Thursday, July 5, 2012

A Quick Look At... The Amityville Curse & Amityville 1992: It's About Time

Amityville 5 brings us back to a haunted house! ...Kind of...

Amityville 6, however, is all about time! And clocks. And goo. ‎


trent bowie said...

Ha! I LOVED your reference to Red Letter Media! Well done, sir. Well done!

BooRat said...

I like the 1st Amityville Horror movie but only saw like the 1st 30mins of the 2nd movie as the abusive dad made the movie uncomfortable to watch for me.
I liked the remake unlike most it was pretty wicked but I like the Hellraiser style imagery in it! And to me it was weird seeing Ryan Reynolds a normally comedic actor playing a serious role like that.
I can't wait to see the rest of these when you do them! For a short video you get the point across pretty well!
Might I suggest another good haunted house series I'd like some one to review? The House franchise! The 1st one was a normal haunted house horror movie and the sequels got a more comedic! Especially the 4th!

Razorgeist said...

I havent seen The Amityville Curse but I did see Amityville 1992. To be honest I kinda liked it. I mean its crap but its kinda entertaining crap.

BooRat said...

Well I'm kind of glad I never saw these! Well the Clock one actually does look good in a cheesy way but that ending would annoy me as I hate movies with endings that undo all the events of the movie itself or it was all a dream movies. That said the effects and some of the deaths in that one remind me a lot of Freddy Kruger movies.
That scene with the woman flinging the saw blade into the killer's leg just reminded me of the Home Alone movies for some reason like that'd be the kind of thing they'd done back then in those movies! Even without it hitting the guy in the crotch it was funny!
Come on Linkara if you've ever seen a Guillermo Del Toro movie you'd know clocks and gears are scary as Hell!
So from that diaper truck thing these movies started to become an early version of the Final Destination movies?

Adam said...

Oh hey, it's Megan Ward! And they made her do creepy fan-service.

I'm... conflicted.

Anonymous said...

some more great videos. I'm lovine your "A quick Look At..." series, and I hope you continue it.

Anonymous said...

Melting guy + Black Goo . . . Aramus the Skin of Evil that Kills Tasha Yar.

He was born of the evil cast out by others many years ago after all. Think about it :D