Monday, September 9, 2013

Plan 9 From Outer Space: 30 Years #1

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Future events such as these will affect us... in 1991.


Anonymous said...

I find Plan 9 to be Entertaining too. It may be cheap and cheesy, but that’s part of the fun.
Although, wasn’t the Plot more “Aliens Raise The Recent Passed, So The People Of The Earth Will Acknowledge Their Existence”? And even then, the film made a giant Plot Hole with the Aliens complaining that no one believes they exist, despite killing anyone who comes into contact with them!

They couldn’t keep consistent with the Saucer Shape. It shows to be the Stereotypical Alien Ship Look, yet is described to be shaped like a Cigar and then that Block piece on it.

I love how you used the Seventh Doctor “We’ll be right back” Clip, as soon as you mentioned Sonic Screwdrivers. I heard they’re releasing a Toy Version of the Sonic that the Seventh/Eighth Doctor used in 1996 Film, along with his Sweater and Scarf.

Still, This Comic seems decent for what it is.

Nice Review, Linkara.
Looking forward to next week, when you upload more of your future episodes, in the future. ;3

LucasChad said...

Though never a fan of his movies, I can understand Ed Wood's cult appeal. I like the way that the Tim Burton movie treats the character like a likable buffoon with the right balance of heart and courage. Plus, it's the always entertaining Johnny Depp who brought him to life.

I'll admit that the one Ed Wood film I was entertained the most was Glen or Glenda. It's mostly an artsy-kinda film with a serious message. Of course then there's an out-of-place Bela Lugosi as the narrator spouting random gibberish. Yet, Lugosi delivers the gibberish like a true professional.

Adam said...

Wow! This is a well-deserved vacation from the trip down the 9 levels of Hell that was The Culling.

Awesome job on this reviews, Linkara. The book had its silly moments and it feels like one of those "so bad its good" comics like Mr. T and The T-Force. I hope we see more of this comic series down the road. =)

ackbarfan5556 said...

Should have used Rifftrax's band The Rifftone for the End Credits, they sang a song about Plan 9 called 'Plans 1-9'

Also loved the XCOM joke. Was that refernceing the original XCOM games or Enemy Unknown?

Lostshadows said...

Looks more like Tor wants them to pull his finger than follow him.

Shanethefilmmaker said...

Wow. Please tell me I am dreaming this because there is no way this comic exists. I can accept Ed Wood being famous enough to have a biopic about him. I can accept Tor Johnson being so scary in appearance that the movie this sequel comic was inspired by also inspired a halloween mask based off his ghoulish appearence.

Rip Johnson.....too easy that's all I can say about that one.

New Idea for a drinking game, take a shot whenever someone says 30 years ago in this comic.

As for burying your hand in popcorn that surprisingly can be explained. The butter for the popcorn sinks down to the bottom of the bowl, so she was trying to get the best buttered of the bunch. Wow say that 5 times fast.

Whoa where did you get that chainsaw? It looks almost like the diamond blade one that Ash used in Fist Full of Boomstick.

Speaking of the Doctor I could totally see him (No matter the incarnation.) Berate those aliens.

Plan 10 Androids and Robots. So it was Ed Wood that started Skynet.

I am througly convinced that the lighting used during the opening and closing of Criswell Predicts is shaped like a weed leaf. Which explains a lot about Wood.

Jillian Hermes said...

So I just watched your review with BlockBusterBuster and I have to ask, Is 90's Kid okay?!?!

Anonymous said...

Interesting fact, Dan Quail got it right. The issue stems from the fact he challenged his teacher who actually misspelled the word. The assumption that Dan Quail isn't that bright is based on the thought that teachers are infallible.

Megan said...

Hey, a black and white comic that doesn't completely suck. Cool! Oh, and there's a movie called Plan 10 From Outer Space. No lie.

Ahh, Ed Wood. You know, the man made some really bad movies(as well as some really bad porn), but at least he was sincere about it and had passion. That's why I can't really compare him to Uwe Boll, because Boll is-as the Nostalgia Critic so aptly put it: "Just a weird fuck." That and I'd rather sit through all of Wood's movies than five minutes of 'Alone in the Dark.'

Dan Quayle was always a joke. Granted, I was only nine when he was in office, but everyone made fun of him. Especially after the 'potatoe' incident.

Didn't Spoony do a review of 'After Last Season'?

Worst big-budget movie for me is 'Day After Tomorrow'. And I paid to see it in theaters, too. (Hangs head in shame)

'Werewolves on Wheels' is probably the worst Z-Grade movie I've ever seen.

Anonymous said...

this was...

Lazoor said...

God Bless Ed Wood! Every time I see something of his I'm inspired to grab my camera and make awesomely bad movies. And God bless Linkara! For almost the same reasons.

Lazoor said...

God Bless Ed Wood! Every time I see something of his I'm inspired to grab my camera and make awesomely bad movies. And God Bless Linkara! For almost the same reasons.

Oh, and I am SO looking forward to your Star Trek VI review!

Anonymous said...

Where are the Mythicon Videos? It has been three weeks.

Anonymous said...

When I saw this on the Odds and Ends post ,I tried watching the movie to mentally prepare myself. But I sadly got bored of it. Though at first I thought 90's Kid was gonna die until I looked at the title card.

Actually, I thought one of the dialouge balloons said "your dad is morte" if I saw it correctly. I know Diana is likely saying that her grandfather died (I think, again I haven't seen the whole movie) ,but *insert your own Longbox of the Damned joke here*

Also here's another interesting production story: Vampira was originally gonna have dialogue ,but it was so bad that Vampira suggested that they remove all of it.

CaptainJZH said...

Ah, Plan 9 From Outer Space. What do you think of the remake that's currently being made?

Gabriel Godinho said...

The great thing about writing a comic about Plan 9 from Outer Space is that plot holes, lazy backgrounds, nonsensical dialog, or any other thing you'd like to avoid in a regular story, work perfectly.

Mike Davis said...

I always wanted to do this: FIRST!
In all seriousness is there any chance you might review Spider Man Sins Past?

Julie Paulson said...

Let's do an experiment: How many viewers had even been born when Dan Quayle was vice president?

My answer: I wasn't.

Anonymous said...

Cue the rabid fan speculation about the fact that 90s Kid is the one being carried, tongue lolling out and everything...

Ha, loved the Robot Monster and X-Com references! (And you so need to stream another round of X-Com again...)

Did you DELIBERATELY put the "7th Doctor" cosplay ad roll thing right after you comment on the sonic screwdriver?

Great fun! (And kudos for pointing out the 'appropriateness' of the schlock female exploitation while still explaining that in general, it's not okay.)

Anonymous said...

Linkara? Sorry but I don't think they were going for the exploitation feel of a bad movie. I think they were just going for exploitation.

dancingmadrb3 said...

You know even as a Liberal I never thought Bush was an alien.
Dick Cheney on the other hand... ;)

Âmesang said...

I have to regret that I haven't seen Plan 9 From Outer Space …yet, but this definitely looks like a pleasant read in a campy sort of way; if anything it at least puts me in the mood to watch more Mystery Science Theater 3000, and that's never a bad thing.

Also I must admit I am a fan of the… *ahem* …illustrations.

Dracomage1996 said...

Okay, I know, I really shouldn't do this. but.... but.... FIRST. I have always wanted to do this.

Zoe Norman-Hunt said...

Linkara's conservative? By the way what do you think of the mess Didio and Lee are making of DC. Including Batwoman and the 'draw Harley Quinn committing suicide thing'?

Jesse said...

This was a fun one. I need to watch Plan 9 now. Thanks for the site drop to see it.

Lewis Lovhaug said...

"Interesting fact, Dan Quail got it right. The issue stems from the fact he challenged his teacher who actually misspelled the word. The assumption that Dan Quail isn't that bright is based on the thought that teachers are infallible."

Actually the assumption that he's not so bright stems from the various public speaking times when he kept misspeaking. Aside from the three in the video where he's confused about the future, there's also an incident when he's talking about World War II and the holocaust and calls the holocaust "one of the worst incidents in our nation's history." The reporters in the room immediately snapped to attention at that, he realized his mistake, and kept fumbling for a correction, as he often would do.

areoborg said...

Too bad the alien robots didn't use individual numbers on their butts. That way, you could call it their ass-et number.


FugueforFrog said...

I knew it! Dan Quayle was Criswell all along!

Silly comic, fun episode. The movie is hilariously bad but it's a classic and the comic wasn't that bad even though it has the stuff you sort of decry in other comics...but as you said, this is an Ed Wood comic and isn't bound by the logic of the anti-feminist nature of most mainstream books.

Though I still don't get how Solananite can destroy the universe...our planet, sure; the solar system, fine; but the universe!?

Anonymous said...

If you will not or can not post mythicon coverage, can you at least say so instead of ignoring your fans?

Lewis Lovhaug said...

"If you will not or can not post mythicon coverage, can you at least say so instead of ignoring your fans?"

Or, you know, I'm busy doing other work and it'll get up eventually and nagging me about it just makes me pissed off and spiteful about the matter.

Jeff Jacobson said...

A short while after Dan Quayle made that comment about Murphy Brown, he appeared on a commercial for the show.

@Julie Paulson: I was born then.

Megan said...

Zoe: Yeah, he is.

I was born in 1982, so while I was around when Quayle(not Quail) was Veep, I was more interested in playing ball with my brother and friends than in politicians.

...Actually, I haven't changed all that much. Except the 'playing ball with my brother' has morphed into 'Writing creepy stories.'

Arianne said...

Never seen Plan 9, I only heard of it. This comic doesn't look so bad. It actually makes me want to see the movie.

PopCultureOtaku said...

I never seen Plan 9 but the comic seemed to be pretty decent. I hope you do review the other issues. I might have to find them myself.
Interesting Eternity Comics also released original comics from Robotech, Captain Herlock, Speed Racer (with ninja highschool) back in the day. Seemed to be a decent company but find that way after they are gone.

Anonymous said...

I keep hearing Linkara call himself a conservative and some detractors calling him a Neocon. But the only thing I've actually seen him side with the policy of American Conservatives on is environmental issues.

Anonymous said...

Linkara, this is concerning your crossover with BB and sorry if someone else asked this, but was Eartha Kitt approached for the role? I ask because neither of you brought her up.

Ming said...

Ah, Plan 9 from Outer Space. The first film to be given the title of "worst movie ever made". Of course, today it's considered so bad it's good, especially when you have films like, oh say, any film by Uwe Boll . . . or M Night Shamyalan's horrible version of Avatar the Last Airbender . . . or Garbage Pail Kids.

This comic doesn't look that bad. Hope you'll do the other issues of this comic.

For me, the worst film ever made would be Battlefield Earth.

Anonymous said...

you are a feminist, you don't hate gays, and you don't push creationism

you'r no conservative
you'r a damn RINO

Lewis Lovhaug said...

"you are a feminist, you don't hate gays, and you don't push creationism

you'r no conservative
you'r a damn RINO"

I believe in small government, lower taxes, and that businesses should be used to improve the lives of the people who work for them and the customer.

THEY'RE the Republicans in Name Only.

Toby'c said...

My picks for worst (the only films I give 1/10 on IMDb) are The Last Airbender, The Legend of the Titanic, The Wicker Man (2006) and Santa Claus Conquers the Martians. I don't tend to bump my ratings up for So Bad it's Good reasons, so Plan 9 is still somewhere in my bottom 10.

Aaron Wiles said...

Never Seen Plan 9 From Outer Space, but after watching this video I really wanna see it, did you know that James Rolfe is going to be in a remake to it ?

Impish said...

You keep pushing this idea that the support of traditional values (racism, homophobia), traditional gender roles (sexism) and anti-secularism isn't in the nature of conservatism, but they are literally in the definition of American Conservatism. Heck, European Conservatives feel that the values that you espouse, which are Conservative in America, make the Conservative movement in the US too liberal to be true conservatism. At most you're a Fiscal Conservative and at least you're a Libertarian (not Liberal, two very different things).

I don't care myself, as a Socialist I really don't care for either ideologies, but I really think your labeling of them is skewed, especially when the traditional values of Conservatism is implied in the name itself (conservative - A person who favors maintenance of the status quo or reversion to some earlier status).
BTW Don't think that my ideological opposition to your position makes me want to watch you any less, I still agree with you that the New 52 sucked.

Plan 12 Entertainment said...

I tried to create a short film sequel to Night of the Ghouls but due to bad scheduling most of my actors didn't turn up.

Shanethefilmmaker said...

To be honest I never quite pegged you as a conservative. Then again, there were hints, like you stating your capitalism and belief in lower taxes etc. Though that's just my own ignorance in reading up on bad examples like Bush and Nixon. That being said I am not all the way ignorant as I know a lot of good examples, like Lincoln who freed the slaves, Theodore Roosevelt (Seriously he had to have done something good to have the teddy bear named after him. That and WWI) and Grant (Who fought in the Union.) That being said does that change my opinion of you as a person? No as there have been many great actors and reviewers that are conservative also. Some of which my personal favorites like Chuck Heston and Arnold Schwarzenegger. You nor they ever force their views on others when entertaining them unless it was part of a joke or proving a point. To those that suddenly dislike you because you said that, really gotta get their heads out of their asses. Politics don't define entertainment. Hating on an entertainer, for having political views you don't like does not make them less of an entertainer.

Ozaline said...

Wow this comic looks really fun actually, I read a lot of Eternity's stuff back in the day being a huge Robotech fan, though I never came across this one. I think they got it just right. I loved this review the playful tone and I'm sure it gave your larynx a break from the yelling.

The one thing I'm not sure I agree on is that retro-sexism becomes justified because you're homaging something else... it's a big problem I have with exploitation homage movies, and other works, that I might otherwise enjoy. Eternity comics also pushed the envelope a bit in some of their other comics too.

I believe in small government, lower taxes, and that businesses should be used to improve the lives of the people who work for them and the customer.

THEY'RE the Republicans in Name Only."

This kinda sounds like Will Macavoy's T Party speech from the finale to season 1 of "The Newsroom."

@Impish, try to remember it was the Republican party that lead the charge to abolish slavery in the US. Classical Conservatism isn't about cutting all social programs, and tax breaks for the ultra-wealthy. The far right contingent that's seized control of the Republican party in the present day is reactionary not conservative in a classical sense.

Now I'm Canadian but quite invested and interested in American politics these days, but the thing is I have a hard time even placing myself on the political spectrum because GLBT rights, and rights for the underprivileged end up taking first place, so I am forced to vote on the left at home and support the Dems in the States. But if the Republicans or the Conservatives in Canada acted like classical conservatives, I'm not sure where I would vote, there might actually be a bit more variance, depending on the candidate.

CollectorX said...

BTW the idea of aliens cumming to Earth and using zombies to take over the world was done in Bureau of Alien Detectors BAD in their only 2 part episode.

To bad you won't see it.
I posted it(along with all the episodes of the series ) on youtube but i got my account suspended so yeah :(

Anonymous said...

I really liked this episode. I like it when you have lots of background info on the comic/series/creators and so on, and not just rant on the comic or tell the story of the comic.

Anonymous said...

""If you will not or can not post mythicon coverage, can you at least say so instead of ignoring your fans?"

Or, you know, I'm busy doing other work and it'll get up eventually and nagging me about it just makes me pissed off and spiteful about the matter."

We're sorry Linkara. We just get desperate when we don't know what's going on. The same thing happened to Spoony and the Warrior #4 review. I'm just happy to know that the footage will be shown eventually.

I will be patient from now on.

dancingmadrb3 said...

"I believe in small government, lower taxes, and that businesses should be used to improve the lives of the people who work for them and the customer."

Interesting, as I have some of these ideals myself.
So I guess I am a little conservative :D
Maybe could call ourselves libraservatives or something.
Darn it :D

Me personally not to make this a political debate or anything mind you believe in some things that do make me a liberal.
I believe in gay rights, I am a feminist, I am pro worker and semi anti establishment.
I am Neutral on gun laws though the more school shootings and junk like that makes me side more with tougher gun control.
I am against big business though, probably my biggest trait that makes me a liberal.
That and I think healthcare reform is needed here in the states, though I am no fan of Obamacare as it misses the point of better healthcare.
But I have my reasons for both, big businesses tend to mistreat their workers and there is a big gap for those less fortunate if they get sick.

In any case sorry for going all political here, but Lewis you are very smart and really its a real honor having the ability to post on your blog.

Katherine Vanderbilt said...

I was nervous about watching this because aliens frighten me. However, this story was a whole lot of talking and not much else. I must comment on the popcorn scene, because it sounds like your head was firmly in the gutter. Look, she was just so excited about having a taste of that delicious popcorn that she moved her hand in too deep without knowing. Magnum's appearance in this comic was unfortunate. We have kind of a history, Magnum and I. I like the colorless art and the aerobics scene, but other than that, this comic really is just dialogue.

Anonymous said...

If Linkara wants to be a conservative (based on his statements I presume a fiscal conservative) it's fine for him to do so. I don't think that he has much in common with the Republican party of the past thirty years, but the definition of his politics is for him to choose.

C-Puff said...

Hard to say what the worst movie I've ever seen is. Possibly the MST3K fodder "Beast of Yucca Flats" in terms of incompetency, but then there's many animated films which are beautiful but infuriate me. Probably "Ocean Waves" (a Ghibli film) About horrible people being awful to each other represented as a teen romance.

I couldn't help notice the art in this thing. I tend to have a soft spot for Black and White comics and this one has some nice artwork in it (if some strange anatomy in places from what you've shown us.) I like it on the young reporter girl especially.

The plot's silly but at least it's interesting. If it doesn't becoming completely boring in later issues I'd like to see you revisit it at some stage :)

Also... 90s kid! Noooooo!!

Laughing Hyena said...

So because Linkara mentioned in this video, only now are some watchers finally noticing that's he a Conservative. And of course, a few of them are making a big deal out of nothing.

I've known about it for a very long time as a watcher who watched his reviews when he first started out. And never had an issue with it before. Again, an old comment I've posted a long time before mentioning that I don't always see eye to eye with Lewis on political matters, but I still respect him as a person.

As for me: Green Party. Come on, tell me how I'm not a real Liberal and that I throw my votes away: Like I've never heard those before for the gazillionth time. (Thanks older sister who's a Democrat).
Despite the fact, I ALWAYS show up for voting. Even mid-terms.

"Anonymous said...
you are a feminist, you don't hate gays, and you don't push creationism

you'r no conservative
you'r a damn RINO"

People like you are what's wrong with the Republican party today. When you will people realize that being non-inclusive and shunning all of those that don't pass your idea of strict ideological purity (One that would even kick out Regan from your party if he was alive today) will eventually completely destroy your party?

You cannot afford to lose people being this way. No group can.
Why do you think Democrats can hardly put much of an effort to beat you guys? Because they are INCLUSIVE.
You need more people like Linkara, females, the disabled, minorities, etc.

Anonymous said...

"Hating on an entertainer, for having political views you don't like does not make them less of an entertainer."

Unless they are Chris-Chan

then it makes them lesser human beings

Anonymous said...

You've said in the past that you liked the West Wing, despite the show's liberal bent.
Have you seen HBO's newsroom by the creator of the West Wing? It stars a disgruntled republican that everyone calls a RINO because as he puts it "I don't believe hurricanes are caused by gay marriage" and he creates his own news channel.

Anonymous said...

Linkara being conservative does explain his love for Power Rangers

Shanethefilmmaker said...

"Linkara being conservative does explain his love for Power Rangers"

You do realize the Swastika meant a lot of other things before the Nazis tainted it right? Especially in Japan where the original Sentai took place.

Megan said...

"Linkara being conservative does explain his love for Power Rangers"

I don't know whether to be insulted as a Conservative, a human being, or to express astonishment at the sheer level of ignorance and asshattery you have displayed.

So, by your definition, a person's political stance influences the shows they watched growing up? ...How does that even work?!

DMaster said...

@Laughing Hyena: (gosh, that felt dirty)

Frankly, I see voting like purchasing comics: if all of your attention goes ONLY to the Big Two, expect much screwing over of you and all you care about.

Anonymous said...

My grandpa died on Monday, this is the first thing that's made me laugh since then. Thank you.

Anonymous said...

Get you'r mind out of the gutter this instance!
You have any idea what salt and hot butter can do to a man's private parts?


Anonymous said...

I'm a resident of Dan Quail's hometown, and I find this hilarious.

Mariner said...

"Linkara being conservative does explain his love for Power Rangers"

I'm aghast...that no one's made a Hetalia joke.

Shame on you, internet.

Besides, that's a silly notion. PR suits weren't designed by Hugo Boss.

Cat C said...

This was a really fun comic. It did help a lot you explaining about Plan 9 and the type of movie it was.

It's interesting how the sonic screwdriver has become this thing that does whatever anyone wants. Didn't 5th get his broken and no one had it again until the film in the 90s where 7th regenerated? (I will forever cry if I hear Madam Butterfly because of that movie). I for the life of me can't remember who destroyed it. I want to say Sontarans but I cold be very wrong.

The comment about the alien craft on a string made me think of the Alien Ending for the first SH series you did.


DoctorX said...

Lewis, the Republican Party has been bugfuck crazy for a long long time. It is not the "Party of Lincoln" anymore, or even the "Party of Eisenhower."

In fact, most of the people who run the Republican Party now hold those figures in utter contempt, and see them as either liberals or traitorous appeasers of liberalism.

And that is why I love both of those men, while feeling the "New Right" has spent the last 50 years doing great violence to this country.

Anonymous said...

WOW. that was good...
I may be pretty harsh on you for being WAAAAAAAyyy to biased and forthright when you do a Teen Titans episode (or even that parody of Power rangers which you were way too close to the base material to understand) but its episodes like this that you truly shine.... it was awesome. thank you

ohh and let me also thank you for an earlier post that you defended your conservative ideals as NOT having anything to do with backwards civil issues. This kind of outdated thinking has no place in modern politics. we are fiscally responsible, not morally bankrupt.

ohh ideas.... New Mutants #98
and more New52, doesn't even have to be a bad comic (or multiple comics in glossed over overview)