Friday, August 17, 2012

MetaCon 2012!

Unfortunately, I don't have a video for the announcement, partially because it was short notice and partially because I have a lot of other stuff on my plate at the moment, but I will be attending MetaCon in Minneapolis on August 31st through September 2nd!

You can find more details at Meta Con's Website but the long and short of it is that I will be doing another Atop the Fourth Wall Live Show as well as a panel about Western Comics vs. Manga!

Their website also has the schedule, so you can plan around if you only want to be there on certain days. In addition, I will have my own table for autographs, but on top of that I'll be selling off props from the show as well as comics I've reviewed! The prices for them will be listed, but otherwise comics will cost the cover price.

And if my attendance is not enough to convince you to come, not only will Little Kuriboh be there, but also several Power Rangers! And really, if Power Rangers aren't enough to get you to come to a convention, then what the hell do you want? ‎


Anonymous said...

Wish I could go. The last day you will be there is MY Birthday. September 2nd Any chance of working in some Zorro Comics? I don't know if there were any bad ones but if there are you can find them.

I know I know Western as in US but I get tired of seeing things labeled Western seemingly forgetting the history of dime novels preceding comic books even in this industry.

My favorite actor to have been in Power Rangers remains Vernon Wells. Hope you get to meet up with him again in the future.

What I really want are the funds to have the means to make such a trip. But hey can't have everything. Hope you have a great time Linkara!

Rhodoferax said...

I also wish I could go. Curse my delicate employment situation!

reservoirdogs said...

Joss Whedon would be enough.

Jarkes said...

I don't really feel like checking the Meta-Con website, so could you perhaps tell me which Power Rangers actors are going to be there?

azarath17 said...

Happy birthday, Lewis!

Missa J said...

Argh...I'd go if I could. Have a good time!

Breno Ranyere said...

Will you make a session of That's all i'm saying during Marvel.Now! ?

Kyle said...

Turns out I might show up for Metacon, but it was mostly to see Little Kuriboh.

Imagine my surprise to learn you'll be there.

But I'll only be there for Friday. What day are you going to do your panel at?

Kyle said...

Never mind, saw it on the schedule