Saturday, September 14, 2013

Diary and Survival of Atop the Fourth Wall LIVE!

What did Linkara review at Mythicon?

What did Linkara review at Metacon? ‎


Mitchell Martinez said...

MY GOD, what is wrong with the people at the second live show?! I mean, I know comedy is subjective, but for crying out loud, this happened last time you reviewed a Power Ranger comic there. Does that con only get attendants that have no sense of humor?! I mean geez.

Lewis Lovhaug said...

"MY GOD, what is wrong with the people at the second live show?! I mean, I know comedy is subjective, but for crying out loud, this happened last time you reviewed a Power Ranger comic there. Does that con only get attendants that have no sense of humor?! I mean geez."

People said afterwards that they enjoyed the show, they just weren't the guffawing types. That being said, I doubt I'll go to Metacon next year. The majority of my Minnesota fans seem to go to Animinneapolis instead since it's earlier in the con season and Metacon WAS up against other, bigger conventions at the time which attracted more people, I think.

Lizard-Man said...

I think I need to pick up that Godzilla series. Well, time to go Comic hunting!

Joshua Ford said...

I was on Speech team in high school as well! Definitely one of my favorite high school memories. What was your best events? Duet acting, and Hi/Di were my specialties.

Anonymous said...

Why did they have you seated so far from the screen? It seems like you're usually right next to it.

PopCultureOtaku said...

Interesting thing about blood is that I don't think ever eaten anything on screen. Bitten monsters but never eaten anything. Closes was a cow that was taken out original godzilla movie. I could be wrong.
Godazilla doing a musical number? I'm thinking top hat and cane: "Hello my baby, hello my darling" ala the alien at the end of spaceballs.
Giant eye? Oh god it's dc crossover.
G-Force? Forget bad disney film. It's the bad dub of Gatchaman!
Nothing can make Daniel Tosh entertaining.
To bad for godzilla have to wait two years to see a doctor in canada. Good for everyone else godzilla be probably dead.
Agitate godzilla? Just show him 1997 US movie.
Cybersaur? Was mecha godzilla out for repairs that week?
I was going to red ranger hatching out of egg.
I think they actually did land a planet made of guacamole. Look the way their feet in the ground and the way ground is under the ship.
You missed kimberly's outfit change between panels. Either it's drawn so badly on the bars before leaps off or changes outfit.
Rita starts taking karate she probably would have done better job against the rangers.

Anonymous said...

Whoa, I got to meet Rob Paulsen at a local comic con AND the live shows are finally up?!! THIS IS THE BEST WEEKEND EVER!!!!!! XD

Rich B said...

Felt so bad for you watching that second con. Bad enough there weren't many people there, but they just seemed to sit there like lumps. But I guess that's the biz, a great show followed by a not so great show. Live and learn. I will say it was more them than you. Hey you should come out to Boston sometime, yeah the weather is cold..but you live in Minnesota so that wont bother you ;)

Jumpman256 said...

To Mitchell--not everyone does loud laughter when they find stuff funny--and that's okay. :)
I know it was a lot of extra work, but I gotta say--I LOVED the fact that we could clearly see the panels. :)

Anonymous said...

No one noticed Billy had a red background and Jason has a blue background when morphing the first time?

SpideyWing said...

Linkara, in regards to the bit about the Arctic water and Godzilla Poison: I think the idea was that the cold slowed down the metabolism of Godzilla, thus slowing the effects of the poison. Or I might be giving the comic writers too much credit.

Anonymous said...

Oh, Linkara. Of Course Amelia Earhart is still alive! Why, in a recent Doctor Who Magazine Comic, it’s revealed that when she was drowning, the Doctor showed up in the Tardis and took her to a Far Away Planet, where she now flies a hover bike pulling along Extra Terrestrial Tourists…I’m not joking, look it up; “Wing And A Prayer”.

With that Blood all over Godzilla’s Mouth, it looks like he’s just bad at eat Spaghetti Bolognese. ^^”

Also, Trust a story about a Giant Monster to have more empathise on the Annoying Human’s Love Lives instead of…you know…the Creature that we wish to see.

The Bulknado at 8:24 seems more like he’s throwing a Pokeball.
And the case of the Power Rangers having a Comic talking on Modems and Wireless Phones? Did they have a crossover with the Tandy Computer Wiz Kids?

For names for “Live Shows”…
“Escape From Atop The Forth Wall Live”?
“Atop The Forth Wall Live Strikes Back”?
“The Culling Of Atop The Forth Wall Live”?
“The Coming Of Atop The Forth Wall Live” ?
“The Conjuring Of Atop The Forth Wall Live”?

Any of those work?

Good Review though, Linkara. ;3
Looking forward to seeing more from you. X3

Doresh said...

Lol, I owned that Godzilla comic. The German version - a softcover with the first two issues - did have a cooler cover, though (basically Godzilla posing much more cinematically, with various shades of black and red and a shading that is much better than the rest of the comic) XD

AFAIK the German translation called that thing "Mecha-Godzilla" (implying it is a new model or something), which makes A LOT more sense.
I also think it looks awesome. It's like an upgraded Dragonzord. Though I'm not sure why they painted it gold...

And I never got those 0th issues. If you call it "issue 0", you already know that you will release further issues - so just start with 1!

P.S.: Solomon FTW.

Megan said...

Hey, Florida doesn't have to worry about Godzilla. Instead, we get giant fiberglass ants that have been mutated by the Silver Surfer's snot.

Michael Scheppard said... THERE READIT! READ IT NOW

Doresh said...

About the second show: Well, am not really the type who laughs loud and long, so yeah, that can happen.

Silly Linkara. Even aliens can have wizards XD

Never really thought about where Rita's fortress comes from. Well, her Japanese counterpart just made it appear so... yeah, magic. No need to explain.

MacCashman said...

Haven't finished watching reviews but wanna say thank you much for putting the images on the screen a major problem I have with your live shows is that I can never see the strips clearly. They're always badly lit and a little fuzzy.

But this time crisp clear I can clearly see what you're talking about.

I really hope this is a permanent change in the live show recordings.

Anonymous said...

Regarding your comment about Relic in the Mythicon Q&A - if you haven't seen it yet, Green Lantern 23.1 (aka Relic #1 for "Villain Month") answers your questions about Relic's backstory.

Shanethefilmmaker said...

Huh Godzilla did less damage to my country than his usual fill of destruction in Japan.

"Why would you name yourself after the people you escaped from?" Not to justify 52 but it worked for The Rats of NIMH.

Popping out of the globe? I thought the globe was dragging him in.

I'd ask how Zordon slashed their tires, but this is the same guy that sent them to die at the hands of humanoid birds, because they broke his stuff.

The Rad Bug is hot rod red? Of course that's how it flew, the Power Rangers beat up Tony Stark and took his suit.

I wonder if Jim was related to the Cabbage Guy.

She does that Rita voice too well. I don't scare easy but that scared the hell out of me. It was like Loki taking over Hall H again.

You sell badges, we don't need no stinking badges.

Mr Hyde rapes the invisible man?! How does that happen!? I'm serious not just that I am grossed out, but. He's invisible!!!

Wow all and all great live shows as usual I almost laughed myself into an early grave.

Lotus Prince said...

"People said afterwards that they enjoyed the show, they just weren't the guffawing types. "

It's kind of funny because while that's exactly how I am (I find everything funny but I won't laugh out loud), it does weird me out when no one else laughs. :-P

Anonymous said...

Really love the new editing style for the live shows. In some of the earlier live shows, it was hard to see the panels because of lighting or what have you, but with you editing in the panels it is much more enjoyable for those of us who couldn't see you in person.

Thanks for all the extra effort ^_^

Julie Paulson said...

Two episodes? Happy birthday to me...

Seriously, love live shows, even when the audience is dead.

William Silvia said...

Invasion of AT4WL
Chase of AT4WL
AT4WL Master Plan
Power of AT4WL
Evil of AT4WL
Planet of AT4WL
Death to AT4WL
Genesis of AT4WL
Destiny of AT4WL
Resurrection of AT4WL
Revelation of AT4WL
Remembrance of AT4WL
Victory of AT4WL

Neepwah said...

Brave NASADA astronauts.

Anders said...

If the Cybersaur was constructed to fight Godzilla, why was the scientist in charge of the program so surprised when he heard who the opponent was?

Anonymous said...

Hearing that guy mention G Force just reminds me you should review the Battle of the Planets comics Top Cow did. They have the most beautiful covers (so good ADV reused them for the Gatchaman collection box art) but the most bad, 90's style hardcore scripts possible.

SMAXZO said...

You know, being a fan of Super Robot anime, I'm half expecting the American robot being like Texas Mack or something. But hey, Cybersaur does work though I was hoping for a Mechasaurus-esque look to it...but again, that's just me.

SMAXZO said...

I have a suggestion for the Live show title. How about AT4W Live: First Blood Part 2? Or AT4W Live: Third Strike? Or AT4W Live..WITH A VENGEANCE!?

Writrzblok said...

"Dude, They killed Godzilla in the first film and he's still making movies!"

Truly, Godzilla is the Tupac Shakur of giant monsters.

rdfox said...

...did the credits for Godzilla #2 actually say Kevin Maguire wrote this? As in, JLI Kevin Maguire? Wow, no wonder it didn't suck.

rdfox said...

(Feel free to append this to my last post, if you want, Lewis.)

Also, if you're looking for bulk styrene, you might consider the source that model railroaders use, Plastruct. (The Plastruct catalog also includes bulk quantities of various typical structural shapes like I-beams and such, in typical modelling scales compared to real life components.) They specialize in selling sheet styrene and styrene extrusions for hobbyist modelers, and most hobby shops would be able to special-order stuff from them, or you can order it online through them. Just a tip for anyone looking for styrene stuff for costume-making, or for building miniature sets to do Toho-style special effects!

Rhodoferax said...

I'd like to point out that canonically, Resident Evil 0 - Code Veronica take place over a few months, after which Umbrella's share prices do indeed collapse until the company dissolves. I think their business plan was based on developing biological weapons.

DavCube said...

*hand up from way in the back*

I got the reference! Things from that thing are actually going to be put into an indie Kaiju fighting game, by the way.

Cat C said...

I do love the live shows. I hope one day to actually be able to attend one.

The Godzilla comic felt long to me. I don't know, maybe it was just because the story made sense so there wasn't massive jumps in logic between pages so the coherency made it feel more time appropriate.

Wow that was poor sentence, sorry about that.

And that wasn't a complaint, I still had fun watching, just an observation.

Thank you for puting the comic panels over the filming since we couldn't see the screen as well in these.

Though the one set up for the screen, it looked like the 'Last Pure Human' from DW. Was kind of creepy.

13th Doctor said...

One thing I remember about PR is that before Jason, Zack and Trini left. Wide shots clearly used doubles of them and when they were in ranger outfit they were dubbed poorly especially Jason. I picked up on this when I WAS NINE. Also, I got a lot of mileage out of distinguishing Sentai footage from the cheap American counterparts.

I think the worst comic book movie I ever saw (other than Batman and Robin) is Spider-Man 3. I know you like it and that's fine. My reaction to it was kind of like your reaction to the X-Men films. I liked it when I first saw it but then I more and more saw things that were deeply wrong with. But go see First Class; The Incredible Hulk ain't bad either.

C-Puff said...

Forgive me for commenting late.

I like you shaming the audience at the beginning of these :D It keeps the obnoxiousness down. Either that or Florida is just awesome like that.

I also like that you addressed the public speaking thing actually. Personally, I have a weird thing with that. I've given lectures at Universities before (regarding animation) so I can do stuff like that, but I tend to get stressed when other people do live shows because I want the audience to like the speaker very badly. Seeing guys like you actually get over the awkwardness and deliver anyway really helps that stress XD so thanks for that. it makes it better.

And since this is a con video and I don't know of a better place to do this; I would love to hear your opinion on Harley Quinn's new outfit. personally I think it's a train wreck but I'm not overly versed in superhero comics so I'd like to hear what you have to say.

Anonymous said...

Looks like you might've missed a "poor literacy is kewl" moment with the "Morhin" typo in the giant text during the Morphing Sequence.

Anonymous said...

Love the Blue Öyster Cult reference! And, the feeling's mutual.
BTW, they misquoted; the phrase is "Music hath charms to soothe the savage breast", not beast. (William Congreve, in The Mourning Bride, 1697... I just looked it up.)

He's monitoring their dreams? Quick! Check the floor for origami unicorns! They're replicants!

The audience in that second one wasn't nearly as bad as other commentors indicate.

Exploring the collateral damage in superhero comics may be rare, but it happens - Marvel have Damage Control, and also a mini- called Blockbuster which was all about the survivors of a building which Silver Surfer pushed Terrax through. (Unfortunately, the Fantastic Four issue it was based on specified that the building was abandoned before the fight, not a populated apartment building as indicated.)

~ Mik

Tantum Ergo 2 said...

Both very enjoyable, although is it just me, or do the Rangers look just a teeny bit... nazi-esque at 13:20 in the second video?

Just sayin'...

Personally, my favorite comics are the ones that contain lots of humor (authentic humor, though, based on the characters and their situations, like the kind seen in my favorite comics; PS238 and JLA; Year One.) I can appreciate other kinds of comics as well, but these stand out to me.

Still, I agree. Why would you need to go to work on making a comic seem funny if it's already funny (or at least -trying- to be funny?)

For me, the worst film adaptation is easily Catwoman, although -my- least favorite is a tie between the two Fantastic Four movies, since it always hurts more when it ruins a character/characters who are special -to you.-

Ming said...

Great live reviews of the Godzilla comic (you should review Godzilla 0) and the Power Rangers Saga recap.

For me, the worst comic book movie adaptation is Batman and Robin, for obvious reasons.

Bolty said...

Not sure if anyone's mentioned this yet. On the cover for the Godzilla comic it appears he's destroying a dam instead of a city. It explains the water.

Jonathan M said...

I'm only 12 and a half-ish minutes into the second video, but I feel the need to comment anyway.

I love how you're putting the comic panels that are on the screen in-video because in recent live-shows they were quite difficult to read.

Also..Strong bad joke..then a Dilbert joke!? *heart pounding*

Ryubbert Narraetsor said...

Speaking of Scientology, the power plant used to represent the command centre in PR is also used as the headquarters of a recurring Scientology-esque organisation in 'the Mentalist'.