Monday, August 13, 2012

Auditions for the Worst Movie Ever

At ConBravo, Tom White AKA HeIsAnEvilGenius hosted a little panel where he had people reading for the worst movie ever made. Here are some of the best bits. ‎


Anonymous said...

Wow even you lost Linkara. I saw other Channel Awesome hosts laugh and not get Xed. Did Critic pick the winners and losers among the hosts?

Any chance of getting at least a flash cartoon made from this script?

Kapaow wow = worst gun ever. Almost as great as the woman who got to hug Todd going after his brains.

Nice Critic got X! "I'm sorry Doug" He didn't need the apology >:)

"I know science and I don't believe it" makes sense.

That was great but the release at 1:30AM that's a bit tough.

TheJman said...

Linkara can you post the script if we want to do something like this?

TheJman said...

nevermind I wrote that before watching the hold video.

Anonymous said...

I'd personally like to see the full script still that way the action queues could be scene. They did get commented on after all. Might be fun to see a little more of what the movie would have been like its sure silly enough.

Anonymous said...

The Script was posted! So if anyone else is curious about it

Not sure if blogger will let the link stand or not but it is ? p = 1069 on

He Is An Evil Genius. com

StormKnightHec said...

But I thought they already made Birdemic?

Rexaura888 said...


They got the name of the panel wrong. Should be the "Auditions for the Best Movie Ever".

I felt bad for the guy you were paired up with during the Mind Control Scene. So close, yet so far. He did win a DVD though, didn't he? I watched the full version, and I wasn't too sure if he did win.

Love how you guys kept calling the guy paired up with TheForbiddenNerd "Sean Connery", even after the "permission to die" line. Then again, I always did think that Hardy's Bane sounded like Sean Connery through a filter.

So glad that this is actually a thing. Gave me some good ideas for things to do with my friends in our down time. My thanks to HeIsAnEvilGenius for one of the best scripts in existence, and to the guys at Channel Awesome who participated as well as the con guests for the hilarious performances.

Laura C. said...

If I was at this..I would have lost in 5 secs. x3