Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Blood Eagle: Session 01

Dodger of Zion put together a World of Darkness campaign, and I'm part of it! Enjoy! ‎


Jeremy K. said...

I'm sorry, but I can't hear about ravens without thinking about an Alan Parsons Project song.

Also, nice retelling of Kickassia, Hagan!

Anonymous said...

I Love the 8-bitMickey-Pan-Pollo she was carrying in that introduction photo.

I'll tell you one about space, Spoiler alert. At least suburban knight wasn't told

Don't want to be f'ed with.. No trip to the brothel for them. No onions. No

Can't help but imagine that an Atop the 4th wall Live is going to be RPed as part of the game.

Problem, Ravens are Carnivorous Birds. Alcohol can make them sick. Personal Experience.

That Bird and horse film is disturbing. Perhaps it should be a crossover review with The Cinema Snob.

Maybe getting the bird more than one drink was a bad idea. Its body mass would have it dead.

Bowling with a Nightmare on Elm Street Scoring system!

Its a Molotov Napalm.

The time to open a car would likely get you eaten.

Climbing. . They are big enough to leap more than a story.

Transformers universal greeting...

Sand wolves? How does Sand grow?

So this is cold iron bane of fae? Hand forged from raw ore?

Doh you are fighting Fae... I typed the cold iron part before the Puppies were named.

Laughing Hyena said...

So is this Convention: the Line?
Eddy Webb and Rich, get on it!

Sounds like you are playing New World of Darkness than Classic World of Darkness. New leans a lot towards being able to play as normal humans with supernatural stuff going around.

However, I think Linkara would love classic's Mage: the Ascension.
Or even White Wolf's Aberrant and Trinity RPGs.

I really hate it when people try to tie autism to supernatural causes/effects in RPGs and media (Changeling: the Dreaming is guilty of that in the corebook, see "Bedlam".). Or bring in the BS "epidemic" nonsense.
WOOoooo! I'm scary! And not a child with autism! I'm much worse! An adult with autism/asperger's! Oh, that's right, I'm not supposed to exist according to these so-called "epidemic experts" and everyone else.
Sorry, really, really big pet peeve of mine.
I'm sure if I was a character in a Steven King novel, I would have mental/psychic powers for no reason.

Great retelling of Kickassia too, Hagan!

Leather jackets and not cosplayers? Calling it right now: You either have vampires or Forsaken/Pure/werewolves at the convention. Bowling alley? Locus! The bird is the totem of the pack.
My puppies want to play? Knew it! they were something else. Spirits? Ridden? Unknowns?

So you have Changeling: the Lost going on! I'm guessing the guy is from Hunter: the Vigil.

Hagan is hilarious.
So I guess I'll be listening to this along with updates from Darker Days podcast.

Tzelael said...

Oooh, very interesting.

On a side note, the Raven actually makes me think of a published World of Darkness NPC from the Promethean: The Created book Magnum Opus. It's a Promethean (which basically means someone animated a dead body, though with a completely new consciousness) Crow named Hendaid Bran, also called Great-Grandfather Crow, although he's at least a hundred years old and can speak.

And now Faeries are involved and you've met a Hunter! I know it'll only have a loose basis on the other books, but this is getting eenteresting.

Dodger Of Zion said...

Re: Laughing Hyena

Storyteller here, and I read every comment that's made about this series, so I figured I'd clear this one up. You'll find out later on in the series what exactly is going on with the children; as far as the in-story autism thing goes? I'm an adult with Asperger syndrome myself, and you know the saying "write what you know?" In full effect in that regard. You'll see exactly where it's headed in later sessions, and it has *nothing* to do with autism, and everything to do with humans being teh st00ps in regards to things that can't be scientifically explained. I leave it at that.

And as far as what you're speculating goes? I won't say which/what, but some of it is right.

Alex Stritar said...

That was pretty cool. As a casual fan of the World of Darkness (specifically Changeling) as well as a regular fan of both you and Hagan, this has been a lot of fun. Can't wait to see what happens next.

Also, Diamanda was just awesome. XD

Michael Sellers said...

Great session, I hope to hear from more of it.

By the way, what song was that playing during the credits? It was awesome.

Laughing Hyena said...

@Dodger Of Zion
Thanks for response there. And I'm glad it's not going the way I have issues with.
I own all the Forsaken Books, the main NWOD book, Skinchangers, Changing Breeds, and Immortals. So I knew some of my guessing would fit and not fit at the same time.
But I can't wait for the W20th kickstarter.

@Michael Sellers
It's in the credits if you pause it.
The song is Genitorturers - Lecher Bitch and was used in the PC game: Vampire: the Masquerade: Bloodlines (Saw what you did there, Zion).

Michael Sellers said...

@Laughing Hyena
Huh, must of missed it. I'm blind sometimes. :-P

Anonymous said...

Loved it

Anonymous said...

Loved it!

So what are you exactly playing here?
a Changeling game?
a Hunter game with Changeling thrown in?
or a full-blown crossover game? (my favorite type)

BY the way, what are you thoughts on fan-games?
Especially Genius the Transgression (a game about mad scientists) and Princess the Hopeful (magic-girls, with a twist of cosmic horror)?
(remembers the time our party consisting of a Staunen/Navigator, Champion of Diamonds, Troubadour of Swords, and a Brine Born took down a Maniac Slasher, posing as the head of a Cult of Broken Dreams, masquerading as a child prostitution ring, covering as an orphanage with connections to child-care services, all this while preventing a huge cell of zealous hunters lead by a delusional Grace of Storms from burning down the whole town - good times)

Anyway, I'm DEFINITELY looking forward to another session
It's a joy listening to you people

Anonymous said...

this does make me wonder,
when did bookstore lady join-up?

as far as I remember the events:

Hagan bumped into bird-chaser lady
then they got the attention of Mr. Molotov
they were then met with centipede lady, and went to the bowling alley, where you headed as well

and then suddenly bookstore lady is there as well?
wasn't she heading for the convention?
I know there was an off-site event at the bowling alley, but wasn't that supposed to be staff and guests only?

anyway, I do love the set-up here
having the Fae invade while a comic convention is going on makes way too much sense, and all the children demanding stories is a stroke of genius

just makes me wonder about the guys in black
Fae do not like to disguise themselves in such a uniform way, they'd go for something with much more personality
perhaps more hunters guarding the convention, knowing that so many people with overactive imaginations would attract the Fae? (was it them who upset the staff-member on the phone?)
alto you'r storyteller (was it Liz?) did imply they were something more sinister
perhaps a third party?

And as a commenter before me said, I would recommend two of the WoD fan-games to you
Genius the Transgression, seeing as you are a Doctor Who fan, and Princess the Hopeful as you are a Power Rangers fan (yes, it's a magic-girl game, but the magic-girl genera is heavily based of the tokusatsu genera, which involves Super Sentai/Power Rangers, not to mention you CAN play a male character, alto there's an in-universe ratio of one male for every five females)

GtT can be downloaded as a pdf file here
PtH is still a work in progress, but it can already be played (think of it as a beta version, or at least a very advanced alpha), all the rules and fluff are on the game's wiki

Sijo said...

I know very little about the World of Darkness games (and what I do know comes mostly from browsing the original editions) so I wasn't sure about listening to this; but, I had such fun with Lewis' ConBravo game video, I decided to give this a chance.

And yeah, I liked it, overall- though mainly for the players' reactions, especially Diamanda's- that was a surprise, I wasn't expecting to enjoy her lines that much. :D When she turned to face the wolves, I thought she'd decided she was tired of the game and would rather die than continue running! XD

About the game itself, though, I couldn't help thinking that, had I been playing it, I would have been more than a little irritated. Now, please keep in mind I have never played WoD before, so I have no idea if this is typical, but I hate it when the game is too vague or hard to figure out for the players (some things I couldn't tell if they were happening because of the Fae or whatever it is that was trolling the characters or the Storyteller was just being funny eg. the centipede in the toothbrush.) And the part with the wolves just felt like it was railroading the players just so the big Hunter could show up and save their asses. And doesn't ANY of these PCs have spells or powers? It felt more like a B-Horror Movie than a Dark Fantasy RPG.

THAT said, listening to it was fun, and I can't wait to see the next part. Just hope it gets more balanced, and the PCs won't end up wasting their time trying to hurt their foes (really, I would have allowed the candy-laced molotov to work, if only to reward the player's creativity.)

Anyway thanks for sharing! :)

Anonymous said...

at this point all the characters seem to be ordinary humans
unlike World of Darkness classic, the current version favors scenarios with mortals as protagonists

however one of them does have unseen sense, which is a supernatural ability

Dodger Of Zion said...

Re: Sijo

ST here. In the beginning of WoD games (this wasn't exactly the beginning for any of the players, but this was the first day of group play) the players know virtually squat about what's going on. More will be revealed as the game rolls along, but revealing too much at the start is worse than revealing too little, in my view.

The Deus Ex Machina was entirely on purpose and totally planned, that I will concede with no shame, but such technical narrative silliness will be rare in the future; that said, I'm not a fan of letting PCs die unless they do something so mindbogglingly stupid that a GNC is merited.

Anonymous said...

are there going to be recordings on any future sessions?

do you have a set time for sessions (like other people have a "poker night" each week), or are you just playing whenever you feel like it, and whenever you can get the group together?

don't take this as harassment
just curiosity

Dodger Of Zion said...

Re: Anonymous

We as a group meet every other week, and in side sessions as needed when a player has to skip a session due to real life or other matters.

Will other recordings go up? Oh Hell yes, I'm working on the next one presently and I'm hoping to have it up very soon, seeing as the first session has gotten quite the response.

Anonymous said...

@Dodger Of Zion

thank you :D

Anonymous said...

Just announcing that the "Princess: the Hopeful" PDF file was finally released

it can be downloaded on

Anonymous said...

I don't really know how to feel about the autism part, considering the fact that I have autism. Yet again, you didn't run this campaign