.

Excellent work this time out, very worthy of being the 200th episode. Here's to 200 more.

Salvador García Luque said...

I have a question that popped up thanks to your themes, of all things I wonder, if this was you most hated comics of which you keep talking over and over, why didnŕ you, i don know, tear the anthology in rage, cut it, or BURN IT? your themes claims you do, but I think you have done this like once or twice in he entire show. Kind of missleading that theme must say. I actually was expecting for youto go mad and make a super rant about it, you know, more graphical not verbal. Like the rant of the AVGN in the last episode or something. Everything else was great, ojh wait I almost forgot it, When I watch by the first time in this video the face of peter and M.J.'s daughter, the first thing that popped in my head was, doesn she looks awfully a lot like bennett, the sage? Wouldn'tbe funny that linkara used that image and overimpossed a cut off video of bennett trying to sell the deal over that kids body? hahaha well, maybe I was the only one who saw that and thought of the possibility. Wel, see ya. Keep the good work

Rabbi Joe said...

A true tour de force... of July! (Sorry.) I too am more of a DC guy, but the question is industry-wide: will publishers let their characters age or will they keep them ageless? What is untenable is rebooting every ten years.
It wasn't always like this. Exactly 20 years ago, DC was riding a high, 7 years after Crisis. Every major character had been allowed to evolve: Superman was engaged, Batman had buried one Robin and found another (not an orphan), Wonder Woman had embraced her mythological roots, Flash had grown up, GL had overcome a midlife crisis. So it was clearly time to... kill (or cripple or can) them all!
Now they reboot everything every few years, and no one is sure what stories from the past still count or what stories from the present will shortly be written out of continuity.
That's why I would rather my son start reading comics with issues from the 80's. It's not like the New 52 will be canon in 2020 anyway.
Keep up the great work.

Joseph said...

Thank you, Linkara, for allowing me to respond. I don't have many problems with the episode overall (the Lupa cameo cracked me up, reminded me of the first time I watched one of her ep's and was in stitches becauee of it).

The main problem I have is with your rant on Spider-Man's flaws as a hero and that he's still a teen mentally. The main problem I have with it is it feels like you're attacking people for liking Spider-Man, I know that was your intent, but it felt like it to me, especially considering it was Spider-Man who got me into comic books in the first place and became my favourite superhero after that. I do realise that you have your take on it, and that's perfectly fine, I just have a different viewpoint to it. To me, Spider-Man's flaws are part of his character, that he's human and makes mistakes. I know in recent years especially, they have emphasised and overdone their flaws, but he has had many moments of selflessness as well. In particular the famous 'If This Be My Destiny...' storyline shows him nearly give up, only to realise May's in danger and race to her rescue. That's certainly not selfishness and shows the character at his finest. And having a selfish hero like Peter is not exclusively to him, because Batman is also equally as selfish as him, considering he's kept tabs on how to defeat each member of the Justice League behind their backs and walked away from the problem rather than face the consequences for his actions. And also, I disagree with your view that he's still written like a teen, because a good deal of twenty-something people (The one's I'm aware of at least) do still act like their teens at that time, so for someone like Spidey to do so isn't realistic (although I agree with you that they should reboot him, since Marvel still seems to try their best to replicate the winning formula of Stan Lee's on the title).

I guess it's just that me and you have different expectations for our hero's (feel free to correct me if I've got it wrong). I've always viewed heroees as flawed people who have to overcome their problems and flaws to become a better person, a la someone like Luke Skywalker or Captain Kirk. I've always got the impression watching your videos (If I'm wrong, I'm very sorry and feel free to correct me) that you like heroes to aspire to, people like Superman or Wonder Woman or Captain America, who have plans in case of problems and hide their flaws to make sure they come on top in a difficult situation. That approach is fine as well, and I'm not slamming you for liking it, it's just I prefer a balance between a flawed hero and a perfect hero.

Another problem I have is that you criticise the various heroes and villains of the Marvel Universe for being unable to help Peter, but to me at least, their fields of science aren't in the realm of medicine. Mister Fantastic is an engineer, Hank Pym is a physicist and most of the others are in the same positions. They may be scientists, but most scientists like them would only be specialised in one area, take say, Stephen Hawking for example (although feel free to correct me if I've got it wrong). I do agree with you that there's no excuse for Doctor Doom, considering in a Fantastic Four storyline he helped deliver Sue's second child, showing that he does possess medical knowledge. But considering a recent storyline for the Avengers had his big plan for defeating the Avengers by calling Ms. Marvel a cow, I guess Marvel doesn't like him showing any form of competence.

Joseph said...

And my last problem is your rant on the 'Loser is You' moment, but remember, DC have done it as well, by turning hero Superboy-Prime into a whiny "EVERYTHING WAS BETTER ON MY EARTH!" (I now use that whenever I hear someone in real life say that. you ruin my vocabulary mister!-Just kidding), so Marvel isn't alone in this. I do agree with you that it's a cheap method by JMS to insult the reader and show how he hated doing the storyline.

Other than that, I liked the video overall, it was just those points I had a problem with. It isn't the first time I've disagreed with you, but you're still my personal favourite entertainer on TGWTG, so it's just a case of different opinions, and I'm very sorry if I have come across as a jackass in this, that wasn't my intent at all. I'm looking forward to more episodes and the continuation of your storyline, it's been good so far (my favourite storyline is still the Mechakara one) and I hope the show still makes me laugh as much as when I first started watching it.

Bellarius said...

Well, i'll say this much that wasn't as bad as people had led me to believe. It was still horrible, completely undermined the story, destroyed the character and all - But there weren't any "completely pure and noble" characters murdering nuns for daemonic blood rituals and still being called incorruptible by the author.
Plus at least one person involved kept pointing out the massive plotholes and including bits to show "yes, this really is bloody stupid!" rather than thinking it was a great idea. Actually, speaking of that it was surprising you didn't mention that you didn't mention more of how even the people writing this didn't want to go through with the storyline.

That small criticism aside, i'm glad you spent so long picking apart each major problem with the comic. Not just the final part everyone remembers but how badly written it was from the get-go. And thank you for finally going through this in detail to give a very detailed answer to the critics who defended One More Day and the ideas behind it.

Above all else though - Thanks for going through this crap for the last several years for our entertainment.

Runtripfall said...

I enjoy all of the reviews that you do. You are one of the best reviewers on TGWTG and can't wait until the next review of yours comes out. Thank you for bringing so much joy and laughter to my life. Again, you are one of the best Lupa.

Oh Linkara is pretty good too.
I am kidding you kick ass Linkara and I do enjoy your reviews and your review style. Congratulations on getting 200 episodes and here is to many more.

P.S. SNOWFLAME because Snowflame is awesome.
"I am Snowflame! Every cell of my being burns with white-hot ecstasy. Cocaine is my God -- and I am the pony instrument of it's will!"

DefectiveType40 said...

Excellent episode! I'm kind of ashamed I didn't watch it as soon as it was posted. That's the last time I spend an entire day replaying Portal 2 for the hundredth time.

Okay, no it isn't. Still, incredibly satisfying for the 200th episode. I actually found myself disliking the art on that first issue than you seemed to--Quesada's art made Aunt May's head look all shriveled, like she was bitten by the spider from Arachnophobia and her corpse was decaying rapidly.

Then again, the art does take a back seat to the writing in terms of awfulness. That first sentence really shows that. I mean... that was supposed to be taken seriously? Out of context, I'd have thought that was a satire of something. No serious emotional metaphor should contain the phrase "cross-reference." You especially shouldn't be cross-referencing "by the longitude and latitude of a heart in agony." A better choice would be... I don't know, textbooks in the library of your soul. A soul in agony. The point is, I just came up with a better metaphor in two seconds at half past three in the morning and I'm not even a professional writer.

And those alternate Peters. Man, I am soaking in shocking revelations right there. Peter's life would have gone differently if he'd had a different life? No way! I'm not gonna get started on Game Designer Peter, but Rich Inventor Peter's bit might have been tolerable had it not been so completely cliched.

I must say I'm also a bit surprised you didn't burn this one. Then again, no burning would really be quite fitting short of propping the book up on a sacrificial altar and firing at it with a weapons-grade flamethrower while reciting the Lord's Prayer. That would have made a kick-ass ending, though.

To sum up: congrats on the 200th! I look forward to you thrashing many more bad comics in the future!

Peteman said...

A lot of the stuff you said about Doctor Strange is bullcrap I admit, but one thing I'm curious about the surgeon part: has Doctor Strange been keeping up on his medical practice? If he wasn't, then he's probably too out of practice to do the surgery or any of the suggested alternatives.

Anonymous said...

Oddly enough, there may be a way to fix the problem, and it comes from that silly condition Mary Jane added in OMIT. I'm not sure of the actual on-panel wording offhand, but the condition was, in essence, that Mephisto not interfere in Spidey's life after this deal, right? So, if Mephisto does do something that breaks that condition, that ought to make the deal null and void. Could make for an interesting story, especially if Peter and/or MJ were to find themselves remembering both versions of events.

D-doc said...

Congratulations on reaching 200! Look forward to many more and I was actualy thinking of reading One More Day just to see how bad it actualy was and after this- NO WAY.

Props to Vincent for the ending song, is that available anywhere yet?

Damienx247 said...

All it would take to undo "One More Day" is a really good writer, a cross over with Ghostrider, and someone with a rolled up newspaper to smack Joe Quesada on the nose, should he try to interfere. Let me elaborate, The Ghostrider can sense supernatural evil.
Should he get within close proximity of Spiderman, he would sense the taint of a deal with Mephisto, smack Spiderman around a bit, rip his mask off, and use the penance stare on him and the deal would have been revealed to both characters.
Even if the knowledge was erased from Spidey's brain, the events would have been engrained on his soul.
Afterwards, Ghostrider would have then reverted to Johnny Blaze, who would have yelled at Peter more, explaining it was a similar deal that go him stuck in his current condition.
Confronted with this knowledge, Peter would have to choose between staying the course, or undoing his grand mistake.

Breno Ranyere said...

Hello, thanks for answering my question about spider-island but... if you haven't picked any comics after one more day... how do you know about the crossover with avengers acadmy...? also spider-man does a lot of team-ups on many books... does that mean that you don't read any marvel book with spidey in it?
anyway congratulations on 200 episodes... in case you wanna know my favourite episode is superman 701... your reaction to the 'over there' speech is priceless!!

Anonymous said...

EXCELLENT ending theme

Anonymous said...

EXCELLENT ending theme

SkinnyAy said...

very good review. I wasn't expecting you to do One More Day but I'm glad you gave it to use Linkara. I'm almost sickened by this stupid comic. You brought up some very good points and I'm almost disgusted with how spidey's written.

Also, are you and/or Vincent going put out that cool song you had at the end of the episode? I so want it.

Anonymous said...

I knew you said it was a bad comic but WOW!

Jarkes said...


Re watching this I forget to make a Obama care joke a about it. I mean the reason behind the Super Hero reg act sort of obama care. Super Hero reg was really precursor to obama care. Then think of about the care in the issues. Obviously marvel's shots at Health Care system."

Except "Civil War" was written BEFORE Obama was president.

Anonymous said...

Just wanted to leave a quick comment.

First off been a long time lurker and really this is the first serious comment I have probably left.

I agree 100% with this review. I have not bought one single spider man comic because of One More Day. In my opinion this comic ruined spirderman.

I think you should take a poll on how many followers you have that would actually start buying spider man if they would retcon one more day out of existence.

Thanks for the 200 episodes of fun.

Lewis Lovhaug said...

"cool review Linkara, but where was that animated clip of you from?"

Amazons Attack #5-6

Anonymous said...

This is strange my comment either disappeared or you chose not to post it. But all I remember doing in it was welcoming back the continuity alarm and thanking you repeatedly aside from asking why the comic wasn't burned.

Oh and mentioning about how overboard I went over this particular story. But I don't want to type that again. But I'm confused has it even gotten to you? I posted it around midnight...

Anonymous said...

I'm actually surprised you reviewed this for your 200th episode, I was thinking you were going to do another Sonic the Hedgehog comic or The Boys or something like that.

Either way, good review, but I missed when you did Tony Stark's drunk voice in your reviews of Ultimates 3 and Ultimatum, I thought it was hilarious.

By the way, you forgot to mention that Quesada did all this because he preferred the teenage Spider-Man. Which makes One More Day just a selfish move by Quesada because he missed his childhood.

One last thing, considering your all-consuming hatred of Youngblood, anti-heroes, and the ninteis, why was your future self reading Youngblood?

Either way, good review.

Anonymous said...

And this is why Jason Todd is a better protagonist than Peter Parker

Ryubbert Narraetsor said...

The sad thing is, OMD might be an awesome origin story for an alternate version of Spider-Girl. If you follow your logic of 'you cannot trust ANYTHING Mephisto says', the whole 'I want your love' spiel is a lie as well. I'd wager he is terrified of May-Day Parker (perhaps it has been prophesied that she will be his undoing), and this is his attempt at making sure she is never born. This may leave her soul trapped in Hell, suffering nobly, all of her potential life folded onto itself, until she inevitably escapes, becoming a Spawn-like antagonist for Spidey (until she is ultimately redeemed and Peter and Em-Jay can apologise for what they put her through).

Lotus Prince said...

I honestly took that "gamers are losers" bit as simple escapism. "The world sucks, so we go into our games and books."

It's STUPID, but I didn't take it as offensively as you did. I just saw it as dumb. I don't play Silent Hill to escape. The town of Silent Hill fucking SUCKS. Who'd want to escape the real world and go there? No, I play video games and read books for fun, not for escapism.

Jarkes said...

"It's sad but true... that Spectacular Spiderman and Avengers: EMH got cancelled cause Marvel wants more episodic, Status quo episodes...-and wanted to take advantage of the movie reboots-

I feel robbed with the loss of Avengers... a show that put Young justice to ****ing shame -though that's cause YJ took forever to get it's plot going-"

You may be right about Avengers: Earth's Mightiest Heroes, but Spectacular Spider-Man was cancelled because Disney bought Marvel, and some complicated legal crap caused Sony to lose the television rights to Spider-Man, but not the film rights. No, I don't know how that works.

Jarkes said...

Hey, Linkara, seeing clips of Iron Liz reminded me of something that's been... well, kind of bugging me for a while. It's this: Several times on HOPR, you go on and on about how a lot of the characters never really got proper send-offs, but when you and Liz broke up, SHE didn't get a proper send-off on the show either. She appeared very briefly in the Wrath of Khan comic review, and then just... stopped appearing on the show.

You could've, from an in-story perspective, had Linkara the character give a "It's not you, it's my enemeis" thing as to why the two of you couldn't be together, but instead she just kind of vanishes after the Wrath of Khan review with no real explanation.

For that matter, you two ARE still friends, right? So what exactly stops her from making occasional cameo appearances every now and then? Not only that, but the Wrath of Khan review was posted AFTER you two had broken up, so... I don't get it.

I really didn't want to dig this up after so long, but it's been bugging me for quite a while.

Gyre said...

One thing I feel compelled to say about the entire 'dream' segment. The whole 'Am I dreaming or awake bit' got old a while ago. Writers who try to use it aren't being deep and speculative anymore, they're trying to ride on the last remnants of success created by much more talented writers.

And something even worse. They somehow completely removed the 'Spider-man's identity is known' point by apparently having Iron Man and Dr. Strange erase everyone's memories. The very same thing that Iron Man had just FOUGHT A WAR OVER. So it's alright for a meta-human or very powerful human to completely erase the memories of all humanity without anything remotely resembling civilian oversight so long as they are also complete hypocrites.
If I were Iron Man I would have said: I promised they would be safe so long as you stayed under government protection. YOU chose to leave and take them with you. For God's sake Peter did you think I was going to take them hostage? And now you're suddenly demanding that I betray my country and beliefs just so you can go back to the way things were? If you want I can offer to put all of your close relations and friends in protection and give them new identities, but there is no way I am going to commit battery on the entire planet just because you're angry.

Jamibu A.K.A. Zen119 said...

Congratulations on reaching your 200th episode and it was really worth it. Thank you for finally reviewing One More Day. I have been curious as to why you referenced it on your show that it sucks(not really a big Spider-man fan). I got some reasons when you made you "Top 15 comics I'll never review" episode.

And with this episode, I now know why.

Great 200th episode and hopefully, more episodes to come from you, Linkara.

Nice to know that you will be reviewing a Simpsons comic in one of your future reviews. Been waiting for to tackle it. I don't care if it's a bad comic or a decent one. I just want to see you review one from The Simpsons comic library. I am really looking forward to that since I own a few Simpson comics. Maybe one of them is the one you will review. :)

Keep up the good work. ^_^

Eileen Gonzalez said...

Congratulations on two hundred episodes! I very much look forward to the next two hundred.

When Mephisto said "I want your love," I imagined it being sung by Pete Burns from Dead or Alive, which I don't think is quite what Quesada and Co. had in mind. On the other hand, that may explain why Mephisto dressed up as a woman...

Now if you'll excuse me, I need to go watch some "Spectacular Spider-Man" to remind myself why I like any of these characters.

RosesSpindle said...

Ever since Disney bought Marvel, I've told my friends that they just got a ridiculously easy way to fix this mess: have Sora, Donald, and Goofy (or Riku and King Mickey, if you prefer the parallel of having someone who also made a deal with the devil once and has since dedicated himself to making things right handle things) show up, smack Mephisto around in a boss battle, then make him give Peter and MJ's marriage back. Simple! :D

(Yes, I know it's never gonna happen. Let me dream.)

Seriously though, great job tearing this train wreck apart. Congratulations on 200 episodes, and here's to many more!

Unknown said...

" It's STUPID, but I didn't take it as offensively as you did. I just saw it as dumb. I don't play Silent Hill to escape. The town of Silent Hill fucking SUCKS. Who'd want to escape the real world and go there? No, I play video games and read books for fun, not for escapism. "

It's not just a matter of fun, but also catharsis; seeing characters overcoming challenges, or even putting up a valiant effort against unwinnable odds, helps people find the strength within themselves to deal with their lives. Which is, as Linkara showed us in this review, why OMD fails so badly; Peter doesn't solve any of his problems, or even cope with the consequences of his mistakes. He just calls in the Devil to regress him to a simpler life.

Unknown said...

Hi Linkara, long-time viewer, first time commenting. :D

Hail from a fan of yours from Greece. ^_~

1st: Gongrats on your 200th episode!! Let's hope for more in the future.

2nd: OH GODS!! NOT THAT COMIC!! First of all, Spider-Man is my fav. super-hero ever , along with Animal Man. When I heard about that storyline before, I was PISSED!! Gods, I was pissed. My anger would be enough to make me a Red Lantern, no hell, the leader and battery of Red Lanterns. I remember when I was a kid and watching Spider-Man TAS and Spider-Man and his Amazing Friends. Ever since, I was a Spider-Man fan. Read his comics, played Spider-Man games and was going to the movies at 1st week. Seriously, I wouldn't allow it to happen. BUT, if we couldn't avoid it AT ALL, then they could do a bit more dignified. Here's my ideas: Peter is devastated from May being shot and becomes angry. Of course he will blame himself, since he has A LOT of powerful enemies with personal grudge on him (Kingpin, Venom, Green Goblin, Hobgoblin, Scorpion just to name a few) and of course his first concerns ever since he revealed his identity, was MJ and May's protection. Of course he failed and has to do something and goes and searches for solution. Also, Black Panther's country Wakanda, as stated in 'Who is the Black Panther?' series, THEY ALREADY HAVE DISCOVERED THE CURE FOR CANCER!! A mere bullet would be a walk in the park for the best medics in Wakanda. Hank Pym might say no due to Civil War and Pym was on Stark's side along with Mr. Fantastic. Doc Ock could be a last resort and DOOM, THE last resort. And you tell me Doc Strange, the most powerful wizard in the MU can't just vanish the bullet to the space or a container? He released a halluci-drug from DD's system in "Daredevil: Guardian Devil" and sent it to another dimension. That's bull****! They just wanted to say that nobody could do just to lead on with the ending. And since there was Civil War going on, he couldn't find anyone and gave up hope and let his aunt die and rest in peace. I mean, c'mon she lived so damn long. And in the end, there was a funeral of May Parker with Peter, MJ and all the super-heroes of MU being there like with Lian's funeral in C4J (yeah, sorry for bringing it up btw >__<) and then Cpt America and Iron Man see that the whole Civil War thing lead to more violence and the only benefitors are the SUPER-VILLAINS and let the law and the feud to rest and move on, expect for Spider-Man who will have so much time trying to move on and in his sadness, starts having a lot of fights with MJ and MJ leaves him. And then, he will release what 'With great power comes great responsibility' and start a new life, fresh, burying everything and moving on. See? I came up with something BETTER than OMD and Civil War (TBH, I don't find Civil War that bad. It could just help expand a bit better on the political side of it, about freedom and free will vs vigilantism in a world like MU. Just poor execution). Of course the whole f***ing thing HAD to lead to Spidey doing the deal with Mephisto so he could break up with MJ, since Quesada didn't like the marriage so well. But now, I do hear good things about the new Spider-Man stories. I just have a vain hope that the whole OMD will be retconned in the future.

If that "ranting" came kinda long, I am sorry in advance, but this piece of ********************* pisses me off and when I try to talk about it to others, I try NOT to yell and scream.

Once again, grats for 200 episodes and hoping for more! :D
A fan from Greece.

P.S: Hey, I am trying to email you wherever you want some copies of some translated-to-English trades of some of the most famous Greek comic strips, in the way of Garfield. Do I need Outlook for something like that? >__<

Firefaerie81 said...

Wow. … Awesome. I tip my hat to you, sir. When I heard you say One More Day, my jaw dropped. And you gave it a great, rightfully deserved whipping.

The vast majority of my comics knowledge comes from you, so all I really knew about One More Day is what you’ve taken jabs at. It’s worse than I ever imagined. To quote Nash: “There is not enough facepalm!” OMD was a terrible idea from the get-go, but it managed to dig itself deeper with each issue.

Kickass ending theme, too. Kudos to Vincent! ^_^d

Also, that Flash storyline you mentioned; it intrigues me. Can you give me the name of the storyline, or at least the issue numbers? I’d like to see it.

And if anyone knows where I can find the beginning of Spider-Girl, I’d like to read that, too.

“All it would take to undo "One More Day" is a really good writer, a cross over with Ghostrider, and someone with a rolled up newspaper to smack Joe Quesada on the nose, should he try to interfere. Let me elaborate, The Ghostrider can sense supernatural evil.
Should he get within close proximity of Spiderman, he would sense the taint of a deal with Mephisto, smack Spiderman around a bit, rip his mask off, and use the penance stare on him and the deal would have been revealed to both characters.
Even if the knowledge was erased from Spidey's brain, the events would have been engrained on his soul.
Afterwards, Ghostrider would have then reverted to Johnny Blaze, who would have yelled at Peter more, explaining it was a similar deal that go him stuck in his current condition.
Confronted with this knowledge, Peter would have to choose between staying the course, or undoing his grand mistake.”

The only Marvel comics I’ve ever read are two issues of Deadpool and the Avengers: Fury’s Big Week comic, but I would SO read that.

Anyway, congrats on 200 episodes and here’s to many more to come!

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